Lightroom 4.2 Now Available

Lightroom 4.2 is now available as a final release on and through the update mechanism in Lightroom 4.  The goal of this release is to provide additional camera raw support, lens profile support and address bugs that were introduced in previous releases of Lightroom.

Bugs Corrected in Lightroom 4.2:

The following bugs that were part the Lightroom 4 releases have been corrected. The team appreciates the very detailed feedback the community has provided on Lightroom 4 and we’re excited to correct a number of issues experienced by our customers. These issues have been FIXED:

  • Stacked photos were hidden in both the Grid view and Filmstrip. This occurred when photos get unstacked as a result of enabling auto-stacking.
  • Folder stacks with virtual copies were unstacked when moving to another folder.
  • When scrolling through the filmstrip (at somewhat fast rate), occasionally a “gray” image was displayed for an instant and then replaced by the correct image preview.
  • The Navigator Panel in Map did not pan correctly.
  • Parents and synonyms of “do not export” keywords also did not export.
  • Occasionally were unable to publish videos to Facebook
  • Audio did not play in video files after creating a slideshow that contains music (Win 7 only)
  • Image select arrow on keyword list didn’t display when keyword list contained a large number of keywords
  • Unable to edit Lightroom photos as jpegs in Photoshop Elements
  • Carriage Return in either the Title or Caption field invalidated a Flickr upload.
  • Tether capture bar disappeared after deleting photo (Win only).
  • Back Cover of Book layout had Horizontal text on spine rather than Vertical
  • Sharpening was not applied to books that were exported as JPEG files
  • Double-byte characters were not exported to Books saved as PDF files
  • Unable to type accented character in book module in LR4
  • Luminance Noise slider was unresponsive when Clarity is greater than 0.
  • Develop keyboard shortcuts (+ and – keys) no longer worked in older process versions such as PV2010

New Camera Support in Lightroom 4.2:

  1. Canon EOS 650D / Rebel T4i
  2. Canon EOS M
  3. Fujifilm XF1
  4. Fujifilm X-E1
  5. Fuji FinePix F800EXR
  6. Leaf Credo 40
  7. Leaf Credo 60
  8. Leica S
  9. Leica D-LUX 6
  10. Leica V-LUX 4
  11. Nikon Coolpix P7700
  12. Nikon 1 J2
  13. Nikon D600*
  14. Panasonic DMC-G5
  15. Panasonic DMC-LX7
  16. Panasonic DMC-FZ200
  17. Pentax K-30
  18. Samsung EX2F
  19. Sony Alpha NEX-5R
  20. Sony Alpha NEX-6
  21. Sony Alpha SLT-A99V
  22. Sony DSC-RX100

* Please note that the support for Nikon D600 is preliminary and there is a minor risk that the appearance of your images may change when the final support for Nikon D600 is available in an upcoming release.

Newly supported cameras for tethered capture:

  • Canon EOS Kiss X5
  • Canon EOS Kiss REBEL T3i
  • Canon EOS 600D
  • Canon EOS Kiss X50
  • Canon EOS REBEL T3
  • Canon EOS 1100D
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark III
  • Canon EOS 1D X
  • Nikon D4
  • Nikon D800
  • Nikon D800e

New Lens Profile Support in Lightroom 4.2:

Lens Name Lens Mount
Canon EF 24mm f/2.8 IS USM Canon
Canon EF 28mm f/2.8 IS USM Canon
Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM Canon
Canon EF-M 22mm f/2 STM Canon
Canon EF-M 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Canon
Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Canon
Sigma 18-250mm F3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM Canon
Zeiss Distagon T* 2/25 ZE Canon
Zeiss Distagon T* 1,4/35 ZE Canon
LEICA APO MACRO SUMMARIT-S 120 mm f/2.5 (CS) Leica
LEICA ELMARIT-S 30 mm f/2.8 ASPH. (CS) Leica
LEICA SUMMARIT-S 35 mm f/2.5 ASPH. (CS) Leica
LEICA SUMMARIT-S 70 mm f/2.5 ASPH. (CS) Leica
LEICA APO ELMAR-S 180 mm f/3.5 (CS) Leica
LEICA VARIO-ELMAR-S 30-90 mm f/3.5-5.6 ASPH. Leica
LEICA SUPER-ELMAR-S 24 mm f/3.5 ASPH Leica
Hasselblad HCD 4/28 Leica
Hasselblad HC 3,5/35 Leica
Hasselblad HC 3,5/50 Leica
Hasselblad HC 2,8/80 Leica
Hasselblad HC 2,2/100 Leica
Hasselblad HC Macro 4/120 Leica
Hasselblad HC 3,2/150 Leica
Hasselblad HC 4/210 Leica
Hasselblad HC 4,5/300 Leica
Hasselblad HC 3,5-4,5/50-110 Leica
Hasselblad HCD 4-5,6/35-90 Leica
Nikon 1 NIKKOR 11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6 Nikon
Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR Nikon
Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G ED VR Nikon
Sigma 18-250mm F3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM Nikon
Tamron SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD A007N Nikon
Zeiss Distagon T* 2/25 ZF.2 Nikon
Zeiss Distagon T* 1,4/35 ZF.2 Nikon
Pentax smc DA 40mm F2.8 XS Pentax
Pentax smc DA 50mm F1.8 Pentax
Pentax smc DA 645 25mm F4 AL (IF) SDM AW Pentax
Pentax smc D FA 645 25mm f/4 AL (IF) SDM AW Pentax
Sigma 18-50mm F2.8-4.5 DC HSM Pentax
Sigma 18-250mm F3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM Sigma
Sigma 18-50mm F2.8-4.5 DC HSM Sony
Sigma 105mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro Sony

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Thank You

A big thanks to everyone who submitted bug reports, posted entries in the U2U forums and blogged their issues so that we could improve the Lightroom 4 experience in this update. Thank you.

155 Responses to Lightroom 4.2 Now Available

  1. A.D.Wheeler says:

    With my Sony a77v +Sigma 10-20mm 4-5.6 lens, LR continually says that it is a Sigma 12-24mm F4-5.6 in Profile Corrections. With this ever be addressed?

  2. Clint Decker says:

    Where do I submit bugs and feature requests. These are 2 that bothers me a lot:

    1: I want to be able to drag photos into Lightroom if I am on the Develop module. It only works if I am on library. I just wish it would automatically switch to library or just show the import dialog if I Drag photos.

    2: if the brush adjustment window is left open, 1-5 rating adjust the sliders instead of start ratings. Sometimes in rating photos and while I’m rating I see a quick blemish to fix, then I fix it and move to the next photo to keep rating.. But if I leave the adjustment brush window active, the numbers 1,2,3,4,5 no longer rate my photos, they do something else. I always have to go back and close the adjustment window, then continue rating.

  3. Hooray! 5D Mk III tethered capture, excellent news. Now, do I blatt over the (currently working fine) beta version and take a risk with this…

  4. LE ROY says:

    And what about the lenses for the Fuji XPro-1 ?

  5. I don’t suppose by any chance the smearing in X-Pro1 files has been improved?

  6. Did it support new MacBookPro’s Retina display?

  7. Andreas Karperyd says:

    Any plans for lens profiles for fuji film X-Pro1 lenses ?
    i would love that ! the wide angel really would be happy with that.
    … And as already stated , just have another look at the conversion from the weird fuji sensor.

    ( Hummm… still wonder what the problem is between adobe and fujifilm,
    is it political or just misunderstanding, or economical)

  8. T. Bialoglow says:

    I am bummed –still no tethered support in Win for D800 and D4? Very disappointing.

  9. Brock says:

    Echoing Thomas above, has X-Pro 1 file conversion been improved?

  10. David says:

    Obviously lots of hard work gone into this. But one, perhaps two, rather worrying omissions:

    Retina display support
    Performance issues that many including me on a top spec machine have been enduring.

    Any information or expectation management on these would be helpful to say the least.

  11. Great to see the Luminance Noise slider issue fixed.

  12. Dan Brown says:

    I’m getting an “invalid checksum” error on the Mac .DMG version. The download size on the web page says 426MB, but the .dmg download size is showing up as 407MB. Bad image maybe?

  13. Marco Ricci says:

    No improvement to fujifilm x-pro1 support? Still no lenses and color profiles added?

  14. Nick says:

    But still no Retina support? 🙁

  15. Eric says:

    Thank you Adobe for the 5D MKIII tethered capture!

  16. Jason Baldwin says:

    Any chance the tethering will be available for Sony A77 or A99 at some point?

  17. Lars says:

    where is the ACR 7.2 manual download?

    many companys have offline computers!!!?

  18. Mario Marroquin says:

    I really wished this update would address the issue of the “2012” process. It’s very slow compared to the older “2010” process. Oh, well.

  19. steen aage nielsen says:

    What about the speed?? Do something about this.

  20. tom bramwell says:

    Where is retina support for the new mac book?! 🙁

  21. Boris says:

    No performance bugfixing done? Good bye Adobe!

    • ejal says:

      good point!

    • Simon Chen says:

      There are a lot of performance improvement work that went into this 4.2 release. We’re very excited about the new work that might make a big difference to many customers. It is not specifically called out in the release notes.

      • Boris says:

        Hello Simon,

        I gave LR4.2 a try. Some functions are improved in terms of performance. Now the photos in the library I can preview really fast. As well the previews in the develop mode are faster. But there are still some performance glitches, like switching to develop module means for me waiting of 8 seconds, any editing done in develop module means huge performance loss when working with the single image… As well there are NEW BUGS introduced, like when importing the CR2 files, the files were successfully imported, but the full preview creation stopped on the 1st image and after 2 hours of waiting to move from image 1 to image 2 I just cancelled the import full preview generation task and created the full preview manually.

        I am sorry Simon, but I am not taking money from Adobe to test their products. From the customer point of view I see that Adobe has 0 people allocated for testing and there is no QA (see wiki if not known in Adobe) on Adobe side. Sorry, I am really upset about the fact that my whole image library is in LR and I am not able to use it just because Adobe released a crappy LR4 version. In our company we call such version beta version, in Adobe it is version 4.2.

        Trying to find a replacement for LR4. I wasted enough time with Adobe.

    • Marcos Souza says:

      That is THE question!!

    • Bert Nase says:

      Oh boy. I have the feeling that every release has more performance issues then the one before. I have an iMac i5 with 16Gb of Ram and I can’t imagine that there has been any performance bugfixing at all. Even selecting 4 images in the filmstripe to synchronize them needs 3 seconds. Using the healing brush is a nightmare.

      Also tried to synchronize the metadata to delete wrong keywords by emptying the keyword field (the empty one says: let empty to delete keywords!!) and synchronize with the ones in question but nothing is done.

  22. cfibanez says:

    Hope it now has full support for GP-E2, including compass direction.

  23. Georg Liebl says:

    again only mainstream, no support for Sigma SD1 DP2m or DP1m

  24. Am still downloading…will install this after two hours of download time. I’m anxious to see if they have fixed a bug I noticed, that when I switched to the Web module to make a gallery, the center part of the interface goes blank, just displays the circle that’s supposed to say ‘wait’ but its does not move, frozen. I can see the gallery title though, and I could work on the right panel and finish my gallery by exporting it, and I see my final gallery just fine. It’s just that my center panel stays blank. maybe too late to mention this now, but hey, if it’s not fixed with this version, can you please do this for the next? thanks!

  25. Matt says:

    Thanks for the quick work on the D600. Partial fix is better than none at all. I’ll start with it today.

  26. Ben says:

    Thanks again for the D600 support. It’s made my day.

  27. John C. Pacala says:

    It’s about time Adobe! You should be ashamed of yourself for taking so damn long for tethered shooting support for a camera (5D Mark III) that’s been out for OVER 6 months!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Martin Bay says:

    Look forward to edit some photos now 🙂 Great work.

  29. Herman Au says:

    Let’s see if this gets ANY faster at all… I’m not so secretly hoping Adobe would release software that’s faster than the previous version but haven’t had much luck for the past 17 years I’ve lived with Photoshop, LR, etc. I’ll be very happy if they finally make a LR that runs faster than I can click.

  30. Dennis says:

    Lightroom 4.2 not recognizing d600Raw images

  31. Ian Dawson says:

    Have been really struggling with the book module. Whilst I’m really pleased with the templates and other features in the module I’m unable to upload my book to Blurb. I’ve tried “Send to Blurb” and “Save to PDF”, but without success.

    Does 4.2 address these issues?

  32. Andy says:

    Losing the will to live here. Can you just tell us what’s up with the X-Pro1 conversions? Seems crazy you can’t do a better job with this.

  33. Aleksander T. Eriksen says:

    Good job Adobe! Performance seems to be improved quite a bit and 5d mk iii tether support is much appreciated! Now, speed could always be better than this, but its much faster than 4.0.. I’ve got one concern though.. When I open a .cr2/.jpg in PS6 and get a .PSD file, why isn’t it added to the current collection? I hate to move files from “All files” to the collection I’ve opened it from.. That function could be a lot smarter and time-saving..

  34. Anyone else struggling to get to the adobe site? Is it down???

  35. Arved says:

    I’m using LR4.1. Tells me update is available. Takes me to LR4.1 update page. As in, download Lightroom_4_LS11_win_4_1.exe. This is NOT FUNNY.

  36. Luis says:

    not if you can help me when trying to upgrade to version 4.2 lightroom asks me Adobe_Lightroom.msi file tells me this on a route that is not in a temporary files folder … was looking for the web if any data habial I can help fix it, I can not uninstall it … the vesion I have is the 4.1 hELP 🙁

  37. Love Lightroom. Used it since it was beta. Work now together with other photographers in a NGO. All making their catalogues in Lightroom. Would love to merge our catalogues together and put the main LR-catalogue on a server for access for all of us. Why dont you allow a lightroom-catalogue to be read on a server?

    if this is technically impossible, do you have recommadation for uscto make a main photobank, accessible from a server?

  38. Big, big, big fan of LR and hat off for all the work and constant progress. But why no longer tethered for the original EOS 5D ? There are still a lot of them….. (yes, I have two of them).

  39. Bonvie says:

    What ist with the isue:
    Photos were exported with original GPS coordinates recorded by the camera, not with the GPS coordinates updated in Lightroom.

    Ist it fixed ?

  40. Stoneysnapper says:

    No mention of the widely complained about “Auto” in Develop which rarely gets images correct by over and under exposing images by around 1.0 to 2.0 stops? Maybe they’ve sneaked it in….

  41. Robert says:

    Just applied the upgrade and a significant speed improvement for me. Thank you Adobe!

  42. Eric says:

    Please Adobe, add tether support for the NEX 7

  43. Andy says:

    So what’s the official word from Adobe then on the poor support for the X-Pro1? I assume you’re not bothered about the quality issues and that you have no plan to fix it – would that be a fair assumption? I’ve used Lightroom for many years now as a fairly early adopter and whatever camera I have had, I’ve always found Lightroom to be excellent. So much so that I recommend it to the people I teach photography to, maybe 10-20 people so far have purchased LR on my recommendation. I’m starting to question that now and even feel bad. I see a lot of people talking about how slow LR is now-a-days, actually I would take that over straight poor quality of files/results. I do understand that the X-Pro1 and X-E1 have a very different sensor and that needs to be looked at in a different way, but if SilkyPix can do it, surely Adobe can, right? SilkyPix is far from perfect, but just to get that detail I get from SilkyPix in LR would be great, that’s all I ask. Instead every step I have made to try and help you has failed or just been ignored. I’m banging my head against a brick wall here. So is it time to leave Adobe? Time to stop recommending you to my students? Just kindly get back to me on this or I am gone.

  44. Wily says:

    Fully support Andy’s comment.
    Fujifilm’s X-Pro 1 and X-E1 is becoming popular among pro-users that use it their alternative system besides the DSLR. Can Adobe see this growing market? We need LR’s full support including the lens’ profile if LR is responsive to their users. Adobe, pls have a count on the frequency of this topic being raised on this page.

  45. Chase says:

    Is it possible to shoot tethered with a Nikon D80? can you guys make it possible?

  46. L'aura says:

    Thank you for the quick D600 support!

  47. Kay says:

    I understand that the tone curve in LR 4, process version 2012, allows adjustment separately for all RGB colours. How comes this is not available in version 4.2 I just downloaded, including for photos for which the process under camera calibration is switched to version 2012?

  48. Ed says:

    Does tamron 24-70 2.8 only have support on Nikon attachment
    I could use it for canon

  49. Randy says:

    After LR corrupted my CF memory cards and losing several day of shooting a couple times and not able to retrieve my photos its time to go back to the free picasa never had a problem. Lesson learned

  50. Peter says:

    Another vote for fixing X-Pro 1 Raw file conversion please. Converted images are blurred and simply not usable. Adobe fixed the same problem on the Canon 5D mk3 within a few weeks of launch but the X-Pro 1 issue is still unresolved after many months.


  51. Hey guys,
    Thanks for the work that has gone into this update. However, the Application icon has become pixelated and low resolution since the update to 4.2. It is quite noticeable in the dock as well as when switching between applications. I am running OS X 10.6.8.
    Anyone know how to fix this?

    • Pete Green says:

      Try to remove the icon from the doc, then launch LR and pin it to the dock again. That should recreate the icon.

      • Colin says:

        I had the same problem and tried your solution, which worked . . . for a day. Now it’s back to low-res. 🙁

      • Cory says:

        Hi Pete,

        I am have been experiencing the pixelated dock icon issue for awhile now (I believe since the 4.2 upgrade). The icon looks great when not open, or before a task is run. But once anything happens that shows the dock icon progress bar, it gets pixely, and remains so until I close the app. I tried your suggestion above, but no change. Any suggestions?



  52. Andy says:

    Am I invisible?

    • Pete Green says:

      If so, you’d be a super hero!

    • Boris says:

      No Andy, you are not invisible. Your comments were probably read by Adobe people, but as Adobe is a big company, it will take time to make decisions, prepare answers, etc. Or the other possibility is that Adobe do not want to share with you that they do not care about their customers…

  53. Wolfgang says:

    I need LR´s full support for my Canon Powershot G15 – when will it be implemented?

    • ML Harris says:

      I just upgraded from the Canon G12 to Canon G15 and I’m super disappointed, really shocked to find that I can’t open my G15 RAW files in Lightroom as I could the G12’s. I’m a professional photographer using the G15 as my compact alternative to my DSLR system. I chose to commit to .dng / Lightroom, because I thought that if I used Adobe standards I wouldn’t have to worry about which specific camera system I used. The G15 has to be on the short list of top prosumer cameras…when will LR support this camera?

      • Pete Green says:

        Hi ML,

        Support for the G15 has been added in LR 4.3 —

        • ML Harris says:

          Hi Pete, I’m not seeing it. I’m running LR 4.3 and the G15 is not on the Canon Lens Profile drop-down list, just the G10, G11 & G12. Can you help?

  54. Stw says:

    Call me a wanna-be, but I’d like to see the iPhone 5 added to the list of supported lens profiles. It’s not a Hasselblad, but it can get the job done at times. It’d be nice to be able to correct for the lens distortion. It would also be nice if selecting Apple from the manufacturer list would enable it to automatically choose which model of Apple phone.

  55. Jason says:

    It’s been about a week and the update is still not available on the Apple App Store.. I am really regretting purchasing there… Anything you can do to help?

    • Sharad Mangalick says:

      Hi Jason. We have submitted Lightroom 4.2 to the App Store and are awaiting approval. It’ll be available once it is approved.

  56. Samantha says:

    I’d like to know if there are any plans to allow tethered capture from the Nikon D3100?

  57. Thomas says:

    In this release case, no news is bad news.
    Guys of Adobe, you’ll never manage it to surprise us with the implementation of our feedback voice.
    But that’s what you guys are continuously asking from your user base, but accomplishment from your side is null, false, nothing.

    Moving a chair takes it’s time. But anytime YOU GUYS are moving a chair, you move it backwards.

    How many millions of dollars you want to spend further into the (not so bright) future for (mis)develeopment of Lightroom.

    Listen to us! Make it a bummer! Let’s sell it well, and everyone of us might live in a much happier digital world.

    Otherwise just stick with your madness and ingnorance AND arrogance against your loyal usersbase, and you will go nowhere if only YOU think whats good for us.

    Don’t do it tomorrow, do it NOW!!!!!!! We’re waiting for too long anyway!
    Get your ass up!

  58. Jack Hargrave says:

    I live in the mountains and have a slow internet connection and would like to gat the Lightroom 4.2 update by CD ………………..Does Adobe make this available?

    • Pete Green says:

      We do not have the 4.2 update available on CD. You should be able to start a download and leave it going overnight though right?

  59. Brian says:

    Just checking to see if there are any other reports of presets disappearing with the 4.2 upgrade (user/custom).

    Fortunately I keep mine backed up, but thought you should know that they didn’t carry over, thus needed to re-import each custom folder.

    On a positive note, one thing I didn’t notice in your enhancement list, is that I was able to move my entire Job Folder (which holds LRcat, as well as originals, both in subfolders) without having to “locate” files. Essentially, it appears, that the file path was reduced to exclude User Name/Pictures (in mac).

    THANK YOU MUCHLY for the return of + and – shortcuts. Didn’t have the time to inquire if that was just me scratching head, or universal. Much appreciated!

    Also very impressed that, despite the spicy feedback, you’ve got the humble transparency to allow posts – favorable to you or not.


    • Pete Green says:

      I haven’t seen reports of missing presets from the upgrade. I’ll keep an eye out if it is becoming a trend.

  60. Tony Bates says:

    Can’t get Lightroom 4.2 64-bit to launch in Windows 7 without running the repair installation tool every time I want to use it. Would recommend sticking with 4.1!

  61. Hi Adobe. I’m VERY disappointed about your FINAL 4.2 release. FINAL? I’m an Adobe LR ACE, I use LR for job and workshops, but I have so many troubles with Develop Module I became a bit crazy!!! Yes, my PC is only 32bit with 4Gb RAM and I will upgrade to 64bit with 16Gb RAM, but it will be useful? Why Adobe have created a so unusable version of LR? Yes, powerful RAW engine, but if I’m not able to use it something is wrong…Adobe HAVE TO REBUILD Develop module, my customers want speedness…Sorry for my bad words, I love LR from the first release, the 3.6 was the best version for stability and performance, the 4.x version is a nightmare…Please consider your customers need, we support you, you support us! 🙂

    • Pete Green says:

      Thanks Duilio, We’re working on ironing out some more of the performance issues in LR4. 4.2 addressed a few of them, but we will keep working to fix the remaining causes.

  62. mike says:

    when will the Nikon D600 be fully supported??

    • Pete Green says:

      No current timeframe to comment on when the full support will be added, it is quite functional in its current state though

  63. Lynn says:

    When will there be support for Canon G15 in LR4?

    • Pete Green says:

      It’s a pretty new camera (a month old)…We tend to add new camera support a few times throughout each year. No ETA on next update timeframe however.

  64. Vincent Pia says:

    When will there be an update to support the Canon G15? It’s strange that there’s already one for the EOS M – which isn’t as widely available as the G15 – yet there isn’t support for the G15 yet.

    • Pete Green says:

      It’s a pretty new camera (a month old)…We tend to add new camera support a few times throughout each year. No ETA on next update timeframe however.

      • Vincent Pia says:

        Thank you for the response! I hope you’re able to add an update for it soon! I love Lightroom 4… and I love my new G15… and I can’t wait to be able to use them together!

  65. Radek says:

    is there a difference between the lens profiles for Nikon and Canon lens mount? The reason I ask this: I bought the new Tamron 24-70 lens for Canon, but Adobe published just the lens profile for Nikon mount. Can I use ist for my Canon pictures either?

  66. What happened with LR 4.2? With version 4.1 I could right-click a raw file and select “open with LR”, and now this seems impossible.
    I like Lightroom for what it can do, but I HATE the totally user-unfriendly bullshit with “importing”, “libraries, “catalogs”, “sets” and whatsoever. I just want to edit certain photos with Lightroom and nothing more. I always did and want to continue doing my own organisation in Windows without any dominantly pushed interference of other software.

    Is there no way to switch off all this “organisation” rubbish in Lightroom???

    I just want to treat my photo’s and all this confusing ballast makes me crazy!

    • Pete Green says:

      Why can’t you still right click the image and choose Open with Lightroom? Is it not in the list? Can you click Browse and point to Lightroom to add it to the list? (this is a windows list)

      Lightroom is an image cataloging and photograph tone manipulation application. If you just want to edit photos specifically without having to import into lightroom (which is how lightroom gets to see and work with an image), do you have Photoshop to do this type of workflow?

      • No, Windows (7) refuses to add Lightroom 4.2 to the list of programs to open CR2 files. This went without problem with LR4.1.
        I have Photoshop Elements, but I bought Lightroom because it has more possibilities.

  67. John S says:

    Loaded Adobe Lightroom 4.2 to MacBook Pro – Only 8 images appear in preview. The Nikon D600 .NEF files mostly display “Preview unavailable for this file. DSC_0022.NEF” and dark grey ones when clicked on say “This appears to be a duplicate of a file already on file” or This is a suspected duplicate”

    What gives?!?

  68. John S says:

    Update on Lightroom 4.2 – tested downloading two images to external drive. Worked OK. When Lightroom went back to preview page images appeared and were downloaded.

  69. Johel says:

    Some bugs in Lightroom 4.2 64 bits (Win 7, Intel i7-3930K, 6 cores, 32GB of RAM – DSRL : Nikon D800)
    – the cut and past of parameters from one picture to another works only sometimes. Usually I have to repeat the command 2 or 3 times and then it works. A problem of synchronisation in multithreading ?
    – when exporting a set of pictures, there is probable a memory leak: the used memory increases until the end of the process, which is not normally. The memory used for export should be free after each picture. After such a long export (150 pictures), I have to restart Lightroom despite my 32Gb of RAM…

  70. Jebs says:

    I have just bought my first DSLR so I have never had photoshop – where do I start – is Lightroom an add on or can I just buy it without having photoshop – sorry for my ignorance guys but I’d appreciate your advice.

    • Pete Green says:

      Lightroom and Photoshop are two separate and different stand-alone products. Lightroom gives you the ability to organize and powerfully edit your photos lighting overall as well as do some finer adjustments as needed working towards an export of some kind (print, web, book, etc)

      Photoshop is an image editor that gives you the power to do anything you can imagine to an image, including the edits that Lightroom can perform but more finely tuned for creating compositions or doing heavier duty image-manipulation.

      They have different functions, but the functionality bleeds together when working to create an end result.

      Learning Lightroom 4

      Learning Photoshop CS6

  71. bjorn says:

    I just purchased the Canon S110, but it’s RAW format doesn’t seem to be supported in Lightroom 4.2 yet. I just checked for updates, but it claims I have the most recent version.

    Is there an eta on when Adobe will release support for Canon S110’s RAW format?

    (See also


    • Pete Green says:

      No ETA to comment on at this time. The Canon S110 is a pretty brand new camera, and we typically add new support for new cameras a few times each year. LR 4.2 was released on Oct 9th.

  72. Hi to you all. I’m just passed to 64bit OS with 16Gigs RAM: previously with 32bit OS and 4 Gigs RAM the Lightroom Develop Module was quite unusable…now it’s a flash! I can develop deeply a 20 MB RAW with dozen of spots removal, local filters and so on with so much speedness! It’s incredible the difference from the past to the present, now I can LR in the way I’ve always searched for…I’m so happy and also my customer. Now I can improve drastiscally my workflow, more RAWs develop in so less time! Now I’m very satisfied. I suggest to people who have slowness trougle to move to a 64bit OS and increase your RAM. It’s literally another working world! have a nice day 🙂

  73. Grow says:

    Lightroom 4.2 freezes – I have been having this issue since updating to 4.2.
    Always occurs about 30 minutes into my Lightroom session.
    No particular command is an obvious culprit.
    I will click on a slider, or whatever, and the mouse cursor will freeze.
    NOTHING I can do will restore the system and the only recourse is to use the power switch to turn the system off and then reboot.
    To reiterate once the mouse freezes it is all over and nothing more can be done since neither the mouse nor the keyboard will then respond.
    Waiting five minutes or five hours makes no difference.

    • Pete Green says:

      Which module are you in? If the whole computer is freezing that has potential to be bad ram, or maybe processor at fault. The software shouldn’t shouldn’t be able to cause the entire system to freeze unless hardware may be to blame.
      Are you Windows or Mac? Which OS Ver?
      LR 4.1 didn’t ever cause the computer to freeze?
      If Mac, Do you see anything abnormal if you watch Lightroom in the activity monitor?

  74. Lee Carus says:

    Another vote for A99 tethering please! 🙂

  75. Archer66 says:

    Any known issues with Windows 8 ?

  76. N Stephens says:

    another vote to work out the raw conversion for fuji xpro1 and xe1. it would make my life o so much easier.

  77. G says:

    I used to trust the LR3 auto adjustment. With LR4 I find myself adjust the exposure back to 0 after using the auto. I ended up creating another preset just to return the exposure of all imported images to 0. It is a two step process with LR4 until adobe takes the time to fix this.

    I have also noticed that LR4 will use 100% of the CPU if I keep the program running but being idle (distracted watching TV) even with a small catalog (300 images).

    Win7 64bit 8mb ram 7200rpm Nvidia AMD dual core 2.6Ghz

  78. Thomas Huber says:

    Fuji X-Pro 1 again. I assume there is something tricky with raw conversion from this chip and can of course accept this. But what I really would expect is an ADOBE statement on the perception of the problem from side of ADOBE together with a comment on the activities planned on the topic – hopefuly quicker than I need to get used to SlikyPix!

  79. Joe says:

    Just got LR 4.2 on my new Windows 8 OS. Doesn’t recognize my D600 NEX files. Any ideas what might be wrong?

  80. Melissa says:

    Ever since I updated when I export a photo and choose export as original it exports as a 16×24. I check the photo before putting it in light room and it’s 50 inches by 80 inches which is correct and how I want to export it after I fix the white balance when necessary. All I am doing is changing the white balance and exporting and this is how it is coming out. This has never been an issue before. I’m regretting the update. Please help.

  81. Andres Acero says:

    Where the hell are the RGB Curves!?!?!?

  82. Arno says:

    Honestly guys, how long can you dare going on with the performance issue?
    I have a 3.4 GHz i7 2600 processor with 8GO of RAM and the 4.2 release is not even faster than the 4.1, which was a nightmare compared to 3.6 !!!!

    4.2 is even slower than 4.1 in applying some changes in the develop module (exposure, Higlights, vignetting).

    V 4 has been out for more than 6 months and is still not working properly. Work harder and faster or you’ll lose us, seriously!

  83. Arno says:

    Waoo! 18 minutes to export 72 files in web size Jpeg (LR preset), and 27 minutes in full size Jpeg. That’s what I call performance 🙁

  84. Paul says:

    Please support the following two lenses:

    Samyang 35mm f/1.4 AS UMC
    Samyang 14mm f/2.8 IF ED UMC

  85. Don says:

    Hello, any idea on Win 7 tether support for the Samsung EX2F for the near future?



  86. Mllanos says:

    I thought the XPro-1 and the X-E1 had the same sensor. Why is the X-E1 supported and not the X-Pro1?

  87. David Eckels says:

    •Back Cover of Book layout had Horizontal text on spine rather than Vertical

    This has NOT been fixed for all page formats. Large Square format spine orientation remains horizontal, however, Regular Landscape format is correct. This has been verified by Blurb customer service.

  88. Robv says:

    Lightroom 4.2 is a dog. It performs horribly on my machines.
    I cannot stay with 4.2 at all as it is unusable.

  89. Miguel Angel says:

    Hola, tengo el objetivo canon ef 28-200mm USM , el cual no esta en la lista de objetivos de lightroom 4.2. ¿Cuando será actualizado esta lente? gracias.

  90. Vicki says:

    I have purchased a new Pentax K-r. It doesn’t seem to want to work in Lightroom 4. Amy I doing something wrong. The camera just won’t operate when connected to my computer. Any help would be appreciated.

  91. Marcel Lalonde says:

    When will you support Fujinon lenses, like the 18-55 mm 2.8/4

  92. Lee Gerstein says:

    Canon G15– great little camera. LR4.2 imports jpegs but won’t import .CR2 images (RAW). Please fix this. Canon G10 .CR2 images imported fine.

  93. Hector MA says:

    Fujifilm X-Pro1 support needed! Nothing else needs to be said.

  94. anyulled says:

    please add thetered camera support for nikon d5100!!

  95. I really enjoy using Lightroom 4. But to add one more request to the list; I would like to see tethered capture for my Pentax K-5.

  96. Hi I am a pro photographer and use LR I am about to buy the Fuji X Pro 1.
    when are you going to support the RAW files to a professional standard with no smudging etc? I have read through the messages and there are very many asking the same question but you have not replied to any of them? Could you bring us all up to date regarding your lack of support for the Fuji X Pro 1. Thank you

  97. Chris says:

    If I load Lightroom 4 will I lose all the presets I have purchased from other providers and editing software such as OnOne and Nik Software etc .. basically will I have to reload them?

    • Pete Green says:

      You will have to reload them in the new version. Also you’ll want to make sure you have the updated versions of the plug-ins that is compatible with LR4

  98. Jose says:

    Another vote for sony Nex tethering (Nex 6 & Nex 7)

  99. judith says:

    I just recently bought the Macbook Pro 13 inch with retina display. I just tried to download LR–had error message. Does this mean I can’t install LR of Photoshop on this Macbook?? 🙁

  100. Shannon says:

    Fujifilm X-Pro1 support needed! I would really like to be able to edit my raw files from the Xpro 1, and not have them all blurry, and smeared looking. Any update on when this will be taken care of? Is it even being looked at? Also lens profiles…..

  101. José L says:

    Please, Adobe, add tethering for Nex 6 / 7 to lightroom (via Wifi or USB, according to your liking)

  102. I have ligjhtroom 4 and got the canon mark 3 and cant view my images.
    how do I up grade. please send me a link

  103. Adam says:

    When will LR support Nikon D3100 tether? We are still waiting.

  104. sla says:

    Still no retina, lenses and color profiles added?