DNG Converter 6.4 last to support PowerPC Mac Systems

The Camera Raw team recently provided a release candidate of the Camera Raw 6.4 plug-in and the DNG Converter 6.4 application. For those not familiar with the DNG Converter it’s a free, standalone application that is able to convert over 300 proprietary raw formats to the openly documented DNG file format.  When a new proprietary raw file format is released, essentially every new camera model with raw capability, we need to update the DNG Converter so that it’s able to convert that proprietary format to the DNG format.

The PowerPC(PPC) Mac systems, commonly referred to as G4 or G5 systems, represent a significantly different platform than the Intel-based solutions Apple started offering in January of 2006.  Due to the differences in software development environments, Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3 both dropped support for PowerPC systems in 2010.  However, we’ve extended PowerPC support for the DNG Converter into 2011 in order to ensure that customers who are still utilizing PowerPC Macs and are unable to upgrade to the latest version of Photoshop and Lightroom would be able to read raw files from the most recent camera models by converting the proprietary file to DNG and opening the DNG file in a previous version of Photoshop or Lightroom.  However, there is increasing overhead required to support the PowerPC code base in the DNG Converter so the final DNG Converter 6.4 update will be the last update to support PowerPC systems.

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  2. Vadim says:

    DNG Converter 6.4 link links to Camera Raw 6.4 plug-in page.
    Where can I download DNG Converter 6.4?

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  5. Jonathan Taylor says:

    I understand the general necessity of such decisions, but I support digital photo labs in several schools, colleges, and arts organizations and this decision will hurt the most fragile of these institutions. The schools and colleges will probably be able to buck up and find the money for more recent hardware. The not-for-profit arts organizations may well not be able to find the money or donations to replace their PowerMac G5s with iMacs. The PowerPC to Intel transition helped get some nice G5 hardware into these organizations. Is there any way that we could get another couple of years of DNG Converter support? I mean CS6 isn’t even out yet. Here are two orgs that will be affected: burlingtoncityarts.com and chaffeeartcenter.org

  6. bonus says:

    I have to stick with nikon due to being so heavily invested. now when the D800 comes out, i not only have to invest in that,but a new computer to replace a fully functioning one. I just find it hard to believe its that complicated to offer this dng support. If nikons software wasnt so pathetic, I would use it,and i certainly want to shoot raw. My only possible workaround would be to process the files to dng at work,then bring those files home to work on. I would even pay for a dng application to do this. this really throws a wrench into things,and i wonder if its more of a strategy to force those of us caught in this fiasco to upgrade, instead of putting a tiny bit of effort into dng support. I would love to hear some independent experts offer their thoughts on the time it really takes to add a new camera to dng support. is it really that different from one model to the next? please dont force me to shoot jpg for goodness sake.

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  8. Randy S says:

    This is a nice slap in the face.

    I recently got the Lumix GF3 this summer and was very happy when the camera was added to latest Camera Raw update. Then I find out its only for CS5 or newer, AND that DNG Converter 6.4 is the last one that will work on a pre-Intel Mac. Awesome.

    I too could likely convert all things at work where everything is the latest tech, but I spend too much time there as it is.

  9. SF Photo says:

    So one can use a Windows XP machine that was released in 2001 but not a PPC Mac made in 2006?