Lightroom Plug-in Resources

We’ve been celebrating “Plug-in Week” on Lightroom’s Twitter and Facebook channels and I’d like to wrap up the week by providing a list of plug-in resources. These are in no particular order and please feel free to point out resources I’ve missed and I’ll add them to the list.(Listing every plug-in would just recreate the Lightroom Exchange so I’ve focused on the larger collections)  The individuals responsible for the plug-ins below add a tremendous amount of value to the Lightroom community so please join the Lightroom team in thanking them for their efforts.

  • The official Lightroom Exchange hosted by Adobe
  • Jeffrey Friedl’s Lightroom Goodies page
    • The most prolific Lightroom plug-in developer, Jeffrey’s site is an amazing wealth of solutions
  • Timothy Armes’s Photographer’s Toolbox page
    • Timothy has a diverse set of add-ons for Lightroom from image processing to metadata handling
  • Vladimir Vinogradsky’s Plug-in Page
    • Vladimir’s plug-ins have become quite popular for MobileMe integration as well as exporting to Costco, Snapfish and Adorama
  • The Turning Gate Web Gallery Plug-in Site
    • The Turning Gate provides the most comprehensive set of web gallery solutions for Lightroom
  • John Beardsworth’s Lightroom plug-ins
    • John’s plug-ins help extend Lightroom’s Digital Asset Management(DAM) capabilities
  • Todd Dominey’s Slideshow Pro
    • Todd’s Slideshow Pro gallery is one of the most popular and elegant web gallery solutions for Lightroom
  • Sean McCormack’s assorted plug-ins
    • Sean provides several web gallery plug-ins as well as assorted plug-ins including a model release metadata solution
  • Matt Dawson’s The Photo Geek’s Web Site
    • Photoshop Elements integrations tools and much more
  • Lightroom Plug-ins Site
    • Handy solutions like automatic backup removal and a new soft proofing plug-in
  • Nik Software
  • OnOne Software

8 Responses to Lightroom Plug-in Resources

  1. Royi says:

    What we really need is to enable Pixel Bender Filters in Lightroom the way they work in After Effects!

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  3. Domi says:

    “[Jeffrey Friedl]… The most prolific Lightroom plug-in developer, Jeffrey’s site is an amazing wealth of solutions”

    Except that he seemed to stopping the development in Sept – more’s the pity – but since then there have been new plug-ins. Keep it up Jeffrey, if you can (please!)

  4. Rob Cole says:

    Rob Cole has created a bunch of useful plugins too.

  5. Rob Cole says:

    Also, Rob’s plugins provide complete source code – which serves as example & repository for other plugin authors, as well as allowing customization by advanced users.

  6. Andrew Shinn says:

    Cool – thanks for sharing!

  7. Robert Ash says:


    I have a request to make of Lightroom itself, not necessarily of a plug-in provider. Could Adobe please add a “Do Not Re-Render My RAW thumbnail” option? Or is there a plug-in you could recommend to help with this and add it to the list above?

    Right now, Lightroom re-renders all my perfectly fine RAW thumbnails right before my eyes while displaying them and makes fairly small but damaging changes to the color, especially skin tones. Adds a magenta-ish cast I just can’t get rid of without significant (and frustrating) effort. Looks perfect on my camera LCD and initially in Lightroom, then it quickly re-renders my images and throws the color off.

    That problem has forced me to use other Capture One and Capture NX 2 for raw processing, then bring my images into Lightroom for cataloguing and additional adjustments. Overall I love Lightroom and I’d like very much to use Lightroom for everything, it would be much more convenient and also less expensive.

    Products like Photo Mechanic and Capture NX 2 make no changes to the RAW thumbnails. They look exactly like my camera LCD, which is the perfect starting point. Capture One re-renders as well but does a more flattering job than Lightroom does and usually improves the skin tones. I’d be glad to discuss further but this is the one issue keeping me from being able to use Lightroom for 100% of my pre-Photoshop processing. Otherwise it’s a fantastic product that meets all my other non-Photoshop needs. Scott Kelby blogged about this re-rendering too some time ago, so it’s not just me noticing this. All the best, Robert

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