Lightroom and the Creative Cloud

Adobe’s recent announcement around our Creative Cloud update has generated quite a few questions around how it will impact Lightroom 5.  I’ve answered a few of the questions below and please feel free to ask additional questions in the comments.


Q. How much will Lightroom 5 cost?

A. Lightroom 5 is available for an estimated $149 US.  Customers of previous versions of Lightroom can upgrade to Lightroom 5 for an estimated $79 US.


Q. Will Lightroom 5 be included as part of Adobe Creative Cloud?

A. Yes.  Lightroom 5 will be delivered to Creative Cloud members at no extra charge when it’s available.


Q. Will I still be able to purchase Lightroom 5 outside of the Creative Cloud

A. Yes. Lightroom 5 will continue to be available as a standalone product, available for purchase as an Electronic Software Download(ESD) or as a boxed product with a traditional perpetual license.


Q. Will there be a different version of Lightroom called Lightroom CC?

A. No.


Q. Will there be features of Lightroom 5 that are exclusive to Creative Cloud members?

A. No.


Q. Will Lightroom become a subscription only offering after Lightroom 5?

A. Future versions of Lightroom will be made available via traditional perpetual licenses indefinitely.


Q. Is Lightroom included with a Photoshop CC single-app subscription?

A. Lightroom is available as stand-alone purchase, and through the full Creative Cloud package. Lightroom is not included with a Photoshop CC single-app membership.

137 Responses to Lightroom and the Creative Cloud

  1. Doug says:

    Well, CS6 will still be available, too, so other than confirming that LR5 won’t be stillborn, the third answer doesn’t tell us much. The question is whether development will continue on “licensed Lightroom” — is there a Lightroom 6 in the future — or if Lightroom development will be Creative Cloud only once LR5 emerges from its chrysalis.

    As a subset of that, will Lightroom continue to receive Raw-file support updates as needed, at least for as long as ACR8 is updated?

    • Doug says:

      Please answer the question. What plans does Adobe have for non-cloud Lightroom beyond the Lightroom 5 release?

      Adobe’s repeated evasion on this matter is deeply troubling and implies the worst — that LR5 is the end of the line. Over here, Adobe has said “The Photoshop team will provide bug fixes and security updates for Photoshop CS6 while it is still available for purchase.” No such assurance was made for Lightroom. That makes it very difficult to take it on faith that there will ever be any new features added to non-cloud Lightroom after LR5.

      • Doug, I can’t speak for Adobe, and I can’t foresee the future.
        All I can tell you is this: Lightroom’s market is completely different (huge percentage of amateur photographers) to the Creative Cloud’s primary market (mainly creative pros who use multiple apps). As a result, Lightroom plays by different rules, just like Elements always has done. I can’t imagine that changing in the foreseeable future, even after LR5’s release. I have no reason to believe that Lightroom will go Creative Cloud only, and I’m already planning ahead to my next Lightroom book.
        Of course it does, to some degree, depend on people buying Lightroom 5, to make continued development worthwhile, but that’s common sense.
        I know it’s not the concrete assurance you wanted, but I hope that helps!

        • Will says:

          Thank god it’s going to be standalone! I’m an Amateur photographer and I love Lightroom, but I’m not about to pay $600 a year to use it. I have no need for any of the other programs. The cloud does make sense for those who need all of that utility, but I only use LR.

          • Pat Paul says:

            I think those of us who use Lightroom only or Photoshop and Lightroom need to stand together and NOT go the way of the Creative Cloud subscription. If a lot of us DO NOT SUBSCRIBE, we may be able to force Adobe’s hand to consider us a separate audience and make “package” that makes sense to us – and that is NOT a $600/year commitment.

        • Jack Hoggard says:

          You know that every one of us will someday leave this earth. It’s guaranteed. If we spend the time until then worrying about it, it won’t be a happy life. The same goes for Lightroom. It’s a wonderful product and already does more than I use regularly. I plan to get LR5 when it hits (I had 1,2,3, and 4), and hopefully 6-10. Don’t worry about the future, just deal wit it then it becomes the present.

        • Andrew Brown says:

          just a shame they made Lightroom for the iPad available only through Creative Cloud – so sorry to say that I believe you’ve had the rug pulled from under your feet – especially as the ‘next book you were writing’ had to be for the iPad version 🙁

  2. Paul Parkinson LRPS says:

    I spend 95% of my post processing time in Lightroom so hearing that I will still be able to buy Lightroom outside of CC is great news.

    However, the other 5% of the time I am in Photoshop. I haven’t upgraded from CS5 to CS6 yet – why should I jump to CC? I don’t use anything else from Adobe so it seems expensive to have to rent the whole suite just to get upgrades for Photoshop?

    Perhaps I should downgrade to Elements? Or move to GIMP?

  3. a different phil says:

    Thank you, this makes me feel better.

    • a different phil says:

      Actually, I wouldn’t strenuously object to a “photography-only” CC package of Lightroom and Photoshop, as long as the pricing was reasonable. I’m sure I’m not the only photographer out there who doesn’t care much (or at all) about most of the other CS6 programs.


        We’ve heard there’s a lot of interest in a photographer’s bundle or photography cloud solution and we’re actively exploring offerings we can potentially create for you. We welcome your feedback around what you would like to see that fits your workflow needs.

        • Janet Taylor says:

          The only apps I need are Lightroom, Photoshop, and maybe Illustrator. And I’m not very happy to spend $600 year to use them. I’ve had the $360 subscription since it rolled out, because that seemed reasonable, but it’s coming due, and I’m actively seeking alternatives.

        • Claire says:

          I spend about 90% of my time in LR and 10 % in Photoshop Elements. I would love a customized bundle of just those two programs!

        • Ian Leslie says:

          That is *not* what I would like to see. In this post we have some statement that LR is not going to be turned into subscription only software. The answers above do not put the concern to rest but they are something. The problem is there is still a problem. Many photographers have LR and PS and use them both. What you have done, even if LR stays stand alone, is broken that team.
          Let me be clear – I will not rent software. It will never happen. Several people in previous posts have talked about some of my reasons already.
          So given that my normal way of working LR for most things and PS for the others is now broken because LR will move on and PS will not (for me because again – no renting period). This leaves me with a work flow that will be more and more disrupted as time goes by. Which means you have opened the door for a competitor to look their way which I would never have done before. Recent posts by go into this very well.

          • Brent says:

            you say youll never rent. but what are your alternatives? corel paint and autodesk sketchbook if you like the painting aspect of PS :p

            I’m not going to argue with you about rent or not to rent. Adobe is not going bac so why not have them create a desgn and photography package including Bridge, Photoshop, and Lightroom. Maybe for the web designers they can have Bridge, Photoshop, illustrator and Dreamweaver.

            I’m all for subscription, but against the single (useless) and all (overkill) collections. The thing that was great about CS is that there were suits that targeted different markets

          • Dave says:

            I have never understood the venom over this whole Creative Cloud issue. I for one would never be able to afford a 700.00 Photoshop package. Now it is19.99 a month, updates and newer versions will be installed with one click and I dont have to worry where I have left my liscenced copy when Photoshop fails and I have to reinstall for some unknown reason. Everyone talks about a competitor but will you really switch and learn a whole new system? I think the CC is a great idea. I have been listening to both sides for a month now and I dont really see the venom to it. Perhaps you are an HDR hater too?

          • Broderick says:

            You would never pay $700 for FPP photoshop, but you’re content paying $20 a month indefinitely? Do you not realize that you will have paid $700 after 14 months of CC subscription? I upgrade Photoshop every 2-3 years. CC makes no financial sense to me. Adobe is trying to push it as a great offering because you get updates pushed to you, but I’m unclear how this is any different than going to the update manager and clicking the check for updates button. I’m going to continue using my CS4 as long as I have an OS that will run it, then I’m embracing GIMP.

          • Blake bennett says:


            $20 for 14 months is only $280. You’re talking about the $50 subscription for the entire suite, not just Photoshop, which is not what Dave will be needing. For a user who only needs Photoshop, the two options break even at 35 months, which is on the high side of your 2-3 year upgrade cycle. When you factor in the delay in the investment, an accelerated upgrade cycle, and the ability to unsubscribe if you’re not going to need it for a while, it seems like a no brainer.

            Just because you like to “own” something doesn’t mean it actually makes economic sense.

  4. Andrew says:

    This is just the news I was anxious to hear. Thanks for the clarification!

  5. John says:

    Plain and simple – professional and serious hobbyists want a bundle with current Lightroom and Photoshop and not much else from Adobe. Right now I am paying what I regard as the relatively high price for serious hobbyist use – approx £188 inc VAT per PS upgrade (that’s been roughly every 2 years lately – or £8 a month) and £60 per LR update (approx every 18 months – £3.33 a month).

    This is a hobby, remember, and I already bought the applications (these are update prices). Looking at the current pricing it seems I will be asked for £17-odd a month just for photoshop alone going forward. Well good luck with that Adobe. You may think that photographers can’t work Excel but some of us can – and are looking for alternatives.

    • Hi John, thanks for the feedback. We’ve heard there’s a lot of interest in a photographer’s bundle or photography cloud solution and we’re actively exploring offerings we can potentially create for you:

      If you own PS CS3 or newer you’d be eligible for a $9.99 per month promo:

      Hopefully that helps in the near term.

      • alexsolla says:

        Actually Jeffrey, it is less than helpful. It is actually kind of insulting to have to constantly wonder how much adobe is going to jerk the usage fee for software that we used to OWN. I am afraid that even with all the careful planning Adobe has put into CC this is gonna crash and burn. The sheer volume of folks tweeting about CC and gimp this week is off the charts. Now if only companies like Nik and OnOne would make their software work with Gimp, I wouldnt look back for one second.

      • Mark Hall says:

        I’d also want Bridge included in that package. Basically everything that comes with Photoshop and Lightroom when you buy them.

    • HHoffman says:

      Yes, this new pricing model does not seem very good value. For many professional users the fees would be negligible compared to the value they are creating, for non-professionals it’s completely different. A shift to a commercial versus non-commercial use licensing system might have helped. Also, they advertise monthly pricing but the contract is annual, so you commit to 12 X the monthly price.

    • Broderick says:

      I’m right there with you, John.
      If LR is still available as a standalone product, Adobe should also make Photoshop available. Those are all I ever use as a hobbyist. I upgrade every 2-3 years, so the “special” price they’re giving for year 1 isn’t very special. The $20 a month price they will jump it to is outright robbery.

  6. Geoff Sobering says:

    I agree the answers at the top are more than a little ambiguous.
    I’m trying to find out how much it will cost me to use LR and PS going forward. Even an Adobe support chat wasn’t able to get that answered. Hopefully I’ll have better luck here…

    Without support in LR for new cameras as they come out much of its utility disappears (for me at least).
    I use PS mostly for super-complex editing, so going through DNG is much less of an issue.

    The one answer that will be a complete non-starter for me is, “LR requires a full single-app CC subscription”.

  7. William Chinn says:

    LR4 is not currently available for a single application subscription (like PS6). Will LR5 be available for a single application subscription or will it be bundled with PS? A lot of “photographer only” folks are trying to figure this out before LR5 is released/purchased. (Remember both LR4 and CS6 were made available before CC was available). Other web sites on Adobe are only commiting to LR being available as purchase (not CC subscription). I understand a CC bundle is being researched. Without it a non-professional “photographer only” is left out..

    While I can sympathize with Adobe trying to even out revenue throughout the year, my concern is my expenditure throughout the year. Like others I am an 80/20 (LR/PS) user.

    • Hi William,

      Thanks for the feedback. We’re hearing similar feedback from a number of our customers. Rest assured we are listening.

      • Mark Trueman says:

        I am sorry. Jeffrey. You do not seem to be listening. Most amateur photographers are not going to “rent” software from Adobe. In my case, I use Lightroom 4, Photoshop CS6 and, occasionally, Illustrator CS5 and InDesign CS5. There is no way under the sun that I will rent these applications at $50 per month. So, I will gradually migrate my work to alternatives (and these will not be Adobe applications).
        In addition, after spending well over a thousand dollars on Adobe software, I feel incredibly betrayed by Adobe. I hope Adobe pays the price for these decisions.

  8. Califdan says:

    Thank the heavens that LR will still be available as a stand alone downloadable product and not restricted to CC (Creative Cloud) as it seems PS and many other CS tools are. I guess now that Photoshop will only be available in CC at $29.99/month ($360/yr) (for the first year if you already on PS) and then the regular price of $49.99/month ($600/yr). I’ll just need to be content to stay with Photoshop CS6 forever as I have no intention of signing up for CC and paying that amount for a product that I only use a few hours a month. I[‘m OK paying for an upgrade every 3rd or 4th year but forcing me to pay all the time is just not in the cards.


  9. Paul Parkinson LRPS says:

    I’d be very interested to see a LR/PS subscription bundle. Keep it reasonable Adobe – no price gouging 🙂

    • Josh Voyles says:

      Paul, If LR continues to be reasonable in price it would be a better deal in the long run. to keep them separate.

      Perceivable, Adobe could do a photographers bundle at $29.99, but it would have to include more than LR/PS to be cost effective.

      Personally, I’m doing the full CC at 29.99 since I’m already an Adobe customer and use more than PS/LR.

  10. Thomas says:

    Iam really sorry to say this, but I will NEVER use things/offers like the creative cloud. I want to go in shop, pay for it and thatsit. No further denpencies or something else to adobe.

    If there is no longer a standalone non CC variant avaiable, I will buy or in case of OSS just use another software.

    Best regards

  11. Bob Sincick says:

    Although I use LR 90% of the time I opted for an intro price for CC last year at 29.99. I thought this was fair and reasonable and since I had access to all the programs I began using illustrator regularly (in addition to LR, PS and Acrobat Pro). My subscription is now bumped to 49.99/mo which I find a bit steep. It’s nice to have a full tool belt when the need arises but I wish it were a bit cheaper. For a buck a day for complete package I’m all in.

  12. Daniel says:

    Will there be a LR and PS bundle? I sometimes need Photoshop to do additional photo corrections. But only sometimes and only for my LR/PS workflow. I actually use a quite old Photoshop Version with the current LR4. getting PSCC additionally to LRCC would be a pricing overkill in the long term!

  13. John says:

    I’m happy to see LR is available as a standalone perpetual license.

    In general, however, I see the Creative Cloud purchasing / licensing model failing quite badly for Adobe, with Photoshop and the rest of the Creative Suite over time becoming a niche, low volume product that only working professionals use. Corporate / large educational institutions and successful small businesses will weather this change, but many sole proprietorships, hobbyists, individual students, “starving artists,” etc. will not sign up in significant numbers. A $9.99 introductory offer for Photoshop will bring in some of these people, but that will just delay the pain: After 12 months, they will be asked to suffer a +100% price increase (assuming the single app price remains at $19.99 per month…) and if they decide then they can’t or won’t afford that, they lose the use of the software.

    For the user who doesn’t frequently update their app / suite, this is effectively a huge price increase. This change will also accelerate the “withering on the vine” of the existing suites. CS6 and prior will quickly fall into incompatibility with the latest cameras as ACR will not be updated for them, and disrepair as no updates will likely be made.

    But this is the free market. This provides a huge opening for Google, Corel, and others to enhance their offerings and be able to bring it to the market with a big advantage over Adobe: No monthly subscription charges.

  14. Mike Boydon says:

    Due to Adobe’s policy of pricing for UK I have never bought any of your products, will UK users still have to pay considerably more than those in USA? if so, WHY.

    However as I am retired and on a pension it is very doubtful that I would even consider CC. I’m still using MicroGrafx Picture Publisher V10 (first used PP as V2 in 1992, so I’ve climbed that learning curve) It does all I want and more, so why change? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!
    Cheers MIKE

  15. Mike N says:

    What will be the future of perpetual licences for standalone PS and LR. As a photographer with my own business i have to look out for every penny of expenditure. I cannot afford to sustain inflated monthly fees, as Adobe are proposing for some of your products. i would be forced to look elsewhere for a cost effective solution for post processing photos. it would be a pity as Adobe Lightroom is an excellent product that works well for me.

  16. Robert Martin says:

    I use Photoshop CS6 ACR to process RAW NEF files. I do ACR processing in Bridge and only use Photoshop to run Actions to process the NEF files and write to a folder. I also do Panoramas and printing in Photoshop. I will not be a Creative Cloud customer – cost is too high at $19.99 per month. I could use Lightroom 5 since it will be availalbe for purchase, but I don’t like the database restrictions required to use – I like folders and Bridge. If I am going to have to spend time learning another software application, it will be one that I think will continue to be available for purchase and I don’t think that’s Adobe’s plan.

    • Josh Voyles says:

      Robert Martin – Where are you getting “the cost is too high” for Photoshop CC?
      Photoshop CS6 Extended is $999 for US customers. At the price of $19.99, it would take over 4 years of subscription to equal the cost of that one purchased. Additionally, you would have already spent more money likely twice on upgrading Photoshop to the latest version. It’s for this reason that $19.99 is a fair price for Photoshop CC.

      I’m also curious to know what database restrictions LR has.

      • Phillip Corcoran says:

        Your making two assumptions here, Josh:

        1) That the current CC subscription cost will not rise over a 3-year period, and that’s very unlikely.

        2) That Robert Martin will actually have the need to upgrade his retail version of Photoshop, by no means is that inevitable.

        Considering the above, your cost comparison is flawed.

  17. I am an educator who teaches photoshop. I’m also a photographer. I only give a damn about Photoshop, Lightroom, and acrobat pro. I don’t need nor do I want the other programs. This looks like yet another shakedown of customers. One thing I see is adobe makes it nearly impossible to figure out what to buy without spending too much. There is a huge opening for a software company to come up with a photoshop replacement. What I fear most is that they will screw up lightroom. I actually love that program and it would be painful to go to something else. Photoshop, even though I teach it, I use maybe 5% of the time.

    • OK, I did some further reading on this… actually, it might end up being a good deal. Adobe says Lightroom 5 will be part of this package when available. So I can get it all for the educator price of $19.95 a month. Actually, not bad. I will wait a few days to let all this set in… but might be a good way to go for me.

  18. I’m sorry. I’m not interested in the Creative Cloud. To me it sounds like Adobe wants to charge rent to use their products. Why pay rent for something you can own?

  19. Lee Jay says:

    Just so you know, I’ll never rent my software. Sometimes I use the same version for many years. Sometimes I’m an early adopter. In the past, some upgrades have broken what I already had working. I want to be able to upgrade when I want to and not when I don’t, and if I don’t I want to continue to be able to use the software I purchased for as long as I like.
    If Adobe had done this as a maintenance contract type model with the cloud services bundled with the contract, this would have gone over a lot better. If you stopped the contract, you’d keep the software and only lose the cloud services and future upgrades.
    For those not interested in the PS subscription, I highly recommend Elements. I have CS6 and Elements 9 and for what little editing I can’t get done in Lightroom I prefer to use Elements 9 99% of the time, because it loads faster and is easier to use. As soon as it became possible to do layer masking in Elements (Version 3 with a workaround, now it’s supported natively), I stopped seeing the point of PS for photographers.

  20. JF Touchette says:

    I use LR4 (my first LR purchase was LR3). I have a copy of PSE 8 which came with a scanner or MFC. I use it very rarely
    My photography computer is off-line. (Because zero-day exploits, root-kits, and, trojans are too common, even on Mac OS/X. And, anti-virus are never up to date enough).
    Therefore, I will not use a “cloud” product.
    Thankfully, you plan to offer LR5 as a perpetual licence product.
    Please consider people who use your products off-line (perhaps on a notebook, in their hotel room, far far away).

  21. Fred Kuhlman says:

    I currently use Lightroom on my Laptop when I travel for collecting and sorting my photos. Since some of the time I am without internet service during these trips, will I be able to use the subscription version of Lightroom (or Photoshop)?

  22. R. Smith says:

    No one seems to be concerned about performance, so maybe I am missing something here. If you are at a location with no internet connectivity, does this mean you can’t work on your images if you are a Creative Cloud customer? This type of things occurs all the time on location, like say, the middle of Borneo, or when your local internet provider goes down.

  23. w b green says:

    I am concerned that if or when, times get hard once again I will lose all my cloud programs if I have to miss a payment …i am sure I’m not thee only one….we are artist after all.

  24. Kenneth L says:

    @ Adobe

    LR5 should have been a CC only software to, $10/month full version and maybe a discount for those of us with LR4. LR5 should also have been included with the Photoshop CC single app for $5.
    No more ESD, no more boxed software(except for the lower end SW like Elements series etc).

    Less piracy, more licensed users equals more money for development or lower prices for us customers.
    (If Abobe’s big fat bosses are getting bigger and fatter bonuses because of this I will stick to piracy 😉 )

  25. Jeff S says:

    This scares me, it really does. Aside from having the outward appearance of a greedy money grab, I’m more concerned about the future of Lightroom and whether in a year or two it’s going to be priced out of my reach at $20 or more a month. I do photography for a hobby, not a business. $20 a month for any software is too much. I’ve gone full into Lightroom over the past three years, going fully DNG on all my raw images and ditching the Canon CR2 files. Perhaps I shouldn’t have listened to your assurance of using your “open” file format. What can I expect of you Adobe in a few years when you price me out of the market? That you lead me down a bait and switch road? Let’s hope Adobe still sees a difference between “photography” software and “design” software. Tread carefully Adobe.

  26. Stuart Worley says:

    Okay, I expect any reply to this question will be vague for good reasons, but …

    What about LR5+? The future Lightrooms. What are the chances that image tools such as selections, masks, layers, and pixel level editing will migrate out of PS? This would be in concert with the “photographers only” software tool.


  27. I have spent two days researching both sides of this, and I am sure that I will not be upgrading to CC.

    The “benefit” of CC that I keep hearing pushed is receiving updates and new features on a consistent basis. I hold very little value with that — really couldn’t care less. It’s been over a decade since there’s been a new feature so exciting that I couldn’t wait a little while for the new PS version to be released.

    My primary concern is that I would much rather own a license than rent. For one, if for some reason I had financial difficulty and couldn’t keep a subscription going, I would lose access to my professional tools; much more sound of mind for me to make one-time purchase commitments. Two, if I rent software, I am locked into always renting so that I can still access previously completed work; if the termination of the subscription left me with a software license for apps I could still use, I might reconsider. Mostly though, the thought of having a monthly expense for software makes me choke a bit, as monthly expenses are exactly what I’m trying to minimize in life.

    Most people prefer buying a car to leasing one for the exact same reasons.

    Unfortunately this means I’ll need to move away from Lightroom, too, because I can’t believe that 1) newer LR versions will always jive with my PS CS6, and 2) I can’t trust that LR won’t eventually be moved to subscription as well. Better to start looking for an alternative now before my catalog grows another year or two bigger.

    Summarized, I cannot let a software company back me into having the ability to run my business tied directly with complying with its pricing whims. I simply cannot afford to be locked up like that.

    My hunch is that CC will become a tool used only by companies and high-cashflow independents, not by amateurs or even average-joe professionals.


  28. Michael Rose says:

    I have been a long time Adobe customer, and I even recently upgraded PS CS5 to PS CS6 Extended.
    I have perpetual licenses for LR 4.4 & PS CS6 Extended, but I don’t need, nor do I want the functionality, much less the expense of any-other-Adobe-software!
    Having said that, I certainly don’t want the huge added expense of the CC, plus it’s very invaisive, for no ‘good’ reason. (I never want rent software; why couldn’t it just continue to run, just not upgrade itself until you connect [and pay again]– with your planned pricing, you’ll have already made plenty of money)
    Unless, Adobe regains its ‘Business Sanity‘ you will probably lose many LR & PS/E Professional customers like myself–
    There is nothing stopping you from continuing to sell us perpetual licenses and versions updates for LR & PS/E, except perhaps a desire for excess profits!
    Look what has happened to Apple, saturated market, weak platform, now you’re trying to make ‘PS-like’ software for the iPad– makes me wonder if they aren’t influencing this in some way!

    • Sam Cramer says:


      • Michael Raddie says:

        Ditto Sam.
        Corel Pain shop pro will be my next purchase.
        I ‘m also a 80/20 Lr/ps user, but no for much longer i’m thinking.
        I bet the folks at Corel are rubbing their hands in glee, thinking about all the extra cash heading their way.

  29. Scott Hervieux says:

    Need answer about use of plugins? Will I still be able to use my Nik, Topaz, Oneone, Portrait Professional plugins?

    As for my photographer’s bundle wishlist. (which is what I always hoped for even with older boxed sets)…

    for true professionals who can justify: Photoshop, Premier, Lightroom, InDesign

    For hobbiest and professionals who do not need every bell and whistle (at less of a price): Photoshop Elements, Premier Elements, Lightroom, InDesign.

    I am a cross between a professional and hobbiest (depending on what I am shooting). The two package suggestions (along with my plugins) are all i Need for my photos, youtube how-to’s and commericlas, and my blog / Club newsletters. I think most photogrpahers would agree. I do not heavily write websites, I am not a film producer, i am not a game programmer, and most every application now supposets PDF creation. So as it stand now. App pricing would cost me more than the all inclusive suite, and I cannot justify paying $50 a month to include software i would not even use.

    I also think that if Subscription model is going to be our ownly choice in the future…. The app level subscription needs to only apply to the months we actually use the software and not a yearly commitment. For example, I may have a sporatic use for Illustrator, but I am talking maybe once or twice a year if even that.

  30. Tim says:

    $20 per month for Photoshop? Thats $240 per year forever…. sorry, that pricing plan is way to steep…. bundled with Lightroom perhaps but on its on this will cause me to be trapped with CS 5 forever, heck I cant even upgrade to 6 now… perhaps this is fine for full time professionals for others this is too costly. Shame on you Adobe.

  31. So I am not feeling particularly good about the CC as a photographer. I use LR and PS which I love but the cost for PS only averages $8 dollars a month for its use. I know you said that as a CS 5 user I get the promotional rate of $10/month but I assume since its promotional that will increase to $19.99 at the end of the first year. Right? In this case how do you justify a 100% increase in the cost.

  32. a different phil says:

    Just curious: what happens to all my .PSD files when my subscription to Photoshop CC runs out?

    • Ken Seals says:

      I think I would buy a new 2TB hard drive and convert them all to .TIFs before that happens.

  33. Stephen says:

    Why not offer a single-app LR subscription and offer a discounted rate for existing LR users? (A yearly rate that is comparable to LR upgrade)
    Another one that I am interested in would be PS/LR bundle subscription – perhaps at a price lower than $15/month?

  34. JF Touchette says:

    it seems that my first comment it still awaiting moderation.
    But another comment has already been posted and published.

  35. dgatwood says:

    As someone who has been using Photoshop since version 2 (at school), and who has personally owned a copy since Photoshop 5, and almost every version of Lightroom since version 1, let me say that I’m in complete agreement with most of the other folks on here. What I want most is a promise that LR will *never* become subscription-only like the CS apps. The decision of whether to buy a LR5 upgrade or an Aperture license will *entirely* depend on whether there’s a reasonable assurance of future non-rental releases. In fact, from my perspective, anything less than a long-term commitment to continue selling permanent licenses is tantamount to end-of-lifing the product. That’s true for all products, though, not just Lightroom.

    As a long-time Photoshop customer I’m incredibly angry about the whole CS/CC situation—possibly angrier than I have ever been at any software company in the past. I’ve spent at least a couple of grand over the years on your products, while nearly everyone else in my position just pirated Photoshop. Then yesterday, Adobe’s higher-ups announced that because I’m not a corporate customer who buys every single version of every app and thus can’t afford the 6x increase in my average annual cost that the CC change represents, the money I contribute to their bottom line isn’t important to them. In other words, Adobe says that I should have been pirating Photoshop for the past fifteen years. Good to know how you really feel.

    But as a software engineer, I find the whole situation particularly appalling. I won’t even consider renting software that I actually depend on, even if you make it free or nearly free. Why, you ask? Simple. I’ve been burned *many* times by dead-end software that got abandoned after corporate acquisitions, bankruptcies, changes in corporate direction, and other disruptions. I currently own a PowerMac G4 tower that runs Mac OS 9 and a PowerMac G5 tower running 10.4 and 10.5 (dual-boot) that I keep around solely for ensuring that I can continue to run those old apps. As a result, even though that content that I spent time creating is still trapped in a proprietary format that no other app can fully read, made by a company that is long since dead and buried, I haven’t lost it. I can still work with it, change it, export modified versions, etc. It’s a pain, and I don’t like to do it, but I *can* do it, and occasionally do.

    With a rental, if any of those same situations happened, I would be completely out of luck. My ability to run the app would cease to exist shortly after the company did (or shortly after they dropped the product, or whatever), and the content that I worked so hard to create would effectively be gone, short of doing something dubious and possibly illegal to regain access to the app. (Photoshop’s file format is way too complex to reverse engineer trivially, so that option is out.)

    That said, even if there were airtight guarantees in place such that if Adobe ever stopped making their products available for any reason or went out of business, every customer would automatically get a permanent unlock code—even if the keygen routines were bonded by a trusted third party—I’d still be wary of a rental model. Here’s why: there’s no upper bound to how much the price can go up with a subscription service, or how quickly.

    With a purchase, even in the worst case scenario, if Adobe cranked the price of Photoshop up to $5,000 for new purchases or $3,000 for upgrades, I would have at least three or four years before OS upgrades forced me to completely ditch Photoshop for a competing product, during which time I could calmly do conversions, set up a virtual machine with Photoshop and the current version of OS X for that occasional moment when I absolutely had to run it in the distant future, etc. And if necessary, I could keep it running on an old machine ostensibly forever.

    With a rental model, the week before my 1-year commitment ends, Photoshop could jump to $300 a month. Given that their corporate customers would dutifully pay that, and given that the decision to switch to a rental-only model already demonstrates that those customers are where Adobe’s focus lies, such a scenario doesn’t seem all that implausible. However, as someone unable to burn that much cash on something that I don’t actually make money with, I would then be forced to transition away from Photoshop almost instantly, on an emergency basis, with the clock ticking steadily until the app no longer works just a few months later.

    It should be easy for any sensible person to understand, then, why as a non-corporate user, rather than buying into the whole Creative Cloud with that spectre lurking overhead, it makes more sense to begin that graceful transition to other apps *now*, rather than facing such an uncertain and potentially destabilizing future. As an individual, I need real, tangible, long-term guarantees of usability, and monthly subscriptions just can’t provide that, no matter what the cost. Hence, Photoshop CS6 is almost certain to be the end of the line for me.

    The only question that remains is whether Lightroom 4 is also the end of the line. That choice is yours.

  36. bitm2007 says:

    An upgrade from CS5 to CS6 currently cost £190.80 in the UK (from Amazon). Given that the two versions were released approximately 24 months apart, that works out at £7.95 per month. Am I right in thinking, that using the new pricing structure the price of a single app like Photoshop for existing user is £8.78 per month rising £17.58 in 12 months time ?.

  37. bitm2007 says:

    The CS5 to CS6 upgrade cost of £190.80 in the UK (from Amazon), is for Photoshop.

  38. In the unlikely event that this would ever appeal to me, I’d want something like Design Studio (Ps, Id, Acrobat X – not interested in Ai). A photography publishing bundle of Ps, Lr, Id, Acrobat might make sense. Whether or not the price actually reasonable or not, the psychology of appearing to pay for a huge swath of pro-video apps that are of zero interest to me is what it is.

    But since I was one of many pushed into upgrading to CS6 by Adobe’s last “economic with the truth” episode, frankly I’m extremely skeptical and disappointed. But I don’t want to vent my anger at Adobe Corporate policy against individual employees

  39. Caesar says:

    Please add my vote for a Photography bundle of LR/PS and my usage falls more in the 90/10 bucket, mostly combining images for HDR.

  40. Bryan Conner says:

    The biggest negative that I see to the issue is the proposition of having to rent/lease software. I feel much better about the idea of making one payment for a product and being able to use it as long as I choose. This is why I choose to buy a car instead of leasing one.

    I think it would be smart to develop Photoshop Elements to include more of the photography related capability of Photoshop. 16 bit layers would be a must have for me. I believe most photographers don’t really use a majority of the functionality of photoshop. So, just give us what we need….and the choice of to rent or to buy.

    Thank you for leaving us with the choice of buying Lightroom and not being forced to rent it or to do without.

  41. Des Brambley says:

    It’s very strange that Adobe should be forcing us all into the cloud. My edit suite does not connect to the Internet at all, ever. My files are my working documents and do not leave my office, until they’re ready for the client to see, and they certainly don’t live somewhere else that I cannot get to them physically. My work stays under my control until such time as I give it the client. Sorry Adobe, but this is a move in the wrong direction.

    Already in the UK we are under pressure from the Government who are stripping us photographers of copyright, and for you to then require that to continue producing work using your brilliant software under the condition that we store our work on your servers is just a recipe for disaster. We’re already penalised by your company by being outside of the US with a pricing structure that is roughly double the price in the States. It’s the mentality of Apple that seems to be spreading like an infection throughout the Internet and business world – the customer is not allowed to be flexible, free or creative, the customer is a cash cow to be milked and held ransom.

    Sad day – it’s like the vibrancy of creativity has been moved down the slider by several tens of units.

    • Des Brambley says:

      Adobe, does it really take this long to moderate my post? I feel like I am being silenced by this.

  42. Marilyn says:

    I currently have PS CS5. If I try out the cloud subscription and decide after a few months that it just isn’t worth it, can I cancel the subscription and still use the my old CS5 that is resident on my computer or does it get inactivated once I set up on the cloud service?

    • Pete Green says:

      You will always be able to use your CS5, its license is separate from the cloud subcriptions

  43. Dean Forbes says:

    Will updates/upgrades to features in Lightroom beginning with LR 5 be rolled out as they occur, similar to Photoshop CC, and then only be available via a cloud subscription, or will the boxed software continue to sold when it is upgraded (LR6 and so on)?

  44. Marilyn says:

    I see that Adobe is not responding to us here anymore.

  45. Bart Luyckx says:

    I did a small calculation.
    Last year I upgraded to both PSCS6 and LR4, cost: 312.42€
    CS5 and LR3 had been almost exactly two years old. So, until now, the monthly price is 13.02€.
    To get PSCC I will have to pay 24.59€/mo. Without LR but with extended. Which I don’t need, but there it is.
    Now suppose that LR5 will be the same upgrade price (as a standalone) as now, then you have to add 76.26€ / 24mo = 3.18€/mo. Total monthly cost in the future: 27.77€ per month. That is more than double the 13.02€ that it costs me now.

    Now suppose that in the future the girls and boys at Adobe work twice as hard to get cutting edge, innovative and useful upgrades out every year instead of every two years then it would be just a small price hike. But I don’t see that happening.
    So what’s left?

    Does Adobe do math? How are you going to make me pay twice what it costs me now to keep using the same applications?
    Please, don’t mention the offer to get in before the end of july at 12.29€ for PSCC. Because that would mean that instead of the 13.02€/mo it costs me now to use Photoshop, it will cost me 13.02€/mo + 12.29€/mo = 25.31€ until summer next year. My present version is only one year old, remember? I would save exactly nothing. True I would get some extra development for one year. But what you are asking of me is to invest in development that hasn’t come out yet. Until now every Adobe user was able to wait and see if the upgrade was worth it.
    Besides piracy, that is the main reason why this cloud scheme has been started in the first place.

    So to conclude: do the math from the side of your customers and come with a real offer. We don’t mind paying a little more. We do mind paying double.

    Kind regards.
    Bart Luyckx

  46. Jeremy Tilford says:

    Please explain why my special pricing in the UK has an exchange rate of £1 = $1? $10 a month in the USA and £10 a month in the UK.

  47. klsdakljwekljweokq says:

    adobe is a crap company.. and yes you cant use adobe file formats after your subscription runs out.
    if your an AE or premiere user your screwed..!!!
    don´t buy into the adobe cloud stuff.

  48. Dean Forbes says:

    How will future new cameras be supported in LR5? Will there be downloadable updates that don’t require a cloud subscription? Will other LR improvements only be available in the next iteration that is for sale versus rolling improvements via CC for Photoshop?

    • Sharad Mangalick says:

      Lightroom will continue to be maintained and updated exactly the same as it has in the past. So we’ll continue to include new camera support with each dot release (5.1, 5.2, etc.) as we did before.


  49. Sam Carriere says:

    This is confusing enough and uncertain enough that I have now downloaded a trial version of Capture One. I look forward to weaning myself off Adobe and being done with their products altogether. I bet this news is the best thing to come by Adobe competitors’ way in years.

  50. Viktor says:

    A point that I have heard and would like clarification on is:
    If you have CS6 or older version installed on your computer and then update to the creative cloud version, then your license for CS 6 is deactivated and can no longer be activated should you cease to use the creative cloud version. Is this information correct? If correct there’s no way any existing CS owner can update to the cloud version, as he or she would no longer be able to do anything with their processed photos once they stop using the creative cloud version. “Bound for life”. There was a hefty discussion about this point at our club meeting and the point was brought up by a member in the know.

  51. Derek Banks says:

    May 7th Stephen . I would endorse what Stephen had said about a PS/LR bundle and the price. Although I’m retired I was an ex pro photographer and for the last 40 years a film/tape cinematographer . It’s in my DNA to use the best pro tools in software but I don’t need the complete costly bundle as I produce what I call exhibition one off prints. I wonder whether all my plug ins e.g. Topaz would continue to work ? I love working with the PS/LR combination especially Lightroom and have no wish to be forced into using inferior workflows. I have invested a lot of cash already and I would like to see an Adobe commitment to users like my self.

  52. Stuart Worley says:

    Just curious here. My comment and question that I posted on May 7th seems to stuck in moderation. Also, other people’s comments are not getting responses.

    Is anybody reading these?

  53. Lou says:

    I’m retired and I’ve used Lightroom since it’s start. Love it for my 1000s of photos. I have CS5 which I only use on rare occasion. I was looking at upgrading both programs when I do some equipment upgrades later this year. Now I won’t bother. I’ll keep using Lightroom for as long as it’s not on the cloud. A monthly fee will knock me out Lightroom as it will for Photoshop. Today I’m evaluating other products to replace the few things I do in Photoshop. As I said, the monthly fee approach instead of standalone products with support is a deal breaker. Poor move by Adobe and a slap in the face for loyal customers.

  54. W.W. Webster says:

    Q. Will I be able to purchase Lightroom 6 outside of the Creative Cloud, or will Lightroom 5 be the last version that I will be able to buy on a perpetual licence basis?

    • Pete Green says:

      This should be answered by the above:
      Q. Will Lightroom become a subscription only offering after Lightroom 5?
      A. Future versions of Lightroom will be made available via traditional perpetual licenses indefinitely

  55. alvin a. tagpuno says:

    i want buy a new lightroom 5 beta is it available now in the martket?

  56. Chrism says:

    I’m glad to hear that LR5 will be available for purchase, but concerned about what happens the year after that when the next upgrade comes. I will not be willing to subscribe to rented software, though I would be happy to keep buying each upgrade of LR and PS as I have in the past. My concern is that once you start there is no ability to stop and still have access to the work you have done on photographs in the meantime. I’ll still have the RAW files, but all the edits will be lost when I no longer subscribe – at least, no one has reassured me that it will be otherwise. Under those circumstances I will move to Aperture, reluctantly as it doesn’t seem as elegant as LR and I will either have to import years of photographs and rework them, import them as TIFFs incorporating all my edits, or hope I can still access them with LR4/5 (until some system software update breaks those apps). I think Adobe might consider dividing their software into Pro and Amateur divisions, and let the Amateur apps – LR and PSE – still be available under traditional licences.

  57. Jeff says:

    You guys are missing a HUGE point with this new cloud services – you pay all this money over the life of your subsciption – have to commit to a year at a time – and when you choose to stop paying…you loose EVERYTHING! I dont mean your files, but your files become USELESS – you have no tool to open them and edit them. If you owned the SW, you could continue to use the last version you purchased forever…not anymore. You stop paying, you stop opening and editing your creations/work…that is a HUGE no-way for me. Adobe lost me as a customer if they don’t fix this.

  58. Dennis says:

    I hope other software Co.take advantage of the stuff from Adobe and I know a lot of us will buy there product and not go with CC…….Abobe got to big from all of us that believed in them and are sucking us all dry!!!!!

  59. Ron says:

    I had been wondering about Adobe LR, too. I am a serious hobbiest and use LR4 & Photoshop Cs6. I am not an expert at either, but I do enjoy “playing” with the latest and greatest features of both. I was very, very disappointed that Photoshop is going to CC only. I’m retired and cannot always justify (or afford) all of the latest and greatest versions of everything. I will likely opt to “subscribe” to the Photoshop CC at $9.99/month to see how it goes. I will shudder a bit if/when I pay $20/month. However, I am interested in what may develop with offering a combo-Photoshop & LR CC package. Also, I have NOT heard anything about what happens if one subscribes to Photoshop CC say for a couple of years or so….and then drops it. What would I be left with???? My old Cs6 only…..or???? I know others are wondering about that as well. ??????

  60. Luann says:

    I am a serious amateur ( how strange is that ). I was seriously considering moving from Apple’s Aperture to CS. Not going to happen now. I would rather have Aperture’s significant limitations than be hooked to a subscription. Especially an expensive subscription. All the cost justifications in the world will NEVER get me hooked to something that I have to stay hooked to to open my images. Crazy risk, because I have no control over the price and I can’t just walk away. When a corporation says “trust us” what you should hear is “hello my name is ENRON”. Creative Cloud is all about shifting risk from them to you and getting you to pay them to do it.

    • Sharad Mangalick says:

      Hi Luann,

      You might want to consider Lightroom. Lightroom is still a perpetual product and will be available as a perpetual product for the forseeable future.

  61. Gil says:

    Like a lot of users of the products, I think CC suits medium to large scale businesses and screws the rest of us. Eventually, once CS6 is dead, I’ll either switch over to Capture One or see what other products might have emerged to fill the gap. I like Photoshop, but I refuse to have my work held hostage to a subscription plan. As for the other CC products – well there’s a kind of irony here for me. I work with video more than stills and I switched to Premiere Pro from Final Cut when it changed to FCPX. I’m now going to look at Avid Media Composer – especially since the price has come down – and even FCPX again. Da Vinci Resolve’s editing time line is looking interesting too. The only other Adobe product I use is Audition, but it’s a no-brainer to switch to Pro Tools or Nuendo etc.

    Thanks for nothing Adobe.

  62. Bob Wallace says:

    There is either a lot of “Scaremongering” going on out there or we have serious need to be concerned about some of these “Cloud Only Proposals”………….should I trust Adobe?………..Mmmmmm perhaps…….they have not done themselves any favours in the past when it comes to being up front and straight with people !!!
    I use the Creative Suite with Lightroom along with Acrobat Pro XI (which I had to buy on top of the Creative suite) along some of the leading Plug-Ins (onOne Perfect Suite & Nik Complete).

    I own my Products by choice and I want the option to continue doing that. I shall not be happy to be “Bounced” into a “Subscription Only Service” that I do not want……………..some people might want that……..I am not one of them. It would make no sense to be either “Subscription” or nothing………..that sounds like a “Padded Cell” is waiting for the person making those kind of decisions………….it would be madness…….total madness…………..I certainly hope that the noises are not true!!

    Bob Wallace

  63. Jason says:

    It seems like Photoshop CS 6 and Lightroom 4/5 are mature tools that can do most of what most photographers need them to do and will need them to do in the near future. Other than compatibility with future camera models or operating systems, I haven’t yet seen a compelling reason to upgrade to future versions. Adobe going to a subscription model now is like Nikon deciding only to rent out their cameras and not to sell them because they realize that the D800 is good enough that most people won’t need to upgrade in the future. This looks like a move to maintain a revenue stream after the loss of obsolescence.

    I am a big fan of Lightroom and Photoshop, but I don’t think future capability upgrades will be worth $20 per month indefinitely, or worth a few hundred dollars every 18 months. This is a fundamental problem for Adobe’s existing business model, and the company will need to either expand their market, create obsolescence through innovation, or down-size their operation to maintain their existing products at a reasonable cost. Continuing to be able to work with my existing and future images over the next few decades is important to me, and if enough of us feel like Adobe is holding our work and our work-flow for ransom there will be a rebellion. Among the non-professional community at least, this move to a perpetual rental fee pricing seems to open the door for alternative products, and competition is a good thing.

  64. Steve Hinds says:

    It has been fairly clear Adobe is moving Lightroom toward a Photography solution and buy simply adding some of the new cc “photography” tools to the final version would satisfy me. By using plug-ins I have cut my use of Photoshop by 95%. Photoshop was not originally designed for Photographers anyway; it was more geared to graphic designers. Photoshop CC is comparable to Photoshop Extended which contains many tools Photographers have zero need for (professional or otherwise). I for one was not blindsided by the subscription only announcement; I told friends last year this would almost surely happen. I totally get this about creating a steady income for Adobe and maybe assuring Adobe’s survival. Adobe needs to totally “get” that Photographers would like a true solution and Lightroom and Elements provide you with that opportunity. I at this time need to point out too, that a download only solution is flat out misguided and wrong at this point in time. Many rural areas have dial up internet at best and still in some cases no internet. It is certain Adobe still has customers with inadequate internet and probably a few with no internet; whom have always purchased the boxed version.

  65. John C says:

    Thanks for the Q&A. It was informative, and answers my basic concern about future releases of Lightroom remaining available for purchase.

    I use both LR4 & Photoshop CS6. As I prepare to publish some of my portfolio, I was considering the purchase of at least one other Adobe application. That’s all changed with Adobe’s move to a subscription only model for Photoshop and most of its other applications. I will not be subscribing to Adobe’s CC, not even for a single application license. I’m very resistant to subscription only pricing models. Adobe’s pricing is too high, sealing the deal for me to look elsewhere. So, at the very least, you’ve lost me as a Photoshop customer. Most likely, I’ll continue to purchase new releases of Lightroom, but that decision will be tempered by my assessment of programs offered by other companies.

    I’ve enjoyed using Adobe products, beginning with Photoshop CS2 and LR 2. It was nice while it lasted. “Turn out the lights, the party’s over”…… time to find a new party…..

    With regrets…

  66. Andrew M says:

    Isn’t it time that Jeff Tranberry answered some of these questions?

  67. w b green says:

    I feel $35 a month would have been a better price point….

  68. Richard says:

    I have bought every version from Photoshop CS2-CS6 and LR2-LR4 as of course perpetual license. I, like many others won’t go for a subscribe or nothing policy on ANY Adobe products. The LR licensing comments are much less re-assuring because of CC intro policy and pricing. I’d truly like to completely believe that LR will be perpetual indefinately as you say but now cannot so will probably go for LR5 while I’m investigating alternative workflows as a very strong option because I do not want have to convert more of my work later on than I must. If Adobe had considered this problem before the second phase rollout of CC I’m sure they would not have alarmed so much of their user base into looking at alternatives. Adobe still has a small window of time to correct this by offering better priced PS/LR bundle that after so many months (none for existing CS users) would allow to drop and use from that point forward. I realize that poses additionl considerations for Adobe then, but you should have to justify using “Creative”.

  69. A vd H says:

    Why not leasing in stead of renting? I am a parttime photgrapher/desigener in Holland with a small income. Adobe is very expensive for me, but I love it. My biggest issue is that all my work is useless when I decide to stop the subscription later on. I payed thousends of dollars to adobe to end with nothing after perhaps 10 years and useless files. Why not keep tje last edition op that moment then?

  70. theoinps says:

    I am at a loss for this whole “ I want to own it” issue. I mean, Light room is not software that you can really get years of use out of an old version. When the new version comes out they do not add new RAW profiles to the old version. Something like Word you can use the same version for 10 years (they have not added that much to typing in years), but light room is only a long-term one-time purchase if you don’t upgrade to a newer camera, and let’s face it; gadget-lust is built into most photographers. If the price was like 11-15/month and I always got new camera profiles, I could live with that. Heck I bought the G1X, and had to convert to DNG to use with LR 3.6, which was a pain. It made me upgrade to 4. Some software ages well, and some does not: LR does not age well, so why would you not upgrade every 1-3 years?
    Not to mention the convenience of not having to keep a RAW converter for every camera I have EVER had. As I store all my super safe back-ups Raw not JPG. Ironically, if you did switch to another image development software, Its is easier to convert everything to DNG, since most accept DNG even if they do not have compatibility with some cameras yet.

  71. Richard says:

    Jeff, are you or Adobe still listening even? Maybe that why we will give up also.

  72. I have just signed up to the full CC suite for my photography business, replacing my owned copy of LR4, InDesign CS4 and my single app licence for PS6. £22 a month for the first year seems more than reasonable to me, especially considering all the software I now have access to. I’ll be exploring video and audio some more now with Premiere and Audition. £47 a month is a bit harder to swallow but these are tools of the trade so to speak. So if I have to go this way, I will. I don’t see this as all that different from ‘renting’ your web hosting, or leasing your car, computer or camera equipment. It’s a business expense that will get factored into my yearly business plan, just as software upgrades would have been before.

  73. Janet Aldrich says:

    It sounds to me like Adobe needs to have a reduced-cost “make your own bundle” pricing on CC. Let people pick up to say, 4 programs, at a fixed cost. I don’t see how you’ll make people happy otherwise. On one side, you have people who only want, say, LR and PS with Bridge and Acrobat Pro. Some people use ID or AI, others never go near them. This guy else needs Fireworks, while the person over there never uses it.

    My company’s decided to go CC for me so my situation’s different from most of the people here, but you really need to accomodate niche users (who make up more of your market than you may realize), or you’re going to wind up in the dustbin of IT history like WordPerfect and Lotus who thought they had control of their market until they found out otherwise.

  74. Nicolas Hodges says:

    I’ve used LR since the beginning, purely as an amateur, and if it were to become part of the CC deal I would instantly dump it. It’s not only the potential cost, it’s also the hassle of multiple transactions for one piece of software.

    I am a regular Wavelab user and was about to change over to Audition but with the CC thing I’ve dropped that idea and just upgraded to Wavelab 8. Adobe have lost my custom for that software range, and will loose it with LR too as soon as it becomes a subscription app.

    I simply don’t believe it’ll stay stand alone with the shortsighted and arrogant attitude Adobe has displayed with CC: if they can screw that up why wouldn’t they screw LR up too.

  75. Doug Johnson says:

    Have been long time user of registered LR and PS. Bought Creative Cloud – broad version. Tried to install LR5 today on my Mac Pro running 10.6.8 with 8GB RAM. Installation has failed three times. After the initial failure, found advice from Adobe to repair disk permissions, did so. Retried, failure #2. Advice also suggested installing in Safe Mode. Attempted. Install failure #3. Am willing to embrace Creative Cloud but it needs to work or Adobe needs to provide better instructions/assistance without requiring hanging on the phone or in a Chat line for an hour.

  76. René Genten says:

    Very pleased with LR5 and CC. Wouldn’t it be awesome to integrate CC storage with LR5 as export just like FB and Flickr? Seems like the logical next time to me. Keep up the great work.

  77. Paul Johnson says:

    Bye bye Photoshop (I own CS5 Extended). I trust Adobe will continue with perpetual LR licenses, because I really love this program, but if it goes to the cloud also, I’ll drop it like a hot rock. And if you’re using Microsoft as an example, you should know that I’ve found replacements for them, too. Renting software is not an option. Period.

  78. Chris says:

    I was thinking of moving to Lightroom, as the latest couple of releases have been impressive. However, with Adobe’s new Creative Cloud rental model, I’m simply not interested any more. I don’t trust them to keep Lightroom available outside CC for long.

  79. Bill Mcnay says:

    I would like to upgrade to lightroom 5. I am a creative cloud member and the system will not allow the upgrade. Any ideas on how to do this. I have tried to talk to customer service but I cannot understand their accents.

  80. Ray says:

    If anyone’s interested (guess Adobe isn’t), I have a similar problem.
    I decided to go non-piracy quite a few years ago, realized I couldn’t live without Photoshop, so I bought CS for X-Mas, then bought CS4 upgrade and now CS6 (all for personal use, not commercially in any way). Now decided to learn some photography, so ordered a new camera. Am thinking of getting Lightroom, though I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. My CS6 won’t get any more updates. I am NOT going cloud, as I don’t have any subscriptions (including my iPhone, I use pre-paid card). Any suggestions?

    One huge complaint against Adobe (I know your products are awesome), that I feel everyone should know: I don’t think Adobe really cares about the “small” individual custers, be it hobby users, tiny business users etc. I guess the “big” customers give them the big money. LR was good to get a little extra cash, or users that subscribe for other products.
    Why I think so, guess there are plenty of reasons, but here are some (mainly regarding photoshop):
    – For individual users it was always (nearly?) impossible to get a cross-platform version for Mac/Windows (until now… if you pay for the subscription).
    – Prices were the same for anyone, no matter if it’s for personal use or for a small business, or a huge corporation that has millions (for them it gets cheaper if they buy a few AFAIK).
    – No cheaper introductory price to get more users that eventually buy upgrades AFAIK
    – After 3 versions you can’t upgrade anymore and would have to buy the full version (I mean, do you want someone to upgrade the software they paid 1000$ for (or more, especially in Europe), or lose that customer so he can go get a pirated version.
    – No real benefit as opposed to the pirated version, where you could at least get one for the PC and Mac.

    Last thing, do I have ANY benefit at all of not going the pirated route (and I’m 100% sure even the cloud versions will be cracked, provided that it isn’t yet)?

    Sorry, had to let it out!

    PS: Written from my phone, in case of errors 😉

  81. fawn says:

    I want to sync the setting in lightroom to the cc, but it does not give me that option.

  82. Richard says:

    How do I sync projects Im working on in Lightroom in Creative Cloud? I use lightroom on A mac OS X laptop as well as a Windows 8 Desktop. How can I have the most recent project on whichever computer I am using?


  83. Criss says:

    I have photoshop CS3 upgrade version, before that I had Photoshop CS, how can i know if I’m elegible for the bundle?

    • Pete Green says:

      Hi Criss, If you have Photoshop CS3 you are eligible for the bundle. It is for Photoshop CS3 and later customers (not including EDU versions or Suite versions).

  84. David Gray says:

    I signed up for the Photographer Package with Photoshop and Lightroom. I already had Lightroom 5.2 installed. Do I need to uninstall and download from CC or can I leave my existing installation and get updates through CC?

  85. Peeraphat says:

    I applied for the program photoshop cc + Lightroom, but Lightroom has problems after installation, the program can not access it. The program asks for the serial no. Spite of the previous installation. I have removed the program, then try it out. How should I fix it?

  86. Bill says:

    Just throwing this out there, for the Mac users in the group…

    Apple Aperture is $79.99 and Pixelmator is $30. Both are excellent programs and work reasonably well together. I switched over a while ago, partially due to the CC switchover, and have not regretted it one bit.

  87. Els Hattink says:

    From the beginning of Lightroom I bought Lightroom, now I have Lightroom 5.I do not have a cloud membership.
    With the latest update of Lightroom 5 you can have Lightroom on your mobile/iPad. You can have it free for a month , afterwards you have to pay for Lightroom on the cloud for having it on your iPad, but…then you pay twice for using Lightroom on your desktop!
    I think that it is more than reasonable that registered Lightroom users (for desktop who are not using the cloud) pay less/another amount for using the mobile version of Lightroom!

  88. Average Joe says:

    All I can say is thank you Ching Liu. Thank you. I don’t need no stinking cloud.