Lr 5 beta resources

This is a list of various resources dedicated to educating photographers about Lightroom 5 public beta.  Please submit additional content through the comment field and I’ll add them to the list.  Adobe maintains an official YouTube channel that provides information about Lightroom 5 public beta but it’s often helpful to review other resources for a different perspective.


26 Responses to Lr 5 beta resources

  1. Hmmm, I wonder if Adobe add another brush, an air brush I mean, just like in the Photoshop does. I hope Adobe add in air brush for Lightroom 5.

  2. Sylvain says:

    Is there any plan to release a version of lightroom for ubuntu or another distrib?

  3. It’d be really useful to be able to flip channels, and preferably automate it.

  4. Christian S says:

    Focus Mask? …

  5. Mary says:

    Thanks for posting the reviews. Will be following this release closely.

  6. Dr. Sass says:

    In Color Grading software we can do “Primary” and “Secondary” adjustments on footage. This is what I miss in LightRoom.

    First adjust each image or smaller groups (synch) and then put on top of that a Secondary with the final look&feel.

    Perhaps I miss something so far, but I haven’t found an option to get a complete session all (primary) adjusted and then apply a look to it, and (!) then use an alternative look or other options for different client wishes, without loosing the initial adjustments etc.

    This would save so much time.

  7. Matt Zory says:

    Got the invite to try LR5 beta and downloaded it but was disappointed to find that one needs OS 10.7 on a Mac. Hope that’s not the case for the final version. I’m content with 10.6.8.

    • Boris says:

      so, do you think that the software vendors should support some outdated systems? you should upgrade, there is no reason to not upgrade…

  8. gary f. says:

    Love the new custom page design book feature. Is there a way to overlay a grid or apply rulers so proportions can be exact ? Loupe Overlay is great in the develop module but isn’t available in book layout mode. Guessing seems to be the only option. Even Scott Kelby was guessing in his demo.

  9. I’ve been playing with the new features and posting my results frankly (the good and the bad) on my g+ profile

    Overall I like it.

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  11. Chris says:

    It would be a huge help for me if the new Lightroom version supports raw files from Sigma DP1m, DP2m and DP3m cameras. This would make my workflow much easier!

  12. Hi, thanks for add my site the links, you could add before the name Tv Photoshop my name: Leandro Duarte. thank you very much

  13. Raw1mage says:

    LR5 still can’t carry camera presets along with raw files when importing, like what DPP does.

  14. Pascal says:

    Is there a behance publish option in Lightroom 5? I think this is a must have since Behance is part of the Adobe family

  15. Stu Jackson says:

    Crop Ratio changes when using vertical perspective correction in LR5 Beta !
    When I correct the vertical perspective manually in LR5 Beta, sometimes the crop ratio changes slightly so instead of all of my images being 3:2 Ratio, some are now skinnier 🙁
    ( Constrain Crop is ticked )

  16. Treadmills says:

    I just wonder if Adobe add another brush, I hope Adobe add in air brush for Lightroom 5 in the near feature!

  17. Flagging images in the grid is a problem. Sometimes, when photo is selected for flagging, the program will re-select the first image of that row of the grid, and sometimes does it more than once, before ultimately accepting the flag.

  18. Tony Rundle says:

    Slideshow didn’t seem to work with mac osx 10.7.5 – creates previews but displays a black screen in the slideshow area.
    I’m within a whisker of ditching Aperture for Lightroom, but disappointed that Blurb is the only book supplier supported. Most of the other features seem better in LR now.

  19. D W says:

    The zoom feature using the drop down menu selection is very awkward. I have found that while holding the CNTL key I can scroll with my mouse wheel but the zoom is limited to the stops on the menu…1:16. 1:8. 1:4 etc.The option to enter a % zoom allowing the user to determine zoom level would be very useful. Also the healing brush, (working with an 18 mega pixil jpeg file), leaves sploches, doen not blend well. Some were dark and others were light, but mostly lighter skin colors.

  20. peter says:

    Page number are great!!! Would be nice if you could give page number could have another corps then the desciption !!!

  21. Jack says:

    +1 to Sylvain. Any chance of Linux availability?

  22. David Peter Arnold says:

    My release version of LR5 will not create a slideshow. All I get is a black screen with music. Fix!

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