Lightroom mobile for Android phones now available

Tonight we’re announcing the immediate availability of Lightroom mobile for Android phones.

Lightroom mobile extends your existing workflows beyond the desktop, allowing you to utilize your Android phone to review and edit your images and have the changes sync back to your Lightroom catalog at home, including:

  • access images in your Lightroom catalog
  • make selects, reject unworthy photos
  • apply a preset
  • fine tunes your images using the Basic panel
  • import new photos directly from the Gallery

Once you’ve told Lightroom a collection of pictures should be sent to Lightroom mobile, the process is handled automatically and the pictures will become available on your Android phone once it is connected to the internet. Any changes you make in Lightroom mobile will be automatically synced and updated back to the Lightroom catalog on your desktop.

Lightroom mobile utilizes Smart Previews to provide raw editing functionality on the go.  Smart Previews are:

  • Based on the DNG file format
  • Limited to 2560 pixels on the long edge
  • Smaller versions original raw files
  • Can be used to make adjustments even when the original files aren’t available locally
  • Adjustments made to Smart Previews are applied to the original when the original files are available

NOTE – It may take up to 24 hours for Lightroom mobile to be available in your local Google Play app store.

How to get started:

 Download the latest version of Lightroom 5

Lightroom mobile is a companion to Lightroom desktop. Please update to the latest version of Lightroom 5 using either the Creative Cloud app or by clicking on the “Help-> Check for Updates” menu option.

Sign In

Lightroom mobile utilizes cloud services to sync Smart Previews and changes between Lightroom desktop and Lightroom mobile.  Lightroom mobile requires a qualifying Creative Cloud or Photoshop Photography Plan subscription:

  • Creative Cloud Photography plan
  • Creative Cloud complete plan
  • Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition
  • Creative Cloud for teams complete plan

A free 30-day trial of Lightroom mobile is available

Sync a collection

Lightroom mobile is organized around Collections.  Images within Collections will be synced and be available in Lightroom mobile.

Download Lightroom mobile

Visit the Google Play store and download Lightroom mobile.  Once you login with the same Creative Cloud account, you’ll see all of your synced Collections.

Check out your photos at

In addition to Lightroom mobile, we’ve also launched Lightroom web, a new way to view and share your images from any web browser.  Available at


System Requirements

  • Processor :  Quad Core CPU with 1.7 GHZ ARMv7 architecture
  • RAM :  1 GB
  • Internal Storage: 8 GB
  • Android Jellybean, KitKat, or Lollipop

Give us feedback!

Once you’ve gotten started with Lightroom mobile, don’t forget to leave us feedback about your experiences. Lightroom wouldn’t be what it is today without the loyal community of regular customers who help us find and fix common issues. If you keep talking to us, we’ll keep listening.

Here are a few ways that you can send us feedback and learn more:


74 Responses to Lightroom mobile for Android phones now available

  1. Uwe says:

    Nice, but where ist the Version for Tablets? 🙁

  2. Robert says:

    Nearly a year after releasing Lightroom for Android Phones is releasee Android tablets miss out. Why would I want to sync my lightroom desktop with a phone….
    Needless to say I am extremely disappointed having to wait this long for a release of Lightroom for phones and not tablets.

    • Robert says:

      Typo… A year after Lightroom for IPads was release the best we get is a release for Android Phones and not the tablets…

    • JT says:

      I agree, totally!

    • Mark says:

      I’ll agree, and the Lightroom on an IPad is totally worthless thanks to Apple with all the hoops you have to jump through just to get an image to and from it.

    • Betty-Lou says:

      I totally agree. I was so excited about LR mobile after the Creative Live class the day before yesterday and now it occurs to me that my Samsung Tab 4 is not compatible. That sucks!!!

  3. Philippe Milo says:

    Why is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 not compatible with the app? It got all the system requierments.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    With regards,

    Philippe Milo

  4. Kees-Jan van Overbeeke says:

    Thanks, looks nice on my Sony Xperia Z2 phone, will be testing it. To my surprise not supported on my brand new Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet? I specially bought this to show my photos on the way and a bit more space for editing….

  5. Ankit says:

    When when when??? Totally waiting for it 🙂

  6. Paige Miller says:

    The description says that Lightroom mobile is now available for “Android phones”.
    Nowhere is the word tablet mentioned.
    Does this mean it is not available for Android tablets?

  7. Christopher says:

    Does not support galaxy note pro!why?

  8. Will says:

    If I set the collections to sort in reverse alphabetical order and quit the Lightroom Android app, the next time I restart the app it defaults back to regular alphabetical order. This does not happen in the iOS app.

  9. Jorgen Banke Thomsen says:

    Jeg har en Creative Cloud account med Photoshop og Lightroom i seneste version.
    Jeg har forsøgt at downloade og installerer Adobe Lightroom Mobile til min tablet, Samsung Galaxy NotePro 12.2 med Android 4.4.2 from Google play Store, jeg får fejlen Lightroom Mobile er ikke kompertibel med min Tablet.
    Hvorfor er Lightroom Mobile ikke komperibel med med min tablet ?

    • nick says:

      Fordi Adobe er skøre i hovedet. De har åbenbart prioriteret telefonversionen over tabletversionen. Det er den omvendte verden…

  10. David says:

    Is there really not a way to cache all those photos to your SD card? And yeah, not tablet version is sorta wacky.

  11. Michael says:

    I concur! I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5″ TABLET! Performing Lightroom tasks would be tedious at best on a phone. I need to perform more than simple tasks with my images, someything that phone displays and ‘keyboards’ will never accomodate. OK, I am flumoxed. What are you at Adobe thinking? I am HOPING VERY MUCH to see an announcement for tablets VERY SOON.

  12. Kayode says:

    Woo hoo! At last but thanks all the same… better late than never!

  13. Ali Nejatbakhsh says:

    Very good. (y)
    Thank’s so much

  14. Hi:
    It´s not compatible with my Nexus 7!


  15. Nick Smith says:

    Its working on my Xperia Z3 compact.
    Still to see how useful it will be, a shame I can’t use it on my Nexus 7.

  16. Christine says:

    Can I sign in on more than 1 mobile device? My phone and my tablet?

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      Lightroom mobile works from up to two computers (licensed via your Creative Cloud subscription) and many compatible iOS and Android devices as you would like.

  17. Add me to the list of tablet users that are disappointed with lack of support for my device. I really don’t want to use it on my phone.

  18. David Brown Eyes says:

    I was very excited to see that an Android version was available. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that my Nexus 7 is not compatible. This would be great to use on my tablet, useless on my Galaxy s3. Will there be tablet support in the future?

  19. Scott Thomas says:

    My device seems to work with it. The phone is new, with very few apps, and almost no data stored on it. LR installs, but then won’t sync ANY files from desktop, as I “only” have 2GB free (of course it ignores the SDcard which has much, much more space).

    So, basically, then, this is a nice idea, but is totally useless, at least for now.

  20. Rob Wheatley says:

    I have LG on my iPhone, it’s fairly pointless if I’m honest. The screen real estate is too small.

    My ipad is old, so I can’t use it on that. But I’ve a nice shiny new galaxy tab 10.5 and I thought that would be ideal for showing people my pics using LG, so I waited. I just saw this announcement and thought great! But it turns out that my device isn’t supported.

    How hard can it be. Sort it out Adobe!

  21. Rob Wheatley says:

    Argg. Stupid auto correct I mean LR not LG obviously.

  22. Gavin says:

    Guess my subscription stays cancelled, hopeless that it’s not for tablets.

  23. What’s the motivation of this phone version. I can’t calibrate my phone. I see this more as a gadget, but a nice to have one.

  24. Oletros says:

    “This item cannot be installed in your device’s country.”


  25. Anders Olsson says:

    May someone on Adobe answer why this is not for tablets ?

  26. Bill says:

    Living in Cameroon, the play store says cant install because of my devices country. But im already a CC subscriber. Disappointing.

  27. BreAna Cannon says:

    Please Adobe, will someone at least give us an answer regarding availability for tablets? Doesn’t anyone there realize, this app would be better suited for the bigger screen of a tablet? We realize it is new and you may be just trying it out on phones first, but as loyal Adobe customers, just as ios users, we at least deserve an answer. Thanks in advance.

    • Ram. K says:

      Thank you for your interest and feedback.

      Lightroom mobile is optimized for phones running Android 4.1.x and later. The user experience is not yet optimized for tablets and large screen sizes. We have restricted the availability to the screen sizes that we know work the best for the present rather than making it available as a sub optimal experience across all the screen sizes.

      We’ll keep your feedback in mind as we continue to improve Lightroom mobile.

      Thanks again,
      Ram. K

  28. Kmount says:

    Can’t install on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 says: “Your device isn’t compatible with this version”. Tried to change dpi back to 480, and device model in build.prop but no dice. Help anyone?

  29. enthralled says:

    Not compatible with Xperia Z Ultra. Please add support for the device.

  30. Maarten de Boer says:

    It say’s my LG G2 is unsupported while I’m pretty sure it’ll work. Is there any way to get around this or a direct link to the APK file?

  31. A.C.Akhil says:

    i saw light room in playstore for micromax canvas…
    but cudnt get it for my galaxy mobile!!!!
    pls update me…
    like to hear from u sooooon…….

  32. A.C.Akhil says:

    cudnt get lightroom for my galaxy mobile…
    but it is available for micromax mobile…
    like to hear from u sooooon…

  33. When will a tablet version be available?! This would be fantastic on my Note 10.1 but is practically useless on the S5. Come on Adobe, respond

  34. As long as it doesn’t use the SD card it’s useless.

  35. Shalene says:

    Why would I use lightroom on my phone? Can barely see the pictures. Would much prefer that I could use it on a tablet.

  36. Three Android devices, and not one of them is compatible with LR Mobile. Please support tablets. You should have done that first, tablets make far more sense to play with photos on than phones.

  37. Sean Holder says:

    Nice try but lets get it on tablet, you would think tablet would have been first. I can’t see a whole lot of usability for LR on my phone. Unless I am missing something….any youtube videos on LR uses for a phone?

  38. Bill Esposito says:

    Folks, if you can install it on your phone then you can likely export it to your tablet. I’m using it on a Note Pro 12.2″ Tablet and a Kindle Fire 8.9″ HDX tablet. I exported the apk file from my Note 3. Lightroom Mobile runs great on my tablets and is especially usable on the big 12.2″ Samsung.

  39. SD Card says:

    Frustrating that it doesn’t allow you to use SD Card storage.

  40. Sujin says:

    we need SD card for storage!!! cheers!!!

  41. Darren says:

    You have to be taking the piss, right? What is the point of this application if it can’t be used on a tablet platform? This is virtually useless. Try again, and let us know.

  42. Bill Arduser says:

    Never going to use this on a phone, but I would on my Nexus 7 2013

  43. madjid says:

    App is great however SD card storage is desperately needed !

  44. Brabec Tomas says:

    Hello, please I mobil Asus Zenfone 5th I want you install Adobe Lightroom Mobile, but when I connect to jse GooglePlay so I do not give my phone is not supported. Could anyone advise me. Thank Brabec

  45. Mark says:

    Have to agree with the other posters: what is the point of LR for Android on a phone?
    When will LR mobile for Android be available for Android tablets? And please don’t patronise me and say “please see earlier thread”. What’s your development timetable for tablet release?

  46. Khazaad says:

    I had put hopes for the Android release on the back burner a few months ago and found out this morning LR was availabile on GPlay! What a way to start the day!!

    aaaand it’s not available for tablets. (I’m going back to bed) My 2014 Note 10.1 is a work horse that needs to be run hard! Hurry up and FEED MY TABLET WITH PHAT TECHS PLEEESE IT’S HUNGRY!

  47. When I heard that Lightroom mobile for Android was available for download I was ecstatic. The ability to edit an image from a device in my pocket is, for me at least, a massive plus. I’m not that bothered about their being a more powerful tablet version.

    The first time I used it I was somewhat underwhelmed however. Although it does do what it’s supposed to [to a degree] ,it’s very limited, and has some major flaws! I get that this is a balancing act between space, performance, and functionality, but functionality has most definitely lost the battle on this one.

    Being able to change an image and sync it to mobile is great, but what I need is the ability to alter that image ‘usefully’ in mobile. That part seems to have been missed out. The only thing available are the basic controls over white balance, temperature, tint, exposure, contrast, highlight, shadow, whites, blacks, clarity, saturation, and from useful perspective that’s basically it. It’s not that these features aren’t useful, they are. There great, but they also come at a massive cost. Every image that you sync is stored in active system memory of the device, which is less memory for everything else, including the OS to use. I have a perfectly good MicroSD card that this app seems unable to use. That would have been my first and foremost consideration if I’d been developing this app, and while I’m sure that there are many reasonable technical reasons for this choice it doesn’t help me. It doesn’t make it possible to edit large collections while I’m on a train or in the park. It limits the whole app, and that just makes me feel bad about the whole thing. For the love of God please sort this out and tell me that this is a rushed out version that will get a lot better. Please?

  48. Also if I’ve got this wrong somehow then I will more than gladly put my hands up, and admit it. I’d love to be able to do that..

  49. Pawel says:

    I just bought my first month of photography plan. Install lightroom mobile and it works perfectly on my galaxy s4 but when i try to install on the tablet i was shocked. Guys just fix that please. Many people counting on You and many clients are dissapointed. Why somebody makes app for photographers for the phone? I assume that somebody thinks maybe we want import photos from mobile to lightroom easily but You forgot that lightroom is app for professional photographers and its for editing and catalogin purposes not for playing with the mobile. I want to mention that in my samsung galaxy s4 i cant import pictures from camera rool. I have only pictures from bluetooth catalog nothing else. And one word for the end. Making tablet wersion should be on top of the list things to do right now. Even on iceland lightroom commercial joel grimes working on the tablet not on the phone

  50. Gadgetman says:

    I just bought a Galaxy TAB 4 with an 8″ screen and was shocked to not be able to install this. It never occurred to me that it would’t work. Editing on a smartphone is useless. It installs on my 2 year old Galaxy SIII but not a newer TAB 4? Come on Adobe, Apple have an agreement with you that it will only work on their tablets? Very disappointed. 8-(

  51. Brook says:

    I am going to add my name to the long list of people disappointed Lightroom mobile doesn’t work on a tablet. Like almost everyone else that’s what I want to use it on. I even went out and got a new Tablet. Please give us some kind of timeline that it will work on a tablet. I am not even going to speculate you might not have plans for that at all.

  52. Jon G says:

    Its mind boggling that this isn’t on tablets.

  53. Rachel says:

    I was so excited when this was released for android but like others found out it wouldn’t work with my tablet. I’m still using older versions of lr and ps and the only way I’m upgrading and paying for CC is if I can use it on my galexy tab.
    Come on adobe…. Really?

  54. Scott says:

    I just copied the apk from my Samsung s5 to my Nexus 7 tablet and it seems to work just fine. I downloaded “APK Extractor” from the play store onto my phone. Then, I extracted the Lightroom APK file on my phone using that app. I copied the apk to my Dropbox storage using Ghost Commander (the file was stored in /storage/emulated/0/ExtractedApks). Then I opened the file on Dropbox on my Nexus 7 and it installed without a problem. I have my Nexus permissions set to allow third party apps to be installed. Although I am sure Adobe won’t support this, it seems to work just fine.

  55. Alex Cruceru says:

    I guess this is actually an app made for a quick edit and post it somewhere to get feedback or some banal social network like Facebook. This isn’t actually an extension of Lightroom but more of an extension of the user with the Selfie syndrome and a need for speed in posting terms. This is why we only have it for mobile phones. Cheers Adobe!

  56. Chris says:

    Loaded it on my new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and it won’t launch. The splash screen shows for a moment and then disappears. Relaunching after that brings up a screen to submit a problem report.

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      The first step would be to kill the app and reboot your device. If it still isn’t launching, then an uninstall of the app and reinstall is probably your next stop.