Lightroom 3.4.1 and Camera Raw 6.4.1 now available

Lightroom 3.4.1 and Camera Raw 6.4.1 are now available on and through the update mechanisms available in Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3.  This update addresses an issue introduced in the Lightroom 3.4 and Camera Raw 6.4 release where, in very rare cases, JPEG files could become corrupted after editing the metadata in the file. This update also corrected another rare issue that could cause valid JPEG files to appear with incorrect color.


19 Responses to Lightroom 3.4.1 and Camera Raw 6.4.1 now available

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  3. Levi Sim says:

    I downloaded this update, yesterday, and have been having some trouble with the program freezing. I have had to force quit about 7 times since yesterday. Anyone else having trouble? Mac OS 10.6.7, 8GB RAM, 2 ghz i7.



  4. Dinu Lazar says:

    ACR 6.4.1. and Nikon D5100 nef: ” not enough memory” – impossible to use in batch processing.
    Strange for a such big name, Adobe.
    Is this a sign about what?

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  6. After this update I only get grey boxes where I should see pictures. What happened??

    Anyone else?

    When I go to the folders I can see that the pictures have been transfered OK, but they won’t show in LR. The same result on all my other pictures in LR as well.

    LR 6.4.1 64bit.

  7. andrew says:

    I’ve also had lots of frozen sessions since this update – never happened before. Runnign Windows 7 32bit

  8. JamesT says:

    Same here – Windows 7 64 bit. The updated version hangs frequently. Most often when applying the spot correction tool, but also sometime when just browsing the catalog. It will usally come back if you wait it out, but that can be 5-10 minutes.

  9. Fred Schulze says:

    Getting a lot of “not enough memory (1)” messages when trying to export a DNG to a full size JPEG. Have used the adjustment brush on the DNG.

  10. Fred Schulze says:

    Here’s some more specific info of my problem that started occuring after upgrading to LR 3.4.1. Using Windows XP Pro, blah, blah blah, …. assume I have a crap-load of memory, disk space, etc. and my dual-procs are performing just fine. Made a virtual copy of a DNG file (originally a CR2 file). Applied some adjustment brushes to lightened about a dozen small areas in the image. Then, while trying to export to a full size JPEG, I received a “not enough memory (1)” error message. Tried this several times – same result. Yes – I shut down unneeded processes, restarted LR, restarted the computer, cleaned up my disk drive, etc.; still happens. But when I applied the same changes to the original DNG file (not to the virtual copy), able to export to a full size JPEG – no problem. So, what’s happening? Is this a bug in LR?

  11. Lars says:

    what is planned for LR 3.4??

  12. Lars says:

    ah …. i meant 3.5 of course

  13. I encountered issues with LR 3.4: suddenly certain series with files of which the meta data had been changed turned yellow and over saturated. So I installed version 3.4.1 yeterday. Now ALL series with files of which the meta data had been changed turn yellow and oversaturated. This means that the bug has NOT been solved. Since I totally rely, for my webzine, on publishing through Lightroom I am very seriously affecfted by this bug! Please give high priority in restoring it!

  14. PS the issue does not seem to be camera dependent. I encounter it with Sony alpha 200. Nikon D700 (2 different cams), Canon EOS 5D Mark II.
    My PC runs under Windows XP SP II.

  15. Problem solved. It had nothing to do with the new version of Lightroom. Sorry to have bothered you.

  16. Gary says:

    Lots of freezes and now the BSOD. Some fix this was! Now what?

  17. nicholas davidson says:

    i got a refund on my 3.4.1 now running 2.7 , works ok , Get your act together adobe ! fix the crashes and ALL of the other problems with 3.4.1 . aperture also offers free trials !

  18. Teet says:

    Can you give any indication when will be RAW suppor for Panasonic GF3 added to Camera Raw?