Lightroom mobile 1.3 for iOS is here!

Lightroom mobile 1.3 for iPhone and iPad is now available as an update in the App Store.  The goal of this update is to provide new features and bug fixes for issues identified in previous versions of Lightroom mobile.

Release Notes

New Features:

  • Edit images faster by copying image adjustments and pasting them onto another photo
  • Easily find your favorite images !  The new Segmented view in Collections gives you a different way to view and engage with your photos.
  • Want to pass your device around the family to look at your photos? With Presentation Mode, you can do that without worrying about your flags, ratings and adjustments being accidentally changed.

Bug fixes:

  • Abnormal exit that occurred when downloading images for offline use and account token expires
  • Issues creating collections after initial login
  • Abnormal exit when editing account settings
  • When opening an image in other applications, Lr mobile incorrectly provided an .ig file instead of a jpeg file.  This only occurred with Dropbox and Adobe Reader.
  • Unable to open smart previews from certain Fuji RAF raw files

13 Responses to Lightroom mobile 1.3 for iOS is here!

  1. Matt O'Brien says:

    I do not want to edit images on my iOS device.

    I do want to review and edit Title, Caption and Sub-location. This is a task ideal for an iPad.

    • Aidan says:

      Totally agree. And keywords. Photosmith does this in an elegant ui with a clunky sync. LR mobile has a great sync. But such limited metadata options.

    • Liam Hammersley says:

      Completely agree, I would love to be able to do the Metadata stuff while travelling on the train or bus. If I want to edit my pictures I will do it on my computer with a large screen. Not on my iPhone 4s.

  2. Sharon says:

    Love to edit on the ipad. Thanks!

    • Matt O'Brien says:

      I have no issue with anyone who finds editing on an Ipad or iphone useful. I am disappointed (very) that a task the ipad could easily achieved has so far been ignored by Adobe. The sync technique via Collections is great, but please let us achieve its full potential.

  3. DaveB says:

    Import from card > add metadata> sinc to computer!!!! Is that too much to ask?

  4. Tim B. says:



    or even localization would be great

  5. Stefan says:

    Does this version accept RAW files from the photo library? I found the mobile version to be totally useless, if I could not edit imported images in the field.

  6. Keith Shocker says:

    All – I own a paid, registered version of LR 5, but the App knocked me out after the Apps trial period. I am NOT a subscriber to the Creative Cloud. Do I have to be a subscriber to use the APP? (I like the app because my Canon downloads to my phone, and I can quickly edit and upload to social media until I can get home and edit properly). Just wondering.


    • Rikk Flohr says:

      It sounds like you installed the Creative Cloud version trial by mistake somewhere along the way. You would need to uninstall this and install Lightroom’s perpetual licensed version instead. Download the 5.7.1 version appropriate to your operating system and install. Enter your serial number when prompted.

  7. Le Squid says:

    If you do sign up for creative cloud, are you still stuck with an app that doesn’t allow you to keyword and caption photos on your phone/tablet before uploading/syncing????

    That’s INSANE.