Lightroom 4 Hot Issues

Update – Lightroom 4.1 Release Candidate is now available and helps address many of the concerns listed here.  Please visit to download and install Lightroom 4.1 RC.


The team would like to provide an update on several issues discovered since last Monday night’s launch. Thanks for your patience while we investigated and compiled this list.  

Point Tone Curve Migration
In Lightroom 3, the Tone Curve panel added a “point curve” adjustment option in addition to the default parametric curve.  When a customer upgrades their Lightroom 3 catalog to Lightroom 4, any images with point curve adjustments will lose those specific settings.  This is a high severity bug and we are working hard to provide a solution as quickly as possible.  Several members of the community have already started helping us test a fix that can be applied to an upgraded Lightroom 4 catalog.  We’ll be providing updates via this blog and the following Lightroom Feedback thread.

“Edit in” Workflow for External Editors/Plug-ins
There is a bug on both Mac and Windows that can cause the “Edit in…” workflow to fail for third party applications and plug-ins.  Many of our customers working with Nik plug-ins have found that they’re unable to launch their plug-ins from within Lightroom 4. (This is more prevalent on Windows)  We are testing a solution for this problem and it will be included in our next update.  Feedback on this bug is captured here.

Edit in Photoshop Workflow
Currently, the Edit in Photoshop workflow asks that you have the Camera Raw 7 plug-in installed.  Please note that the Camera Raw 7 plug-in is not available at this time.  The correct plug-in for Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS5 compatibility is Camera Raw 6.7, currently available on Adobe Labs Please keep in mind that currently Camera Raw 6.7 is a a Release Candidate version of the plug-in. A “release candidate” label indicates that this update is well tested but would benefit from additional community testing before it is distributed automatically to all of our customers.

Reverse Geocoding Delays
We had a temporary loss of reverse geocoding results on Tuesday.  This problem has been resolved and we’re monitoring the issue with Google’s help.

Serial Number Delivery from Store
A small group of customers that ordered Lightroom 4 as a software download(not a boxed copy) on Tuesday or Wednesday did not receive serial numbers.  We’ve corrected the error and we’ll be monitoring this issue going forward.  If you’re included in that group and have not received a serial number yet, please contact Jeff Tranberry, our Chief Customer Advocate, with your order number and any support case numbers you have.

Upgrade Details
We’ve had several questions around who is eligible for an upgrade to Lightroom 4.  Any Lightroom 1, 2 or 3 version of Lightroom, education editions included, can utilize the upgrade version of Lightroom 4.  The prior version of Lightroom does not need to be installed on the computer, however you will need the prior version serial number at the time of installation of Lightroom 4. (If the prior version is still installed on the computer, Lightroom 4 will automatically pick up that serial number so you don’t need to go digging through boxes or your email)

Upgrade policy for those that just purchased LIghtroom 3
We’ve seen quite a few questions from those who have just purchased Lightroom 3.  If you purchased Lightroom 3 very recently you may be eligible for a complimentary upgrade to Lightroom 4: 

We’re listening
If you have additional workflow or how-to questions visit our user community on

To report Issues or Ideas on how to improve Lightroom, visit our Feedback Site on

358 Responses to Lightroom 4 Hot Issues

  1. Ken Toney says:

    In Develope mode there seems to be a delay when I make an adjustment. I am using new Wacom Intuos5.

    • Ralf Seegers says:

      same for me, win7 64bit + Intuos4 with Lightroom 4.1 and in the develop module “pretty” slow and freezing especially when using grades. If I switch to mouse, it is working fine.

      • Chris Gleissner says:

        Lightroom 4.1 RC2 is incredibly slow on Win7 64bit I7 3.5 GHz (overclocked) with 16GB RAM when using dual screen mode. Any changes in the Develop module take 10s to reflect on the second screen. In Lightroom 3.6, it takes 1s.

        Despite the clearly improved rendering of shadows, I won’t upgrade until the performance in dual screen mode is comparable to the previous version.

    • gert says:


      I’am having problems in LR4 to export (Presentation tab) the selected slides to a video MP4 format… A error log says: assertion failed!! (pushResult == – 1)

      Any idea??


  2. Bob Killen says:

    When LR asks us how we want to render with 6.7 what is the right answer when we got to edit in Photoshop CS5? Open anyway? Render with LR?

    • Bob, if 6.7 RC is installed, Open Anyway is the one you want. That will open directly into PS whereas Render using Lightroom would create a TIFF/PSD first.

      • Kristian says:

        Either one of those choices will result in an image that is lighter when returned to LR4 after being edited in Photoshop CS5 when I try this. I literally put one single black pixel on an image and returned to LR4, only to find it lighter in color than the one that was sent to PS CS5 in the first place. So even with ACR6.7 installed, the compatibility with LR4 is not 100%.

        • Kevin says:

          I’ve seen that too. I thought we were beyond profile miss management.
          Something that a paid PS user should not have to deal with. Or a Professional.
          Sorry, its so easy to be sarcastic on a post.

          What is this from? Where does LR get its color instructions?

        • Bob Hansen says:

          I have exactly the same issue. I have installed the ACR 6.7 RC, however, the image in PS 5 is definitely lighter and with less contrast than what I exported fro LR4. It appears that cropping and any adjustment brush and gradient adjustments export correctly. I use the round trip to PS and back to LR4 regularly and have had to resort to a physical export to tiff with the location as the same directory as the source and then synchronize the directory. Then re-export out to PS. This is a royal pain, however, it works.

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  4. Scott says:

    In general the new lightroom feels slugish in the entire editing process. I love the new controls but everything moves very slowly compared to the last version, and trying to edit on a 2 screen setup with my macbook pro at 8gb ram is not doable IMO.

    • Stefan says:

      I double this! LR3 was very much faster.
      My machine is a Win 7 with 6-core i7, 24GB ram and crazy video card…
      If this is not enough for LIGHTroom what else????
      Please take a look at the resources this version is using. This is just not normal.

    • Sean says:

      LR4.1 is still incredibly slow. I’m trying to view a folder that only has 2 images in it and it has been significantly more than 10 minutes of waiting just minimal previews to load.

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  8. Adam says:

    I’m also experiencing major sluggishness when in the Develop module and using 2 monitors. When I only use one monitor, the sliders move as smoothly as with LR3. I’m really looking forward to using the mapping function of LR4, so I’m hoping this gets straightened out before my trial ends in 25 more days. If not, I’m afraid I’ll have to go back to LR3 and try again in 6 months!

    • George Hamma says:

      I would agree completely with Adam. The workflow degradation with released LR4 is amazing on the same Win7/64/8GB system with LR3 on the same images.

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  12. PECourtejoie says:

    Scott, please post such information on the site, with detailed setup information (OS version, Graphic card used, etc.)

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  14. Lewis Craik says:

    I’m not sure if it fits in either of the “Edit in…” issues above, but when I right click and select “Edit in Adobe Photoshop Elements 8” nothing happens. I am using the same settings as LR3, which worked every time.

    • Hi Lewis, that’s the same issue. As a workaround, you can either reinstall Elements or install the trial of Photoshop CS5 from as a workaround to get the Edit In functionality to work until we release a fix. Sorry for that.

      • Doug Woods says:

        It would make me a lot more sympathetic if we could have an ETA for “a later fix”. I am dead in the water as far as LR4 is concerned because I use NIK and PSE plugins all the time. Also, my copy of the demo worked fine with all add ins. What went wrong? At the very least the release was not tested.

        Speaking as a retired developer of industrial solutions for 25 years, I am very surprised that this should happen in a company of the size of Adobe. I am sure that I speak for many in suggesting that confidence in LR4 has plummeted.

        Some sort of apology and timeline would go a long way toward mitigation.


  15. Are you ignoring the issue of latency or delay when clicking on controls or sliders? Having to wait 3 or 4 seconds for the program to react to each and every input makes it totally unusable. Fortunately I didn’t uninstall LR 3.6 and was able to roll back. This has been widely reported on the Adobe and the NAPP forums and it would be nice if Adobe would respond, “we hear you and we’re working on it” or “here’s how to fix it” or “contact us and we’ll give you your money back”.

    FWIW, Win7/64, quad core processor with 8Gb RAM, dual monitors and Intuos 4 tablet.

    • Mat says:

      I have no performance issues, no lag, and generally very speedy use on my Win7 laptop with 4GB RAM and i7 820 processor.

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  17. Chris says:

    I am using dual monitors on a W7 machine. In LR4 I can not get preset previews when I am running in dual monitor mode. Once I switch back to single it works fine. Is this a known issue? Thoughts?

  18. Edgar says:

    On my freshly set up Mac Pro the program is fast. However it takes to much time switching between the modules. Their must be some sort of bug involved. However I never heard anything from Adobe on this so I assume it is just poor programming and they just don’t care.

  19. Richard says:

    I concur that Lr4 is MUCH slower than Lr3.6. Just switching into the develop module takes multiple seconds. Overall, it is very sluggish.

    Mac Pro, 16GB RAM, dual monitors

  20. Dave says:

    Strictly speaking, even ACR 6.7rc isn’t entirely compatible with Lightroom 4, a it doesn’t offer the same exposure, highlight, etc. controls as does Lightroom 4.

  21. Dave says:

    I’ve also found that switching between modules is slower than in previous versions. And this on a Mac Pro with 12 Gbytes!

  22. Boris says:

    What about the new DNG features – lossy compression/fast load data – I have no control on which images these features were applied and on which not.
    What about killing all Adobe Lightroom related processes when I quit LR4? AdobeQT is not killed and it keeps running…

  23. In Develop Mode. When I take the White Balance picker over a Grey Card I get at totally off colour image.
    Temp = 2000
    Tint = -85
    IMac running Snow Leopard

  24. Kirk Kelln says:

    Adobe, LR4 is ridiculously slow. There are several forums buzzing about this issue. I can’t believe it is not on you hot fix list. You guys have got to get your heads in the game. Serious.

    • Graham Basson says:

      The most popular discussion on the forum is titled ” Lightroom 4 is slow” and yet it is not listed as an issue. over 220 comments should not be ignored.

    • Rick V says:

      I’m experiencing the slow performance on both a 32 bit Vista destop (12 GB) and a 64 bit Win7 (4GB) laptop. Both have calibrated screens and PS CS5 installed.

      What’s the point of sliders and brushes if the program can’t keep up? LR3 didn’t exhibit this problem at all. If the new modules are part of the problem, I’d trade them in – in a heartbeat.

      The price drop seems to be commensurate with the quality.

  25. paul herold says:

    C’mon Adobe…LR4 has more bugs than a marshmallow roast at Swamp Camp. The sliders are herky jerky. Cropping is like moving a piano on spiked feet. What are you doing about these performance issues?

  26. Tony Gamble says:

    LR4 is so slow on my PC that it is unuseable.

    The lag on the sliders is significant and most heavy movement of a slider causes a screen refresh.

    I am reverting to 3.6


  27. Winston Mitchell says:

    Edit a video and export it. The edits aren’t included unless you change the format.

    • That’s expected Winston. For image files too, the ‘Original’ format is an unedited copy with updated metadata.

    • Brian says:

      I was really excited at the expanded video capabilities of LR4. The ability to have the stills and videos have the same look without having to jump between programs is exciting.

      However, the export options are junk. Julienne Kost reported on, that selecting “Original” would keep the color and time marks that you’ve selected, and honor the original pixel dimensions and codec. She reported incorrectly, the “Original” setting creates a duplicate of the file. Trying to export a DPX file freezes the program, and the H.264 setting creates an MP4, which I would not want to use in any editing software. Good for Facebook, not for professionals.

      I’m hoping Adobe figures out how to make the video features practical for professionals. I would like to see an option to export to ProRes. Otherwise, for me Lightroom will simply be a nice looking DAM system.

  28. evan cohen says:

    Mac OS 10.6.8 Flash Gallery ( earl grey) In all browsers I have tried Keyboard arrows do
    not respond for cycling thru images as before . Works flawlessly in LR3. I have seen other people make mention of it . It’s a feature I use all the time

  29. Andy says:

    So you don’t consider speed a hot issue? There seem to be a LOT of folks commenting about performance issues after upgrade yet I have not seen a single response from Adobe about suggestions to improve..much less recongnition of the issue….

  30. Kirk Kelln says:

    Paul, you made me howl man, and I needed it. Thanks 🙂

  31. Ed Siciliano says:

    I am sticking with LR3.6 for the foreseeable future. This old guy does not need any further head aches. Anyhow my main reason to upgrade to LR4 is for the Book Publish. However, Blurb may have something similar for LR3.
    Have fun guy and gals – I will check back in a couple of weeks to see if all has been made whole.

  32. Malcolm McLeod says:

    The point tone curve migration problem is nothing when compared to the problems an awful lot of us are having with the way LR4 pushes the CPU throught the roof when in Develop Mode. At times it makes it unusable and it is very frustrating that no-one from the team has mentioned it. At least give us an indication that someone out there is looking into it please.

    • Silver says:

      Nothing? What about thousand of pictures in your catalog with tone curves modified… a lot of work lost with a single catalog import. THAT IS MORE THAN CRITICAL. Because LR4 is speedy with overwriting the xmp-files… 🙁

  33. Piotr says:

    I have ordered LR4 right after it was available, but canceled my order as soon as I installed trial version on my computers. Untill performance is not fixed I won’t buy it.
    I’m reverting to 3.6

  34. JimG says:

    The improvements in LR4 would be much more appreciated if they were usable.
    There are pages and pages of people (like me) complaining of sluggish sliders and the like and I have not seen one reply by Adobe acknowledging these problems or saying when they may be addressed. On top of that the dngs seemed to have been changed so that Fast Picture Viewer will not show the thumbnails in Windows Explorer, even after updating Fast Picture Viewer. So much for an “open” dng format.
    There are serious issues here needing attention.
    You would think I’d have learned my lesson by now and let the early adopters work these kind of problems out before I buy something but LR3 had been so good that I trusted Adobe and jumped right in.
    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. It will be much harder for you guys to fool me the next time before I buy something from you again.

  35. ShaunW says:

    I love LR and would recommend it to anyone with a camera, but I can’t recommend LR4 until this performance issue is resolved. Tasks that would normally take an hour took an entire evening. In my opinion, LR4 is unusable.

    I’m confident that Adobe is capable of resolving the problem. I just hope it happens sooner rather than later.

    • Stephen Johnson says:

      The latency issues are serious in LR4, what took little time in prior versions is now a nightmare and time suck to accomplish. Adobe should be embarrassed, I should have waited to convert several catalogs, while I have backups I’ve accomplished some work with much frustration on the new version (fat chance Adobe will provide a conversion to revert catalogs back to LR3?!?).

      My Lenovo D20 outfitted with a X5690 processor, 15k SAS drives and 15K scratch discs and Quadro 6000 GFX card should make this a breeze but at idle its using 7.5 gb of memory and maxes out the processors under any minor load. Then it takes forever and I do mean forever when switching between images even when the 1:1 previews have already been processed.

      I felt there may have been a few hiccups with the first release with so many issues in the Beta but this first version could hardly be called a Production release by any testers standards.

      Adobe what were you thinking! Get this fixed soon!

  36. Kevin Zdyb says:


    I am REALLY surprised that this is not #1 on the HOT ISSUES list. There are MANY customers who after importing larger libraries cannot view their images in folders or “All Photographs” Is anyone doing any this about this? This is a HUGE issue in my book and much more urgent than some finding the software slow…. I cannot use LR4 for my photography until this is fixed.

    Here is the thread in the forum…

    • Hi Kevin,

      Ben Warde from the Lightroom dev team is investigating this issue – and he’s posted some troubleshooting steps and request for more information on the thread. Please work with him so we can reproduce the issue in house and better understand what you’re seeing. Thanks.

  37. Gothmoth says:

    i have the colorchecker passport for some days.

    my workflow:

    import the files from memorycard as DNG copy into lightroom.
    create a DNG cameraprofile with the colorchecker passport.
    then i choose the created cameraprofile and i set the whitebalance.

    all working fine… as it should.

    my problem is, i don´t want to have a hundred DNG profiles, i will sure create that much over the time, on my harddisk.
    i think it´s messy and it´s also not very save to have the profiles only as separate files, in case you lose the profiles.

    i thought the cameraprofile can be embedded INTO the DNG file.

    i thought the cameraprofile is written into the DNG files when i write the metadata back into the files.. but it seems not.

    it seems the DNG cameraprofile is only embedded into the DNG image file when i EXPORT the DNG file again with the LR export dialog.

    for example:

    i choose the camera profil “MY 5D MK2 PROFIL_1” for an image and then save the metadata back into the DNG image file.
    then i delete the cameraprofile “MY 5D MK2 PROFIL_1” from harddisk.
    the next time i open LR and select the same image … the cameraprofile is reverted back to “adobe standard” and the profil i have created is gone.

    when i EXPORT the image as DNG, then even after i have deleted the DNG cameraprofile “MY 5D MK2 PROFIL_1” from the hardisk…. the profil is still in the DNG image.
    that´s what i want… but i have to export all files again as DNG files.
    i would really like to get rid of this extra step.

    i hope my english is good enough so you understand what my problem is.

    can anyone share a light on this?
    is this the only way to embedd the DNG cameraprofile or im doing something wrong?

  38. Mimi Cain says:

    LR4 is running very slow on my PC too! I can no longer edit in Photoshop CS5 as part of my workflow. I wish I had waited to upgrade. Yesterday I saw the first blue screen crash on my computer ever after I clicked edit in Photoshop Elements Editor. I uninstalled LR3.6 hoping that would resolve my issues. Now I’m worried.

  39. The performance is extremely sluggish/slow and makes the product UN-USABLE. If this is a user side issue/configuration/migration-process – I’m amazed that there is no guidance or instructions on how to improve this. If this is a bug and by-design – I’m even more amazed that you would release without a clear caveat or set of expectations that the customers should have…

    Please deal w/ this issue ASAP.

    JFYI I am running a W7, 64 bit, 16G Upper end system with 1 monitor and 50K images, and was doing fine on LR3.6.

    • Vince says:

      Having same issue too, i kno wmy hardware is definitely capable of running heavy-weighted apps but LR, do you consider it in that category? if not why LR is so slow…?!!!!!
      In the developer mode, dragging eg exposure bar is slow not to say the ‘real-time’ refresh!

  40. Dave Sparks says:

    I’ll chime in on the performance issue, too – it’s a killer. The other issues mentioned don’t mean anything to me as a user because LR4 is fundamentally unusable from a performance perspective (very high latencies on all actions).

  41. ButchM says:

    Let’s see … how about completing an upgrade before you release it? Can’t use Address Book when emailing from Lr … Can only use Blurb templates in Book Module, can’t create custom page sizes (without resorting to outside software and start from scratch and even then you can only export PDF and not jpeg which most pro labs require … simply more work and less workflow solutions) … still only a single audio track, single transition style and no support for including video clips in Slideshow … on and on and on and on …. It’s no wonder you reduced the price for Lr … it’s incomplete …

  42. Wow. Glad I saw this before I jumped in tonight (I only popped in to see if there was an update when LR4 might support the Canon 5Dmk3). Performance issues would be a huge problem by the look of things, I’ll wait until Adobe have posted some fixes!

    • Mike Rimmer says:

      I purchased Lightroom 4.0 because of the feature Adobe claimed that lightroom offered wrt video editing. I can’t import nor edit videos. How do I arrange for a refund?

  43. Bruce Clarke says:

    I won’t be upgrading till you acknowledge there is a speed problem, and have a plan to fix it. I’ve just bought a high spec Win7 PC which works superbly with 3.6. I see no point in upgrading to wipe out much of that advantage.

  44. Martin Damboldt says:

    I’m one of those fools of early adopters of LR4. I’m deeply disappointed to see Adobe released LR4 containing such critical show stopper issues (especially “Point Tone Curve Migration” bug and ““Edit in” Workflow for External Editors/Plug-ins”) and I’m even much more disappointed, because there is still no hotfix available nor is there any clear timeline / roadmap when this P1 regression bugs will be fixed. Come on Adobe, you can do this better than just these few words in a blog. Get hotpatches out to us asap!

  45. Geoff the kiwi says:

    Please folks report your problems at where they are monitored by staff and responded too. Thanks.

  46. Ann Courtney says:

    Individual R, G, and B curves in the Tone Curve Panel seem to be missing, are they hidden away somewhere?
    Everything in Develop Module is slow.

  47. Len Spoden says:

    Performance is much slower than LR3. Switching to the 2010 develop engine helps a lot. I am on an eight way Mac pro and it just crawls along vs lr3. The performance of LR4 is now as sluggish as apple aperture.

  48. Burt says:

    No performance issues here (on a catalog of 67K+ images).

    However, I definitely have a problem of not being able to see large folders. I can see the sub-folders, but the parent appears empty if there are a lot of images. Not sure of the boundary that trips it though. Some parent folders can see contents of sub-folders, while others cannot — and definitely the very top parent says it is empty.

  49. Burt says:

    Also, in tethered capture, the image does not auto-advance to the latest capture. That is, I in the Library expanded (single image) view doing studio tethered capture with a Canon 5D MK II. I shoot 5 images and LR4 sits on the first image until I go to the keyboard and right-arrow to advance to the later ones.

    Under LR3, the most recent arrived image was always shown, so I could just glance at the monitor from across the room and verify framing, etc.

  50. Stefan says:

    I had to deinstall my licenced LR4 because of its working speed. On my system it takes seconds after moving one of the develope sliders. LR 3.6 works without problems.

  51. I am Wedding Photographer I have been using Lightroom and i had a lot of problems with RAW files not opening in Lightroom. Any one has same problem in LR4?

  52. René says:

    And what about the fact that it is still impossible to import images with a name using cyrillic characters?
    And what about the fact that is from LR4 you open an image in Photoshop, if them you save it in jpeg format it will not appear in the library (LR3 did that without problems)

    I am tired to see that Adobe (and other big companies) use the user as beta testers…

    Abobe sells a product that should work with camera raw 7, before the release of camera raw 7 and full of bugs.
    It is like to sell a car without brakes and that use a fuel that don’t exist yet……

  53. Timo S. says:

    I’m very disappointed that Adobe has not once acknowledged or commented on any of the many complaints about the poor and intolerable performance of Lightroom 4.0. The performance – even on high-end-systems – is a bad joke and makes LR4 unusable. The problem is not only that sliders lag and display rendering – especially with dual monitor setup – takes time, but also the CPU load is much higher than in LR3.6.
    At this point, I believe that Adobe ows its customers an honest apology for distributing and selling Lightroom 4.0 like this as a final release. It is not acceptable how Adobe can acknowledge several bugs within hours but keeping silent on these complaints for a week.

    Just to give you a small example. Try the following little experiment in LR4.0 on Windows:

    0) Open Windows Task Manager while working in Lightroom so you can follow the CPU load.
    1) Open any RAW image in Lightroom in the develop module. But choose one that you haven’t applied any split toning to.
    2) Go to the split toning tab. All the values should be zero.
    3) Now move the Hue slider for the Highlights (or Shadows) to any value.
    Remember: The saturation is still zero. So, even if you change the hue slider – there won’t be any visible change to the image at all, of course.
    4) Now take a look at your task manager and your CPU load. Simply moving the hue slider – which had no effect at all on the image – sparked the CPU load to 100% for a moment! Are you kidding me?

    Adobe: A simple slider movement, that has no effect on the photo at all, causes a CPU load of 100%? This is unacceptable!
    Oh, btw.: If you do the same thing in LR3.6 the CPU load is neglectably low.

    Timo S.

  54. Paul Thomas says:

    Agree with all the ‘slow’ comments, brand new imac. Runs everything perfect. Lightroom 4 should have gone through another beta release instead of getting it on market and patching later. This is the new thing isn’t it, for games and software.
    One day they’ll have the tech to take shit actors out of films post release and paste in a good one (maybe)
    Next Adobe will be moaning about piracy of their products being on the increase, when this kind of service and lack of respect for their consumer is bound to drive piracy.

    Constant timer whilst in the same photo, 1:1 preview (all photos rendered on import to this quality)

    Feels like it’s taking over you entire system. lr3 ran better on my 4 year old windows vista laptop.

    Would go back to LR3, but would love changes to so many photos, and in fairness love the quality of process version 2012. (anyone know the equivalent of brightness, used this on every photos and missing it, white point seems to come close for mids for some reason)

    • Burt says:

      I’m pretty sure it is related to something else on your system. I am not saying you are wrong, or that Adobe didn’t mess up, but the performance issues are certainly not universal.

      I am running LR4 on a 2 y/o iMac 27″ and a 4 y/o MacBook (not pro), and it runs perfectly fast with no visible lag to me on either system. My iMac library is over 67,000 images, though the MacBook only has a few thousand (it is a studio / travel computer, and I periodically delete all images there, once they have been moved to the iMac).

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  56. BIll Lakenan says:

    As an fan of Lightroom and software development professional, I applaud the transparency in the communication of these known issues. Thanks for treating your customers like the adults that they are.

  57. BIG DELAY IN DEVELOP MODULE WHEN MAKING ADJUSTMENT and the sliders will not slide easily jump all over the place. Windows 7 64 bit

  58. Bad performance in LR4 is bad enough, but when LR4 is running in the develop module it makes my ENTIRE mac sluggish and unstable. Several times I’ve had to hard power down and restart just to get my system back .. not good 🙁 [i7 iMac with 16gb]

  59. Joe Patrick says:

    Vista 64, 8GB – LR 3.6 perfroms very efficiently. LR4 is slow, sluggish, not responsive. Sliders in Develop Module are slow, at best, and impact my workflow. I had to revert to LR 3.6 to get my work done. I believe Adobe, for whatever reason, rushed the release of LR4. What happened Tom H.?

  60. dfindlay says:

    Profoundly disappointed in the sluggish performance – wish I hadn’t upgraded and advising all my colleagues not to spend money on this produce.

  61. Old Plop says:

    This must be the worse software upgrade ever.

    1, I can’t use Lr because the Lr3 catalogue it converted remains with “NO PHOTOS IN SELECTED FOLDER” even if Lr shows me the number of photos in said folder.

    2, L i g h t r o o m F o u r i s S L O O O W.

    You guys shouldn’t have released this version with all these bugs. It’s a disgrace.

  62. Craig Holmes says:

    LR4 develop module is very very slow. Changes take several seconds to update on a high spec Mac used for pro photo editing. LR3 was instant on all updates.

    Similarly, changing between modules is also very slow.

  63. carlo says:

    I report that Lightroom 4 in inusable on my i7 laptop, 4GB RAM, win7 64bit, SSD crucial m4 128GB, very very slow. I created new catalog from scratch, deleted all lightroom 3 settings folder under user folder, imported few photos and generated 1:1 preview but still inusable. I have to come back to 3.6. Also my big preset collection seems to be incompatible but no problem if that it’s the price to pay for the new raw engine. All my other adobe software ( indesign, premiere, photoshop) run pretty fast.

  64. Stanley-Carl du-Pont says:

    LR4 is slow……and undermines all the advances offered in the upgrade from LR3.

    Please acknowledge and address this.

    Thank you.

  65. Nathalie says:

    I have been in love with lightroom for a very long time but trying to work in LR4 now is so frustrating that I am contemplating to revert back to 3.6 – it is so sluggish it is pretty much unusable. There are so many people out there with the same problem and I am very disappointed that all of our calls for help seem to be ignored. Please can we have some feedback on this?

  66. Hank B. says:

    Installed LR4, my Nik Software plug ins do not work when going to “edit in” function (working with Mac Lion). Adobe acknowledges problem with a bulletin suggesting to install a demo version of CS5 and then going to Library, Preferences, and trashing a hdden p.list file for Photoshop.
    I have gone back to LR3 for now.
    1. I do not want Photoshop
    2. This is a ridiculous work around solution to LR users who do not use or want Photoshop.
    Adobe, shame on you! This LR update was brought public before you had issues resolved.
    LR4 is also also slower than LR3.

    Adobe, if you cannot fix these issues, do the fair thing and return customers purchase price.

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  69. MarkW says:

    I have also noticed a bug, when trying to delete multiple images out of a
    LR4 Library it asked you if you want to delete or remove. When you choose either option it only deletes one of the multiple selected files at a time…..

  70. Frank Hunt says:

    Add me to the (growing) list of those who think the performance is awful. Single or dual monitor mode both are significantly slower than LR3. Is there a performance release coming? There needs to be.

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  72. Jim Greif says:

    Hi Tom,
    I thank you for your updates. LR4 does seem to have better processing algorithms and that does help. I do, however, reiterate my earlier posts in that the names of the basic sliders and their order is still quite confusing. I know this has been considered, so I give up on that.
    There is one thing I would like to see in a future update–can you include a keyboard shortcut for Edit in PS as a Smart Object. I do that very often, and a shortcut would be great.
    Thanks again,

  73. Why is there STILL no response from Adobe on the Latency/slow issue despite HUNDREDS of complaints. It,s not even on the hot list? Is it because Adobe doesn’t believe us, or because they have no clue how to fix it?

  74. Matthew O'Brien says:

    Why can we not have JDI (Just Do It) for Lightrooom. Please finish modules before you release them (ie Books and Print). Please let us use our metadata properly in Print and Books. I support all the points below. Right now a seriously incomplete product.

    “By ButchM – 12:45 PM on March 13, 2012 Reply

    Let’s see … how about completing an upgrade before you release it? Can’t use Address Book when emailing from Lr … Can only use Blurb templates in Book Module, can’t create custom page sizes (without resorting to outside software and start from scratch and even then you can only export PDF and not jpeg which most pro labs require … simply more work and less workflow solutions) … still only a single audio track, single transition style and no support for including video clips in Slideshow … on and on and on and on …. It’s no wonder you reduced the price for Lr … it’s incomplete …

  75. Yonatan says:

    LR4 is extremely slow and basically unusable. I’ve been using Lightroom since its inception and this is the first time that I have been greatly disapointed. I would be nice to see an acknowledgement of this problem by Adobe and an official letter stating their intent to fix it with a realistic time frame.

  76. MarkW says:

    Try to select a group of images to delete in LR4, lets you select without a problem, when you go to delete the whole bunch of selected images – it will only delete on at a time…..??

    Frustrating if you have to remove a delete a ton of images from your library?

  77. Samson says:

    I just installed Lightroom 4, after allways working fine with version 3. I didn`t install the Beta on this computer. Well, now I am very disapointed about this program. Everytime I change something on brightness or any other slider, the mouse stucks for half a second and the picture adjustments change only a little bit later. It`s completelly impossible to work like this! I am very disappointed and had to change back to LR 3. Adobe, please sell a product when it`s finished and not allready when it`s still in Alpha status. Maybe I have to change to aperture…

  78. William Baer (@PokeyBaer) says:

    I purchased LR4 last weekend and when ever I try to edit in photo shop, I get an error message that says, unexpected error performing command: bad argument #1 to ‘lower’ ( string expected,got nil. So what on earth is this? I am about to ask for a refund, cause LR4 is not working for me. I have LR 3.6 and it works fine. I was really disappointed because I was excited with all the Hype I got from NAPP.

  79. ivan says:

    +1 for the slowness. Sometimes it’s tolerable, but most of time it’is a pain.

    LR3.6 was like 200% faster.

    Intel i5-2400, 8gb ram, 5670 ATI, SATA3 drives.

  80. Rod P. says:

    LR4 is super slow, resource intensive, and the metadata handling (while pretty looking) is not even close to consistent throughout the CS5.5 suite. I’m in it for the video management and creative asset organization side.

    4.0 looks VERY pretty and seems quite promising, but it is currently totally unusable.

  81. Jim Langford says:

    LR4 has repeatedly failed to install on my I7 12g memory 2 tb windows 7 perm 64 bit. I had to move back and restore. Repeated attempts to install have failed. Please contact me as I would like a refund for my LR4.

  82. The sluggishness/slow issue is a major problem. I’m seeing it not only in clicking from image to image, but using the Adjustment Brush, Spot Removal, and in a general overall sense of loading and redraws. I have a very fast machine with 16GB of RAM, so this shouldn’t be happening. LR3 is much faster than LR4.

    This is NOT a good workflow anymore and given I use Lightroom for ALL my photography work, it makes for a very frustrating day. As an educator, I am telling ALL my students to hold off on the upgrade until Adobe does something to fix this.

    Are you listening, Adobe?

  83. Len says:

    LR4 is much slower than LR3. If you change the develop module to 2010 version or you turn off sharpening and noise reduction, it speeds up quite a bit.

  84. Mark says:

    Very disappointed with LR4, slow, sluggish and CPU hungry, not a workable solution for picture editing software. Hope hot fixes are in works and will be offered soon. Going back to LR3 until this is resolved.

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  86. Tony Blackwell says:

    What happened to the edit in PS keyboard short cut? PC cntrl+E, and OMG, is it slow or what?

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  88. christian says:

    I upgraded my german version of LR3 to LR4 which also has multiple languages. I’d like to work in Lightroom in English as some of my plug ins are only available in english.

    Problem: the enlarge short cut on the keyboard is in the german version ‘cmd’ + ‘#’ but I’m unable to find this keyboard short cut when switching to english.

    I’m on a mac, using the wireless keyboard. I looked at the english and us keyboard layout, but there’s no combination that I could find so far.

    btw. ‘cmd’ + ‘-‘ works in LR4, in both languages.

    Any idea?

    Thanks in advance

  89. Eric Geidl says:

    LR 4 is too slow for professional use. I cannot sell the time to my customers I need to edit my images. Unfortunately all my catalogs are uptated, else I would immedeately switch back to LR 3.6

    Please act !

  90. Holger says:

    Video import with AVIs is not working (nor does the playback function). Would be acceptable.
    But if there is any video in a subfolder you want to synchronize or there is a video in the Lightroom 3 converted catalog, the importing of pictures (only 3) take > 10 minutes! Killing the medialinkserver and manager process helps and the images are then imported fast.

  91. Adam says:

    Lightroom 4 is painfully sluggish. Previews load painfully slow and syncing settings takes forever – even if just between two images. Going to have to revert to LR3 until these issues are resolved.

    2.66 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xenon Mac Pro, 16GB RAM, plenty of available disk space – newly formatted fresh install of OS10.7.3 and apps on a drive separate from files.

  92. Jack says:

    I can’t upgrade my LR3 catalog when trying to import into LR4. No matter what I do, it keeps saying that there was a problem upgrading and to choose another catalog. Is anyone else having this problem? I can’t find any help on this topic.

    Can anyone offer a workaround?


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  94. Tobi says:

    Much to slow. Adobe, please give us a comment here. There IS a big problem.

  95. Shawn says:

    i7 2700k
    16GB DDR3 1600



  96. The performance / sluggishness / slowness issues are nothing new. I remember this same discussion when 3.0 came out. Users complained loudly that it was slower. While I can’t say for sure that ‘Adobe has done nothing’ to address the HUGE number of customers that complain about performance, I’m not holding my Adobe to make Lightroom 4.0 any faster.

    It’s really a shame, too. I felt I needed to upgrade to 3.0 because of the excellent noise reduction, and now, I really want to take advantage of the (limited) video support, but I’m more frustrated than words can express that Adobe hasn’t really buckled down and done some serious, creative work on improving performance.

    I feel that there are things like GPU acceleration and rethinking the DB, LUA or rendering pipeline that could take advantage of today’s higher-end hardware to make things significantly faster.

    Adobe – Please, please please improve Lightroom’s performance. We are begging you. I love photography. But processing 1000+ photos from a wedding while waiting on Lightroom’s rendering pipeline – not so much.

  97. Dennis Smith says:

    I get upset when I see people who want to “go back until this is resolved”, when not everyone has the problem.

    One user on another forum updated their video drivers and the slow LR4 problem went away.

    I had a slow problem with LR3 which went away when I updated my intel video drivers.

    ALL my drivers are kept up to date (using a driver update check utility). I have had no issues with speed on LR4 despite using it for many hours since downloading it. A few others report the same but get raked over the coals by those that have.

    Is there an LR4 problem? maybe — but just as maybe “not” — it might simply be something on your PC.

    We had a similar problem (I do custom S/W development) with a client that had terrible slowness and freezing problems — turned out that two of the four PC’s in the office had clocks that kept jumping backwards by seconds at a time confusing the application.

    There can be many things that interfere with the operation of high performance video applications — so instead of running away, why not take part and try and help resolve the problem?

  98. Burnett Moore says:

    Please,Please,Please fix the slow sluggish issue. Would if help if I said please…

  99. I haven’t noticed the slowness… Seems ok to me. I7 2600K @ 4.3GHz, 8GB RAM, Win7

  100. Five days since this was posted – any update guys?

  101. David Macias says:

    Well, as excited as I was for LR4 to come out and I pre-ordered and got my software 4 days ago, I have not installed it, THANK GOD. I read quite a bit of the reports coming in and decided to wait a few more days before installing my copy. So, now, in light of what is going on, sluggishness, NIK issues, RAW compatability, etc… I’m not installing mine until Adobe fixes all the issues. I figure when they come out with a fix that will handle all these issues and after some have tried it and confirmed that they are working then, and only then will I install it. For now, my LR 3.6 is doing great.

    NOTE: My hesitation goes back to the days when Windows XP Pro came out; the day Microsoft released the OS they found 50+ serious flaws. I have a policy now to wait a few weeks after a new version is released, you know what, it pays to be patient.

    What I don’t understand is why BIG software vendors with large customer base and programers at their fingertips release software that places a huge burden on the customer to solve and deal with the issues. This is unacceptable and a “sorry about the problems” doesn’t cut it.

    I’m sorry Adobe, CS5 was an A+, Lightroom 3 was an A+, LR4, wow a D-

  102. Mike says:

    Adobe, sorry, but shame on you. You sell a Beta software. That’s not reasonable. Slow, buggy. Last time i buy your software so early!!

  103. Joel Holcomb says:

    After reading the Adobe information about the improved processing and selective white balance features, I was all set to order the LR 4 upgrade, but after reading all the comments about sluggish performance, even just for moving adjustment sliders, I am holding off until I see some positive comments on the forums that the issue has been addressed and actually fixed. I am not concerned that my PC can’t handle it–I have a Quad Core2 Dell with 8GB of RAM, running 64-bit Windows 7, and don’t have any problems with LR 3.6 on a dual monitor system. However, I’m seeing negative comments from many people with as good or better hardware, so I’m just going to wait and see…

  104. Lloyd says:

    I have found a problem with mp4 video. I used premier elements to import my video from my camera and tagged with metadata. When I imported it into Lightroom 4, many of the videos say they can not play in LR4 stating “there was an error working with this video”. However ever other video player I have on my PC can play them just fine with no problems.

  105. Jack Simpson says:

    I ran into a problem with my download purchase. The machine i use to download at work is 32 bit and my laptop for Lightroom is 64 bit. Everytime I transfered the file over I got an aborted install. Only when I realized the download chooses the verision according to the machine downloading computers OS (32 or 64 bit) then gives the appropriate version. So, I hooked up my laptop, downloaded again and it worked.
    Thought this comment may help others going through this process and avoid frustration.

  106. Why not reissue the LR4 beta while this is being sorted out?

  107. Gordon says:

    For me the most important thing to do would be speed up LR4, its somehow slow compared to LR3. All other things are minor to me

  108. Skip says:

    With respect to the “Edit in PS” issue, Victoria states that the proper choice is “Open Anyway” rather than “Render Using Lightroom” since the latter creates a psd file PRIOR to editing the file in Photoshop. In essence, that recapitulates the behavior of the “Edit in” command in Lightroom v 1.x. This was gratefully re-engineered in LR v 2 & 3, so that the psd file wasn’t created until AFTER editing in PS and returning to LR (much more convenient, since you don’t wind up having to delete a psd file even if you change your mind and don’t make any changes to the image in PS). However, if one chooses “Open Anyway” rather than “Render Using LR”, will the edits that have been made to the RAW file in LR be preserved when taking the image into PS?




    Have I made myself clear?

    Dear Adobe : I have recommended Lightroom to so many photographers and posted you tube videos helping people get the best from it. I am staggered at how equally slow Adobe has been to address the forum-wide issue of the slow running of LR4. It is unusable. Adobe think very carefully : Capture One has just become more attractive than ever to us professionals. All you need to do is put out some kind of statement on the slow processing issue. Make us feel like you’re listening at least, make us feel included as long-time supporters of your brand and frankly unpaid testers of your clearly prematurely released product.

    POST SOME SORT OF MESSAGE IN ACKNOWLEdGEMENT : Which part of this do you not understand?

    Bugs re tone curve points and reverse geo-tagging we can live with : but get this machine started why don’t you : A one-time Lightroom (and Adobe) evangelist.

  110. Jack says:

    Jeffrey T., can you please read this? I posted this yesterday, but today it isn’t here.

    This is NOT A COMPLAINT, I have a serious problem upgrading my LR3 catalog to L4.

    I’ve tried several times, and a few different techniques, but I cannot get my LR3 catalog (with over 17,000 pictures in it) to successfully upgrade to L4. I’ve gone through the whole routine of selecting the catalog, designating the destination, etc., both from outside of LR and from within LR. I tried different versions of the catalog, different destinations (on same disk and different disk), etc. Sometimes it hangs, but when it doesn’t it comes back and says that it cannot upgrade the catalog because there’s a problem with it. But, when I go into LR3, I have no problems with the catalog.

    Please help!


  111. The Auto Tone Preset is very erratic, too light or too dark, rarely even in the ball park. This is a change from how it used to work. I am using the updated process. I even deleted the old preset from LR 3 and made sure I was using the one that came with LR4.

    I love the B&W Look presets, would love the equivalent for color.

    • Jim says:

      I agree completely regarding the Auto Tone preset. You can’t count on it at all. In LR 2 and LR 3 it was a good place to start.
      Exporting files does not begin immediately, but rather after approx. 20-30 seconds. I have no idea why there is this delay. The delay does not seem to have anything to do with which other programs are running on the PC.

      • LR user says:

        “Auto tone” is still very erratic in the latest update LR4.1 — this makes “auto tone” unusable.

  112. Jason says:

    Lightroom can be painfully slow. I am running on OS X Lion with a core i7 2.8ghz and 16 gb of RAM. That *should* be sufficient.

  113. Ian Grandjean says:

    Sadly this seems the case for me too – after the rapidity of LR3 it seems REALLY slow for seemingly simple tasks – resizing an image for example.

    iMac 3.06Ghz running Lion with 8Gb of RAM

    Sorry guys – but this is a real problem.

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  115. Ahmad Al Khalidi says:

    Also having the sluggish performance here although LR3.6 was working great on the same machine. It’s drawing too much RAM and CPU power and very often becoming unresponsive at all, so please adobe fix this we don’t want to go back.

  116. Milos Forman says:

    When is this page going to be updated with all the problems reported?

  117. René Gallet says:

    Two days after installation of LR4, I suddenly started having a problem exporting .jpg files of my images. Everytime I export I get a warrning window that says:

    “Unable to Export: An internal error has occured: WIN32 API error 2 ( the system cannot fine the file specified when calling ShellExecExw from AG Workspace. shell execute”

    Yet the file that I want to export appears intact in the folder to which it was directed.

    Anyone else having this problem ?? How do I correct it (it’s irritating)

  118. JP says:

    I’ve seen hundreds of complaints/feedback on how SLOW and SLUGGISH LR4 is, but yet I have not seen any type of formal response or even a admission of “known issue”.

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  120. Mark Fann says:

    When I try to email in Lr4 it emails the first pic that I have emailed in Lr4. It will not email a different pic eventhough I have a different one selected and showing in the attached file pane. The email recipient keeps getting the same pic no matter what.

    • Paul says:

      I’m having the same problem which is embarrassing when emailing clients and they email me to ask why I sent 7 copies of the same photo.

  121. Bert White says:

    When clicking on edit in adobe photoshop CS5 I don’t get asked the question to edit original or a copy. When in opens in CS5 it doesn’t contain the Lightroom adjustments.

  122. Alvin Ungar says:

    Add me to the not thrilled with the slowness…not using second monitor helps…

    Adobe, please fix ASAP !!!

  123. Steve says:

    Lightroom 4 has proved to be unusable for me with an imported LR3 catalog and a second monitor in Loupe mode. If I stay away from that condition – which is quite normal for me – it is usable. I am currently on the 30 day trial, but will not be updating unless Adobe fixes this issue (or at least give us some indication that they actually care). This appears to be more than an obsure bug that some of us have wandered into – this is a major feature of the program that causes it to be unusable (not just slow).

  124. Duilio Fiorille says:

    Hi to all LR community. I purchased the LR4 upgrade (since I had the LR3 complete boxed version). At the first launch I didn’t notice any problem. The catalog was correctly updated and so on…But in the first work session…a nightmare!!! The worst problem are the previews at 100%…it is quite impossibile to use LR4 with the preview at the max dimension (you have to work with 100% if you develop for work). The program doesn’t crash, but the interface become not visible and you cannot work anymore…Also you you use the spot removal there are very long late seconds…The RAM need is too much high, more than 2 GB, the LR3 needed more o less 1-1,2 GB RAM…I really like this new version and the new develod engine. Hope Adobe will find asap a solution for all its customer. I have a WIN 7 32bit PC with i5 Quad core and 4 (3,2) GB RAM. Thanks for your support. Good work!

  125. heshani says:

    Have used and enjoyed free LR 3 for last few weeks. Have just bought LR4 but having problems with importing RAW images directly from my Canon. In LR3, i simply attached my camera and I could easily import pictures onto my mac. Right now I can not seem to do this. the pictures all seem to be checked by L4 but when I click import it says that there are no images found. Help please, I can not understand what I am doing wrong.

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  127. Michael says:

    Lightroom ist very slow, especially when I change to the develop-modul:
    Just the change from library-modul to the develop-modul goes about 5 to 8 seconds, before I can work on the photo. Even change to another photo within the develop-modul takes about 5 seconds. So it’s very anyouing to work.
    My setup:
    Win7 x64 with SSD-disk and 8 GB Memory
    Lr4 x64 updated catalog from 3.6.
    About 25’000 photos in the catalog, 15’000 10 Megapixel and 10’000 16,2 Megapixel

  128. dave says:

    Please add a rotate video option to LR4. The basic video functions are great but cameras are too easy to hold sideways and even simple viewing looks wierd sideways. thanks

  129. Pingback: Offizielle Adobe Lightroom Bugliste ›

  130. James says:


    RE: Book Module

    I had initially thought that I was just plain missing something (maybe something obvious), or was just plain doing something wrong. Turns out it wasn’t me but the software – I straight up asked a question of Ms. Julieanne Kost (who btw is just awesome) and she confirmed it.

    Here is my problem. I want to be able to create book sizes other than what Blurb has to offer. Currently, our options for size are restricted by default even if we want to export to PDF to get them printed some place other than Blurb. Whether this is simply an oversight on Adobe’s part or an agreement with Blurb – I don’t know. What I do know though, is that for a professional application this is quite disappointing.

  131. Ol' Skinflint says:

    Well, I had enough foresight and experience with Adobe and LR not to immediately upgrade when 4 became available. Made that mistake before. I did work with the beta and then the trial version, but never brought my LR 3.6 catalog to 4 as I had heard about the tone curves bug. And I haven’t bought LR4 yet because of this and the syrupy slow “performance.”

    Let’s just assume that instead of doing a few versions of beta, that Adobe has now decided to make the initial version of the release a beta 2. The slowness problem? Well, the lack of acknowledgement here or other places at Adobe tells you all you need to know. Do not purchase 4 until these problems are addressed and RESOLVED in 4.1.

  132. Bill Wilson Davis says:

    When will this blog be updated with ALL the feedback that is being shared here?

  133. Bob Herrmann says:

    Lightroom 4 comes up with the following warning when I try to export an image to a folder.
    “Unable to Export An internal error has occured Win32 API error 2 (“The system cannot find the file specified.”) When calling shellExecuteExW from AgWorkspace.shellExecute”

    I have tried restarting Lightroom and windows neither of which has solved the issue. When I look at the export folder in explorer the files are there.

    Any ideas?

    • Serhan says:

      I am having the exact same problem. This is happening consistently. Upgraded to 4.1 and problem persists.

  134. Dan says:

    I just upgraded to LR4 and I cannot use my complete set of Nik plugins which I use all the time in my processing…………. I AM DEAD IN THE WATER!!. I wish Adobe would have figure this out before the new release and certainly should have discontinued sale of the new product until the bugs were worked out. Some compensation would be nice. HELP GUYS.

  135. William Moriss says:

    Why are the comments being moderated so they don’t appear. I would like Adobe to update the list of problems to include the many statements about slow performance. My questions is WHEN is this update going to happen?

  136. Bob says:

    How many more days before an official update?

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  138. Nathan says:

    Ugh. I just paid full price for Lightroom 3 in January, and I’m not eligible for a free upgrade?? I feel like a sucker.

  139. stuart says:

    DNG converted files are corrupt when viewed in Picasa. They are like sliced and diced. Luckly, the jpgs are not affected.

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  141. Rod says:

    Why do you continue to censor postings?

  142. Ian Grandjean says:

    I have to admit to being astonished by your attitude – I posted a (tiny) complaint with details of my operating system – and this has not been published. Why? Because I ‘happened’ to make a comment criticising what is plainly VERY slow software?

    I don’t think my comments were any worse than what I have already seen published here – but it sadly makes my realize that you really are control freaks.

    WTF that I paid my own money to buy crap software – you simply don’t care. (And yes, I know that this will be deleted…)

  143. Wilson says:

    Did everyone lose interest in these critical problems or did Adobe decide, in the spirit of transparency, to stop all additional postings?

    • Dan says:

      I’d go with they stopped all postings. I’ve added two and haven’t seen them anywhere…probably won’t see this one either.

  144. Michael says:

    I am very unhappy with LR4. Its so terrible slow! I use a Mac Pro with Lion, 3.33 GHz 6-Core Xenon and 12 GB RAM… i can’t believe, that this is not enough!! Please Adobe, give us a update with more speed…

  145. Ronni says:

    Two bugs here:

    1. LR4 will randomly import JPEGs rather than RAWs, when both files are present on the memory card
    2. When entering an aspect in the crop tool, it will always interpret the long edge as vertical – i.e. 10×3 is vertical, as is 3×10

  146. Winner says:

    LR3 werkt prima op mijn iMac (3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 8 GB geheugen, FiWi HD). Deze week LR4 gedownload en geïnstalleerd. De snelheid valt mij flink tegen. Zeker in de ontwikkel module.

  147. Roger says:

    I bought the LR4 upgrade before I saw the issues with it. So I don’t dear to install my product before a solution to at least some of the issues like the curves and the sluggish behavior has been dealt with. Come on Adobe, this software should not have been released from beta with such major bugs. For now, I will continue using my LR3. Hopefully a proper fix for these problems will arrive soon.

  148. Bob says:

    “We’re listening” Really?

    It took six days of “moderation” for some of the concerns with this new wacky version of LR to be posted. I know for certain that the posting I submitted four days ago with details on the many unusual bugs I found compared to the very stable and functional LR 3 was not judged meritorious enough for this comment board on issues. Nice!

  149. keithz says:

    Not to beat the horse more than it already has, but this slow performance and high memory usage is getting old, quickly. Is Adobe even investigating? An update for users would be helpful and would go a long way in improving customer relations.

  150. Jack says:

    Tom Hogarty, can you or someone at Adobe please help me with my catalog upgrade issue?

    I have been trying to upgrade my LR3 catalog to LR4 for over a week now. I’ve tried everything I can imagine to get this to happen. I’ve tried importing my LR3 catalog from inside LR4, which asks me if I want to relaunch LR4 with this catalog. Then, it brings me to the “catalog upgrade” window, where I can either keep the name as it is or give it a new name and location. But, after it works for a several minutes at converting everything over to LR4 it craps out and says “this catalog cannot be ugraded to LR4 because of a problem” or something similar to this. I’ve tried at least 15 different backed-up catalogs, starting inside LR4 as well as from outside LR4 before going in with an empty LR4 catalog. I’ve tried every combination of steps I could think of, with no success.

    I am a computer expert as well as a Lightroom expert, so It’s not that I don’t know what I’m doing. There seems to be something realy wrong here, but I don’t see anyone else posting about this problem.

    Please help!



  151. No problems here, I’ve imported a catalog of 58,000 photos on my 8 core Mac with 32 gigs ram running 10.7.3….I imported over 1000 images onto my MacBook Pro running same OS version and 16 gigs ram…I do not see any sluggishness and I can work fine in Photoshop 5.1.

    I did not use the toning curve with my previous images so that is also not an issue for me….even converting old images toned in earlier versions of Lightroom since version 1 only need a slight tweak…most appear slightly lighter it appears it’s a gamma setting difference.

    I’m a former Photoshop beta tester and consultant and I’m wondering if some of you have issues other than the program which need addressing.

    By the way I wish Lightroom would implement XML so I could more easily address the various files I work on while doing foreign assignments on location and then export an XML to my desktop once I return home which would apply all the changes to a different copy of the files on my desktop machine. Julianne Kost suggested
    catalog import export as a solution but XML like it is implemented in Premiere Pro for video files would be
    much easier and more efficient.

    Good luck to those who are having issues I just don’t have those problems on my three Macs with LR 4.0.

  152. Bob Sanderson says:

    I think it would be helpful for Tim Hogarty to take five minutes and update this blog.

    I don’t know if to uninstall LR4 or just wait. The timing of the forthcoming fix is the key factor we know nothing about. Additionally, I think Tom should address the slow down issue to see if there is some configuration we need to address at home/work or if it is an Adobe issue it is dealing with.

  153. Jaime says:

    Oh yeah on the sluggish behavior and lack of adobe camera raw 7. Did this get beta tested at all? Why rush to market if the product wasn’t ready? So now we have to wait for maybe a fix or two? Advice I have is do NOT go to Lightroom 4 now. Wait for them to fix the problems. I made a mistake and upgraded immediately.

  154. Raman says:

    As others have said, the performance when using dual monitors is atrocious. I gave up trying. With a single monitor it is also very sluggish compared to LR3.

    For now I’m not buying. I really hope some bug fix takes care of this issue.

  155. James says:

    I may have found a solution to the sluggishness issue. Purchase a liquid CPU cooler and overclock to at least 4.0ghz.

  156. Andreas says:

    Exporting a slideshow is much much much much slower than in LR3.
    I can’t really believe that Adobe is releasing a product wich is not more than a beta Version.

    LR 4 is sooooo slow

  157. Adobe :

    Processing speed issue in Lightroom 4 :

    graciously hear us.

  158. Rod says:

    RE: “Why do you continue to censor postings?”

    Just publishing the above does not mean you are not censoring posts that may be useful to others trying to make LR 4 work. Revealing problems or criticisms should not be censored by Adobe. You can be big boys with your customers.

  159. Dale Maas says:

    I feel like an anomaly. My upgrade went smoothly, no slow speed problems, everything works smoothly!!! Love the soft proofing feature and the intuitive flow of the develop module. I have every confidence that LR4 will be a great benefit to all and that Adobe is not a ‘fly by night’ company. No company can be as successful as they are by not listening to their customers!!

  160. drew says:

    Ditto…to the many comments already made concerning the poor performance of LR4. I will never again be an early adapter my business can not handle your bugs, I will never again believe and of the hype until 6 months past product release. I will never again wastes my time with your uninformed customer service reps. I will never again deal with a company that thinks customer service is a department and not a core value. I will never again put any trust in a company that values their stock price more then the product they put out.

    Bottom line is, Adobe will not take action till they are getting killed in the the market, remember Netflix they to did nothing until people left in big numbers and there stock price cut in half. I am sure there are some good people at Adobe but they made terrible decision to release a product that was not ready, but yet they expect us the customer to give them a break.

    Adobe, if this is the best you’ve got made you should be in another business.

  161. Alfred says:

    I was unable to start the NIK software within Lightroom on my Mac. I was given lots of advice in the forums and by the Australian dealer. The only thing that fixed it was to install a trial copy of CS5. Magic. Now I can run the NIK software within Lightroom until they come out with vers 4.1. Yes it takes up some space 9about 1Gb) but hey the problem was solved.

  162. Sam says:

    Disappointing slow!

  163. Dave says:

    According to some of the staff over at the CS6 beta forum, ACR 7 will NOT work with CS5! That means I’ll have to buy CS6 in order to use the new rendering engine. Looking at the features in CS6, I’ve found very little — other than ACR 7 — of interest or use to me, so I’m pretty sure I’m not going to upgrade to CS6. (Just un-installed the CS6 beta.)

    Is there any chance of having a version of ACR that works with CS5 and supports the 2012 rendering engine? Be nice to your customers, please!

  164. Tom Parr says:

    I am very disappointed that I can not move from LR4 to CS5 in my workflow. This is even after downloading and installing ACR 6.7 I wouldn’t have upgraded to LR4 had I know of this issue. This is a big rip off that needs to be corrected ASAP

  165. Kev Lockwood says:

    Just installed LR4 & upgraded my LR3 catalogue. Thought all was fine until I selected an image in the Library. Hit D to open in Develop. Develop opened ok but states “no photo selected”, and there aren’t any images in film strip.
    As a test I imported some fresh files – same issue.
    Why won’t files open in the Develop Module. I’ve used both LR2 & LR3 extensively, and not had this issue before.

  166. Rob Edgcumbe says:

    I am not here to give you a hard time but have a question about CS6 integration. Since CS6 is now going to have a lot of video capability, will it be possible to use the Edit in Photoshop capability for a video in the Lightroom catalog? It doesn’t work in the beta version but it would be really nice to have. Additionally, if you could mirror the open in layers functionality that we have for multiple images for multiple video clips, that would allow a complete video with the clips as layers in the video group which would make for a nice workflow. If the clipping that you can do in Lightroom was carried across to the Photoshop edit, that would be even better.



  167. Antonio says:

    Come on adobe guys.
    Admit it, LR4 has a big memory leak problem. That’s the biggest and most important issue in LR4.
    We hope you are working very hard on it. Right now LR4 is almost unasable for most of us.
    Keep up the good work, and let us know a time-schedule for the solution of the problem.

  168. Tom says:

    In case you have already installed LR4 and do not want to revert to LR3, it might help to switch back to LR3 algorithms. To me it seems that it makes it much more usable in terms of speed.

  169. Alain says:

    Lightroom 4 is a real catastrophe.

    Slow, buggy, blinking displays, not responding, memory leak, unable to truly generate the “capture frame” option of videos in library mode (even though it counts them as stacked/piled up but there are none).
    (Win764, quad core, two monitors)

    Hopeless, but I’m stuck with it. Takes 15x longer then expected normal workflow time, causing lasting mental strain near repeated health fits..
    A lasting nightmare that i have to get used to.. ?

    Adobe is in the USA but too much a low profile on so many slowness issues. Would the fear of an imminent class action lawsuit wake them up and render them more responsible ? 😉

  170. Udo says:

    Adobe, please stop sending emails promoting LR4 and concentrate your forces to give us an update which makes LR4 usable.
    Thanks !

  171. Kevin Graham says:

    Wow LR 4 is SLOW. I have a powerful Windows 7 PC. 10GB of RAM. LR 3.6 flew on this thing. Now, it takes 7-10 seconds to load images in the develop module. I’m currently editing a wedding with 2000 images.. That’s about 6 hours of just looking at “Loading…”
    Please help ASAP!!!

  172. Gloria says:

    Sadly I have to join those who are experiencing extreme slowness. LR4 is nearly unusable, so slow. My machine is not particularly strong, but it run LR3 fine.
    Not sure what kind of fix can make this speed remarkably faster. On my computer it would have to be like 3-4 times faster to be comparable with LR3. I am disappointed and worried.

  173. Bob Williams says:

    When is there going to be another update? The last was on the 12th it is no the night of 23rd of March. Someone should show some respect for all the customers waiting to use what they bought or to fix what LR 4 wrought.

  174. Adam says:

    LR4 is unacceptably slow and this massive downgrade in performance is the single biggest issue with the new release.

    There’s no reason whatsoever for this to be running slow on a cutting edge PC, on which LR3.6 was lightning fast…

    The wait between loading images and preview of treatments (develop module) is agonising…
    Overall, on this first job thru LR4, I think I’ve wasted a good 20 minutes compared to LR3

    Get your act together VERY SOON Adobe or many professionals like myself will be returning LR4 for a refund and looking at alternatives …

  175. John Bitar says:

    I bought a copy and installed it. Put in my serial number and its ok. But everytime I start it it asks me to register again, I do it again, serial number and all and its starts again. Its a weird issue. Wondering if anyone else is having the problem?

  176. john says:

    was really interested in LR4 because of some of the new features in the develop mode. Would have helped my workflow a lot.

    In short – I would hold off on buying LR4.
    Especially if you use Photoshop CS5 to do further editing.

    When I try to edit in CS5 it tells me i need new Raw Plug-in 7.0
    Which is not available for CS5.

    If I ignore the warning and edit in PS any way- CS5 hangs.
    I’ve tried all the “work arounds” short of using the beta of CS6. Most do not work or are unacceptability cumbersome.
    Who wants to use a Beta of anything for production work?
    Not me. Especially after the latest upgrade to LR4.
    LR is suppose to stream line work flow not complicate it. This version is a DOG.

    Check out the Photoshop family forums at to get an Idea of all the issues.
    Some of which did not exist in the beta version.
    On top of all that it’s slower than LR3.
    Had to go back to LR3 for production work. LR4 is just too unreliable.
    My recommendation for now is DO NOT BUY.

  177. Nige says:

    I just purchased LR4… and then went and read this. I can’t believe what Adobe has done. I’ll be on the phone on Monday to cancel the purchase; I’ll stick with 3.6 which works brilliantly aside of D-SLR video support.

  178. Martin Rosindale says:

    I’ve found a problem in the Print module, where the image layout in the main window will not update if a different print template is chosen from the template list. The program is also very s…l…o…w compared to LR3.
    Has anyone else found this problem, is Adobe aware of it and is there a fix in the offing?On the upside, the new process is very good and deals with colour and detail much better. However, the print problem is so fundamental that I am disappointed that LR4 was released with such an obvious flaw.
    Not good, Adobe!

    I’m running an iMac with Snow Leopard, 10.6.8.

  179. Seth David says:

    Thumbnail previews will only load whats on the screen. There should be a preference have lightroom load all photos in the folder so you don’t have to continuously scroll down to load more thumbnail previews. It is extremely frustrating!

  180. Sravan says:

    The import issues are so bad with direct connection to the camera. Now on top of the lightroom i have to spend money on a new card reader also.
    Why cant functionaility that works in 3.6 work in 4? Idont think that there were any changes done on the import screen. So how come it doesnt work!
    Shoddy regression testing!

  181. Josh Andersen says:

    One major issue of LR4 is I can’t remove default presets from Develop module. No I have found presets files within but presets folders are still present on panel and waste a lot of space on it. On LR3 there was no problem to remove this presets at all since I didn’t use it….

    So fix this problem with LR4 too

    I have no slowdown on my macbook pro 2010 since update

    Thanks a lot!

  182. Mark says:

    It’s not fair to tell users to DL something that you have not developed (camera raw 7) or to tell us to use 6.7 that doesn’t work either. I have no doubt that thousands of other users have wasted hours trying to find the illusive camera raw 7, after all, we’re told in the workflow to get it, so we do what we’re told thinking Adobe would know what they’re talking about. Totally disgusted that once again I purchase something that doesn’t work as promoted. The duplicate tiffs have wasted time, HD space, and caused more of a mess in my files than I’ve had in 30 years of photography. IMO, overpriced, overrated, underdeveloped. Yes I can get a refund, but not on my time, or money wasted attempting to achieve the impossible. Thanks for more misinformation Adobe.

  183. Matt says:

    Well, it’s been two weeks since you posted the hot issues.
    Do you have any progress on the fixing them? Mind to share that information?
    Do you have an ETA for the first update?

  184. In the book module I made a pdf book that used a black background.
    The pdf renders fine in Adobe Reader and Acrobat on my PC.
    BUT, NOT on a tablet. Neither an iPad or Blackberry Playbook would render the pdf properly.
    The black backgrounds show – but not any of the photos – except the first page.

  185. Miro says:

    The performance is very poor and disappointing. I hope Adobe gives out an update soon. So far, touch lacking. It is not professional.

  186. Hennie Wiggett says:

    I have purchased the Lightroom 4 upgrade and on installing the CD I get the followinhg message on my Mac.
    “Operation could not be completed ( controller error -1.)”
    I then downloaded Lightroom 4 from your website but the outcome is the same .

    Can you assist please .

    Kind regrads

    Hennie Wiggett

  187. Wilson Graf says:

    When will posts be allowed here again?
    When will Adobe update us again?
    The last update was on March 12th – surely something more is known.

    March 26, 2011

  188. Bill Franklin says:

    Just installed Lightroom 4 and processed a wedding. Extremely painful. Everything is so slow I was not sure I could finish. What use to take a couple of hours took me over 6 hrs. I am now exporting the files back to my folders and it is now over 1 hr. With LR 3, it only took a few minutes. Adobe, this is unacceptable. Please fix.

  189. Tom says:

    I just wanted to buy the LR 4 upgrade, but the continuing rants about bad performance kept me from doing so. I was always satisfied with Lightroom, but if the performance issues are not fixed, I refuse to buy it. And I strongly propose that others do the same.

  190. Dan says:

    @ Dave – I had the same issue back on CS4. Bought a Canon G12 and the raw version wouldn’t support the G12. Called adobe and they told me I was screwed unless I purchased CS5. Isn’t that nice? I had to buy an upgrade package just to get a version of raw that would work. I wish there was someone out there that could give adobe a run for their money.

  191. Adam Crowley says:

    I’m having problems with the Navigator….When in crop mode it is showing the first image that I’ve selected to work with. Once I move on and highlight another image the Navigator still shows the first image….Very strange, and hard to use the crop tool. Thanks for your help!

  192. Artur says:

    I’m impatient. LR4 is too slow. I am waiting, waiting … and nothing. Where is the upgrade for us? We have not paying for the beta versions.

  193. Bob says:

    When are we getting another progress update?

    I am caught in the middle of the update to LR4 and am back to using Bridge exclusively like 3 years ago. I think from the 12th of March to today, the 27th, (over two weeks) gives you enough time to tell us what is happening.

    We are your customers.

  194. What Bob said. I bought a product which is useless to me, will be useless when I get my hands on a 5Dmk3, and will trash my existing library. I *bought* it, based on the reputation of Adobe, a reputation which is now starting to look distinctly shaky.

    At least tell us what’s going on, when we might get an update, or if there is a projected timeline so we can plan for it. Please. With cherries on top.

  195. Peter says:

    I was very happy with LR3.6, but unfortunately can’t use it with my new Nikon D800. In LR4 I import using Process 2010 so that the images for particular clients match those produced previously (since there is no way to accurately convert 2010 to 2012). And so I have to contend with huge lags and delays every time I make the smallest development move in LR4, ‘though better when I shut down my second monitor. It’s quite a turn-off if you’re tyring to process images efficiently. Win7 x64.

  196. Tethering does not work with the Nikon D4. Please fix ASAP…I’ll drive up to Adobe and loan you my body for a day if that helps, thanks.

  197. Felix Engel says:

    What is the status of the update? I bought a (in general very good) product and now i am a paid beta-tester and getting no further information?!? i think this its not Adobe as i know it.

    What is going on?

  198. Dan says:

    Well, I bought the upgrade but after seeing all of these complaints about speed, I guess I just bought myself a really expensive coaster. Nice. Adobe’s starting to become a joke.

  199. Sravan says:

    I submitted an issue in the feedback forum but there is no update on the issue. While the issue does nto affect users who use card readers to import images it affects everybody else.

    Can you please look into it and add it to this thread as well for updates.

  200. Is the raw compatibility issue for fuji x1 cameras shortly planned?

  201. matt mackinnon says:

    I paid for software that doesn’t even work for me. You have had the ability to decode the Canon 5Diii raw files for quite some time now. It’s in the ACR6.7 but that doesn’t help me out reading raw files in LR4. I don’t give a hoot if some people have LR4 running slow. How about getting the software to work with the camera’s that are currently shipping, then deal with under the hood when that is done?

  202. Craig Danvers says:

    Another user report on speed, ITS SLOW!! please add my name to the list of people who are wanting an answer.

    Can Adobe please give a response to the feedback about it being slow. It is not a complaint, it is your customers giving feedback about your product. Where is your response?

    I have had mixed results, fast like v3 but now it is running slow, Ive tried converting to DNG files, but I think I’m going back to just using RAW.

    Running a MACPRO 2x 2.26 Quad Core Xeon with 16GB Ram. My machine is hardly a reason.

    Come on, please address respond. (If you have, please let me know, I have tried looking but it wasnt obvious enough where the answer is).

    Aperture is looking pretty good now.

  203. Bob says:

    Why not use the CS6 Raw converter – that baby is fast and unbuggy. Lets start with what you have working now.

  204. Curt Wagner says:

    An unacceptable Lightroom version, Adobe. Incredibly slow – and honestly, totally useless for our team.

    We are sure you are working on it, but these days, communication – even a little – will make or break the feeling your clients will have about you far after you fix this huge bug.


    Curt Wagner

  205. Janette says:

    Am also having CPU problems in that even on just opening and having Lightroom 4 sitting on the screen the CPU will keep climbing to 100%. Is it possible that you Adobe will definitely do something about this? And quickly!

  206. I have just received my 5D Mark III camera and even after updating the plug for raw (6.7) I am still not able to see my pictures. I ended up using Canon’s software to convert them to TIFF and then from that I can open both Lightroom 4 and CS6 (Beta) but why can’t I open the raw in any of my Adobe software?

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  209. LR4- tethered capture does not work with new Nikon D4 or D800’s

    Using Mac OS Lion or 10.6.8, neither works

  210. I was really (and still am, I guess) looking forward to buying LR4 (first Adobe product too!) having tried the beta, liked the multiple features and looking forward to video options too, now that I have Sony Alpha A77 with HDR video.
    NOT impressed with this litany of problems, so will hold fire a while.
    For any who are new to editing and want a simple photo editor (but loads of features and more added recently) try Picasa which is always free – or GIMP
    ( I don’t have experience on that) or online which does many PhotoShop / Elements stuff, again FREE!
    Hope I don’t offend Adobe or anyone here with that suggestion!

  211. spike says:

    16gb Macbook Pro i7 late 2011, SSD boot, 500gb 7200rpm secondary internal – another slow LR4 experience here compared to LR3. Here’s hoping they can speed this up a bit…

  212. Hadrien says:

    I Tried this new release and must say it allows amazing things compared to the V3.0. I work a lot in product photography / packshots and was impressed but again, on a macbook pro Core2duo / 6gb / intel SSD drive, it’s almost impossible to use it for my work as it’s very very slow… Hope adobe will work to find what’s going wrong.

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  214. Anon says:

    Half the price, so half the performance?

  215. DWoods23 says:

    an internal error has occurred 0 attempt to index a nil value, this error is occurring all of the sudden on any export attempts even the lightroom designed ones

    • Noel says:

      I am getting errors with the Facebook publishing service. Had the error with Smugmug, but that was resolved by updating the plugin.

  216. Mike says:

    Adobe THANKS for the RC1 – it works better an faster. But next time please test your software before you sell

  217. Censored says:

    So now you are censoring comments? Is this how you resolve issues, Adobe?

  218. Juliette says:

    Just upgraded to Lightroom 4 this week and my whole workflow and computer is now UNBELIEVABLY SLOW (whereas LR 3 worked super well) !!! Can’t work anymore at all and have to delay a deadline: when working in the Develop Module it takes like 10 sec or more to render changes – NOT ACCEPTABLE! I have a new Macbook pro – the 4 GB RAM( which is not a lot – but did there job pretty well with LR) – will have to be upgraded – just because I spend money to upgrade that software!
    I was searching online everywhere for plausible explanation for this phenomenon – and I hope that Adobe will work on that issue FIRST before anything else! Thank you!

  219. bob sanderson says:

    April 1, 2011

    I have been very disappointed with the heavy handed “moderating” here. We all want the same thing: a fast and excellent LR 4. Without honest communication you folks will sit in a cone of silence at HQ to our detriment.

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  221. Edit in Photoshop Workflow
    Currently, the Edit in Photoshop workflow asks that you have the Camera Raw 7 plug-in installed. Please note that the Camera Raw 7 plug-in is not available at this time. The correct plug-in for Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS5 compatibility is Camera Raw 6.7, currently available on Adobe Labs Please keep in mind that currently Camera Raw 6.7 is a a Release Candidate version of the plug-in. A “release candidate” label indicates that this update is well tested but would benefit from additional community testing before it is distributed automatically to all of our customers.

    I did this but still not working

    Also A made a book in BLURB and after 80 pg it crashed 2 day work gone maybe they did test enough tis time

  222. Joe says:

    I am still experiencing crashes when I try to play a video in LR4. The same videos will play in Win Media Player. Canon MOV files straight from my 7D. Running Win 7 64 bit,6G Ram. Anyone else experiencing this. This is after the update.

    • Adam says:

      I have the same problem – grid view works fine (I can see and change settings like exposure here) but trying to open any video in loupe view crashes LR4/4.1 without any error message. Toshiba, Win 7, 4Gb RAM laptop with Intel HD integrated graphics. All videos (a variety of types/sizes/sources) play fine in Quicktime and Media player but not in LR… suggestions please!

  223. Jamie says:

    I don’t really notice much for the speed issues everyone is complaining about except for when I’m adjusting noise, though ACR issues between cs5 is kinda irritating.

    The other thing I’m finding, is that when I go to upload photos via the Facebook/Smugmug uploader initially, it comes up “Photo Upload Fail – Cannot upload photos” or something similar, I’ve had 2 different dialog boxes come up one saying I didn’t have permission even though though the keychains were saved. But when you reclick the “upload” button, it works fine. Its not a big deal, its just a minor inconvenience but still, shouldn’t happen.

    Anyone else seen this?

  224. Joe Powers says:

    Thanks for the article! 🙂

  225. In LR4 in the import window…grid view looks normal but when I click on an image to see it in loupe view it still shows up as a thumbnail???

    Also images are not automatically rotated as I believe they were in LR3.

    Any help


  226. Alain says:

    Final Lightroom 4 (and 4.1) is a real catastrophe. I cannot contain my disappointment especially after having recommended Lightroom 3 to many people and other photographers.

    I find Lightroom4 to be very buggy and extremely slow… , with blinking displays, constant slowdown, waiting. The normal workflow takes 10x longer than expected, causing lasting mental strain!!
    (I’m using Win7 64, quad core, with two monitors.)

    …A lasting nightmare that I have to get used to? It’s hopeless, but I’m stuck with it.

    Adobe is in the USA but seems to be keeping a low profile regarding so many slowness issues. Would the fear of an imminent class action lawsuit wake them up and render them more responsive – and pro-active in the future ? 😉

  227. Janet Potter says:

    I tried the RC version. It only recovered point curves of 26 random photos out of my master catolog of 32,000. Photos seem to be properly rotated however.

    Still I’m glad for having made a copy of all photos and the LR 3.6 master catolog on an external hard drive.

    Thanks for all your work.

  228. Andy says:

    Can only reiterate the complaints about speed, particularly in the Develop module. Importing photos from SD Card on a Macbook Pro takes an eternity compared to LR3.6, previewing presets in Develop takes an eternity, serious lag selecting any of the tools in the Develop module. And then there’s the memory leak which manages to consume (but not use, because it’s flagged as inactive) all system memory within a couple of minutes of starting the application. It’s utterly woeful on every level to be honest and has made me re-evaluate Aperture.

  229. Kimmo says:

    creating web galleries is so slow, it’s almost useless. I have a fast pc that is not the problem.

  230. Harriet G says:

    I’m running Lion 10.7.3 on a Mac Pro with 32 Gb RAM with 3.33 GZ 6-core Intel Xeon processor. Using the develop module is painful because of slow responses to sliders. Crop tool is awful, so slow to respond and the spot removal tool jumps around. I have to use Photoshop for what I should be able to do in LR 4.

  231. Justin Green says:

    I’m thinking of going back to LR3.
    LR4 is so slow!, the response to adjustments etc, it runs like an old dog.
    LR3 on my mac was lightening fast.

  232. Martin Zwick says:

    SLOWROOM, My export and upload is now 4.1 RC1 times slower than in 3.6. Now it takes 3 hours to upload 400 pix, In 3.6 it took 50 minutes. I7 / 12 GB should be fast enough.

    You have to do your homework 😉


  233. Martin Zwick says:

    … 4 times not 4.1 RC1 times 😉

  234. Han Kip says:

    I decided to upgrade from LR3 to LR4 because of the video-possibilities.
    Unfortunaly that is not working. (Nikon D90). I tried everything that’s written about the subject on internet.

  235. Lance Levine says:

    I have been critical of the lack of information that Adobe is providing on the huge Lightroom 4 problem. I looked at the Adobe website and found this but the latest post seems to be April 8th.

    I am a loyal, long term user of Lightroom. I loved the product through release 3.6. LR 4 is a total disaster. Adobe is a 3 billion dollar company and they have their head in the sand. They are not communicating and the ultimate effect will be to destroy their brand.


  236. Tyson Benton says:

    I’m so glad that i found this thread. I have a brand new 18gb RAM quad core PC.

    I bought lightroom 4 to compliment my new machine. IT HAS BEEN SO SLOW.

    It was faster with lightroom 3 on my old antique of a computer.


  237. Tyson Benton says:

    …. is there a way of downgrading to a previous lightroom with out uninstalling?

  238. Bill Tucker says:

    There is a considerable change in exposure when you go into the crop tool. It simply should not exist-the look of the image should not change when you go to crop.

    Adobe should be ashamed by this release. The speed issue trumps so many of the improvements such as development that it has made working in LR 4.1RC a major headache spoiling nearly all of what should be a terrific program.

  239. Louis says:

    Place the cache on a different disk, not in your user profile, and performance is much, much better.

  240. Filip says:

    Its slow if you use noise and sharpen, i find out that if i dont use it, its normal speed. That is where problem is.

  241. SD Winkler says:

    Adobe needs to put out a statement on LR4 performance. Also downgrade advice if there is going to be a non-trivial delay before any relief. This kind of thing happens, but Adobe must take charge of the situation and handle it like grown ups.

  242. I have asked via a forum I belong to whether any other members, like me, have experienced slow performance of Lightroom 4 : only one has replied so far to say that his version of LR4 works fine… BUT…… on Mac Pro with no less than 20 GB OF RAM: that’s 20 GB. I am running 8GB on a MACbook Pro (the max that can be put into it) an finding LR 4 unusably slow: does this mean the only way to run LR4 is on a desktop only with monster amounts of RAM ? what happens to all the professional shooters like me who need to shoot direct into a laptop loaded with lightroom in the field. Isn’t this pointing to something ?…. that LR 4 has some interesting refinements but it is making really inefficient use of a computer’s RAM : I suspect Adobe guys are testing LR4 on high RAM desktops : but they state that 2GB of RAM should be enough to run it: Have they actually tried it on a 2GB machine??? Ideas guys??

  243. Hmm.

    Well, it’s not so terrible for me… I’m rather enjoying LR4. I’d like them to fix the “Edit in” bug, so I can work with Nik plugs, but that’s the only showstopper for me so far and it seems there’s a workaround.

  244. ali says:

    A bug with DNG with preset handling.

    Scenario is:
    1. DNG photos with customized presets in PC 1 (including brushes and gradient etc)
    2. Save these DNG meta data by the right click menu.
    3. Transfer the DNG files from PC 1 to a Laptop.
    4. Images will load without the full preset customization.
    6. Try on PC 1 to do save metadata preset and then read meta data. still it wont work.

  245. John Schmid says:

    LR 4 is extremely SLOW and clunky. I’ve been using LR since 1.x and have upgraded to each version. I’m thinking of backing down to LR 3 as this is a JOKE. Also, lots of weird stuff like trying to delete files in develop module and getting file not found. Trying to use arrows to move back and forth between photos and it thinks it is in crop mode and “moves” photo in window. C’mon..this is basic stuff that shouldn’t have been changed in an upgrade. I guess once they drop the price, they turn it into a Microsoft product. I’d be happy to pay more for better quality. PLEASE FIX. FYI…running a Lenovo W520 i7 2920x with 16GB Ram. LR3 ran fine.

    • John Schmid says:

      Update: I uninstalled LR4 and re-installed LR3.6. Life is good again, ie. I can actually crop, rotate and fix a photo without having to wait forever….and, the software does what I tell it to do vs. the weird stuff LR4 was doing. I’ll keep monitoring this board to see if and when LR4 is usable or if I should just return it. Running a Lenovo W520 i7 2920x with 16GB Ram.

    • John Schmid says:

      Anybody try 4.2 yet? I’m still staying with 3.6 until I hear definitive that the performance issues are fixed.

  246. Lightroom 4.0 problem.
    Maybe its me, but when I export photos either way they look flat and lose saturation.
    I have a completely calibrated system with dual Eizo monitors. Complete Mac base. So this is one of the problems that I have come a cross not to mention everything thing else thats been said on this forum. Not a great idea to launch this if there was so many bugs. I hope Adobe will fix this ASAP.


  247. Bruce says:

    Very disappointed with the performance of LR4. I’m using it on a quad core Mac Pro with 16 GB of RAM and everything from importing to exporting and making development adjustments takes 2-3 times longer than they did in LR3. As a working photographer I can’t afford any slowdowns in my workflow. C’mon Adobe, when are you going to respond and admit there are issues and that you’re working on them?

  248. David Akesson says:

    Of all the bugs that could have happened in LR4 the tardiness and thus the propensity of loss in LR4 remains the most frustrating.I really don’t know what is causing it but I certainly am aware of the slowness between LR 4 & Lr 3.7. The second fix has simply not worked. And I am working on a PC Win 7, Quad core 2.86 GHZ with the second screen turned off & disconnected in properties and my raw photos on a dedicated external Sata Hard drive. Still it took a touch over 4 hours to import 425 raw pics. But to do basic proofing on each pic is a nightmare!!! And yet it is soooo inconsistent. My colleague uses LR4 on a Mac Pro and Mac Air and he has absolutely no problems with LR4 whatsoever.Any time frame on fixing this problem or do we ditch it????

  249. LR 4.1 does not address the slowness issues at all. I can only concur with everyone here that the software is unusable and I either need to revert or find another solution. I have wasted over a month with this program. While I enjoy some of the finer adjustment tools, the slow speed is maddening.

  250. Ivan Luk says:

    The speed of LR 4 is unbearable. I’ve tried 4.1 RC1 and now RC2, but the speed is still extremely slow on my i7 quad core with 8Gb RAM on Win7 Pro 64-bit. It is noticeably slower than 3.6.

  251. Marcel says:

    I also had the problem of sluggish sliders and slow loading of the images and the modules.

    A few days ago lightroom even crashed. Windows autmaticly started the compatibility resolving program. After the restart the sluggish sliderer are gone and adjustments are realtime.

  252. Tom Shoals says:

    When is the final edition of LR 4.2 coming out?
    How come there is no communication?
    Who at Adobe is the leader in charge of making this happen for the customers?

  253. David L says:

    LR4 is so slow compared to LR3 that it is untenable for working photographer to use it. I’ve switched back to LR3 and it is lightning fast. If Adobe doesn’t address this soon, their reputation is going to take a big hit. Are they a company about performance or bloat?

    Also if you have a newer camera like the 5D Mark III you are force to use LR4. If LR4 has speed issue, please at least support newer cameras in LR3. Adobe, you’ve already got my money.

  254. Brian says:

    Agreed with the above. LR4 is slow. Too slow. Sorry, but this is unacceptable.

  255. P Mak says:

    Read in a forum that LR4.1 speed improved appreciably after uninstalling LR3. Tried it out myself and there’s definitely an improvement with sliders in the develop module.

  256. Saul says:

    I just upgraded to LR4 and what a waste of money (AND TIME). I feel like I (we all) should get our money back!

    It’s a joke that I just spend $80.00dls on something that I cannot even use! With every adjustment I try to make the program freezes!


  257. Mike Salway says:

    I can’t believe how long it’s taking for the next release candidate to fix these slowness problems.

    Exporting and importing are the worst, but even changing between modules, adjusting sliders, everything is slow.

    The last RC2 was on Apr 26, it didn’t fix the slowness issues. Now almost a month later and still no update.

    C’mon Adobe. Give us some communication.

  258. Erick Vega says:

    this LR4 is slow, no dawnload from canon 5D MIII on raw files, send automatic to text file. Im workin back to LR3.6. I wait to hear from you some news.
    Im frustrate.

  259. ben k says:

    same here, LR4 is very slow vs 3.X , it takes much longer to switch modules, load photos and edit them, the new sliders are good, but if it takes hours just to fix 200 photos (what can be done in 1/4 of the time or less) it’s quite useless….

  260. Steve Limbocker says:

    I have followed 2 different kb articles to delete files within Photoshop, and then to uninstall, and reinstall Photoshop, and STILL, I cannot “Edit in Photoshop” directly from Lightroom 4.

    I have also installed the latest 4.1 RC2, which said it fixes. NOPE. Really Adobe? Can’t edit from Lightroom, (your product) to Photoshop (your product). Isn’t this like PB & J?


  261. Allan Clark says:

    I would just like to know if anyone has had a reply from Adobe about the lag issues in LR4.
    Everyone is complaining but there is no response, I have always worshiped Adobe and sung their praises but am getting very disheartened with the lack of respect for their customers and users. I am seriously considering other developer software to replace LR4.
    Is PS6 going to be the same????????

  262. Aaron Russell says:

    I have gone back to using Lightroom 3 as the issues in Lightroom (as noted by others above) are slowing me done and are to frustrating to put up with.

    Adobe need to get this fixed quick. This program has become another Windows Vista, just another disaster.

  263. hogan uomo says:

    you are availed with genuine sheepskin hog.

  264. Clarence Pibil says:

    When will we get an update from Adobe on the many problems still evident in RC 4.2?
    Having a hot issue blog that is one way is really sad.

  265. Randy says:

    I have two main issues with LR4.

    First is that when a folder has around 4000 photos in it, including subfolders, none of the images show up. For instance, I have a folder with six subfolders containing about 600-700 photos each. When I click on a subfolder, all the images are there, but when I click on the main folder, which reports that there are 4079 images total, none of the images appear and the preview window reports “No photos in selected Folder.” I have other folders that contain 3288 and 2305 and lower number of photos and they show up just fine. Additionally, when I click on my master folder, which reports there are 35498 photos, all the images appear just fine. This is good in that I can still apply filtering to my entire catalog. But I can’t apply a filter to just the folder with 4079 images.

    Second is performance. LR4 is slower than LR3. The speed of generating previews seems about the same, but the speed of applying adjustments is slow. It has not been a deal breaker for me, but I would like for it to perform at least as well as LR3. Even better if it was faster.

  266. Reuter Olivier says:

    LR 4.1 on MACPRO 2 * dualCore 2,66 Ghz 8 Gigs of memory dual display

    5d MKII raw editing

    Still so slow to display changes , adjusting sliders precisly is impossible ,

    a lag time between the moment I move the cursor and the moment it moves on the screen

    I will try to edit raw files placed on a ssd internal drive , check if it boost the reaction time ..

  267. Have you thought about music creating, My spouse and i individual a newborn grand piano and have been a copy writer all of my life.

  268. Reggie says:

    Tried lightroom 4 on three different systems. LR4 is super slow. I had to switch back to LR3 to get me latest project done.

  269. Rob says:

    Since I installed LR 4.1, the program continuously freezes, and after doesn’t start again. A restart of my iMac solves the issue, but only temporarily. After some time, the problem reappears.
    I did not have this problem with LR 4.0 (but indeed, sometimes very sluggish).
    I would appreciate it very much if this problem was solved!

  270. With all the doggone snow we have had as recently I am bound inside , fortunately there is the net, cheers for leaving me something to do

  271. Rahul Rathi says:

    Made a big mistake updating from LR3 to 4. It is extremely slow. I tried to take the catalogue back into LR 3 and it wasn’t recognized (as expected). Wasted so much time working on my pictures that I have to stick to it at least for this one wedding shoot. The going back to 3! By the way I have a Mac! It is slow here too! And moreso it’s using like 1.5 GB of RAM when I am working on it! Just a horror

  272. I have been really glad after reading this blog as the knowledge which has been given via this blog is simply tremendous.

  273. Savage Photo says:

    SOLUTION – at least for me

    You gave me a great IDEA – I opened LR4.1 and then in task manger and messed with the affinity settings – I found that if I set it to only use 0,2,4 that LR performed MUCH faster. Then I set the Priority to High and now it is mostly usable for editing.

    Setting affinity back to normal – Lightroom is SLOW again.

    I made a Bat file with this line

    start “lightroom” /high /affinity 15 “C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4\lightroom.exe”

    It runs Lightroom at high priority and on core 0,2,4 on my 8 core system. Seems lightroom doesnt like to run hyperthreaded (if thats the right term” . Granted this still seems more sluggish than LR 3X but since I like and use the new features in 4x it will just have to do.

    FYI any three from core 0,2,4,6 work four slows things down again and no combination of 1,3,5,7 seems to work in fact seems to make things worce. Mixing main with hyperthreads also does not seem to work.

    FYI asus g73, 16 ram, 2 disk one devoted to LR. Installed every version from 2x including the beta of 4. Upgraded beta to full version and also upgraded catologue.

    I hope this helps you

  274. Heather says:

    Is there an upgrade for the sluggish and delayed action time for LR4 yet? This is a serious problem, I feel should be addressed asap. If I had only spent $50 I wouldn’t be able to complain… but for this amount of money, and coming from adobe – I’d expect better. It would be an amazing program, if it didn’t take me an 45 minutes to finally complete editing for one photo. Something that would have took maybe 10 minutes in LR3. Makes for editing 500 wedding photos an extremely long and pain staking ordeal.

  275. Erik says:


    I’ve read almost every comment and almost too much to read and all the same problem, a very, very slow reacting Lightroom version 4.1
    I tried almost everything on my machine a HP Z600 / 32GB of memory / Dual XEON – 16 cores and a fantastic Nvidia Pro Videocard Displayport.
    And regardless of al this powerfull HW LR 4.1 runs like an early medieval Steamengine.
    Chatting with Adobe doesn’t brought any solution so better to wait till the next update.!
    Adobe knows what is going on, but not say a word about any solution at all.
    just a simple workaround that doesn’t work nor any performance improvement.!
    ergo moving preferences folder to the desktop.!

  276. AJones says:

    Completely agree and VERY frustrated with LR4 /4.1. I was really hoping that Adobe have actually listened to the 100’s of complaints about the SLOW and frankly buggy LR4 and fixed these issues in 4.1. But no.

    Reading through all these comments, its obvious the fault lies with the software and terrible performance depending on if you run in single or multiple monitor mode.

    I have found now a new bug where in full screen mode (dual monitor), I am now getting parts of the screen disappearing and reappearing when coming out of full screen mode.

    I am going back to 3.6 which runs smooth as silk.

    COME ON ADOBE ! what the hell.. no response, no comment, no nothing! Give our money back or respond to your customers !

  277. Kris Whitehead says:

    Deleting multiple photos in the gridview appears not to work in LR4. Although all of the photos I have filtered for are selected in gridview, LR is deleting a single photo selected in the Filmstrip. It’s like the Filmstrip and Library window aren’t communicating with each other…

  278. Jacob Lindquist says:

    I have performance problems with the new Lightroom 4 (4.1) it is terrible slow. Actually it’s not usefull for work anymore. Adobe would you please fix this issue ASAP?

  279. Penn says:

    Lightroom 4.1 or 4 is really slow.
    Im using 2012 Retina Macbook Pro( i7 qual-core 2.7GHZ, 16GB RAM ).
    when browsing between different imgs in develop mode is slow. but when turn off the noise reduction switch, it speeds up a bit, but still tons slower than LR3.
    Hope that Adobe can one day introduce GPU acceleration to LR4.

    • petegreen says:

      Thanks for the feedback.
      The team is still looking at some of the performance issues some people are running into.
      Stay tuned.

  280. Justin Katz says:

    Lightroom 4.1 has been working fine for me on my end and I am suprised to see that people are finding problems with speed. I have an iMac from 2008, 4 gb ram, 3.06 ghz intel core i3 and everything seems to run very smoothly.

    It is very straightforward and simple program to use, even for someone brand new to photo editing. The workflow is effortless and with the new addition of dslr video capabilites & features:

  281. Dembo says:

    Unfortunately I have to chime in with everybody else:

    Moving the sliders in the development module is now a click-and-wait experience opposed to the smooth feedback we had in LR 3.6. I am running it on a MacbbokPro with an i5, 8GB or RAM and an SSD. Moving the Color Temperature slider takes about 1s to actually refresh the image I see on the screen (Canon 5DII DNG files).

    I think it would help a great deal if the Adobe team explained that they are aware of the issues and that they are either related to the improved processing engine (we need new hardware) or to inefficient/buggy coding (we need to wait).

    • petegreen says:

      We are aware that some people are experiencing some performance issues, and we’re looking into it at this time.
      I do not have an ETA as to any sort of timeframe to look for the update though. I’d go with the waiting option for now. Though sorry to hear of the inconvenience.
      Thanks for your feedback.

  282. I knew the performance problems when LR4 was launched.
    Thought that 4.1 would have made it speedier.
    Now I regret that I had confidence and upgraded.
    4.1 is annoyingly slow.

    What I noticed also is that LRCAT file started to gain size. By only updating the catalog it is bigger than the original, but some catalogs seem to have 1,5 times the size than the LR3.6 version had.

    Win7-64b, 8GB, AMD3GHz

  283. Marc says:

    4.1 is painfully slow. I wish I could go back to 3. I have a 8 core Mac Pro with 20 gb of RAM. Shouldn’t be a problem.

  284. Gary H says:

    I too have started noticing poor performance in the development module when moving sliders. It is very frustrating. I am hoping Adobe sends down a fix soon. Otherwise I will have to revert back to LR3.6

  285. Marc says:

    People with problems in dual monitor set-ups, could try to set the colour profiles of both monitors in windows to the same setting. That seems to be causing the crashes. You kan do this in the display settings>colour management.

  286. David Baker says:

    My files are rendering totally different in PS CS5.1 after using the “Edit in Photoshop CS5.1” command in LR4.1. I have seen others with this issue, but I have not yet seen any sort of fix for it. I upgraded to the ACR 6.7 “final” version, which effectively removed the option from Lightroom of having LR render the file to edit in PS CS5.1. The issue is that the render from PS CS5.1 looks nothing like the image I processed in LR4.1. It’s very washed out and flat. Everything’s up to date in all versions of my software, and what’s most frustrating is that I have the same software setup on my computer at work and it works JUST FINE. Zero issues. The files look exactly the same. Only difference is that the work computer is a brand new Core i5 iMac, and my home cpu is an older Core2Duo, both running Mountain Lion. Does anybody have a fix for this? Adobe has said that ACR6.7 will be the final ACR update for CS5, and I simply can’t afford to upgrade to CS6 right now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This issue is maddening, because I can go to work and have PS render the files with no problem, but at home under the same software setup I’m having major issues. Please help!

    • Pete Green says:

      Sounds like a color management profile issue.
      Make sure lightroom and Photoshop have similar color settings setup:
      This video gives some steps for going from Lightroom to Photoshop.

      • David Baker says:

        Thanks for the info Pete, and I really wish it were that simple, but I don’t think this is the case. I have PS set up to preserve color profiles, so it shouldn’t matter what color space I’m sending from Lightroom. Either way both are set up for ProPhoto RGB.

        The issue is definitely on the PS side because I can export a file (PSD, jpeg, tiff, etc.) from Lightroom and then open it in PS CS5.1 and the color/tone and any other adjustments are identical to what I see in LR4.1.

        Can you guys just give us back the option to render using Lightroom no matter what the Camera RAW version is? Because prior to the 6.7 update I had this option and it worked without any issues. Pretty please? Thank you for your help Pete.

  287. Gib says:

    I apologize if my question has been answered above or somewhere else on this site.

    Does Adobe read these blogs? Have they ever responded directly to the speed issue complaints? Even an acknowledgment?

    Adobe, what gives? At least tell us that you’re working on solutions and that you hear us. You have a lot of unhappy loyal users. I’m looking at alternative software. I may not switch, but I’m looking.

    • Pete Green says:

      Yes, we read the comments on these blogs!

      We have acknowledged LR as having some issues for some people, not everybody however — There is acknowledgement and further discussion here:

      Plenty of suggestions that may help, but no silver bullet yet.
      We’re working on it.

  288. Dajoca says:

    Solution to sluggish performance in LR4?

    This last two weeks I have been affected by the slow performance of lightroom that seems to affect many people.

    Same system and no changes, but suddenly I am trying to edit a wedding and using the develop module is like pulling teeth.

    Optimised, allocated cache, specified page file rendered bigger previews and it still took a few seconds for each and every adjustment to happen.

    I tried viewing the task manager to see what was happening and had to use Lightroom in a windowed mode to do so.

    Hey presto, Voila, thar she blows etc…..

    As soon as I went from full screen to a reduced window, Lightroom operates beautifully, with no lag or sluggishness and all adjustments happen in real time.

    So please try it and see if it solves the issue for you.

    • Dajoca says:

      Cpu usage is still spiking hugely with any adjustment, but with a reduced window the sliders and visual adjustment are very responsive in comparison with full screen mode.

  289. Stewart Ross says:

    Please please please fix these speed issues in Lightroom 4. It’s killing our workflow, that we’ve grown love and depended on, over the past 5 years.

    If the issues aren’t fixed soon, I”ll have to switch to Apple Aperture. Which I’m already thinking about, as the Lightroom 4 slowness issues is causing that big an effect on our business.

    Not happy Adobe.

  290. Stewart Ross says:

    PS. We run i7 quad cores, with latest graphics, heaps of RAM and SSD. 🙂

  291. Jerome M. says:

    I’m having the same issue it seems as everyone else. I have LR 4.1 on a late 2011 MBP with 8GB RAM and SSD hooked up to a 27″ Thunderbolt Display. I have tried standard rendering, 1:1 and everything else that I can think of.

    Waiting for a second on the temp slider is a killer, especially when you’ve almost got the right WB and then you slide too far because Lightroom can’t keep up. That one second costs me at least 5 seconds to recover, which may not sound like much to the average joe, but when editing 500 pictures for a wedding, that’s an additional 30 minutes (really 40 but lets say we sync some settings) and that’s just for white balance!

    I purchased Lightroom to make my workflow easier, now I’m seriously looking at Aperture like others here.

  292. Norman says:

    My lightroom I loaded twice so far. After I give it the code on the back of the box, it doesn’t run at all. I gives an error saying “assertion failed!”
    Now I need a fix or a refund!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  293. Emma says:

    Hi, I seem to have the same issue as everyone else. Lightroom 4 is extremely slow on my machine, it’s a real nightmare to work with. Please Adobe, fix this ASAP.

  294. Maurice Luckett says:

    I am having export issues as well. Not sure if anyone is given a fix to this yet. I have exported to my local HD and then used Dreamweaver to transfer the files via FTP. All the files are there and I can view the gallery locally, but when I go to the actually website where the “index.html” file is, the webgallery does not show up. Am I supposed to do something else to the index file or any other files? I tried both an html and a flash gallery; neither worked.

  295. Chris says:

    Running Lightroom 4 on macbook, having same performance issues as others. Program now runs extremely slow. Please fix ASAP.

  296. Have you ever considered about including a little bit more than just your articles? I mean, what you say is fundamental and all. Nevertheless imagine if you added some great visuals or videos to give your posts more, “pop”! Your content is excellent but with images and videos, this blog could certainly be one of the greatest in its field. Great blog!

  297. Wayne Irvin says:

    I’m happy to report that Lr 4.2 is performing well on my desktop Mac. On my MacBookPro, however, it’s a complete bummer! Note that the laptop now has an OWC flash drive which, incidentally, Lr 3.2 was quite happy with. Alas, Lr 4.2, I’m told by the New Delhi whiz kids, ain’t gonna dance.
    How does Adobe “allow” compatibility between Lr 4 and all those Apple (and likely other) machines that have factory-installed flash drives.

  298. Sue Shepherd says:

    I have upgraded to Lightroom 4 how ever when I shut my computer down I seem to lose the Lightroom tab I have to go through Control Panel Programmes and features then prees the change button and it reloads
    it is driving me nuts as I have to do this everytime I get a notice that says the feature you are trying to use is on a network reourced that is unavailable
    Click OK to try again or entre an alternative path to a folder containing the installation package Abode-Lightroom-64 in the box below canot seem to find this path What next Cheers Sue