How to optimize Lightroom performance

Anita Dennis, Learning Resources Senior Content and Community Lead, recently published a new support document, “Optimize performance | Lightroom” in response to a suggestion over at

“Optimize performance | Lightroom” explores hardware configurations, Lightroom catalog and preview settings, and system maintenance tasks that can help Lightroom run at peak efficiently. Check it out and give us your feedback. Answer the question, “Was this helpful,” at the top of the article and share comments on how we can improve the content.

Thanks to customer Chris Niestepski for starting the discussion and prompting us to create the doc.

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6 Responses to How to optimize Lightroom performance

  1. A useful guide for beginners perhaps, but the majority of the system specs would be standard on most computers I feel. In terms of hardware, it might have been useful to include usability over a wireless network for those that share externally this way.

    Other than that, the most useful part of the document revolves around the preview rendering which would give most users a noticeable performance boost without hardware upgrades.

  2. ForestWander says:

    These are some great suggestions. I recently purchased a new LT with a 1 Gig video card and want to get the best performance.

  3. Lars says:

    adobe needs to update lightroom more frequently.
    best performance is useless when your camera is not supported..

    and my new camera is not supported. 🙁

  4. 34334533453 says:

    why make a comment function when you morons dont post the replys…..

  5. Pradeep says:

    buy more hardware when u buy LR?

  6. Thanks for the information I really like this. success is always to photoshob