June updates to CC Photography

Lightroom CC 2015.1 and Lightroom 6.1 are now available on Adobe.com.  The goal of this release is to provide additional camera raw support, lens profile support and address bugs that were introduced in previous releases of Lightroom.  Lightroom on iOS v1.5 is also now available. 

Bug fixes, Tethered capture, new camera and lens support updates are available in both Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC.

Lightroom CC on the desktop

  • Dehaze*
    • Many outdoor scenes have some amount of haze due to atmospheric conditions. Dehaze is a new feature for removing/adding haze and fog from pictures.
    • The user can control how much haze to remove by adjusting a new slider in the Effects panel in the Dehaze section. This feature can also be used in the other direction to increase the amount of haze.
    • Recommended Workflow – Adjust the white balance of the image before applying the Dehaze control.
  • Local White and Black Adjustment Sliders*
    • Available with all 3 local adjustment tools:  Gradient Filter, Radial Filter and Local adjustment brush
    • Useful for fine-tuning tonality near the brightest and darkest parts of the picture. For instance, they can be used to increase the contrast of highlights.
    • Recommended Workflow – Make your global adjustments first and then use the local adjustments to fine tune.  Use the clip warning indicator to help avoid clipping highlights and shadows.

* Please note that these features are not available in the standalone version of Lightroom 6.1.

Lightroom on iOS:

  • Video support:  You can now import, and sync your iPhone and iPad created videos from Lightroom on iOS to the web and desktop.
  • More adjustment tools
    • Vignettes
    • Adjust the Color channel and B&W mix
    • Tone Curve

New Camera Support

  • Fujifilm X-T10
  • Nikon 1 J5
  • Nikon D810A
  • Panasonic DMC-G7
  • Pentax K-S2
  • Pentax K3 II (*)

* Preliminary support.  The multi-shot Pixel Shift Resolution and HDR features are still under investigation.

Tethered Capture Support:

  • Canon EOS 70D

New Lens Profile Support

Mount Name
Canon Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM
Canon Canon EF 400mm f/4 DO IS II USM
Canon Tokina AT-X 11-20mm f/2.8 PRO DX
Leica Voigtlander VM 15mm f4.5 Super Wide Heliar III Aspherical
Nikon Nikon 1 NIKKOR VR 10-100mm f/4-5.6
Nikon Nikon 1 NIKKOR VR PD-Zoom 10-100mm f/4.5-5.6
Nikon Nikon AF NIKKOR 85mm f/1.4D IF
Nikon Tokina AT-X 11-20mm f/2.8 PRO DX
Pentax HD PENTAX-DA 18-50mm f/4-5.6 DC WR RE
Pentax HD PENTAX-DA L 18-50mm f/4-5.6 DC WR RE
Pentax HD PENTAX-D FA 150-450mm f/4.5-5.6ED DC AW
Sony Alpha Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 ZA SSM II
Sony Alpha Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 ZA SSM II
Sony Alpha Sony 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 G SSM II

Bugs Fixed:

Installation instructions:

  • Desktop:  Please use the Help-> Check for Updates menu item or the Creative Cloud application to install this update
  • iOS:  Please visit the iOS App Store to update Lightroom

265 Responses to June updates to CC Photography

  1. Sue says:

    Unfortunately not all the bugs have been fixed.

    This is when re-entering a photo from using an external editing software Lightroom CC flashes and edits are lost when further editing processes are undertaking.

    Please fix this issue

    thank you


  2. Kroontje says:

    Please note that these features are not available in the standalone version of Lightroom 6.1.
    Is this true? I just bought a standalone.

    Like here from you.


    • Peter says:

      yes it is.

      adobe want´s to force you into the cloud.
      they promised to let LR be a standalone version…. only to cripple the standalone so nobody wants to use it.

      typical adobe…

      • Bob says:

        I’m not happy. Just purchased the standalone, and now find out what that will cost me. No support (unless you count the forum, which I don’t). No new features, until you buy a new copy. Wasted my money resisting the “cloud”.

      • Keith Reeder says:

        Utter drivel. The standalone will get new features with every FULL (not “dot”) release – just like Lightroom has always worked.

        In fact, things are so “just like they always were” that it’s like CC didn’t exist.

        Still, don’t let the truth stop you from making crap up…

    • Mike Dawson says:

      They are not available. For those of us who bought it when it was released in March, it’s too late to return it, bite the bullet, and update to creative cloud. It’s unfortunate.

    • Rogério says:

      omg I just can’t believe this low blow.
      I’LL NEVER PAY FOR THE CLOUD. Just drop it. I have ZERO interest in mobile whatever and in other softwares that I don’t use.
      Shouldn’t even had bought this version, just slowed down my computer.
      And then when there’s an uptade to a buggy software, what, they hold it?
      I can’t believe this company. Should be a away to ask for refund and stay on LR5.
      Just what I need to migrate. Thanks for showing right away your police. My money won’t go to Adobe ever again.

      • Rogério says:

        some typos, sorry. This got to my nerves.

      • Keith Reeder says:

        “I’LL NEVER PAY FOR THE CLOUD. Just drop it. I have ZERO interest in mobile whatever and in other softwares that I don’t use.”

        You clearly have a very limited understanding of Adobe’s offering here: the main thing Lightroom CC gives is regular updates with new features: you c an COMPLETELY ignore all of the mobile/cloud aspects of it.

        • Alain says:

          I’m with Rogério., Bob, Kroontje and many others. I got my 4th paid upgrade to Lightroom, and got the very clear impression I got screwed.

        • Jeff Chastain says:

          I am very concerned about reports that If I decide to quit the Creative Cloud, that I would not be able to open my files. That seems like blackmail to continue a subscription. The constant cash flow must be nice for Adobe, but it would seem to me that it would stifle the hunger to develop exciting new software products and improvements. I’m not happy that the dehaze feature is not part of the non-creative cloud version of Lightroom. Another thing that feels like Blackmail. I have been dedicated to Adobe for 15 years, but these developments are troubling..

    • Stephen Rowson says:

      Ripoff Adobe if you don,t have the cloud well go ********* or just get used to being treated like a leper!
      I have fallen into the trap of thinking I was buying a full product not just the sad bits. Well it,s back to gimp for me and never pay for adobe ripoff again. PS Adobe when you read this give me a refund and disappear into your cloud. Try selling your subscription on Ebay and I will sell my Ripoff LR DVD and then we will see if me or you is out of pocket or not. And I can st till see my photos to can you! I

  3. Artiom says:

    Please understand that not all of us can afford the monthly subscription but want to continue using Lightroom’s great features. By only issuing bug fixes to us, you’re essentially saying we are second class citizens. Having new features issued to CC only and not LR6 is an example of this.

    • Markus says:

      I don’t understand your argument. You can afford a big payment at once but not some small ones once a month? You could just put that money in an account and use it to pay every month. Also, a one year pre-paid Lightroom+Photoshop CC subscription is cheaper than Lightroom standalone by itself.

      • Radovan Habáň says:

        But we don’t want Photoshop, we want permanent ownership of Lightroom. Personally I bought Lightroom once in 2-3 years and definitely it’s cheaper than paying 13Euro each month…

      • Dalek says:

        Well now compare 3 years of CC subscription vs perpetual… Personally I didn’t buy each new release of LR… I’m working with it most of the time but 2 years ago I didn’t use it at all (was working on video). What if I’ve subscribed a year for CC ?… (not sure you can pause your account)…
        If you absolutely need to have last features (and last bugs too…) and enjoy paying monthly for it, I’m sure you’ll understand everyone won’t be happy with it and will pray for perpetual license to continue getting supported…

      • Roz de-Layen Vian says:

        I think you are extremely rude Markus. You have no idea why Artiom doesn’t want to pay monthly, or the reasons for not affording a regular outlay.
        Personally I question your maths. A perpetual version costs under £60, the amount you will spend over a year. But the following year your outlay increases to £120 and by the third year you will have paid £180 etc., etc…
        My one-off stand alone copy will still have only cost me £56.
        I may not wish to upgrade – indeed may not be able to, so will be happy with my one off paid for version. I don’t need all the plugins and extras that are bolt on gadgets that once you’ve had your fun with them will probably not be used often enough to warrant a monthly outlay. I have had several versions of Photoshop and stopped when I realised that the new gimmicks were just that; and of no further use or necessity to me, as all I want to do is process my photographs to look as best they can.

      • Typically, paid Lightroom upgrades happen every two years for a cost of ~$40/pear.
        Lightroom CC is 120$/year. I have no interest in Photoshop CC.
        That’s a three fold increase in the price of Lightroom…seems way beyond excessive to me.

      • Bob says:

        Yes, a lot of people don’t want to update every year, $120 or so every year is expensive. In the past you at least got the .x updates, but not even one of the bug fixes this time address the very common complaints of slow imports/exports and failed to export, or corrupted exports. So, can I apply the purchase price of the standalone to the CC fee? Seems fair.

      • Stephen Rowson says:

        Now try selling your subscription when you finish with it and see how much you get back. Even early discs still fetch big bucks. And you can still see your photos! DUMMY!

      • Jeff Chastain says:

        Markus, The “small payments” that you speak of are NEVER ENDING. You and your photos are owned by Adobe if you go to the Creative Cloud.

    • John says:

      Most people are missing the most important point. In any IT project the biggest cost is the information not writing the software. This software nowhere near as important as the photographs you process with it.

      I am a Nikon person. I have been using Nikon’s Capture NX software for years. Nikon updated their software and any edits made with the old version are lost. Years of work (over 50,000 photos) GONE!

      If you choose the CC version, put a lot of work into editing your photographs and then stop paying the monthly rental what are you left with? I hope you save your original RAWs and don’t mind doing the edits all over again. Welcome to my world.

      Take some advice from somebody who’s been through hell. I stayed with the old version of Nikon’s software. In Adobe speak that is Lightroom 6 – yes, Lightroom CC – no.

  4. Shaun p says:

    Why no update for stand alone purchase

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      Lightroom 6.x will continue to receive the same level of updates as did its predecessors, (Lightroom Versions 1-5) which included new camera support, new lens support, and bug fixes. Nothing has changed with regard to how Lightroom, in the Perpetual license, receives its updates. Subscribers of Lightroom CC will receive the same level of updates as the Lightroom Perpetual license holders however, in addition Lightroom CC will receive new features as they are released.

      • George Wang says:

        I know you are just doing your job to support all the unhappy Lightroom 6 Standalone license users by repeating the T&C’s. I hope Adobe will resolve this matter soon and you will get some great overtime pay due to poor mistake (or “oversight” for grown ups who does not have the courage to amide their “mistakes”) made by someone(s) above you.

      • daw sevenhundred says:

        Thanks Rikk. When precisely will Perpetual license receive these updates? That is, when is the next scheduled point release of Lightroom 6.x which will include these updates?

        • Rikk Flohr says:

          There is no plan to add any new features to the Lightroom 6.x cycle.

          • Louis Lindmeyer says:

            On a blog by Jeffrey Tranberry he was offering people who had purchased the stand alone version of LR6 a way to receive credit for that version when moving to LR6CC. These are disgruntled customers as I am with not receiving the same updates as CC customers. Can you tell me how I and others can take advantage of the offer.

          • Rikk Flohr says:


            I am forwarding your info to Jeff.

      • brad says:

        If they had made clear that new features would be reserved for the cloud, I would have bought the CC license instead of the perpetual. As it stands now, I feel like I need to wait a year before I can justify signing up for CC. I don’t get why Adobe was coy about their plans.

        • Rikk Flohr says:

          Published 4/21//2015

          Key section: “Please note that this version of Lightroom does not have access to any of the mobile or web workflows supported by Creative Cloud, and only Creative Cloud members receive ongoing feature updates.”

          • While you are correct that there was a disclaimer provided, I believe it was very misleading to the general lightroom user. I have absolutely no need for the mobile or web workflows and so referring to those in the same sentence as the other “ongoing feature updates” mislead me to assume that you were referring to updates within the mobile or web features. As a non Creative Cloud user, I assume that joining the CC versions just gives some additional web storage and mobile features (the way general cloud services work). I would not imagine that you would leave users of the standalone version behind on actual editing features. Features that in the past were always included with new version updates.

            If anything, I believe you should allow for standalone users to upgrade their standalone versions with the de-haze tool for a small upgrade fee. Leaving us without the tool completely can set us behind competitively to others that are using the exact same software. To me that does not make sense and makes me lose trust in Adobe to continue providing the best product and customer service.

          • Stefan says:

            100% agree with what Robert A. said!

            Whoever was responsible for this decision at Adobe, are you reading this?

      • tex says:

        I call this customer abuse – great way to bolster customer loyalty in those loyal customers who want to stick with the perpetual license. The CC license doesn’t make sense for those of us who only need Lightroom – it’s much more expensive to go the CC route than it is to update lightroom each time a new major version is released.

        If Adobe cares at all about its customers, they either need to offer a lower-priced Lightroom CC subscription or else stop this nonsense of releasing new features to CC only.

        • Tim says:

          Adobe is like all other giant corporations – money is the only end. Nothing else matters. Customer satisfaction doesn’t matter. What matters is that they continue to make more and more and more money every year from their customers. If they can find a way to do that, even it screws some of their customer base, they’ll do it. It’s ALL ABOUT MONEY. Nothing else matters.

      • Jeff Chastain says:

        Version updates always included new features, not just updates.

  5. Juan Chalita says:

    Features not on standalone versions???, thats bad

  6. Tom says:

    And there we go, we second-class LR 6 customers. Yes, we knew it, but it is still the result of a de facto monopoly. I don’t need Photoshop, so your “cheap” photographer deal is not cheap as it costs significantly more than my regular LR upgrade license I bought since LR version 1.0.

    • Lee Jay says:

      The Photography Bundle is indeed a good deal for those that use both products. For those like you and me who don’t use Photoshop, it’s basically paying double the ever-version upgrade price for Lightroom.

      The other thing Adobe does is that they don’t provide a discount for those paying annually up-front. The price is *exactly* the same as the monthly charge * 12. Many companies do something like what Backblaze does – they charge $5 a month or $50 a year, not $60.

      If Lightroom CC had a $5/month or $50/year option, it would be a lot more attractive for those of us who never use Photoshop.

      • Rick Budde says:

        Make that TRIPLE the cost. The upgrade cost for the standalone is $80. New versions have come out at an approximate two year interval. The cost of subscription over that same two year period is $240. My math says 3 times.

        If one uses both programs, CC is a great deal. If one only uses Lightroom, not so great!

      • Lucas Janin says:

        I just bought Lightroom 6 upgrade ($80) and I get very unhappy to don’t get the improvement.

        I don’t need Photoshop and all the cloud services…
        I only want the last version of Lightroom.

        I can be ok to paid for Lightroom CC like a $5/month or $50/year.

  7. I have just updated to the latest version of Lightroom today and I am still getting the same problem with tiffs and psd’s reloading and losing the edits. Plus I don’t have the new de haze slider in the effects panel. I am running the Adobe CC on a 64bit Windows7 pc with an AMD HD 6500 family graphics card with the gpu turned off in Lightroom. Please can you help ASAP?

  8. Siz says:

    Re the features that not available in the standalone version of Lightroom 6.1, will these be coming to the standalone version at some point or will they be CC only?

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      Lightroom 6.x will continue to receive the same level of updates as did its predecessors, (Lightroom Versions 1-5) which included new camera support, new lens support, and bug fixes. Nothing has changed with regard to how Lightroom, in the Perpetual license, receives its updates. Subscribers of Lightroom CC will receive the same level of updates as the Lightroom Perpetual license holders however, in addition Lightroom CC will receive new features as they are released.

      New features released in Lightroom CC2015.1 and later will not be included during the Lightroom 6.x cycle.

      • ewrww says:

        after 2 month…. you must be joking or an adobe employee who gets money for telling BS to the people…

        this is a pure marketing ploy….. a disgusting move from adobe.

  9. Stefan says:

    Dear Adobe,

    could you just clarify your policy of Lightroom 6 perpetual vs Lightroom 6 with cloud subscription?


    • Rikk Flohr says:

      Lightroom 6.x will continue to receive the same level of updates as did its predecessors, (Lightroom Versions 1-5) which included new camera support, new lens support, and bug fixes. Nothing has changed with regard to how Lightroom, in the Perpetual license, receives its updates.

      Subscribers of Lightroom CC will receive the same level of updates as the Lightroom Perpetual license holders however, in addition Lightroom CC will receive new features as they are released.

      • Stefan says:

        Dear Adobe,

        As a perpetual license customer, I feel I have been mislead at the time of purchase! With the LR CC release earlier this year it was clear you were going a similar route as Photoshop in future, doing feature releases only for the rented license. However, the big difference compared to Photoshop was, that on release of Photoshop CC, there was no perpetual version available to buy with feature parity to the PS CC release. Everyone buying PS 6 at that point made a concious decision to buy outdated software.

        With LR6 however, I fully expected to buy current software that receives the same level of care as the rented LR CC version. That’s evidently not the case.

        Showing minor feature updates in this short time frame (closely related to other changes that have been released in 6.0) you demonstrate clearly that those features were ready to go originally, but have been withheld for marketing reasons. Further evidence is the fact that non-CC users can actually use those image processing CC-only features with crippling workarounds like presets.

        I personally feel you messed up big time with your decision. You should not have offered LR6 as a perpetual license at all! What you have done now is a big kick in the teeth for any non-CC customer. Shame on you.

        Having said all that (and I’m trying hard to avoid any foul language), you can still make this right. Just unlock those 3 sliders for perpetual customers, and we can still be friends.

        • I absolutely agree. Obviously Adobe is no longer interested in providing a product photographers actually like and use, and will continue to obfuscate and insist that this is ok because they told us this would be happening. I only use Lightroom. I don’t use Photoshop. I don’t want to use Photoshop. I’ve used Lightroom since version 3 and I’ve paid for every upgrade since. For me a $120 [er year fee for CC means I pay 50% more per year for the only product in the CC suite that I’m interested in.

          If this behavior on Adobe’s part continues I’ll switch. Period. I don’t care that you told us this would be happening, the fact is you are attempting to force us into a biusiness model that (1) costs 50% more per year, and (2) doesn’t to me provide any additional benefits.

          Insert foul language here.

          The only part of Lightroom I can’t see replacing easily is the image management – other products do a better raw conversion anyway.

  10. Stefan says:

    Dear Adobe,

    could you just clarify your policy of Lightroom 6 perpetual vs Lightroom 6 with cloud subscription?

    To quote this very blog two entires earlier:
    “Q: Is Lightroom still available as boxed software?
    Yes, it is. However, the perpetual license doesn’t provide access to Lightroom mobile or Lightroom web.”

    I bought LR6 with a perpetual license fully expecting to receive all updates that are being released for the LR6 version of software. Evidently, LR6 perpetual and the current CC version are exactly the same, except for the licensing mechanism and sync to web/mobile disabled for perpetual customers. This is as advertised.
    However, your new update releases features for CC customers that were probably just held back from the main release (for whatever reason), and are now withheld from LR6 perpetual customers. Why?

    I find your earlier FAQ entry misleading, if not incorrect. Lightroom 6 is not actually available as a boxed software. What you get is an outdated, restricted, crippled version that only receives minor bugfixes. You should have made it clear from the beginning that you intend to release features for the CC version that will _not_ be available to normal LR6 customers!

    • Jake says:

      Yeah, I’m a little disappointed to see that I’m not receiving the full update because I have a standalone copy. Not cool.

      • Peter says:

        adobe = greed

        that´s the only reason why you dont get the full update fot your 2 MONTH old new version of lightroom

    • Timo Bierbaum says:

      This update policy is disgusting! It’s the next step from Adobe to force and drag people into converting to CC Versions. Eventually to blackmail customers once having switched to PS CC and LR CC.

      IThis is a humiliating policy I will not support in any way! By the looks of it PS6 and LR6 will be the last Adobe Products I have bought.

      • PIANACCI says:

        This policy is really disgusting! If you don’t want to have standolone users, I think that you should not offer standalone upgrade to Lightroom 6. I’m sure you will be surprised to lose a lot of your customers…..

        I also own the standalone creative suite and I will never upgrade to CC solution because I don’t need those cloud feature and I don’t want to have to pay a monthly subscription to use a software few days per months/years.

        The only difference between LR6 and LR CC was supposed to be the access to cloud part of the software including lightroom mobile, and not to deny all your standalone customers……

        If it’s your new policy, PS6 and LR6 will also be my last Adobe Product I have brought….

        • Rikk Flohr says:

          Lightroom 6.x will continue to receive the same level of updates as did its predecessors, (Lightroom Versions 1-5) which included new camera support, new lens support, and bug fixes. Nothing has changed with regard to how Lightroom, in the Perpetual license, receives its updates. Subscribers of Lightroom CC will receive the same level of updates as the Lightroom Perpetual license holders however, in addition Lightroom CC will receive new features as they are released.

          • Micah Burke says:

            If you don’t like the update policy VOTE FOR NEW POLITICIANS. That’s right, it’s not Adobe’s fault. The Federal Government of the US has made it illegal for a vendor to add unadvertised features to software that has already been paid for through the Sarbanes-Oxley act. Blame the US Government and blame Enron the defunct energy company that made it all possible.

            Now, there’s a lot of accounting mumbo-jumbo and people claiming it doesn’t apply, but consider that built into LR 6.1 is ACR 9.1 and all the functionality of LR CC including Dehaze, in fact, someone made a set of presets that enable dehaze in LR 6.1 (thru use of presets) . Adobe has in the past provided updates like this without issue, and has built it into LR 6.1, but simply hasn’t enabled it.

          • Carl Perkins says:

            Stop repeating the same scripted text. We want real answers.

          • Jeff Chastain says:

            Just because you keep saying the same untruth, it will not turn into the truth. I got new features in every Lightroom update. I was an early adopter who downloaded Lightroom 1beta for free and have paid for every upgrade since then. Don’t try to re-write history.

          • D Martin says:

            And Microsoft never adds updates to its paid-for software ?? Windows?? Of course it does. Get real Adobe!

  11. Paul Beckwith says:

    Is this major bug not yet fixed then: When upgrading a catalogue, any images that HAD redeye reduction applied to them in v4 (& possibly others) are not having the darken amount applied to them!

  12. Francesco Lepri says:

    Make mine Stefan question.
    Hope have a complete answer.

  13. Don Maclean says:

    I believe that Adobe cite the The Sarbanes-Oxley Act as an excuse NOT to add functionality to Serialised versions of the software sold around the world (not just USA).

    Claimed, by Adobe, The Sarbanes-Oxley Act prevents new functionality from being added to goods for which the revenues have already been recognized. Because of this we have previously been able to do bug updates with fixes for advertised features, but not add new functionality when we have already recorded the sale. Subscriptions change what may be done in updates because the revenue is recurring in the same time period as the update.

    Obviously this didn’t matter when there were no subscriptions … I guess it means that serialized customers are at a disadvantage (real or perceived) because Adobe are wanting ALL customers to become CC.

    • Lee Jay says:

      They do make that claim, but someone should tell the hundreds of thousands of other developers that are apparently violating Sarbanes-Oxley. I’ve received BIOS upgrades to computers I’ve purchased that include new features. I’ve purchased software with “lifetime upgrades” which provide new features several times a year. I think only Adobe has interpreted S-O this way, but it should be noted that they have since version 1.0 of Lightroom. A couple of the .1 versions did contain some minor feature upgrades, but mostly the dot-releases have always been about camera support and bug fixes, even before CC existed. The new thing is that CC has enabled them to do is to circumvent their unique interpretation of the S-O Act and provide some minor new features at dot releases to CC customers.

      • Steve Johnson says:

        If Sarbanes-Oxley really prevents new functionality being added then Microsoft is going to be in real big trouble by daring to give all Win 8 owners a free copy of Win 10. I rather thing this is just Adobe corporate BS in an attempt to divert attention away from the CC cash grab. The fact that they are trying so hard to force people to CC shows just how much they are out of touch with what their customers really want.

  14. Hugo says:

    I had just upgraded from LR 5 to 6 but had I withhold a week and I would certainly be looking for alternatives. I really love lightroom but if you want to force people to move into the subscription model which is far too expensive compared to what I am willing to spend for this then you will loose me as a customer and my license for LR6 is the last money you have seen from me.

    I can certainly understand your decision in a business sense I am just sad because I will have to part with a software that I have been using for such a long time.

  15. DJ says:

    >> * Please note that these features are not available in the standalone version of Lightroom 6.1.
    I can’t believe this!

  16. Patrick says:

    Dear Adobe,

    could you just clarify your policy of Lightroom 6 perpetual vs Lightroom 6 with cloud subscription?

    To quote this very blog two entires earlier:
    “Q: Is Lightroom still available as boxed software?
    Yes, it is. However, the perpetual license doesn’t provide access to Lightroom mobile or Lightroom web.”

    I bought LR6 with a perpetual license fully expecting to receive all updates that are being released for the LR6 version of software. Evidently, LR6 perpetual and the current CC version are exactly the same, except for the licensing mechanism and sync to web/mobile disabled for perpetual customers. This is as advertised.
    However, your new update releases features for CC customers that were probably just held back from the main release (for whatever reason), and are now withheld from LR6 perpetual customers. Why?

    I find your earlier FAQ entry misleading, if not incorrect. Lightroom 6 is not actually available as a boxed software. What you get is an outdated, restricted, crippled version that only receives minor bugfixes. You should have made it clear from the beginning that you intend to release features for the CC version that will _not_ be available to normal LR6 customers!

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      Lightroom 6.x will continue to receive the same level of updates as did its predecessors, (Lightroom Versions 1-5) which included new camera support, new lens support, and bug fixes. Nothing has changed with regard to how Lightroom, in the Perpetual license, receives its updates.

      Subscribers of Lightroom CC will receive the same level of updates as the Lightroom Perpetual license holders however, in addition Lightroom CC will receive new features as they are released.

      • Timo Bierbaum says:

        Rikk, sorry to say, but this ist fully featured marketing bullshit you’re trying to sell to us here!

  17. Olav Slettemoen says:

    Why isn’t the “Dehaze” function and “Local White and Black Adjustment Sliders” included in standalone version of Lightroom 6.1?

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      Lightroom 6.x will continue to receive the same level of updates as did its predecessors, (Lightroom Versions 1-5) which included new camera support, new lens support, and bug fixes. Nothing has changed with regard to how Lightroom, in the Perpetual license, receives its updates. Subscribers of Lightroom CC will receive the same level of updates as the Lightroom Perpetual license holders however, in addition Lightroom CC will receive new features as they are released.

      • Olav Slettemoen says:

        So the difference between Lightroom CC and Lightroom standalone version unfortunately will be bigger and bigger, in favor of Lightroom CC. It’s therefore may be time to change to other SW . I recommend Kolor Autopan Giga 4, Oleno PhotoEngine, and Perfect Photo Suite 9.

  18. Alexander says:

    Hallo Adobe,
    ich finde es eine Frechheit den Käufern der ersten Stunde bereits wenige Wochen nach Erscheinen den kompletten Umfang eines Updates vorzuenthalten, nur weil sie die Kaufversion anstelle der Abo-Version besitzen.
    Dieses Geschäftsgebahren ist unmöglich und für mich bedeutet dass, das ich von Beginn an eine alte Version gekauft habe die im Gegensatz zu der Abo-Variante nicht gepflegt, sondern nur gebugfixed wird.

    Obendrein war dieses Handling für mich auch nicht im Vorfeld ersichtlich.


    • Peter says:

      Ob man es nun mag oder nicht, aber genau so hat Adobe es doch angekündigt, als sie LR6 und CC vorgestellt haben. “Keine Funktions-Updates” stand da sogar auf dem Bestell Button von LR6 zu lesen.

  19. Dear Adobe,
    I have a licensed copy (standalone) of Lightroom 6. Now there is an upgrade to 6.1 available. Can you tell me how to perform an upgrade? The “updates” item on the “Help” menu is greyed out.
    I would be obliged to be given clear instructions as to what I should do to upgrade my copy of Lightroom 6 to Lightroom 6.1 . I do not want to switch to the Creative Cloud delivery/rental model.
    Please answer as informatively as you can.
    Denis Robinson (zinzanzen@actrix.co.nz).

  20. Hi,
    Why do we have to sponsor Adope every month to be able to get the new features.
    I for one cannot afford to pay for CC to get Lightroom, and now you start only updating the CC version with new features, that is fully obnoxious.
    Unfortunately LR is the only product with the freatures it have, which means that your customers are fully stuck living by your business model.

    We all know that the only reason for CC is that you are 100% sure to get money from customers every month, and not only every 12-18 months if they decide to upgrade to the next version. You have fully transformed the “buy product” to a “rent product” model.

    You should remove the dependency of CC and sell the use of Cloud as an add on … but then I’d guess that most people would not buy it.

  21. David says:

    I would like to second Stefan’s comment above. Lightroom 6/CC was JUST released in April, and already Adobe is crippling the standalone version — that is ridiculous. Where was it written in the release announcement that the standalone version would not receive the same feature upgrades as the CC version? We payed good money for the standalone version, why should we not get the same features, at least through the 2015 cycle?

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      Nothing has been crippled:

      Lightroom 6.x will continue to receive the same level of updates as did its predecessors, (Lightroom Versions 1-5) which included new camera support, new lens support, and bug fixes. Nothing has changed with regard to how Lightroom, in the Perpetual license, receives its updates. Subscribers of Lightroom CC will receive the same level of updates as the Lightroom Perpetual license holders however, in addition Lightroom CC will receive new features as they are released.

      • Dan says:

        Yes, it has been crippled, because the feature is in the update that we got but it is DISABLED.

  22. Dennis says:

    Dear Adobe,

    I’m a faithful and good customer of Adobe Lightroom. I have updated each and every version of Lightroom to support you and to use an superb software, of course.

    But my faith is shrinking after I saw that the new ‘Dehaze slider’ and ‘Black and White sliders’ is available for subscribers only.
    This is discrimination of normal users. I’ve paid money as well and since I have the latest version of LR (6.1) I do have the right to also have the latest available tools.
    Why do you scare loyal customers away for the sake of recurring income?
    I have updated every version of LR and where is my benefit now?

    Thanks in advance for your answer,

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      Lightroom 6.x will continue to receive the same level of updates as did its predecessors, (Lightroom Versions 1-5) which included new camera support, new lens support, and bug fixes. Nothing has changed with regard to how Lightroom, in the Perpetual license, receives its updates. Subscribers of Lightroom CC will receive the same level of updates as the Lightroom Perpetual license holders however, in addition Lightroom CC will receive new features as they are released.

  23. Brian says:

    Hugo, you went from LR5-LR6 but you can’t afford the subscription? That’s a rate of almost 150/yr, same as the sub. Plus you get photoshop.

  24. dan says:

    Did this update address the random white images when exporting with a watermark? I still have to go through every image I export and look at it enlarged as the thumbnail still shows the image. Talk about killing your workflow!

  25. Tadeusz says:

    Since apparently the standalone version is not only disregarded but will probably be abandoned, it will come the time to move to e.g. CaptureOne.

  26. rudy says:

    Features not available in the standalone version of Lightroom 6.1?? My next choice will be CapturOne.

    • Rudi says:

      (no relation to rudy 😉 I just bought Capture One. Have still to learn it. As a LR user since Version 1 beta it’s difficult to switch but slowly I get accustomed to C1. At least the much much better image quality is worth to switch. LR 6 (I have the CC) is the worst release I have seen so far…

  27. Tim says:

    Like many others here – and haven’t responded – I am SOOOO upset that after many years of releases & updates to this Standalone product you went “CLOUD” & Subscription !!!! I’ve lost all faith in ADOBE. You’ve been relegated to the ADOBE SUCKS category.

  28. Kevin says:

    As others noted, I paid for a perpetual license knowing that I would not mobile or web. But I expect all the other functionality delivered through updates. I would prefer to stay with LR as I am already invested in presets but if this doesn’t get resolved, then I will seriously consider moving to Capture One. I know that I’m only one person but I want to make sure that I voice my complaint now while it can still be fixed.

    Adobe, if you want to move everyone to CC (which we know is the plan), then just drop the perpetual license. Don’t make us pay for a stripped down version and not disclose it fully ahead of time.

  29. ron minor says:

    As a fellow second-class LR 6 customer I have to agree with the previous posters. This will be the last time I spend any money on Adobe products.

  30. 1 says:

    I just paid good money for Lightroom 6, and now you tell me I can’t have all the features? How do I get a refund (I’ll need the money back to buy an alternative program)?

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      Your Lightroom 6 purchase entitles you to all features that shipped with Lightroom 6.0. That hasn’t changed. Subscribers receive an additional benefit.

      If you’ve purchased within the last 30 days, you can request a refund from Adobe Customer Service.

      • bizoo says:

        I bought LR6 2 months ago, so I’m out of luck for a refund.
        I’m upset by the behavior of Adobe.
        I use LR since version 3 I think, but now it’s over.
        I already bought COP8 sometimes ago but never had time fully switch to it, since today it will be my main RAW editor, and I hope the only one before the end of the year.

  31. Michael McMahon says:

    How do I get a refund on PS 6? The features are not available in the standalone version of Lightroom 6.1
    How could you do this to your users? I will contact the BB on this RIPOFF!!!!!!

  32. Jan says:

    This update policy is disgusting. I have bought lightroom 1,2,3,4,5 and now 6, But after this customer treatment, will lightroom 6 be my last purchase.

  33. Hans K Aspenberg says:

    Why is the update still not available. Time is now 18:30 CET.
    Best, Hans

  34. Steve Mahaffee says:

    ~~”Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Lightroom 6 and CC receive simultaneous updates for bug fixes and new camera support. New features can only be added between full versions (e.g. LR4>LR5>LR6) of perpetual products.”~~~
    This is what Adobe says on their FB Lightroom page. So I guess us poor suckers that bought the software have to wait and pay for LR7 to get any feature updates ??
    Adobe you are really getting good at pissing people off !!! I just upgraded to LR6 ($79) yesterday and then see the new features today Oh but wait they are only for CC customers. That’s a nice slap in the face to someone who has been with LR since version 2. Not F- ing cool !!! This may be the last version of anything I ever purchase from Adobe !!!!!!!!!!

    • Chris says:

      Agree, but likely there will not be a standalone LR7… They were just waiting until their main competition in Aperture was discontinued to spring this CC garbage on us.

  35. Orhan Kilic says:

    Is Lightroom CC2015 released only mac version. I am using windows 8.1 and I am already using Lightroom 5. Lightroom CC2015 update dindn’t seen at creative cloud. But at my son’s mac Ligdtroom cc2015 appeared and I can use it at mac. How can I download Lightroom cc2015 at my computer and use it. Today I download Photoshop cc2015 at my computer. I asked this to Adobe Turkey customer service twice but I can’t get any unswer for this problem.

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      No. Mac and PC were released at the same time. Try signing out of your Creative Cloud app and signing back in to see if you can get the Lightroom update to appear.

  36. Alberto V. says:

    I adhere to the comments here. I have LR6 stand alone, and Adobe is treating us as second-class citizens. I’ve been a long time customer of Adobe, and I’m very disappointed with this restriction. As someone mentioned previously, we purchased a version that isn’t entitled to upgrades but only minor bug fixes. Adobe, you have to respect your customer base.

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      Lightroom 6.x will continue to receive the same level of updates as did its predecessors, (Lightroom Versions 1-5) which included new camera support, new lens support, and bug fixes. Nothing has changed with regard to how Lightroom, in the Perpetual license, receives its updates. Subscribers of Lightroom CC will receive the same level of updates as the Lightroom Perpetual license holders however, in addition Lightroom CC will receive new features as they are released.

      • Chris says:

        So if history serves us correctly (as with Photoshop CS6) Lightroom 6 is the last standalone version of the software? Will Lightroom 7 will be CC only? People are feeling ripped off!

  37. Thanks for the update Adobe, and thanks for the new features.
    I absolutely love Dehaze! And, as a CC subscriber, I’m happy to receive those new features. Keep up the good work!

  38. Roy says:

    Seems like the presets in the develop module do not work properly. I have to click 2 times on the same preset to see the result. Looks like the photo has not been updated correctly the first time.

    Also I cannot quit Lightroom because the option is grayed out in the menu (all sync actions have been paused).
    I have to use ALT-right click and choose Force Stop to exit LR.

  39. Dmitry says:

    This is absolutely disgusting policy.
    I was using LR from version 1, buying upgrade every time new version comes out and now as LR 6 user I was “told” I am a second class citizen. Thank you Adobe, it’s nice to know what you really think about owners of standalone version.
    I guess you can do pretty much anything because there is no alternative, I love the software but (now) really loathe the company.

    • Olav says:

      The difference between Lightroom CC and Lightroom standalone version unfortunately will be bigger and bigger, in favor of Lightroom CC, according to Adobe. It’s therefore time to change to other SW and better SW . I recommend Kolor Autopan Giga 4, Oleno PhotoEngine, and Perfect Photo Suite 9.

    • Duy says:

      I concur.
      The problem here is not the quality of the product, LR has its up and downs, but overall works well for me. The problem is not the pricing of $10/month of CC, even thought it include PS which I don’t use. The problem for me is the contempt Adobe has for its loyal customers.

  40. Kevin says:

    @Rikk Flohr. You seem to be the main person defending Adobe’s policy of not upgrading the standalone version of LR. Like for those who have LR6 should not get any additional features.
    “Lightroom 6.x will continue to receive the same level of updates as did its predecessors, (Lightroom Versions 1-5) which included new camera support, new lens support, and bug fixes. Nothing has changed with regard to how Lightroom, in the Perpetual license, receives its updates.”
    And this is where Adobe has failed us. They are not doing the same thing that they did before. When I bought LR5.0, I did not have to pay anything addition for the upgrades to LR5.7. And in that time I did get more than just additional hardware support and bug fixes. I got feather control for Spot healing and Color Noise Reduction slider. These are new features. So things have changed for this version.

    • Ivan V. says:

      I agree with Kevin and with all the other comments on this subject.
      I’m also a LR user only, and I would be fine with getting the cloud version if I didn’t have to pay for PS.
      As someone else said, an LR upgrade is cheaper than 1 year CC subscription.
      Adobe should make an LR only subscription available for those who only want to use that software.

  41. Tatiana says:

    I am the Lightroom subscriber but can not find new Dehaze feature in my LR Development module, though renewed it already> What shoul I do to get it? Thanks

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      Go to Help>System Info and verify your Lightroom Version is CC 2015.1. If it is, then go to the Effects panel to find the Dehaze slider. If your version number is different, then you are not using the latest subscription version.

  42. Richie S says:

    This is BLACKMAILING at best.!

    If this was the idea behind perpetual licensing, Adobe should have taken LR 6 licenses/upgrades off the shelf!. They could have just said that LR will only come in one flavor which would be CC with all updates. I updated mine a month ago and now I see this article and boils my blood. I wish there is a class action suite against adobe for monopolizing practices. Greedy Adobe is certainly going to loose more customers to alternatives for folks who do not use Photoshop. Too bad, I have started looking for other options as I have lost faith in this company.

    R S

    • Richie S says:

      Oh and btw, for the person who mentioned spending upfront vs monthly = I had a budget for a year for my software, I do not want to spend money over and over again just to be able to use a piece of software which could be mine perpetually. I would have bought Lr 7 Upgrade when it came out, but this is bringing to a whole new level of stupidity. Also, I do not use Photoshop and don’t intend to use it, so for me this bundle of $10/mo is pretty much overhead. For all those making lots of money, it could be a viable option, but not for hobbyists.

    • Stefan says:

      Fully agree.

      Looking at the canned responses Rikk is giving here, I assume everything someone from Adobe writes here has to go through their legal team – for good reason. They know this would piss off a lot of customers and is borderline legally deceiving. They did it anyway.

  43. Just to add my voice to those who are disgusted by the forking of Lightroom 6.

    As a professional I work withwith other people’s catalogs on a relatibely regular basis, both helping to process colleagues’ files and when I outsource my own post production. This fork between the versions makes this massively more difficult.

    I guess I’ll need to run *both* a boxed version *and* a CC subscription to be able to collaborate seamlessly. This clearly hasn’t been thought through (or more likely has been and given a shrug in response). As someone who was involved in the first public Beta of Lightroom, this makes me rather sad…

  44. Espen Throndsen says:

    Unfortunately I upgraded this morning and have not been able to use lightroom since. I was almost finished with a 1000+ pic slideshow. When trying to preview or play the slidshow lightroom will crash when syncing slides to music. If I choose not to sync to music it will crash after playing to slideshow for a minute or two.
    Activity monitor(OSX) shows that its using more and more memory until it crashes when it uses about 900mb.(I have a total of 8gb)

  45. Vincent Deconinck says:

    “Please note that these features are not available in the standalone version of Lightroom 6.1.”
    Can’t believe this either. I bought LR 6.0 perpetual license thinking it would give me all features of V6.x, but no access to the next major version (V7) of course.
    Adobe, really, I am a loyal customer and bought LR3, 4, 5 and 6. But pushing towards CC is useless in my case and all you are doing is making me think I won’t buy V7 at all…
    Really, I feel cheated…


  46. Jennifer Ona says:

    Why are all my LR files hazy only after upgrading??? They were fine 10 minutes ago!

  47. Paul Bélanger says:

    I have a problem with slide show. I cannot import an MP3 file. You tell me this has been fixed in 6.1 but since i have a stand alone version i can’t have the fix. This is ridiculous. I would have to go to CC 2015.1 If you go to CC do you get a refund or a credit for the purchase of LR6 applied to the yearly subscription of CC

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      The Stand Alone version (Lightroom 6.0) does have an update to Lightroom 6.1. Make certain you are connected to the internet and go to Help>Updates… and follow the instructions to install.

      • Paul Belanger says:


        When in my Stand Alone version of LR6. i clis on help and get into Adobe Application Manaqger for an update i get an answer saying that i am up to date as a few seconds ago.

        but i still have LR 6.0.1

        i don’t get update to 6.1

        wher do i have to go

          • Paul Belanger says:


            tried your links but still the same on the 6.1 update it took 10 minutes dowload, then unzip file, then apllication manager opened for update took 2 seconds and finished but nothing changed. Can’t fint the 6.1 version

            tried the other link to 6.0.1 update and got followin error message ERROR U44M2P7

            this is the first time i have problems with new version of LR
            what if i sign back in to my account and download again the LR6

          • Paul Belanger says:

            now when in LR 6.0.1 asking for update i get the CC 2015 Pop Up with all the apps on it

            version dated june 13th
            i would like get rid of that CC but the system wont allow it since one or more files are being used by anothe application

            i would like to resolve this issue today so that i can move on but it’s taking way to long to correct

  48. Dorota Mikula says:

    When is the update coming out to support the Nikon D7200?


  49. Dan says:

    So many have already said it but I’ll add my voice. I bought the LR 6 with the expectation that it will have the same features as CC until there will be a LR 7 version, not until there will be a 6.1 version. I’m not happy.

  50. Manuelo says:

    This is amazing in it’s greediness. Why doesn’t LR6 get the updates which are obviously coded already and would be very easy to port? Greed has to be the answer. The only answer. And also “Rikk Flohr” is lying.

    Tell me Rikk, what was that then with LR5 which received a big feature update where it *gained* the ability to sync with mobile devices? What about the smart folder improvements? What about those new features.

    This is NOT business as usual, stop selling it as it were! Not only do you have a bad policy towards customers, but then you resort to out-right lying about it. Bad. Last Adobe product I ever bought. Also, as design/it provisioner I will advise my company against using Adobe products further.

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      The Lightroom mobile features released in Lightroom 5.4 were available as a trial only to Perpetual license and as a new feature to CC subscribers. Please watch your decorum and curb your accusations when posting here.

  51. Michael McMahon says:

    How can I get a Refund for LR6? Is Adobe going to correct this mess or do they not care? Please get back to me.

  52. Jason says:

    Just read all of these comments, and I have to say I’m disgusted. Cut out one trip to Starbucks a month, and you’ve got two pieces of world class software. Wise up people!

    • Timo Bierbaum says:

      LOL … you little “wise-guy” … in 1 or 2 years Adobe will increase subscription fee for all CC products and since no one can convert back nor exit the subscription since all your PSD work will be lost from this point of time – you are eligible to life-long blackmailing by adobe … congrats!

    • Dan says:

      “Two pieces of world class software” of which I need only one. Actually, it is FOUR pieces of software (including LR mobile and web) of which I need only one. If there was a subscription for just LR desktop at $2.50/month then I would buy it and I wouldn’t complain. And I never go to Starbucks anyway.

    • David says:

      First, what exactly are you buying at Starbucks that you pay $9.99 in one trip??? I mean their horrible coffee is quite expensive, but are you getting their sawdust muffins too?
      Second, if we wise up, why would we pay $120 a year instead of $80 for an upgrade that will last 2-3 years?
      I think you may be disgusted because you ate the $5 muffin at Fourbucks.

      Adobe, this is really frustrating–you know you’re alienating a bunch of frugal, but still paying customers, right?

  53. Matt says:

    Your policy is disgusting! You didn’t make it clear that LR6 will be different in features than CC. Then you are telling customers AFTER they bought standalone version, that they are second-class. In ads, your website, on resellers websites and most importantly – in the LR box there was completely no information about that policy.

    That was last time I purchased Adobe product. You see, small things matters. Corporation has to earn money, no doubt, but you have the means to make it more friendly, and not act in the way that I and others find offensive.

    Fortunately in my country I can get refund even after two years, so I’ll continue using your product for some time, but then I’ll have to say “bye”.

  54. George Wang says:

    Adobe is a honest company and says:
    “Lightroom 6.x will continue to receive the same level of updates as did its predecessors, (Lightroom Versions 1-5) which included…”
    so here is what happened when Lightroom 5 received the update to Lightroom 5.2:
    New Features in Lightroom 5.2
    ◾A Smoothness adjustment slider has been added to the Detail Panel under Color Noise Reduction. This helps to reduce low-frequency color mottling artifacts
    ◾Refinements to the Spot Healing Tool: ◾New Feather control

    It may be fair for Adobe to:
    1. Allow all users of Lightroom 6 standalone version to receive an one full year updates as CC license users from the date of purchase in case of hardware crash or upgrades (Adobe loyal customers win some & Adobe win some)

    2. Allow all users of Lightroom 6 standalone version to convert to CC by applying the full purchased amount towards the yearly subscription within limited time as an offer. (Adobe loyal customers win & Adobe win the transition war on CC once and for all… Big Win for Adobe!!)

    3. Allow all users of Lightroom 6 standalone version to hold grudges against Adobe for as long as they own the product and wish they had purchased their graphic editing software from another company every time they open Lightroom 6 Standalone version or any previous Adobe products. As soon as it becomes possible, they will switch to another company since Adobe does not believing in loyalty so why should they be. (Adobe loyal customers find new love & Adobe will need to find a new CEO for their marketing department for damaging customer loyalty, wasting company resources on customer complaints which result in poor ROI on Lightroom 6…. very messy for Adobe and very good for other imaging editing software companies to grow stronger against Adobe.)

    Been in computer sales and analyst profession for over 27 years before became a professional photographer (and still working part time in photography retail business) I always believe in: “Just because you have the right to do it, it does not mean it is always right and profitable to do it”. Not sure how well Adobe has covered themselves on this matter with all the legal wordings and T&C’s (time for some lawyers to make some money!!?);however, it may not be an ethical move for them and definitely not going to keep many customers loyal to their brand in the future.

  55. Modes says:

    ”Lightroom 6.x will continue to receive the same level of updates as did its predecessors, (Lightroom Versions 1-5) which included new camera support, new lens support, and bug fixes. Nothing has changed with regard to how Lightroom, in the Perpetual license, receives its updates. Subscribers of Lightroom CC will receive the same level of updates as the Lightroom Perpetual license holders however, in addition Lightroom CC will receive new features as they are released.”

    In other words: You just released LR7 two months after LR6…punishing, in some way, standalone users for not going CC in the first place.

  56. Sigurda says:

    It is outrageous that users Lightroom 6, who are the same Adobe customers not receive the same functions like users Lightroom CC 2015!!!

  57. Jim Iscaro says:

    I upgraded this morning to the new versions of Photoshop CC and LR CC.
    The dehaze slider is greyed out as if it is the stand-alone version.

    How can I fix this?

  58. Chris says:

    “Please note that these features are not available in the standalone version of Lightroom 6.1.”

    Why???? Why did Adobe offer a $79 version for people to purchase to get an exciting new piece of software and NOW you are not updating it with features that CC has??? WHY???? Please explain this philosophy Adobe? Do you expect that we should all upgrade to Lightroom CC now? What happens to our $79 that we spent just a month ago??? Does that just go down the drain? Unbelievable!!!!!!

  59. Dave says:

    I bought LR6 standalone just few days ago (full version, not upgrade, as I was a long time Aperture user) and today I discover that my software won’t be updated feature-wise…just bug fixes.
    How should I feel after paying big money for LR6? You should state it very clear. If I knew it before I would have proably chosen CC. Do you want to force people to move to CC? Ok make a subscription plan for LR only as many of us don’t use Photoshop. Really disappointed.

  60. Alessandro says:

    Dear Adobe, this policy is simply ridiculous. May be you wrote it somewhere using 0.001 font size, but it was not clear that LR6 would have been different in features compared to CC.
    After just a couple of months, you are now releasing an upgrade (6.1) telling us, after we bought the standalone version, that we are not getting new features and that there is no plan at all to get them in the future. You should have clearly explained that to your customers before or avoiding at all to sell the standalone version.
    I started purchasing LR 3 several years ago and I always bought the upgrade when I was interested to the new features introduced. I bought also Photoshop CS 5.5 but I didn’t upgrade it as I’m not using PS enough to justify the upgrade cost. I’m not interested to pay 13 Eur (this is the price in Europe) to have a software that I’m not going to use.
    It’s sad to say but this treatment is simply offensive especially for long-standing customers and I’m wondering if there is any way to get a refund for those of us who just bought the standalone LR 6.0.
    You should also introduce better price options for customers that are interested to only 1 product otherwise you could loose many of us.
    I’m looking forward to a different answer from the “standard marketing one” already provided. Thanks.

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      http://blogs.adobe.com/photoshopdotcom/2015/04/the-cc-photography-plan-keeps-getting_better.html Contains the information about the divergence of feature addition time frames.

      • David says:

        I appreciate your willingness to answer here, and I totally understand that you’re in a difficult position answering to a lot of very grumpy, and not always well-mannered customers. However, that blog posting was not something I saw while purchasing my perpetual license version of Lightroom 6. The compare versions page:
        is linked from the store, but that absolutely does not explicitly state that the perpetual license version will not receive feature updates. Instead, it includes the much more ambiguous “Always stay up to date with the latest photography innovations from Adobe.” I do not equate “photography innovations” with “software updates.” Photography innovations sounds like some kind of online camera technique forum. Can you understand why those of us who purchased the perpetual license are frustrated and concerned?

  61. Bernardo says:

    I’m a Lightroom standalone user, and I recently paid for the 6 version. When I bought it, I had not been informed about any possible distinctions between the future updates; therefore, I’m very frustrated to see that 6.1 CC is much better than 6.1 standalone.

    For users like me, there are many downsides in moving from the S.A. version to the CC one: not only the price, but also the fact that I DO NOT WANT PHOTOSHOP in my suite, which makes the CC version much above my needs… According to what I’m reading, it seems I’m not alone. I hope you will reconsider your move, because this has not been a very smart decision…

  62. andre says:

    I just updated lightroom to 6.1 but I dont have dehaze feature 🙁 http://www.upload.ee/image/4785046/lightroom.jpg

  63. Roz de-Layen Vian says:

    I have created an anti-haze adjustment brush preset for standalone Lightroom 6 owners.
    Go to Facebook, Lightroom Hacker group and you will find it there free. The installation instructions are there, and it is very easy to use.

  64. Keith says:

    I figured that when Adobe made the big push to “rent-only” only products via a subscription, that it was just a matter of time when they started screwing the stand alone Lightroom owners, which has now come true. I have no interest in renting my software. Something about that just seems like extortion where if I don’t keep paying, I’m locked out of my images. I also have no need to use, or desire to install, the massive Photoshop product, so the obvious choice for me was to purchase Lightroom 6.1.

    With Adobe’s obvious future plans of only providing quality updates to rent-only subscribers , I suspect I have purchased my last version of Lightroom. (And the more times Rikk posts the same company talking points about the rental version, it just makes the whole thing smell even worse with each post.)

  65. Ken Cameron says:

    Adobe is doing exactly what it said it would do when it introduced Creative Cloud. One of the reasons I switched to CC was that I knew I would not have to wait for the next substantive (number) upgrade of the Permanent Licence version for new features (like dehaze). This was clearly explained at the time, so I decided to pay a little more on the promise of getting a little more. Seems fair to me. People who bought 6.1 understandably feel disappointed (I would, in their place), but they have not been deceived, and a lot of the Adobe bashing on photography sites is just a meme that has become tedious.

  66. Richard says:

    This will be my last version too. Time to look elsewhere for a straight deal. No more trust in this devious trick.

  67. Mark says:

    I have the stand alone version of LR6 , purchased within a day or 2 after it was released. While Rick has made it clear that LR6 and LRcc features would diverge from each other, and has provided links to prove it was Adobe’s stated policy, that information was not readily available on the purchase form I filled out. It should have been there in large bold type:: “BE AWARE THAT THE STANDALONE VERSION WILL NOT RECEIVE THE SAME UPDATES AS THE SUBSCRIPTION VERSION”. But it was not there. Adobe apparently left it to us to research that information on out own. While perhaps not deceptive, it certainly is a poor way to treat long term customers and new customers alike.

    A Lightroom release has a useful life between major upgrades of around 2 years or so.. I paid $79 for the upgrade to Lightroom 6 and don’t use Photoshop. Over a two year period it will cost me $3.30 a month. That’s why I chose it over the subscription rate of $10 a month which includes a product I don’t use. I rarely use a pixel editor, and when I need one, I use Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 which I got from Costco in a $49 special deal..That adds another $2 per month over 24 months. While for those who use both LR and PS the subscription is a bargain,, for the rest of us it is a poorer value. .

    While RIck suggested that previous versions of LR only contained added cameras, lenses and bug fixes, that is not accurate. There were several small but important enhancements to existing functionality between releases..

    Since this may be the last standalone version of Lightroom its time for Adobe to do the right thing and stop treating its standalone customers as if they were second class citizens, especially since most of us bought the standalone version not realizing there would be a functional limitation going forward. Perhaps they could give us the CC updates for the reasonable life of a software release, 18-24 months. . . To do nothing is not only wrong, its a poor business practice which may drive away hundreds and perhaps thousands of perpetual license holders, including those still on Versions 3, 4,and 5 who might have been considering an upgrade.. . .

    • D Martin says:

      100% agree with Mark. I am a first time (and likely last time) LR user which I purchased the day it became available. I had NO reason to assume that LR6 functionality would diverge from LR/CC. Heck it’s an Adobe product, so they’ll clearly keep them in step. Won’t they?
      This is a perfect exercise in how to loose customers.
      And look at their excuse – “not being allowed to add extra function” for some legal reason. Eh? just what do Microsoft and others do to their paid-for software (Windows, Office, various mapping products I could name, etc) ? Of course, they provide updates and new function.
      Wake up Adobe!

  68. Steve says:

    The plugin for Nik’s HDR Efex Pro 2 is broken in the latest LR update. I get this report in the plugin manager –
    Plug-in error log for plug-in at: /Users/stephendrake/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Modules/HDREfexPro2.lrplugin

    **** Error 1

    An error occurred while attempting to run one of the plug-in’s scripts.
    Could not load toolkit script: HDR2config

    **** Error 2

    Could not load the post-processing filter from this plug-in.
    Could not load toolkit script: HDR2config

    Hopefully this will get fixed ASAP! I’ve reported it a number of places, but not gotten any responses.

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      I just tried to use the HDR Efex Pro 2 Plugin as well and cannot get it to work. Have you contacted Nik? (Google)?

      • Steve says:

        Yes, contacted both Adobe and Nik. Haven’t heard back from either. I hope it’s not a case where each party blames the other for the problem – nothing will get fixed if that’s the case.

  69. My desktop has not upgraded to Lightroom CC 2015.1 but yet my laptop has?
    I’ve tried logging in and out of the Creative Cloud but no go. What can the problem be?
    Is there a way to force the update or must I just wait as this is a phased roll out. Just not sure why on the same account one device updated and not the other.


  70. George Wang says:

    As a standalone / perpetual license user of the new Adobe Lightroom 6.1, I wish their wording would been more clear like “…standalone / perpetual license will not/never be receiving any new feature updates” then I would have joined the CC in the beginning; however, now I believe Adobe was kind enough to add a new tool slider just for all the standalone / perpetual license users …. the new and fixed position “screw” slider that is fixed all the way to the right of the slider at 100%. I remember all the must have software like Harvard Graphic, WordPerfect, Corel Draw, Arts & Letter…. I wonder where they are now and how few people are using and remembering them as time goes by when better and more customer focused companies emerge under their shadow….. I wonder who might be next!!!

  71. Gael says:

    Come on, Adobe !

    Do you really believe that nagging legitimate customers and trying to manipulate their frustration in the hope to engage them to a subscription based relationship will succeed ?

    I couldn’t care less about the dehaze feature – but I do care about the way I am considered as a customer. I’m happy to pay the price, as long as I feel the relationship is fair.

    If you do not respect your customer base, when they at least can continue using your product whether you exist or not, whether you like it or not, why would one even think about joining a subscription program, where you can unilaterally change the rules and forbid the user further access to any of your applications ?

    Up to now, I am very happy with lightroom 6 – but for the first time since LR1, I will have a look at the competition, since I’m not inclined towards subscription based service, nor am I fan of companies trying to force people doing something they dont want to do.

    If that was the plan, then why did you not simply launch LR6CC ? My answer is that you were dishonest about your strategy.

    PS : and by the way, CC is 25% more expensive in europe than it is in the US. Seriously ?! What justifies the difference ?

  72. Steve Johnson says:

    Now that CC and 6 are two different products, will Adobe be providing a trial version for each? It appears to be now that the trial of LR is only CC but if I then go and buy standalone 6 I would have been very blatantly mislead about its features. Interestingly the ‘compare versions’ link below LR 6 on the main LR page does not say anything about the functional differences. I’m sorry but it looks like Adobe has not thought this through at all.

  73. Wilde Legard says:

    Adobe, I have to hand it to you. It sure didn’t take long for you to piss off all us standalone Lightroom users.
    Before purchasing the version 6 upgrade, I called Adobe sales and asked very specifically what the functional differences were between the standalone and CC versions of Lightroom 6. I was told: 1) CC included the mobile module, and 2) Lightroom 6 would be the last standalone version. That’s all. Not a word about how only CC will get the new features. The sales person I spoke with didn’t know she was lying. Neither did I.
    Some companies take years to alienate loyal customers. Adobe, you did it in just one day.
    Next target: The CC subscribers. How will they react when Adobe inevitably jacks up the subscription price?

  74. Bait and switch.

    Yes, the disclaimer allows Adobe to do this. And yes they will drive people to the cloud model by doing this. But I will not be doing so. There are a lot of viable alternatives to Lightroom, especially if you aren’t tied to Photoshop. Lightroom’s RAW conversion on any camera and especially Fuji X Series has been unspectacular, it took Adobe what, three years to begin to resolve X sensor Moire issues (or even accept that they existed). Comparing LR to C1, C1 is consistently better at this conversion.

    And ho, C1 has a Lightroom conversion script…

  75. Jens says:

    I can live without the dehaze feature. I try not to photograph in the middle of the day when it is hazy anyway. I do mind being treated as a second-class customer with the standalone Lightroom version. I think the writing is on the wall that Lightroom may not be standalone forever. That is my main concern. The option to buy the update to the standalone Lightroom was buried deep within Adobe’s website with Lightroom 6. First, CC is an option. Then, CC has additional features. Then, CC is no longer optional. We have seen it before. I can say for sure that I will never rent software. I makes neither economic, nor philosophical sense for me to rent an application that would be 80 Euros standalone as much as Adobe wants to upsell CC to me.

    And, Rikk, you repeating the same boilerplate text is a PR desaster.

    • Rikk Flohr says:


      When people ask the same question repeatedly, all I can do is give the correct answer repeatedly.

      • Mark says:

        I guess the reason that so many of us are disappointed is that there was no mention of this policy at point of purchase. While you’re correct that the policy was documented, it was left up to us to find it. Since I wasn’t expecting a divergence it never occurred to me, and apparently many others, to even look for one.

        I diligently purchased the upgrade the day it became available and was a little disappointed that the functional differences between version 5.7 and version 6 were so minimal. Since only a couple of months later new functionality is being added to the cc only version, its not unreasonable for many of us to infer that the plan all along was to show stand alone purchasers the error of their ways and force new users to the subscription version. Intentional or not, that is the perception many of us now have. As of right now, anyone wishing to purchase the standalone version who hasn’t already done done, is effectively not getting the most current version of the product. As an old software developer I know that maintaining two versions of the same software package is a marketing nightmare that should be avoided. .

        If Adobe really has any interest in customer support they should ameliorate the situation by providing LR6 standalone users the same updates for some reasonable period of time, perhaps 12 to 24 months. It would cost Adobe little but will restore the good feelings of customers dissatisfied by this unexpected turn of events. I hope you are actually in a position to pass this request on to those who can review tthis policy.

      • Dan Zemke says:

        But Rick, I notice that the “correct answer” stating that “nothing has changed” is only applicable to LR 6.x. What about standalone LR 7 (or what ever the next standalone fee-based upgrade is called)?

        I note, that in a comment above, Wilde Legard said: “I called Adobe sales … Lightroom 6 would be the last standalone version.” No one commented on his experience.

        Please clarify.

      • Timo Bierbaum says:

        Rikk, you might be formally correct – but bringing out a completely new version with hardly any new features and at the same time adding the features not only two months after the new release to only the subscription customers is a smack in the face to all loyal standalone customers. As well it leads to serious negative moral judgements about Adobe! This is either a complete marketing blackout – or – as I presume – a deliberate move to either force people to a cloud soloution or tell them to piss of. You seem to enforce decisions on customer side to start increasing subscription fees soon for those opportunistic believers and followers. Can’t wait to get the money? I guess you expected the shitstorm.
        I do not envie you in this situation … working for a company that treats customers like this and still having to justify this disgusting business behaviour must be … hmm … a challenge. I hope Adobe has a different attitude towards their employees!

      • Stefan says:

        Rikk, you do have a tedious job, trying to calm down all the upset customers. Kudos for keeping your calm.

        I also appreciate you have to stick to the language the Adobe legal team consider as ‘safe’. 🙂

  76. John Van Vooren says:

    I just paid 131,89 EUR (about 150 USD) one month ago for LR6. ONE month ago. Now what I have is software which is already not up to date anymore. New features which are added to software so shortly after a new main version appears should be included in an update as a courtesy, otherwise it has a unamusing scent to it. I know Adobe wants to have every single customer on a subscription and get money out of their pockets every single month on the motto: pay or stop using our software (and please Rikk: stop copy-pasting your extract from the EULA, I think every LR6-user who reads this forum by now knows your little credo). But I’m a amateur photographer and do not earn money with my hobby. I just like to buy a program once in a while, without obligations and without the risk of losing all my hard hours of work when I stop paying for a monthly subscription. But hey, there are alternatives on the market and they are getting more interesting with the minute. And, as I can see in the fora all around, I’m not alone…

  77. John Farinelli says:

    In the first release of LR 6 CC, my config seemed to work fine with the graphics accelerator. After downloading the later LR CC 2015, it is unusably slow ( problem solved by turning graphics acceleration off). An example is simply going to loop view, zoom to 1-1 and then simply trying to pan the image. Below is my config ( using latest GTX driver as well).

    Any suggestions ?

    Lightroom version: CC 2015.1 [ 1025654 ]
    License: Creative Cloud
    Operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium Edition
    Version: 6.1 [7601]
    Application architecture: x64
    System architecture: x64
    Logical processor count: 4
    Processor speed: 2.8 GHz
    Built-in memory: 16382.0 MB
    Real memory available to Lightroom: 16382.0 MB
    Real memory used by Lightroom: 1134.3 MB (6.9%)
    Virtual memory used by Lightroom: 1131.9 MB
    Memory cache size: 462.3 MB
    Maximum thread count used by Camera Raw: 4
    Camera Raw SIMD optimization: SSE2
    System DPI setting: 96 DPI
    Desktop composition enabled: Yes
    Displays: 1) 1920×1080
    Input types: Multitouch: No, Integrated touch: No, Integrated pen: Yes, External touch: No, External pen: Yes, Keyboard: No

    Graphics Processor Info:
    GeForce GTX 650/PCIe/SSE2

    Check OpenGL support: Passed
    Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Version: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 353.06
    Renderer: GeForce GTX 650/PCIe/SSE2
    LanguageVersion: 3.30 NVIDIA via Cg compiler

  78. Richard says:

    The “my way or the highway” approach reduces Adobe’s market share and increases net unit amortized cost of development. Someone else will supply customers what THEY WANT, at a price and quality that they will accept. Let’s face it. Lightroom is good, but not great. It was worth the price before, but now…..not so much. Wish I had kept Version 5 🙁

  79. I have been following this blog for the last few days and finally thought it was time for me to comment.

    It appears to me that many people have no idea how the software business functions. Adobe is continually updating and improving Photoshop and Lightroom and in case you did not realize it that process of design, coding, testing, and deployment costs money – lots of money.

    The notion that you can buy a copy of Lightroom 6 and expect that you should receive new features because those of us paying monthly for the cloud get them is simply ludicrous. If you bought a refrigerator and two months later the same manufacturer comes out with a new model that has some awesome new features, do you expect them to send you the new components? Clearly not.

    All the comments regarding “second class citizenry” are simply a way for you to try and badger Adobe into feeling bad for you. It is not about being second class – it is more simple than that. You bought Lightroom 6 because of the features advertised Lightroom 6 – and you got those features.

    It has been known for quite a while that cloud users receive updates and enhancement all the time and this is not because we are a different class – it is because we are paying the tab.

    It is time to stop whining and wake up to the fact that Adobe is not the only company doing this software licensing concept. Microsoft Word 365 has adopted a similar concept and most other software developers that have been fighting software piracy for years (like Adobe and Microsoft) will soon see this approach as a way to really get paid for all copies of the product.

    Finally, the $9.95 per month for the Photographers Cloud is an unbelievable bargain. Imagine the magnitude of the Lightroom product and then add to that the incredible abilities of the Photoshop product and if you are at all realistic you will realize what a great value this is. And, for those of you that say they cannot afford the $9.95 per month, be happy with the great Lightroom 6 product. You got the features you paid for and will get the bug fixes from Adobe for free – more than you get from most software companies.

    • Mark says:

      What you say might make sense except that anyone purchasing the standalone version TODAY will be getting software that is already not current version. Does that make any sense?. Second most of us were not aware that there would be two versions, otherwise we might have made other choices. Third, despite what Rick has stated their have been several enhancements over the years that were added to the existing versions. The idea that new enhancements were only implemented in new releases is not completely accurate. Fourth, many of us have noted that the new version of Lightroom was surprisingly short on new features. The fact that the Haze feature was added only a couple of months later makes it seem like it was deliberately held back to show subscription users the value of their decision. If Adobe didn’t want to properly support standalone users, they simply should not have offered it as a option.. I wonder if your feelings would be the same had you laid out cold cash for the standalone version, which from now on I think we should refer to as Lightroom Lite.. .

    • Mark says:

      it’s not an unbelievable bargain since if you stop paying whatever monthly fees Adobe charges in future, your software stops working. This doesn’t encourage me to become reliant on LR catalogues, presets, etc. I’ve built up, since Adobe can then hold me to ransome. Hence I prefer the perpetual licence version.

  80. Michael Hellmich says:

    Lightroom 6.1 Bug Fixing – big disappointment
    I upgraded from 5.7 to Lightroom 6.0, solely because of the “Face Recognition Feature”. It was quite cumbersome to use, the recognition worse then Picasa and incredible slow. So, I was hoping for 6.1 to fix at least the Performance issue => and I was disappointed. The post editing of names to faces is even slower then before. It takes 30 and more seconds for ~10 photos till manually confirmed faces are processed (incl. Metadata). The Performance experience takes me 10 years back.

    I disabled and enabled GPU Support = no difference.

    Computer specs: Core I7 + 16 GB RAM; Lightroom on Samsung SSD 850; Photos on Samsung SSD 840; GTX 680 Nividia Graphics Adapter; Windows 8.1

    What is needed to run Lightroom 6.1 smoothly? … IBM Grey?

    I hope, that the Performance issues can be solved with the next update. Till then, I will pause and save some nerves.

  81. Dawid Ciechanowicz says:

    Well… goodbye Adobe. I was a faithful paying user of Lightroom (and other products) after a switch from other commercial raw processor. It’s time to switch again.
    I know there was a disclaimer and also probably a lot of small print in EULA that I should have read before buying standalone version. But I TRUSTED YOU so I didn’t.
    As a big software company you probably have a list of a new features that are being worked on with release window for each of them. And you could easily and clearly inform your new and former customers that if you decide on buying a standalone version you will probably miss those features in coming year: (here comes the list). Now you didn’t do that. Now when some people are suprised you say “there was a disclaimer – haven’t you read?”. No I haven’t and apparently neither some other people. But in the end that’s good for both of us, because you will keep the photographers that will remember to read the small print and I will find the company that I can trust.

  82. Don Barton says:

    I am a Creative Cloud subscriber. I previously used Adobe Lightroom CC and quickly upgraded to Lightroom 2015 CC when it became available. However, I find that my previously saved files/catalogues cannot be opened and are greyed out. These are located on an external LaCie hard drive.

    Is there a setting that I am missing to make these files readable?

  83. Jeremy Moore says:

    Like most of the above posters, I am more than disappointed in Adobe’s attitude towards standalone Lightroom users.
    Personally I think Lightroom is great software and I would be willing to pay a reasonable monthly fee to use it.
    But I don’t use Photoshop and have no desire ever to use it. So at $9.95 a month I would be wasting my money. Let us have LR at, say, $3 – $4 a month and most users would be happy.


  84. Christophe Ducrocq says:

    Hi Adobe team Boss
    As most LR users here, I am very disappointed in your marketing policy choice.
    And I hate being disappointed.
    As many photographers, I don’t earn money with my images, and I don’t need Photoshop either.
    So CC (and its Photshop components) is useless for me, so why should I pay 3 times the price for a product I don’t need ?

    Not adding new features in standalone version after its 2 months initial release is just a shame
    And please, don’t post those T&Cs anymore, everybody knows them so far.

    You could be well inspired in copying FuJi’s commercial and firmware policy who integrates latest feature of their brand new XT10 in older XT1 model for FREE !
    You could be well inspired in providing free fonction upgrades as does OnOne software with its Perfect Suite : I bought 8.5 and got 9.0 then 9.5 free ! and say what, it deals fast with RAW files too !
    So please, leave this silly situation with panache by providing a decent client policy instead of hyding behind them.
    Christophe (Client since LR4)

    • Virender Pau says:

      Well said. Adobe also took out the special price for the educators/teaching staff at reduced price they used to offer! Very low blow to those who teach and promote the software. They seems to have no heart or love in my opinion for their photography fans.. Hope they correct this mistake soon and keep their respect amongst the photographers

  85. Julian says:

    I came upon this discussion with a view to buying standalone LR. Thank goodness I read this before parting with my money – so I have time to look at other recommendations. DxO any good?

    I understand why Adobe are going to the cloud. It is like Microsoft with Office 365 – perpetual money rolling in is what the bean counters like. My standalone Microsoft Office is from 2010 – so that’s five years revenue “lost” to Microsoft. And so long as my PC does not die I will continue using it with no additional money for Microsoft and no extra costs for me. So that is one reason why I am anti-cloud and anti paying perpetually.

    The other reason is that I am not in the US. However the US Government wants to bring anything on a cloud operated by a US Company (e.g. Microsoft and Adobe) under US jurisdiction – even if the cloud and data owner are based in Europe. Whilst my photos probably don’t violate US law (I hope!), there is a principal – and certainly some of the financial stuff I have worked on in the past for a previous company had to be kept away from US at all costs – which would have impacted on my use of Office 365 and Acrobat CC.

    Sorry for the sidetrack – but just to make the point that there are more reasons not to use the cloud than just the costs! And sadly for Adobe, unlike Microsoft with Office, it seems that there are many viable alternatives to LR. It will be interesting to watch whether this hits the bottom line and we see a full featured LR7.

  86. David Riddell says:

    I subscribe to the PS & LR CC package, my OS is 10.10.3 running on a late 2013 27″ iMac (Intel Core i7 3.5GHz, 8Gb RAM).
    Anyway, I am having issues with LR since the update to version 6 and continuing with 6.1. The program (LR) works absolutely perfectly unless I leave it idle for approximately >20 minutes WITHOUT using it, in which case I get the little rainbow – coloured spinning wheel of death and the only way I can continue with LR or close it is to “force quit”. Force quit works perfectly, but it is a nuisance and doesn’t allow me to back up the database.

    Please assist – thanks

  87. Jay Manuzon says:

    I strongly recommend to enable standalone users the possibility to buy features. Otherwise this policy will mark the end of the enthusiasts’ segment. Most Photographers I know, were in the same spot as me, thinking about maybe subscribing, some did, some bought the standalone version, you might have written it somewhere, but it surely wasn’t transparent. Before you go fleece your customers, you should at least be 10 years ahead of the competition. We will be luckily moving to Capture One, out of simple principle.

    • We’ve always offered perpetual customers to upgrade and get the new features every ~18 months. Creative Cloud is the platform that allows us to deliver features as soon as they’re available rather than the old ~18-month cycle.

      • Mike says:

        Rubbish Jeffrey – Adobe regularly shipped new features in the 5.x releases much more frequently than every 18 months, and certainly didn’t wait for major releases.
        Just go back and read all those “New Features” sections in your release notes.

    • Julian says:

      Interestingly Capture One does not seem to fully support two of Nikon’s most popular cameras – the D7200 and D750 – so DxO still seems to be the favourite alternative – unless anyone has other ideas.

  88. chk says:

    It’s ridiculous, and I’m sad I’ve spent money to update my Lightroom to the 6 version.
    Lightroom standalone of course, because I don’t approve your way to do business with software subscription.
    I want to pay for a product and then use it as I would. Like I do with a camera, a lens, a PC, a car, a house and everything else I need in life.

    This “late update”, made late by proposal, is the thing closer to a fraud you could do.
    Hope a class action will change your mind with the same pressure you’re using to change the mind and habits of your customers (without whom you would have been out of business, remember).

    Thanks adobe.

  89. Morten says:

    Just recently bought the standalone ligtroom 6 upgrade only to realise that i don’t get the latest features as im not a priority costumer for adobe anymore.
    Well… i dont want to rent my software in the same way as i don’t want to rent my mac or my car.
    You will never manage to force me on to (renting) CC with these arrogant bullying tactics. Quite the opposite actually.
    I think its time to change to Capture One.

  90. Chris Craggs says:

    I have been with Lightroom since it came out at Day One and have update religiously with every itteration having spent a lot of money with Adobe (I have all the CS suites too). Their attitude to loyal customers stinks !


  91. Scott Allen says:

    I bought LR 3,4,and 5. To be honest, LR6 did not seem like a significant upgrade, at least for me — I already have an HDR plug-in that is far more sophisticated than that in the new LR, and most cameras have a panoramic mode. But I was open minded and waited to learn more. I like LR. Then, two months after release, Adobe adds a Haze feature and brush editing for gradients and they’re not available to standalone users. Two months?? That had to be planned. Now I know why the original LR6 upgrade was so light. Hold off on new features at release to show that the only way to keep current is to buy the CC service (and immediately anger everyone who bought the standalone?). Would I have upgraded to LR6 standalone if the newly added features were included from the start, or provided to standalone users when they became available? Probably. But now I consider myself fortunate that I waited to purchase LR6. I won’t. Nor will I subscribe to LR/PS CC. I don’t use Photoshop, nor want it. Great program. But I don’t want or need it. I don’t want or need the mobile CC features. So why should I pay for them? What happens next year when you raise the CC subscription price? If I cancel I will be locked out forever of editing my LR edited files in LR. It looks as if LR6 standalone is planned to be the last. There may not be a LR7. If I buy standalone LR6 I’ll probably have a dead program that has no hope of being updated. My LR5.7 might be dead if I don’t upgrade, but at least I won’t have spent any more of my money on the inevitable, and on CC programs I don’t need. And to be honest, I don’t like the way Adobe has upset so many loyal LR users, including myself. As a result, I have had to ask myself if I want to continue to be an Adobe customer. I could go on but I’ll just echo all of the criticisms that have been expressed before me.

    If I was the president of Adobe and I learned of all the complaints, and they are all over the internet, not just here, I would call in my marketing execs and ask what the h..ll is going on. There has to be a better way. I remain hopeful that Adobe finds it soon.

  92. Carlos G.B. says:

    Dear Adobe, please reconsider and rectify this marketing disaster. Please, either release new features also to standalone Lightroom ro create a new monthly plan for Lightroom only without Photoshop. Please don’t force us to go find another product and start advertising how cheap this company can be with their customers.

  93. ChrisJD says:

    Good companies listen to their customers. They don’t get repeating terms & conditions when so many customers are clearly very very unhappy (Who is Rikk anyway – is he the official voice of Adobe? If not, where are they in this?).

    I’ve been with LR since V1 Beta and have upgraded at every release. I been a real advocate of LR and have pushed it on friends and forums.

    I feel let down and undervalued by the way Adobe is treating loyal standalone customers like me.

    So are you listening Adobe? – I am a customer and I am very very unhappy.

    (Cue Rikk to repeat T&Cs)

  94. Mike says:

    It seems pretty obvious that Adobe is not listening to its customers.
    During the many releases of the 5.x family and earlier there were many new features added through point releases.
    So now we have 6.x providing the “same level of updates” as all previous version by using the revisionist history version of T&Cs repeatedly pointed out (thanks for nothing Rikk, but maybe check your own product release notes first).
    This is nothing more than an obvious marketing push to fleece existing customers and blackmail us into an unwanted CC subscription.

    • Mark says:

      I’ll keep Lightroom 6 standalone in order to support all the work I’ve done, but because of this incredibly poor marketing move, I’m actively looking at the competition to identify what I will lose by changing software, and what I will gain. Since I also use PS Elements as a back end pixel editor its likely that a switch to Adobe’s competition will also mean I will no longer be upgrading to that software package as well. Since I do not have, nor am I likely to have, any interest in using Photoshop CC, paying $10 a month into perpetuity just to use Lightroom is way too much. If going forward Adobe sets up subscriptions on a package by package basis so I can just get Lightroom for a lesser amount, I might reconsider. I’m not expecting them to do that so I guess I’ll have to jump ship. That’s too bad because I really like Lightroom. I’m guessing that Adobe is not terribly concerned about customer support or any lost revenue this move might cause. They’re probably betting that most people will eventually make the move to a subscription, especially since this is the last standalone version of Lightroom. The real issue for many of us though is despite what Adobe may have been posted on line, at the point of sale for the standalone version there was no mention of this policy. . .

  95. Chikmagalur says:

    Adobe has always provided user specific features till now. But my request is please add more camera lenses for the camera profile list like AF-S DX NIKKOR 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR and Nikon 18-55mm VR II. Also please add more inbuilt presets. This will help in saving time.

  96. james Welsh says:

    I have LR 6.0 stand alone. It will not update to 6.1. I tried via Help>update and downloading the update package, but it will not update. I need 6.1 for support of my new camera.
    Please help!

  97. Bruce Himelman says:

    upgraded to lr cc 2015 on the cloud. Cannot longer add photos to collections and see them in lr mobile. in fact, when you right click on a collection folder, the option to check off to sync to lr mobile is no longer there. It seems to me that every new version is released with bugs. When will there be fix for this problem? Thanks

  98. Rene says:

    And, where or how do i get this update?

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      Updates to the Creative Cloud programs are found in your Adobe Creative Cloud app. If you don’t see updates available, try signing out of the CC App and signing back in.

  99. S Beller says:

    I’ve installed Lr 6 standalone on a computer without internet connection. How can I get the update package to work on that PC?

  100. Dehaze is a fantastic functionality! I use this a lot! Thanks

  101. Christian says:


  102. Steve Sutton says:

    I just upgraded to the CC (2015) version and all photos from the past month are gone from the catalog. The photos are still in the folders and a Library->Find Lost Photos can’t find them. Anyone else seeing this problem?

    • Rikk Flohr says:


      My first thought is that you have opened a backup copy of your catalog from about a month ago. Is that possible? Check out your LR most recently used file list at File>Open Recent and see if one of the catalogs listed there has the missing files you previously imported.

  103. Steve Sutton says:

    As to losing photos with the new Lightroom, I found I had to import the saved catalog, then all the photos showed up.

  104. Fotoiwan says:

    I just got Lightroom CC 2015 and adobe photoshop CC 2015, did the update to ACR 9.1 and Lightroom still doesnt recognize the .RAF from my Fuji XT-10, Lightroom cant even convert the .RAF to .DNG !!
    I got the latest DNG converter installed also !
    Is this what i get with my 1 year subscription to CC ?!!

    (adobe photoshop CC 2015 does recognize and open the .RAF but the new Lightroom CC 2015 does NOT !)
    I want this fixed.

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      If you are using the CC2015 version, you will need to install the CC2015.1 Update to gain support for the X-T-10 (see this doc: https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/camera-raw-plug-supported-cameras.html). Just installing the ACR 9.1 will not be enough as Lightroom doesn’t use the ACR for its camera support. If you have installed the CC2015.1 update already and are still having issues reading the files from your Fuji, then you have a different problem.

      Can you verify that you have CC2015.1 installed by going to your Help>System Info and double checking the version number?

  105. Fotoiwan says:

    I checked and it says:
    Lightroom-versie: CC 2015 [1014445]
    Licentie: Creative Cloud
    Besturingssysteem: Windows 7 Ultimate Edition
    Versie: 6.1 [7601]

    i did a fresh install of the CC app and Lightroom but it wont give me the updated LR.
    Signing in and out doesnt work, it wont give me the update and keeps saying “updated”
    i dont want to wait 30 days for a fix or help and thinking of canceling my purchase, this is ridiculous.

  106. Blade says:

    Well done adobe you have engineered an costing structure to pay for the software without having to go to the trouble of actually introducing any new innovative features that customers may want. I will be rethinking if I want to continue contributing to such arrogant attitude to customers.

  107. Eric C says:

    This comment is solely for Adobe and I hope they consider it seriously.

    The worst part of all this is that the features mentioned above were available to me in the trial version of LR I had installed from Adobe. Now that I have reinstalled and activated my retail product, these functionalities have disappeared (to be fair, I’m unsure why, but the blacks-whites local adjustments were available to me, but I don’t remember dehaze), which means that I don’t actually have the product I thought I had payed for!

    Agreed with most people on this page. After having taken time to rationally reflect upon this situation, this is insulting to all the people who pay (let’s face it) a lot of money for a software, especially for people like me who use it for personal use only and thoughtfully pay for the license to encourage a product and the company that makes it. Let’s be honest: a lot of people use expensive software like this for personal use without ever paying for a license. I chose not to… and I already regret it.

    I would honestly ask for a refund if it were possible.
    Unless something is done by Adobe to fix this sad reality (and they would have to openly admit their mistake), it is the last license I purchase for an Adobe product. I will surely check out Capture One, which has been suggested by many LR6 users, above.

    LR6 is a good product, but it is very resource-heavy and feels like a botched first version on many aspects. I was expecting a few updates along the way that would remedy this situation, as with any major software one purchases. The “feature enhacements” brought forward by this June 2015 update are basic features that should have made it in a second (LR2) or third (LR3) version of a software. There are so many basic functionalities missing, such as displaying information overlay in fullscreen mode.

    Adobe, I wish you the best of luck for the years to come, but I firmly believe you are heading for an abyss with the Creative Cloud decision you’ve recently made. At least, producing a standalone version of LR left people with a choice, but you’ve instigated the feeling of deceipt in their minds and irradicated any faith they had in Adobe by providing basic functionality updates for only a portion of your paying customers. Most people complaining on this page do not feel that they were informed about this, which is why so many people seem angry.

  108. DaveV says:

    Really disappointed in Adobe and how they make Lightroom 6.1 and Lightroom 2015.1 different. When they sold me Lightroom 6.1 they didn’t indicate I wouldn’t be receiving features that Lightroom 2015.1 would.

    Not making me want to buy from them in the future.. I don’t like the subscription option, stop trying to force us all to it.


  109. Mark says:

    I am annoyed and frustrated by the current Lightroom policy, especially after having upgraded to the standalone version from 5.7 only to find out I would be treated like a second class customer going forward, Since I don’t intend to use Photoshop CC, I will not subscribe for $10 a month just to use Lightroom. The cost of using LR CC alone comes to $120 per year! Many have suggested ditching Adobe products as a result of this ridiculous policy, and the fact that it was not clear at point of purchase that the standalone version would be a separate product and not kept current, i have been a loyal customer and user of Lightroom since version 3. But, loyalty must be earned, and as a result of this policy, I’m putting my money where my mouth is. I’ve already begun evaluating alternatives to Lightroom and will start to wean myself off this product within the near future. There are a number of alternatives out there. Good job pissing off and driving away your loyal customers Adobe!

  110. Bruce Hansen says:

    I also just purchased a Fuji x-t 10, and have the standalone version of Lightroom 6.0. I have owned Lightroom since it’s inception with version 1. When I try to update, I get the error message, and am told to come here for help. Looks like we’re all in the same boat. Several years ago I purchased the On One suite 6. It had a lot of nice features, but I preferred Lightroom for its simplicity. Now they’re up to version 10 and have made many improvements. One of the advantages to this company, is you can actually talk to the president of the company. Has anyone else had experience with this company?

    I too see the handwriting on the wall, and believe they will force all Adobe users to the cloud. It’s not because they can give better service to cloud customers, but are unable to control the number of computers the standalone version is installed on.

  111. annoyed says:

    Purchased the stand alone license a few weeks ago and just had that refunded.

    Crap software. It crashes OSx with redirect loops in the help window and always tries to call home at strange times popping up when I never ever wanted to use the mobile version. Cannot disable and really the most annoying piece of software I’ve used in over 20 years.

    I hope they fix this by the time they offer lightroom 7 or I’m done for good with Adobe software.

  112. Larry Sallee says:

    Very happy to have come across this blog. I was on the verge of purchasing the standalone version of Lightroom, but now that I have a clear understanding of the differences between that and the subscription version (which I am in no way interested in), I will look for other alternatives to Adobe software. I’ve been a loyal user of Elements since version 2, and was looking to up my game with Lightroom, but I have no desire to become dependent on a subscription model, and will now look elsewhere for my post-processing needs.

  113. Peter says:

    Lr6 If I use Canon 5DSr RAW files the progamm doesn´t work well. After one Pic after Export or
    delete a files the program stops…..For the Price 130 euro it have to work…hope update coming soon for
    a proberly run.

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      Does it work well with other files?

      Have you tried: resetting your preferences file by closing Lightroom, holding down [Alt/Opt]+{Shift] while launching Lightroom, and resetting preferences in the dialog?

  114. Johan says:

    I am a hobby photographer that is not happy with the subscription model because I do not want to pay for development I do not need. Latest Photoshop CC update did not give me anything I need, so under the CS system I would have skipped this version. I just wanted to say that I have been very positively surprised by a PS alternative called Affinity Photo ($50 with 2 years free upgrades). This software replaces PS for me, it cannot do everything that PS does (yet) but I sure it is enough for the vast majority of PS users and really fast. It is only version 1 and has some issues but the support from Serif is phenomenal. Currently the reason I am still keeping PS CS6 on my computer is the compatibility with some plugins, many work but not all but the company says this will be addressed in future updates of Affinity photo. My problem is DAM, currenty I am using LR6 and is basically happy with it, but I read above that there is likely not going to be a LR7. This is not good, and will influence whether I want to be stuck in LR catalouges and presets. Because if not maybe I should start looking for alternatives before I get stuck to hard in LR…. So I have two questions
    1) will there be a LR7 stand alone?
    2) which is the best current alternatives , Capture One?

  115. Martin Slonm says:

    Thanks to all of you for your comments. It’s helped me to decided which way to go as a new subscriber to Lightroom. Since I have no interest in Photo Shop nor workflow connectivity to iPad or iPhone, and since I also have no interest in “perpetual renting,” rather than one time ownership of a product, the choice is clear. For my purposes, the Stand alone Lightroom 6 is the way to go.

  116. bernd says:

    I needed about a half hour to find a link to download Lightroom 6.2 (help menu doesn´t shown a new update.)
    In this thread I found finally a link.
    Its really a worst support for lightroom 6. But not so worst like Apple who stopped Aperture…