Lightroom 5.3 RC now available on Adobe Labs

Lightroom 5.3 is now available as a Release Candidate on Adobe Labs.   The ‘release candidate’ label indicates that this update is well tested but would benefit from additional community testing before it is distributed automatically to all of our customers.  The final release of Lightroom 5.3 may have additional corrections or camera support.

Bugs Corrected in Lightroom 5.3 Release Candidate

The following bugs that were part the Lightroom 5  have been corrected. The team appreciates the very detailed feedback the community has provided on Lightroom 5 and we’re excited to correct a number of issues experienced by our customers. These issues have been FIXED:

  • Issues when upgrading catalog from previous versions of Lightroom.
  • Incorrect photos are displayed after switching away from a Publish Collection.
  • Catalog optimization did not finish, and was not optimizing the catalog
  • Feather of clone spots is set to 0 after upgrading catalog to Lightroom 5.
  • Auto White Balance settings are not saved to Snapshots.
  • Sony 18-55mm lens is detected as the Hasselblad 18-55mm lens for lens correction.
  • Increased Update Spot Removal history steps when in Before and After view.
  • Slideshows start playing automatically even when the Manual Slideshow option is enabled.
  • Video playback stops when dragging on the scrubber.
  • Errors when publishing photos to Flickr through the Publish Service.
  • Option + drag on Edit Pin behavior is functioning incorrectly.
  • Black border appears around the exported slideshow video.
  • Catalog containing images processed with PV2003 were adding a post-crop vignette when catalog upgraded to Lightroom 5.
  • Pressing the “Reset” button while holding down the Shift key caused Lightroom to exit abruptly.
  • Output Sharpening and Noise Reduction were not applied to exported images that were resized to less than 1/3 of the original image size.
  • The Esc key did not exit the slideshow after right clicking screen with mouse during slideshow playing.
  • Import dialog remained blank for folders that contain PNG files with XMP sidecars.
  • Metadata panel displayed incorrect information after modifying published photo.  Please note that this only occurred when metadata was changed after the photo was published.

Please provide feedback on your experience with the Lightroom 5.3 Release Candidate in our Feedback Portal (link –

New Camera Support in Lightroom 5.3 Release Candidate

  • Canon PowerShot S120
  • Fujifilm XQ1
  • Fujifilm X-E2
  • Nikon 1 AW1
  • Nikon Coolpix P7800
  • Nikon D610
  • Nikon D5300 (*)
  • Olympus OM-D E-M1
  • Olympus STYLUS 1 (*)
  • Panasonic DMC-GM1
  • Phase One IQ260
  • Phase One IQ280
  • Sony A7 (ILCE-7)
  • Sony A7R (ILCE-7R)
  • Sony DSC-RX10 (*)

* denotes preliminary support

New Lens Profile Support in Lightroom 5.3 Release Candidate

Mount Name
Canon EOS M Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM
Nikon Nikon 1 NIKKOR AW 11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6
Nikon Nikon 1 NIKKOR AW 10mm f/2.8
Nikon Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 58mm f/1.4G
Nikon Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM A013
Sigma Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM A013
Sony Sony E 20mm F2.8
Sony Sony FE 28-70mm F3.5-5.6 OSS

Thank You

92 Responses to Lightroom 5.3 RC now available on Adobe Labs

  1. 3D says:

    – “Catalog containing images processed with PV2003 were adding a post-crop vignette when catalog upgraded to Lightroom 5.”
    – “Feather of clone spots is set to 0 after upgrading catalog to Lightroom 5.”

    When I will upgrade from LR 5.2 to 5.3, will these above-mentioned bugs reverted or all of my 10 000 PV2003 photos will contain the artefacts forever until I manually undo them?

  2. John Tannock says:

    ◾”Issues when upgrading catalog from previous versions of Lightroom.”
    How about issues where LR5 just plain locks up when upgrading from previous versions? Is that part of what you’re referring to with the statement above, I hope?

  3. Akshay Kawale says:

    Any idea when Lens Profile Support for the Tokina 12-28 will be introduced?

  4. Floyd Summerhayes says:

    Is anything been done to stop the soft proofing problems were you select a paper profile and you get a low resolution image

  5. John Tannock says:

    Great! Where is the link? Can’t find it on or by Googling it!

  6. Kelly K. Horne says:

    How about lens support for Olympus. I use the E-5 and many of the upgraded lenses. I am sure there are other users out there that would like it also.

  7. Robert Dyet says:

    I’d appreciate bit more support for the Samsung NX Series (NX300) and the lenses I realise there’s many cameras & lenses to deal with or is it Samsungs not paying as much as Sony an others… A link would also be handy as stated googling an searching on these pages are not helping

  8. Now, when are you going to add camera presets for Fujifilm X20++ ?

    Secondly, you should add option to lock 2nd screen to grid. When changing viewmodes the 2nd screen also change. Would be more productive to have this option, or fix that issue. I only want to use 2nd screen as grid only! 🙂

    Btw, isn’t it possible to keep color information out from ex. Canon cameras? I shoot RAW only but also choose BW in camera. When preview appears in LR it change from BW to color.. I mean. Can’t it appear as a BW picture and still keep color information? Then we don’t waste time and space shooting jpeg+raw.

  9. I forgot one thing. Please add at least one curve in addition to Tone Curve where you can choose black point, gray and white point with opacity option 🙂 Would be much easier to correct tough whitebalance without opening PS.

  10. Stan mcQuown says:

    click the Lightroom 5.3 hyper link at the very start of the first paragraph

  11. Zagato Zee says:

    How about anything for the massive performance issues in LR5?

  12. David Spiers says:

    I hoped that I would be able to run 5.3RC alongside 5.2, no longer having access to 5.2 makes it a wee bit more difficult to evaluate the programme


  13. Mike Wren says:

    John: The “Lightroom 5.3” link at the start of this post works for me. Can’t wait to dig into the Publish Service fix! 🙂

  14. Timothy Isaac says:

    I get this error when I try to install 5.3 for Mac. =(
    The operation couldn’t be completed. ( error -1.)

  15. jay says:

    Dear John,
    Just clicked on Lightroom 5.3 at the beginning

  16. Andy says:

    Any information when the lens profile for the Sony Zeiss 16-70 f/4.0 (SEL1670Z) will be ready?

  17. Jim says:

    Will this solve the second monitor problem? When in develop mode the second monitor displays a lower res image?

  18. Spike says:

    The link is in the very first sentence.

  19. Tony W says:

    The link is in the first words of the first paragraph –

  20. Keith Reeder says:

    The first two words in this blog post are the link, John.

  21. John Atkins says:

    Please add support for nikon 18-35 G lens. It’s been out for almost a year now. Any chance?? Thanks

  22. Kurt Leser says:

    some of ghe bugs were said to be fixed in 5.2 already.. what are you playing?

  23. Chuck Campbell says:

    If possible, please add Camera Support for the new Pentax K-3.

    Thank you.

  24. Mark Hammon says:

    I love it when you guys get the cameras in even before it is in my hands – no waiting to process RAWs. Good work! Sony A7r.


  25. When are they finally going to make Lightroom faster?
    The software stays very slow compared with Photo Mechanic.

    There has to be a way to do this?

    • Jeff Remas says:

      How fast would Photo Mechanic be if it did everything that Lightroom did? I am not sure we are comparing apples to apples with this. Yes, it would be great to have any program run faster and I believe there was a big change from LR4 to LR5. Can you really compare the two though? Photo Mechanic is a superb program for what it does but it does not do what LR does.

    • Pete Green says:

      HI Stefan,

      We are continuing to implement performance changes with each release, some things you can do from your end other than staying up to date with the latest releases can be found here:
      Optimize LR performance

      Performance Hints


      • John Smith says:

        All we need is a really fast image viewer BEFORE the really slow import operation in Lr. Now works great with the mix PM5 + LR5 but in this way we have to go for 2 distinct products. Usually I have to do the selection process in PM and after this step I go with the Lr import process.
        Yes, both are different, but think also for the ones that need to import and develop a lot of of images.
        A REALLY great tip borrowed from other programs was to automatically ‘tag’ as flagged in-camera tagged images !!!
        Thanks John

      • TonySony says:

        Responsiveness is very poor. I am thinking faster then simple processes of LR lasts. Windows version really lags. Mac version still quite fast from release 4. Changing photos, zooming, library-develop are very slow even on 4.5GHz Intel i7K with top SSD.

  26. trshaner says:

    I had an issue with ‘Constrain To Warp’ (Constrain Crop) becoming unchecked on almost half of my images with Transforms when I converted my LR4.2.1 catalog with LR5.2 Final Release. More details here:
    I don’t see that mentioned in the FIXED issues.

  27. A continuous issue I’ve had since the later versions of LR4 is with the “Delete Rejected Photos” function. Once rejecting various images, and later selecting Photo-> Delete from disk, I receive a warning message that says, “# of these files could not be moved to the Trash. These files are on a volume that does not support Trash. Would you like to permanently delete them?” When I select yes, the files are deleted from both the Catalog and the disk. However, this is an incorrect function. Files were always moved first to the trash for final review in preceding versions. Is this bug scheduled for resolution?

  28. Philip Richardson says:

    Still no fix for the issue where the second display shows a Low Resolution version of an image when the first screen is in the Develop module and the second screen is set to Loupe view then?

  29. Lucas Clavijo says:

    Unhappily it is not possible to extract setup64.exe
    This message appears during the process:
    Extracting to “C:\Users\User1\AppData\Local\Temp\wze569\”
    Use Path: yes Overlay Files: yes
    Extracting setup64.exe
    CRC check failed.
    Please, is it possible to solve this problem?
    Thanks for the help.

  30. Alex says:

    When are you going to improve stacks and collections? Working with large number of images is such a pain! Say you have 1000 images split up into 100 stacks. There’s no way to easily create 100 collections out of those stacks.

  31. Kenneth Park says:

    I am new to Lr5.2 and may have “clicked” like beginners do wrongly but here’s what was happening:
    Building collections in Library Module from my three computers where my photo folders have been randomly stored and over a two day work-a-thon I experienced three CTD’s. Each was triggered by a “right click” on one of the pics presented for adding to the collection resulting in an immediate shutdown with MS’s promise to determine the cause and let me know if they find a solution. I can’t specify the exact situation but I suspect it happened after I tried to select several pics and drag them by hand into the collection during which I got an msg saying I couldn’t re-sort in this situation. Also, after that msg, the program didn’t want to continue to allow adding to the collection without exiting the module and reloading it. I believe it was in this neighborhood that the accidental “right click” caused the crash. Maybe you’re on to this but if not I’m pretty sure it’s a bug … a right click is not likely to create a cause for a CTD in my experience. I will go ahead and download the 5.3 in the hopes that you’ve already cured it.

  32. JIm says:

    A problem I found in export using OMD EM1 files in 5.3RC, I have my export setting to save as jpg, limit file size with long edge at 1200 pixels.. with EM1 files both raw and jpg it is keeping the the images at crop dimensions I exported from develop in, and not resizing.. all of my other bodies work as desired

  33. Tad Arnold says:

    What happens to LR V5.3RC when V5.3 final becomes available? Will I have to re-download the final version?

  34. Peter Lang says:

    Since I’ve upgrade from 5.2 to 5.3rc I’m not able to authorize my flickr account.
    Any idea? Try’d with IE11, FF25.01, Chrome 31 on Windows7 64Bit.

  35. Peter Lang says:

    I’ll always receive the following message:
    within Firefox 25.01

  36. Dieter says:

    I’m looking for a lens Profile for the Nikon 5,6/800 mm !
    Is anything planned ???

  37. Hawaii-Geek says:

    Will the A7r support Update to Lightroom releasing soon?
    Do not want to load the RC … if the update is going out this week 🙂

  38. Geoff Hedley says:

    How about a fix for the issue with LR5.2 disconnecting a tethered camera randomly? Using all same settings as LR4 which works perfectly.
    LR5.2 is also very slow.

  39. John says:

    Look I’ve been on board with LR since Lightroom 1.0. I shoot around 500,000 images a year, and I’m intimately familiar with the Performance of different versions of LR up till now. Not only have I experienced it, but I’ve read in multiple places where people are doing real word, in depth tests with LR 5.0, and trying it with single versus dual CPU’s, multi core machines, SSD’s, etc.. The clear result seems to be that, when Adobe makes the comment that they always try to increase performance BUT new features take more processing power, is that Adobe is frankly hosing their loyal customers and your engineers are seemingly unable to balance giving at least the same amount of performance as previous versions, at the expense of adding features. When you keep going as you are, adding features that bloat the software, slow things down, then the software essentially becomes unusable and you’re going to start seeing people abandon LR for other Image processing software. Yes on paper that other software may not be as good, and yes less feature laden, but if it allows me (and others) to actually work at a decent speed you’re going to see those defections from LR. I’m on the verge of doing that myself out of frustration. I recently got Creative Cloud and LR 5 is practically unusable for me it’s so slow. I’m on a late 2011 Macbook Pro with 8 GB of RAM, and using LR 5 is a continual exercise in frustration.There’s a line in the movie “Taken”, where Liam Neeson says “Your arrogance offends me” and many professional photographers I know feel that way about Adobe engineers and what they’ve done to LR. I just read one in depth study that concludes that LR 5 is on average about 20% slower than LR 4. How exactly is that an “upgrade”? One of the well known LR Workshop leaders out there, titles his Workshops and textbooks, “LR: Workflow, not Work Slow . That USED to be true up till LR 3, but it’s been all down hill since then. Sad state of affairs. Very very sad.

  40. Fiona says:

    Is Lightroom going to continue to be a stand-alone product or will it be converted into a cloud product? When is this likely to happen? (ie. should I look at taking up the current offer of $10/month?)

  41. Dario says:

    I wish to have the book module better working. I suggest to provide the option having a pages style editor or somewhat cause I find the tool really restrictive since it is impossible to create your own layout. Would simply be great to have the opportunity drag and drop scaleable image containers to an empty page to create a personal layout. That really would help to create ones individual layout instead offering a certain amount of page styles that aren’t able to edit like scaling and adding new container for a e.g. 5 image page layout or so.
    Thanks in advance!

  42. Bart says:

    I can not see the Sony DSC-RX10 profile….

  43. fred k says:

    Is there any additional tethered support, outside of the current Nikon and Canon cameras?

    Specifically will there be SONY A7 or A7R support?

  44. Howard Hawk says:

    How soon will a lens profile correction option be available for the Nikon 18-140?

  45. Klaus Bartels says:

    missing Lens correction Sony SEL 1670 Z. Availabel in final Version?

    Klaus Bartels

  46. I teach people to use Lightroom and there is one thing they all would like: faster import.

    Now I think there would be an solution (partly) four that, and that would be to make it easy to deselect images from import, the ‘X’ and jump to the next image would be logical. Is that something that could be implemented, because then people would simply have fewer images to import, speeding up the entire process.

    I would like to have the option myself too btw.

    • John says:

      You do realize that you can Unselect ALL during the Import Window, and then just Select and Import the ones you want?

  47. Joe says:

    I just recently purchased the Nikon D610. I have also downloaded the capture release of Lightroom 5.3 and I still cannot get it to Tether Capture my pictures nor can I import the RAW files. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Sharad Mangalick says:

      We don’t have tethered capture support for the Nikon D610 in Lightroom 5.3 RC. We’re waiting for the SDK to be updated by Nikon before we can add support.

  48. John Smith says:

    I’ve installed LR 5.3 RC. I think there’s a problem with exporting Tiffs as jpgs. They seem to get dark and contrasty. I did not have this problem with 5.2. Have I buggered something up?

  49. Waiting for the final version to correct some bugs with Smart Previews.

  50. Larry Kuhn says:

    Does 5.3 RC have a RAW converter for the new Fuji X-E2?

  51. Jill Taylforth says:

    I’ve installed 5.3 but Lightroom still doesn’t recognise the jpg files from my Canon 70D. I don’t always shoot in raw, and I haven’t tried to load any raw images into Lightroom from my new camera.

  52. I have 5,3 RC 1 installed and Facebook integration does not work. Authorization is denied.

  53. Armin Schöffmann says:

    Problemreport for 5.3 RC 1 Win 64bit:

    Reproduceable application-crash when switching to slideshow-workspace in a remotedesktop-session.
    WIN 7 SP1 x64
    CPU XEON E5-2630V2
    RAM 32GB

    best regards,

  54. Carla Garland says:

    I just downloaded the Lightroom 5.3 RC and tried to import my Nikon D610 raw files and it still won’t allow me to.

  55. Sandeep says:

    So if I were to purchase lightroom 5 now, would I end up having to repurchase the final version of 5.3 or will this be a free update?

    • Sharad Mangalick says:

      Lightroom 5.3 will be a free update for all Lightroom 5 customers. So you won’t have to repurchase Lightroom 5 to get access to 5.3 when we release the final version.

  56. Howard Dickson says:

    Lens profile for Nikon 18-140 please!

  57. Alejandro Lorenzo says:

    Custom page sizes for the book, please!
    It’s ridiculous that we can save our own books in PDF of JPG to print where we want but we can’t use the size format that we want!

  58. katharine hanlon says:

    Running 5.3 with mac 10.7.5 and a new Nikon D610. Raw files are being imported (directly in memory card slot) to a server. Import time is running between 31-47 seconds per file. Any additional support coming for NIKON D610 RAW FILE TYPE??? Please…..

  59. sebastien p says:

    yes right flickr management is very buggy, wrong picture showed when asked for edit, wrong library or picture when going back from flickr tab to main library or other colections.
    exporting correct video creation (capture) DATE (the same that is in the LR catalog) and not the encoding/exporting date would be very usefull for managing flickr collection.

  60. I would like to point out that the problem about photographs displaying blurred on the second monitor showing with version 5.2 still occurs in version 5.3 RC.

  61. Randy Gerdes says:

    I just put all my photos in LR 5 (not converting from LR 5) and found that the spot remover tool does not work! I thought maybe the steps had changed, and looked at several tutorials, but could not figure out how to get the spots to go away after selecting them. Then, I opened the same photo in LR 4 and it works fine. I’m really disappointed, after completing an upgrade of the software, then doing a “clean install” of all my photos and having this not work. I wonder if I got the DVD and did a clean install of the software, too…maybe that would help?? Any ideas?

  62. Randy Gerdes says:

    Wait, maybe I did install it from the DVD…still trying to figure out why it doesn’t work correctly.

  63. Tom Manley says:

    Ive been using LR since version 1 and have a library with 12000 images in, – apparently not an excessive amount of images for a catalogue to handle – but LR has been gradually slowing down on my computer to the point where i am sometimes waiting up to 20secs when alternating between images in the library or develop module, and when zooming into images. To me this is the most basic requirement for performance upgrades in LRs usability – being able to handle large images and many of them efficiently and quickly. Hopefully Adobe engineers will recognise this.

  64. still have the issue with photographs displaying blurred on the second monitor – seems 5.3 never fixed that yet the problem dates back to at least 2012

  65. Roy E. Roper says:

    I am new to lightroom. It is, when it is working, a stunning product. But over the past month I have spent SIGNIFICANT time waiting for images to appear etc etc etc. See the blog notes for so many users. All in one is not the answer for Adobe. The programmers need to modularize the product so it performs at least as good as the competition in each of the general categories — import, sort/presort, culling… And the answer is not $2.5 K of new computer and SSD’s when others are able to get along on laptop 4 core high RAM machines. Oh, and consider using the graphics cards that most computers now have? So far, Adobe has turned out to be a very dissappointing experience. Granted — the software should stand alone and above all the rest given its feature set. But the software engineering has hobbled the product.