Update on OS Support for Next Version of Lightroom

We are hard at work on the next major release of Lightroom, and wanted to share some information on operating system requirements in order to give everyone time to prepare for the release.

In order to leverage the latest operating system features and technologies, Lightroom 6 will require Mac OS X 10.8 or above, or a 64 bit version of Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. Focusing our work on more modern operating systems and architectures allows us to spend more time adding functionality requested by users, including additional advanced imaging features and improving general application performance.

If you are on Mac OS X 10.7, or a 32 bit version of Windows, you will continue to be able to install and run Lightroom 5 and use Lightroom mobile. However, you will not be able to install Lightroom 6 until you upgrade to a supported operating system.

If you are currently running Mac OS X 10.7, Apple offers a free upgrade (here) to a more current operating system. For Windows users, Microsoft has a how-to reference (here) to help you determine whether you are running a 32 or 64 bit version of Windows.

183 Responses to Update on OS Support for Next Version of Lightroom

  1. Eric says:

    How soon after Windows 10 is released can we expect it to be supported?

    • We work closely with Microsoft and Apple during OS prerelease to correct issues we find. We usually announce compatibility details the same day that the new OS is released.

      • luke says:

        Could you ask apple to start supporting 10bit graphics. Also allow lr6 what Color space to work in not just prophoto or argb. I

        • Rob says:

          Why don’t you just upgrade to Windows. With Nvidia quadro you can get 30bit colour (so 10bit per colour). Nvidia have supported this since their 200 series, and Windows being better than MacOS has also supported it for a long old time!

          I sit here with 2013 iMac, 2012 MBP, and an amazing Asus G751 laptop. The asus windows hands down for photo editing!

          • Denny says:

            Does the 30-bit colour only work in PS but not LR? I could not find the related setting in LR.

          • Jeff says:

            Rob, what kind of monitor are you using? I have found the iMac monitor is great and have had no problems editing.

  2. Chris Parker says:

    Eric, I am using 10 preview and it works fine. Unless they add some really messed up kernel work or drivers decide to take a dive it shouldn’t be a problem.

    • Brian Wall says:

      I too am using Win10 build 9926 with LR 5.7 and it is good apart from a glitch with the Canon printer driver. LR now seems unable to print to A3+ even though all driver settings are set correctly. It sticks at A4 and sends the file twice! Odd. I’ve reinstalled the Canon driver and it is the latest but it still fails. No idea if this is LR, Win10 or Canon’s problem 🙂

  3. Uklai says:

    beta? when?

  4. Bob Levine says:

    It will probably work right away. I’ve been testing the CC apps on the technical preview and have not come across any issues.

  5. Will it also support Windows 10?

  6. Erithacus says:

    Gets my vote! Excellent news – performance boot very much appreciated, and looking forwards to seeing new features.

  7. Detlef says:

    Good to hear that finally things are going forward with LR itself

  8. Sharad Mangalick says:

    Hi Eric,
    I can’t comment on the timing, but we are working on it.
    Thanks, Sharad

  9. Any chances for averaged white balance picker instead of pixel based?

  10. lee jong kyu says:

    Please put various effects to the slideshow.

    • GreatHairGuy says:

      The ability to zoom in and out and across a slide would be terrific.

      • Jerry says:

        I hope the slideshow part of Lightroom is greatly enhanced. I would like to be able to add sound f/x over background music.. The best slideshow software I have seen to day is from Aperture 3. Not to mention the book software inside of aperture blows lightroom 5 out of the water.

  11. Mario G says:

    It would be awesome to see real support and usage of more than two cores in Lr 6!

    Looking forward to the announcement and any new features as Lightroom is the software I use the most in my entire workflow.

    Keep up the great work guys!


  12. Uklai says:

    will ther be a beta?

  13. AW says:

    I hope it will it still be available as a stand alone app.

  14. Michael Fleck says:

    Hey! Will there be a better support for Fujifilm X-Trans Sensors, to catch up with the rest of the industry? This should be at the top of the to-do-list. Please replay to this 😉

  15. Uklai says:

    i hope adobe finally manages to get face recogition in lightroom…. i mean free or shareware apps can do it.
    my camera can do it in realtime.

    i also hope that noise reduction is improved. it creates (compared to other software) and unpleasant look.

    well and then there is the speed issue.

    i have a 6 core, 32 GB ram system with a fast SSD for LR and a second SSD for the catalog and the speed is good…. but i have seen LR become a snail on lesser systems.

  16. Ratt says:

    i got windows 7 64bit please keep it going on this platform as I need it for my work

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      Windows 7 64 Bit will be supported for Lightroom 6

      • Brian Haug says:

        And hopefully beyond, too. I have a friend that has Windows 8 (or 8.1) – and I just don’t have time to learn how the heck that new interface works. (Not to mention that I have a cognitive disability that makes learning new things very difficult and time-consuming.)

  17. Joakim says:

    The clone stamp tool from photoshop would be a great feature in LR6

    • XR says:

      There already is a clone stamp tool in LR. You should probably learn how to use LR.

      • DM says:

        The clone tool in LR5 sucks compared to the one in Photoshop. It doesn’t work anywhere near as well. If I have to touchup a couple of zits or dust spots it’s cool, but fixing hot spots on faces and larger areas is useless. They really need to make improvements on it.

  18. Please please please open up the performance on 6. Fully leveraging the full 64 bit architecture shoud let you get back to your pre 4.x performance. Today apps like photo mechanic eat its lunch from a performance standpoint. I have used LR from version 1 and it is still my number one tool for may photo management and high level edits. But even on my machine (8 cores of 4.0 gHz power, 32 gig of memory, SSD primary and 7200 rpm multiple drives for work, scratch, storage) it still struggles. This is primarily an issue at culling time when reviewing 1800-2000 images.

    Regardless I have high hopes that this may finally be the release where Lightroom sheds its leg weights

    • db walton says:

      Yes, 5 is a real slow dog compared to 4. My LR database is huge, and like you I have a very fast machine, yet LR 5 is so slow at times it is nearly unusable.

      Also, I hope Adobe hires some good beta testers this time. Both 4 and 5 were released with some show-stopper bugs in my opinion. I’d like to see LR6 usable on its initial release.

  19. Goran says:

    In LR 6 I would like to be able to change colors of different folders.

  20. Martin says:

    Is there also a timeline you could share with us? When is LR6 planned to be released?
    I really like to see some kind of integration with Apple’s iCloud Photo Library but I’m afraid this will not be possible.

  21. Ramiro Estenssoro says:

    Great news!

  22. What I’d really like is a Linux version of Light room. LR is the only reason we own a Windows PC.

  23. marco says:

    hope to see an improved fuji-x demosaicing, and a gpu support

  24. pero says:

    I hate the fact that the book module is tied to blurb.
    It should not be to complicated to allow a custom page Size.

  25. WoW, this is fast. What I would like to have is
    Curven working like levels in PS. I can’t work with curves in LR now
    Book module with more flexibility on page layout +
    Page and page nummering sequence should be the same between screen, pdf and print. How is it possible that I get even page Numbers on the right Side of the page and idd page Numbers on the left Side.and why do I see spread on right and left (next) page.
    The Q function, close should have a performance like the healing brush in PS
    On everything Else I love your product!!!

  26. Christopher Halling says:

    Will this be a CC release, or standalone one off buy outright version.. ?. I’m not a fan of CC at all with all my Adobe software. CS6 has been far better in reliability than CC on my iMac..

  27. iAPX says:

    Does 64bit LightRoom 6 will finally be able to use some features of our computers (checked on OS X w/ 64bit LightRoom), to speed up work?
    – more than 4GB memory (seems LR5 limits itself to 4GB RAM?!?)
    – using hyper-threading (seems LR5 limit itself to the number of PHYSICAL cores)
    – Export with multi-threading to speed up exportation

    • iAPX says:

      I forgot to add these:
      – using GPUs for RAW decoding and processing (even if it’s a opt-in preference disabled by default), as I am an OpenCL developer
      – keep displaying the “Loading” label until the retina version is displayed: actually a non-retina version is displayed the label disappear, and I have to wait a few seconds to have the clean retina version displayed (iMac retina)

  28. Will LR6 allow tethered shooting with the Fuji X-T1?

  29. Andrew Jon Marino says:

    If it matters, and I’m still a LR rookie, I’d like to see more and better features related to images, sizing, cropping and exporting.

    – While cropping an image, it would be nice to see the size it is being cropped to while dragging around the crop tool

    – It would be nice to make more custom aspect ratios and be able to delete older/unused/wrong custom ratios

    – It still confuses me that the Export dialogue works independently of (or ignores) the aspect ratio. You have to remember what aspect ratio(s) you used and might possibly mess up if you export files of different aspect ratios.

    – The Quality Slider in the Export dialogue should be reworked since it is not a linear scale from 0-100%. We also need information about the file size before exporting an image and then having to look at its properties

    – The entire Export dialogue is not very clear in providing useful information. Photoshop has better “File Size” and “Save to Web” dialogues and features

    Just my thoughts and I am far from an Lightroom and Photoshop expert

    • Andro says:

      What do you mean when you say that export ignores the aspect ratio? When I export pictures and choose for example a size of 1920×1200 then the aspect ratios of the exported pictures are preserved. That means if a picture has an aspect ratio of 3:2, it will be scaled to 1800×1200 and therefore it still has the same aspect ratio as the original picture.


  30. Phil Indeblanc says:

    Wow Exciting to here, and people working on small size files may not need 64bit, but anyone wanting to use it for lots of files and large ones, 64 bit is crucial for LR to run smooth.

  31. designer says:

    I would love to finally see some Ui changes. LR hasnt done much there in the past, looks a bit stale After 7 years… And the usability needs some improvements. I know you diehard Power User will hate to Hear this, but since adobe created lightroom so much has changed. No one can Tell me that they found the best usability Concept 7 years ago and will now Stick with it forever.

    Performance is my other big crave. Lightroom on less than 8 core, less than 32gb isnt the best experience i can Tell you that. 🙂

    Its still a Great piece of software dont get me wrong! But iOS 6 was great too until iOS 7 made it Look like cave paintings. 🙂

    • Mario G says:

      Actually using 8 cores will be slower than using 4 or 6 cores. We are all hoping they finally take advantage of more cores appropriately.

      Right now the best setup would be 6 cores, as much RAM as possible and an SSD hard drive.

      You can google the benchmarks on 8 cores vs 6 cores in Lightroom.

  32. Cloning says:

    The tool really needed is something like Patch Tool (PS). Giving a good cloning tool (a really good, not what we have had in LR so far) will push the software!

  33. Thomas Geist says:

    I really hope this also means tight GPU support. I hate bringing up the competition, but if you ever witnessed the performance of Phase One’s Capture One 8 using all available GPUs, it’s crazy.

    My old 2010 Mac Pro crunches 36 megapixel D800 RAW files probably at about 1 file per second using its Sapphire graphics card. Try that using only the CPU!

    I would say full GPU support is a must.

  34. John says:

    It would be nice to know what new features are planned for LR6.
    I’d greet a haze filter simular to the one in DxO 10 (“clearview”), and I’d greet a better plugin integration.

    When working with DxO, Photomatix or Enfuse, the Export-to-Plugin-Functionality is not accessible from a context menu that pops up when Rclicking an image, but only via File->Plugin Extras … That’s clunky, bad-designed and not worthy an otherwise professional application. That “user interface” has halitosis, software-wise.

    A configurable way how EXIF data gets processed to determine lens maker and focal length would also be nice.
    I’m using a Pentax DSLR in combination with the Sigma 8-16mm lens. The camera stores the actual focal lenght in several places in the EXIF data; LR uses just the one variant where focal lengths < 10mm result in 0, and isn't able to use one of these other data fields.

    Also, the automagical lens profile chooser often misfires and offers obviously faulty results — with a Pentax camera, it's kinda impossible of getting Nikon Lens on Nikon body, won't you agree?

    Oh, and what I don't need at all is yet another way to use faecesbook, twitter, flickr or some other company's way of mishandling my data.

  35. Derek says:

    Will LR6 still be included as part of the photgraphers bundle on CC?

  36. StanW says:

    i would like to see a photo merge feature to combine a few images for panoramas that I make frequently, now I have to use ps.
    Also, more book features would be great.!!

  37. Stefan says:

    yes, X-T1 tethering and full lens profile support for the Fuji X-Series in general would be great – hopefully rumors are correct!?;-) Further improved X-Trans conversion would be fine also! Thank you Adobe Team!

  38. Julien Bidault says:

    I’ll chime in with my expectations for LR6 :
    – performance : my biggest gripe at the moment : please support better multicore (with HT most recent CPU show 8 logical CPUs), as well as GPU acceleration
    – focus mask (very useful for culling)
    – better white balance color picker

    and that’s it, I’m otherwise quite happy with the tool 🙂 (and all the features I request are already supported by your competitors 🙂 )

  39. Thomas Nash says:

    Since everyone is using this for LR6 feature requests, here are 2:

    1. Better integration of LR with rest of CC, e.g. Ability to place images directly from LR into InDesign without using the clunky Bridge. (Best would be to build in an export to .psd, .tif… so one could place directly from LR adjusted nefs.)

    2. Include Shake Reduction in LR.

    In sum, LR is the main photographer’s tool. PS is so loaded with tools photographers don’t normally use that it is painful to have to go through PS for rarely used capabilities.


  40. Pl Photo says:

    1. Do not go for CC version only!
    2. Remove web & slideshow modules

    good luck

  41. Martin says:

    +1 …great news
    and please improve the support of Fujifilm X-Trans Sensor and lenses! Thanks ….

    • 5467890876543 says:

      nobody needs trans-x sesnors.. fuji holds barely 2% of the market.. that has not priority.. no matter how many accounts you make to post this request.

      • Bill says:

        X-TRANS support is important to a lot of us that use fuji cameras and lenses (they’re fantastic!) , your comment is foolish.

  42. Frank Richards says:

    I realize it is a little late to be proposing new features for LR 6, but the current star rating approach in the filter could really use some work. The Bridge star rating filter approach, which is similar to the LR color label, is much more flexible and easier to use.

  43. Tad Arnold says:

    I’ll add my request for a zoom slider in the develope module. Would be much easier than choosing a zoom ratio from the dropdown menue. Thanks….

  44. PeterP says:

    Has LR6 switched from using sqlite as the database manager for Lightroom?
    That lightweight database manager with no record locking has prevented the use of a central network drive based lightroom catalog that could be accessed from any machine in your local network.
    Which has been a really big flaw, if you have multiple people who are all trying to work on a large image bank.

    NB: Coming out with a native Linux version would be a bonus, but not holding breath for that one.


    • todd says:

      Seconding this motion! Not being able to have a central network option keeps LR from being a real business tool. It’s difficult to send an intern or employee off to tag and organize images while I work with the customer. To me network support is the #1 failing issue with LR.

    • peter says:

      I can’t believe network catalog is NOT supported!!!! WTF?!?! Everyone has a NAS with backup/offsiteBackup workflow/tools – and the only bloody stupid exception having everything at ONE place is the bloody LR :-(! How often I edit at my primary photo iMac and sometimes I wish to quick export from my MBA! Now I can NOT!.. Thank you Adobe ignoring this so many years.. Being a senior SW engineer I can’t imagine any single bloody plausible technical reason not implementing this! Cache/preview files can be locally, DB access MUST be configurable as MYSQL – you can make this as opt-in, when the user wishes to hack around his own connection string with the correct driver. Why did you guys hacked in such hard dependency to the bloody SqlLite driver??? You are just doing some very basic CRUD ops @DB, so let the connection string/driver for heavens sake be CONFIGUARABLE!!!! Thank you

  45. How much RAM is required or recommended for Windows users? Is and I5 or I7 processor with 64 bit recommended?

  46. 5467890876543 says:

    will tehgre be a beta phase… can someone actualy answer this or what?

  47. Just purchased LR 5.7 at the end of the year 🙂 Any free upgrade options for latest purchasers 🙂 ?

  48. ANSWERMEDAMN says:


  49. Richard says:

    I’m considering purchasing a new iMac with 5K retina display. I’ve heard Lightroom is choking (sluggish performance) on the extra memory the large screen needs.

    If this is the case, is Adobe aware of the problem and is there an update coming that will address this?

    I’m using LR 5.7 now.

  50. Tom Servo says:

    Slipping in a feature request for a Lightroom 6.5 or 7: Node-based editing a la film color grading, to create custom processing pipelines.

  51. Bill says:

    How about local selected colour adjustments. During winter and indoor photography all windows are sparkling blue, it would be great to be able to reduce the blue channel for this particular area (the window)

  52. Hello to the developers, engineers and photographers of Adobe Lightroom.
    Thank you and congratulations for making such a high level software for us the photo community around the globe.
    I had been using LR since versión 1.1 back in 2007. I have now the versión 5.7 on Imac retina 27″.
    I work almost everyday with Lightroom since 2007 and have published on 18 table photography books with themes of my country Colombia and had won 31 national and international photography prizes.
    I would like to give some recommendations and possible improves of the program based on the needs i have on the workflow. . Who should i talk to?. Thank you so much for the time and answer.
    César David Martínez
    Bogotá, Colombia

  53. Alex Tottle says:

    Please can LR6 use the EXIF data to store video/movie files correctly with still image files? I’m not seeking improved video editing – just that LR6 should file the small number of videos that I take (and took in the past) consistently with my pictures.

  54. Chrystina G says:

    Working in the field in Africa and have this D750 problem where LR 5.7.1 does not read images -, and practically zero internet so I cannot download the DNG converter for another month! Any ideas on how to get LR to do this without a download? Client waiting for images and there are tens of thousands ugh. Thx for any comments to help.

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      The D750 is supported in Lightroom 5.7.1.

      Most people who have problems downloading from supported Nikon cameras to correct versions of Lightroom do so because they are using Nikon Software to download their images. Older versions of Nikon Capture NX can introduce a problem that prevents Lightroom from reading the file successfully. If you are using Nikon Software to download from your camera, you need to either eliminate the Nikon software and download the files via Lightroom directly or update your Nikon download software to the latest version.

  55. Clive says:

    Would love to have fully customisable keyboard shortcuts for all Lightroom functions.

  56. Naveed says:

    I am using LR5 on win 7, LOL not tethering my Niki D800. I tried with different cables as well as on on different USB ports ver 2 and 3. 1 in 10 times it recognized D800 and after it does not. Can any one help me to solve this problem please.

  57. Alex says:

    I’m perfectly content with Lr 5 and looking forward to the next version. My only wish is it will be capable of opening different catalogs at the same time.

  58. Achim says:

    Do you support DJI cams in LR6, e.g. the new FC-350 on DJI’s Inspire 1?

  59. Franco says:

    Migliorie o no x lightroom 6, spero propio che Adobe abbia un occhio di riguardo x chi ha acquistato la licenza definitiva di lightroom 5.Una buona offerta di acquisto (con sconto) x lightroom 6 non guasterebbe x invogliare i possessori del L5 all’acquisto definitivo del L6.

  60. Theis Poulsen says:

    Fine with me with only 64bit been running that for a long time anyway.

    But please forget about features just focus on making it faster. I am finding myself in capture one a lot and it’s all down to the slow speed of lightroom.

    So BIG focus on speed please.

  61. Toni says:

    I’d also love some kind of masking to be included in the hsl panel.

  62. Ken says:

    Just returned from india; lots of pics shot in Raw, for the first time.
    Was planning on buying Aperture (for my macbook processing) but found out it will be d’c.
    Friends recommend Lr anyway and it was a strong consideration for me and now it is what I’ll do.
    Just aprox: 1+mos, or 2+mos … why will be the shortest time Lr6 will be avail.
    This is just an informal query, not an official statement re release,
    Thanks Ken

  63. Jonas says:

    I would like to see support for the 12-bit jpeg format, useful for old scanned negatives.

  64. Strathmann, Jürgen says:

    I like to have theatering with the A7 series.
    Improve Speed is the major issue.
    Please more advanced tutorials in German.

    I use LR and PH and in this case a full Integration of PH in LR will be fine

    Best regards

  65. Nicolas W says:

    Better demosaicing for fuji x and support for lenses please. C1 does a much better job with x-trans files!

  66. Matt O'Brien says:

    Basic needs for Ver 6.

    1. A proper Book module that allows me to place images and text where I wish, including proper flexible templates. Extend usability beyond Blurb.
    2. Performance when reviewing large volumes of images. Waiting for the thumbs to fill is so painful.
    3. Lightroom should remember the last picture I was reviewing in a folder. I often need to check an image in another folder and when I want to revert back to the image I was working on I will have to find it inside a folder with maybe hundreds of other images.
    4. Back and Forward tab that will allow me go back or forward to previous images edited, possibly in different folders (similar to back and forward arrows for a browser.
    5. Extend list of searchable metadata fields. Current painful missing item is Virtual Status.

    6. Lightroom usability needs a lot of love.

  67. Mel says:

    I am running Photoshop 6 extended (not CC) – will LR6 run happily with this – e.g. in relation to Camera Raw version compatibility please?

  68. Mark P. says:

    There’s only one thing I want from the new Lightroom: Bring back Lightroom’s speed. Make it as fast as V2 / V3, if not faster. Lightroom has absolutely crawled on my iMac i7 27″ for the past two versions. I’m talking stuff 20+ seconds for a preview to render, or 15+ seconds for thumbnails to fully display when I scroll.

  69. Micro says:

    please release a beta so we can test it and give feedback.
    or if the features are fixed let us look for bugs.
    i hate it when a ZERO release from LR is buggy.

  70. Caesar says:

    Please allow the library location to be separated from the preview cache location! I really want to put the library on an SSD but i also rely on a very large (1TB+) preview cache to be generated which doesn’t fit on any SSD that i can afford. Please make these two locations independently configurable!

  71. Roger Hyam says:

    Most importantly will it be available on a perpetual license or only through subscription? This is far more important than the hardware if one is considering a long term investment.

  72. Paul says:

    Fuji-X-Trans & Fuji camera/lens corrections
    GPU support
    Photo borders
    Color filters for B&W (Yellow, Orange, Red etc)
    FTPS support for WEB module upload
    Camera/Lens database updates without full re-install

  73. Paul says:

    I’ve been using lightroom since the beginning and I love it and use it everyday. The absolute priority is to fix the performance issues before adding any new features.

  74. Richard says:

    My wish list
    1. Multi-thread support. Version 5.x is much better than 4 but with almost everyone running i7’s or i5’s that use Windows this should be the top priority. Ps supports multi-threading, why not Lr?
    2. Built-in support for Gmail that actually functions!
    3.Would love to have full support for multiple monitors that would allow full screen images on the primary monitor and full menus on the secondary monitor.

  75. Denny says:

    Please add 30 Bit Display option to Lightroom 6

  76. Paul says:

    Camera/Lens database updates without full re-install….second thoughts… I like the way Lightroom is self contained. Makes uninstalls cleaner

  77. Tom Jacobi says:

    I’m certain (at least I hope so) that you guys at Adobe are aware of the disastrous performance of LR with the hot iMac 27″ with Retina display. The performance is a nightmare. So whatever you do with LR 6: please make sure it works well together with large Retina displays.

  78. Paul Frere says:

    Well, it looks like I’ll stay on LR5 then. If LR6 requires a subscription I am done for sure. I am not going to have my data held hostage by any vendor. More immediately, my wife runs LR5 on her Win7-32 laptop and I am not going to buy her a new computer just because Adobe programmers are too lazy to retain backward compatibility.

    Fortunately LR5 meets our needs for now. I’ll evaluate ways to ditch Adobe completely when the need arises, probably when I get a camera with a RAW format that LR5 won’t support.

  79. Michel says:

    X-Trans better support !

  80. Lukas says:

    Will LR 6 fully support Multicore CPU, new 6/ core processors and stand alone HPS processors?? Also, will LR and other CC products especially premiere have full GPU support? Building new PC, need to know should i prioritize multi-threading and GPU. thanks

    • Diko says:

      Well actually it will. But for LR you need and will have (at least so is the rumor) some CUDA support.
      I am more interested in the DirectX 12 and its utilization implemented in LR. It can make even better use of CUDA.

  81. jp says:

    Currently running LR4. Will LR6 require a catalog migration or will LR4 catalogs be compatible?

  82. Dries Oomen says:

    Face recognition in LR6 and count me in for an upgrade

  83. wagaboo says:


  84. Adrian Gojan says:

    For Windows 8, Lightroom 5.7, scroll mouse, has the function to change the slider Develop module, exposure 5 points. 5 … The iMac 5k, this function is missing entirely. When I edit thousands of photos, mouse settings you can not do accurate, fast. There are alternative mouse dedicated graphics, not necessarily the Apple magic mouse. It is not possible to be an option on Mac particular, chosen from settings to activate the scroll slider changes, or not? Thanks in advance,

  85. Mike Mander says:

    Here’s another hope for far better X-Trans support in Lightroom 6! I work in a pro camera shop and in the last year, total Fujifilm body sales are on par with Nikon and Canon, in fact, they add up to more than 30% which is a far greater percentage than their total market share might lead you to believe. Fujifilm X-system sales are up nearly 40% from the previous year so it is a strongly growing system. With generally well thought out ergonomics and many truly exceptional lenses, the X-system is attracting the attention of many a pro photographer as the basis for a lightweight travel camera kit, a backup system or in a few cases, even completely replacing their DSLRs, Leica kits and such. Personally, I’ve transitioned 100% from my Nikon D800 kit to a Fujiiflm system and am extremely happy with its image quality and colour fidelity, even when making up to 24″x36″ prints.

    However, the one caveat that I always mention to potential customers is that in order to get the most out of their Fujifilm X-Trans images, they need to strongly consider an alternative raw converter to Lightroom. As a few people have mentioned, using PhotoNinja, the latest beta of Iridient Developer or Capture One will all yield images that are, in some cases, so far improved from their Lightroom converted counterparts, that they look like they came from a completely different camera. I am as big a fan as anyone when it comes to Lightroom’s overall implementation and workflow (far better than Capture One in my view), but apart from high ISO images where Lightroom’s X-Trans conversions generally look pretty decent since a good compromise between NR and sharpening can be achieved, its low ISO detail and texture rendering is often quite poor, especially when that detail is confined to areas of similar colour – foliage, feathers and rock textures being a few prime examples. Sharply outlined items against strong coloured backgrounds, like branches against a deep blue sky, can also have an artificial, almost “cut-out” look to them. Detail in shadow areas can look even more smudged, an important point when one is underexposing a shot to maintain highlight detail, with the intent of recovering the shadows in post. In fact, here I am hoping that Lightroom improves even for Bayer-pattern-sensor raw conversions, with perhaps something like a “protect shadow areas” slider that one can back off if one wants less differential sharpening and NR in the darker areas of the image. This is one area that Lightroom can stand improvement for all raw files since it is tedious to paint in less NR and more sharpening in the shadows when this could likely be achieved with a simple slider or two.

    Thankfully, both Photo Ninja and Iridient Developer have come to play quite nicely with Lightroom, despite the fact that one cannot (other than with Photoshop) get Lightroom to send a raw file to an external program. The big 24×36 prints I make from my Fujifilm X-E2 hold up to nose-to-the-print viewing and have even been mistaken for medium format digital prints at times, and believe me, if I had solely used Lightroom for converting those X-Trans files, I would not have received those comments in most cases.

    Therefore, add me to those hoping that Adobe has put some effort into improved X-Trans support in Lightroom 6!

  86. Mel says:

    I would love to see the Book Module permitted text to be flowing from one page to another. Having to type only that text that fits in a frame on one page, then begin typing again on the next page is a real pain. Just allow me to type the book, and have it flow around the images.

  87. Sean says:

    Fuji X-T1 owner here. Irridient 3.0 has just been released, I’ve spent a little time with the trial version and it’s great, converts those raw files beautifully, way more detail, crispness than my LR5. My choice right now is to either spend my cash on that, or upgrade to Lightroom 6. If LR6 hasn’t addressed the problem with properly converting files from the X-Trans sensor then I’m buying Irridient for RAW conversion and sticking with my old copy of LR5 – no contest.

  88. piXelRider says:

    OT: I reallly hope for better X-Trans support in LR6…

  89. claudio says:

    Hallo, I was planning to buy Lightroom, but knowing of Lr 6, I started installing the evaluation copy, to avoid to have to pay an upgrade very soon. If I buy the Lr 5 licence at the end of April, will I receive a free upgrade to Lr 6 or not?
    Thank you

  90. Robin says:

    Will LR6 be a available to purchase as an upgrade or will it only be available by subscription?

  91. Most importantly will it be available on a perpetual license or only through subscription?

  92. Lars says:

    When will LR6 be released Can anyone frome Adobe answer that and will there only be subscriptions of the program. Why all this silence from Adobe?

  93. kadajawi says:

    As more and more smartphones gain raw support, would it be possible to let the color and luminance noise reduction slider go to 11. These small sensors are incredibly noisy, so much that turning up the color noise reducer to the maximum may very well not be enough to get rid of the color noise. Smartphones can actually give pretty good, sharp photos, but the built in JPEG engines go crazy on the noise reduction. The raw files capture much more detail, but the processing gives additional challenges. For some photos I may have to export it to tiff, import again so I can apply yet another layer of color noise reduction. And again. And after a few of those I get a pretty good photo.

  94. Tillo says:

    I would like to have a way in Lightroom to display albums and collections in the way iTunes displays albums: as tiles in the size of thumbs! It would also be very useful if they showed all the images they contain when hovering and moving the mouse pointer over them. Aperture did this and I think it is the most convenient way to get a very good overview over all albums and pictures in them. I hate lists of folders sorted by date only!

  95. krafty says:

    Unfortunately the Lightroom CC 1015 doesn’t work with the latest two versions of the Windows Technical Preview (including today’s v 10061) I understand it’s a preview release of Windows and Adobe prefers to sleep in Apple’s bed, but this is the only app that I’ve had issues with and I really hope it’s resolved before the RTM version!

  96. krafty says:

    That was CC 2015 in my post above 🙂

  97. Ric Getter says:

    It was so much fun reading these comments and feature ideas now that LIghtroom 6 is out. Video effects in slide shows, face recognition…

  98. Brent Mattox says:

    I just bought a Nikon D7200 for which there is no NEF support in LR 5.7. Can we still expect camera upgrades for version 5.x? I’m still running a 32-bit machine and doubt seriously that I will buy a new computer just so I can upgrade to LR 6. If this is the case, I’m inclined to return the D7200.

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      Lightroom 5.7.1 will likely not receive any further updates for camera support.

      You can look at using the free Adobe DNG Converter 9.0 to convert your NEF files to DNG so that your older version of Lightroom can import the files. I believe it is still supporting 32 bit OS’s

  99. Anke Turco says:

    Well, I did what you said and updated my operating system to Yosemite, but now my CC desktop app doesn’t show up anymore. All I have is a white block up there and I am still unable to download CC LR. So I am still using LR 5. This is just great!

  100. Steve Immel says:

    Lightroom 5.7 is not recognizing files on memory cards and is not automatically displaying the files as LR 5.2 did and 5.7 did on my old Windows 7 machine. My new computer has Windows 8.1 Pro. 5.2 worked fine on the W 8.1 PC.

  101. H. Man says:

    Hi, when will there be a box release of LR6 upgrade? So far we can get a box for LR6 full version on Amazon, or an upgrade download from Adobe.com, but not an upgrade in a a box…
    H. Man

  102. Peter Oliver says:

    Quick question about Lightroom 6 supported graphics. I own an iMac late 2012 and wonder if my graphics will be able to use a new performance improvement in LR6. Many thanks.

  103. Peter Oliver says:

    Thank you Rikk. I couldn’t find my graphics card on the unsupported list so believe all should works fine. Fingers crossed. I wonder how big the improvement is in reality. I work on large amount of files and wonder if it will save me some time. Maybe someone can give me an answer who upgraded. I would appreciate all informations.
    One more question (sorry). What is the Suggested graphics cards list. Are they card that will work better than other?

  104. Joe Mansolillo says:

    Having difficulty editing PSD’s from CS5 in LR6. In develop module Tweeking a PSD results in brief blinking of screen before edit is applied.Sometimes the edits don’t take hold. I use OS X 10.10.3 CS5 and trial version of LR6. thanx for any help you can give!!, Joe

  105. Daryl Sivies says:

    For those of us on 32-bit, “you will continue to be able to install and run Lightroom 5″.
    Pity you cant buy Lightroom 5 however. Adobe have stopped selling it and so have abandoned everyone on 32 bit .

  106. I am using 10 preview and it works fine. Unless they add some really messed up kernel work or drivers decide to take a dive it shouldn’t be a problem.

  107. Mike Lentz says:

    I am using LR 5 and just updated to the new Windows 10 OS. I no longer can upload my images into the LR folder, it want’s to default to the Microsoft folder and while in the import section in LR it doesn’t even “see’ any images to be imported. Can anybody shed some light on this for me and I’m assuming others? Thanks in advance.


    • Rikk Flohr says:

      Which camera are you using and are you connecting Camera-Computer or using a card reader?

    • Karen Cleary says:

      Is this still an issue? I have an opportunity to update to Windows 10, but don’t want to if there is a chance that I will no longer be able to use LR 5.2.

  108. Mike Lentz says:

    Nikon D300 and the card reader won’t work, neither will the direct USB cord from camera to computer. I wonder if I need to go into my computers drives and make some adjustments.


    • Rikk Flohr says:

      Mike, we’ve seen some reports of Nikon cameras needing updated Windows Drivers in order to work with Win 10. If you copy files via the OS from the Card Reader to your local drive and then attempt import does that work?

  109. Mike Lentz says:

    Hi Rikk,

    I figured it out, thank goodness! 🙂

    In Windows 10, go into your “settings”, then under the “devices” tab choose “Autoplay” and in here on the right hand side you can choose your autoplay defaults. I choose Lightroom and then had to re-start the computer for the changes to take effect. Its all good now and I hope this information can help others as well.


    Mike Lentz