Lightroom 5 Beta Now Available!

The Lightroom team is proud to introduce the fifth major version of the product designed for and by photographers. It was 7 years ago when we introduced the very first public beta of Lightroom at MacWorld on January 9, 2006. Since 2006 we’ve been hard at work improving an application that’s intended to be as easy to use as it is powerful.  This release builds on the image quality improvements in Lightroom 4 to provide a truly complete workflow and imaging solution.  We keep hearing from customers that they love Lightroom but needed to leave Lightroom to complete X, Y, or Z.  Lightroom 5 beta solves those issues.

Lightroom 5 Beta Splash Screen

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Primary Known Issues

  • Lightroom 5 beta is not complete but please provide feedback on the available enhancements.
  • Lightroom 5 beta will not upgrade Lightroom 1.x, Lightroom 2.x, Lightroom 3.x, or Lightroom 4.x catalogs. The beta is intended to be used for testing and feedback purposes. Lightroom 1.x, 2.x, 3.x , 4.x and 5 beta libraries will be able to be migrated to the finished version of Lightroom 5.
  • While data loss is not expected, this is an early ‘beta’ quality build and you should always work on duplicates of files that are securely backed up.
  • Lightroom 5 beta will not overwrite or interfere with a machine that currently has Lightroom 1, Lightroom 2, Lightroom 3, or Lightroom 4 installed.
  • Develop settings applied in Lightroom 5 beta are not guaranteed to transfer correctly to the final version of Lightroom 5
  • The Lightroom 5 beta will expire after Lightroom 5.0 is available
  • Additional known issues are listed below.

Minimum system requirements


  • Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon® 64 processor*
  • DirectX 10–capable or later graphics card
  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 with Service Pack 1 or Windows 8
  • 2GB of RAM (4GB recommended)
  • 2GB of available hard-disk space
  • 1024×768 display
  • DVD-ROM drive
  • Internet connection required for Internet-based services†

* Dual-core processor recommended for HD or AVCHD video functionality.

Mac OS

  • Multicore Intel processor with 64-bit support
  • Mac OS X v10.7 or v10.8
  • 2GB of RAM (4GB recommended)
  • 2GB of available hard-disk space
  • 1024×768 display
  • DVD-ROM drive
  • Internet connection required for Internet-based services†

Install Lightroom 5 beta

Download the beta 

1. Download Lightroom 5 beta from
2. Unzip the download, open the disk image, and double-click the Lightroom Beta 5 package in the resulting window.  Follow the on-screen instructions

Windows 7, Windows 8
1. Download Lightroom 5 beta from
2. Unzip the download, open the disk image, and double-click the Lightroom Beta 5 package in the resulting window.  Follow the on-screen instructions.

Serial Numbers

Anyone can download and work with the Lightroom 5 beta for the duration of the beta program. There is no serial number requirement.

Supported File Formats

  • JPEG
  • TIFF (8 bit, 16 bit)
  • PSD (8 bit, 16 bit)
  • PNG
  • DNG
  • Raw (Please visit for a full list of raw file support. File support for Lightroom 5 beta, aligns with Lightroom 4.4 and Camera Raw 7.4)

Important File Format Support Exceptions (Formats not supported)

• PSD files saved without a composite image. (Saved without “Maximize Compatibility” setting)
• Files with dimensions greater than 65,000 pixels per side

High Level Summary of What’s New

  • Advanced Healing Brush
  • Upright
  • Radial Gradient
  • Smart Previews
  • Improved Photo Book Creation
  • Slideshows with Videos and Still Images

Lightroom 5 beta Enhancements

Advanced Healing Brush
Lightroom 2 added the ability to quickly remove spots and imperfections from your images.  Photographers could only heal circular areas, but many unwanted elements in photographs have irregular shapes. In Lightroom 5 beta we’ve overhauled the Spot Removal algorithm.

With the Advanced Healing Brush, photographers can now adjust the size of the brush and move it in precise paths, so unwanted objects and flaws—even those with irregular shapes like threads—just disappear. Lightroom 5 even let’s portrait photographers achieve subtle, natural looking results when they smooth wrinkles or fix blemishes on their subjects.

Advanced Healing Brush


There are many things that can come between a photographer and the perfect photo. Not holding a camera straight, or taking a picture from an odd perspective or with the wrong lens, can cause a subject to appear tilted or askew when imported into the Lightroom catalog and viewed on a computer screen. Correcting such images often requires a number of separate adjustments. A photographer might rotate an image, adjust it vertically and horizontally, and change its aspect and perspective. Finding the optimal combination of these settings often relies on a time-consuming trial and error approach.

Lightroom 5 extends the range of image enhancements available to photographers with Upright. The new Upright tool gives photographers four easy methods to straighten tilted images with a single click. Upright analyzes images and detects skewed horizontal and vertical lines, even straightening shots where the horizon is hidden.


Radial Filter

Busy backgrounds or bright colors can distract viewers from the focal point of an image. Photographers may try to reduce the distraction by cropping an image, but this can result in the loss of interesting detail and balance. Another approach to focusing the viewer’s attention is to create a vignette effect, but this only works if a subject is in the center of an image.

The Radial Gradient tool in Lightroom 5 now offers photographers more flexibility and control in how they guide a viewer’s eye to emphasize the important parts of an image. Using this tool, photographers can create off-center vignette effects or multiple vignette areas in a single image. This local adjustment control lets photographers minimize distractions and focus a viewer’s attention exactly where it should be.

Radial Filter

Smart Previews

Photographers need flexibility, and new solid state drives and ultra-light laptops let them work from anywhere. However, the limited storage capacity of these devices restricts access to complete image libraries and original raw files, which are often stored on detachable storage devices or desktop computers. Inability to access to the files they need impacts their ability to edit and share high-quality images while on the go.

New Smart Previews in Lightroom 5 let photographers easily work with images without bringing their entire library with them. They just generate smaller, stand-in files called Smart Previews and leave the originals back at the studio. Photographers can make adjustments or metadata additions to Smart Previews and apply their changes to the fullsize originals later when they reconnect to the device holding the original files, all nondestructively, of course.

For many photographers, generating Smart Previews as they import their images gives them the freedom to disconnect from their storage device at any time, leave the originals at home or in the studio, and edit the Smart Previews from wherever they are. Building Smart Previews while importing is easy, just check the Build Smart Previews checkbox within the File Handling panel in the Import dialog box.

Improved Photo Book Creation

In Lightroom 4, Adobe introduced a robust Photo Book creation workflow. The Book Module makes it easy for photographers to create beautiful, custom books for clients, friends, or for their own personal enjoyment. The Book module provides everything photographers need to create a Photo Book and export it to a PDF for online viewing or directly upload it to the online printing site, Blurb.

Now Lightroom 5 lets photographers customize Photo Books more than ever, with a variety of easy-to-use book templates that you can now edit to create a customized look. Photographers can add page numbers, individual photo captions, and page captions.

Slideshows with Videos and Still Images

Lightroom 4 provided photographers tools to do more with video clips—from organizing, viewing, and making adjustments and edits to playing and trimming clips and extracting still images from video footage. With Lightroom 5 photographers can now easily combine still images, video clips, and music in creative HD video slideshows that can be viewed on almost any computer or device.

Lightroom 5 Additional Features and JDIs

  • PNG file support
  • True Full Screen Mode
  • Configurable grid overlays
  • Additional search criteria for filters and smart collections
  • Lock zoom position preference settings
  • Direction field in EXIF metadata panel
  • “Set as Target Collection” checkbox in Create Collections dialogue
  • Integrity verification of DNG files
  • LAB color readout
  • Aspect slider added to the Manual tab in the Lens Correction panel
  • Persistent clipping indicators between Lightroom sessions
  • Crop overlay aspect ratios
  • Visual indicator of Favorite book pages
  • Transparent buttons for improved Text creation in Books

Additional Known Issues


  • Localization is still in progress. The UI for all new features has not been translated to non-English languages.
  • Offline photos can go missing from Lightroom when moving folder of images to a different volume.

Book Module

  • Make sure to review your book carefully before printing. In particular, please avoid using the ‘Creative’ templates in this build due to a issue where the borders will not be printed.


  • Clipping Indicators turn on automatically with each new session

Smart Previews

  • Please build Smart Previews in batches of 1000 images or less.


  • The audio of trimmed video keeps playing even if the video slides is passed
  • The exported slideshow video does not applied the develop presets
  • Occasionally the exported slideshow video cannot be played
  • Stroke border draws incorrectly during transitions between slides.
  • Occasionally the slideshow will not allow you to stop playback.  In this case, please Force Quit Lightroom 5 beta.
  • Most of the keyboard shortcuts will be disabled during slideshow playing in the preview/full screen mode.
  • Quick Develop Adjustments will not be applied to exported video clips as part of Video Slideshows

340 Responses to Lightroom 5 Beta Now Available!

  1. Jan R. smit says:

    Looks spectacular, downloading obviously not fast, so hard to wait to play with it on portraits and beauty/fashion.

  2. JC says:

    Could you make it faster? that’s the number one demand from most users.

    • Jan says:

      yes please, switching in LR4 (and LR 5 beta 1) from library to development and switching pictures in development mode is annoyingly slow. also some development actions are slow (resize, …) especially at first change of a fresh loaded picture.
      Please make it faster. (I’ve read the troubleshoot page)
      kind regards

  3. Ian Worthington says:

    No word about performance improvements? Long overdue guys.

    • Victoria Bampton (the Lightroom Queen) says performance has been a main focus for this release… VERY thorough list of all new features and improvements on her blog;

      What’s New in Lightroom 5.0 Beta?

    • Please can we have much needed performance enhancements.
      I am a fashion photographer who shoots between 2000-5000 images on a busy shoot which needs to be edited down to 1000 images by the next morning. The lag between image new image loading drags out the editing process.

    • Bjoern Dreher says:

      Performance is still an issue.
      On a 32-bit System (4 GB, Intel Core i7 CPU) I can work with JPEG files pretty well, but not with Nikon RAW files from a Nikon 5100 camera. After developing only few pictures the program becomes slower and slower and finally stalls (memory leaks in the software?).
      May be nobody uses Lightroom on a non-64-bit System, but then Lightroom should not be specified for 32-bit sytems.
      So please do something in this field. Right know I have to use LR 3.6 for my Nikon RAW photos. Why should I upgrade to LR 5?

      • Noble Mathew says:

        A 32 bit system can use only 2 gigabits of your installed memory and hence your system becomes slower and slower as the load increases.

        • Jimbo says:

          A 32-Bit OS is limited to 4GB of memory not 2GB.
          You’d need a 64-Bit OS to use anything higher than 4GB.

          • Jannie says:

            You are both kinda correct. 32bit os’ can address up to 4gb of RAM (without special things like PAE) however the limit per application on 32bit versions of Windows is 2gb, ie your lightroom app can have access to a maximum of 2gb of RAM.

  4. Naftoli says:

    looks great! one problem is when i use the healing/spot removal tool i like to click and drag the source to a clean area to sample from (i dont like to wait for LR to choose where it samples from its usually wrong) in LR 5 if i do this it will instead paint a brush stroke

    • Michael says:

      I was able to use the spot removal tool the old way by clicking on the desired area (not brushing) and then moving the circle chosen by LR. It changes to brush only when you drag the first circle.

  5. Jeremy says:


  6. Hello.

    Could you add some fixed crop sizes ?
    Let’s say I’d like to have all my photos at 3MP (2048 x1536 pixels). I can downsize when exporting to this size, but if I could crop the image with a pre-fixed size it would be better. It’s like having a super teleconverter.
    Very useful for wildlife photographers. And I think it would be simple to implement.

    Another suggestion would be the on/off button for each panel. You could make a little bigger (easier) to switch. Also a RED/GREEN color would be easier to perceive if it’s ON or OFF.

    Thank you.

    • Geoff says:

      I love the red/green idea !

      • David McDaniel says:

        The Red/Green idea is terrible for those of us who are color blind (~8-9% males). Another color combination would work better for us. Alternatively choosing a dark bluish green (traffic light) and a bright red might work.

        • says:

          Red and Green would be very good idea. For colorblind it would just look like the old black and white. 8 to 9% …..? to me not enough popularity to not change to red and green.

          • That is a very selfish and also ignorant comment. Red/green colour blindness doesn’t mean you see red/green in black & white! It means you cant distinguish between the two colours, so it wouldn’t be slightly annoying for 8-9% of users, it would be unusable.

  7. Ken says:

    Any facial recognition for tagging photos?

    • Joshua says:

      Yes please, please, please add this!

    • pierre says:

      facial recognition needed!

    • Jim Walsh says:


    • cbradley says:


    • Michael says:

      Yes, please, this is the one thing I’ve been hanging out for; other photo management has it, Lightroom is seriously lacking in that regard.

    • Leidner says:


    • TJ says:

      Facial recognition should have been there in Lightroom 4. Please include it in LR 5.

    • André says:

      A big +1

    • Geoff says:

      Yes please. Facial recognition – Lightroom’s achilles heel.

      • Thomas says:

        Face detection is a MUST!!! I´ll only upgrade to LR5 if Face Detection is available!
        Every Freeware-Tool is able to handle that and Adobe has the Technologie. See Photoshop Elements!

        • Andrea Duni says:

          When I first bought Lr4 and PSE11 I was happy because of I had a mix of two most wanted (by me) photo apps.
          After so many use of them, I’m not so happy, because what is available in Lr4 (first of all non-destructive modifications) is not available in PSE11 and viceversa (editing tools and face detection). I don’t want to buy an expensive PS CS6 to have what free apps give today. I want a plugin, or more plugin, also shareware, to add those functionality to Lr4 or Lr5.
          So I agree with Thomas and I will upgrade to Lr5 only if there is the possibility, directly or with plug-in, to add face detection and most of PSE11 editing tools. It should be a Adobe plugin itself.

    • Brad says:

      Hear, hear! +1e100

    • Alstov says:

      Personally, I prefer performance than facial recognition. I shoot at architecture and nature and I get annoyed by softwares trying to recognize faces I didnt want to recognize. If you ever put facial recognition in LR, please make it optional and as light as possible

    • Sven says:

      The request for facial recognition or – more general – object recognition is there for *years* now. I already hoped for something to be included in Lr 3 but was disappointed. Then Lr 4? Still nothing. I refused to update to Lr 4 because I thought it wasn’t worth it. Now Lr 5 – and still nothing even close to facial recognition to help us with keywording our photos. Hey Adobe, why don’t you listen to many of your customers out there desperately waiting for that feature? Why do you include it in some other software that does not really fit with Lr workflow? Please change your strategy and provide facial or object recognition rather than reinventing the wheel.

      • Wriley says:

        If LR 5 doesn’t have facial recognition, this will be the year I convert to another software. We have been waiting too long already, and they already put it in elements.

      • Tibor says:

        I am not a professional photographer and Lightroom 4 offered nothing for me that I wanted, so I am still using 3.6. I understand it has many improvements to enhance images, but things like GPS coordinates (it was possible to solve with plugins) or the Photobook feature is not a reason for me to upgrade. Also when I want to edit video, then I will go to some other tool. Face recognition is something that would help me to tag pictures. If LR4 has it, then I wouldn’t use LR3.6 anymore. I think it will be the same with LR5.

      • Mark says:

        I’m getting close to leaving Adobe also… I’ve waited for the facial recognition since version 3 also, I’ll upgrade this time, but version 6 better have something… ALSO NOTE: If they force Lightroom user’s to “Subscribe” to a service, like they are with Photoshop….Good bye Adobe… Hello… ????? (anyone have suggestions for a replacement?)

    • Eros says:

      + – – – yes, it will be usefull for tagging

    • Mark says:


  8. Arne says:

    DVD ROM? So it won’t work with Macbook Air or Macbook Pro Retina? 😉 SCNR

    • Jeff Schewe says:

      DVD is only required to install from the DVD Installer disk…you can download the installer and not need a DVD.

  9. Nathan says:

    Please add an option to read and apply in-camera settings. I own Lightroom 3 and 4 but don’t use them because I don’t want to tweak every photo when the in-camera settings can get me close to what I want. I feel like I can do so much more with Lightroom 4 but I don’t want to spend a lot of time on every picture.

    • Dan says:

      1. Adobe can’t implement Canon/Nikon processing because the algorithms the manufacturers use are trade secrets and they don’t give them out.
      2. In camera processing gives you the image the camera thinks you want. LR and other post processing software gives you greater freedom to create the image you want. If all you want is the camera made image then just shoot in jpeg and save yourself the time doing any post processing.
      3. Alternatively you could download these presets created by Matt Kloskowski which emulate the in camera processing. Not perfect but pretty good.

      • Mario says:

        Well I own LR4 and is great by all means but have the same problem as Nathan.

        I shoot raw but trying to set as much as possible in camera to have an almost ready image. Then when I use Nikon ViewNX or CaptureNX I have a good starting point and software preserves all camera settings but allows me to easily change/tweak them.

        When I open an image in LR3/4 even with Adobe Nikon-presets (e.g. camera-standard) I can’t get close enough to what I had in mind when shooting and that simply slows me down. Actually profile is not enough LR does not care about ADL, sharpening, color profiles etc.
        I wish to have this feature in LR.

        Interesting is that with Nikon NEF Codec or Microsoft RAW Codec you are able to open images with system viewer (win 7) or Live Photo Gallery and see or extract jpg image exactly the same way as in proprietary software (unfortunately that is all you can do, no settings tweaking is possible).

        • Ferdy says:

          I have the exact same issue. I try to get my in-camera image as close as possible to what I intended. Which works. Next, I’d like to use that result as a starting point for further processing, if at all needed.

          This is currently impossible, because the RAW starting point in LR is so far off from the in-camera image. This means I have to process the crap out of every single image, even ones that are 80-100% correct.

          I’m not saying LR can easily solve this, I’m just saying this is a very real and serious problem, that makes post processing a real pain. RAW processing shouldn’t mean starting from scratch. What is the point of a good in-camera shot if parts of it are lost during post processing?

          • Sorry to say but i think you first need to learn the difference between JPEG and RAW. When you have learned this make a choise whats best for your situation. Think you get the best results with “in camera” settings stick with JPEG. Want to have much greater freedom to create the image you want then shoot in RAW.
            I’m verry curious how you can tell the Lightroom is so far off ?? Compared to what? The lcd screen on the back of your camera?
            Do what you like best but please stop complaining about things you dont know.

  10. Chris Houston says:

    Can you use smart previews to edit your files instead of using 1:1 previews instead? My one big complaint about Lightroom is how long it takes to load previews when editing on a first pass for critical sharpness. When I’m shooting birds I’ll often eliminate 2/3 or more of my images right off the bat and it takes forever to do in Lightroom because I have to build 1:1 previews for everything. It would be great if you could use Smart Previews to edit while connected to the catalog as well as when disconnected from it.

  11. Mike C. says:

    JPEG-XR would be nice. It doesn’t have to be JPEG-XR – any lossy format with 16-bit color resolution would be great. I would like to use this for scanned analog negatives. In fact for my scanned negatives, I would like to do the same as my digital SLR does for raw images: First a bit of noise reduction and then some kind of high quality lossy compression.

  12. Bill says:

    Will there ever be a version 5 for OS 10.6 and under?

  13. Vich says:

    I’ll definitely download and give it a good try for it’s money. Was considering an upgrade just yesterday when I decided to do an HDR … until I saw that LR 4 doesn’t even attempt multi-photo HDR anyway.

    Hoped to see a few features that would virtually eliminate my need to sometimes take my photo elsewhere:
    1. multi-photo HDR.
    2. Panorama stitching. Maybe 4 had this – I’m still on ver-3.
    3. More usable touch-up-brush; more like Photoshop.
    4. Insert text and symbols such as arrows. Maybe the album creator has some of this.
    5. Wider range of effects. Even my kid’s iPhone comes with canned effects I can’t do on Lightroom. So; something more like Photoshop.
    6. Better selection for gradients, that auto-maps around foreground objects like heads and bodies.

    So; something that competes more directly with something like ACDSee, but not quite a full-on Photoshop or Paintshop Pro.

    • hsbn says:

      You can apply effect with LR3 already. It called Preset. Google it, you’ll find tons of free presets.

  14. Cameron Knowlton says:

    “We aren’t supporting anything below OSX 10.7 (Lion) in Lightroom 5.”

    Are you INSANE!? What a total complete abandonment by Adobe. YOU HAVE JUST SERIOSULY SCREWED YOUR USERS!

    • Annoymous says:

      No, you are insane. There is a reason to why they no longer support 10.6 or below in Lightroom 5, stupid.

    • Michael says:

      Bit of an over reaction there mate?
      If your still on 10.6 you need to get your self updated.

      • Steve L says:

        Very longtime experienced Mac user here. Still on 10.6.8 for many very good reasons. This news is disappointing. I do have a copy of Lion so I can play with LR5, but my production machines are going to stay on Snow Leopard forever probably. This isn’t an Apple forum so I won’t go into the many valid reasons for my choice. But quite a lot of longtime Mac users are staying on Snow Leopard.

        • Doug says:

          Your point is invalid. There’s nothing you can do on 10.6.8 that you can’t do on 10.8, with the exception of Rosetta/PowerPC apps, which if they haven’t provided a viable alternative, it’s time to start looking elsewhere for better production software.

          My main profession is building websites for a living. I live in terminal, XCode, and SublimeText. I know the inner workings of Macs, how to modify system files that most people don’t even know exist, and more. My point is not to brag – my point is I have a thorough understanding of what the OS does. And there’s nothing 10.8 can’t handle. The things that are new that you don’t like can be turned off in System Preferences very easily, or using some 3rd party customization software (search or – there’s tons of articles about customizing your OS) to get the OS to work how you want it to and to keep it up to date, so you don’t have to complain on a forum about lack of support for an OS that was released in 2009.

          • Joseph says:

            Doug: Your experience is completely irrelevant to the issue of arbitrary support for 10.6; evidenced also by your thinking PowerPC compatibility is the main issue. The main issue is productivity, usability & stability, which 10.6 offers in spades to working pros.
            FYI Vista can run the latest LR5 fine, no just Win7; there is no reason why compatibility was arbitrarily limited to 10.7/10.8 & not 10.6.

    • Jeff Schewe says:

      Well, is Apple insane? The most recent versions of Apple pro software require 10.7.x and above?

      10.6.8 simply doesn’t have some of the core OS level services required by LR5.

      • Piere Saville says:

        Thing is I like and trust Snow Leopard. Printing and current apps all work fine.
        Lion looks dumbed down to me as an OS and Mountain lion more so, my head is not in the cloud.
        I have friends who are on 10.7 and are unhappy.
        One a video editor and another a commercial artist.
        So far have seen nothing that appeals top me in OS 10.7 or up-down graded Apple apps.
        I understand Adobes position but regret I will not be looking a Lightroom until I am forced to move OS.

    • Fred Schepisi says:

      And where’s support for my TRS-80? My Apple ][? Why don’t you support them?

    • Joe says:

      Chill. An upgrade to OSX 10.8.3 costs $19.99.

    • Doug says:

      10.7 was released almost 2 years ago, whereas 10.6 was initially released in 2009. In computing terms, this is archaic, as the lifespan of a laptop is typically 2-3 years. Macs do tend to withstand a little longer, but the point stands. Hesitancy to upgrade for a measly $20 is silly. If you don’t like any of the new features (such as the reverse scrolling), giving it a shot is worth the time and effort, and if you just don’t like certain newer features, you can just turn them off.

      If you’re running a professional photo shop of some sort and you’re still using a really old computer, you owe it to yourself to get a new one. While it may be “fine,” you’re missing tremendous increases in speed, quality, and stability of their hardware since 2009-2011.

      • msadurski says:

        This not a question of $20 or so. And such statements sound silly to me.
        10.6.8 is just a mature good system. Lion and Mountain Lion are not.
        Moreover they lack certain services (like Rosetta or iSync) which were part of Snow Leopard and earlier systems.
        And last but not least Lion an Mountain Lion are just slower than Snow Leopard especially on older machines.

        • Boris says:

          I have Atari 800 XE which contains a mature OS… I want Adobe LR on that old crap… there is no reason to not upgrade.

          • Joseph says:

            Stupid comments like that of Boris prove only one thing: that the person who made them (Boris in this case) is S-t-u-p-i-d.

  15. René says:

    Will LR5 have a real plug-in interface like in Bibble? I mean a plug-in interface which allows to use plug-ins while developing a picture and not just at export or “edit with…”

  16. Keith Taylor says:

    what about a companion app so when I tether I can use my clients can use my iPads to review images instead of being huddled around my computer?

  17. Jim Walsh says:

    Please add support for LightRoom catalogs on network locations. The catalog export/import so that I can use both my laptop and desktop depending on what I am doing and where I am is tedious.

    • Mike Koehler says:

      Please add this. I use apature for this one feature.

    • Elco says:

      That would be great indeed! Same question here! 😉

    • Susie says:

      What if you were to have your catalog automatically synced to something like Google Drive or Dropbox? It still resides on your computer, but then you can access it from any computer. I haven’t tried it but, in my mind, it should work.

      • Boris says:

        you have not tried, but you are recommending some solution… OMG… before posting a comment, think about and while thinking count to 1000000….

    • Ronny says:

      I agree! For photographers on the go and wanting to edit photos from their home network, this is crucial. Please confirm that you will allow catalogs to be opened on network locations.

    • Doug Abel says:

      Network sharing is essential – the ability to edit pix and metadata from different workstations in an office. Complicated to pull off, I understand…

  18. David Woolf says:

    The new whistles and bells are cool, but nothing is more important than getting the speed back that we lost going from v3 to v4. So far, I’ve seen nothing in the blogs to indicate that that performance has improved and I truly hope that’s at the top of Adobe’s JDI list.

    • Giovanni Maggiora says:

      Fully agree! I upgraded my Mac and lo and behold switching to LR4 ended up getting me slower than where I was before…

      • Mario says:

        Core 2 Duo E8400, 8GB RAM DDR3, sata 2 HDD, Win7 64bit and LR4 is much slower than LR3.

  19. mark says:

    What about the MOST requested feature addition for Lightroom? I know that your forums have been full for a few years about making the lrcat file work from a shared network drive. I don’t see this in your list. It is time to grow up and become real software and quit using a sneaker net for sharing and collaboration. Adobe WILL lose a lot of customers if they roll this out without true network support. Forget the toys and put in some real work tools.

    • Mike Koehler says:

      Amen to that. This is the most key feature you could add.

    • bullmoon says:

      We share between workstations often by exporting sets as a catalog and importing them into our local catalogs for editing. It is fairly easy and reliable and if you do it right, there is no duplication or need to import the images (if they are stored on a server). A networked version would be cool, but would need check-out/check-in features to prevent dual-editing – I suspect a fair amount of work.

  20. Ira Sachs says:

    Can smart previews be generated at a time after import? Say I decide on the fly that I want to edit a few older images that are already imported without taking my external HD with me…

    • Sharad Mangalick says:

      Hi Ira,

      Yes, you can build your Smart Previews either at import (there’s a checkbox) or later. If you choose to build later, select the images and use the Library-> Previews -> Build Smart Previews option.

  21. Rui M Leal says:

    Excellent new features,
    after so many updated versions you guys still haven’t corrected the Exposure slider (Develop Module) with markings like all the rest of the sliders. 😉 That’s the only slider who does not have markings.

    Performance improvements would be more than welcome as it becoming more sluggish with software upgrades instead of going faster sometimes it seems it goes slower and when you get some brushes in the mix it get’s a pain.

    I wish you could give us also the option to have a re-sizable square brush for those not curved objects, I think this would give us a more flexible healing and brush options.

    Keep up the excellent work.


  22. Jeff Newton says:

    As a photographer who has multiple licenses with Lightroom and the Creative Suites I am happy to hear about a new version of LR coming out.

    Question…do you plan to offer the option to also wirelessly send the images to an iPad like Capture One offers. Clients are asking for that on set now since they’re used to getting it on shoots with other photographers.

    That one feature alone has made us have to use Capture One for certain clients and even consider switching over. Even though i would rather – and have until this point – stayed with LR. I do hope that you plan on having that as a new feature…


  23. How about speeding up the Tethering issues a lot of LR3 and LR4 users have.
    Aperture and Canon’s own software perform fine, so it’s possible.
    I will wait for positive experiences if the final release comes out, otherwise I can’t upgrade and have to go with the competition. I need tethering in my workflow. Please give us some info about this.
    I have been talking to Adobe support for a year now but no luck so far.

    Rest of the improvements look great btw.

  24. Pat says:

    Would appreciate attention to workflow fixes & enhancements in Lightroom 5. Particularly:

    Filter by “Exported”. That’s the one feature we need to use Lightroom at all, and seems to be easy enough to implement given that Exported in LR’s SQLite database — it’s not in LR’s interface.

    • “If you have a feature request that isn’t related to the new features in Lightroom 5, it’s probably better to post it directly to the Feature Request forum, as it can be more easily tracked long-term there. It could get lost in the chatter here, and we wouldn’t want that to happen! If you don’t already have an account for the forum, here’s the instructions for creating an account.”

  25. David Jones says:

    Tried to install on two different windows machine one 32 bit the other 64 bit. Both said it would not work for my old cat. That is fine but would not let me rename, could not open. the 64 bit machine error would not open 64 I could not get either to open thanks

    • Sharad Mangalick says:

      Hi David,

      As this is pre-production Beta software, we don’t allow you to use Lightroom 4 or earlier catalogs in Lightroom 5 beta.

      • Attila Gergely says:

        That’s not an answer to his question and I have the same problem, without being able to import a catalog LR 5 wouldn’t open…

      • Attila Gergely says:

        Right, I did figure out that the problem (most likely) was that it has to be installed with “Install Lightroom 5.exe” rather than with setup64.exe. At least it fixed it for me in case anyone else has the same problem…

  26. John Hoeft says:

    I shoot a lot tethered in the studio and would like the ability to shoot RAW and JPEG with my Canon DSLR and only the JPEG image downloaded to speed things up to the PC either via wireless or USB connection. This plays in to Rodgers request above for increased speed when tethered I believe.

  27. Sherman Taylor says:

    Did the install but every time I try to open LR5 Beta, it crashed. Guess I’ll have to wait for the real version. Oh well!!

  28. Chip says:

    So far, I don’t see anything that would justify another $79….

  29. James Gibson says:

    Ok Guys… Speed it up. Think photo Mechanic !!!

  30. The red forground in the levels adjustment of LR4 for red adjustments is so close to the grey background color that it is quite hard to make fine adjustments. Can you do something about that or give us a way to customize them ourselves??? Please!
    4 is great …looking forward to 5.

  31. Ian Sheh says:

    Would love to see the ability to edit in full screen mode.

  32. Thomas Lee says:

    Been trying the Beta 5 version of Lightroom and am exited by many of the new features. Making this post because I really am not sure how to follow up on some crashes I have had when trying to use slideshow.
    In all the application crashes, or system hangs Lightroom 5 Beta has created, it was while trying to run a slide how with less than 1 sec in transition time. I had tried .1 sec, .3 sec and .5 sec and all crashed. However when I ran 1 sec or the default 4 sec, – the slideshow would work. Problem in this case and reason for the very short display time is this is a group of 756 images from a long time lapse, this I want everything to stream along.
    Since you received crash reports when it failed, I wanted to at least state when it did work.
    Posted here since I don’t know how else to reach out to the Adobe Lightroom Beta team.
    Tom Lee

  33. Ben Berry says:

    This beta downloads but does not extract or ‘ unzip”
    – will pass until the bugs are removed.
    Thanks anyway

  34. Angelo Parisi says:

    There is an absolute storm of requests for shared catalog support. Seriously disappointed to see that it is not even mentioned on the feature list ..

  35. Timothy Eyrich says:

    I can’t figure out how to get smart preview changes to apply to my originals on my desktop after I have edited them on my laptop. This is what I want to do so please tell e is it is possible or will be possible. I import my images to my desktop hard drive and create smart previews on import. I want to take those smart previews and edit them when I am on the road using my laptop. When I get home I want those changes to apply to the originals on my desktop. I have tried and can’t get it to work. Help PLEASE!

  36. Russ says:

    Hi, Is this or does this new Upright tool give the same,more or less options than the Adaptive Wide Angle in PS CS 6?
    As an amateur photographer CS 6 is really out of contention even the upgrade from my CS 5 just to get the AWA tool especially when you can get corrective distortion in other cheaper stand alone products. I have watched on-line demos of the AWA tool and do hope that the new Upright tool is near or if not better than AWA in CS 6
    Many Thanks

  37. Paul Thomas says:

    I’d love to see support to export PNG’s and not just view them or import them….

  38. Thomas Rambrant says:

    Nice 🙂

    What bugs have been fixed? Is there a list somewhere? Im interested to see if keywords works for foreign characters between Win and MAC version… I have big troubles with keywords with å, ä and ö in them. LR seems to use different character encodings in WIN and MAC that leads to röd and röd being different words… 🙂

    I will check this as soon as I have time to set both versions up

  39. How about speed and performance. I am, at this moment, uploading some files. Lightroom is at 60% CPU and 4 gig memory. What’s up with that?

  40. Martin K says:

    Any news about Foveon Sigma DPxM support?

  41. Ale says:

    I so wished to get a face detection and recognition as Picasa… i hope it will be in final 5.0



    • Attila Gergely says:

      With all respect, if you have trouble finding faces you might need a different software 😉

      • Andrea Duni says:

        If you have shot hundred thousands of photos most to people… you absolutely need a face detection and facial recognition.
        Parents, familiars, babies, models, friends, and going on…
        but only face detection without facial recognition is useless… I want a program or a plugin to help me automatically select and tag photos.
        I think Lr5 could be also better: not only facial recognition but every frame recognition… I try to explain: select a portion of image and automatically the program look in to your catalog for other portion similar to it. In this way you can search for bikes, cars, monuments, animals (i suppose i silhouette of a horse is similar to other horses), and going on…

  42. Steven says:

    Please add support for LightRoom catalogs on network locations.

  43. Richard says:

    2 questions
    Is it possible to make changes to a photo and then transfer the photo to Lightroom 4 in some way with changes?
    Also does the beta support publishing to adobe revel or creative cloud?

  44. Lorenzo says:

    Su LR4, “Esporta – Denominazione file – nome personale + sequenza”, la sequenza non è automatica.
    Su LR5 sarà posiibile questo?
    Il resto di LR5 è gran bel lavoro.

  45. Is Lightroom 5 going to introduce proper support for aspect-ratios in the Olympus OM-D EM-5 or is it going to remain crippled as it is now? Currently, the cropping is baked into the raw file and you have no way to access the full raw file without duplicating it to a DNG.

    If you don’t fix this, don’t expect another dime out of me.

  46. Elco says:

    Such a pity that even LR 5 still won’t be able to export and read single photo’s to PDF 🙁
    But even though, some nice improvements!

  47. John Hanon says:

    LR5 Beta 1 crashes at start on my Windows 7 Ultimate PC (2GB RAM and E6600 CPU). That is the crash report. LR4.4 runs trouble free (albeit a bit slow, but I plan to get a new machine next month with Windows 7 64 bit and 8 GB RAM).

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: lightroom.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 51650bf1
    Fault Module Name: ui.dll
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 516509ba
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 000b8c55
    OS Version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: 0a9e
    Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
    Additional Information 3: 0a9e
    Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

    Read our privacy statement online:

  48. SJ says:

    Love 4 and looking forward to LR5.
    SO happy you’ve added selectable vignette control (Radial Filter).
    I’ve been wanting to vignette selectively for a LONG time now.
    June can’t come quickly enough.

    Thank your entire team for their magnificence!

  49. Tony Blackwell says:

    I have tried two separate installs, rebooting and everything I can think of and the program crashes at launch every time I attempt to run it. Windows 8 pro 64, I7, Nvidia graphics, 32 gigs of ram, ss drives.. Can’t really evaluate it if it won’t run. Ill just stick with 4.4.

    • Neil says:

      Me too, currently trying to re – download the zip, just in case it was corrupted but as you’re also on 8 64, I guess it’s just a feature.

      • John Elliott says:

        Installs and runs fine on my Windows 8, 64-bit machine (Lenovo Y580) with Nvidia GTX 660M.

    • Geoff says:

      Windows 7 same thing here and I have lightroom 4.

    • Ted Huston says:

      Windows 7 64 bit OS but LR5 beta won’t run. Just get a box stating Lightroom stopped workingas soon as I try to open LR5.

  50. Stig says:

    I am eagerly waiting for LR to read/use camera and lens info from .mov-files. The information is there, but it is not searchable today. Please include it in this new version.

  51. Дмитрий says:

    I can not download at this link, says that the link is empty. What happened? waiting for an answer

  52. Dirk says:


    is there still no seeting to ignore videos while importing oder didn’t I look hard enough?

  53. David says:

    Please, Please, Please,
    1. Ya gotta add Network support … this is a MAJOR shortcoming in LR.
    2. Speed/Performance does NOT appear to have improved over LR4; even on a Win 8 64, i7 3rd Gen, 16GB RAM and separate Disk for Cache.
    3. Grid lines appear over the Preference Window.
    4. Tethering is still SLOW with Nikon D3s.
    5. New Healing Brush ‘stoke’ is great, however, LR5 seems to take forever to identify the area it is copying from before I can adjust it. Ya gotta speed this up and/or give us the option to ‘select’ the clone from area.
    Hope this helps. And, if you can, ask you Marketing folks to go easy on the upgrade Price as we just did this last year. Thx again.

    • Joshua Boldt says:

      For point 5… Hit Command or Control (Cmd/Ctrl), then click the spot you want to heal, then drag and you can choose your sample area just like the old tool.

      They wanted to give the ability of clicking and making a healing stroke with the brush. In order to do that they had to change the clicking and dragging for source selection into a key combo.

      You can alternatively click the Backslash key –> / <– after you click your spot to heal. This tells LR you want it to try a different source and the artificial intelligence will try again and the source will change. The AI on this is very good at finding matching source samples. Much better than LR 3 and 4.

  54. Carsten Hjerrild says:

    Does LR5 support iso paper size in book module?

  55. Richard Cole says:

    Love the improvements to the spot removal tool and the new radial filter… not I can do selective focus in LR without editing in PS!

  56. Marc says:

    Download link from seems to be broken. Windows and Mac files are not downloading!

  57. Tim Croft says:

    Won’t open. Crashes / stops working before fully loaded.

  58. Sarge says:

    Let’s see what happens

  59. Geoff says:

    Downloaded it but it will not work say 64bit not working?

  60. I see the program adjustments faster and with much cleaner images. I will continue testing the beta

  61. Keith says:

    No matter how good the noise reduction is, it can always be better. (Hint, hint.)

  62. Tracy Elliott says:

    I agree with Natfoli. I use the spot removal tool a lot and I also do a lot of clicking and then manually dragging to select the clone sample. Now with the advanced healing brush I can’t do that anymore. I REALLY like the advanced healing brush feature, just bring back the regular click and drag feature for the spot removal tool.

    • Michael says:

      I was able to use the spot removal tool the old way by clicking on the desired area (not brushing) and then moving the circle chosen by LR. It changes to brush only when you drag the first circle.

    • Joshua Boldt says:

      Hit Command or Control (Cmd/Ctrl), then click the spot you want to heal, then drag and you can choose your sample area just like the old tool. Same technique, you just have to add the additional Cmd/Ctrl to your routine.

  63. Features I would like.
    The ability to create a stroke around images and export that stroke with image.
    The ability to ad text onto an image that exports with the image.
    The ability to import a logo store it in lightroom and place logo on image and export image with logo.
    A copyright notice that prints and exports.
    a direct lab hookup.

  64. Stephen says:

    Still no support for PDF…. Dumb.

  65. karlo says:

    Please add a proper workflow to Lightroom:
    Uploding raw files.. -> convert them in dng and store the files in a folder structure like / raw / year / month / day
    work with the files and then.. !!!!
    export the pictures in a shadow jpg folder structure.. / JPG / year / month / day / resolution

    after some time .. the raw files should be archived in an archive shadow structure like
    / archive / raw / year / month / day which could be an external drive..
    archive means “move”.. move for the file and the link in the library..

  66. Patrizio says:

    So so so! Well well well! Nice Adobe, that don’t think for all the people that no have Mac OS 10.7 or superior!???
    Ohhh! Wow! And all this people have windows, crash crash! Hmmm, very interesting things!
    Very good Adobe! Very well well well! Adobe!!

  67. mike says:

    When I open almost any photo in the Develop module I see color pixilation that shouldn’t be there (same photos in LR4 display perfectly). For example I have a photo of trees and the bark on 1-2 of them display small areas of blue coloring. I open a photo of a beach and I see red pixels in a few spots that should be the color of the water. I deleted the beta, downloaded it again and made certain I was using the 64 bit Windows version but that didn’t change what I see. As stated LR4.4 works perfectly when displaying the same photos.

    • Brian says:

      Make sure you turn off clipping. Go to View and uncheck “Clipping” or just shortcut “J”. That should fix your problem.

    • Joshua Boldt says:

      There is a bug in the beta where every time you open LR the clipping is turned on, so if you don’t like it you have to turn it off every time.

  68. Giovanni Maggiora says:

    Useful feature #1 on my list: locking adjustments. too easy e.g. to apply by mistake tags/flags/stars to multiple selections instead of just the cuerrent image

  69. Giovanni Maggiora says:

    Useful feature #2: previewing presets on full picture mode and not just the preview window. always trying to guess what works best peeking on the tiny preview image

  70. Giovanni Maggiora says:

    Useful feature #3: A sister vignette slider creating at least basic borders (white/black). workarounds using existing vignette tool are poor and ugly. third party app round trip cumbersome. technology is there since it works on slideshows…

  71. Luke Broadway says:

    I am not able to use the Adjustment Brush and Radial Filter yet.

  72. Ken R says:

    My MacBook Pro (2007) laptop will not accept 10.7 so it also can’t go past 10.6.8. I guess I will be stuck on LR 4 for awhile. Apple did the same thing with Aperture 3.4 requiring 10.7 or above so I had to stay at 3.3. Well I guess I will now have to spend the time learning to use all of what I own rather than just keeping up with latest software and only using a third of its capabilities.

  73. jc says:

    Please add a magazine template to the book making feature.

  74. William Swain says:

    Have tried two downloads of LR5 Beta…. Crashes immediately… Have and use LR 4.4 64-bit, Win 7, 16GB RAM… No problems whatsoever.
    The following are the Problem Details that comes up with the notification that LR has shut down
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: lightroom.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 51650eab
    Fault Module Name: ui.dll
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 51650c75
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 00000000000cfaea
    OS Version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: 5a3b
    Additional Information 2: 5a3bb0e62b13af99f7c08f2293831628
    Additional Information 3: b286
    Additional Information 4: b286018585f06957a5adeb7c1a3e11a5
    Any suggestions?

  75. WH Mitty says:

    The Advanced Healing Brush is a profound improvement! One nit though. While using the “straight line” feature with the shift-key pressed I could only go in a horizontal or vertical direction. It would be nice to have the capability to go at any angle while brushing a straight line.

    • Joshua Boldt says:

      If you click then hold Shift and click again somewhere else you will make an angled straight line between the two spots where you clicked.

  76. telesniuk says:

    Creating panoramas and auto-align of several tilted photos would be just great!!

    • Joshua Boldt says:

      You can use the Sync Settings feature to Sync the new Upright leveling tool automatically to many photos. When you do the Sync just uncheck Upright Transforms so that you can put the check in Upright Mode and if you did an Auto Upright the Auto will be applied to all the photos you synced.

  77. Gethin Coles says:

    when I read about the upright tool I was tremendously excited (need to get out more)
    As a real estate photographer it has the potential to half my workflow time. So far so good, but please can you add a guided mode where you can specify 2 uprights in the image with a line tool. Or even just one – because sometimes it gets it very wrong and its adds to post time switching it off and manually correcting it. whereas if you could at least slec an upright in the centre of the image it would give LR something to work with. Also: you are doing a lot of complex things here: BRAVO. I would love to have it set to AUTO by default for every image. But not every image has uprights that need correcting. In that case, why not limit whether its ON OR OFF by confidence that the image has uprights? (EG: turn uprights ON for images that do have uprights: and Confidence slider from 0 (has no uprights) to 100 (has lots). Also double check with the transform needed – eg if its a big transform and confidence is LOW then its probably wrong.

    And please can we turn overlays off with ctrl-; ?

  78. Martin says:

    So I use Full Screen viewing… when I press the new Full Screen Preview (F), and go (F) again to get back to normal viewing… then I get Window Mode.

    But, if you use (F) and then Escape, it goes back to your previous viewing mode…
    That is not very intuitive.

  79. Luis says:

    No LR5 for me. I won´t OS10.6 update to 10.7 or 8

  80. Blackey says:

    i installed it but it crashes when i try to create a new catalog. whats up?

  81. André Weber says:

    Dear lightroom team,

    a spot removal tool and the new radial filter sound very userful to me but are no real new inovations! and not really necessary for everyone working with PS, etc.
    Better photo book functions are nice, but when I buy a RAW Converter I am, to be honest, not intereseted in these features. There are hundrets of free photobook softwares on the market available.

    For me the only important topics of a Raw Converter are:
    – Quality of pictures (very good, some additional features would be nice and useful: i.e. a module for explicit changes to skintones, additional b&w features, etc.)
    – A perfect workflow (workflow perfect, but slow due to performance issues)
    – Performance (unacceptable)

    I really hope that there are additional inovations and more important performance improvements in the backend coming with version 5.

    I am sure 75% of all Lightroom users have unutilized graphic card power available in their systems. Why is it so difficult to use this available source of extra power?
    There are several activities which could benefit from the graphic card:
    – spot healing brush
    – zoom activities
    – gradient filters
    – export Algorithm
    – export Algorithm
    – etc.
    – & export Algorithm

  82. Barry Busby says:

    Looks tremendous, especally the healing brush, as I m scanning my old slides, but as I have recently upgraded to V 4.4 ,and bought books on that, I will wait for the full version.
    Enjoying it very much so far

  83. Bob Spree says:

    Any chance of Dual Monitor support as in Photoshop?

  84. Joe says:

    So far, it’s running much better (smoother, faster) than LR4.4 on the same machine. Please carry this over to the final release and it will totally justify upgrading for me!

    • Joe says:

      Also: Any word on what the upgrade price will be for current users? I’m bummed because I got LR4 just two months ago…

  85. Antonio Gómez says:

    LR V.4 slower than LR v 3. How is faster LR v.5?

  86. Sean says:

    I cannot download the beta… the links are broken and will not connect to the website. I cannot even login on the Adobe Labs page.

  87. Randy says:

    So far working great. I would like to see customizable keyboard shortcuts like your other software Ps, Ai, Id etc. I’d really like to keep a number of these set up to my needs and consistent across all apps. The perspective control and healing brush work great!!!

  88. Will says:

    Speed it up! Think photo Mechanic !! Everybody want you to speed it up.

  89. Seth says:

    It would be really nice to have an adjustment brush for the HSL/Color/B&W section, and it would be especially nice to be able to target highlights, mid-tones and shadows for adjustments. Like if I wanted to decrease the saturation only in the shadows, or highlights. It’s hard to use a feathered brush to do that and it takes a long time. The equivalent in Photoshop is the Select > Color Range feature which allows you to target those aspects of the photo.

  90. Stefan says:

    Looks like some internals have changed in a way that make some plugins’ life really difficult. Tools that hook up external keyboards, midi devices etc to internal lightroom controls wont work anymore. One developer commented in his blog:

    Would you consider changing that, pretty please?

  91. Stephen November says:

    A feature that would be nice to have in Lightroom 5 would be something that mimics the “Levels” feature in Photoshop. A lot of times levels can be used to add a little more “pop” to a photo. There is no simple way to currently mimic Levels in LR4.

  92. pixi says:

    Can’t open my LR 4 catalogs!? Because it’s a beta version or is this generally?

  93. William Swain says:

    LR 5 BETA will download but will not open… Crashes. I currently use LR4.4, WIN 7 -64, 16 GB RAM and it operates perfectly.
    The following is from the “Details” section when program crashes:
    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: lightroom.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 51650eab
    Fault Module Name: ui.dll
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 51650c75
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 00000000000cfaea
    OS Version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: 5a3b
    Additional Information 2: 5a3bb0e62b13af99f7c08f2293831628
    Additional Information 3: b286
    Additional Information 4: b286018585f06957a5adeb7c1a3e11a5

    • Johan Nordell says:

      I get the same crash too. Do you have a secondary hard drive for your user files (secondary SSD where you have temp files, cache files etc)? This crash looks very similar to what we saw in Bridge when Photoshop CS6 was just released. That bug was fixed with hard-coding the link to user files (my docs and temp files) and you actually had to keep your tmp files for Bridge locally on C: if I remember correctly.

    • Kevin Finch says:

      Same error msg for me. It opened once, told me I could not import an LR4.4 catalog, I chose Exit, and it wouldn’t open again. Win7, 32-bit.
      Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
      Application Name: lightroom.exe
      Application Version:
      Application Timestamp: 51650bf1
      Fault Module Name: ui.dll
      Fault Module Version:
      Fault Module Timestamp: 516509ba
      Exception Code: c0000005
      Exception Offset: 000b8c55
      OS Version: 6.1.7601.
      Locale ID: 4105
      Additional Information 1: 0a9e
      Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
      Additional Information 3: 0a9e
      Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

  94. Rick Jones says:

    Jeff / Adobe:

    Can you comment specifically what 10.7 core services you require? Many of us don’t or can’t upgrade to 10.6.8 because of UI changes in the OS or other issues.

    If there is any potential workaround, even if it sacrifices some LR5 features, please let us know how we can use LR5 on 10.6 .

  95. Rick Jones says:

    Sorry, I meant can’t upgrade PAST 10.6.8.

    • Roman says:

      I wish to get answer to the same question. I could upgrade OS but I don’t want to. I am happy with 10.6.8
      I wish to know why higher version is required

  96. Solution LR5 crashes on startup.
    Message: Lightroom has encountered a problem, and will shut down (or something in that direction, I have Norwegian Windows, so translation may not be accurate). This happened at first startup of LR5 after the installation.
    Anyway – delete the lrcat file and the other files in the same folder, and give it a second chance. Next time the catalog was created, it worked.

  97. Martin says:

    Adobe, if your listening. Since version 1, I always wanted to have previews of mouse over (from your presets) in the Loupe/live view secondary screen. In so many versions it is still only the small “Navigator” that shows the mouse over previews of your presets.

    I use many homemade presets, so it is nice to get a view larger then 4cm x 6cm… like via. Live Loupe.

    Crossing my fingers this will be in LR5 or LR6.

  98. Really enjoying the new features. About to edit a full wedding to test for speed, etc. All looking good so far!

  99. Bastian says:

    Cannot run the beta. I only get to the catalogue section. Once I create a new catalogue and want to continue the program crashes. I get the Windows notification that the program stopped working. I have restarted the computer after installation. OS: Windows 7 64-bit.

    • Joshua Boldt says:

      You have to install using the file “Install Lightroom 5.exe”. Do not install with the file setup64.exe or it won’t install properly.

  100. Pietu E says:


    Just a small feature i’d like to see in LR 5: a possibility to change canvas or picture size (yes, it is in Photoshop, i know). If I want to increase the picture size so that the subject has something around it, I’d have to open my Photoshop, change the canvas size there and maybe use the cloning tools to get the job done. I think it could be done in LR if there just was the option to scale up the image, choose where the original picture is located (anchored) in the new image and then maybe the possibility to choose the color/pattern/whatever in which the empty space is painted. One more reason to use only the best piece of photography software that is Lightroom.

    Spank you very much.

  101. Adam says:

    Soft Proofing updating very slowly. I have to click off of the image then back on in order to see a change in Develop mode.

  102. Michael says:

    I like the changes you have implemented so far – especially the advanced healing tool and upright feature.

    In slideshow it would be nice to be able to select multiple songs in LR. I am aware of the fix of stitching songs together in Garage Band to create a “medley” and then selecting the medley as one song in the slideshow module. Is it cumbersome to create a fix in the slideshow module? It is nice to be able to incorporate video in this version.

  103. Steve Korevec says:

    Things that I would like to see, and have mentioned in previous Beta sessions:
    The previews and Thumbnails should be created on all imported images without the need to scroll. My screen shows 128, then I must scroll. This is a waste of my time, and prevents me from doing other things like eating dinner.

    I should be able to use the shift or control key to select images to import into specific folders rather than having to select or deselect individually. Again a major time waster.

    This next may be only a problem with the Beta, but when building the previews rather than sequencing from upper left to lower right the program seems to randomly jump all around the visible thumbnails.

    I may be missing something, but I would like to see the area of the feather when using the Radial Filter.

    Lastly I would prefer some more direct control over the Sharpening in the Print Module. At a minimum a preview of the proposed sharpening should be visible to allow a semi informed decision. Actually, ink and paper do cost money!

    I’ll continue testing, but so far I do like what has been added, although some tweaks are in order. I also think that the layout of the forum over on LABS should be modified into more specific areas. The general global layout now is and always has been a mess which discourages looking through posts to see if something has already been suggested or addressed.

  104. Mike Boatman says:

    Link for download is empty. What is the answer to download bata? I see the question has been asked but I do not see an answer to the bad link.


  105. Prakash says:

    Photoshop CS6 has the amazing field, iris and tilt blur tools. I would love to see this in LR5 linked to radial filter but with greater control or maybe preset blurs based on popular lenses lie canon 85mm f1.2.

  106. Justabloke says:

    Downloaded and installed the LR5 beta. Crashes on startup.
    Win 7 ultimate, 64 bit 8gig RAM

  107. qlaus says:

    Sorry to say: Adobe, you’re ruining the tool, it’s getting overloaded!
    Features of LR3 in combination with the development settings of LR4 would cover what one needs in a darkroom. Fast, lean, efficient.
    Leave the additional features to dedicated tools, and concentrate on the basics you need for photography. The recent developement reminds to a Swiss army knife, one can do everthing with it for sure, but nothing right.
    At least an option >not< to install maps, books, video implemantation, slideshows would be nice to have. And who on earth needs face recognition? Those who need due to their job will have better tools anyway

  108. Anthon says:

    one of the main problems with Lightroom is sped I love the software is a great one but I always have to deal with speed, so if you can do something with that, would be great!

  109. I would like to see the ability to customize fields in the metadata section. Being able to enter a first and last name for portrait subjects in separate fields (with the ability to sort by those fields) would make LR a much better tool for handling volume portrait work.

  110. carlos san miguel says:

    Could you please add a printed filter so that I can list photos that have been printed?

  111. Nigel Reeves says:

    What would be nice would be the ability to include additional metadata during the export of images. My website takes the caption of the image and makes that the caption for for the photo, and I use the file name of the image as the image identifier, and I have to use a 3rd party tool to do this, and it slows down the whole process of getting images to clients
    From what I’m seeing so far it looks pretty good, but the performance is no better than LR4.x which is disappointing

  112. Kurt Euston says:

    Please make face recognition a feature here – it’s long overdue. I’ve seen all the arguments for and against but it’s safe to say I think that there are a lot of LR users who are wanting it – surely the time must have come.

  113. Sachin Iyengar says:

    Lightroom 5 only for 10.7 and 10.8? Really you have lost a customer.

    Mountain Lion hogs my computer CPU and no way I can upgrade to Mountain Lion.

    Please try and release this for Snow Leopard – 10.6+

    Warm regards,

  114. Craig says:

    I’ve been testing and loving Lightroom 5 BETA.
    I have not tested Lightroom 4 and am currently using Lightroom 3.
    Lightroom 5 is faster when importing files, which is great, but this doesn’t come close to the speed in workflow due to Auto Sync. This feature not only will save me time, but will allow me to do more image processing in less time, fantastic! I have tried running presets with this and am very happy with the performance.
    The improved healing brush tool is great. It still doesn’t replace the need for Photoshop, but will clean up complicated areas very well. I tried this on a picture of a bride who hair was messy under the neck. I have never liked the way the spot removal tool works (due to each brush click leaving the edited version that gets in the way) but in some ways I feel this tool is an improvement on Photoshop’s content aware since you can choose where to sample. One improvement to this tool that will take it to the next level would be if you can choose to flatten enhancements, so that you can click again in close proximity. The more work I can get done in Lightroom the more time I can save.
    Now for some of the problems
    I have recently started using infinite cloud storage (not mentioning name for obvious reasons). Since the storage isn’t by Adobe conflicts can happen. The problem I am having is when I import files Lightroom attempts to find file on my cloud storage, then crashes. What I cannot do is change settings in Lightroom so that it doesn’t go directly to that drive. The only way I can use Lightroom is to disable the cloud drive so that Lightroom does not default to that drive.
    With the use of Auto Sync I have been testing presets, and for the most part this has been working great. I have been having problems with the adjustment brush. Most of the time it works great, but sometimes when I want to make adjustments the tool doesn’t work but instead will zoom in and out. I can make adjustments on another image, but with that particular image the adjustment brush will not respond, no matter what. I don’t know if this is a common problem, but don’t want this to happen when I start using full version of Lightroom 5.
    Improvement wish list
    There is one thing that if you can do will substantially speed up my workflow. On weddings I will shoot with a second shooter. The problem is that the second shooter may choose different settings. We time sync our cameras so if one camera is a different setting the brightness will go up and down, so when I sync settings in Lightroom half the images are wrong. What I would like as a sync option would be to sync camera settings, at least in terms of exposure.
    Overall, fantastic work Adobe (Yet again!!!), thanks!

    • Joshua Boldt says:

      Craig, a sync literally means that you are synchronizing settings. So you are applying the same settings to all pictures. Your solution with a second shooter is to adjust a photo taken on one camera and apply the sync to all the pictures taken with just that camera, then adjust a picture made with the other camera and apply the changes to just those pictures (you can differentiate them in the Library by using the Library Filters at the top). There is no way they can make Lightroom smart enough to selectively sync and automatically adjust for different lighting and lenses and settings in different pictures. Maybe I misunderstood what you were asking, but you should really only be syncing pictures that are similar, for instance, all the pictures taken while you were standing in one spot with one lens and one lighting scenario. If you move, change a lens, change settings, etc. you shouldn’t be syncing those pictures with the ones from where you were standing previously unless you are making very subtle changes that won’t dramatically alter the picture in a negative way. Even moving a few feet can cause things like exposure and white balance to change greatly which would throw off your LR settings between pictures.

  115. Tim Orden says:

    Mask preview disappears intermittently or when I continue with the masking brush.

  116. Patrick Corrigan says:

    How about support for MPO 3D files?

  117. Tim Orden says:

    I had to install in compatibility mode: (suggested by my OS, Windows 7. App seems to have a major lag in command response. Then it plays all the commands in a bunch. I’m going to uninstall and re-try…
    Win 7
    16 megs RAM
    Geforce 560 TI (1 meg VRAM) 900mhz
    Core I-52500K 3.3 GHz

    LR 4 does not have these issues.

    • Alan Smiles says:

      You should get a solid state drive as well, made a world of difference in LR4, still i need to try out LR5 beta

  118. Micky says:

    1. Please include facial recognition/object tagging for my over 250.000 pics (and counting).
    2. Please include an option to simply and swiftly tell LR that a (group of) (folders of) picture(s) now reside(s) somewhere else, e.g. on a network (NAS!?!?!) drive.
    3. Please speed up browsing through previews.

  119. Tim Orden says:

    Masking brush: takes waaay too long to see the results. Mask preview is intermittent. Going back and forth between brushing and erasing makes the ap lock up. Plenty robust machine..
    Is it as a result of compatibility mode I was forced to use?

    Uninstalling, – re-installing

  120. Tim Orden says:

    After uninstalling, restart and re-install, it seems to be less glugey.

  121. Tim Orden says:

    ooops, there seems to be some kind of buildup after using the masking brush. Eventually, it starts running like in mud and then locks up the app. Restart begins it all over again.

  122. Eric Lewis says:

    Lightroom Crashes WIndows 7 Ultimate x64 when importing files, when the import report comes up it seems to crash right there. If there is a way to turn on debug mode and capture information let me know and I will be happy to do that.

  123. Wil Haub says:

    I really like the new tools in LR5, used most of them already on my most recent photos.
    Just have one tiny suggestion: would be great to be able to use “\” for before/after in fullscreen mode!
    Cheers, Wil

  124. John says:

    While i agree that things need to progress i cant see a reason to upgrade from Lr4 to Lr5, while i find that the new ability of the clone and heal brush is a major step forward i find the other upgrades a bit well of a gimmick.

    Im finding that Lr is fast becoming more like PS and PSE. I think Adobe have got the approach to this new release wrong. While im all for a better way to work etc i dont expect the program to start reflecting that of its bigger cousins.

    Still no upgrade on performance, a major missed opportunity for me.

    I dont think that this will be in my wish list for an upgrade but as ever ill keep my eyes out for the in depth reviews and see what it has to offer, but for me at the moment im 100% sticking with Lr4 and will wait till Lr6 is announced.

  125. Sham Bhangal says:

    Many users are disappointed with the speed improvements of the LR 5 beta. However, there is one new feature, smart preview, that has potential to fulfil this shortfall.
    Although smart preview is currently being used to make slower systems usable, it would also make fast systems MUCH faster. So I propose a new option that forces smart preview even when the original image has NOT been disconnected.

    Suggested implementation
    User has a new option in the UI, ‘Use smart previews to increase performance’.
    When this is selected, all operations are applied to the current view at the current zoom level. So if the user is working on a 1.5MP (1500×1000) view of a 24MP (6000×4000) image, the changes will effectively be applied internally to a 1.5MP smart preview (and will therefore be working on a quarter of the pixels, ie up to x4 faster).

    Changes to the actual 24MP image will be forced if the user (1) increases zoom level, or if (2) the system is idle, or if (3) the image is closed, or if (4) the user clicks a new ‘apply changes now’ button. The exact situation(s) that will force changes will be applied to the original 24MP image will be configurable from the ‘Use smart previews to increase performance’ option (i.e. all 5 of the situations noted above will appear as checkboxes when setting ‘Use smart previews to increase performance, the default being all 5 checked). NB – if the user does not check 1, the system will have to limit the maximum zoom, and a requester will appear whenever this issue becomes relevant to the current workflow.

    If the user closes Lightroom with outstanding changes still in the pipeline, a requester will appear asking if the user wants to update smart previews before closing.

    If the user attempts to export an image with outstanding changes still in the pipeline the changes will be applied to the full 24MP image before export.

    This option allows the end user to custom select a tradeoff between UI performance vs smart image caching, and will be a major advance in overall Lightroom performance.

    I tried to submit the following as an ‘Idea request’ biut doesn’t seemt o be accepting new logins.

    Thanks, Sham Bhangal,

  126. Dave says:

    The upright tool is nice but I wish they could add a content aware to fill in the picture,

  127. Dave says:

    Both the spot healing tool and the Radial Gradient are very slow to activate and show up on screen.

  128. Hugh Harrop says:

    Seamless installation and running on my Win7 64 machine and same for laptop. Import seems quicker. Love the improvements to the spot removal tool and the new radial filter,

  129. Bernard Schrager says:

    many great new features. For th upgraded spot removal brush. Please correct the cloning source. When I hold the ALT button(Windows 7) I get a sissor icon instead of a bulls eye. How do I select the correct source. Also, please add a FEATHER SLIDER the to spot removal option

    • Joshua Boldt says:

      Use Control (Ctrl) to select your source. In other words, hold Control and then click and drag to pick your source.

  130. jim obrien says:

    love what you have done. but would like to see when using slideshow be able to turn on an off the photographs number while viewing slideshow.

  131. Mike Goodwin says:

    A photoshop ‘liquify’ type function would be very useful for me….the third party apps for Mac are no where near as good.

  132. Sylvain G. says:

    Could Adobe include support for CMYK profiles so that we can use Blurb CMYK profiles for soft proofing?
    I found it odd that Adobe introduced in lightroom 4 two functionnalities that would not be able to talk to each other : a bookmodule connected to a vendor that does not provide icc profiles compatible with the newly introduced soft proofing.
    I sincerely hoped to see this fixed.

    I understand this is an exclusive partnership with Blurb, so perhaps another way would be to pressure Blurb to release compatible profiles?


  133. Ole M. Mikkelsen says:

    It seem that you to much attention on the pictureprocessing bit here. To do advandced processing of the pictures one can use PS.
    The importen things here must be a fully true network version where files for database and set up are on a networkdrive, and that multiple users can access the same data simultanously.
    Second You should do more with the metedata and seach bit of the program. Nobody talks here about metadata, but they are really important for you to find and get use of your pictures.

  134. David Bell says:

    Loving the new LR5 but found what seems to be a frustrating bug…

    Only very occasionally, when trying to use an adjustment brush, and even when clicking on “new”, the cursor doesn’t appear correctly and the cursor remains a magnifying glass meaning I am unable to use the tool. Same issue with the some of the other tools. The onlyu solution is to exit LR, then fire it up again and then it all works okay, until it seemingly randomly goes into the same state previously described.

  135. Steve L says:

    I had no problems downloading and installing (W 7 Pro 64 bit).
    I have a quad core processor with plenty of memory and all tasks are (subjectively) faster.
    I like the new ‘upright’ tool, it seems to work well, so far, in combination with turning on camera profile.
    More when I’ve used other facilities

  136. Jaume Bonallach says:

    Me gustaría poder insertar TEXTURAS, MARCOS y poder componer pases de diapositivas con archivos de musica ilimitados. Uno solo es insuficiente para según que montajes.
    Otra cosa muy importante, las paletas de colores son insuficientes. Es imposible obtener un marrón

  137. Jim B says:

    I want to use a Canon 6d tethered…doesn’t seem to work on LR4.4…Does anyone know if it will work in LR5 Beta? Or should I have bought a Canon 5D Mk2?

  138. Laurie S says:

    Exporting of PNG files, please, please, please!

  139. Robert says:

    After downloading and installing Beta Lightroom 5 it will not run. Can anyone help? The error message is:
    The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application.

  140. Max N says:

    Haven’t tried the beta yet, does anyone know if LR5 adds additional functionality to the “Make a Second Copy To:” in the Import menu? As it stands, the feature automatically places all images in a folder titled “Imported on [date]” and there doesn’t seem to be a way around it. It seems like a pretty basic change; make the “secondary copy” the same as the primary import location menu. In an ideal world, I would tell LR what the secondary location is (i.e. the drive mirroring my working drive) and it would automatically place the second copy of photos ini the same folder hierarchy as on the primary drive.

  141. Very cool. I am looking forward especially to the new photobook features.

  142. JohnFeist says:

    The first time I tried to crop, it went spaz on me. the image started flipping and when I finally got it cropped and hit done, the editing part of the screen went grey and the image thumbnail had a grey circle with a black exclamation point. Please contact me via email for details.

  143. JohnFeist says:

    The new spot removal capabilities, not so much…painting kind of works. Deleting a spot via alt click makes the scissors appear, but does noting to the spot. Same goes for creating the box around a bunch of spots.

  144. Mike T says:

    Sorry Guys at Adobe but the new clone/heal brush is hopeless. Please do not upgrade to this or if you do keep the old option

  145. Steve Ruddy says:

    Still waiting for dual computer support. I need to be able to work on my images using both my pc and laptop. They are both on the same network but lightroom will not allow me to access the catalog on a network drive. I can import all the images on either computer but if I do editing on one it cannot be seen on the other.

  146. Sean says:

    Can you make it so when you sync photos that you can move the anchor point for the local adjustment brush? Also, the clone tool needs a feather to it, so it doesn’t have a hard edge.

  147. Clarence Paul says:

    Using BETA to test against the things I do in LR4 for my normal workflow… One thing I noticed is an instability in the “Import” dialog… the source list tends to bounce around and appears to not be stable…. don’t know if you have seen this … or has anyone else noticed this issue….

  148. Problem exporting pictures from LR5

    When I export pictures to disk (.jpg) from LR4 and upload the .jpg to PICASA-Web all meta-data are correct. Exporting the same picture from LR5 Beta and upload the file to PICASA (or G+) the values for speed, aperture and geo-coordinates are missing. When I view the meta-data with the MS Picture Viewer I see all the data and I cannot find any difference.

    Example: (Pic exported from LR4) (Pic exported from LR5) (both pics in Picasa)

  149. paul says:

    I am finding when importing pictures into lightroom 5 beta from SD cards, it is very slow..

  150. malcolm cole says:

    LR5 great – just one wishlist item!
    In Library module provide ability to order folders with newest on top not oldest on top as it is at present. Each time I import new iamges have to scroll down to bottom; with all the images I have its a long way down!

  151. Alex Byers says:

    I would really like to see a C and a P button by the histogram (shortcut for copy and paste) like there is in the bottom left corner. It is very annoying to constantly be dragging the mouse to the bottom to paste then go up to the crop tool and rotate and fix images. Is there a way this could be implemented?

  152. whywhywhy says:

    In LR4 – Renaming a file has every option under the sun except “renaming” the file. I just want to rename the file “verbatim” not with any script or fancy bulk-renaming-tool…. please add this to the renaming section as “having to open the file in explorer, press F2 to “simply rename that file or part of it” and then reimport it” is pretty stupid.

  153. whywhywhy says:

    To all yo “its slow” whingers.
    i7 3770k watercooled @ 4.4GHz. 16GB 1833Mhz ram.
    Win 7 pro-64
    RAID SSD for Boot/Apps
    A single SSD for the temp/swapfile/windows temp files (customised via symbolic links).
    Radeo HD7970 for any hardware acceleration.
    Catalogue is on 3TB Mirrored volume.


    So you really are not alone, even a pimped up (work and gaming) PC cant chew through this slowness.
    I prey it is faster in LR5, if not I wont be moving any time.

  154. Runar Finanger says:

    Add support for Lightroom catalogs on network locations… Lacking this feature is a major minus with LR4!!

    • Oli says:

      Well said. I can’t believe this isn’t a function. Just spent 3k on network and SSD drives in an attempt to try to speed up the disastrously slow LR4, only to find you can’t create a catalogue on a network drive! It’s a (very poor) joke. Get a grip adobe. Your professional users are in despair!

  155. Not sure if this is the right place to provide feedback. But there were a few thoughts I had about improvements. I think there should be a keyboard shortcut for the upright mode, especially the level function. If the purpose is to make straigtening things even easier, wouldn’t it make sense to have a keyboard shortcut for it? Also, in 5 when you press f it just goes to full screen. I enjoyed in 4 when you pressed f it made the actual editor full screen, giving you a bit more room to edit. Otherwise I love it.

  156. Nick Hardcastle says:

    Book module would not complete upload to Blurb over several attempts. Now it will not export to pdf or start processing for Blurb at all.

    Sometimes the radial filter and gradient will no activate – showing a zoom cursor and effect only.

  157. I would really like to see native and easy support for HDR in LR5 before I upgrade.

  158. Rohan says:

    BUG OSX- When exporting a large group of images onto a different HD from the LR5 HD – LR5 will lock up GBs of data on the LR5 HD during the export.

  159. Dennis Behn says:

    Please Lightroom 5. It would be wonderful to be able to show visual autofocus point display over an image. Canon DPP and Aperture both have this . It is great to know which autofocus point was active and where it hit the image. Helps in lens micro- adjustment as well as being able to determine if poor image focus was actually because the camera did not focus where desired. Please Lightroom!!

  160. Charlene says:

    Since installing LR5, the adjustment brush and the graduating filter tools cause my computer to freeze and respond about 4 or so seconds later in both LR4 & 5. I have tried a new catalog with just one photo, but still the brush freezes my computer. Help!!!!! please

  161. francois houle says:

    We need a software able to read and WRITE metadatas inside video files as it is with DNG.
    We need to be able to export HD vidéo in any codecs we have in our machine, like ProRes 422 HQ, and in any size we would like, with or without Timecode burnin.
    We would like to connect Lightroom datas to a online server.

  162. Paul A says:

    I like the new improvements and definitely more responsive – really though, with all these new things considered – this should not be a new release version – these are minor enhancements (introduction of missing features you would expect in a professional product) and fixes (which should be provided in v4), and do not warrant an upgrade fee.
    Adobe, a new major version release should bring with it real evolution – not just minor enhancements. Major releases are meant to “wow” your audience. With the present new feature set this release should simply be v4.5

  163. gj says:

    I find it very curious, and disheartening that I can only rotate Cells (pictures) 90° in print mode!
    Forcing me to use someone else’s software to create a mosaic collage of photos at various angles.

  164. Tim Orden says:

    I’m getting locked up after moving too quickly with keyboard strokes and the brush.

  165. Jpettebubu says:

    Improvement suggestions for LR5 finale

    1. Develop module :
    -The preview speed-up feature (the one that improves reactivity while using a low-res image when a slider is moving) should be active even when the displayed picture is less than 1024 x 800 (more or less) on the screen.
    A suggestion would be that the features turns itself on for pictures larger than 640×480 (or, even better, that the size threshold could be changed in the settings)

    2. Export module, for jpegs:
    Include the options for :
    – Progressive jpeg (which has already been present for 10 years elsewhere)
    – Optimize huffman code
    – Be able to change the “Chroma subsampling modes” (e.g. 4:2:0 etc…)
    – Save in grayscale (for B&W pics), as in Riot (free) or ACDSee Pro X etc…

    In the metadata part :
    – Remove EXIF thumbnail
    – Only keep some exifs (e.g. be able to discard thumbnails, copyright…)

    Cf the free LR plugin Jpeg Optimizer v1.0.0.2, which already does all that but also makes LR slower

    3. Catalogue settings
    – Option to change Standard Preview Size to 800×600 and 640×480. The min size of 1024 is still too large for some uses.
    – Option to export the process in a standalone XMP for jpegs also (not only for RAWs)

    4. Offline mode (Named “Offline editing with Smart Previews”)
    – Option to chose which DNG version is used (LR apparently uses the old DNG 5.1), the 7.1 is way more efficient performance-wise.
    – Option to manage DNG settings presets (in the same way as export settings)
    – Option to chose the “usable resolution” (which is now fixed at 2500px), to be able to change it from e.g. 1024 to 2500, in the same way as in the Catalogue Settings

  166. Ian Hamilton says:

    2 things I would like are facial recognition, this would be a big help, and some mechanism so when you export a picture to Photoshop or Elements in my case you could then send it back to lightroom without the save / import process. I am not a pro and other than those 2 things i think 4.4 is a brillient product, keep it up adobe.

  167. Anon says:


    LR5 beta has a bug with allocating and releasing memory in smart preview.

    I used the smart preview feature extensively for tagging my photos disconnected from the main external hard drive. The problem while browsing through photos is that it seems that LR keeps allocating memory until it starts thrashing; this occurs when i am at about 600 to 700 photos.

    And then when I shut LR down it can take 15 mins to release the memory (LR is shut down, but the process keeps running) releasing memory in the 1000s of bytes. Towards the end, the last 5 minutes, LR starts releasing memory in major junks.

    I have reproed this five or six times now.

    Other than that smart previews are awesome!

  168. Lars Korvald says:

    I am not 100% sure if I do this right, but when I want to duplicate a radial filter, my big problem is that the rest of the pictures gets 2X as dark as in my radial filter. I would love the possibility to duplicate my raidal filter without making any further changes to the rest of the image. And maybe a possibility to control both filters when I make adjustments at the same time.

    Also I have notised sometimes when I use the brush tool, and have the show selected mask overlay, the red overlay doesn’t always show. Don’t know if this is a bug?

  169. Loving Lightroom, and using it often i have a few ideas i’d like to present to the development team.

    I use smart collections to organize my model shoots, however it would be a lot faster for me if i could add criteria to a smart collection set, and also the ability to copy smart collections.
    My structure is somewhat like this:
    – Models
    – Model Name(Why not add keyword criteria at this level?)
    – Shoot description(again, keyword criteria would be nice…)
    – 2 stars
    – 3 stars
    – 4 stars
    – PSD files(when sets have criteria, the four sub-smart collections could be copied onto another shoot and save me 5 minutes of clamping the keyboard, forgetting criteria and doing it all over again…)

    One other feature that would be a killer for me: a clean, nice, simple iPad portfolio app, that you can publish to as if it was facebook, flickr etc. You know – drag, drop, and it’s on your iPad.

    Keep up the good work!

  170. One more thing… Multi Export. I usually give partners 3 sets of files – why not create Export Sets? A top level set defines the main folder, and the sub sets determine subfolder names, resolution etc. Again, one click and … done!

  171. Nancy says:

    I used LM5 on my MacBook Air laptop on a trip. When I returned, I imported the catalog of my photos onto LM5 on my iMac, the changes I had made on the MacBook Air were not there. Do I need to do something to ensure that the edits are saved when importing and exporting catalogs?

  172. Oli says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix the performance issues we’ve suffered with Lightroom 4. I’ve wasted days and days over the last year as a consequence of this, and I’m using the latest and fastest top of the range Macs on the market. It’s been a nightmare.

    Secondly, please add the function of creating and using catalogues on a network drive. I can’t begin to understand why this isn’t an option with LR 4, as it is absolutely essential for so many professional users.

    These issues absolutely need addressing ASAP, as LR 4 is not usable for professional photographers.

  173. Nancy says:

    A couple of other things I noticed when I tried to export my photos from LM5 on the MacBook Air and import them into LM5 on my iMac is that the subfolders were lost during the import process and the titles of two of the nine folders involved were truncated.
    I do remember seeing a note on the screen before the import process began saying “cannot import from this catalog at this time. The catalog is either in use by another copy of LM or was closed improperly. Consider doing an integrity check when opening.” However, the import process started immediate before I could figure out how to do an integrity check.

  174. Steve Bryson says:

    the new spot removal brush is very sluggish compared to current LR 4.4. I use an Intuos 4 tablet.

  175. Steve Bryson says:

    Overall, I like the new upright correction tool. However, I’ve noticed that it doesn’t work on seascapes, even those with a clear horizon line. Applies no correction at all.

  176. Steve Bryson says:

    I’ve noticed that the radial adjustment tool applies the adjustment outside the circle/oval that I draw, unless I check the invert mask box. Is that what you intended?

    • Sharad Mangalick says:

      Hi Steve,

      Yes, that’s the correct way that the Radial Filter works. Selecting the Invert checkbox will apply the adjustments inside the circle/oval.

  177. Steve Bryson says:

    In the Develop module, there is no process alert icon at the bottom right corner of the image if the process version is not 2012

  178. Derek Watkins says:

    How about tethered support for Olympus cameras.

  179. H says:

    Please make it compatible with Mac OSX 10.6.x (Snow Leopard) before the final release!

    Lots of photographers still consider 10.6 a more stable and compatible platform than 10.7 and 10.8. And many photographers use software and drivers which don’t work/work well with 10.7/10.8.

  180. John Touw says:

    First time user LR on MAC OS.
    The crop function shows aspect ratio and number of pics.
    For example: 16 x 9 1920 x 1080
    The function does change the aspect ratio, but doesn’t change number of pics mentioned

  181. Peter Bruhn says:

    If I buy Lightroom 4 NOW, do I get upgrade to Lightroom 5 for free (or a very small fee)? Otherwise, I would wait until Lightroom 5 final is out and NOT buy LR 4 now.

  182. enhancements and program upgrades are always a welcome thing, but I must say that the improved spot healing brush is one of the best things since sliced bread…only wish it was available long before now

  183. Dani says:

    Found what seems to be a bug:
    “Read metadata from file” causes develop settings to reset. Fortunately though, the settings can be salvaged as they are saved in the history but needless to say, this is not supposed to happen.
    Anybody else notice this? If so, have you found a solution?

    • Dani says:

      Upon further investigation, this seems to happen on Nikon NEF files but not on DNG files…
      The NEF’s are from a Nikon D800.

      • Dani,
        I just purchased the D7100. And I also purchased the D600… both use really huge files. I tried the speeds on jpegs and nefs but still the same long wait and running out of space.
        Also, when I am cropping a photograph it previews a different image and I have to gage the crop and guess, go back, re-edit the crop and gage again…. no good : (

  184. Phil says:

    In Lightroom 4, it is very nice to be able to add GPS information when the camera does not provide it and I would like for the same feature to be available for lenses as well. For example, my Sony camera recognizes Sony/Zeiss lenses but does not recognize Tamron lenses. Being able to add this information would be a very big plus for me.

  185. Bill Kinney says:

    It would be nice to have the Grid and Loupe icons under “Library” module picker while in Develop Module, or alternately, have them as a dropdown selection from “Library” module picker. It would be much quicker and easier than keyboard shortcuts of have to scroll diagonally. I switch between modules ALOT and it varies greatly how often it is to Loupe or Grid.


    Also, thanks for the “Set as Target Collection” feature!

  186. Russ says:

    Upright tool is a great enhancement. Found one bug though. When using the “Full” setting (may also be in other settings) there can be significant perspective changes. Clicking on “Constrain Crop” correctly crops to actual image area only. However, unclicking “Constrain Crop” doesn’t uncrop the image but selecting another setting for upright then reselecting “Full” does ,i.e., unclicking the “Constrain Crop” doesn’t trigger a recalculation of the perspective nor make the “Reanalyze” button active.

  187. I can’t stand it…. It eats up sooooooo much space. I don’t get it, I download an 8 gigger full of images and I run out of space when I go to export it, even when I start with 30 gigs on my computer left. I mean, at most, it should only eat up 16 gigs, am I going nuts? Are the photographs doubling up somewhere?

  188. Jpt says:

    In module “Develop”

    A new fonction (accelerator) very wonderfull has implemented in v5 Beta.
    The only “hic” is the function is active ONLY when the picture (the windows picture, exept tollbars) is equal or greather than 1024 pixels.
    Ans with on little screen (example 1024 by 800), this function is not active; lock by the limit.

    Pse, in final version, possible start “speed function” in developp module in 800×600 pixels or less 640 x 480.
    Many thank’s

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    for a comparable subject, your web site came up, it looks great.
    I have bookmarked it in my google bookmarks.
    Hello there, just become alert to your weblog thru Google, and found that it’s really informative. I am gonna be careful for brussels. I will appreciate when you proceed this in future. Many other people shall be benefited out of your writing. Cheers!

  190. Jussi Pernaa says:

    Any updates on tethered camera support? D7100?

  191. Jussi Pernaa says:

    Any updates on tethered scamera support? D7100?

  192. Nathan Ortiz says:

    Great enhancements to an already wonderful product. I just wish Adobe would implement the ability to change your shutter speed,aperture, and ISO when shooting tethered through LR. I hate the fact that I have to change these settings on my camera instead of through the software.

  193. Michael says:

    Bug in the MAC OSX version where navigator shows a different image not in the active develop window. Not seen it happen before.

  194. Michelle G says:

    I imported a photo into LR5 Beta that imported perfectly into LR3, but LR5 Beta is showing some bright red splotches in part of the picture(?). If Adobe would like me to send the picture, a screen shot, and or other info., I can certainly do that. Just need to know what’s needed.

  195. Quite simply, please equip LR 5 with the Mac finder’s capability to color code folders. That way, one can create schemes such as leaving a folder colorless that hasn’t been worked on, making the folder green via control-click and a drop down menu when done, and changing the color to red when one is still working on the folder. The possibilities are endless and the technology presumably exists, since the Mac os has had that feature for many iterations. I’ve seen other blogs where people are likewise asking for the same thing: to be able to use in LR 5 a helpful, easy-to-use feature we’ve grown accustomed to in the apple OS.

    Thank you.

  196. Fotensity says:

    Any chance of getting over the simple limitations in the software, like unable to overwrite presets, but having to create new ones each time, or unable to use perfectly valid relative reference “./” or “../” to export to the same level of folders?

  197. chris golson says:

    Did not read the 288 comments, so I apologize if someone else commented on this proposal:
    Anyway we could use the smart previews for loading while ONLINE as a choice along with the orginals?
    That way we can speed up using the previews for changes and check the original at the conclusion of the workflow?

  198. I’ve been testing it extensively. Great enhancements.
    I noticed that it’s much faster in previewing than Lightroom 3 (I never upgraded to LR4) BUT it’s much slower in exporting than it. I had my PC taking a day to export 300 pictures. I know for shure that it’s due to the beta stage.
    However, I still notice that there’s a big enhancement missing: Focus Mask and Focus Points.
    I’d love to see the focused areas in my pictures both by contrast than by the points registered in the metadata.
    PLEASE, add this. It’s the only thing that I miss from C1 (and the better thetered shooting, even if I still haven’t had the time to test thetered shooting with LR5b)

  199. Peter A Blacksberg says:

    Enable saving printing characteristics INCLUDING printer / device settings as a fn of custom templates.
    A history stack of ‘last used print settings’ and saving state of print module when leaving would be a good start. Leaving Print module resets to default, required resetting DEFAULT settings before leaving module. In effect a ‘rubber band’ around all functions available when the print button is clicked.

  200. Barbara says:

    I’ve noticed Lightroom 5 version is much slower than 4 and that would stop me from buying it. There are not enough updates or improvements with 5 in order for me to spend more money on this program even though it’s basically the only one I use. I love it! But upgrade so soon after version 4? I’m thinking “not”. I do love the spot healing brush improvement but not enough to spend another $150. It would be nice for those of us who already have LR4 to get a discount.

  201. Martijn says:

    Please implement a “publish to FTP” service

  202. I would go to LR5 BECAUSE of the following: png support,

    BUT Bezel and Shadow jam ups…. UGH! Performance please!

  203. BoneShaker says:

    Are there any further enhancements in skin softening? The clarity slider does an ok job of loght skin blemishes but i think there should be another section of tools to allow skin smoothing to be more flexible if possible.

  204. Barry Walton says:

    I like the new updated functionality in spot removal. Much more helpful and provides stronger functionality. However, I often find the need for the Context Aware Delete functionality of CS (or Elements) to get rid of areas and pattern-match them out (or move a selected area as available in CS6). This is an incredible tool. I would love to be able to make these change within Lightroom directly.

    Note: I left a comment to this effect on the Adobe website comments/questions page for LR 5 (perhaps it will show here).

  205. Irving Gunderson says:

    On April 15 in this blog ProDesignTools advises using the Features Request forum to make requests for future upgrades in order to have greater success. I got lost in the maze to that destination and so I’ll stay here and take my chances with the “chatter”.
    Comparative Editing. Enable Compare and Survey in the Develop module and enable all such images to be edited individually, thereby allowing adjustments to be compared and changed as they are made, a feature especially helpful using virtuals. I do not have or want Aperture 3 but a reviewer in Shutterbug indicated it has this feature.

  206. Sergi says:

    I am trying now LR5 with Windows 7. Great software but I’m having some problems.Thumbnails doesn’t show the watermark when I exported the pics with it. The actual picture does show it, that’s OK, but it’d be useful having accurate thumbnails. Is this a matter of configuration or it’s a bug?

  207. Dan says:


    I can’t tell you how many times I haeve to similar pictures but with different compositions and I need to be able to apply the same local adjustments with the same settings to different areas of the photo. It’s stupid just syncronising it because then they adjustments are on the wrong parts of the photo! Wee need a copy paste thing.

  208. PNG Support? Not really. Still can’t EXPORT to .png.

  209. and would it be such a horrible thing to have the rotate buttons in the develop module like they are in the library module. the space is there. it’s such a pain to have to switch just to do that simple function

  210. Trygonus says:

    Lightroom wurde mir empfohlen, also probierte ich es aus. eine vorversion hat es nie gegeben. zunächst also die beta version 5. sie lief. einmalig: denn bei jedem erneuten versuch fotos zu importieren stürzt lightroom ab. das änderte sich auch nicht als ich die testversion von lightroom 5 probierte: einmalig konnte importiert werden. danach stürzt das programm jedes mal ab wenn ich ein bild importieren will.

    diese leistung einer firma wie adobe bewerte ich zunächst als indiskutabel und beschämend.

    grotesk wurde es als ich die hotline anrief: hier teilte man mir mit es gibt keinen support für beta und testversionen. ich soll die vollversion kaufen. dann würde man weiter sehen. auf die frage ob ich damit also die katze im sack kaufen soll, die software also nicht testen kann weil ja kein support besteht wurde mit ja geantwortet. Ergebnis und Siegerehrung: auf die frage ob ich damit einfach pech hätte wenn ich für dreistellige summen software kaufe, die nicht läuft wurde mir gesagt: so ist es. auf die frage ob man es in jedem falle lauffähig bekäme: garantien gibt es keine.

    damit bewerte ich nicht nur die leistung von adobe zunächst als indiskutabel und beschämend, sondern auch hotline und verkaufsgebahren dieses etablissements als nepperei und bauernfängerei.

    warum bitte sollte ich eine software kaufen die nie das tat was sie versparach ??? peinlich ….

  211. Ron LeValley says:

    I am enjoying the Lightroom 5 beta, but still have issues with the Filtering aspect of the Library mode. Back in the days of Version 2 (or some time long ago), the “Starts with” and “Ends with” functions under the Text filtering options worked. I used it to rename files in an efficient manner. But it has not worked in the past few version. I look forward to every upgrade hoping that this glitch will be repaired, but it has not. I have reported it in the past. Am I doing something wrong? Or is this bug something that has not been addressed.

    Thanks, Ron

  212. George Smith says:

    Just bought official release LR5 and it will not recognise any raw images from my Nikon D7100, LR4 was no problem.

  213. Lightroom 5 Beta Now Available!, ¿Puedes aportar más?, me resulta didactico esta articulo. Saludos.

  214. Joe Piluso says:

    My catalog content doubled up sometime in the recent past. Cannot understand what is going on. Went from 8,000+ photos to 16,000+ in the course of a few weeks. Noticed this question was raised previously by someone else but I cannot find a response. Would greatly appreciate an answer, even if only a theory.
    Thanks much.

  215. James Kelly says:

    1. Make it FASTER!
    2. v5 is buggy and crashes.
    3. Please add a better blur tool
    4. Expand Dev mode shortcuts all programmable by user