Update on Hot Issues in Lightroom 5

UPDATE – Lightroom 5.2 is now available.  Read the details here


As mentioned here, we have been investigating a number of issues that Lightroom 5 customers have reported.  We are testing fixes for these issues and are planning to release an update next week.

We really appreciate your patience as we ensure that the upcoming release addressing these issues.


133 Responses to Update on Hot Issues in Lightroom 5

  1. Denis de gannes says:

    This update is appreciated.

  2. Rob Cole says:

    By releasing a hot-fix prior to normal Lr5.1 release schedule, Adobe will win back some of the respect lost by this debacle – everybody makes mistakes, but fixing them (relatively promptly) is the right thing to do – we thank you…

  3. Greg Priestley says:

    Finally an update as to what is happening!
    Why couldn’t this have been communicated weeks ago?

  4. Paul Parkinson LRPS says:

    Can you please list which issues will be fixed by this (interim) release and which we will have to wait (even) longer for?

  5. Thanks for staying in touch, Sharad – LR5 has been great for me so far.

  6. Tim McMahon says:

    Thanks Sharad. This is good news. LR5 is already a very good piece of software.

  7. Stefan says:

    Wondering whether this fixes all the bugs or should I wait before upgrading from Lightroom 4?

  8. Herbert says:

    one month is not a quick fix.. so much about the cloud and fast updates / fixes.

  9. Mike Hoffman says:

    I’m glad to hear something; it really seemed like radio silence for the past month. I’d also like to see the list of what is fixed, and I hope the Canon tethering problem is part of what is solved!


  10. Greg says:

    Appreciate the update. Thank you for staying in touch with your customers.

  11. Ron says:

    Greg, come on man. They are announcing now so people will know. What if they announced a fix a couple of weeks ago and it had to be delayed. That would have pissed people off.
    Some people are never happy!

  12. XCIV says:

    This is a painful lesson I learnt a long time ago, whenever a new release of product X comes out, *especially* when it is a major version.. Wait. Wait for other people to be the guinea pigs and find any of the show stopping bugs. I’m still using v4 and feel sorry for those who have gone through this pain and having to either wait a month or faff around with a downgrade. :/

    • REO49 says:

      Oh Yeah I just spent 3 months with a LR4 problem with losing images importing from a memory card only to find out it is a known problem that is probably fied in LR 5.2. So nice thought but it did not work for me!

    • Tom L says:

      I’m with you – going to wait. There were 4 version of LR4 before it was stable. Going to wait.

  13. Andy says:

    Crop tool bug! Don’t forget to fix that one…… http://forums.adobe.com/message/5527947#5527947

  14. Greg Priestley says:

    Ron, being open and transparent with your customers does not piss customers off, even if there are further delays. Being silent when critical issues are crippling customers does.

    In the forums there was comments from their staff that there was going to be a fix in weeks, but then later comments said they weren’t going to do anything special. And then they went silent leaving everyone in limbo.

    The export bug has burnt about 2 days of my time and resulted in over 50,000 images exported that need to be re-exported. It has ground me to a halt. By not knowing timing, you don’t know if should look for workarounds, hold out for the “imminent” fix, or just give up.

    And I’m very happy with LR5 generally, but sad that the face recognition didn’t make it in. But the export bug is a show stopper. And their communications with customers has been atrocious and beyond defensible.

  15. Finally! Imported all my Lightroom 4 images to Lightroom 5, but cant work with Lightroom 5 because of the export bug. Can’t wait to update.

  16. Still waiting……. sick of freezing up…. and it’s a shame because LR5 is impressive.

  17. Thomas Lieser says:

    Besides the bugs I’m very very happy with Lightroom5 (admitted, I’m just a beginner, but after slowly getting to know it, I don’t want to miss is…)
    I’m really looking forward to this release.

  18. Bart Luyckx says:

    What I still can’t understand is how this debacle could happen. If the testers didn’t see these errors, adobe should re-evaluate their testing program. If the testers did see the errors, then adobe did nothing with the info. In any case, the release was rushed.
    That leads me to believe that commercial considerations got in the way of quality at adobe HQ.

    The most annoying is the lack of communication about the trouble with LR5. That is a major marketing blunder. Whoever is responsible for that decision: NO BONUS THIS YEAR!

  19. sjprg says:

    These fixes are all well and good, BUT where is the fix for the dust brush that is next to useless? Why don’t you just give up on it and put in the excellent Content aware Brush for Photoshop?

  20. Eric says:

    Thanks folks. I’m waiting to see the update works before I upgrade from Lightroom 4.

    • Rea says:

      I’m the same Eric…I did a bit of research before buying LR5 and was unhappy with what I read. I export Jpegs a lot of the time on 4.3 and believe it can’t be done on 5….won’t be updating until the bugs are out!

      • Rea says:

        ….correction: you can export in Jpeg but I believe it won’t carry over any noise reduction you’ve processed into the image.

  21. Gabriel says:

    Hi. I am having problems i didn’t see anywhere commented yet about. My problem relates to both the Radial filter and the Adjustment brush. The first does not draw anything. Simply it doesn’t work. With the Adjustment brush the problem is that the panel below it is not the panel expected to work with

  22. Meister Luthor says:

    So…where is it? Up in the cloud?? The first issue listed is sooo critical to many people’s workflow, I’m surprised Adope got away with releasing this beta software! Creative Cloud is a big pile of paid Beta too.

  23. Another frustrated user says:

    I’m glad to finally see some light at the end of the tunnel. But, it ain’t over ’till it’s over I always say. Until I’m able to work with LR5 with no major hiccups, I will continue to be skeptical that anything is being done; that’s just how it is.
    I expect brand new software products to have bugs but this is the fifth major release of a product. There should be at least a 90% success rate. In this case, 90% of it is broken.

  24. Michael Macleod says:

    The silence fell because the sales of LR5 would come to a screeching halt, if responses continued to the constant (albeit worthy) complaint’s. Quite = sales continue, and we’ll fix it in the mix.

  25. edeee says:

    Lr5 is so buggy it´s not even worth to use it for free…

  26. I’ve just installed LR 5. I too was advised not to worry too much about installing this first upgrade. But went ahead anyway!! Am not an expert with it, but was wondering and hoping that I will at least be able to “import” (no bugs it seems) all of my images without any glitches. Amazing to read of the problems some of you have had!

  27. terry says:


  28. Dmytro says:

    The “next” week is already there.
    When exactly should we expect this update to be released?

  29. Patrick Fore says:

    Any word on this update? Numerous crashes, now catalogs are showing up but the images aren’t loading. Reverting to 4 till fixes come.

  30. Charles says:

    So…this big “update” is a Release Candidate? Seriously? Adobe – you’re pulling a Microsoft.

  31. Matthew O'Brien says:

    For the first time ever, I have not updated to the latest version of LR. I will probably have to wait for release 5.3 or 5.4.
    My money is still in my bank account. I am not going to download RC 5.2 because I feel I am now wasting too much of my time.
    It also means that I will probably ignore release 6.0 and wait for 6.1 or 6.2.
    A further blow to Adobe credibility as far as I am concerned.

    • Yes, me too. I popped in here hoping that 5.1 or 5.2 might be a bit more stable (I’m still on 4.4) and I’m turning back. I can’t risk my workflow at the height of the season.

  32. Jeff says:

    Where do we post bugs in the RC? Just ran into one that looks new, have a screen snap but don’t know where to report it.

  33. Steve Davey says:

    Okay. So the 5.2 RC is worse. So much worse. Now if I select a collection, half the time the main window doesn’t change, or the strip on the bottom. At least on 5.0 one of them used to represent the images in the collection. I also now have inherited a bug that means when I select the cropping tool, all I see s the first image I cropped. I have to continually quit and restart just to get around these two bugs. Working photographer trying to finish a book on travel photography. This is bloody rubbish. Do you not test this crap before you rel;ease it? Useless!

  34. Tom H says:

    just upgraded from LR3 to 5. Develop module crashes with alarming regularity using red eye and adjustment brush. VERY, VERY frustrated. Using DNG and CR2 fiels. Does it on JPEGs too.

  35. Mike Biddle says:

    I agree the fix is terrible almost all the tools are affected in some adverse way The spot removal tool in particular it is now virtually impossible to use even on the rare occasions that it does not freeze the whole program. Whereas the content aware brush in Photoshop is brilliant

  36. D R Bond says:

    Lightroom 5

    I’m trying to get a watermark to appear “right justified” but clicking on the “right” radial button does not seem to work. The watermark is always left justified

  37. Paul Parkinson LRPS says:

    Any news on the Publish bug as reported some time ago and also captured on Friedl’s blog?


  38. Just loaded Lr 5.3 RC and I see it has not fixed the second monitor sharpness problem or the second monitor zoom problem – only ctrl+shift+- works ctrl+shilt+= does not. Second Monitor is crucial for my workflow and I need it to be sharp and need shortcuts working also

  39. Alan Williams says:

    LR 5.2RC

    Been using 5.2RC since it came out, only recently now when chosing a folder within my Catlog I dont get an update to the Library view.
    Only way out is to exit and restart.

  40. Chris Pui says:

    I really hope they solve these issues. I have been using Lightroom since LR2 came out. For the first time I have not installed the newest LR yet, and it has been sitting in my shelf for weeks now ever since I came stumbled upon this thread. Thank you everyone for saving me the headache! I guess I’ll keep using LR4 until everyone here is satisfied :).


  41. Anke says:

    To which “next week” are we actually talking about?

  42. Judith says:

    When i export photo’s from LR5 the quality is terible!
    With LR.4 no problem, photo’s are good..
    is this a bug?

  43. Mike says:

    I’m not sure exactly what troubles other people are having, but I would like to know if they are having simliar problems to mine. There is a great deal of latency between mouse input, for the brush tool primarily. However, there seems to be some in the spot-healing tool, and radial filter. the latency is so extreme, that I may have to wait three seconds before I see the effects of my input. Occasionally, the brush does not even function (does not pace an edit pin, in the location). To solve this problem, I have to temporarily select the radial tool, apply an edit, then delete the edit and return to the brush tool. I’ve always had my catalog and images in the same partition. However, I put my cache in another hard drive, to save space and improve throughput. I’ll try moving the cache back to the partition today possibly. I’m torn between going back to four, until these problems are fixed. But the upright function is so damn useful, I have a hard time letting go. I’m a real estate photographer, and keeping my verticals vertical is big time saver. I may have to forgo the upright function though, because that latency is making me grind my teeth.

  44. Stefan says:

    Sounds like I should keep my wallet in my pocket and stick with Lightroom 4

  45. Les nouvelles Mr Paul Parkinson n’ont d’autres utilité que de montrer le désarroi des utilisateurs….
    Je suis très déçu par l’acquisition d’ Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 (Mulilpatforms ) faite il a une semaine
    J’ai lu “Lisez-moi d’abord” : quatre pages de verbiage et rien de précis. !
    Il y avait naguère un “manuel d’utilisateur” pour faire les premiers pas, qu’en est-il maintenant ?.
    Les procédures de retouches même les plus élémentaires ne sont pas mentionnées !
    Je suis perdu, écoeuré !
    Adobe a tort de se moquer de ses clients !!!!
    Christian Malet

  46. Que dire de plus ?
    J’attends un vrai manuel d’utilisateur, ce qui me paraît la moindre des choses.
    Est-ce vraiment trop demander ?
    Le temps que j’ai perdu n’est pas moins précieux que le vôtre

  47. Another frustrated user says:

    18 days later and there is still no update. I think I’ve made the wrong decision of which software I should have bought for my photography.

  48. Brent Headberg says:

    Decided to take a look at Lightroom 5.2 RC. Running very slow on iMac. Not sure I want to upgrade.

  49. 20pictures says:

    Why make this announcement & then disappoint us. For those of us who have already bought 2 Lightrooms this year (LR4 & LR5) my patience is wearing thin. I hoped updates wouls fix the problems. I now have major issues with Autosync developing ALL my images & then not allowing undo!

  50. KC says:

    Was excited to upgrade to LR5. Now VERY disappointed with blur/artifacts in JPG export of images w/ greater than 130 sharpening applied (NO noise reduc or separate export sharpening). Now in RC5.2 issue is worse = the blur/artifacts are noticeable in Library mode, but image appears correctly adjusted in Develop. Export uses Library mode image without correct adjustments. Glad to provide screenshots/images/logs if helpful.

  51. Marco says:

    1- i think there is something wrong in nosie reduction it work good in preview but when i export the images it seem not look like preveiw
    2- shortcuts sometimes work and sometimes don’t work why ?

  52. Anke says:

    Lightroom Team, any chance of at least an update on how things are going? It’s quite annoying being kept in the dark so long after a promised update.

  53. Sean Brady says:

    Wow! Glad i stuimbled onto this page while searching for the “upgrade” to LR5. Wake me up when it’s ready for prime time.

  54. Christian says:

    Possible bug in 5.2 RC.
    Stacked photos (yellow color marking) are not moved to a new folder (into a parent directory [higher level]) when seleceting “all pictures” (with CTRL-A) in a certain folder. Only the first one of each stack is moved (stacks were collapsed), the others remain in the old folder, but are not visible anymore. The moving process does not finish and gets stuck for about 10 minutes, so I had to cancel it.
    Info Panel on the left side shows – let’s say – 68 Photos in the old folder, but there is “no pictures in selected folder” shown in the Grid view. Even if “subfolders” is selected. When i want to delete this old folder, i get the warning that 68 photos will be removed from Lightroom. Afterwards i have to import them again and move them manually to the new destination folder, having to create all stacks anew.
    Annoying! This did not happen in the 5.0 version


  55. Dimitrios Roussot says:

    I cannot add an audio to the slideshow in Lightroom 5 the programmer does not recognize the music at all.
    What is wrong? Can I get a reply as this is extremely frustrating.

  56. In LR 5, I imported 1113 images from one Date. After image 999 the complete PC crashes with a bluescreen and after that – the PC can’t start normaly only in the save-mode. hardware: Lenovo ThinkPad W530 16GB, 256GB SSD.

  57. Patti Cornetet says:

    I still can’t even install Lightroom 5 and this has given me great frustration! Of course with tech support they say they will call you back within 24 to 48 hours and yes, this goes into Fri and into Sat…..but they are CLOSED SAT! So why do they say they will call within 48 hours when they are closed for two days? I wll be lucky to get this resolved by Tuesday and I have been trying for a month now. I keep getting errors re: lightroom 5, its uninstalled but is still showing in control panel only and no techs have been helpful yet. Uninstalling lgtroom 4? will I loose all my work? My files, etc??? If it comes down to this. Please have someone call back. Case # 184560613

  58. I would like to see the speed issue addressed in the next release of LR5. I’m very close in returning to using LR4.4 because LR5 is so slow. I have an 80,000 image library, and I’ve made the preference changes as recommend to help speed up LR5, but it is still slow. When I click on the icon to start LR4.4, within seconds, it is loaded and selected image in the library is on the screen, loaded and ready for me to start working. LR5, on the other hand takes several minutes before the selected image even appears on the screen. (It sits there with no image selected for about 5-7 minutes.) I find this unacceptable given the speed of LR4.4. All this said, I’m not in business to debug Adobe’s products. I just hope speed is addressed in LR5.2.

  59. Nick says:

    I was really excited with LR5’s new features since I didn’t upgrade from LR3 to LR4. The features the LR5 has to offer was really impressive. Except, it flanked when it comes to performance. It does what Adobe said it will do but at a certain point, it slows my work flow. It freezes a lot and I have to wait until I get the right mouse pointer change or the right effect I want. When it comes to the healing brush… Now, I’m having issues of the pointer skipping from one point to the other and I can’t get it to where I want to correct or remove a blemish. It’s was frustrating! Users became a lab rat and I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s frustrated… Hope you can make some updates.

  60. Michal says:

    Still no updates. Sigh. And from the comments I can see that 5.2RC gives even more new problems. Frustrating!

  61. Angela Magee says:

    I’ve lost the top half of the developer menu options – it now starts with histogram, the crop/red eye row and then on to tone and curve. My exposure and colour balance is no longer available. Used it initially without a problem and use lightroom 4 every day for hours in my studio – is it me?

    • Pete Green says:

      Right click on one of names/titles of the panes on the right of the develop module and put checks in the panes you want to see again. Sounds like you may have turned some of them off inadvertently.

  62. Pete May says:

    We run a pretty large photography business here, we have 9 computers between us all, all with Lightroom on them. We have used LR since it first came out years ago, so we have grown with Adobe LR from the very start. LR4 was 100% awesome, no issues at all. We upgraded 2 machines to LR5 about a week ago and OMG, we are removing it tomorrow! Adobe how can you get this SO WRONG, it is so frustrating.

    We have never seen LR crash before, all our PC’s are custom built with i7 processors, tons or RAM, 6gig transfer speeds etc etc, you need modern fast custom built computers to see LR work fast and efficiently, especially if you are dealing with thousands of RAW files, so we do not see the slow delays like lots have complained about.

    But crashing whilst numbering is ridiculous. We also find that it often doesn’t pick up our profiling through our gaming Logitech keyboards, and sometimes it does then works for a few images and then kicks the profiling out, why? But the biggest thing that has annoyed us is the fact that we cannot hover over our Presets to see what effects may work with an image, again so frustrating, why or how can you get this SO WRONG??? Its like CS6, we went back to CS5 because Adobe Bridge did not integrate with Photoshop like it did before. So we have now ditched CS6 (through Creative Cloud) to go back to CS5 and now we are going back to LR4, this is SO FRUSTRATING for a business to deal with, how can you Adobe get all this so wrong………………

  63. Peggy says:

    I upgraded to LRoom 5 and suddenly I lost the exposure, whites, shadows, blacks, contrast sliders! Help!!!

  64. Stefan says:

    Sticking with LR4 till these bugs fixed

  65. Tony Fricano says:

    It’s almost four months now….any word from Adobe as to when we will have a working product? The lack of any communication is almost as bad as the shoddy software and release!

    My customers would have dropped me now if I exhibited this type of customer service!

    Adobe is making my choice of software decision easier every day!

  66. The final update is still missing, what´s going on? Now its September, 5 weeks later. I thought the cloud thing should make it easier for adobe to fix bugs in shorter periods, but it seems not… 🙁

  67. Marcus Tucker says:

    I have 3 specific performance related grievances, the latter two of which should be pretty easy to fix so surely the LR team can do something about them sooner rather than later…

    1) Overall poor performance – particularly while navigating between photos, importing and exporting – continues to be disappointing, and upgrading my i5/2500K CPU machine (clocked at 3.3GHz) to 16GB of RAM and separate SSDs (for photo storage and temp folder) has made very little difference. Surely there are opportunities to performance optimise CPU intensive code and HD usage?

    2) Attempting to continue editing an image in Develop mode while an import/export task executes is pretty much impossible because the foreground editing tasks aren’t given priority over the background tasks. No workaround other than to walk away and come back later, but when I want to carry on working on photos that doesn’t help me.

    2) Similarly, LR import/export tasks do not play nicely with other apps that might need CPU time, so I have to manually set Lightroom to a lower priority in Task Manager (or use a 3rd party app to do this for me automatically) to allow me to get on with other things while LR is churning through – this shouldn’t be necessary though.

  68. confused user says:

    When is this going to be available as an update to the software that is already installed?

  69. claire says:

    Has a fix been released or are we still waiting? I am on a 30 day trial and will not be purchasing the upgrade unless I know there is likely to be a fix. Can we have an update please Adobe?

  70. Issue in “Slideshow” module. If I select a group a photos, go into slideshow (using Default from clean install).
    If I pause the Slideshow the arrow keys no longer move the full-screen slideshow image back and forth. (Same issue in LR 5.0).

    I have used the Slideshow module in all previous versions to to ratings. Pausing a slideshow and moving back/forth to “fix” a rating, or unflag/flag was working in LR 4 and prior versions.

    The LR 5.2 RC installation is on a MacBook Pro, OS 10.8.4. This machine is a “clean” machine w.r.t. Lightroom. So no inherited LR prefs, just an initial LR 5.0 clean install.

  71. TS says:

    Is there still hope for an LR 5-update? After “destroying” Photoshop by “Cloud-only”, Adobe shouldn’t do even more damage to it’s reputation by leaving users alone with an unstable Beta-like-version of LR 5…

  72. Eivind F says:

    The V button does not work in Lr 5 as it sould. It dosen`t turn the image to b&w. Please fix that in Lr 5.1

  73. I am very worried about upgrading to LR5. I absolutely can’t understand why Adobe is offering such buggy crap. As a professional journalist and photographer i have to rely on this stuff for my business. In a former lige i have been a professional programmer myself for 15 years, so i kow where i am talking about. I will watch this forum to see when Adobe has solved all issues. Until then i will stay on LR4.

  74. jussi pernaa says:

    How about adding tethered support for D7100?

    • Michael MacLeod says:

      I have mentioned this 100 times or more, amongst many others as well Also, I have mentioned (and MANY others) the unbelievable creep to almost stop response on the healing brush.

  75. allan wright says:

    Ok here I am looking for the publish services on my brand new version of LR5 – nothing in sight – WTF?

  76. Konstantin says:

    LR5 is nice to look at, but not to work with due to continious crashes. It crashes 2-3 times per hour on Windows 7 Ultimate while just flagging photos in library. So I’m waiting for the next update. Do you best, guys! 🙂

  77. Ralf Maximoff says:

    Dear Adobe’s.
    Do you have some news about the announced update ? What will be the release date ?

    Thanks in advanced

  78. Geoff C says:

    Installed LR v5.2 on 32 bit Windows 7 Pro.

    MP3 sound still not supported on Slide-show. It’s only the world’s most popular format for music …

    When will this be fixed?

    Disappointed as this is a regression from v4

  79. Julia Livesey says:

    Dear Adobe,

    What is the point of an update that is supposed to fix things and then the update will not work? It crashes on 64 bit Windows 7 every time I try and import a photo. So basically I can’t use it. How do I get my money back or uninstall back to LR5 (where at least the import function sort of worked if you had patience).

    And I left a query on the forums, which are supposed to me monitored 24/7, hours ago and no-one from Adobe has had the courtesy to reply to me.

    Yours, one very disgruntled and angry user.

  80. Johnathan Aulabaugh says:

    ok with the latest update, the highlight and shadow sliders are back to how the old sliders were in LR3, they are horrible and do nearly nothing. why change a good thing?

  81. Alejandro says:

    Is anybody experiencing an issue related to the publish function? Jeffrey Friedl explains it nicely in his blog.
    Whenever I publish something to Dropbox or to Flickr (via jf Flickr plugin), the just published foto selection stays active on the filmstrip as well as in the “center” screen (library or develop module). No matter what folder or collection I select in the navigator. It shows in the small bar above the filmstrip which folder I have selected in the navigator, however, the file name showed in the path does not relate to that folder but to the previously published selection! The only way to get rid of this problem is to exit LR and restart it.

    Never had this in LR <5.2, but since I installed 5.2, it exists. Weird and big bug!

    Any ideas? Clues how to eliminate the issue without exiting LR?

    • Saul says:

      This ‘issue’ is killing me too, Alejandro. It is also unpredictable. Lightroom (5.2) just stops responding at all. The bottom filmstrip doesn’t change and I can’t switch to any other collection, folder, smart collection or publish collection. Nothing. Just shut the lightroom down. I tried to reinstall lightroom 5.2, but didn’t help, then deleted smart previews, rebuilded previews, neither helped that too. I also noticed that the more I use publish services the more photo selections in lightroom becoming problematic. And because I heavily rely on smart collections and publish services… it’s killing me.

      Check this (no one knows anything, too):

      So, any ideas ADOBE?

  82. MCNB says:

    Glad I read this before buying the upgrade. I’ve used Lightroom since the first version but I will wait on upgrading from LR3. Sounds like I’d be buying a headache and no one from Adobe will come back to give an update on the issues? No way.

  83. Christopher Ryan says:

    All of my photos in Lightroom 5 do not show at all. Looks like a grey matte and grey photo but no photos show. Please help!!

  84. Luke says:

    ADOBE, why LR5 is so dead slow on high end computers? It is unusable even with small catalogues.
    You all are in denial on this HUGE issue and pretending it is not there won’t make it disappear like instead are doing your customers.

  85. Jeff Brown says:

    Today when I when to resize and apply my watermark when exporting. I have several options grayed out when I try to export the file, files.

    Image size, output sharping,and watermarking. How do I turn these options back on. I’m using version 5.2


  86. John Decker says:

    LR5 was working great til I downloaded the 5.2 update – now I can’t import pics into LR – it shows the pics grayed out and say their are no pics? HELP!!

    • Pete Green says:

      Is there an XMP file in that folder. Another way to put it, any non-image files in the folder that is showing as blank? Try moving/removing these non-image files and see if it fixes it.

  87. Saul says:

    This ‘issue’ is killing me too, Alejandro. It is also unpredictable. Lightroom (5.2) just stops responding at all. The bottom filmstrip doesn’t change and I can’t switch to any other collection, folder, smart collection or publish collection. Nothing. Just shut the lightroom down. I tried to reinstall lightroom 5.2, but didn’t help, then deleted smart previews, rebuilded previews, neither helped that too. I also noticed that the more I use publish services the more photo selections in lightroom becoming problematic. And because I heavily rely on smart collections and publish services… it’s killing me.

  88. James Lawson says:

    it would be nice to et the Tethering problem resolved with Nikon Also.

  89. Douglas C says:

    I like LR very much since purchasing version 4. However, v5 and v5.2 appear to have serious bugs. When I make adjustments in the Development Module (such as noise reduction), they do not appear when I go to print the photo. The resulting print is awful since all my editing has been wasted. I would appreciate some advice on what to do until this bug is fixed. I have only Photoshop extended CS3, so my options are limited. I have many photos that need to be printed during the next week, and this situation is getting to be untenable.

    • Pete Green says:

      Hi Douglas, try resetting Lightroom’s preferences: blogs.adobe.com/lightroomjournal/2013/06/lightroom-basic-troubleshooting-to-fix-most-issues.html#Preferences

  90. Fred K says:

    I initially installed version 5.0. Help worked, but Flickr and Facebook plugin’swould fail by not finding the appropriate application. I then loaded 5.2RC and that seemed to fix the problem. Then last week I installed release 5.2 and the plugin problem came back and also help fails with “Cannot display help” error. I have try the MAP function and it works OK. I only have IE10 installed on Win7 64 Professional. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall lightroom. I have tried the “lightroom -register” trick and no luck. After 7 hours of looking on the web and trying different “fixes”, I am no closer to getting it to work. Please help. BTW, my internet works fine, I have no Firewall blocks and I am using AVG 2014 Free Anti-Virus software (which I have also turned OFF and no luck). I can connect to Flickr via Flickr webpage, I can see and upload images.

  91. snerkler says:

    I bought Lightroom 5 a couple of months ago and have been using it without any issues, then out of the blue I ran into export problems. Sometimes the exported images wouldn’t have the sharpness adjustments, sometimes it wouldn’t have the noise adjustments, sometimes the saturation or vibrancy, and then sometimes a combination of the above. I know there’s a known issue that effects noise on export if you export on files sizes less than 1/3 of the original size, but mine have always been exported at full size with image quality 70, exporting as jpeg.

    I installed the latest update and that didn’t help. I uninstalled the software and that didn’t help either.

  92. Stephen says:

    I was not aware of these problems until I found this page today. I’ve not found any issues when developing images but one item in all the problems listed did seem similar to mine. While processing images the computer appears to freeze and the prosessing light on the computer is continually on. I can’t do anything, not even turn it off. If I turn it off by just switching off then on again nothing will work. I finally has to reinstall Windows. It happened a second time, so, thinking it was a Windows issue I upgraded to Windows 8. All seemed well until I had the same problem again today.

  93. david centifanto says:

    I bought an Imac for photo processing. I also have a windows machine. I loaded the cloud with CS6 and Lightroom. When trying to import files on the Mac the thumbnails appear but a message states: The following files were not imported because they could not be read. I have a Canon Mark 3 uploading raw files. I had no problems on my windows machine and on the MAC I can load them using IPhoto. So what do I need to do to import using Lightroom?

  94. PrinceM says:

    Adobe – First of all thank you for an amazing product. I know its not easy to satisfy general public. (and people only come online to complain – not thank). Lightroom is truly revolutionary as it has become a universal standard for everyone. BUT Lr5 does seem to have some bugs.

    The one I encountered (and frustrating me) is:

    Lr5.2 / Win 7 64bit / i7 / 16gb Ram / ….

    In developer mode, when I filter to show only “Flagged and Unflagged pictures only” (hence hide rejected only). When I press “R” to reject the picture the main screen doesn’t get updated to show next in line. The bottom strip does get updated to hide the picture. I have to go back n forth to move on. With tens of thousands of pictures, this is extremely cumbersome.
    Also, I sense performance could be better. Although the system is doing a lot, I sense something can be improved. e.g, if you look at how fast google picasa move between pictures, its just amazing.
    PS: I am sorting through pictures when nothing has been done to them.

  95. There is an issue with LR5 under Mavericks (OSX 10.9).

    The issue is as follows:
    If you have multiple monitors (for this example lets say 2 in total), and have Spaces enabled (for multiple virtual desktops), and use Lightroom’s 2nd Display function. Under Mavericks the 2nd display now (most of the time) displays over the top of the first display, obscuring it and making it impossible to navigate.

    Clicking on the desktop on the 2nd physical monitor hides that, enabling you to then disable the 2nd Display function on LR and thus get back to work.

    Specs of tested system below:

    Lightroom version: 5.2 [922700]
    Version: 10.9 [0]
    Application architecture: x64
    Logical processor count: 8
    Processor speed: 3.4 GHz
    Built-in memory: 12288.0 MB
    Real memory available to Lightroom: 12288.0 MB
    Real memory used by Lightroom: 533.3 MB (4.3%)
    Virtual memory used by Lightroom: 1148.6 MB
    Memory cache size: 231.3 MB
    Maximum thread count used by Camera Raw: 4
    Displays: 1) 2560×1440, 2) 2560×1440

  96. Nikki says:

    Can someone advise be how I get this fix? I’m using LR 5 for my photography business and in exporting I lose all crops, noise and b&w presets. Does anyone know if any workaround exist??

    Thanks for anyone’s help I’m desperate and losing the will to live being kept in the dark by Adobe.

  97. Nermie says:

    I had previously installed LR 5.2 and had no major issues (except that it seemed slow at times), however since upgrading to Mavericks 10.9 today, LR will not load. It just starts and then hangs.

    I noticed that there were some synching issues but these now seem to be resolved but LR is still not working. PS and Bridge seem to work fine. I have not tried other CC apps.

    Cannot access LR preferences to adjust.

  98. Mike Sherwin says:

    Nikon D610 RAW update….Please soon. They are selling a bunch and we have no lifeboat but to shoot both RAW and JPEG Fine, save the RAW images to my hard drive and wait to properly process them after your update. I am too addicted to LR5 to try any work around.

  99. Sam Madeira says:

    My newly installed LR5 will not export properly. It only sends out the original image, none of the processing comes thru. Never happened ith LR4. Need a fix for this! Any ideas? If not, I’ll be reinstalling LR4 and returning this program.

  100. Jim Wyllie says:

    I have recently purchased lightroom 5 and updated to 5.2. I am encountering a problem emailing photos. Have a provider not listed in drop down but consulted with them about completing account manager. Validation not happening. Have tried on two different computers, one with windows 7 and one with windows 8. Even turned off Norton but to no avail. Any suggestions…..puzzled!

  101. Jeremy Moore says:

    I’ve just come across this bug, and I see that it is down for a fix in LR 5.3, but can we be sure?
    In the current version a feather slider was introduced in the spot removal tool, was in in v5 or v5.2?? Whatever…..
    An image processed in a previous version of Lightroom would have had an automatic or pre-set feathering amount. How many hundreds or thousands of images have I used this on, to my satisfaction. Yet in the latest version, feathering is pre-set at zero, which means all those images look terrible and will need to be re-processed.
    I have to say I agree with all those above who are shocked that Adobe can release such a dodgy piece of software. Photography is not just “fun” for some of us. Our incomes depend on it.

  102. Lionel G says:

    Using: LR 5.3 (updated)
    Issue: When exporting, the image does not have the applied sharpening and noise reduction.
    Printing Full-Size 300DPI images, exporting as JPEG.
    I thought this issue was resolved?

  103. Marco says:

    I have installed LR 5.2 and now my Canon 6D is supported with tethered capture…Thank you!
    The only issue I’m having with LR 5.2 is that when I run slideshow it will only show the pictures already in the folder; newly taken photos, while the slideshow is running, are not “dynamically” updated with the slideshow.

    I understand that LR 4.3/4.4 does not have this issue, newly taken photos in tethered capture are “dynamically” updated in the slideshow. For some reason, my Canon 6D is not supported in 4.3/4.4, even though it’s suppose to be support according to Adobe’s site.

    Is this an issue in LR 5.2?


  104. S A S says:

    Adobe Cloud updated my CS 6 this morning but not my LR 5.2. I opened LR 5.2 and checked for updates. It said 5.3 was available. I told it to download 5.3, but it took me to the 5.2 download page. I had to manually go to the Adobe site and find the 5.3 download page to download and install 5.3.

    LR 5.3 still has not fixed the bug where in Import, if you right-click on a directory to create an new directory inside it, after it takes you to Windows Explorer to create the new directory, the new directory does not appear on the list in LR 5.3 until you leave Import and then go back into it. In other words the new directory was created, but it does not show up in LR 5.3 until you leave Import and then go back into it. I just started using LR 5 this week. I never had this problem in LR 4.

  105. Gary says:

    5.3 has same issues as 5.2. And as the previous versions…”Insufficient Permissions” error. I get this every effing time I download…wait 1-2 months and then it works. Do the programmers ever read these forums?

  106. Michal says:

    Lightroom 5.3 (happened to previous versions)

    In develop module, if I quickly scroll through photos that have multiple adjustments (sliders, local brush, etc), my local brush adjustment masks get moved from one photo to another, with no way to undo. That’s very frustrating. Same sometimes happens for crop.

  107. sjprg says:

    C! and DXO both do a much, much better resolution conversion on the new Sony A7R raw files than ACR 8.3 or LR5.3. You might want to take a look at what may be going wrong there. Still the same smearing problem with the dust brush that you had in LR5.0. Please replace the dust brush with the content aware brush from CS6.

  108. Vince says:

    Updated fro LR 4 to LR 5, no problems.
    Then to LR 5.3. Now LR will not import images (import button grayed out), from camera (Pentax), Cards, or even old files. +
    See it had the same problem back in Sept.
    I like it a lot, but it is useless if it doesn’t work.
    Windows 7 64 bit. which was updated 2 days ago, still doesn’t work.
    Maybe I could get 1/2 my money back (have had for 6 months), or an original LR 5 CD without updates.
    Now I know to order the hard copy, not download.
    I also have Photoshop Elements 10 which no longer shows up on my register list (will add when I remember to bring the Ser Number with me to the library).

  109. vince p says:

    Made a previous comment about LR5 not working.
    Disregard, more Windows updates made, working now.
    Did that fix it or did I just do it wrong some 6 times before?

  110. Scotia Phillips says:

    Attempted update to LR 5.3, crashed PC and lost complete 5 catalogue even though backup was performed on every prompt. Is there a way to rebuild the catalogue? I had similar issues with previous upgrades/update from 3 to 4 and heard that 5 was perfect. I waited until Feb 2014 to upgrade to 5. Right now, I am pretty disgusted as I have this major issue and have all the issues listed above as well.

    • The whole system crashed? If the whole system crashed that would point to a more low level problem such as a hardware failure. I would run diagnostics on your hardware to track down the problem.

  111. Conniedgar says:

    I cannot get my healing brush to work in Lightroom 5. I just installed the update, but still no luck. I can click on what I want to Heal, but I do not get a source locator for the suggested fix.

  112. Susan says:

    Using a MAC Software OS X 10.9.2 (13C64)
    Last week updated from LR 5.3 to 5.4. Imported new photos and was scrolling through in Full Screen View when photos started to corrupt (lines of different colours). Then was unable to exit full screen view and had to force quit. Checked photos in Macs Preview and they were corrupt. Ran diagnostics on laptop and cleaned it up. Tried LR again and still unable to exit full screen. Removed all photos that I had imported in that session from the laptop. Installed update again. Still unable to exit full screen.
    If I remove LR completely and reinstall, what will happen to my catalogue. Any ideas on what I should do?
    Thank you.

  113. BillJ says:

    Upgrading Lightroom 5.2. Get an message: Following disc images couldn’t be opened.
    lightroom_5_LS11_ma not recognized

    Please help.

  114. Mitchell Graff says:

    LR 5.5 CONSTANTLY bombing on my x64 8.1 machine. NEVER had this issue before. ALL Windows updates applied. Plenty of RAM and good HDD. Not even doing anything in LR, and it just bombs on the screen. fixed UI.DLL won’t even let my LR start. Please fix!

  115. Lisa says:

    I keep trying to export my pictures but it continually tells me that I don’t have enough memory. I have the memory so I don’t see what the problem could be. I did upgrade to the latest update for LR5. Didn’t have the problem until I updated.

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      Version? OS?

      Where is the location to which you are trying to export? How much are you trying to export? Any details you can provide will help.