George Jardine on the Lightroom 3 Develop Module

A shameless plug for our good friend, former Adobe employee and Lightroom Evangelist George Jardine. George created an excellent set of tutorials focused on image management and organizational tools and has now created a new set of tutorials to address the wealth of functionality in the Develop module. Check them out here. ($24.95) And if you didn’t heed my earlier recommendation to listen to George’s series of podcasts with photographic influencers, now’s the time to queue them up! (Free of charge)

2 Responses to George Jardine on the Lightroom 3 Develop Module

  1. I highly recommend George’s Develop Module tutorial. He is a great and knowledgable teacher.

  2. rita nielsen says:


    I recently purchased LR3 and Kelby’s book. Have to say I feel ripped off. All of my photos are stored in thumbnails of 70KB or less. Ridiculously hard to use for email, printing etc. at that size, Let me guess you are going to recommend I buy and upgrade to another one of Adobe’s wonder features.
    You should spend more time backing up your product instead of selling it. marketing is great but consumer is frustrated with results.