Additional updates posted to Adobe Labs

We’ve posted several updates to the utilities available on Adobe Labs:

Adobe Lens Profile Creator:
Prerelease Version 3

  • Lens profiles can now be created for cameras that already have inherent lens profile correction applied to the raw file.  This allows the application of additional or relative lens profile correction to micro four-thirds cameras or compact cameras such as the Canon S90 or Panasonic LX3
  • The camera and lens names are now required metadata fields
  • The checkerboard print dimension can now be entered in metric units (cm, mm, inches, points)
  • Fixes a bug where the image previews could show blank for some DNG files

DNG Profile Editor
DNG Profile Editor beta 3

  • Updated to address bug fixes and support DNG files utilizing the updated DNG 1.3 Specification

DNG Codec for Windows
DNG 1.1 Codec

  • Updated to provide 32-bit and 64-bit support for Windows 7
  • The DNG 1.1 Codec does not support Windows Vista

3 Responses to Additional updates posted to Adobe Labs

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  2. PECourtejoie says:

    Tom, a member of the DNG forum rightfully pointed out that the first paragraph of the DNG codec page should be changed, as it speaks about vista, as the version 1.1 does only support 7, in both 32 and 64 bits…

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