Lightroom 4.4 Release Candidate Now Availabile

Lightroom 4.4  is now available as a Release Candidate  on Adobe Labs.   The ‘release candidate’ label indicates that this update is well tested but would benefit from additional community testing before it is distributed automatically to all of our customers.  The final release of Lightroom 4.4 may have additional corrections or camera support.

Bugs Corrected in Lightroom 4.4 Release Candidate

The following bugs that were part the Lightroom 4 releases have been corrected. The team appreciates the very detailed feedback the community has provided on Lightroom 4 and we’re excited to correct a number of issues experienced by our customers. These issues have been FIXED:

  • The crop overlay tool resized incorrectly when used in conjunction with the “Constrain to Crop” checkbox in the Lens Correction panel
  • Background graphics were not correctly rendered within the Book Module
  • The supplied lens profile for the Sony RX-1 did not contain vignette information
  • Previews of photos in portrait orientation were blurry when viewed in the filmstrip in the Develop module. (Mac only)
  • Stack badges displayed the wrong count when creating new stack that included a preexisting stack.
  • The Filter scrollbar within the Library module was not rendering properly.
  • Auto-tone was not working properly when used in conjunction with the Exposure adjustment slider. (Win only)
  • The Black&White button was not creating a History state within the Develop module. (Win only)
  • RGB color readouts were specified in the Adobe RGB colorspace rather than the ProPhoto linear colorspace. This occurred when working in Soft Proofing within the Develop module.
  • Adding a page behaved inconsistently in the Book module depending on the method used to add a page.
  • The state of the “Remove Chromatic Aberrations” checkbox within the Lens Correction was not persistent between sessions of Lightroom.

Please provide feedback on your experience with the Lightroom 4.4 Release Candidate in our Feedback Portal (link –

New Camera Support in Lightroom 4.4 Release Candidates

  • Canon EOS 1D C
  • Casio Exilim EX-ZR700
  • Fujifilm X100s
  • Fujifilm X20
  • Hasselblad Lunar
  • Leica M
  • Nikon 1 J3
  • Nikon 1 S1
  • Pentax MX-1

Release Notes

Lightroom 4.4 RC includes a correction to the demosaic algorithms for Fujifilm cameras with the X-Trans sensor. This specifically impacts the following cameras:

  • Fujifilm X-Pro1
  • Fujifilm X-E1
  • Fujifilm X100S
  • Fujifilm X20

Thank You

27 Responses to Lightroom 4.4 Release Candidate Now Availabile

  1. Mike Payne says:

    Still no D600 tethering? Not even a hint at its arrival? Having waited many months already, this is outrageous.

  2. Chris says:

    Does 4.4 support Nikon D600 tether

  3. Nikonguy says:

    Hopefully 4.4 RC addresses the speed issues!

  4. Carolyn says:

    I would like to know if there is a default way to have all information written to the xmp fie instead of having to make sure to turn it on or each catalogue

  5. 4242424 says:

    no it does not….

  6. O programa é muito bom, sem reclamação ainda

  7. I will really look into and report on this issue when working on the fuji files..thanks for the support!

  8. HDR Toning is broken for me in 4.4RC. 32bit Images are ultradark and not recoverable. Had to roll back to 4.3

  9. David Kennedy says:

    I do not see that the dual monitor issue in the slideshow module has been addressed. This was introduced in 4.3. I have no problems with running the slide show module with two monitors in 4.2 on a Mac.

  10. Seb says:

    What about the crash when mac goes to sleep? Everytime the mac says it was caused by Lightroom, even though it was just opened but not doing anything at that moment.

  11. No mention of speed issues being fixed, so I wouldn’t bet on it, @Nikonguy 🙁

  12. Anssi says:

    When exporting to JPEGs, sometimes it makes 0 byte files of some of the photos. Another export is needed, and then another until all photos are correctly exported to JPEGs. This seems to be random. Sometimes all photos are exported correctly, sometimes none (out of 1-10 photos I’ve tested so far).

  13. Alex_Ismagilov says:

    Is the same slowwwww as 4.3? (In Develop)

  14. Laura Maddams says:

    What about tethered capture with Nikon D600?

  15. Rob says:


    Can I say I’m pretty annoyed at your product. As a professional photographer running the latest iMac 27inch with the fastest CPU availabie…. 32gb ram, SSD Scratch Disk and Thunderbolt Raid drives… Lightroom still runs like a sloth.

    As a wedding photographer who constantly has to sort, cull and edit well over 1500 per weddings on a regular basis, this product is becoming unusable.. and quite frankly its annoying me soo much im tempted to switch over to capture one or aperture… because right now your product is just causing me grief

    what concerns me even more is in RC 4.4 I dont see a bug fix for this problem which is pretty pathetic

  16. XCIV says:

    I find the Adobe release notes detail rather variable, they do appear to have fixed the repeatable adjustment brush crash (OS X Lion) that made me revert to 4.2 but no mention of it in the notes here. A previous update changed the camera RAW version without any mention.

  17. Toni says:

    What about the “Improved interactive performance at intermediate zoom levels (e.g., 33% and 66%)” announced in camera raw 7.4 rc1?
    There is no mention in Lightroom changelog…

  18. Brian Cox says:

    Nikon D7100 please.

  19. Michael Mortensen says:

    It would be nice to same speed in Develop mode as in Library mode. Often the performance is dreadful in Develop mode. So I hope the same as you, Nikonguy.

  20. Finn says:

    Will 4.4 contain tethered support for Nikon D600?

  21. About the speed issue.. Calibrating my screen with ICC V2 instead of V4 made my lightroom much faster. Many ppl calibrate their screen with “Easy calibration” that use standard settings, and ICC V4 is standard in X-rite and Spyder. Try to use “Advanced options” and select matrix based, ICC V2, lots of patches,etc.. Remember to do a reboot. Lightroom has no support for ICC V4. It could be the mother of all problems ppl are having regarding speed issues.

    Another tip. Try to avoid converting to .DNG until you export the catalog youre working on. Its faster to work on a Canon .CR2 than a .DNG at my computer. This is something Adobe should do some work on. DNG’s should only be used to store the final image w/keywords ++ until its fixed.

    Third tip. I always optimize the catalog im working on. Moving files, making adjustments, sorting, aso, will make your catalog fragmented just like a windows file system. (This would also help mac users too).

    I’m just in for a new(?) complaint. Im using 2 screens. Thumbnails/loupe render my images blurry as he** on both screens. To fix this I have to zoom in and out every single images. Belive this came in 4.3, because I havn’t noticed it before.

    Sorry for my poor English.

  22. Nik says:

    Great improvement for Fuji X-Trans cameras – thank you !


  23. Larny Mack says:

    How can I get a copy of 4.3 RC ? I too am having the same speed/slowdown difficulties as many have mentioned. No doubt it (speed) will ultimately be fixed but in the meantime, it appears the most trouble free in terms of speed is the 4.3 RC version.
    thanks, Larny

  24. canonMobile says:

    A large corporation chronically ignoring a significant issue like slow performance in an otherwise premier app – I’d like to say it was shocking, but it seems par for the course. Particularly for Adobe.

  25. I’m having a problem unstacking with V4.4. I use Photomatix for my HDR photos and when I try to import the HDR composite photo into LR, it shows that there is an additional photo (#2 appears indicating there is a second photo) but it will not unstack. When I click on the number it either shows me the #2 or 1 of 2 but never shows the second photo. When I go to unstack, the #2 disappears as does the HDR composite photo. Very frustrating as I use this feature almost daily in my panorama landscape work. Did not have a problem with V4.3.

  26. Oleg says:

    Teathering for d600 is it awailable, if not when will it be available?

  27. Murphy-B says:

    Bought the D600 at Christmas …. great deal … now I know why …. no supporting products for it. I have tethered for many years with D70-D80-D90. It is integral in my photography business style. WHEN will this be available for the D600??? This is a stupid market plan. It has been over six months since it’s release from Nikon