Lightroom 5 Hot Issues

The team would like to provide an update on several issues discovered since Sunday night’s launch. Thanks for your patience while we investigated and compiled this list.

Noise Reduction and Sharpening Not Visible on export
As mentioned here, a bug was introduced in Lightroom 5.0 where files exported at less than 1/3 of their original size may not retain Output Sharpening and Noise Reduction settings. We are working on a solution and will include it in our next update.

Incorrect photos selected when working with Publish Services
When working in a Publish collection, it is sometimes possible for the grid view to indicate that certain photos are selected, while the filmstrip indicates that different photos are selected.  In this case, the filmstrip is actually correct, and any actions that are performed will be performed on the photos that are selected in the filmstrip.  If you are concerned about this bug, make sure that you have the filmstrip showing while you’re working in a Publish collection, so that you know for sure what photos are selected.  We are working on a fix and hope to include in a future update.

Presets Disappearing when Upgrading Catalog to Lr5
As reported here, user created presets were not migrated to Lightroom 5 with a catalog upgrade.  This only occurs when the “Store Presets with Catalog” preference is checked (enabled).  Within Lightroom 5, the “Store Presets with Catalog” preference will be unchecked (disabled).  Please check (enable) this preference and the missing user created presets will return.  Please note that this only occurs on Mac.

Revel Publish Service
The Revel Publish Service for Lightroom 5 is available here.

Lightroom 5 in the Adobe Application Manager 
Some Creative Cloud members have reported issues downloading Lightroom 5.  Please see this help document for further instructions.

Lightroom 5 Upgrade Eligibility
We’ve had several questions around who is eligible for an upgrade to Lightroom 5.  Any Lightroom 1, 2 3, or 4 version of Lightroom, education editions included, can utilize the upgrade version of Lightroom 5.  The prior version of Lightroom does not need to be installed on the computer, however you will need the prior version serial number at the time of installation of Lightroom 5.  If the prior version is still installed on the computer, Lightroom 5 will automatically pick up that serial number so you don’t need to go digging through boxes or your email.  

Customers who purchased Lightroom 4 through the Mac App Store are eligible for upgrade pricing.  Please see here for instructions here. Lightroom 4 must be installed on the machine before installing the Lightroom 5 upgrade.

Upgrade policy for those that just purchased Lightroom 4
We’ve seen quite a few questions from those who have just purchased Lightroom 4.  If you purchased Lightroom 4 very recently you may be eligible for a complimentary upgrade to Lightroom 5: 

Additional Information

We’re listening

318 Responses to Lightroom 5 Hot Issues

  1. SAJID says:

    I purchased the Lightroom 4 version last week and i wish to get this one latest….And regardless of the issue i wish to upgrade, because i am pretty sure adobe will solve all the issue
    I am already using Dreamweaver and am really happy with results…:)
    .. is there any way please tell?

  2. Lucas Janin says:

    An other important issue on LR5 Spot removal slowness.
    I try many thinks to isolate the issue :

    Check lucas3d posts.


  3. Jim Ford says:

    Is the current release alpha then?

  4. Noise Reduction and Sharpening Not Visible on export.
    Please push through an update for this ASAP. This is a really big issue! I accidentally posted about 200 photos to a client that were higher ISO. They looked okay, but not nearly as good as what I was seeing in the LR previews. I can’t tell if any NR was applied (even color) my RAW files on the exports.

    • Bob Somrak says:

      Please add this to the list

      Horizontal crop not holding on Vertical photos

      You can do an undo to get the orientation back but just cursoring through the photo is enough to cause the behavior. It even persists through a restart and I have not found a workaround. I this this bug will be a major issue for some.

      See here for more info

    • CeeJay says:

      Sorry, you may not have heard but Adobe is not supporting LR5 anymore, since every user has to subscribe to Lightroom CC, the subscription based system. I am surprised that they can get away with it. i wonder what consumer protection laws are making of this. I do not think Adobe have thought this through, they are too arrogant.

      • Jonny says:

        Lightroom 5 just came out. You’ve got to be kidding me. Release a buggy product so users are forced to get a CC subscription?!

  5. Bob Somrak says:

    Please add this to the list I posted this is the wrong place before.

    Horizontal crop not holding on Vertical photos

    You can do an undo to get the orientation back but just cursoring through the photo is enough to cause the behavior. It even persists through a restart and I have not found a workaround. I this this bug will be a major issue for some.

    See here for more info

  6. Eric says:

    Also a problem with playing slideshow, colors are strange when slideshow is launched, here’s the post on the forum :

  7. Glenn McCrea says:

    The Update to Current Process button does not appear on the image. It is only accessible from the Settings menu or under Camera Calibration.

    • Lee Jay Fingersh says:

      Yeah, it does, it’s just been moved to under the Histogram (a little lightning bolt).

  8. There also appears to be an issue with resizing healing brush changes. The demo video of healing brush in LR5-beta shows the ability to resize healing brush edits, but this doesn’t work for me (LR5.0, CR8.1, OSX10.8.4). The brush resizes, so the next brushing would be a different size, but the selected spot/patch doesn’t change size.

    (P.S. the website isn’t working correctly either; I had to try three different browsers just to post a message here!)

  9. That noise reduction bug explains why I saw weird problems with 2 high ISO images I worked on the other night. I thought I had done something wrong, or that Lightroom couldn’t cope with how far I had pushed adjustments. Glad to hear it’ll be fixed.

  10. Peter says:

    Crop doesn’t hold settings. When I crop my raw-nef files it happens sometimes that crop settings get applied but when reselect the picture then the crop get reseted or even rearranged.

  11. Peter says:

    Me again. The previous statement was based on the OS X release. There is also a problem with “reset picture (adobe)” “cmd+shft+reset picture”. It produces an error: “?:0: stack overflow”. Cheers.

  12. Adam says:

    I have paid almost £60 for an upgrade to LR5 and I can’t use it as any export to web sized photos looks like s**t.
    I was quite shocked to find out that issue like that got through and it’s not been sorted in maximum 2 days time. My faith in Adobe has been severely undermined. No more blind shopping until I’m sure it’s worth it.

    • Giuseppe says:

      Same here, I was working on lightroom 4.4 then I really need the new healing brush to fix a vertical line.

      I bought lightroom 5 and now, when I select the healing brush, even without clicking, my mouse is laggy when I move it around the image, everything is incedibly slow.
      I can’t believe they come out with this release with such big problems.

      • TMY says:

        I agree!! Why release something so full of glitches!! I am frustrasted. this program costs a small fortune, why on earth isnt it working properly!!?
        When i crop a raw image, when i click to the next photo it un-crops itself!
        I am worried other things are becoming undone

    • Gijs says:

      You must gotten a service contract with SLA from Adobe for that whopping £60, no? If not, you must be another example of the entitlement generation.

      There are always issues that can pop up for any .0 release software from any developer. If you don’t want bug, don’t go bleeding edge. If you do want bleeding edge, being constructive and report bugs to the developer gets things fixed a lot quicker than obnoxious demands.

      • UserinFrance_sickOfBrokenSoftware says:

        So now it is “obnoxious” to ask that software works ? Pluhleeze. Every user that pays £60 for a single person license = big money for Adobe – most of these people are normal individuals, not businesses and it is a lot of money to them especially when it is not tax deductible. Also people put in a lot of time to editing their photos, and when the software deletes them it is very bad. What are we doing – throwing money into the wind ? We should be getting software that does not DELETE data for one thing. A minor performance bug or 2 would be one thing – but data destroying bugs are quite another.
        They should not be releasing software with such major bugs – this has nothing to do with “entitlement” generation. This is an established product in a 5th release where people are now upgrading large catalogs (representing years of photo work in many cases). So – what are they doing breaking basic functionality ?

        I am a software developer and find this new tendency to release crap software with major bugs simply because “the due date arrived” needs to be binned !! No one wants to use a new product that DELETES their published files that they did not select (bug where library finder and filmstrip do not select the same photos) or one where the cropping is not saved or that an exported image if it is “too small” does not get all the attributes it should – these are rather BASIC and SEVERE bugs introduced. It would be better to wait a month and get something that doesn’t destroy my data. New features are irrelevant when such basic functionality is broken that people cannot use the exported photos (such as for web development !! ).

        5.3 better be a free upgrade to those who purchased Lightroom 5.0. And it had better fix these major issues people are bringing up.

  13. Milosh Kosanovich says:

    I’ve run across enough severe problems in just 3 days to make me want to downgrade to Lightroom 4. Will LR4 pick up the LR5 catalog, or do I need to re-import and re-edit 1,100 photos?

  14. Please fix the noise reduction and sharpening problem on export. I already exported about 400 photos to a clients gallery. This is really important. To all of us using Lightroom for business!!!

    • April Bennett says:

      Yes, this is SOOO important! I used Lightroom 5 for 2 client exports and an art exhibit entry before I noticed the sharpening issue. And it’s AWFUL! It is really distracting and misrepresents the work. I have emailed the clients and am emailing the gallery — but I can’t take back the lost good impression. And I have two more galleries to edit in the next week. Fix this now, please!

    • Henrik Helmers says:

      I agree, this is a serious issue. I was expecting a quick fix for this. Now it has been almost a month.

    • Renate Flynn says:

      I completely agree. There is a dramatic difference between the edited product and what is exported.

  15. Robert says:

    I fully agree that the export issue with NR/Sharpening needs to be fixed ASAP. Please don’t wait for LR 5.1 but deliver a hot-fix instead. This is a crucial feature to many users. For now I am using LR4 again, which I luckily did not uninstall yet.

  16. Laurie Bonell says:

    How can I transfer LR 5 to a new computer without having to purchase another download?

  17. Dennishh says:

    Lightroom 5 is not refreshing the image in secondary display. When viewing two images side by side one is sharp the other is out of focus not refreshed.

  18. Lance says:

    The export without sharpening/noise reduction is no minor glitch. I’m a product photographer and all my work uploaded to the web is affected by this. Adobe needs to fix this IMMEDIATELY. “Next update” is far to vague and historically could take months. Unacceptable Adobe.

  19. I downgraded back to LR4 for now. Way too many issues so far and most aren’t listed here. Really feels like a beta to me…

  20. Reed Scharman says:

    Noticed that my name, which is what I replaced the “Lightroom” logo with on the upper left reverts back when I open other catalogs. Apparently the install picked up from version 4.0, but it doesn’t keep up with the change.

  21. Huw Morgan says:

    The healing brush is totally unusable in LR5. I’m running a Windows 8 desktop with quad core i7 and 16 meg of memory. Panning through the image to find dust spots is much too slow. This happened with LR4 as well and was eventually fixed. I’m going to have to go back to LR4. This really sucks. Adobe, your release management is abysmal. Please make sure you carry over fixes from one release to the next.

    • Giuseppe says:

      I’m having the same problem here.
      I converted my catalogue from 4.4 to 5.0. Lightroom 5 is unusable, Lightroom 4.4 is still ok.
      After a chat with their support team I’ve been asked to optimize the catalogue or try with a smaller one to see if that helps.

    • Huw,
      I have the same issue. Windows 7, i7 overclocked to 3.2, 12 gig of ram, Solid state drives and when I do spot healing, or selection editing the processor and RAM actually maxes out. I’ve never had my computer max out before until LR5.

  22. adobphone says:

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  23. Donna groner says:

    I am using an Imac running Lion 10.7.5. I just bought and downloaded an upgrade for Lr5 from Lr4. The Develop module is greyed out making the upgrade useless.

  24. Michael Kade says:

    Lightroom 5 crashes very often by sort photos in the libary module. You go back and forth by the arrow keys and: crash! Realy can’t work with this issue, have much to do and my clients wait for their photos.

  25. Dan says:

    I have some performance issues with importing from a card. It is very slow to even see the images on the card since upgrading to LR5. If I click on the actual card and move into the folder of the images, it goes fast. That is my workaround for now. Also have issues with the spot removal. It almost freezes, my courser goes nuts or hardly moves…it really does not work at all for me. Ended up just bringing everything into PS6 in order to use the spot removal…so much for the new enhancements. This is the worst intro I have ever seen for LR.

  26. It seems like the team is solving more issues with each issue. As always, there are going to be bumps in the road but I’ve been very pleased with my LR5 experience on my two year old MBP.

  27. Tom Logue says:

    Any idea on the time table for an update?

  28. Alan Dean says:

    LR 5 Beta worked perfectly, but the new release appears to have memory usage problems. Now the Radial Filter and the Adjustment Brush are effectively unusable due to delayed responses and the dire spinning wheel. Mac OS 10.8.4, 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5, 8GB 1600 Mhz DDR 3.

  29. Zoltan Molnar says:

    Hi! Can somebody from the development team estimate a time when the above mentioned bugs about the output sharpness and the noise reduction will be fixed? Thank you!

  30. First noise reduction and sharpening not visible on export and second the difference between grid view and filmstrip selecting fotos for publiching service are the biggest issues on Lightroom 5 Version. I installed Lightroom 5 but i use it just for testing right now, production is done with LR4. It would great to publish a update very,very soon , possible version 5.01.
    Maybe another issue must be mentioned changing the slideshow prevents one from using lrtimelapse, in my opinion a gerat tool for generating timelapse videos with Lightroom

  31. steve says:

    My brush sometimes stops working. It does not place an editing dot indicating the brush has been activated or clicked in. Would love an option one day where you would hold shift or something and the healing clone stamp will continue to sample from the same location 🙂 Great product though thanks!!

  32. Boy Hazes says:

    Upgrade 3.6 to 5.0. Shame on you Adobe. Absolute no more blind shopping for me. I have clients and you as well. So an update to 5.1 with all resolved ussues in 2 weeks. Lets go guys. Adobe is a brand! Not a local supermarket.

  33. 1) Very SLOW display of thumbnails when importing from my SD card.

    2) If you use the Spot tool on an already cropped image, it often picks regions outside the crop — I then have to copy the crop, reset the crop, adjust the spot, and past the crop back — there needs to be a way to view the full canvas when using the Spot tool.

  34. Carol says:

    Healing and clone brush do not allow you to pick the source you want LR5 to use. It works in Camera RAW in PS CC but is completely broken in LR5!!!!! I am on a PC. This is really horrible.

    • Carol says:

      Tech support helped me out. Looks like the Tool Overlay got switched to “never” by accident. I must have hit the H key without knowing it. I had literally just opened LR5 and imported my catalog so I did not change anything on purpose! Thanks Tech Support!

  35. Rob Duncan says:

    Strange things are happening with Ctrl Z LR 5.. anyone else having similar issues?
    It works for a while but after editing for a period of time i have to restart LR.. Basically LR
    starts to change presets when i use the Ctrl Z to go back?

    • Chris says:

      YES!!! I can’t get it to work for me anymore when I’m using presets…it freaks out and changes to another preset in the list that I’ve never used. It is happening more and more on different things.

    • Rod says:

      Any solution for this yet?

  36. When I purchased LR4, it was riddled with bugs. It took two releases before the ones that were affecting me to get fixed. You think I would have learned. As soon as LR5 was released, I went and bought it. It runs sooooo slow it is nearly unusable. It’s also locked up and crashed a few times.

    Adobe’s let-anyone-beta-test is a waste of time. If beta testers are not given incentive to find repeatable bugs, then they have no motivation to find bugs. Applying the debug method used by open-source software does not work on expensive software products.

    As a result, for now, I’m going back to LR4 until Adobe gets the bugs worked out. I didn’t pay for the product to be a beta-tester. And, in the future, I plan to wait until the products have been out a few months and maintenance releases have come out. Perhaps Adobe should consider paying beta-testers with part of their compensation at risk based on the bugs they find.

    Adobe, are loosing me and the businesses I own as CS customers (we will not be moving to CC products). If you don’t get your quality control worked out, my studio and other businesses will find an alternative to Lightroom too.

  37. James Richters says:

    What happened to publish to facebook with lightroom 5? it was working great then all of a sudden today it no longer works and not only that, my existing publish settings in lightroom 5 are gone. I can’t authorize a new connection, all I get is a useless message that says “Something went wrong. We’re working on getting it fixed as soon as we can.” which does not really actually mean anything at all.. might as well just say it’s broke and we don’t know why.

    It works great with flickr as always. I don’t know why facebook and adobe can’t somehow work together to make this reliable. It was working on lightroom 4 and then suddendly quit, presumably because facebook changed something, and it was great that it worked in lightroom 5 again, but now it’s broken already.. the problem with all this is now even when you get it all working.. I’ll have to delete all my photos and re-publish them all so my facebook albums and lightroom 5 will be in sync, so I can do all my management from lightroom as it was intended to be done… and when I do that.. I will LOOSE all my comments, UGH this publish to facebook is just a disaster.. I would not even bother except that facebook is so popular it’s really the only way to get wide coverage of my work quickly

  38. Andy says:

    You have forgotten to add the crashing issue to the list

    This is one of many comments/ similar THREADS.

  39. Hans Olthof says:

    Still has the double-arrow cursor bug from LR4.
    Win 7, intel dual-core E6750, Nvidia 8800GT, 8gb mem.

  40. David says:

    I’ve tested v5 and found that some pictures in a newly imported album were pixelated as if they were downsized to 200×300 and then upscaled. I tried to force the generation of new thumbnails but the issue persisted. This happened in the loupe view, the new full screen view and development mode. After a restart it was cured.

    This issue and the sharpening issue on export keeps me on the fence on upgrading.

  41. Bryan Garnett-Law says:

    Is there some kind of trick for getting Lightroom 5 to upload your photos to Facebook? For the love of god I cannot get it to do this. I’ve tried reauthorising on Facebook several times, and that all seems okay, but they never show up despite LR5 saying it has published the photos. I’ve just switched from Aperture so a bit new to LR.

    • Bryan Garnett-Law says:

      Finally got connected tonight. Had to deauthorise on both Lightroom 5 and Facebook and then re-authorise once more. Whilst had tried this before tonight all worked and the SAVE button became active enabling the service. Woohoo!!

  42. Nanci says:

    I started using the beta version of Lightroom 5 a month ago. It takes about 4 hours to export
    a wedding with about 700 images? Why is this?
    I purchased Lightroom 5 yesterday and everything is greyed out. I cannot use it at all.
    Is there some setting for this?

  43. Somehow lI cant undo a post- crop vignetting paint overlay!!! Ctr-Z just does not work. I dont even know how it get into my all flagged photos!

  44. Robert says:

    Me and another guy I know posted comments to LR5 bugs here, but it seems both our comments were not approved, despite them being relevant and without aggressive language.

    So much for “we are listening …”

  45. Gav Owen says:

    You cannot export a photo to Photoshop when the photo has a color label that contains and apostrophe in the label name. Example – red label called “Won’t publish”. Change that to “Will not publish” and then Control-E works again. I verified this several times with different color labels and names. Glad I finally nailed it. Please fix.

    I too am finding the healing brush resize ridiculously slow and unusable. Intel Core i7-3770 @ 4GHz with 32GB 1600MHz RAM and a 6Gbps SSD on a fresh Windows8 install with current updates and drivers – runs super fast in everything else but LR5 has some serious performance issues.

  46. Gary says:

    Has someone in Adobe picked up on the problem with LR5 and photos using Process Version 2003. In summary, when process version 2003 photos are opened in LR5 Develop module, the Post-Crop Vignette Style is instantly changed to “Paint Overlay.” and it’s not possible to undo this using Ctrl-Z or Edit > Undo … plus the edit history is lost. This has just caused me some grief.

    • JW says:

      Yes, I’ve just upgraded from 3 so I’ve loads of old process images. Just VIEWING these whilst in the Develop module will add this history step that is then impossible to remove. Control-Z didn’t undo so I clicked on a previous history step instead – result was that it deleted the previous history steps and stuck the silly Vignette step back at the top! (And Control-Z won’t undo that either).
      Changing a Developed image in this way is just not acceptable. Fix really soon please, as a can’t safely use LR5 without it.

    • Gary:
      That’s exactly what happens! It happened to me and I was wondering why. Now I kown: it is a BUG!

    • Anne says:

      I have this problem too. It is very irritating in that it can delete your edit history. Please fix ASAP.

  47. Martin says:

    I want to report a bug in LR5 but don’t know where to post it as is now closed for new accounts.
    Does anyone know??

  48. Keith Gorlen says:

    I just noticed the following problem after upgrading from LR4 to LR5:
    – Select RAW (.CR2) file in LR5
    – Edit in -> Open as Smart Object in Photoshop (CS6)
    – Apply smart filter
    – Use smart filter mask to apply filter to portion of image
    – Save

    When viewed and exported as a .jpg in LR5, the filter effect is not masked, but applied to the entire image. The .jpg saved directly from CS6 is correctly masked. As a workaround, the smart layer can be duplicated and rasterized.

  49. AngryBird says:

    “Noise Reduction and Sharpening Not Visible on export”
    the worst issue ever Adobe! We need a hot fix. It just like you have paid for a beta Version!

    • Pete Green says:

      We’re working on a fix. You can work around this by exporting at a non 1/3 ratio (even if it is different by 1 pixel)

      • Pete Green, Can you please rephrase this comment? … “You can work around this by exporting at a non 1/3 ratio (even if it is different by 1 pixel)”

      • Alex says:

        We experiecing this issues even if the 1/3 border is not exceeded, so we’re even unable to export eintirely. WTF?
        I’ll expect a hot fix … I can’t wait for the next regular update. What is going wrong with you quality assurance team. You should get the man in charge degraded .

      • Ivar says:

        It’s the 5th of July today. Any estimates like will be be ready in 2 days?

      • Gaab says:

        Working around? I can’t even export on webformat.. with a file up on 23 MB.. so I can export a webfile on 1/3 ratio.. that’s still 7.66mb? Pleeeease fix this quick.
        I’ts my job… I can’t let my customers wait forever..

      • Linn says:

        For me this applies to any image regardless of size…a picture will look perfect in develop mode but the second I click on library mode (even before I click on export), the picture will have lost all sharpening and noise reduction…

        • Olof says:

          I have the same issue. 5.2 RC did not solve it 🙁

          • Steve says:

            Same here, 5.2 RC didn’t solve it (at least on my macbook pro).
            I’ve tested LR5 (not 5.2RC) on a pc with win7 and noise reduction works, WTF????

  50. I would like to report an issue with 1:1 previews and larger on a second screen.
    The preview of an image looks fine and sharp on the main screen (monitor 1), but is blurry at first (not on its sharpest) on the second screen (monitor 2, 1:1 preview, generated at 1680px). The preview on the second screen only sharpens after any Develop action (crop, exposure adjustment, whatever). This behaviour is consequent and even occurs between Lightroom sessions when handling the same images. This behaviour is also consequent when using different catalogs. This behaviour is apparent with full-screen previews on monitor 2 with solo-mode switched on and switched off. Only a (small) Development action seems to “wake-up” the sharpest preview on monitor 2. Since this is no issue with LR4 on the same machine (Intel I7 – 12 core – 16Gb – 64bW7 – dual 2 Gb AMD Radeon 7800 – latest drivers etc) it is LR5 related.

  51. Chen says:

    locations also disappeared under ‘map’ after upgrading to LR5 from LR4.

  52. chris says:

    Wow…after reading through all these issues and comments, it looks like lr5 is garbage and I wont be upgrading. Ill switch to capture one thanks

  53. When I edit my old photos in LR5 I get an option to upgrade to current process. I do it, everything works fine, but if I do some editing and go back in history to the step before converting to current process, LR automatically adds a step called “Post-crop vignette Style: Paint Overlay” which erases all of my current history, so I lose all the new editing done…

  54. Julie Yarwood says:

    When taking a virtual copy to PSE as a jpg and then back into LR, the library shows a message that ‘Lightroom has encountered problems reading this photo’. Sometimes this message disappears after a while but usually I have to remove it and reimport the saved copy from my hard drive. This import shows it a a second copy of the original edited jpg. Using a iMac on 10.7 with 4gb ram and plenty of space

  55. Ron C says:

    It’s Norton that’s the problem. Been having speed issues since upgrading from LR3-LR5. I have a very high end Micro Velocity box so its not hardware. I’m a Photoshop users from way back so mainly using LR for the Library features. Almost 30K images in my catalog. Turning off Norton Anti-virus when using LR made a night and day difference! If you use this route I’d advise disconnecting from your network while Nortons is off.

  56. Jeff says:

    I’m also having the “horizontal crop not holding on vertical photos” issue.

    LR 5.0
    Win 7 64bit
    RAW CR2

    Please fix this soon!

  57. Noah Wardrip says:

    There is a major bug that I cannot workaround so far. After using the Compare module, even though only one image is selected in both the grid view and the thumbnail strip, 2 images remain selected. Any operation applied to what seems like 1 image is actually getting applied to 2 images. This gets saved to the catalog and happens across app restarts!! I will probably have to recreate my catalog because of this bug unless there is a known workaround.

    • Noah Wardrip says:

      Found a workaround. The issue happens when the second display is enabled (F11). The workaround is to disable the second display, mess around with grid and settings until Lightroom is convinced you really only have 1 photo selected, then proceed. If you enable the second display again, it will immediately jump to the Compare module on the second screen, even if that was not the last module used on that screen. Majorly buggy…definitely wasn’t there in the LR5 beta.

      • Natalie says:

        This just happened to me as well! Thankfully, I noticed before I went much further into my editing. Your tip to change the second display settings did the trick, thank you!

    • Noah Wardrip says:

      Why have my comments from 7/1 not been posted yet?

  58. Frans v says:

    It seems that LR5 requires much more memory then its predecessors. I have 8G of RAM and when importing photo’s and working in the develop module intensively the systems comes with alerting messages that it runs out of memory and the application is being advised to shut down. Is this also known to other users?


  59. Greg Priestley says:

    Adobe, when are we going to get the update that fixes the noise reduction not being applied on export?

    This has burnt so much time for me. I’ve done 10000’s of exports which have done subsequent processing and then been rendered in video and have been progressively tracing through why only some of them are so noisy. This morning I finally was able to confirm that LR5 seemed to have a problem compared to LR4, and when searching on specifics was able to find that it was a known issue.

    You need to be pumping out an update to fix these critical issues quickly, not waiting the usual 3 or 4 months between point releases.

  60. Michael M says:

    Seriously? Norton? Window’s is not the only OS that Lightroom is being used on, and these issues persist across the board.
    Norton has nothing to do with Lightroom’ performance, only the machine it’s on.

  61. Thomas says:

    So far I have not upgraded to LR5. Reading all those issues my guts tell me to wait. I’m even considering to switch to Aperture once in a while. The release seems more like another beta version to me and I’m asking myself whether this is going to be normal in future with the Creative Cloud based software where issues will be solved “in the next release”. No need to take as much care with the final versions compared to boxed software and other release cycles. Come on guys, you had such a nice piece of software!

  62. Ken says:

    I have a problem with files which were previously imported into LR5 BETA.
    I backed the files up to an external hard drive and then uninstalled LR5 when the beta version was due to stop.
    My LR4 will not now recognise the files which I saved to external hard drive? They are raw files. The LR4 does however recognise files from this series previously saved as JPEGs.
    Is there something I can do to retrieve the files? I have a serious amount of files lost if there is no fix

    • Allan says:

      What was the format for your RAW files? Check to make sure that Lightroom 4 supports that particular RAW file type. Each successive release of Lightroom supports a larger number of RAW file types, so a file type supported in LR5 might not be supported in LR4. I ran into this problem when I had LR3. I got a new Panasonic camera that had a new RAW file format (RW2) that was not supported by LR3. However, it was supported in LR4.

  63. Steve says:

    Adobe…where’s the fix for noise and sharpening problems on export ??

  64. Holger Probst says:

    Worked on 100 photos this evening. Within 2 hours Lightroom 5 crashed 3 times!
    This is not acceptable. I payed more than 70 EUR for an update to a beta version ???
    (By the way … when testing the beta version I did not have any crahes. So it seems Adobe really put in some bugs for the final version. This is a disaster.)
    My system: Win 7 / 64 Bit, Intel i5-3450, 8 GB, AMD Radeon HD 7770

  65. Richard E says:

    When using Lens Correction, Profile, Enable Profile Corrections, Custom, Sigma, my 17-50 shows up half the time from about 50 choices. at other times, only a few show up and not the 17-50. Also, sync’ing does not populate the 17-50 lens, just the 12-24 lens (which I do not have). Also, the lens correction profile for the 17-50 lens that I saved in LR 4.4 is not available in LR 5.0 and I cannot seem to save another as I cannot get the correct lens. Really having a hard time with this since the 4.4 to 5.0 upgrade. Am I doing something wrong?

  66. RON COMSTOCK says:

    Love LR5,
    the adjustment brush fails to work at times, if I switch to gradient tool apply same adjustment then delete it brush begins to work. Another issue is when selected on an image the preview is not same image or it is but when hovering over a preset the preview doesn’t change. If you click preset it will apply though, I have noticed that if you hold curser over image for a few seconds it does finally put white highlight around preview and then it begins to work as previous versions. Another issue is when undoing, ctrl+z applies a preset and does not undo, as well as edit undo does the same thing, have to go to history to step back to undo.

    When should we all see an update that addresses known issues?

  67. Marco C says:

    The adjustments brush button does not apply effect on image all the times. I need to closedown Lightroom 5 and reluanch to make the brush apply on image.

    The Clone / Heal brush does not intelligently match the edge with untouched area. Difference between adjusted area and untouched area clearly see.

  68. Roger D says:

    I’ve raised this on another forum but get no comment from Adobe.
    PLEASE PLEASE can we have LR5 compatible with Windows Vista? I cannot understand why you have blocked this on the final product as I had the beta version of LR5 working fine. Although Vista was not popular, I have had it on my machine for 5 years and never had a problem with it. I really don’t want to install Windows 7 or have to buy a new computer just to run Lightroom 5. I have used LR for several years now and “sold” it to many friends etc and would greatly appreciate being able to use updated versions.
    Thanks in hope!

  69. Jason Lister says:

    I recently upgraded to LR5 and I’m having a couple of buggy issues:

    * Photo import previews are taking a long time to load and will only load what’s visible on screen. As soon as I scroll down I have to wait awhile again for the pics to load to preview them for import

    *Occasionally if my mouse passes by the star ratings panel LR will just set it to whatever star I happened upon. This is annoying when I am processing photos out of my smart collections because a change of start will cause my current photo to disappear then I have to navigate to find it

    * Not sure if this is a LR5 bug or not, or something I’m doing. Working on a calibrated monitor and after processing I will check “Soft proofing” to preview. And my previewed pic will get a very bluish tint over the entire photo

    Gateway PC, Quad core intel chipset with 8gb ram, another 2gb on graphics card. Windows 7 updated. Eset Smart Security antivirus program.

    • DSLRpadawan says:

      Yes – please fix the rating hover-over issue (I assume it’s not a feature). It makes working with library filters nigh impossible! 🙁

  70. Jim Elliott says:

    The “Hot Issue” says that the problem with develop work not being visible only shows up when you save the photo at 1/3 or less of the original size. That doesn’t seem to be the case. It shows up even when saving full size copies of your work.

    I have put examples of what I see when working inside Lightroom 5, and what you get when you export a photo in a SmugMug gallery. (Don’t worry, that’s all that’s there.)

    I am hopeful that Adobe can fix this problem ASAP. This is a critical part of the program. It is largely unusable unless we can depend on it exporting what we see when working in the DEVELOP module.

  71. Mike says:

    Download issue, tried to download about 20 mins ago….got a macro media error alert telling me that Internet Explorer 4 is not supported – so most likely there is a bug in the Mozilla detection code as I was using Internet Explorer version 10

    Maybe explains why some folks have problems downloading – Chrome worked just fine

  72. Michael MacLeod says:

    The lethargic reaction once you’ve made several Spot heals is unbearable, I have to literally wait for the the pointer to catch up to where I’ve moved it anywhere from 1 to 8 seconds later. This is on am iMac 27 with an I7 processor and nvidia 1gig gpu and 16 gigs of ram. I have Lightroom 4 on the same machine and it’s flawless in this manner.

  73. Guillaum says:

    The issue about noise reduction and sharpening on export is still not fixed!? Maybe I should choose another program for my RAW when my trial will be over if the problem is still there…

  74. Michael MacLeod says:

    I have found that after removing the Wacom Tablet drivers and rebooting on 5 different Models of Macs that the problem is completely GONE on all 5 machines! I edited the same pics as before using the spot heal brush. I went ahead and spot healed, WAY, WAY more than I would just to see (over 200+ spot heals) and there wasn’t one bit of performance decrease, Lightroom was just as snappy as it could be. So I would say Wacom needs to fix their drivers or Adobe needs to fix the way Lightroom incorporates their use of them?

  75. Marcus M says:

    Has anyone reported or seen an issue with LR5 running on a 17inch MacBook Pro? Specifically when attempting to create and run a slide show – the slide show does not display. The most we see is a blank screen.

  76. Anne-Marie says:

    Hi I bought Lightroom 5 yesterday and i have downloaded the program, when i shall open the program after insallation i get a error message that it “does not work to open the program correctly (0xc000007b) press OK to close the program”
    I have tried to repair and uninstall and reinstall, download again from the web sit but always the same error message
    My computer have all the requierd stats

    Hope this will be fixed or i want my money back

  77. Neil B says:

    I’m having a problem with the preset preview window when it doesnt seem to update on rollover of presets and it also sometimes shows the wrong image in the window.

  78. Matthew Swarts says:

    I am working on a dual 2.66 quad core intel xeon power mac with mac os x 10.8.4.
    Since upgrading to LIghtroom 5, I have been unable to view a slideshow from any of my catalogs in my 100,000+ image library. Catalogs are between 10K and 15K images roughly, upwards. The application continually hangs and stalls while it attempts to build previews for each slide in any of my catalogs.

    This appears to be a major issue, as it is noted on other threads. Wanted to underscore the importance of restoring the ability to generate a slide show without building previews first. Otherwise, anyone with larger libraries and catalogs is left with a crippled, unusable slideshow feature.

    This was never an issue with LIghtroom 4, and I certainly hope you can find a workaround or a fix as soon as possible.

    Many thanks!

  79. Raymond Rothengatter says:

    When will the update be published?After upgrading from Lightroom 4 to 5 I experience performance problems, further on my second screen, when I zoom into a photo I only see a black screen. When zoomed out, the colors on the second screen look different then on the 1st screen. When I replace my main screen to the second screen and vice versa are good, but on my second screen when I zoom in 1:1 I see pixels, like a preview is blown up. All kind of weird stuff…

  80. bettina says:

    I’m having issues when synching images in grid mode. I pree the Synch Settings button, but nothing synchs and I have to go into the develop panel to synch. Or go to develop then back to grid. It’s really pissing me off.

  81. Ludo Kanta says:

    Unusably slow when using brush tool. Intel i7-3720QM 2.60GHz 8GB memory.

  82. Dianne A says:

    I continue to experience very slow rendering of previews – both on import and when loading into the Develop module. Am working right now with a group of images from my D7100 that were converted to DNG (from NEF) on import and 1:1 previews supposedly rendered then. As I move through them in Develop mod, more than half take forever to load so I can start working on them. A few open up quite quickly – can’t figure out what the difference would be. But, this is absolutely unacceptable for a workflow. I’m not using Norton. Right now, I don’t even have PS or any other big app open – just a few Chrome browser windows and LR5. The catalog is on the internal HD; the images are on an external HD. OS is Win 7 Pro; 16GB RAM, plenty of room on internal HDs. Importing these files from the SD card was painfully slow; the rendering of previews would periodically stop for minutes at a time (noting the activity in the progress bar).

  83. Lech says:

    I continue to sadly have problems with LR5 on a Win7 64bit platform. The program crashed regularly after about 45 minutes of editing. Then I would need to restart and notice some of my work was missing. I got a new UI file from a helpful Adobe employee and it worked for a while, but now Norton calls the file unsafe and won’t let LR5 even start! Yikes, this has really eaten up my time and although Adobe staff has been great I’m ready to talk about why the programming is poorly executed. Sadly I’m supposed to teach LR5 in a workshop in August… but I need a stable program.


  84. Bart Luyckx says:

    Have had almost all the problems mentioned above.
    Also, sometimes selection of pictures is wrong even when changing develop settings or when deleting files, not only during export with publish services.
    I’ve never had such a crappy experience with a new release before.
    I would like a speedy update on LR5 or I’ll be asking for my money back.

    First you spring the CC bear trap on us and now this?
    Action required Adobe! Come on now, clutch, first gear and gas pedal…

  85. Chris says:

    There needs to be a fast fix for the crop being reset issue. It get really old when your editing weddings constantly. Any fixes soon?

    • Marion says:

      same here ! cropping = crash, my iMac brand new from one month completely froze each time I use the crop tool or almost. Very boring !

  86. Ruth Purnell says:

    Have just migrated to LR5 from LR4. have found 3 major issues, first is overall performance, especially when displaying an image in library or develop mode. The redraw action takes age to display the image as opposed to the LR4 redraw speed. Secondly, for some reason the mouse just stops working, when LR 5 is in think mode. Thirdly we seem to get random lines appearing when in develop mode. Overall our productivity has gone dramatically backwould since we went up to LR5. seriously thinking about going back to LR4 and awaiting fixs for these issues. Also note this is all running on high end box with Win7, 16 gig memory and multiple SSD drives. We have no issues with LR4.

  87. matt says:

    must be nice being a monopoly. You can fix hot issues at your own leisure.

    Get with the program and fix your beta software.

  88. Noels says:

    I have been quite happy with LR5 till now. I have used the radial filter and have tried everything and when I go to edit in PS, everything comes across except the radial filters. Do you know about this yet? And is there a fix for this?

  89. Pedro J Lumbreras says:

    Estoy intentando crear una proyección de diapositivas con música y cuando selecciono cualquier archivo MP3 o M4b me aparece un aviso indicando que “el archivo seleccionado no es un archivo de música válido”.
    ¿Cuál es el problema?

  90. Hans says:

    Previous comments on LR5 made me a bit reluctant to upgrade from my LR3. In stead of upgrading directly, I am now tempted to use the “free trial” option. Can anyboby answer the following, please:
    After downloading the free trial LR5, will I have still access to LR3?
    Should I decide to move to LR5 after the trial period, will I pay for an upgrade (thus overwriting my LR3) or will I pay for a full version (thus having both versions)?
    Should I decide to not use LR5 for the time being, will it cease to exist, or do I have to delete the whole instalation from my computer?
    I have Photoshop CS3, how does LR5 interact with that? I will not go for the cloud to upgrade to a newer version of Photoshop.
    I run a MBPR, OS 10.7.5, 2.6GHz i7, 8GB RAM (but I suppose this all is irrelevant to the above enquiries).
    Thanks for your help. Hans

    • Pete Green says:

      Hi Hans,

      After downloading the free trial LR5, will I have still access to LR3? [PG] Yes. They install as separate and independent applications.

      Should I decide to move to LR5 after the trial period, will I pay for an upgrade (thus overwriting my LR3) or will I pay for a full version (thus having both versions)? [PG] You can pay for the upgrade, and still keep LR3 on your system. Lightroom 5 installs separately when you install it. Your LR3 license doesn’t change when you upgrade to LR5, and you are free to keep LR3 on the computer or uninstall it when you feel you’ve completely moved over to LR5.

      Should I decide to not use LR5 for the time being, will it cease to exist, or do I have to delete the whole instalation from my computer? [PG] If the 30 day trial expires then Lightroom will still be on the system, and you will want to uninstall it if you decide not to upgrade/use it further.

      I have Photoshop CS3, how does LR5 interact with that? [PG] LR5 can roundtrip images to and from Photoshop for editing as needed.


      • Hans says:

        Thanks Pete for the info. Will download soon (if my internet speed allows). Sure hope you’re able to fix the issues as mentioned by the LR team and other users. I like LR3 a lot, and LR5 offers even more options.

  91. Joerg Lehmann says:

    My Navigator window keeps showing a different image than the main window… is this is user error?

    • Trish says:

      this is an issue i have as well.

      If i restart lightroom it corrects itself.
      During this time, it will also not update the current image in the main window but the adjustments are there in the history.

    • RanDembo says:

      I have the problem.
      I occurs very often.

  92. Fabrizio says:

    Dear all,

    I can’t activate my LR 5 (upgrade, mac version) , I tried many time to insert the serial number but without success!
    could you help me?
    I tried to remove and instal again the program but LR5 doesn’t work!

    many thanks


  93. Oeyvind Toft says:

    Web module bug.
    Images not showing up when moving from develop to the web module. Shows most of the images but some thumbnails just empty, and some full images empty. Using Windows 8 on very fast laptop.

  94. Jo Dasent says:

    In LR 5, I have found that after editing in the develop module, and then going back to the library module, the picture when in the library module is not as sharp as in the develop module, as if it loses/isn’t holding the sharpening treatments in the library module. And then ultimately, on export, it looks the same as it does in the library module (the latter being I suppose the sharpening and noise reduction loss on export I’m seeing in the Adobe blog. But not sure if Adobe aware the effect is seen when switching between the library and develop modules)

  95. Greg Priestley says:

    Why is my previous comment awaiting moderation? Is this the way of Adobe silencing criticism?

  96. Klaus SK says:

    Why is Lightroom 5 not available for Mac Snow-Leopard (10.6)

  97. hessel says:

    When selecting a picture in library or print, lightroom 5 automatically selects also the next picture.

    • Meghan says:

      YES. This is driving me mental.

      1) The photo next to the photo I select is also being selected.

      2) The first two photos in my folder are being automatically selected, after I’ve deselected them multiple times, closed and restarted LR, selected all images and deselected them.

      Whenever I go to edit in PS I’m getting multiple photos opening at once and I can’t seem to find a way to stop this behavior.

      Thank you. (Long-term LR user.)

      • Meghan says:

        This *just* started happening today and I’ve been using LR 5 for weeks without this issue.

        • hessel says:

          Found it: you have to go to compare mode and click DONE. Then lightroom stops comparing., which it was it was doing..

  98. I have always been defending Lightroom when it has come down to that… But the LR5 is really really bad.. The crop bug is in fact costing me money in terms that I can not get my job done.. It is unbelievable that such a bug has not been detected prior to the release… I have experienced a few more bugs ( In pictureshow mode ) but the crop bug makes the whole workflow impossible and the program completely useless.. I run 2 national photographer groups in Sweden with several hundred members and I am bound to go out with a strong warning about LR5 and how Adobe has choosen to deal with the matter…

    Regards Peter

  99. Larry says:

    I found one annoying bug on Windows 7 64 bit: the adjustment brush sometimes does not paint. I paint some parts of the image, I change their settings, but nothing happens and the “selected mask overlay” shows nothing. Then I change picture, fiddle up and down at random, go back to the original image and the adjustment brush paints again.

  100. Two import issues:
    1. Thumbnails load very slowly – more slower than LR4. It helps as a workaround to click the card folder directly 0 but it’s not ideal.

    2. Adding a new destination folder in the import window works sometimes but most times it doesn’t. Usually I have to add a new folder in the browser, which is then not visible in the right hand side of the import window until I close it down and go back into “import”.

  101. Martin Kup says:

    Have had also all the problems mentioned above and as your customer I’m asking you for urgent release of update to get REAL final release version of LR 5.0. Thank you for very quick response!

  102. jeremy vesser says:

    I am really disapointed with this since I can’t post to Facebook at all. It will not sync. I am ready for money back

  103. Ed Stone says:

    Since installing Lightroom 5 my Adjustment Brush does not work. I can select it and go through the motions, but it has absolutely no effect on the image. I’m using LR5 on a MacBook Pro running Mac OS X, Version 10.7.5.

  104. CeeJay says:

    There are serious release flaws in LR5 including importing pictures, It is so slow that 3 hours later it is still uploading. I use Win 7, Intel i7 and 16GB Ram, I should have enough there. What is happening

  105. Osiriz says:

    Bug found!

    When using “the old healing brush behavior”, by holding down the Command key (Mac), while dragging with the spot removal tool, the brush randomly switches over to clone mode, even though I have set it to heal mode!

    This bug is real and it is very annoying.

  106. Dom W says:

    Also experienced selection of pictures is wrong when changing develop settings or when deleting files a few times. Could not find a way to reproduce.
    It’s definitively NOT only during export with publish services.
    This is a critical bug and need to be fixed ASAP.

  107. Shawn Coates says:

    When I upgraded a catalog from Lightroom 4 to Lightroom 5, everything migrated properly with the exception of my keywording. None of the keywords I applied carried through to the Lightroom 5 catalog. Have others encountered this phenomenon? Can you suggest a solution?

  108. BobD says:

    I’m about tearing my hair out over losing user-ordered photos in LR5. Go out of LR5 and then back in and your user-ordered images are not kept in a collection. I’m editing 3200 images from three shooters…what the heck is going on Adobe?. Windows 7 64-bit…not had this problem with previous versions…

  109. So it’s been over a month since you created this page, and you have a pretty impressive known issue list… When do you plan to release an update that addresses these problems?

    I downloaded the software, having been running as a trial on a secondary machine, I’ve done some work in it and like a lot about it, but can’t upgrade my main machine/library because of all of the bugs. So I’m basically held hostage as I can’t import the LR5 catalog changes into LR4, and I can’t upgrade to LR5 on my main editing workstation as the bugs are serious enough to make this a non-starter.

    IMO your Q/A and testing team should be pretty ashamed at all of the stuff that got through whatever internal Adobe testing was done.

  110. Waiting for the new version. The 5.0 is not working properly for me. So many bugs. Please, release the update. Thanks.

  111. David Murray says:

    I have just installed LR5 and imported 800 photos in the DNG format from my holidays all imported well and I began to edit them OK so far, then I find thumbnails I have edited show the edited and cropped badges,
    Then I reopen these images it is as tho I have not touched them, I do not want to be going back and reediting photos all the time so please can someone HELP!!!
    iMac 27 with 12GB RAM the files are one an external drive and the previews are on computer.
    Many thanks

  112. Joe says:

    Hey everyone, having a Lightroom 5 issue, I want to see if anyone else is experiencing the same thing.
    I am working with LR5 now and I was just noticing when I was sorting this past wedding after adjustments were made I was seeing that every 10-12 images I passed through the crop/adjustments would reset on an image (but on the image history of that exact file it would be on the most recent history change). Also I noticed when creating a virtual copy for black and whites where I had used the brush tool in the color version it will shift the brushed area over about half an inch from the orig spot in the virtual copy. I hope this doesn’t sound like gibberish to you all. I had to go back through this whole wedding to make sure none of the adjustments reset. I checked all my LR settings as well, can’t figure this out. I noticed it first because an image I selected was normal for a second or two then the crop adjustment reset, as well as all my other adjustments but the funny thing is the sliders never reset, hey stayed where I adjusted them too.

  113. Rob Cowle says:

    This is a very weird problem and I’m not sure if it’s an LR5 problem or OS 10.8.4 one.
    Many of the tools fail to work when trying to adjust within the centre 1/3 of the iMacs screen (27″ model). As an example the healing brush “dot” will change to an “arrow” when moving in to the centre third of the screen. It’s nothing to do with the image as if I move the entire LR5 window to left of right the tool only changes to the arrow at same section of the screen, not the image.

    Has anyone else experienced this. I upgraded to OS 10.8.4 at the same time as upgrading to LR5 (system requirement). I don’t have this problem in LR4 but that still doesn’t make it clear where the problem is, very weird problem..

  114. Barry Garvin says:

    Does any body else have the problem where the basic editing options have disappeared for the side bar when in Develop mode. The histogram is at the top, then the brush/spot removal et al tools and then Tone Curve. The basic options (white balance. exposure, etc) are gone. How do i get them back?

  115. Barry Garvin says:

    Nevermind. Figured it out.

  116. Christian says:

    Hi everyone.
    I cannot export a new photobook, that is a duplicate of a book project created with Lightroom 4 and edited in LR 5. Neither as PDF (tried several settings) or JPG, nor can I upload it to Blurb directly. Whenever I press any of the available “Export to PDF” or “Upload to Blurb” Buttons, simply nothing happens. No response from the software. I can continue working with Lightroom, the speed is the same (which means no background process like image conversion) has been started.

    To reproduce the error, I’ve created a new book with LR 5 quickly. “+” Button in Collections > “Create new book” > added 20 pages, filled them randomly with photos (that have been part of the old book projects, too)

    “Export to PDF” > A new window opens, where to save the PDF. Perfect. Works as desired.
    “Upload to Blurb” > “Buy the book” windows opens, where i have to enter my Blurb Username and Password. Correct behaviour.

    Back to the formerly created book (the LR4 duplicate). Same error: No response.
    I let LR5 create all necessary 1:1 previews, again > Nothing. Exited Lightroom and restarted it > Same problem. Restarted Windows and Lightroom > No export of the book.
    This happens to all my book projects that were created using Lightroom 4 and below.

    Can you help?

  117. I have to say that there are some problems with LR5 on a Win7 64bit platform. The program crashed regularly after about round about 1 hour of editing.
    In the Fullscreen mode I see only the spinner not the complete Loading message.
    When I use the Tethermode and my harddrive is full I get an Error but not Your Harddirve is full. Maybe a warning will be nice: You can save only 10 more Picture.
    One day my database will crashed and I lost the work of 4 Years with the pick marker…
    So right in this moment I´m not happy with LR5 … I´m going back to LR4…
    Yours Mark Noormann

  118. Jonathan says:

    I have OS 10.7.5 and Lightroom 5 won’t open. Just downloaded the free trial

  119. Mathieu Pothier says:

    Still nothing on all this Adobe?

    I think I will go back to cracking software cause I’ve never had so much problems since I pay for Adobe CC!

    Thanks 🙂

  120. Ted York says:

    The colors are not right in the Slideshow Module for some reason. Dull, dark, unsaturated, – really bad.

  121. si-guy says:

    it would make much more sense to me to swap the clone function on the command key as quick spot removals (one click hold and drag to desired area to clone) are much more common than painting your clone area then having to drag it around afterwards.. it almost as if it slows the process down.

    Also, LR5 hogs a lot of my inactive RAM on my iMac.. can anyone explain this, suggest config etc?.. the performance of anything outside of LR5 is compromised.. laggy and jerky.

  122. Matthias Bober says:

    There is an LR5 issue when exporting images using Image Sizing Dimensions.

  123. Pedro J Lumbreras says:

    I’m trying to create a slide show with music and when I select any MP3 or M4b I get a notice that “the selected file is not a valid music file”.
    What is the problem?

    • Andrew Agerbak says:

      I am having the same experience. A 2010 forum entry suggested it might be DRM issues, but I’ve tried both iTunes-bought files (extracted as MP3s) and MP3s ripped from my own CDs, and have the same experience. I had to abandon Lightroom for sound for a slideshow to 500 people last weekend, and play the sound independently from another source, alongside the slideshow. That’s a work-around for now, but it’s clunky and I’m losing the “fit to music” capability…

  124. PDX_Mark says:

    I know others have said it, but the noise reduction and sharpening export issues are really bad. I don’t know any serious LR user who wouldn’t be impacted by this. I’ve been with this product since the beginning and have always loved it… until now. Is there any ETA on a resolution?

  125. Jan Pienaar says:

    I recently upgraded from LR4 to 5 in the hope that my problem with importing video (Nikon movie/avi) would have been resolved, but the problem remains (had no problem in LR3). How do I get official assistance from Adobe to resolve problems?


  126. Dwayne W says:

    I need this fixed as soon as possible, The noise is unbearable, and I am losing money. I had to refund a wedding because of this, have another wedding this weekend, guess I will edit in Lr3

  127. HELP!
    90% of the times that i try to crop or straiten an image, LR freezes and i have to force quit every time!!!
    what is the problem?
    I can´t work like this, i have to force quit every 5 minutes or so..
    Please help
    Thank you!

    • Shane Betts says:

      The workaround for that is to slight reduce the crop size before you try to rotate. The crop tool can’t seem to resize the image on the fly as you rotate, so resize so it has some pixels to play with, rotate, then resize back to fit to maximum. This has been around since LR4. Alternatively, don’t rotate using the crop tool, use the rotator in Lens Corrections. That won’t hang the app.

  128. RsB says:

    Hey there,

    When exporting a Slideshow (LRTimelapse modified) of only 400 pix in 1080p it throws an “unknown error” sortly after 10% of the task – even a 720p export will cause the same error every other time (sometimes this works, though).
    I initially presumed my RAM to be insufficient and doubled it to 8GB (Win7 64bit 2.76GHz 4core) – the error still occurs – and the available RAM never gets maxed out (actually it never passes 67% load, while the virtual memory is virtually untouched). I tested various variations on the settings for Video-cache (restricted to 3gb, 5gb, 6gb, and unrestriced) and for the RAW-cache (1GB, 2GB, 5GB) as well as many combinations thereof: no joy…

    Anyone else with this problem? Or is it on me because I missed an all relevant setting?

  129. says:

    Unbelievable that there is such a hushed silence from Adobe despite the seriousness of some of the bugs discussed and the length of time since this beta product was released.

  130. Olof says:

    To me sharpness applied with Radial Filter is not shown when switching back to Library mode.

  131. grumpywithHealBrush says:

    MacBookPro 10.7.5 HEAL and CLONE work every once in a while, if you’re very very lucky, then give up and go on holiday….never to be seen again, then bob up and work for a bit, then slack off…Bizarre stuff! Spoils what I thought was going to be a fantastic product. I’ve not used LR4 but I’ve watched Julianne Kost’s video on how to use it 4 times…But i have to say i’ve had no such experience…please fix FAST!

  132. Ted Huston says:

    In response to the issue of the cloning/healing brush: I had the same problems as described. My system is an i7 quad core, Windows 7 64 bit, a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet, and an ATI Radeon 4600 graphics board. After trying, without success, to correct the problems I began to suspect either the tablet or graphics board. I then installed the most recent drivers from both Wacom and AMD (for the ATI board) and now everything works correctly and quickly. I would suggest trying this, as I suspect the graphics board software is the problem.

  133. Kyle says:

    Please help!!! I finished my free trial of LR5. Purchased the upgrade serial number for LR5 and everytime I put in the serial number, it works, but my software crashes and I can’t ever open it. If I click on Lightroom again I have to repeat the process all over again. I use a mac. Please help!!

  134. Jan says:

    In the develop module under the histogram, it tells me that my photo is missing. I don’t think it’s missing though. This applies to my entire catalog.

  135. Erin says:

    I’ve created the watermark, the watermark comes up when I show in preview slide/web/print. I’ve made sure that I have the latest update/changed the size/color/etc to LR5 but the watermark will still not export when I try to save the picture- What can I do?


  136. Please Ensure that LR5 remains backwards compatible with Mac Snow Leopard OS10.6.8 !
    I am not alone amongst Mac users in refusing to ‘upgrade’ the OS further: Lion and later require the replacement of many £1000s’ worth of software: it simply makes no sense! 10.6.8 is already 64-Bit compatible, so LR5 ought to be able to work on it.
    Indeed your own Download page says that LR5 *will* work, though in the event it refuses to load. Please help existing users not to need to replace the entire computer set-up. Otherwise I, for one, will pass on LR5; I have already decided that an earlier version of PS suffices for my needs, and certainly have no intention of jumping on any Cloud!

  137. andrejs kornatovskis says:

    please help….
    Exporting images jpg, there is no sharpness and noise reduction…

  138. When are we going to see any fixes? I’m pretty upset that Adobe released such a poor product. I’m much more upset that none of the issues seem to be addressed.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one that will have no problem using another piece of software if this abomination isn’t fixed soon.

  139. Jonny says:

    Dear Adobe,
    Long-time customer here. I really could use that fix for the Noise Reduction/Sharpening bug npw. It’s a couple of days to August and my clients aren’t happy. They need good prints.
    I sincerely hope you don’t push this update to CC customers only, because I’m not inclined towards extortion 😉

  140. Another frustrated user says:

    “Incorrect photos selected when working with Publish Services: …We are working on a fix and hope to include in a future update.” Excuse me? You ‘hope’ to fix this? I am totally floored at the direction this company has taken. This is simply pathetic.

  141. Torsten says:

    It is good to see that the incorrect selection of photos in the publish services is recognised as a bug – this has been troubling me for a while. Unfortunately I have another issue with the Flickr service in particular: Lightroom cannot correctly sort the photos by added order – instead it sorts them mostly by the date taken, but not reliably either. This means the publish service does not show the same sequence as Flickr.

  142. When are you going to fix all the bugs in Lightroom 5? I am using Lightroom since the first version and I know that you used to be more proactive to come up with unbugged new version, what’s up?

  143. Manny Olmedo says:

    LR5 keeps on crashing! Started with selecting a slider then using the left/right arrows for adjustment. But now I am not seeing a pattern. It just crashes for no reason. One time it was when I dragged a set of flagged images to a Smugmug published service collection. It first showed me a circle with line icon as I tried to drag it into the desired folder, then it crashed when I released the left mouse button. It fortunately has not lost any of my edits and I can re-open LR right up.

  144. Shawn Spencer says:

    I know this will never happen but personally I think Adobe should give some sort of refund to all of us who have had nothing but issues with their product Lightroom 5!!!!! This problem and the lack of response from Adobe will make me think very hard before I give them any more of my business!!! Adobe, release an update already!!!!

  145. Meister Luthor says:

    Noise reduction / export sharpening fix now!!! D:

    • Lisa says:

      This is getting ridiculous. I’m reverting to Lightroom 3 now. I’d really like a refund on Lightroom 5.

  146. luc says:

    Is there an issue with the zoom factor in Retina mode on MacOSX (HiDPI mode) ?

    In Library module. the zoom factor do not seem to be correct (too small), but it is correct in Develop module.
    I wonder is the Library module is not retina enabled…

    I noticed this on a quad-HD monitor running in 1080p HiDPI mode.


  147. Shane Betts says:

    I’d like to jump in here on the HUGE deficiencies with the Crop Tool in LR5. Not only does it not hold the crop but, often, when you syncronize two images (for instance, same framing, different exposures), the crop settings just do not sync. So you crop and reframe an image, sync it to another, open them in PS as layers and they are not even closely aligned.
    Also, use the Lens Corrections tool to sort verticals and come back to your crop and it’s changed it from, say 4×3 to some random custom. It’s a trap.
    The other one that comes up once in a while is when Constrain Crop is dropped when you export and you wind up with a JPEG with white borders at curves and angles.
    Adobe, you really have to address this. How do you do crops that seem to be so processor intensive?

  148. Shane Betts says:

    And, while we’re on the subject of Cropping…
    When will we be able to save (basic) crop settings to presets? Everything I shoot has to be cropped to 4×3 and it’s a PITA having to do it every single import.
    That is all…

  149. David Phipps says:

    One slight change I would LOVE to see in Lightroom. when renaming files to a custom prefix_image# you can not specify the number of places in the image #, so most other software sorts images …. Custom Prefix _1, CP_10 etc, if we could specify 3 or 4 places then it could be _001, _002 etc and work much better sorting images.

  150. Marc Paull says:

    I love LR5, BUT the adjustment brushes and spot removal tools are painfully slow to the point where it’s just not worth bothering with. Please do something about this Adobe!

    Lightroom version: 5.0 [907681]
    Version: 10.8 [4]
    Application architecture: x64
    Logical processor count: 8
    Processor speed: 2.8 GHz
    Built-in memory: 10240.0 MB
    Real memory available to Lightroom: 10240.0 MB
    Real memory used by Lightroom: 2746.8 MB (26.8%)
    Virtual memory used by Lightroom: 4213.2 MB
    Memory cache size: 739.3 MB
    Maximum thread count used by Camera Raw: 8
    Displays: 1) 1920×1200

  151. RRS says:

    The export to 10x15cm is very bad. I have a lot of noise added by nowhere… no sharpening added by export, but almost 10% of files had strange noise in some parts…

  152. DPerry says:

    I just purchased and LR 5 yesterday based on the recommendation of LR 4 from the teacher of a photography class I took in May, as well as reviews on Amazon. I now know I should have done more homework… BUT in the meantime here is my question for the LR team – can I go back and download LR 4? I have never used photoshop before and honestly to try and learn something new that is not nearly as intuitive as most editing programs I have used is too much right now. I would like to learn LR 4 and then try LR 5 again when more of the bugs get fixed. Thank you.

  153. AJM says:

    As posted earlier… “I am totally floored at the direction this company has taken. This is simply pathetic.”
    I agree completely. This has been coming for years, and if this is the kind of support we are to expect from the subscription model of CC, I think I’ll stick with what I’ve got.

    Almost two months to fix some rather serious issues? Is this a single-person / intern project? It should not take this long for a major software company to fix these issues.

  154. V says:

    I hope this hits adobe folks. I’ve had a great experience with LR5, really, until I wanted to use the slideshow mode. The colors of my carefully adjusted pictures are weird, something like saturated (a lot), underexposed (a tad). It would be great if adobe people could tell us when this is expected to be fixed – I’ve not found that. For it clearly sucks, I got used to a no-compromise software, and I clearly can’t cope with that messy bug. Any quick fix, or way around?

  155. rivera says:

    Found a bug at the adjustment brush tool and the graduated filter tool. For both, the small circle mark disappeared, thus it isn’t possbile to re-adjust the change.

  156. And another bug:
    I’m not able to start any slideshow in LR5 – I do only see a black screen.
    no matter how many images or which settings – only a black screen.
    working with LR since the beginning – i’m very frustrated with this version – hope it gets fixed rapidly!

  157. Clint says:


    When exporting a photograph from Lightroom into Adobe Photoshop via ‘Edit a copy with Lightroom adjustments’, the effects from Radial Filter, do not cross over. For example: in Lightroom, the image will have a vignette applied from the radial filter, however the image that appears in photoshop will not.

  158. Lee says:

    I’m not at all happy with LR5… Love the new functions, a good start. I have been using LR4 for a long time and have had no issues. LR5 is a “DOG” in the full meaning of the word! It is SOOOO SLOW I can’t use it! I use it on two different PC, Windows 8, 64 bite, 8gig of ram, no other apps running and after using is for 20 or 30 minutes at a time, it SLOWS down to the point I’m waiting and waiting and waiting for it to keep up with a simple adjustment function, erase is even MUCH slower. Also, the “zoom in” is SLOWWWWW to respond more waiting and waitng, and waiting. This APPS is fair from ready for prime time. Tomorrow I will call B&H to request a refund or credit. I’m staying with LR4 and you should also.

  159. Martin says:

    Since LR5 printing on 10x15cm produces weird margins left and bottom…. even when framless printing is adjusted. Preview in LR is fine, Print on Epson R3000 is defective. Same Print out of LR 4.3 is fine and as expected.

  160. Gluko says:

    The bugs in Lightroom 5.0 related to selections in the filmstrip and selections in the grid view, not being synchronous, go beyond the publishing service alone.
    The rating of pictures (stars, colour labels, flags) also use the (main) selection in the filmpstrip, EVEN WHEN another (not selected in the filmstrip) picture is viewed enlarged in Library Mode and you use the controls below the picture. It is also impossible to rate multiple pictures in one go.
    And even worse, the same is true when deleting pictures!!
    This is very annoying and counter-intuitive.
    I hope that this will be fixed soon.

    • maxxxx says:

      I have this problem too. Starting to regret the upgrade. I have accidentally deleted a few pictures already because “Reject” didn’t mark the selected images in the filmstrip. I can’t believe that this is still not fixed.

  161. I got a CC membership and now have LR 5 installed. It has a couple of nice new features, but it keeps on crashing randomly and I am not even doing anything rocket science on it. Simply selecting images to export. I have an i5 16gig RAM 1 Gig dedicated GFX Windows 7 64bit setup. What the hell is going on? I am not the only person having these issues. Doing a quick google reveals lots of people with the same frustrations. This is really pathetic. The issues listed above should not be found on a product that is released as stable. Open Source projects that are ran by volunteers are managed much better than this. Come on Adobe, don’t drop the ball! And why don’t you have Adobe products run on Linux? I am sure if you eliminate Windoze out of the picture that will solve half the issue already.

    • Pete Green says:

      Try this updated DLL for the crashes:

  162. Alex Mansour says:

    Images will not stay cropped – annoyance factor 5
    Lightroom 5 constantly crashes – god knows why, just randomly – annoyance factor 10
    Lightroom 5 when exporting to PS CC when image selected is edit original (initially) will not save back into the folder and the psd file will have to be re imported back into the library.

    Never had these issues with LR4

    • Pete Green says:

      For the crashes, try this:
      For the other issues, see what happens if you launch PS and LR as Administrator (right click, run as Admin)

  163. Kevin Gardiner says:

    Lightroom 5 regularly fails to finish rendering images when using survey or compare, and occasionally with loupe. Especially when using a second monitor. I have to play games to trick it into fully rendering the images so I can compare them.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  164. Mike R says:

    I have searched to see if anyone has had a similar issue, but found only one post over a year ago:

    In grid view, I am unable to select some photos, while others are selectable. Those that are not selectable must be selected from the film at the bottom of the product. Additionally, some of the photos that are selectable result in an image of another photo entirely in the Navigator.

    Is this tied to the similar issue of being unable to export the proper photos selected in grid view–or is this an entirely different problem?

  165. Harry says:

    I accidentally deleted the Brush option on lightroom 5, and now i dont know how to get it back, anyone have any idea?


    • Pete Green says:

      Not sure how you’d delete the Adjustment brushes in LR — but you can try resetting the preferences to get them back to default:

  166. George says:

    @David Phipps

    Yes, you can do that by using a Custom preset and by selecting Sequence #(001) or Sequence #(0001) etc.

  167. Ricardo Malhotra says:

    I am having a problem in which I place the pin for the brush tool but then the pin disappears and none of the older pins are visible. What can I do to remedy this? Thanks!

  168. Ricardo Malhotra says:

    Never mind. I’m an idiot. I must have hit the H key and hid it by mistake. False alarm.

  169. Ricardo Malhotra says:

    Although, I guess the pins are only visible when I keep holding down the H key. How do I keep the pins on and visible? Thanks, again!

  170. JW says:

    How close is Adobe to releasing the official 5.2 Lightroom update?

  171. Karen says:

    Every time I launch LR5 it acts as if it is the first time and requires me to input the serial number, Very annoying.

    • Pete Green says:

      Tried resetting LR’s preferences?

  172. Emanuela says:

    Ho acquistato LR5 credendo nel prodotto e soddisfatta dalle versioni precedenti, adesso ho aggiornato Photoshop dalla versione 5,5 alla CC ma su Ligtroom mi è scomparso il pannello degli effetti come posso rimediare? per me è fondamentale e non posso rimediare con la sfumatura radiale, non è certo la stessa cosa!

  173. Steve says:

    Pictures taken with Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 16-35mm f/4G ED VR are identified in Lens Profiles as taken with Nikon 14-24 2.8 and the 16-35 is not available in the list to choose from. Was correct in LR4.4

  174. ED says:

    Hi I tried the free down load Lr5 and I’m not happy I have 5,000 pic stored on an 1tb drive when I hook it up to my computer it would only show around 3000 + try it another day it would display all 5K pic do I have a bug ?
    I have 3 days left if I don’t find any results I will not pay for the Key

  175. Hartley GArdner says:

    OK, I’m perplexed – just installed LR 5 a couple of weeks ago, haven’t had any real problems until today. I don’t normally use “Slideshow”, but clicked on it, and EVERY time I do, LR5 crashes and shuts down. The error is from Windows (8), and I’ve tried restarting, setting a different page in Library and nothing helps – it just won’t work. I have a Lenovo Y500 Ideapad, 16 GB of RAM.

  176. Robin says:

    I am also experiencing the Ctrl+Z applying a preset. It appears to be inconsistent in the preset it applies (not the same preset from bug to bug), and does this both with keyboard and through the Edit menu. Ctrl+Z will work fine for quite some time, then begins to apply a single preset to a photo instead of “undoing” the last action. Close LR, restart, and problem is fixed. When it fails the next time, the preset it applies is not necessarily the same one it applied previously.

  177. Cillin says:

    1. LR crashes when I try to e-mail images directly. Have to print to a jpeg and open mail to get it to work. Any ideas?

    2. the catalog will not import some folders… sees the folder in explorer but won’t take it into the catalog….suggestions? Sees “missing” files, but won’t import them.

  178. Leebee says:

    Sport healing tool unusable with Wacom Intuos 5 tablet even with the latest version of Wacom software dated 09/03/2013. Program freezes after highlighting small section. Using a mouse it works fine. Very buggy LR5 and Wacom has been no help.

    Good news – Adobe’s board has received an earful over subscription model. One board member was approached repeatedly by concerned Photoshop users at a recent hospital charity event.. Internal subscription projections for end of 2013 1.25 million. Currently standing about 700,000. Hence the new cheaper teaser rates. If users do not bite – sales manager may be toast and a long overdue top management shuffle might ensue. Could be the beginning of the end for Adobe’s rental software model.

  179. Jameel says:

    Already updated the to LR 5.2, but the sharpening and noise reduction on export still does not work.

  180. John Drone says:

    When I try to make a HTML web gallery in lightroom 5, the result won’t work properly in IE. The CSS doesn’t work on the web page.

  181. Slideshow in LR5 doesn’t play at all for me. Completely black screen. I’m on a MacPro desktop OSX 10.7.5

  182. I watch the slideshow on the film strip go from slide to slide; but the screen in blank. Thought maybe it was just a preview issue, and exported it. Still blank….

  183. peter byrne says:

    Several months later and CTRL+Z still does not undo!!
    The other issues on this page would ask questions about the Quality Control at Adobe. The CTRL+Z was reported last June and today Fri 13th 2013 still not working.
    Close to giving up on Dreamweaver and looking for a refund.

  184. Ben says:

    I have been knocking my head against the wall for weeks trying to figure out the Lightroom published service plug-in for Behance. I finally see the light, and realize the reason I could not understand before is because the plug-in’s current state and configuration is so utterly useless. It will not allow for uploading PROJECTS, but only this silly WORK IN PROGRESS idea instead (as it applies to photographers).

    I understand that designers, web people, jewelry makers and everything else will be using Behance to showcase their work, or so Adobe hopes. However, I think it’s safe to say the majority of people using LIGHTROOM are going to be PHOTOGRAPHERS. In my experience there are not that many (read darn few) photographers that have any desire to show their “work in progress.” Instead, we would really, really love to be able to upload our “projects” or portfolios, collections, whatever… to Behance and not have to jump through hoops to do it straight from Lightroom.

    Is there any chance, in the foreseeable future, Adobe (Lightroom/Behance) will be correcting this horrible oversight and putting in functionality so that 98% of the photographers out here will be able to do what they would really love to do via Lightroom and Behance/ProSite???

  185. jm says:

    Ligthroom 5 slider bar issue. i am having an issue on the slider bar on the develope module. the picture becomes blurry while adjusting using the slider which then makes it impossible to see my adjustments in real time. has anyone encountered this kind of problem? need help pls.

  186. Bob says:

    After upgrading from LR4 to LR5 I noticed my plug-ins are missing. Is this a known bug?

  187. Ramona says:

    Anyone else experiencing Lightroom applying an unwanted preset to your published collection??
    Example: I publish a collection to Zenfolio. It publishes just fine.
    If I click on that collection again in the publish pane (in library mode, not develop mode) LIGHTROOM STARTS ADDING A RANDOM PRESET TO ALL THE IMAGES and now showing them as “modified photos to replublish’ ?????
    What the?????
    Pulling my hair out here! Why is this happening and HOW DO I REVERT BACK TO THE ORIGINAL EDITS?

  188. Lida Verner says:

    Why has Lightroom 5 turned into a memory hog so much so that it freezes my machine? When I looked at activity monitor, it was chewing up over 17GB of Real Memory on a very small catalog.

  189. Bob says:

    Never mind, I just realized my plug-ins are not compatible with LR5, duh…

  190. When is the noise reduction bug expected to be fixed? As a professional photographer I need to produce clean images for my clients, all of which expect small images for web use as well as full-size print ones. My web ones look terrible. We’re paying for this software so it needs to work and this seems like a major flaw.

    • Sharad Mangalick says:

      Please update to Lightroom 5.2 using the Help->Check for Updates menu item. This bug (along with others) have been fixed.

  191. Senthil Seran says:

    I recently checked the adobe update software’s and Lightroom 5.2 is available for download on 09/16/13 , i currently own Lightroom 5.0 , can i reinstall 5.2 with same product key

  192. Samantha says:

    The terrible bug that exports come out non-sharpened still remains after upgrade to LR 5.2. Also images in the library view do not show the sharpening, where the images in development does. Strangely enough, if zooming in to 1:1 ratio they look similar in both views (and exported), but in the development “Fit” view the images look much sharper than in library “fit” view or exported at the same zoom.

    Please fix this major problem.

  193. Dayve says:

    I’ve just upgraded to LR5.2 and can confirm that the issue regarding the mis-match selection in the Publish module is still present. It happens when you have images to publish or re-publish. I also notice that the thumbnail in the navigator often does not sync with the main image in other modules. V5.2 stated that the Publish issue had been fixed – it has not, in my case.

    • Darcy Moore says:

      I am having problems with a bug in 5.2. When you try to leave a publish service, like flickr or facebook, for all photographs or the last import you are stuck in the publish service section. Anyone else noticed this? Suggestions? I do not wish to do this: yet as I think it is a bug.

  194. Paul M says:

    Upgraded to LR5.2 but after publishing to Flickr I can’t get back to my full catalogue of photos! Selecting All Photographs just brings up the Published pics. Anyone else having the same problem?

    • Brett says:

      I’m having the same issue on LR5.2 OSX 10.8.5. I published to Smugmug and the Grid View for all Folders are the recently Published photos. I created a new catalog and re-synced all folders. Problem persists. Re-starting LR fixes it until I publish again.

    • Roberto says:

      I would like to inform you that I have the same problem and until now I have not solved jet.

  195. Ken Morris says:

    When I upgraded from Lightroom 3 to Lightroom 5 I found that printing in LR5 had color saturation problems but when I printed the exact same file on CS6 it was perfect. Running WIN 8 OS using both Epson R1800 & R1900 with Red River paper and RR paper ICC profiles on both LR5 & CS6. What is going on with the PRINT module in LR5? When migrating I made sure the LR catalog was stored in the same folder as the images along with saved Presets and templates. Templates used are Red River and they show up in both LR5 & CS6.


  196. o9 says:

    LR5.2 “Auto Tone” function still misbehaves, often. It works for some images, but it generally likes to overexpose images by 1/3-1/2 stop, which has to be corrected manually. In some cases, results are unbelievably bad despite an easy subject in the photo — overexposed by a full stop or two. Something is seriously broken in LR5.2’s “auto tone” algorithm, and has been broken since LR4, without fixes from Adobe, even though this problem has been well documented by many LR users.

  197. Sahil Dave says:

    hi, i have a situation here! pls help me out,
    i have a bunch of edited photos and every photos say
    that FOLDER NOT FOUND, and i cant save or export my photos,
    pls if anyone could help me out to save my photos? i am using
    thank you

  198. Jeremiah says:

    Not only is there an issue working within publish services, but when trying to return to the normal library folders, the images still reflect those that were visible when in the publish service rather than the images that are supposed to be in the folder.

  199. Madhavan says:

    Lightroom 5.2 (Windows 7 64bit) import dialog box is not showing the previews of the images. Without the previews, there are no images to select for importing. It doesn’t matter if they are JPG or CR2 and if I try to import from the camera card or hard drive.

    Worked before and suddenly got this problem

    Please help!

    • Pete Green says:

      Is there an XMP files in that folder. Another way to put it, any non-image files in the folder that is showing as blank? Try moving/removing these non-image files and see if it fixes it.

  200. Madhavan says:

    Recently updated Lightroom5.2. All of a sudden Import screen is not showing any files at all. Cant import any files to Lightroom 5.2 either from Canon 5D MarkIII or Canon 450D or Desktop folders.

    Kindly help to solve this issue.

    Expecting a favourable solution and reply for this as early as possible

    Thanking you

    • Pete Green says:

      Is there an XMP file in that folder. Another way to put it, any non-image files in the folder that is showing as blank? Try moving/removing these non-image files and see if it fixes it.

  201. Thomas says:

    Question: why are develop settings that have been added solely to my photoselections, also added in the photos in my Library?
    I thought that the idea of collections is to “separate” photos from the “originals”.
    IS this a bug or a feature? If it’s a feature, then could you tell me please where to adjust the preferences acoordingly?


  202. Ryan says:

    Lens profile correction is buggy in LR 5.2.
    Several of my canon lenses are no longer recognized and are no longer able to be corrected in LR.
    Particularly my 100mm 2.8 USM Macro and my 200mm 2.8 L USM lenses are never recognized. Furthermore, they don’t even show up in the lens correction pop-up menu so that I can manually select them
    Its very frustrating!

  203. LR5 and OSX 10.8.5 is terribly slow with my RAW files (DNG and CR2) . very disappointing !!! I cannot work as a photographer with this slow speed, I moved back to LR4 , much better. I am very dissapointed and got a lot of problems in my work.

  204. Mez says:

    Issue with synching. I edit an image using the graduated tool and then synch 20 or so images to it and none of the others show the graduated effect – the edit effect grey circle are there on the image but the effect isnt!

    Any Ideas?

  205. Julie says:

    I just purchased the Nikon D610 and LR4 will not open the files so I downloaded the trial LR5 and It does not open them either. What can I do?

  206. Nikki says:

    I working off a Mac using lightroom 5 and non of my crop presets, noise
    Or black and white presets remain on export. Is there a plug in to fix this issue?!! It’s pretty critical for me I’m
    A photographer and this is causing a real or

  207. Chris says:

    Hi , I thought I posted here yesterday but I don’t see it so I apologize if this has been seen already.
    Going from Lr3 to Lr5 was no problem. However my export jpgs resized to 1024×683 are not exporting with the amount of sharpening applied , now if I instead kick the file over to PS and simply resize it there to 1024×683 and use the “save as” function to save as jpeg right to my hard drive instead of re importing into Lr , the jpeg looks as it should. But if I export right from LR it looses its sharpening and looks awful. I have checked the output options and my dpi is all the same from when I worked with Lr3 , in fact I still have Lr3 on my old machine and went back to it to run some files through and sure enough the jpegs from Lr3 still look as they should. This is really stumping me I don’t know what else I could possibly do and at this point all things are pointing to a bug still not fixed in Lr5 . I should add I did update to 5.2 and while the image actually showed improvement it still is noticeably soft.

  208. Chris says:

    When I select the adjustment brush it does not show me the correction sliders below it (tint, exposure etc.). These do show up if I select Graduated or Radial Filters.

    Any suggestions?


  209. Curtis says:

    I have Lightroom 5.2, and am trying to load a custom colorchecker passport profile for an Olympus E-M1, but the profile is not visible in the Develop module camera calibration tab drop down list. I only see the Adobe Standard calibration profile. The profile is not visible even if the Olympus RAW file is first converted to a .dng file. However, converting the file to a dng file and importing into Lightroom 4.4 allows the custom profile to be seen in Lightroom 4.4. If the custom camera color profile is then applied and the file exported as a dng and subsequently imported into Lightroom 5.2, Lightroom 5.2 can see the custom profile. How can I get Lightroom 5.2 to make the X-Rite Colorchecker Passport custom camera profiles for an Olympus OM-D E-M1 camera accessible from within LR5.2? . The custom profile is also not visible in ACR 8.2.

  210. Zulakbar71 says:

    Hi there, Just bought LR5 today & found missing at modular picker button for DETAILS under DEVELOP.
    Currently my DEVELOPE only has the list below :
    2) BASIC
    4) HSL / COLOR / B &W
    7) EFFECTS


  211. Alex says:

    LR5 is still sluggish as hell. It’s bogging down my whole system with my CPU runnig hot. After a while it even produces crashes (when fiddling with noise reduction for example). Every time I change folders it scans ALL the files in that folder and writes some information into the system volume information folder (which the user has no access to btw) and it creates previews. Why does it have to create previews all the time? Even after changing to another folder and then back again it has to go through the same whole procedure?
    Everbody can examine that for himself: Open your ressource monitor (on Windows 7), mark the “lightroom.exe” and the “System” process, go to lightroom, switch to another folder in your library and go back to ressource monitor. Now watch your computer being taken for a spin. Watch how many files it is reading from at the same time and the files it writes to. You can stop the time with a watch if you want to. Wait until your system calms down (although this may never happen with many files in the same folder). In Lightroom switch back to your original folder. Watch the same procedure unfold and your system coming to a halt (you can do this over and over. It doesn’t matter actually where you switch to in your folder structure.). It never gets better. It never seems to be satisfied nor finished.
    To make this matter worse it doesn’t even seem to use these constantly created previews as they have to be created anyways when switching to full view. So I wonder what this really is.

  212. Jim Wyllie says:

    Cannot get lightroom 5 to email photos. Tried on both Windows 7 computer and my new Windows 8 computer. With lightroom 4 I never had any problems of this nature. Contacted my email provider and they tried but could not get the program to validate. Any suggestions….puzzled!

  213. robert shirley says:

    Adobe sucks!! I bought CS 4 ($400.00) and my computer got infected and I lost everything! I tried reloading the disc several times but it wouldn’t work. Designed into the product I’m told. Adobe customer service is non existent.
    So I buy lightroom 5 from Amazon and load it and, am asked for the serial number. There is no serial number provided with the the $150.00 product. Where do I turn for help?
    I’ve had it with Adobe arrogance, and am returning the product tomorrow.

  214. Nancy James says:

    I have LR installed on two machines — one running Win7 and one running Win8. If I create a Collection or Catalog on Win8 I am not able to see/work with it on Win7 (and visa-versa). Is there a way to work with one Collection on both machines? I have Dropbox on both but don’t see how to export it to Dropbox? And my Win8 doesn’t have a USB so I can’t save/transfer via thumbdrive. I’m new with LR, so any tips/help would be appreciated.

  215. FJW says:

    I am so FRUSTRATED! I have a Mac. Sharpening is LOST on export whether I crop or not! I have downloaded 5.2 etc. Will this ever be fixed? Can I get a refund if it can’t be fixed?

  216. Hector says:

    Recently updated Lightroom 5.2. In my first experience, everything has been very slow but exporting… OMG is taking for ever!!! What is going on? Why is this happening?? Never had issues like this in previous Lr’s!!
    Please tell me what to do to speed up the whole program specially Export.
    Thank you.

  217. Charlotte Whitaker says:

    LR 5 drops my color label for my photos when I update from the disk. Why?”

  218. ejdalise says:

    Ran into a peculiar issue on Export.
    I typically resize both landscape and portrait orientations with a max width of 640 pixels (the width of my blog).

    Using the “Resize to Fit” option, I choose 640 and either the short or long edge depending if I’m exporting the landscape or portrait orientations.

    Choosing “Long Edge” works , but choosing “Short Edge” does not. It exports the photo in original size and resolution.
    I can work around it by correctly scaling the long edge of photos in the portrait orientation so that the width comes out at 640, but it’s tedious and annoying.
    This is definitively a bug with this release as the export was working correctly three days ago before I updated.

    By the way, I mention 640 because that’s what I use, but it does not work regardless of the number. Only the Long Edge option works.

    Also, as another commenter mentioned, Lightroom 5 does not show as being installed in Creative Cloud, and I have to update through downloads.

  219. Joe Holly says:

    Hello again, looking further I believe the problem to be related to this plugin, which I installed about the same time…


    I removed it and the problem seems to have gone away.
    Sorry for the false alarm…jsh

  220. SteveS says:

    You say any owner of previous version of Lightroom can download 5 using the Serial Number of their version.

    I have version 3 and I have downloaded 5.4 and used my serial number but it says it is incorrect even though I have double checked it.

    Kindly advise where I am going wrong.

    Thanks Regards


    • Hi Steve S, you’re previous serial # works with the upgrade version. You still need to purchase LR 5. When you install/activate, it will ask for your prior version serial (LR 3) as well as the LR5 upgrade serial that comes when you buy and Lightroom 5 upgrade.

  221. Tracey Devereaux says:

    I have just purchased the 12 month plan with lr and ps BUT I cannot export my lightroom files and have them looking as sharp as they do on the screen. I have read this was a problem last year. Is this still the case? I am working on large raw files and I cannot use this program if I cannot export my finished result. Please help!

  222. Josh Monasterio says:

    Out of nowhere I cant select any lens correction, under lenses it just says none. also camera calibration only says matrix wont let you select anything else? I thought about uninstalling then reinstalling but not sure what ill loose.

  223. Alex says:

    The software is snappier and less sluggish compared to earlier V5 releases.
    It is also a lot faster in scanning files which I find pleasing.
    A big thanks to Adobe for their development work.