Lightroom 4.1 Now Available

Lightroom 4.1 is now available as a final release on and through the update mechanism in Lightroom 4.  The goal of this release is to provide additional camera raw support, lens profile support and address bugs that were introduced in previous releases of Lightroom. In addition, Lightroom 4.1 introduces the following new features:

  • The ability to process HDR TIFF files.  (16, 24 or 32-bit TIFF files)  This can be useful if you have merged multiple exposures into a single 32-bit image using Photoshop’s HDR Pro.  Using the new basic panel controls can be a very effective and straightforward method of achieving an overall balance across the tonal range.
  • Additional Color Fringing corrections to help address chromatic aberration.  Click here to learn more
  • Save photobooks created in the Book Module as JPEG files
  • Publishing photos to Adobe Revel is now accessible via a Publish plugin

Bugs Corrected in Lightroom 4.1

The following bugs that were part the Lightroom 4 releases have been corrected. The team appreciates the very detailed feedback the community has provided on Lightroom 4 and we’re excited to correct a number of issues experienced by our customers. These issues have been FIXED:

  • Point Curve adjustments made in Lightroom 3 have been restored.
  • Edit-in functionality has been restored to external applications including Adobe Photoshop and Nik plugins
  • Addressed performance issues in Lightroom 4, particularly when loading GPS track logs, using a secondary monitor, and the controls within the Develop module.
  • Ability to update DNG previews and metadata for more than 100 photos has been restored.
  • This update allows for improved viewing of subfolders and stacks in folders with a large number of photos.
  • It was possible that a layout of a saved book could be lost after quitting Lightroom 4.
  • Adjustments made in the Develop module were not properly being reflected to photos that have been laid out in the Book Module
  • Postscript Type 1 Fonts do not appear in the Font menu within the Book module.
  • Clarity adds grey tinting to 100% white tones.

Known Issues in Lightroom 4.1:

  • Double byte fonts such as those found in Chinese and Japanese characters are not being exported to PDF or when published to Blurb.
  • The Revel Publish Service will delete photos from a carousel. This occurs when the customer asks Lightroom to delete the carousel and then cancels out of the confirmation dialogue box.

New Camera Support in Lightroom 4.1

  • Canon EOS 1D X
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark III
  • Canon EOS 60Da
  • Canon PowerShot G1 X
  • Fuji FinePix F505EXR
  • Fuji FinePix F605EXR
  • Fuji FinePix F770EXR
  • Fuji FinePix F775EXR
  • Fuji FinePix HS30EXR
  • Fuji FinePix HS33EXR
  • Fuji X-Pro1
  • Leaf Credo 80
  • Leica M Monochrom
  • Leica X2
  • Nikon D4
  • Nikon D800
  • Nikon D800E
  • Olympus OM-D E-M5
  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF5
  • Pentax K-01
  • RICOH LENS A16 24-85mm F3.5-5.5
  • Samsung NX20
  • Samsung NX210
  • Samsung NX1000
  • Sony Alpha NEX-F3
  • Sony Alpha NEX-VG20
  • Sony Alpha SLT-A37
  • Sony Alpha SLT-A57

New Lens Profile Support in Lightroom 4.1

Lens Mount Lens Name
Canon Canon EF 35mm f/2
Canon Sigma APO 50-150mm F2.8 EX DC OS HSM
Canon Tokina AT-X 107 AF DX Fish-Eye 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5
Canon Tokina AT-X PRO FX 16-28mm f/2.8
Canon Tokina AT-X PRO FX 17-35mm f/4
Nikon Nikon AF-S Micro NIKKOR 60mm f/2.8G ED
Nikon Nikon AF Micro-NIKKOR 60mm f/2.8D
Nikon Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 28mm f/1.8G
Nikon Tokina AT-X 107 AF DX Fish-Eye 10-17mm f/3.5-4.5
Nikon Tokina AT-X PRO FX 16-28mm f/2.8
Nikon Tokina AT-X PRO FX 17-35mm f/4
Nikon Sigma APO 50-150mm F2.8 EX DC OS HSM
Nikon Sigma 85mm F1.4 EX DG HSM
Olympus Sigma 19mm F2.8 EX DN
Olympus Sigma 30mm F2.8 EX DN
Pentax Sigma 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 II DC OS HSM
Pentax Sigma 17-50mm EX DC HSM
Sigma Sigma APO 50-150mm F2.8 EX DC OS HSM
Sony Sigma 12-24mm F4.5-5.6 DG HSM II
Sony Sigma 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 II DC OS HSM
Sony Sigma 19mm F2.8 EX DN
Sony Sigma 30mm F2.8 EX DN
Sony Sigma 150mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM APO Macro

Thank You

A big thanks to everyone who submitted bug reports, posted entries in the U2U forums and blogged their issues so that we could improve the Lightroom 4 experience in this update. Thank you.

Download Lightroom 4.1 here – Windows, Mac

121 Responses to Lightroom 4.1 Now Available

  1. Daniel McVey says:

    I love and live in Lightroom! I would really like to see clone stamp tool and stitching of panoramics / stacking images (not photosets). Thank You for such a wonderful product. I love the new clarity adjustment.

  2. Steen Elm says:

    X-pro1 support ! Allthough the brand is called FujiFILM.

  3. Michel Fourkas says:


    I purchased recently a Voigtländer 90mm lens, and to my surprise, there are no Voigtländer lenses in Lightroom’s database.
    Are you going to add them soon ?

    Thank you

  4. Great job! In my case the new ver is faster and the bugs are gone!

  5. sebastian says:

    I was waiting fot those lens profiles! Especially the Tokina AT-X 107 AF DX Fish-Eye one is going to make my life easier!

  6. Michael says:

    I was hoping the infamous scroll bug (scrolling not working over folders e.g.) would finally be fixed with this release. You see me disappointed. It does not even appear under known issues…


  7. Adamsbaum says:

    I downloaded and installed (upgraded to) Lightroom 4.1.
    Unfortunately, the Canon Powershot G1X is still not recognized.
    Did I something wrong ?

  8. James Brooks says:

    Any news on the Auto Tone problems?

  9. Gene says:

    Adjustment Brush Bug

    I wonder if it’s just my system but have this nagging LR bug that has never been found/addressed up to the most recent LR Beta release – I found this by accident yet it still is a bug that bugs me.

    This is how to duplicate it: Select an image and use the Adjustment Brush. For this example, select Shadow and enter a value, say 10. Now, if you have a mouse with scroll button, scroll mouse button back and forth. If this doen’t crash LR, then maybe the bug is on my system.


  10. gianluca says:

    Why X-Pro 1 raw , and not Fujinon 18/2, 35/1.4 & 60/2.4 lens profiles?

  11. Mike Yip says:

    Although 4.1 supported my OM-D EN-5(good thing), but it seem to taking up more resource then Lightroom 4.0 (which took my PcC musch longer to load a ORF file (tried D7000 NEF file and it took double to time to load a NEF), did the system req changed on 4.1?

    • Mike Yip says:

      think I will take my own word back =)
      After diggin through Adobe Lightroom forum and created a new Catalog it run nice and smooth again

  12. Johannes Müller says:

    Why is there still no support for Fuji X10? Or am I missing something?

  13. Gary Anderson says:

    Unable to install: error 2753 The file “Lightroom.exe” is not marked for installation.

    Lightroom 4.0 installed, not running. Antivirus software halted.


  14. Lee Cordner says:

    You have a GREAT product however your customer support is the worst I have seen in the industry.

    I downloaded the prerelease of 4.1 it has slowed my machine to a crawl the software locks up. I tried calling and I was on endless hold, after waiting hours I finally got through (somewhere off shore) I gave them by name, phone number, id # (3 different times) when I finally got someone that might help they hung up on me and never called back.

    I tried emailing with no luck.

    I hope I can reload this over the prerelease however I have no way to find out seeing it is impossible to get through to you.

    Very disappointed customer!

  15. Mark Verber says:

    When is 4.1 going to be available via the Mac App Store? IN the future, what sort of lag should we expect from when a release appears on Adobe’s web servers and it’s available via the App Store?

  16. Mike says:

    Not updated for those of us who bought it in the Mac App Store.
    The link here does not update it
    How do we update or will it eventually show up as a Mac App Store update?

  17. Bob Trlin says:

    Still no lens support for Olympus! Can’t you guys please please kiss and make up and get on with providing us a service.

  18. Haley says:

    Arrrrgh. I installed – for the first time – Lightroom 3.0 on my computer just last week, so I could process RAW files from my new Sony Alpha SLT-57. Learned I would have to get the update to LR 3.6, which I did. Took hours and hours online, overnight. Tried to open a RAW file, and LR 3.6 got and remains hung up. So now I learn that I will have to purchase Lightroom 4.1, in order to have it read my camera’s RAW files? Adobe, why didn’t you include the support for the Sony A57 in LR 3.6, while you were at it? I have a useless piece of new software with LR 3.6, and I feel ripped off.

  19. Kevin Maguire says:

    Oy! I got all excited about HDR only to find out I would still need Photoshop. Why tell me I can do HDR inside Lightroom if I really can’t? Put HDR in! I’m not made of money, can’t afford Photoshop, especially since I would only use it for HDR.

  20. Boris says:

    “through the update mechanism in Lightroom 4. ” – you mean the open url? lol
    Video related issues seems to be not fixed.

  21. Aleph says:

    Is this an RC (release candidate) version, or a final release of LR 4?

  22. hallo,

    i have after update not any lens profiles. what can i do?

    best regards

    Heike Goertz-Liedtke

  23. hello,

    after update have i not any lens profiles. What can i do?

    best regards

    Heike Goertz-Liedtke

  24. angelo cirrincione says:

    the Xpro1 conversion from lightroom is worse than Raw conversion made on camera
    Please intervene early

  25. James says:

    There’s still a bug that I find a problem. Where do I report it please?

    I can no longer set 2010 as the default process settings. It lets me do it in the menu box, but resetting photos resets them to 2012 settings, not 2010.

  26. James says:

    This was with Camera Faithful profile and 5D raws.

  27. Duilio Fiorille says:

    WOW! Finally har arriveed. This evening I’ll install the fixed version. Great job Adobe! Thanks.

  28. Sean Kane says:

    I would love to be able to move an adjustment brush pin after I applying the brush to an image. It would be really useful for syncing images when then the adjustment brush doesn’t match perfectly.

  29. Norbert says:

    Good job so far!
    But: I can’t find the .dcp for the Leica M Monochrom and the Leica X2. What did I missed? I searched in the folders “Adobe Standards” and “Camera”. So, where they are gone?

  30. Wayne says:

    Why add Publish to Revel and not Publish to Creative Cloud? It looks like Revel does the same thing as CC but it is not included in CC.

  31. Jason Williams says:

    Since installing 4.1 a few days ago I’ve been having serious ‘performance’ issues and problems playing video (which are MOV files created by my Canon Powershot S100). Any ideas? The video files also don’t show up as the Canon S100 in meta data. I assume this is due to a lack of information in the file that the camera isn’t populating but wondered if the above issue was related. It was trying to filter for video files that started to make the issue obvious.

  32. Martin Rosindale says:

    ‘The team appreciates the very detailed feedback the community has provided on Lightroom 4 and we’re excited to correct a number of issues experienced by our customers.’

    Excited!! You should be ashamed to have released LR4 when it was clearly not ready. LR4.1 has improved things but it is still slower than version 3. I will say, though, that the new process is great.
    Nonetheless, the buggy first release of 4 was a spectacular ‘own goal’.

  33. Daniel Neuman says:

    No problems with 4.1 and I’m glad for the Fuji XPro raw file support. BUT, now when I use my graduated filter tool, I can no longer see any handles.

  34. Maciek says:

    Still Full Screen mode is not supported on mac 🙁 Is it so difficult to implement ?

  35. Stephen McKamey says:

    Thanks Adobe for getting the fixes out in beta/RC form as quickly and smoothly as you did. The support for new camera bodies was most appreciated.

    To folks complaining about the release: recognize that they overhauled most of the guts of LR for Process 2012 because they believe in the quality improvements it brings, even at the cost of performance. And they cut the price in half at the same time. This is some of the most complex software created for end users on the market today. I’d say they’re doing quite well.

  36. Dianne A says:

    The Edit-In functionality doesn’t seem to be completely fixed. I had CS6 installed and updated LR4 to LR4.1. Today, I uninstalled CS5 from my system and now LR4.1 Edit in points to CS4, which of course is no where to be found.
    How do I fix this? Is there a registry hack rather than d/l and re-installing?

  37. Bill Bahmer says:

    Thank God for the 4.1 update now thing are closer to normal except for sharpness. Canon’s DPP still produces a much sharper image. Maybe it’s the way DPP processes raw files?

  38. This weekend I created a 90 page book with images and text in LR4.1 only to have it vanish while editing one of the images in the Develop module. I called tech support and they started a case but were unable to help me. They said it was a bug that was fixed in the 4.1 update and it should not be happening, well it did and it was a lot of time wasted. How can I ever rely on book making in LR when it may just up and disappear at any time? very frustrating. Reading through the forums I see this has happened to many. After about an hour on the phone with help desk to no avail, I did find a work around, I went to a backed up catalog and was able to open the book from the day prior, so I just lost one days work. This was never suggested to me by tech support.

    • Ellen Fransdonk says:

      Same here, hours and hours of work gone after my book suddenly disappeared. This is a MAJOR bug and I cant seem to find any services or answers to help me retrieve it. If anybody knows of a solution please let me know…

  39. Alexander Muth says:

    4.1 is still terrible slow!
    very frustrating

  40. Bill says:

    Does anybody know why DPP produces sharper images than LR 4.1?

  41. thomas says:

    When will be a lens correction for canon g1 x in lightroom 4 available?

  42. Romona says:

    Does anyone else have this issue: LR 4.1 hangs on startup, i.e. it’s stops responding and I have to force quit on mac. It takes SEVERAL tries before it will work. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to resolve this annoying issue? I have already tried to reinstall the software. Thanks in advance.


  43. Chad says:


  44. Michael Cederberg says:

    I bought LR4 when it came out. However I waited for LR4.1 before installing it. Now I wish I didn’t. LR4.1 is slow … it is a pain to work. Whenever it loads a new photo or I make a change (e.g. change exposure) it displays “Loading …”. Usually it processes stuff in 1-2 seconds but sometimes it takes 10 secs. This is very different from LR2 and LR3.

    My laptop is a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo with 8GB memory. Not the fastest, but it was quite adequate for LR2 and 3.

  45. D4 RAW Processing. My D4 produces much better looking jpgs in camera than I can get processing the raw files in LR. I am an advanced user with LR, know all about camera profiles, custom profiles, etc, but those in camera jpgs are sweet, and takes LR work to get them close to the jpgs. The NIkon software produces better renderings then LR does currently without any adjustments they almost match the in camera jpgs. I didn’t experience such a difference with my D3/s camera, and hoping Adobe can take a look at this. It seems to be d-lighting, and skin tones, etc. I have had to go back processing my critical raw files in the nikon software, whereas I haven’t had to touch it for the last 3 years, LR was great with my other bodies. I hope it can be looked at. Tom

  46. Mamad M says:

    Finally. I can save my books as Jpegs. Thank you Adobe!

  47. Greg McKay says:

    I just updated to LR 4.1 and now all my lens profiles are gone. Not just the three that I made but all the standard ones too. There’s only 7 listed and only 1 of them is a lens I own. All the other ones are gone….

  48. Richard says:

    “through the update mechanism in Lightroom 4. ” – I don’t see an update mechanism in LR 4

  49. Matt says:

    How do I download the update? I get a message that This Beta version has expired and the application will now quit. I also get a window that informs me of the update, but it closes when I close the Beta notice. I can’t click on the OK button in the update window while the Beta window is open. Please help. Thanks.

    • Eva Fildanova says:

      I got the same issue like Matt, I bought LR4 and now on 1 july when I want run it I got only message “this beta verion of lightoroom has expired”

      Can sameone please advise what is wrong here and how to solve this problem quickly ??

  50. Barbara Hayton says:

    I’m also having problems updating to 4.1. I thought I had the real 4.0 but when I tried to open LR this morning got a message that the Beta version had expired and it shut it down. Finally got 4.0 reloaded but now can’t seem to get the 4.1 update downloaded. I have a Mac and wonder if there’s a problem there?? Help please.

  51. David Curley says:

    I have Canon 5D3 and reading these messages frightens me, I need L/R4 .1 to convert my Raw files but it seems 4.1 will cause issues than it solves, should I wait until 4.2 ?


  52. Kari says:

    I sent You a message on FB saying that after I upgraded to 4.1 my Mac is no longer able to read memory cards. Nor is it possible to import photos to Finder and then import them to Lightroom.

    Do You have any solutions to this problem?

  53. Hal Work says:

    I’ve been attempting to generate realistic HDR images for over six years. I’ve come close. But LR 4.1, for me, is revolutionary for what I do. Thank you.

  54. Thomas says:

    When we can expect a lense profile support for the canon g1 x?

  55. Suzanne Richardson says:

    Okay – I have the dreaded satellite internet. However, I just installed the upgrade to Lightroom 4 (bought the disks). However, when I go to Updates and download LR 4.1, which I have 4 times now, I get the following error, “A problem occured while extracting the archive. Please try downloading the Photoshop Lightroom 4.1 Installer again.”
    Is there a separate file for the installer? Can someone ship it to me? I have spent over 14 hours downloading the 4.1 Upgrade. I have 729 MB sitting in “Downloads” but am unable to extract the files.

  56. Andy says:

    Hi. I have left feedback about the x-pro1 conversion on the link you supplied for someone else above, but I have had no response.

    I know that you don’t have to provide support for any camera and I’ve heard that perhaps Fuji have not been as cooperative as the should have been. That said, I have always loved Lightroom and champion it to all of my photo students. BUT, the support for the X-Pro1 is terrible, the painterly (chroma blurring!?) effect is just dreadful. Again, I know we are talking about a new sensor here and that makes things more tricky.

    I’d just like to know, are you working on it and do you have an ETA?

    Many thanks.

  57. Bruce Stephenson says:

    My desktop shows Lightroom 4.1 64 – bit. When opened the program shows Lightroom 4 Catalog 2. A couple of times when opening the develop module it has opened as the old LR4 (showing Fill light etc) and not LR4.1. This doesn’t happen consistently.
    What is happening here, any clues that might help?

  58. jamesd3rd says:

    There’s a problem when using the Survey View in the Library module. When you use the ‘Z’ key to zoom on an image, it looks blurry and fuzzy. The same thing happens when you are in Grid View. When you get out of either of those views and switch to Loupe View and use ‘Z’, the image is fine.

    This really really slows down the workflow because you have to switch out of a view to see if an image is actually in focus. Zooming in the problematic views does not seem to render properly. I tried rendering 1:1 but the system responded by indicating that images had already been rendered.

  59. garrie says:

    In the next release of Lightroom, please do some work with stacking. i need more then two levels i need about 4. Also when i do a search or sort by rating only those with that rating are to be listed to be listed, rather then the whole stack. ATM i have 200k images in my catalogue and honestly it’s getting a bit slow and stacks is a way of making it fast but these problems make it hard to implement. if i could have a hero image on top, then set ups, then ratings (and perhaps one more level), it would be the most exciting update to this wonderful programme!



  60. abby says:

    am using LR4.1 and cannot export photos once I have worked on them and all its says is ‘could not create a JPEG that met your limit of 100k bytes’. I dont want to reduce them as it affects the quality. anyone help?

    • Pete Green says:

      Sounds like you have the “limit file size to” box checked, when it’s not what you’re needing for your export.

      You could create a new preset, or just do a ‘one-off’ export using the export one file dialog.

      The setting you’re looking for is found under the “File Settings” section of the export dialog.
      Uncheck that, or adjust the file settings options to your liking, and export again.

  61. stylinred says:

    It would be great to see a camera/lens profile for the Nokia 808 Pureview in either lightroom or photoshop 🙂

  62. Yair Haim says:

    Thanks for the update! I got the 1D-X and I’m happy Lightroom support it.

  63. Brett Alton says:

    How do I enable the Tamron 17-50mm lens profile. It used to be there in LR3

  64. McMike Production says:

    I love This Package

  65. Lawrence Gaston says:

    Just loaded Lightroom 4.1 and purchased Sony Syber-shot DSC RX100 and lightroom will not load the RAW files. What do I need?

    • Pete Green says:

      You need to wait until we’ve had a chance to get a camera raw update out with new camera support.

      In the meantime, you can use the Free DNG converter to use your raw images in LR4.1 —

      • Josh Kaufman says:

        Hi Pete,

        I don’t see that the Free DNG converter works for files from a Sony RX100. I tried it and it said the files are not supported. Is that your understanding?



        • Pete Green says:

          Hi Josh,
          Looks like you are right. The camera is pretty new, so we haven’t been able to have an update to the DNG converter yet for it.

  66. Heather says:

    Will it work for Nikon D90

  67. Jack Lipkins says:

    I have just purchased a MacBook Pro (Retina) and am choosing photographic software for it. Lightroom 4.1 seems better than Aperture for my purposes, but I have read a number of comments that LR is very slow on the MacBook. Do you have any comments?

    • Pete Green says:

      There have been reports of some users experiencing slowness with LR 4.1 — but others have reported that it is faster than LR 3 for them.
      There are some system configurations / software configurations that are causing the slowdown others are seeing, but we do not have it pinpointed yet.

      You can try for yourself on your computer to see how the performance will be:

      If you’d like to read the discussion going on about this particular issue you bring up:

  68. Bill says:

    I have LR 4.1 and I increased my ram from 4gb to 12gb and I still get the beach ball (thinking)
    any ideas?

  69. jay cee says:

    which video file types can be edited? can’t seem to load MP4 or WMV.. only MOV

    • Pete Green says:

      Files types supported by the new video playback engine

      Depending on the codec involved, some of the mp4’s should be able to be read

      • Julie says:

        It won’t import my MPG files. I can import AVI, MOV, MP4, but not MPG (and not WMV). I have three cameras from which I regularly import video as well as pictures, as well as the occasional other movie file type, but I really need to be able to get all my MPG movies into Lightroom or it’s not worth using for me. The camera that exports the MPG files is a Sony HandyCam (DCR-SR85) and the manual says the filetype is MPEG-2. There is no alternate filetype supported for this camera.

        Is there a way to get these into Lightroom? I have years of movies from this camera.

        • Pete Green says:

          The MPEG-2 compression type is not supported in LR, so what you’re looking to do in this case is decode or recompress these videos to a video format supported by lightroom.

          Probably DV-AVI would be most lossless but net you some large video files. You could google “convert mpeg 2” to get a lot of results, also is a great resource for this type of project. Worthy of noting that decoding any mpeg2 file will not be an entirely “lossless” process since mpegs are very compressed.

          • joe yo says:

            funny enough, this is not true. lightroom opens and plays mpeg2 videos captured thru final cut pro (mov extension mpeg-2 mpgv), but cant handle adobe´s owm premiere pro´s mpeg2 files. both come from same hdv camera, captured at default HDV capture settings. now why?

  70. natt says:

    I am using LR 4.1 and after doing all the image corrections, the defringe does not take effect when the image is opened in Photoshop via Edit in Adobe Photoshop. Help?

    • Pete Green says:

      When you rightclick on an image in LR then choose “Edit in Photoshop CSx” make sure you choose the Edit a Copy with Lightroom adjustments, rather than “Edit original” which will not have the adjustments in it.

  71. Kat says:

    It’d be wonderful if I could actually USE this product. Long time, very proficient and very frustrated LR use here. I have spent more than 40 hours trouble shooting the “crash on import” issue that is plaguing Lightroom 4 and 4.1. I’ve posted about it on the help forums and have wasted more than 15 hours with a useless overseas help desk support that coaches me through reinstalling my OS. The only reason I continue to work on this is because I have no other option! LR4 is useless if I can’t import pictures!!

    • Pete Green says:

      Hi Kat,

      Sorry for your frustration. Thanks for doing the initial troubleshooting you’ve done thus far. We’re investigating the issue, I’ve found your forum post and will check with the engineers to see if we can come up any suggestions.

  72. Joe Reed says:

    Started using the Olympus OMD with LR4.1 and the lens profiles and camera calibration features are not functional. 4.1 has worked beautifully with my Canon and Nikon products. What am I missing?

  73. Steve Cushing says:

    I have downloaded 4.1 to my Mac book pro (Retina) and when I try to open files I get the message “The following disc images couldn’t be opened Lightroom_4_LS11_ma not recognised.”. Any suggestions?

  74. Eduard says:

    LR4.1 on Mac OS (10.6.8) does not support the tethered shooting with Nikon D800

  75. Don says:

    I purchased Lightroom 4 from Amazon. It arrived today. How do I know if I have Lightroom 4.0 or 4.1

  76. Ja says:

    The Tethering with Canon EOS 1D X doesn’t work. 🙁

  77. eric says:

    I just downloaded 4.1 and i’m not seeing any “Lens Corrections” for panasonic or olympus. will there be more? Also what is meant by “support” for the particular models? I’m using an Olympus OM-D E-M5. I’ve noticed that the images appear sharper in the Olympus Viewer 2, but I prefer the interface of LR more. is there something i’m missing?

  78. Ray Shiu says:

    I’ve created 6 books over the last 2 weeks, 3 times all the photos would disappear from a book (different book each time) but the templates and texts are still on the page, once all the photos got jumbled all over the book. The photos are still in the film strip. This last time, I chose a different template by accident on a photo-less page and all of a sudden the photo came back. I used this method to finish the book, just click the page number, click the arrow and the original template is highlighted, I can just click that and the photo reappears.
    Now as a backup plan, I exported my books as a catalogue in the hopes of importing them onto my mac laptop. The first one went flawlessly. None of the other books, however, would show any photos in the book after importing. Only text and templates on the pages. I thought to try my “trick”. It didn’t work, here’s the pop up error message:
    “An internal error has occurred. entity:doneConstructing(): Field “image” does not have a value.”
    I hope this book stuff can be fixed in the official 4.2 release (I’m using 4.2 RC, 64 bit on both my win desktop and mac laptop).
    If there’s a solution for this, please advise. Thanks.

  79. George Givens Jr says:

    I have to agree with Mr. By Lee Cordner – post on 9:30 AM on May 30, 2012 see below

    You have a really good product but tech support is indeed AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL. I am having a repeated problem with Lightroom 4 crashing, stops responding, stalling, shutting down, etc., etc. None of your techs seem to have a clue what I am saying and they blame it on MS Windows 7 Professional OS. Please respond!

    ************************************Lee Cordner post**********************************************

    You have a GREAT product however your customer support is the worst I have seen in the industry.

    I downloaded the prerelease of 4.1 it has slowed my machine to a crawl the software locks up. I tried calling and I was on endless hold, after waiting hours I finally got through (somewhere off shore) I gave them by name, phone number, id # (3 different times) when I finally got someone that might help they hung up on me and never called back.

    I tried emailing with no luck.

    I hope I can reload this over the prerelease however I have no way to find out seeing it is impossible to get through to you.

    Very disappointed customer

  80. Igor says:

    Thanks for adding the support for the Sony Alpha 57 camera.
    I bought it with a DT 18 – 135 mm F3,5 – 5,6 SAM lens, so I am interesting in getting it supported in the lightroom.
    Do you plan to add this lens soon?

  81. Lauri says:

    I just upgraded to LR4 from LR3 and I can not get my Nik Color Efex 4 to work. I show in the Edit in but will not open up. If I try to add it under plug in manager it gives me an error. Help?

  82. Tiberman Sajiwan Ramyead says:

    Before I purchase Lightroom 4.1, can anyone tell me if this software will open the NEF of Nikon D7000? Thanks from Mauritius.