Lightroom 4.4 Now Available

Lightroom 4.4 is now available as a final release on and through the update mechanism in Lightroom 4.  The goal of this release is to provide additional camera raw support, lens profile support and address bugs that were introduced in previous releases of Lightroom.

Changes to Existing Camera Support:

Lightroom 4.4  includes a correction to the demosaic algorithms for Fujifilm cameras with the X-Trans sensor. This specifically impacts the following cameras:

  • Fujifilm X-Pro1 (*)
  • Fujifilm X-E1 (*)
  • Fujifilm X100S
  • Fujifilm X20

(*) Based on user feedback, the default sharpening amount applied to Fujifilm X-Pro1 and Fujifilm X-E1 raw files has been increased between Lightroom 4.4 Release Candidate and the final Lightroom 4.4 release. 

Lightroom 4.4 includes a correction to the demosaic algorithms for Fujifilm cameras with the EXR sensor. This correction applies only to raw images captured using the “EXR HR” mode with the following cameras:

  • Fujifilm X10
  • Fujifilm XF1
  • Fujifilm X-S1
  • Fujifilm S200EXR
  • Fujifilm HS20EXR
  • Fujifilm HS30EXR
  • Fujifilm F550EXR
  • Fujifilm F600EXR
  • Fujifilm F770EXR
  • Fujifilm F800EXR

Adjusted Nikon default white balance for the following camera models:

  • NikonD2X
  • NikonD2Xs
  • NikonD2Hs
  • NikonD200
  • NikonD40
  • NikonD50
  • NikonD80

– Fix default aspect ratio support for Fujifilm X-E1 raw files.

Bugs Corrected in Lightroom 4.4:

The following bugs that were part the Lightroom 4 releases have been corrected. The team appreciates the very detailed feedback the community has provided on Lightroom 4 and we’re excited to correct a number of issues experienced by our customers. These issues have been FIXED:

  • The crop overlay tool resized incorrectly when used in conjunction with the “Constrain to Crop” checkbox in the Lens Correction panel.
  • Background graphics were not correctly rendered within the Book Module.
  • Reading metadata from file would sometimes result in keyword and and GPS metadata to not save for video files.
  • Updated the “Missing File Icon” for HiDPI / Retina displays
  • The supplied lens profile for the Sony RX-1 did not contain vignette information.
  • Preview in Develop Module was not updated with the latest adjustments.
  • Square tile artifacts while painting with brush.
  • Previews of photos in portrait orientation were blurry when viewed in the filmstrip in the Develop module. (Mac only).
  • Image in Book Disappears After Changing Modules.
  • Error changing modules when in Slideshow with second monitor connected.
  • Stack badges displayed the wrong count when creating new stack that included a preexisting stack.
  • Local Adjustment Effect (Brushed Adjustment) Disappears (temporarily) After Selecting a Pin (Win only).
  • Book changes are not saved after switching between modules.
  • The Filter scrollbar within the Library module was not rendering properly.
  • Auto-tone was not working properly when used in conjunction with the Exposure adjustment slider. (Win only)
  • The Black&White button was not creating a History state within the Develop module. (Win only)
  • When switching from image to image, remnants of previous image visible on fringes of new photo. This occurred on Retina screens only.
  • RGB color readouts were specified in the Adobe RGB colorspace rather than the ProPhoto linear colorspace. This occurred when working in Soft Proofing within the Develop module.
  • Horizontal artifacts would occassionally appear in DNG files.
  • Adding a page behaved inconsistently in the Book module depending on the method used to add a page.
  • The state of the “Remove Chromatic Aberrations” checkbox within the Lens Correction was not persistent between sessions of Lightroom.
  • Cannot add contacts from Address Book to email on Mac.
  • Sliders can no longer be moved on Win by using mouse wheel.

New Camera Support in Lightroom 4.4:

  1. Canon EOS 1D C 
  2. Canon EOS 100D (Digital Rebel SL1 / EOS Kiss Digital X7)
  3. Canon EOS 700D (Digital Rebel T5i / EOS Kiss Digital X7i)
  4. Casio Exilim EX-ZR700
  5. Casio Exilim EX-ZR710
  6. Casio Exilim EX-ZR750
  7. Fujifilm FinePix F900EXR
  8. Fujifilm FinePix HS50EXR
  9. Fujifilm FinePix SL1000
  10. Fujifilm X100s
  11. Fujifilm X20
  12. Hasselblad H5D-40
  13. Hasselblad H5D-50
  14. Hasselblad Lunar
  15. LEICA M (Typ 240)
  16. Nikon 1 J3
  17. Nikon 1 S1
  18. Nikon D7100
  19. Nikon Coolpix A
  20. Nikon Coolpix P330 (**)
  21. Olympus XZ-10
  22. Pentax MX-1
  23. Samsung NX300
  24. Sony Alpha NEX-3N
  25. Sony Alpha SLT-A58

* denotes preliminary support

New Lens Profile Support in Lightroom 4.4:

Lens Name Lens Mount
Canon EF 35mm f/2 IS USM Canon
Canon EF 24-70mm f/4 L IS USM Canon
SIGMA 17-70mm F2.8-4 DC MACRO OS HSM C013 Canon
SIGMA 35mm F1.4 DG HSM A012 Canon
Nikon 1 NIKKOR 18.5mm f/1.8 Nikon
Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/4G ED VR Nikon
SIGMA 35mm F1.4 DG HSM A012 Nikon
TAMRON SP 70-200mm F/2.8 Di VC USD A009N Nikon
TAMRON SP 90mm F/2.8 Di MACRO 1:1 VC USD Nikon
F004N Nikon
SIGMA 18-250mm F3.5-6.3 DC MACRO HSM Pentax
SIGMA 17-70mm F2.8-4 DC MACRO OS HSM C013 Sigma
SIGMA 35mm F1.4 DG HSM A012 Sigma
SIGMA 18-250mm F3.5-6.3 DC MACRO HSM Sony
Sony E 10-18mm F4 OSS Sony
TAMRON SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di USD A007S Sony

Download Links

Lightroom 4.4

Thank You

A big thanks to everyone who submitted bug reports, posted entries in the U2U forums and blogged their issues so that we could improve the Lightroom 4 experience in this update. Thank you.

82 Responses to Lightroom 4.4 Now Available

  1. Thank you for continuing to work on and improve this software that I use daily.

    Any word on when the broken Watermarks Editor will get fixed?

  2. Alex Reusch says:

    Many thanks for the update. I am a happy X-Pro 1 owner and this update is really nice for all of the Fuji users!!! Thanks for listening!

  3. Ari Katser says:


  4. Daniel thomassin says:

    Merci beaucoup !!Bonne journée à tous.


  5. says:

    “(*) Based on user feedback, the default sharpening amount applied to Fujifilm X-Pro1 and Fujifilm X-E1 raw files has been increased between Lightroom 4.4 Release Candidate and the final Lightroom 4.4 release. ”
    Is this increased default sharpening taking place in the background? The default settings of the sharpening sliders does not seem to be different from before (4.4RC)

  6. Anxo Franco Bañobre says:

    Me gustaría que se pudiese dejar permanente configurado la opción de aplicar las correcciones de lente, para no tener que marcarlo en cada foto

  7. Kenneth Gjesdal says:

    Unable to import Nikon D7100
    “The files are not recognized by the raw format support in Lightroom. (23)”
    Tried to use the DNG Converter 7.4, but it wouldn’t convert it either.

    Tried a repair Lightroom 4.4 with the installer and a reinstall of the DNG Converter 7.4, but neither of them will recognize my D7100 nef files.

    • Kenneth Gjesdal says:

      I changed the raw files from 12 bit to 14 bit and then it worked…

      • Kenneth Gjesdal says:

        oh, wasn’t the problem at all, sorry for that.
        The culprit was the Nikon Transfer program.

  8. Stan Causey says:

    Does Lightroom 4.4 support tethering for the Nikon D600?

    • Jim Lawrence says:

      LR 4.4 does not work with the D7100. I have tried the 7100 on 3 laptops, but they all work fine with the D7000s.

  9. HG says:

    I just don’t understand. Why are you supporting the D7100 that just came out 2 weeks ago and still no support (tethering) for the Nikon D600 that came out 6 months ago?!?!

  10. Mike Robison says:

    Thank you!

  11. Sam Kircher says:

    Slideshow Module performance is erratic: 1) un-cropped pictures do not display to full size of the guidelines, 2) Zoom to Fill only zooms the cast shadow, not the picture, 3) I lot some user pre-sets on update.

  12. mike says:

    When will the update be available through the Mac App store? The downloaded updater doesn’t work on lightroom if you originally bought it from the app store.

  13. Miguel Angel says:

    When for will we have m4/3 systems lens profiles?
    Thanks for your answer

  14. Kevin Ng says:

    Does this version include a fix for the fact that there is no aperture estimation for the Leica Monochrom?

    As you know, such estimation is provided for the Leica M9.

    Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.

    Best regards,
    Kevin Ng

  15. ADAM Palmer says:

    Huge memory leak in LR 4.4 had to unistall

  16. SiO says:

    Still no Sigma DPx Merrill support :o(

  17. Greg says:

    I’m very disappointed that Sigma DP Merrill cameras are still not supported by Adobe.

  18. john tipps says:

    When will the nikon d 600 have teather support, this is killing me.

  19. Alexander says:

    Very good work 🙂

  20. Henry wang says:

    Hi masters from Lr,

    Wish to have a much quicker search function of face as it is from iPhoto someday so as to save time from the current library setting.

    Secondly, can the screen show an instant data at least for the size and form of the image data? Whether the image is in raw, dng, tiff or jpeg can be easier identified in one glance and how big of the size is can be more helpful. I see now it shows on the bottom side after processing with a note: tiff…..that,if can be always available will be helpful. Thanks a lot . But in case it is due to my ignorance. Please feel free to correct me. I love this software very much and I have now dropped iPhoto and Aperturer. Thank you all again and keep the good work to cheer all of your fans at all time.

    Warmest regards,
    Henry wang from Taipei, Taiwan

  21. Richard Brewer says:

    Although I appreciate the upgrade to 4.4 to a great extent I do not appreciate what Adobe has done to the Lens Correction – Manual – Transform adjustments, that now work in a different way to the 4.3 version. It was the latter that was the deal clincher for me, and having only used the licensed software for a couple of weeks I now find that I am unable to use Lightroom as I initially wanted to.

    Is it possible to uninstall the software and reinstall from the disc so that I can keep running in the older version?


  22. Peter A says:

    *BUG* !!! in LR 4.4

    I have a folder of .29 short .avi movies from my VADO HD. I captured a jpg from the first 11 of the movie clips as I set the *Poster Frame*. They were all named and in sequence, and the jpgs remain as they were in the Win8 explorer folder.

    In LR 4.4 the captured jpgs are GONE (all but one that was a different name than the .avi file). And they will NOT come back, become visible, when I synchronize the folder.

    Because the only captured jpg was a different name than the the .avi file I renamed another jpg in Win8 explorer. This renamed file then came into LR 4.4 with a *Folder Synchronize*.

    Conclusion – captured jpgs with the same name as the movie file aren’t being seen by LR 4.4. Renaming will restore them.

    Going to try to find the place to enter bug reports.

    • Lucas Valim says:

      I also had a problem when syncing files. Did you find any solution in your research?

      This was my problem:

      “I did a big reorganization of my photos through Finder (Mac), as I usually do, and when Lightroom synchronize the folders, the software disappeared with all the treatment that was done before, returning the images back to the step that they were imported.”

      Many thanks,

      Lucas Valim

  23. I’ve installed the new download version 4.4 for 64-bit on my Windows PC and now I’m not able to start Lightroom anymore. A dll seems to be missing (mfc100u.dll). Any idea what to do? Thanks in advance,

    • DICK CLARK says:


      • Bob Kubiak says:

        Has anyone found the cause and solution to this issue? I see many questions in this forum but not many answers !

  24. Frank says:

    Thanks for the update! Much appreciated and anticipated for the Fujifilm X-Trans sensor files!
    ADOBE, from your experience, what would you recommend for workflow for X-Trans files? Keep the Fujifilm RAW’s in Lightroom 4.4. or convert them to DNG? Or is there no difference in quality? Normally I always convert my Nikon files to DNG.

  25. Why there is no support for Sigma SD1 Merrill?, please.
    Best regards.

  26. Thank you for this. It corrects something which was bothering me. Plus the fact that I have just bought a Fuji X-E1 as a “carry-everywhere” lightweight to supplement my full frame Canons. This sort of service is one of the reasons why I bought in to Lightroom in the first place. Keep up the good work!

  27. Sally C says:

    When is LR5 due?

  28. Bowman Ron says:

    Add live view in tethered mode

    • Patt says:

      I had heard talk that this was going to be incorporated into LR5. However, from what I can find out thus far this didn’t happen. With Capture One (rival software) having this option and now options like CamRanger (which is about to release software for windows platform and already supports Mac platforms and iPad), I really think Adobe is making a mistake not getting this done. I would love to have this feature available when I shoot tethered.

  29. Christian Duxa says:

    I wonder where are the specifications for all the really good Olympus lenses?

  30. jasper liswani lifasi says:

    nice i lyk it,..

  31. Richard Lehmann says:

    When will Lightroom have the up date for the Canon EOS 6D SLR Digital camera,

    Thank You


  32. LBurke says:

    I just wish that the Nikon D80 was supported for tethered capture

  33. Mary says:

    Just beginning to learn Lightroom and appreciate your info here.
    Definitely a newbie question: I’m buying an Olympus XZ-2 camera. Even thought it is not listed among your supported cameras for tethered shooting, can I still shoot tethered with it?
    Thanks for any info / suggestions you can provide.

  34. Jim Garber says:

    Now in 4.4 slideshow module works but the option to play it on the primary monitor is not there…..only plays on secondary monitor. I am really disappointed. What’s up

  35. Evan says:

    How come when I updated my Lightroom 4 I’m getting the message that “this version of Lightroom may require the Photoshop Camera Raw plug in version 7.4 for full compatibility?” I installed the Raw plug in and the same message pops up

  36. Greg Turner says:

    I love Lightroom and have been using it religiously. However, just applied the 4.4 release/update to 4.36 and got the “000007b” error msg when I attempted to open for the first time. Had previous issue (same error msg) in version prior to 4.36. Adobe issued a package fix for that and everything was fine until now. What do I do? If I can find the package fix should I use it now…again. OR attempt to uninstall and reinstall? Please help. I want my Lightroom back!

  37. Greg Turner says:

    Update: Found the package fix, placed it in the 4.4 folder and like magic…success. However, why did it not update properly??? Keep up the great work.

  38. shaji says:


  39. Ed Dorroh says:

    So please tell me what grudge Adobe seems to have against Tokina lenses and creating profiles for their lenses? I know there are manual set ups, but really?


  40. ALEX KAY says:


  41. Will LR work with the Nikon P7700 in both RAW and JPEG?


  42. Lucas Valim says:


    I did a big reorganization of my photos through Finder (Mac), as I usually do, and when Lightroom synchronize the folders, the software disappeared with all the treatment that was done before, returning the images back to the step that they were imported.

    I’ve done this same procedure before and it never happened. But this was the first time I did in Lr 4.4.

    Could anyone help me?


    Lucas Valim

  43. Tim says:

    What about Canon G1 X support? Come on Adobe!

  44. David FRANSOIS says:

    Thanks for the upgrade, but a windows said missing file mfc100u.ddl. Who can help me?

    • Jason Rico Almazan says:

      I had the same issue with the mfc100u.dll missing. I did a repair on the installation and the problem went away.

  45. Sławomir says:

    I wanted to ask if some of the users reporting in this post have a problem with displaying BW photos in Lightroom – they all have a slight yellowish color – especially visible in highlights. This wasn’t present in LR 4.3 on my machine. Is it just my problem or did some of You came a cross it ? And do You have any ideas what’s the reason for it?

  46. Hélio says:

    On macosx old lens and camera profiles developed by community stopped to work.
    Already copied them to Lightroomm/Resouces/Lens Profile and ../Camera profile but still not working

  47. Richard Cole says:

    LR4.4 Import DOES NOT WORK 100% of the time… barely works 50% of the time!!! I would NOT suggest upgrading to 4.4 from 4.3. Adobe the import function NOT working is KILLING my workflow!!!!

  48. Oleg says:

    Is d600 supported on teathering if not when would it be available?

  49. John says:

    I just purchased a Nikon D5200 camera and Photoshop Lightroom 2.5 does not recognize the images. Do I have to upgrade to 4.4 to resolve this issue, and how do I find out if 4.4 supports the D5200.

    • Sharad Mangalick says:

      Hi John,

      Lightroom 4.4 supports the Nikon D5200. If you want to continue using Lightroom 2.5, download the DNG Converter and convert your proprietary .nef files into DNG files. Those can be read by Lightroom 2.5.

  50. Richard Ellis says:

    After upgrading to LR 4.4 Soft Proofing isn’t working for me. I get a black image rather than a likeness of the original image. Any tips appreciated – thanks.

  51. Brian Copeland says:

    Will a camera/lens profile be added for the Canon Powershot SX50?

  52. Saif Pathan says:

    Hey Sharad

    I’m a Fujix100S user and recently upgraded LR to 4.4 .I noticed that when opening a .RAF image in Develop module, the colors of the image as its loading , for a split second, appear as they do on the camera screen ie – a lot of  “pop”,saturation ) but once its done loading , the colors flatten out.  Is this supposed to happen ? Is LR somehow  “normalizing” any in-camera  color,highlight,shadow,dynamic range values that can be customized in the X100s ?

    Any feedback would be great.Thanks

  53. Lalit Katel says:

    Will lightroom 4, 4.4 update work with Canon 7D raw files?

  54. John Diego says:

    “Since installing LR 4.4 I’m not able to import CR2 RAW from my Canon 7D. I get the message ” The following file were not imported because that could not be read (180) or (58)”

    LR4.4 sees the Raw images in the import window but will not import. I can copy the raw files to another drive but yet again they will not import. I can import the raw files using Canon’s Image Browser EX. My camera firm ware is 2.0.0 but I since updated to 2.0.3.

    I even went as far as try to import raw file from another card that I imported weeks ago, before upgrading to 4.4 and they will now not import.


    • François Samyn says:


      I have exactly the same problem with my Canon 7D. I tried the same solutions but it doesn’t work.

      Can anyone help us?

      Many thanks in advance

  55. wayne says:

    Having a Pentax system, how well does the LR 4.4 adjust for that type of camera. I see very little information regarding that camera system,

    How does mapping help in tagging your photos in LR

  56. The SONY SEL20F28 (Nex lens) needs to be supported in LR 4.4.
    Please publish lens profile!

  57. Erin says:

    Hi there –
    I’ve been trying to convert my raw files to dng, but the option ‘Convert Photos to DNG’ is always grey (not bold and clickable) and unavailable! Even when I try to export, there is no option to convert to DNG. What’s wrong??


  58. Tobi says:

    Have downloaded dng 7.4 upgrade so my rebel Eso SL1raw files could be recognized by LR4. Still get message that LR wont recognise the raw files. Any suggestions? Thanks

  59. Tom says:

    I just updated Lightroom and now I cannot import any files into the program. My card is full and I have to empty my card, so I can get work done. I don’t see any comments from ADOBE with advice on this page. PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO FIX THIS QUICK!!!

  60. Matt says:

    Does Lightroom 4.4 support Canon 6D wi-fi tethering?

    Thanks 🙂

  61. Al says:

    Hi, I just started using lightroom4 and then downloaded the up date 4.4 . I have the nikonD7100 and I’m not able to tethere and it states that no camera detected. I look on the site for answers to the problem but none. Is there a solution to this problem? Thanks

  62. Joanne Pratt says:

    I downloaded LR 4.4 and now can’t find my images. I am getting a message to import my files into a catalog. Surely that would be automatic in an upgrade??? Help! I use a Canon GIX. Should I just go back to the previous version of LR that has al lmy images?

    • Pete Green says:

      Have Lightroom select your old catalog (File > Open Catalog) for upgrading/conversion to LR4.

  63. Jose Luiz R. Muzzio says:

    I want to buy LR 4.4 and have already downloaded it. However when I placed the order there was a problem with my account and I couldn´t do it. Now I have a new account and want to proceed with the purchase. How can I do it?

  64. John Kerr says:

    After trying to use this software for nine months, I finally gave up, ate the purchase price and deleted the whole damned thing. I found it to be clunky, almost impossible to use, and in general a frustrating program to work with. I had some success but the difficulties I had using it far outweighed any improvements it supposedly offered over my previous software. Even after watching the Youtube videos which seemed to make sense, I was unable to use it to do what I wanted. Using this program is/was the most incredibly frustrating experience I have ever had with a piece of software.

  65. R Corinne says:

    Since I installed 4.4 my previews load correctly some of the time but as I am going along one or two will be blank/gray just a little too long before loading, letting me know there is a problem! Not long after downloading this version I tried to optimize and back-up and a prompt came back saying that that my catalog was corrupt. I followed the prompts and am back, but the gray/blank preview problem is persisting and I am afraid this is something to do with the upgrade since nothing else has changed…..
    Has anyone else had this problem? advice on how to fix this problem is greatly appreciated…Thank-you.

  66. Randy says:

    Been using Lr4 for a while now, the one problem I`m having is when I try to add more than one preset to a photo that I`m uploading to FB, one preset cancels out the other preset! Is there an easy way to get around this? Thanks for your reply in advance.


  67. ajay Fay says:

    hey any way to get my light room 4.4 to look more like 4.3,..? I don’t like the white and grey buttons? And the temp is no longer warm/cold? Is this a skin settings? Its just weird looking? Please help!



  68. Roberto Ferrigno says:

    I have lightroom 4.4 and I cannot see the RAF fujifilm files from an X-A1, nor can I import them as dng.
    Can somebody help?

  69. Josh says:

    I installed Lightroom 4.0 then immediately upgraded to 4.4, can I remove 4.0 to save disk space or is it needed?