Lightroom 3 Resources

I’ll be adding to this list of Lightroom 3 resources as they become available:

Julieanne Kost on what’s new in Lightroom 3

NAPP’s Lightroom 3 Learning Center

Lightroom 3 Community Help

Computer Darkroom on Lightroom 3

Lightroom 3 Overview in French

Peachpit Resources for Lightroom 3

What’s new in Lightroom 3 from Victoria Bampton

Lightroom 3 Overview by Sean McCormack

Lightroom 3 Overview in German

Lightroom 3 Learning Center from the CameraDojo

Lightroom 3 Plug-in Information from Jeffrey Friedl

Jeffrey Friedl on his Lightroom 3 Flickr Publish Plug-in

Update, June 8, 2010
Nat Coalson’s new Lightroom 3 Book

This is rather meta but here’s another resource list on Lightroom 3 from the Lightroom blog:

Another great resource list from Wade Heninger:

Update, June 12, 2010
Lightroom 3 tutorials by Dan Moughamian.”

Canon Blogger’s Lightroom 3 Learning Center

Seth Resnick’s new D-65 Workflow Book (Plus workshop details on the site)

Photoshop Cafe’s Lightroom 3 Learning Center from Colin Smith

Laura Shoe’s Digital Daily Dose on Lightroom 3

ulrich-media on Lightroom 3 (German Language)

The rusticolus blog is covering Lightroom 3 but here’s a DNG-specific link

A star-studded cast supports the Lightroom Workshop site:

Jerry Courvoisier’s Tips and Tutorial Site

The Holy Crop site covers crop enhancements in Lightroom 3.0

The Fleeting Glimpse on Lightroom 3

Maike Jarsetz cover’s what’s new in Lightroom 3 in German

More resources from Maike below(Video and Book Format)

Scott Kelby and NAPP’s Lightroom 3 Live Tour!

Scott Kelby’s Lightroom 3 Book

Martin Evening’s Lightroom 3 Book

Update, June 14, 2010
For our Dutch-speaking customers a Lightroom 3 book from Hans Frederiks
and blog:

13 Responses to Lightroom 3 Resources

  1. OOPs!Sorry, Tom, I wrote that message early this morning, then just now noticed that I had never hit the Submit button. I did so without looking, and now I see that you’ve fixed the URL.Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain (and please consider my previous comment withdrawn)…Victor

  2. Jason says:

    Kerry Garrison was kind enough to invite me to help with his Resource Center at Camera Dojo – os special thanks to him for that. All in all, this is a fantastic list of resources though – just shows why LR has become the go-to resource for photographers!

  3. Bruce says:

    Thanks Tom,Great List–but the NAPP link above is malformed. It of course should be:'m looking forward to all the new features!Bruce

  4. Hi there,This is a note to the Adobe folks.I have LR2.7 and CS4 but some of my CS4 plug-ins (eg. onOne Plug-in Suite 4) will not work with CS5.So my plan was to upgrade to LR3 and stay in CS4 for the time-being.Now I am hearing that LR3 and CS4 are not that compatible, at least in the Develop module.What are the facts about this?Thanks,Frank

  5. Thomas says:

    Hi Tom,in your next brown bag could you explain how to reset images marked as “Modified — Republish to Flickr” to “Published” again?Or is this a bug for which there is no workaround?

  6. fab says:

    Greats ResourcesThanks for sharingfab

  7. Brad Balfour says:

    Tom,I’m wondering about the new Lightroom Lens Profiles for the basic Canon Rebel kit lenses. I would have thought that these would be included in Lightroom, but they don’t seem to be. Specifically I’m look at the:Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 LensCanon EF-S 55-250mm f/4.0-5.6 IS Telephoto Zoom LensIs there somewhere on the Adobe sight where I can download these lens profiles?Thanks,Brad

  8. There are links to some 140 other sites with Lightroom tips, tutorials and videos here:


  9. Eric says: is missing!

  10. I noticed that the lens support was updated but the Nikon 24-120 VR F4.0 is either not listed or incorrectly being stated and recognized as the 24-120 VR 3.5-5.6. Is this a miss print?

  11. Jolly Sienda says:

    Does Lightroom 3 work with Photoshop Elements 8? Is it also compatible with Photomatrix Light and Photomatrix Pro to create High Dynamic Range (HDR) photographs?



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