Adobe Camera Raw support for Photoshop CC and Photoshop CS6

Today’s Photoshop CC announcement requires a modest change in our camera raw support policy.  Because Adobe is still selling Photoshop CS6, those customers will continue to receive updated camera raw file format compatibility via Adobe Camera Raw.  When we update ACR with new camera support, Photoshop CS6 customers can work with the new version of the Camera Raw plug-in.  No new features or functionality will be available in ACR to Photoshop CS6 customers as part of those updates. (No Upright, advanced healing brush or radial filter, etc.)  I don’t have a timeline for how long this camera raw support will continue for Photoshop CS6 but I want to be consistent with our past policy of providing raw support for currently shipping products.

Thanks and I look forward to your feedback.

UPDATE July 28, 2015

Please note that as of July 2015, we’ve announced that ACR 9.1.1 will be the last version of ACR to support Photoshop CS6.  Please read the following post for more details.

90 Responses to Adobe Camera Raw support for Photoshop CC and Photoshop CS6

  1. Casey Rauth says:

    Is there any reason to not at least provide new camera support to older versions of Camera Raw?

    Yes, I know about DNG Converter.

  2. Dave says:

    I own Production Premium CS6, LR 4, InDesign CS6, all properly paid for. I can go months and months without using any of these. I just can’t justify a monthly subscription at your regular prices, Yes, I know you have discounts right now, but those will go away, and may even rise in the future (most likely). At this point the only good thought will be Adobe keeps the reduced price of LR going into the future and Adobe keep updating PS CS6 ACR for future cameras. I had planned on updating all Adobe software every 2 years on the major releases whether needed or not, not now.

    • Hi Dave, if you go months and months between using the products, you should look at a month to month membership. You can cancel and restart whenever you need access to the applications. Would probably save you money given your description of use and give you access to the latest versions and support for the latest OSes and hardware.

      • Dave says:

        Yes I looked at going just month to month, the problem is I might go 3 months and not use any Adobe software and then go 6 months and use it twice a week, then use it for two weeks solid, then not use it for two months, then three times a week for and hour each, then not use it for a month, then use it for three months solid…get the point…with month to month the software becomes hugely expensive, with annual it is more expensive than if I buy it out right as I have been going, and then just buy an upgrade then features/needs require it, but right now I can walk away for six months and then I come back to the software it still works. I want to work on my schedule not Adobe’s.

        But with CC, I stop paying it stops working.

        • Donna says:

          I agree, this is crazy to have a monthly subscription to use a product or upgrade it. I have CS2 on my laptop and CS6 on my home computer and I’m not always on the internet when I use either of them. I only use the laptop to see things if I need to, not to work on them.. I too, wait every 2+ years to upgrade mine as well — it’s too expensive otherwise. I use Dreamweaver, Flash, PS, Premiere, Illustrator, PDF writer mainly and these pieces typically require I have the whole suite… complete which is insanely expensive as it is. I just upgraded to CS6 this past year! I do photography and I need an application that I can put on my computer and go months without getting on the internet with it…. ie; stand alone…. I need something that will operate by itself without having internet and be able to download updates when I’m in range or can download a file at a hotel computer and put it on a thumb drive to install on my computer later…., especially CAMERA RAW and keeping that up-to-date and anything involving getting my images to printing. I need that precious internet time to upload to my printer and not stay online for an update or have to pay monthly subscription every time I am. It is crazy to make someone be online to use an application or have to update it online. We don’t want to spend our lives on the internet!!!! In photography of wildlife, you often find yourself out of internet range for months on end… even then, I only get on the internet when I”m having issues with something. The state of the economy should also allow us to inexpensively use our products and selectively choose to upgrade when there is a major upgrade….. I’m afraid I may need to find another way to produce my photography if this is the case….. What is Corel offering these days? I use the WACOM tablet and the brush as well. To subscribe monthly to get an update for that and sharpen/render which to me I wouldn’t think a filter would be something Adobe would mandate we subscribe to get… I don’t like this. This should be a minimal upgrade to get a filter or sharpening. I also just purchased LR4.4…. this is just crazy. I”m not made of money and can’t afford to sign up to a monthly subscription. It takes all I have to get out there int he field, take the photos and then print them. I need an application that I don’t have to pay monthly for!

      • CeeJay says:

        OK Jeffrey, that is OK if you feel like paying twice for the same PS6. I just purchased PS6 a week before the CC announcement and now I am stuck. Why claw in excess of £600 out of my pocket only to tell me that they will not even support the new NIKON D800/800E. That is out of order and feel severely kicked in my posterior. Thanks for nothing Adobe. I call it day light robbery made legal

  3. Patricia says:

    So, if I understand correctly, CS6 users get a ‘dumbed down’ version of ACR updates that only include new camera support but none of the new features, correct??

    I’m also in the same boat (and opinion) as Dave above. I’ve been using Photoshop since 1996 and have only upgraded every 2+ years or when there’s a major upgrade… but I can go weeks or months w/o using it and cannot justify paying a monthy subscription fee. If this is the direction Adobe is headed you’ll probably lose me as a long-time loyal customer.

    • Not dumbed down, it just won’t have new features. (It will however render raw development applied in Lightroom 5 or Photoshop CC with the new features) And of course, have the latest and greatest camera support.

      • Dave Kosiur says:

        I’m confused. The opening statement says that ACR 8 would NOT support Upright, radial brush, etc., yet you’re seem to be saying that Photoshop CS6 with ACR 8 will be totally compatible with any rendering done in Lightroom 5, which supposedly does include Upright, and radial brush. Which is it?

    • Andy says:

      I’m sorry, but that’s dumbed down……..

      • m. says:

        actually, Adobe’s master plan is eventually kill Photoshop CS6, in two years time it will be obsolete. Then you have no choice but to be herded to the CC barn!!

    • CeeJay says:

      Yep! you got it . It worse when I jsut updated to PS6 from Elements and now I supposed to pay for it again. They should at least give support for RAW.


  4. steve wurz says:

    I have been trying to find a link on Adobe to UPGRADE from CS5 to CS6, but I am always taken to CC. Can I still upgrade to CS6, and if so, how?

      • Cat says:

        Can you please tell me how long CS6 will be available for purchase?
        I also want to upgrade my CS5, and don’t want to join the cloud yet. I’m just wondering how long I have before that page disappears 🙂

        • CeeJay says:

          Well as you can read here we are blackmailed into using this cloud subscription for CS6 and Lightroom.
          They are trying to tell us but we get whole lot of other software, BUT I AM A PHOTOGRAPHER NOT AN ILLUSTRATOR OR WEB DESIGNER, I do not need this other stuff I am FORCED to pay for. I am livid.

          All small/medium sized Pro’s and serious Amateurs are severely kicked in the butt by ADOBE! so much for customer loyalty

          • Allan May says:

            Can anyone tell me if there is a viable competitor for Adobe? I just purchased CS6 and the latest Lightroom from Amazon, thinking I would avoid the cloud. I have not yet opened the packages. Should I return the software while I can? Sounds like Adobe is screwing everyone and the only way they will stop is to stop feeding them cash.

    • Stephen says:

      Hi Steve, y upgrade now when you are not going to get updates anymore? Stick to your cs5 til it stops working. Don’t waste your hard earned $$ on Adobe!

      • Donna says:

        CS6 must be on the internet to update camera RAW unless you have the time to dig for the separate file…. which for the last update, I had to dig and dig and dig…. Please, Please stop making us be on the internet to update our products! If you can keep updating Camera RAW for CS6 in a separate file, it would be very much appreciated. I am still having a problem with RAW and I have 7.4 installed (after hours of digging for a file) and LR still does not show me camera RAW before going to Photoshop, like my ViewNX2 does…

  5. Derek says:

    I find the pricing quoted not to be “similar” at all. The cost of upgrade to CS6 was approx $200. This was, as usual, about every 18 months. A single app. price of $20/month, based on a $200 upgrade price, that’s only good for 10 months in comparing cc to the CS6 upgrade. A far cry from 18 months. If it HAD been “similar” I would have been quite content to move over to cc. I am like Dave (above) and can’t really justify this kind of price increase at all. I suspect it won’t be long before Lightroom will fall victim to the same changes.

  6. JayEm Photography says:

    I really like the overall workflow of Lightroom and Photoshop… but after this Creative Cloud announcement all I can say is: I’m done with Adobe. CS6 was my final investment in this company. I have no problem renting some expensive gear that I use only 3 times a year but – call me old fashioned or whatever – I still want to own the tools I use on nearly daily basis, I don’t want to rent them… and I want to make the decision if the additional features that come with an update make sense for me, for my workflow (e.g. I skipped CS 5.5 and upgraded from CS5 to CS6)… and first of all I still want the freedom of choice. If someone tries to force me into a business model like e.g. the Creative Cloud, I’m done with that company.

    Honestly – from my point of view – most of the features that came with the last few CS versions are nice gimmicks but no must have tools. I do most of my adjustments in RAW (Lightroom and Capture One) and “only” use Photoshop for skin retouching and some local adjustments. Give me a stripped down Photoshop version with some selection tools, a paint brush, the healing brush, adjustment layers (especially curves, curves and curves), layer masks, some blending modes and I’m a happy guy. I already use Capture One to edit my Phase One files, because it gives me a little bit better results in this case and I have no problem to adjust all my RAW files there in the future (although I have to admit that the Smart Previews in LR5 a a great feature)… I still will use Photoshop CS6 as long as it work and start to test some alternatives… for video I already use FinalCut and when it comes to InDesign… maybe it’s time to switch back to QuarkExpress…

    I don’t care if it may cost more to buy a piece of software compared to a subscription model, as already mentioned, I prefer to own the tools I use on a daily basis. And I don’t care about the lobbyists at NAPP and others… they can tell me a thousand times more how great the Adobe tools are and they this software is the only way to go for a Pro… No, sorry guys, it isn’t. I’m not defined as a professional because I use that one camera, that special piece of software… I’m call a professional because of make a living from shooting stills and video and doing some teaching in this field. No one of my clients aks me: Have you shot this with a Nikon, or a Canon… a Phase One or a Hasselblad… have you edited this photo in Lightroom and Photoshop or with some other software. My clients look hire me because of creativity and at least some constant quality in my work.

    So: Goodbye Adobe, I really enjoyed the ride… but now it’s time to move on.

    • Donna says:

      Am curious as to what you’re moving to, I’d like to follow….. I can no longer afford to do Adobe plus I’m not online when I use my software…. Thanks!

    • RD says:

      Well put JM, the subscription plan is not for this photograph educator either. Maybe NIC will stand up to Adobe. (RIP Macromedia)

  7. Timo says:

    How will this affect Lightroom compatibility? My reasoning is this: I will most likely upgrade to LR5, however I have no intention to upgrade my PS CS6 to the new PS CC subscription model. The reason is very simple. Since most of my workflow takes place in Lightroom, I don’t use Photoshop every day. And compared to previous the upgrade pricing the new Photoshop subscription pricing is way too expensive (based on an average usage time of 2 years per PS version).

    So, I appreciate the fact that PS CS6 will get new camera support for ACR. But how does his work in combination with Lightroom 5? What happens when I open up a raw file from Lightroom 5 with Photoshop CS6 for further editing?

  8. Damien Miller says:

    So, when in I do “open as smart object in Photoshop” with LR5 and Photoshop CS6, will I be able to adjust the radial filters, etc? Right now, I’m able to tweak in ACR just about anything I’ve set in LR.

  9. David Nicholson says:

    I am in the habit of buying and upgrading several copies of Photoshop because I have several computers. If I go this new cloud route will I have to pay for more cloud subscriptions? What will happen to CS extended?

  10. David Wehrly says:

    No such upgrade from CS5 to CS6 that I can find on the website you gave.

  11. Rich B says:

    I am totally bummed out. As a hobbiest photographer and occasional Photoshop user, a monthly subscription model just doesn’t make sense particularly when the intro rate of $10 goes to $25 or more. I can’t believe Adobe expects me to pay $400 per year forever. That is just not going to happen. My options look to be:

    – Use my copy of CS6 as is until ACR no longer supports my camera equipment then find alternative software

    – Find an alternative software ASAP and direct my energies to it abandoning Adobe as a lost cause.

    I sincerely hope Adobe reconsiders their CC decision.

  12. David Roberts says:

    I have used Adobe products for many years and view this latest creation of CC as a rip off. Adobe is doing itself a dis-service by choosing to exploit its loyal customers in this fashion. All this bunkum about being able to subscribe on a month-to-month basis if you don’t use it continually doesn’t help consumers at all. Sad, sad!

  13. Rick says:

    So photoshop CS6 is the last version you can actually buy? And will the next version of Photoshop include an ACR plugin?

  14. Wallace says:

    I’m a little behind on my conversion because I had an older unsupported camera. I want ACR and Lightroom to support NFC. That is right Near Field Conversion. I would like to be able to place my metal slide boxes with 200 images each near a IBM PC running ACR8 and have them imported. Support for old photo albums would be good too. I understand the page turning function might have difficulty with those sticky pages but overnight processing would be fine. I’d be willing to pay monthly for this feature. The boxes date to 1960-1980 so please price in those dollars maybe 65 cents. Now that you support video I probably have 300 VHS tapes too. The box is heavey so not so NFC from basement would be good.

  15. Adam says:

    Adobes switch to a subscription only model is disgraceful. They know they are hanging their customers out to dry.

  16. Young McQueen says:

    Tom Hogarty
    Sorry to post here could not fine a direct link to you.
    RE: Photoshop CS6 users resistance to PS CC.
    I have a suggestion to assuage some user’s fears of being stranded at some future date. For those who fear not being able to access their files especially layered files with a lot of work invested in them: Each year that someone is a member of the CC give them a “credit” of X toward the license to continue using the current program. For example if you have a list of 1,000 for PS CC and they have been a member for five years let them continue with the program (no updates no support) for a payment of some percentage off (so much for each year). You would determine the percentage and policies so Adobe would not be gamed.
    I know it is not a logical choice on their part but these issues are obviously about more than economics. They fear being trapped into a program and not “owning” it.and being cut off from their life’s work.


  17. Dear Tom:
    Please help me, I am one of your confused and value-less customers that wants to understand the difference between Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom. It has always been my understanding that the core component of Lightroom was ACR, but LR had additional features and functions added to it; Library, Web, Slide Show, etc, but that the Development module was the same as ACR . Every new release of ACR has matched both the cameras supported and functionality of Lightroom, again in the Development Module. The reason I ask this question is because in your last two posts, you appear to be double talking. On the one had you say “there will be no difference between LR5 and LRCC” however, above you say that there will be differences between ACR8CC and ACR8 for PS6 (at some point in the future). So which is it, does LR5 receive the functionalities of ACR8CC or just ACR8? If LR5 only receives ACR8 than it stands to reason that LRCC will receive ACR8CC which means your previous statement was not correct….Very confusing, but one of your doing. If, as one has claimed, the reason that Adobe has alienated a large percentage of its user base was to simplify life, it seems that you have made life rather more complicated between ACR and LR. At some point this complication will end and I think it will be another bad ending for the value-less little people like me.


  18. Johnny Santiago says:

    I just want to make sure I understand. I’m seeing a ton of negative responses to CC.
    I have CS6 and LR4 as purchased software. I don’t think I need CC since I already have these. So when ACR gets updated ill get the update but not the new features like the healing brush and the straightening feature right?
    And if I buy the software version of LR5 (which I plan to) those features “Will” be there right?
    Last question. I like using Adobe Audition and may get the CC version of it. Will that entitle me to any of the new features with photoshop CS6 as a CC customer even though my subscription will be for an audio program but I’m a photoshop customer?

  19. Albie says:

    Just curious, will ACR 8 be available for PSE 11 and will it be feature limited like the CS6 standalone version?

  20. Ariel says:

    Will Lightroom 5 allow us to do everything that Camera RAW on CC does?

    • bitm2007 says:

      A Beta of Lightroom 5 can be downloaded from the Adobe Labs website (
      It can be used free of charge until the end of June (30th), it includes the same tools as in Camera RAW 8 (CC).

  21. I have used Photoshop since version 2 in the mid 1980’s I think Adobe’s decision to cloud the software is the end of my road. I can not justify the expense to feed their kitty… there are alternatives and I will just go that route. In my opinion I think Adobe has shot themselves in the foot this time as many in the photo community will not bite on this piece of marketing. Good luck Adobe!

  22. Ariel: I’m not Adobe, but it’s clear that the new features in ACR 8 are in the sections that are not accessible for Elements users – so even if ACR 8 were available for PSE 11, no useful new feature would be obtained. Also, remember that PSE is 8-bit only. Far less powerful than even the free GIMP and competitive tools. It makes sense that Adobe would not want to cannibalize their PS CS line.

    FWIW: ACR is the most powerful tool in the entire arsenal of photo editing products from Adobe. It’s been getting better all the time. So again, I see why Adobe would not want to invest serious manpower improving things that don’t have the perpetual payment hook attached (e.g. Cloud).

  23. Oh, I just realized I have a question myself: is “ACR 8” a reality NOW, or a future thing? Because I have a perpetually licensed PS CS6, I have no option to upgrade, and the only version of Lightroom in the Cloud is 4.4 which only supports ACR 7.4.

  24. Ralf says:

    Feature Upgrade versus Technology Update, if it was consistent as a strategy, not a problem. But in the past it has been blurred, no more ACR upgrades whatsoever once the updated version of the shell software had a new release. I would hope to see CS6 / LR4 to be fully supported in a maintenance mode for at least the life of Windows 8 (and current Mac OS) with subsequent service updates. I much would have preferred to continue with a non subscription license option for the core functionality (CS is a shell for plugins to operate through) and buy in new exotic features in on a timed basis. If the timed basis is long enough you would end up with a permanent user license for that feature. This is not a new concept, and is the current vehicle in many industries to overcome a start up cost barrier, buy outright or hire purchase. Income would then decide on feasibility of new development or switch into maintenance mode only, probably a critical decision facing any maturing product. PS is not obsolete, but many consider it mature, and there is nothing wrong with that, just requires a different approach, and CC is not it. If customers thought they could not justify an upgrade with the product improvements offered, then the CC strategy will not rectify this. With every customer lost, someone else has to pay double, just for income to just stay constant. To allow skipping of upgrades with absolutely no price disadvantage was a marketing mistake, Adobe rewarded in effect non loyalty, varied pricing levels would have been just. Where Adobe is to gone too far, is that I feel threatened to see an investment through years of continuous upgrade licensing paid to evaporate into absolutely nothing when CS6 becomes non maintained, and in future see myself under CC no better off to someone else not having shown this loyalty to Adobe. In a way charged upgrades are not different to a subscription service, but you were never faced with the product turned off altogether should you not agree with forward pricing. I have no issue with paid upgrades, but one with loyalty. In my opinion with forcing CC on the whole product including the CS6 core, Adobe could not have done anything worse to an existing paid up customer base.

  25. Mary Pearson says:

    Having read everything I am still confused. I am wondering about buying Lightroom 5 when available as an alternative to renting PS, which I have now (the boxed version) but that I cannot afford to ‘rent’ in future.. Can I be confident that Adobe will not eventually be ‘renting’ out this software as they are with Photoshop.

    • Lightroom will remain a perpetual license product for the foreseeable future.

      • Janis Herd says:

        Define “foreseeable future.” You have proven yourselves to be completely untrustworthy. Adobe has made the decision to write off thousands or millions of loyal customers who have bought the boxed product for years and don’t want to rent software. We will find alternatives. I don’t expect this comment to be posted, at least not for long.

  26. Bob says:

    Can you clarify how PS CC will handle raw formats? I see that CR is a filter in CC but can we continue to preprocess raw files and open them as a smart object in CC version?

  27. Johnny Santiago says:

    I just want to make sure I understand. I’m seeing a ton of negative responses to CC.
    I have CS6 and LR4 as purchased software. I don’t think I need CC since I already have these. So when ACR gets updated ill get the update but not the new features like the healing brush and the straightening feature right?
    And if I buy the software version of LR5 (which I plan to) those features “Will” be there right?
    Last question. I like using Adobe Audition and may get the CC version of it. Will that entitle me to any of the new features with photoshop CS6 as a CC customer even though my subscription will be for an audio program but I’m a photoshop customer?

  28. Freddy says:

    As a long time photoshop user I too will leave Adobe after forcing us to a paid susbcription. I too believe that Adobe has made a mistake. I wii never pay for a subcription for life. Period. The way the internet is going we will have to pay any dick and harry 50 here or 15 here and so on forever. I will never get into such a horrible deal for us the consumers. I’m already paying a lot for the internet and that is not enough?! Now we have to pay these companies an annual subscription for ever and not own the product. Bad deal for the consumers. Only the professionals will save money here. I will jump to other companies such a Capture One and DXO Optics. Good bye Adobe. Our relationship lasted more than a decade and you ended it.

    • Ramiro says:

      I agree with you Freddy, I ll keep using PS CS6 till it gets obsolete and then move to other software,

  29. Goran Kindwall says:

    Where can I find the ACR 8 (limited) update to CS6?

    I run CS 6 13.0.1 with ACR
    I run LR 4.4 (and the LR5 beta). I intend to buy the LR5 when available
    I use CS6 mostly as it houses all my plug-ins. I am not at all sure I want to enter the CC Environment with monthly fees!!

  30. Kartik says:

    I did (eventually) find a link to CS6 upgrade but it keeps giving me an error and does not allow me to buy it. Suggest I contact support for to place the order. Does anyone else have that problem? I have been seeing this same problem for a couple of days now.

  31. Leonard says:

    I am another long term Photoshop user, PS7, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, & finally CS6 who will not be going the CC route. When I upgraded from CS5 to CS6 I had to call the support number to make the purchase. I was informed that the upgrade was only available as a download and there would be no further DVD sales.

    Now I learn that ACR8 does not provide any of the new features to CS6 users only current camera support.
    I was considering a look at LR5, only to learn that LR5 will not run on OSX 10.6.8. I am one of those folks who is quite comfortable with “Snow Leopard” and am not happy with the push to “Mountain Lion” just to run LR5. So it looks as though my workflow will remain LR4+CS6.

  32. Rodney Ruffin says:

    Adobe apparently thinks it can make people purchase the subscription service. NAUGHT!!!!! I, too, will not pay per month for something that I can use very sparingly. LR5 will just have to do.

  33. Chris says:

    Thanks Adobe. Its been a nice ride but I won’t be doing anything that involves a monthly fee.

  34. John Christensen says:

    I will not migrate to a subscription product. I am also hesitant to accept any further upgrades of Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) since I had a bad experience in the past with incompatibility between Lightroom and Photoshop versions of ACR. At this point, my plan is to use Lightroom 4.4 and Photoshop CS6 while evaluating other products and open source software.

  35. Jim says:

    Funny how none of the difficult questions get answered. I was planning to buy Lightroom 5 not having used it before, then I see this ACR8 business and, like several here, am wondering if this comes with the full ACR8 monty but I can’t upgrade my PS CS6 to the same level will the work I do in LR, assuming I use any of the new fancy bits and pieces, transfer to PS CS6? I’m thinking I might just be wasting my time and money buying this.

    Further to that, if PS CS6 will read the new stuff now will it in the future after further updates to ACR? I assume that LR5 purchasers, as opposed to renters, won’t get any feature updates, there’s something really childish about this policy.

    How about some answers to specific questions instead of paraphrases of the official statement?

  36. fgh says:

    Godbay Adobe

  37. From what I read many who upgraded Photoshop just to get the latest version of ACR are not willing to be trapped in Adobe Cloud. Now it seems that new camera support will be made available to these users via a dumb down version of ACR 8 that is in Adobe Cloud for Photoshop CS6. That Photoshop CS6 will continued to be available for the foreseeable future.

    Given this it may be appropriate time to start a new forum on Adobe forum web site. So there are Photoshop Forums for the different user groups where the dumb down version can be discussed.
    Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Perpetual and Photoshop Clouded…

  38. Jim says:

    I think my last post was somewhat garbled, even I have trouble understanding it. Here is my question – if I buy Lightroom 5 and use the new features , Upright, radial filter etc, then export into PS CS6 will the new features carry over? Thanks.

  39. I just installed ACR 8.1 and already regret it. It is terribly slow. I’m working on an 8-core Mac Pro with 10GB of RAM, but even if I have one single file open (Nikon D800 NEF), even simple actions like zoom-in or zoom-out or show or hide masks only occur after a two seconds or so lag.
    So if you don’t have one of the newly supported cameras you’d better stick to 7.4.

  40. Peter says:

    Any Nikon shooters who haven’t tried Nikon’s Capture NX2 should seriously consider it as an alternative to ACR.
    There are some pretty cool Nik plugins available and the U-point technology used is pretty accurate and flexible.
    canon and other brands could also use DXO’s Optics Pro.

  41. Will says:

    I am currently subscribed to Photoshop CC for CS6 only. Is this not the same as Photoshop CC for the entire CC? None of the new features are available in CS6 or camera raw. Did I miss something? I was under the assumption that I would be getting ALL the new features described for Photoshop CC even if I only got the single product subscription.

    • Pete Green says:

      Hi Will, You will be able to download Photoshop CC when it is released on the 17th. Currently it is not available yet and CS6 is the latest. Hang in there, it’ll be here soon!

  42. Another concerned customer with issues relating to monthly fees. You have a great product but why get a bit greedy, surely a pay once model that has worked for many years is a better way of connecting and keeping your customers than essentially renting out the software. You will only alienate a long standing customer base so that users that have to have ACR8 will pay the subscription and others leave for alternatives, it might be time for a rethink!

  43. David C says:

    The one thing I am concerned about in our neck of the woods is broadband connectivity. We are plagued with slow connections and high prices for bandwidth – I get by on about 5-10 gig per month so using cloud storage and is not really practical. So for the near future, it’s going to be CS6 for me!

    • Pete Green says:

      You can still store all of your images locally. You aren’t forced to save anything online. It’s a service provided that is useful to those that want to be able to share files/projects between computers easily

  44. JAY SIGAL says:

    I upgraded to CS6 as soon as it hit. I JUST upgraded toLR5.
    I had a lengthy conversation with the CS rep @ the ADOBE end and all I heard was all the ‘hype” regarding the advantages of becoming “part of the cloud experience”!
    Personally, I have been with ADOBE since ver4.0, so it’s been awhile.
    ADOBE does put out a great product. That is true. But it has also been my experience they do not listen to or respond very quickly to either issues or complaints from there user-base.
    And I do not think they will respond any different to the many complaints they are now receiving on this CC Subscription issue. They follow their current business plan and rarely if ever swerve to accommodate anyone else.
    But then again, as large as they have become, they likely believe they do not have to. They’ll lose a few (thousand perhaps) but they will absorb the loss and down the road merely raise the cost to offset the loss.
    It is after all called capitalism. And they do put out a great product as I’ve said. Personally, I prefer to, as many have said before this, own the software on my computer and upgrade as it suits me. They’ve decided that is not good enough any longer. They want a tighter control off their income stream and this is one way to make that happen. Like many of you have stated, I believe this is my last purchase due to the simple fact that I have been a loyal PURCHASING CUSTOMER and I choose to purchase when it either befits me to do so financially, or when there is some sort of WOW innovation that I want to be able to own and use.
    And i just do not like the idea of giving them money every month – I am just opposed to the idea of it!

    The unfortunate part is, and I think we all kind of know this anyway, ADOBE will ultimately win and do precisely what they want with the CC product, and the hell with the dissenters. It is the way they have always done their business. Their way.

    There ARE other tools available. And right now not many, if any measure up to what ADOBE has to offer. This situation however, may cause the competition to pony up in the R&D departments and get busy offering those of us searching for alternatives a better way to accomplish OUR ends.

    It could happen. Like I said, it is called capitalism. And IT thrives on competition.
    Innovation in a marketplace seeking dissatisfied former customers just may create that competition.

    Let’s hope so.

  45. Van Kamper says:

    I own CS6, and it will be my last with their business model. No one is going to dictate to me how I will pay for a product. It remains my choice if to pay by cash/visa or lease/rent/buy outright. I also will not be inconvenienced by paying monthly for those periods I am travelling to get pictures, rather then printing them. I also prefer to update every 5 years or so, while their time frame is obviously designed to put money in their pockets (just greed). This is going to open the door big time for new competition, and Adobe is not as big fry as they think….there is microsoft, corel, and others with the skills. As others have already said, most of us use about 10-20% of all the features offered, and the most important and most often used features I am sure another competitor can have up and running in a short time. I know I can live without adobe, and I plain refuse to follow their pricing policy. If we allow them to get away with this, then soon you will see every other mfr trying to fall into the same scheme, which they obviouslywould prefer, since it gurantees them a steady source of profit.
    Also, after 2 years of use the product still has resale value on ebay… you own nothing to resell. What will happen if you have a disagreement with them over anything (eg- product, billing errors, etc)… you get cancelled? I prefer to stay in control, i prefer to own it, and sell it when i am not happy with a product…..i don’t need to be staring at a montly fee by adobe on my visa bill every month in perpetuaty.

    I’m sure adobe will do this with all it’s products, so it is good-bye to adobe. You cannot push the customer, you need to listen to them, and satisfy their needs (not there own needs).

  46. Wayne Poyer says:

    I am a photography hobbyist and own a fully licensed CS6. I have to amortize the cost of this expensive software and its upgrades (historic) over long periods since I am not generating income from it. I am with the vast majority of those above who will not get on a monthly CC payment schedule just to have new feature Adobe thinks I need. CS6 is my last purchase, and it will do for some time. When photo editing technology once again offers something irresistible, I’m off to one of Adobe’s competitors who will develop quickly.

  47. Will Lightroom 4.4+ support the use of ACR8?or do I need to upgrade to 5? I only need the camera support (G6)
    CS6 users seem to have that ability but I don’t seem to. Having just spent ALL my money on the new camera I can’t afford now to upgrade lightroom for just the additional raw support.


  48. Larry Costa says:

    Adobe’s past record of not updating the ACR element of photoshop 4…5…etc has always annoyed me. It meant that as I moved forward and upgraded my camera to the next model, and exitedly tried to view and edit the images on my existing photoshop, the software just laughed at me, didn’t recognise the (Nikon NEF) RAW file, and refused to open anything. So, that meant, every time I changed my camera for a new one, Adobe forced me to buy Photoshop AGAIN! just so I could use the ACR.

    Now this ‘cloud’ nonsense has begun, I am not going to fall for it. It is to my mind a further strike against the loyal photoshop users by the Adobe management. What on earth would happen if Ford or GM suddenly said… ‘you cannot buy our cars, you can only rent them, at a price which works out at more than double what it would cost if you bought one over two years’ and also added ‘while you rent the car, you can also have access to a pick up truck, a helicopter, a lear jet, and a fork lift truck’ I don’t have a licence to use anything but the car, so the money would be wasted. Same with ADOBE – pricing this ‘cloud’ with zillions of applications I will never, ever, use – while putting the cost of Photoshop beyond what is reasonable and affordable for the home user.

    We are NOT all pro photographers, Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Illustrators and Video editors, some of us just take photos for social or pleasure purposes, and simply want a good, affordable bit of software to prepare and correct our basic images for printing. Why treat your loyal customers so badly. Why does it have to be ‘cloud’ or nothing??? Why is it impossible to just BUY a product, as always. Those who want to use cloud because they ARE professionals, and want access to some, or even all, of the other applications, well, thats fine too. We should have both options available to us… buy, as always, or, rent if you want to. I know that Ford and GM would go out of business if they tried to blackmail customers like this.

    Adobe, please listen. The photoshop product is great – still very unhappy about the lack of ACR updating, which is a deliberate policy of a non technical nature – but apart from that, the product is good.

    Give your customers the CHOICE instead of driving them away. If you keep this up, another software manufacturer will see the huge gap in the (owned software) market, and compete with you. If you don’t act quickly, you’re going to alienate millions of existing customers, while retaining those who can claim the rental against tax because they are ‘professional’ – Terribly unfair, reinstate sales of photoshop quickly, and fire the idiot who decided to make it a ‘rent only’ product.

  49. Paul Ringger says:


    When is support for the FujiFilm X-E1 going to be fully supported?

    Are there going to be lens correction filters for this camera and lenses anytime soon?


    Paul Ringger

  50. Vallarie Cullen says:

    I am new to posting here so I hope this is the right spot to ask a question. I have PSCS6 extended and when the upgrade came through to update Camra RAW to 8.1 I did but now Bridge takes so long to open and to react to any commands also to build critera, once opening the picture to edit the response time is very slow and if you have been working for awhile it seems to get slower, I have other people in my photo group in the same boat.. (my system is a 2TB with 8G memory 64 bit os windows 7) will there be a fix for this? if not is there anyway of converting back to previous version Thanks. Vallarie Cullen

  51. jan denapoli says:

    Hi, are you saying that PS CS6 will eventually not work at all on my computer? I live in a rural hilly area with terrible intermittent internet. I can not rely on that to access photoshop or lightroom… this is horrible news for those of us with lousy internet service. I live in an area outside of a small town in Alaska, there’s no chance in the future for better internet connection, either. I have asked all of the internet providers in this state if they plan to provide better service to us and they say no!!!! Not in this lifetime! So, now what?

  52. No-fan says:

    Adobe Photoshop Elements 09 used to do me just fine, until I was forced to upgrade through RAW Camera support for a new model; and that was only a small pocket snapper! It was fine fro my EOS cameras, however, I have just bought the new EOS 70D as a long awaited improvement. This has cost me £1,079 to upgrade.
    Now I find that Adobe’s PS11 will not open the images (RAW files) as it does not recognise the camera! I see the threads concerning upgrades *only* for CS6, so does this mean that Adobe is, yet again, trying to force us all into buying more opverpriced software?

    Adobe, in my opinion, if you spent less time developing new ways of conning people out of more money, and more time in supporting those who have already purchased, then I’m sure you’d find much less negativity to your products!
    In the meantime, beacause i have “wasted my moneoy on Adobe PS11” I must now use the Canon Digital Professional; which doen’t have as many gimmicks but at least gets the job done, and without all this frustartion!

    Future? Well, I for one will not be buying any more Adobe products.
    I used to use Dreamweaver, until Adobe took it over and capitalised on it; and in my opinion ruined a good program. Only a few people I know with, apparently, more money than sense, say they use PS or CS programes, more are changing away from Adobe.
    As for “Cloud”, you know where you can stick that !

  53. Cecil Williams says:

    As I own CS6, I will NOT rent CC. I would like the option to purchase Camera Raw updates that are in CC. If Adobe would allow such, I would remain happy, owning my software, purchase upgrade when deemed necessary and price point acceptable. Adobe should had announced changes, before releasing CS6 software.

  54. Bill Collins says:

    I find it interesting about Adobe Support for CS6. If the Perpetual Software will be phased out in two years, then they should have the decency to state this to people who wish to upgrade or purchase outright. My CS6 says I am up to date on all updates, yet I only have ACR 7.1. I only found out about ACR 8 upgrade from a class I attended yesterday.

    It would be fairer if Adobe would make ACR 8.x and other full function updates available to the Perpetual CS6 users (Current Perpetual Software Version) until this software is not supported. That way people who acquired CS6 prior to Creative Cloud are not penalized. When support for CS6 ends or is no longer available for purchase, then we have time to plan for CC and monthly expenditures. When we buy a CS6 Partial or Master Collection, big bucks are involved. For small individuals, we expect normal product updates throughout the life cycle. Giving us updates without the full feature set, or updates which change the version number and no increased functionality is a poor business practice and alienates individual customers.

    I hope Adobe will reconsider the full functionality of ACR and updates to those products will be available to all Perpetual Products which are still being sold. I guess our only alternative is to Dislike Adobe on their Facebook page. It may not make a difference to Adobe, but it could cause a future casual user to reconsider buying their product.

    I did hear in my class Adobe will be offering Photoshop and Lightroom, along with ACR, for a lifetime rental through Creative Cloud for $9.99 a month, NEVER to get more expensive. It will NEVER get more expensive, until they change their Business Model again………

    Even Microsoft which has a Poor Business Model by selling Vaporware, (Software not yet published or ready for Prime Time), will tell their customers when the end of a lifecycle will occur for a specific software. I don’t have a high esteem for their Business Model. Your current practices place you far below them in Business Ethics.

  55. Tony says:

    I have a fully paid PS CS with ACR 8.2 using Nikon D7100 but cannot open NEF files?

  56. Yanai says:

    Hi, I’m using CS5 + camera raw 6.3. the question is can i upgrade the camera raw plugin from 6.3 to latest and still keep my cs5 ?
    tnx all

  57. Robert Yaremchuk says:

    And if Microsoft and Apple (along with Adobe and others) start to offer their operating systems or applications on a monthly rental basis only? What if I lose access to my iTunes library if I don’t subscribe. (as an example)

    I would suggest that this Adobe precedent could end up creating and opening a sort of “Pandora’s box” the results of which (in the long term) could be sinister and unpredictable for everyone involved.

  58. John Olson says:

    You people are saying that you are trying to become another Kodak company in the digital sense, the only reason that I don’t subscribe now is it is kind of hard to run a online program when I’m working as that there is NO INTERNET ACESS in the wilderness. Your company just lost me as a customer, I will go back to my PSP if I have too.