The new Preview feature in Camera Raw

We recently introduced a new Preview feature in Camera Raw 8.4.  The new Preview feature enhances the before and after preview in the following ways:

  • provides a side by side view of changes.  This gives you a real time before and after preview.
  • allows you to set the ‘before’ state.  This gives you control over what you are comparing.

With the new functionality, you still have the functionality that you previously had, such as comparing before and after.  You can do this by tapping the keyboard shortcut P to toggle between the before and after.  Now, you can also set the before state using the keyboard shortcut Alt/Option P. If you want to preview changes only in a specific panel (such as the Detail panel), you can do this by visiting the panel, setting the before state (press Alt/Option P), making the desired changes, and comparing before/after (press P).  Note that this approach lets you do before/after comparisons for groups of changes in different panels, too — for example, tone changes made in both the Basic panel and the Tone Curve panel.

We just released Camera Raw 8.4.1, which fixed a bug that caused Camera Raw to forget the “Before” settings when switching from image to image in the filmstrip, thereby preventing the new Preview feature from working. This bug only affected customers using multiple images with Photoshop CC.

11 Responses to The new Preview feature in Camera Raw

  1. Frens says:

    I tried to download and install but Photoshop Camera Raw 8.4.1(CC) gives constant error U43M1D204…
    How to fix ????

  2. Jim Thomas says:

    I’d be happier with the new preview if it included Lightroom’s backslash ‘\’ functionality. When only the “after” image is in view, being able to view the “Before” image (without changing your edits via Swap) would be a real plus.

  3. Jim Thomas says:

    As stated earlier in the info on the 8.4 ACR release, the standard single-image view always shows the After state. How about adding the backslash ‘\’ functionality that Lightroom has to allow toggling the standard single-image view between After and Before. Swap doesn’t give this functionality because it changes the edits.

  4. Chris says:

    I must admit I really do not like the change. even if you kept the new features and still allow a simple before/after preview it would be helpful.

  5. Jerome says:

    Do you plan to support Pentax Q 08 lens anytime soon?

  6. sayak says:

    just HATE the before after change. Dont understand what was the need to change such a nice and beautiful preview toggle. please make it like before.

  7. Francisco Rosa says:

    The change make my workflow much more complicated. Because I like to have a preview of every image alteration step, like if i was working in a layered image. So now a need to create a new preview from every adjustment I’ve made. I believe that the old preview method should coexist with the new one.

  8. I think this is a big step backward. In earlier versions when I opened a file that already had some adjustments, and I make one change—the preview toggle showed the difference that new tweak made. Now, all I can get it to do is show the state where all sliders are at default. I want to be able to set the Before state to the adjustments applied when I opened the file. VERY FRUSTRATING.