Lightroom 2.0 for Android, now available!

Lightroom 2.0 for Android adds in a number of new, important features, including:

  • An in-app camera, supporting the capture of images in DNG raw format
  • Shoot-through presets, also available within the in-app camera, enabling previewing and capturing images with a series of built-in presets providing non-destructive editing
  • Dehaze tool to adjust haze and fog in an image
  • Split Toning enhancement, enabling the addition of a color cast to the highlights and shadows of an image, creating a uniquely stylized color image or replicating the look and feel of a traditional toned black and white image
  • Target Adjustment Tool functionality in the Color/B&W editing tool, providing direct, on-image editing controls
  • Point mode in Curve tool providing complete control over the tonality and contrast of an image
  • Enhanced sharing with one-tap access to Adobe Premiere Clip for crafting video stories.

We also worked with world-renowned travel photographer Colby Brown to test and use the latest version of Lightroom for Android on his Nexus 6P, which he used to create a series of stunning photos while traveling to Cuba. Check out his photos below and visit his post here to read his take on working in a full raw end-to-end workflow.

You can download Lightroom for Android 2.0 here now for free. We’d love to hear your thoughts about this version in the comments below!

LRM_20160125_175113 - Edited

LRM_20160124_103337 - Edited LRM_20160126_173942 - Edited LRM_20160131_155643 - Edited LRM_20160131_162122 - Edited LRM_20160201_103458 - Edited LRM_20160201_125528 - Edited LRM_20160201_133837 - Edited LRM_20160201_134330 - Edited LRM_20160201_180339 - Edited

20 Responses to Lightroom 2.0 for Android, now available!

  1. Jason C says:

    Thank you! I’ve been waiting for awhile for you guys to bring the new iOS interface to Android. The old interface required WAAAYY too much scrolling if you synced more than a dozen or collections.

    I’ve only been using Lightroom 2.0 on Android for a few minutes but one thing I noticed right away is that scrolling is sluggish on my Nexus 6P. Definitely not as responsive as other apps on my phone.

    Also, it would be great if you could make a camera widget so we can launch directly into the Lightroom camera.

    • Josh Haftel says:

      Camera Widget, check!

      What part is sluggish? Scrolling through collections, photos, or…? And is it different than on a previous build?

      • Jason C says:

        Yes, it does seem slower than previous builds.

        Scrolling through collections is sluggish. When I flick the screen to scroll, the collections scroll a lot slower than what I flicked. And if I hold my thumb on the display and move up and down, the scrolling does keep pace with my thumb. It’s smooth….just slow. It’s as if the display is scrolling through molasses.

      • Jonah says:

        Can I just send a +1 for a Camera Widget? The lightroom camera is so much better than the stock android one, I want to use it all the time.

  2. Does this mean I can teacher my Canon 5D MKIII to my Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, co’s that would be absolutely awesome ☺

  3. Jao says:

    Will it take in raw from other cameras than the built-in one now?

  4. On release of version 1.4 you said, that LR Mobile is free even for those users without a Creative Cloud subscription (of course no synch to a desktop version). Now with version 2.0 isn’t that clear according to your FAQ and even worth, installing the app on a “clean” smartphone without a login (meaning Adobe-ID?) the app says the 30-days trial will begin? After creating an Adobe ID from a person not having a Creative Cloud subscription and logging in the app says beginning of the 30-days trial?

    Now which one is true? Is LR Mobile free for using or is it bound again to a Creative cloud subscription?

    • Josh Haftel says:

      Nothing has changed with regards to the licensing of Lightroom mobile. It can be used, free of charge, without any time restrictions, for all of the current functionality apart from synchronization with Lightroom desktop, Lightroom web, and the creative cloud services.

      When installing onto a clean device, you are offered the opportunity to start a 30-day trial, which also includes access to the desktop versions of Lightroom and Photoshop, as well as the synchronization abilities for Lightroom mobile, however one is not required to log in in order to use the application.

  5. John Jowett says:

    My HTC One M9 is capable of taking RAW (DNG) photos. I have been doing it with the built-in HTC camera app for a while. However the camera in Lrm will only take JPGs. When I select the camera, the JPEG option is briefly illuminated before greying-out. There seems to be no way to switch to shooting RAW within Lrm.

    I agree with others that a camera widget would be very nice to have.

  6. Chris Q says:

    hi, so is there a list somewhere of phones that support raw? several google searches over the past couple hours have turned up nothing. I get the sense htc and Samsung have offerings that allow DNG and Sony does not. is there a comprehensive list somewhere?

  7. Joe Cichocki says:

    Will this app work on an android tablet?

  8. maxim says:

    sony xperia z5 not supporting raw/dng in LR nor in other camera apps….just no way.
    However I’ve found a camera app freedcam that at least lets you switch off the damned noise reduction….better with some noise instead of messed up pixels

  9. Great app. Downloaded the app one week ago (ver 2.1.1). I am satisfied.
    Easy in use and foreseeable interface.

  10. Doug R says:

    Will this work on a Samsung Note 5?

    Thanks in advance!

  11. Bob Peebles says:

    When will dng raw be available for Samsung s5 phone?

  12. Andrew says:

    I’m running a MotoG 3rd Gen with a 12MP camera, but the song option isn’t available on the LR app I downloaded yesterday…