Lightroom CC 2015.6 now available

Lightroom CC 2015.6 and Lightroom 6.6 are now available.  The goal of this release is to provide additional camera raw support, lens profile support and address bugs that were introduced in previous releases of Lightroom.  This release also includes a new Guided Upright feature for Creative Cloud members.

Thank you for all your feedback and passion for Lightroom.

Introducing Guided Upright 

We included Upright as a tool that helped Lightroom customers easily straighten images, fix horizons, and reduce or eliminate the keystone effect in buildings.  Upright works well when there are prominent vertical and horizontal lines.  Not all images contain prominent lines, limiting the effectiveness of Upright.

Starting with Lightroom CC 2015.6, Guided Upright allows you to provide ‘hints’ that enable Upright to work its magic.  You draw the vertical and horizontal lines directly on the image and Upright will automatically transform the image.  Here’s how to get started.

  1. Select an image and click on the Develop Module.
  2. Enable Lens Profile Corrections.  Upright works better with Lens Profile Corrections.
  3. Notice that there is a new “Transform” Panel.   Transform includes both Upright and the manual perspective correction sliders together in a convenient place.
  4. Within Transform, click on the “Guided” button.
  5. Draw 2-4 guides on the image.  Upright will transform the image once you draw at least 2 guides.
  6. Fine tune the results (if needed) with the manual transform slides, including the new X and Y transform sliders.  They can be used for  repositioning/moving the image within the canvas after applying strong perspective corrections to choose which part of the (warped, non-rectangular) image to show within the rectangular canvas.

Guided upright

Check out this great video by Julieanne Kost to learn more about Guided Upright!

New Camera Support in Lightroom CC 2015.6 / 6.6

  • Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II
  • Leica M-D (Typ 262)
  • Nikon COOLPIX B700
  • Panasonic DMC-GX85 (DMC-GX80, DMC-GX7MK2)

Also please note that Lightroom CC 2015.6/6.6 also includes camera matching color profiles for the Pentax 645Z, Pentax K-1, and Pentax K-3 II cameras.

Additional Updates in Lightroom CC 2015.6 / 6.6

  • Merge to Panorama and HDR now works with Smart Previews.  Previously, Lightroom required the use of original images for the Merge to Panorama or HDR features.
  • The Preferences -> Lightroom mobile section now contains a “Pending Sync Activity” section.  This area is useful for helping identify any potential issues related to image sync across the Lightroom family of applications (desktop, mobile and web).

Tethered Camera Support for the following cameras:

  • Canon EOS-1D X Mark II
  • Canon EOS 80D
  • Canon EOS 1300D / Canon Rebel T6

New Lens Profile Support in Lightroom CC 2015.6 / 6.6

Mount Name
Canon EF Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM
Canon EF Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM +1.4x
Canon EF Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM +2.0x
Canon EF TAMRON SP 85mm F1.8 Di VC USD F016E
Canon EF TAMRON SP 90mm F2.8 Di MACRO VC USD F017E
Canon EF-M Rokinon 10mm f/2.8 ED AS NCS CS
Canon EF-M Samyang 8mm f/3.5 UMC Fish-Eye CS II
Canon EF-M Samyang 10mm f/2.8 ED AS NCS CS
Canon EF-M Samyang 100mm f/2.8 ED UMC MACRO
Canon EF-M Samyang 135mm f/2 ED UMC
Fujifilm Rokinon 10mm f/2.8 ED AS NCS CS
Fujifilm Rokinon 100mm f/2.8 ED UMC MACRO
Fujifilm Rokinon 135mm f/2 ED UMC
Fujifilm Samyang 8mm f/3.5 UMC Fish-Eye CS II
Fujifilm Samyang 10mm f/2.8 ED AS NCS CS
Fujifilm Samyang 100mm f/2.8 ED UMC MACRO
Fujifilm Samyang 135mm f/2 ED UMC
Leica M Lomography LOMO LC-A MINITAR-1 Art Lens 2.8/32
Leica M Lomography-Zenit New Jupiter 3+ 1.5/50
Leica M Lomography-Zenit New Russar+ 5.6/20
M42 Fujifilm FUJINON 55mm f/2.2 M42
Minolta SR Minolta MC TELE ROKKOR-PF 135mm F2.8
Nikon F TAMRON SP 85mm F1.8 Di VC USD F016N
Nikon F TAMRON SP 90mm F2.8 Di MACRO VC USD F017N
Nikon Coolpix Nikon COOLPIX B700
Olympus Rokinon 10mm f/2.8 ED AS NCS CS
Olympus Rokinon 100mm f/2.8 ED UMC MACRO
Olympus Rokinon 135mm f/2 ED UMC
Olympus Samyang 8mm f/3.5 UMC Fish-Eye CS II
Olympus Samyang 10mm f/2.8 ED AS NCS CS
Olympus Samyang 100mm f/2.8 ED UMC MACRO
Olympus Samyang 135mm f/2 ED UMC
Panasonic Rokinon 10mm f/2.8 ED AS NCS CS
Panasonic Rokinon 100mm f/2.8 ED UMC MACRO
Panasonic Rokinon 135mm f/2 ED UMC
Panasonic Samyang 8mm f/3.5 UMC Fish-Eye CS II
Panasonic Samyang 10mm f/2.8 ED AS NCS CS
Panasonic Samyang 100mm f/2.8 ED UMC MACRO
Panasonic Samyang 135mm f/2 ED UMC
Pentax HD PENTAX-D FA 15-30mm F2.8ED SDM WR
Pentax HD PENTAX-D FA 28-105mm F3.5-5.6ED DC WR
Pentax HD PENTAX D FA* 70-200mm F2.8 ED DC AW
Samsung NX  Rokinon 10mm f/2.8 ED AS NCS CS
Samsung NX Rokinon 100mm f/2.8 ED UMC MACRO
Samsung NX Rokinon 135mm f/2 ED UMC
Samsung NX Samyang 8mm f/3.5 UMC Fish-Eye CS II
Samsung NX Samyang 10mm f/2.8 ED AS NCS CS
Samsung NX Samyang 100mm f/2.8 ED UMC MACRO
Samsung NX Samyang 135mm f/2 ED UMC
Sony E Rokinon 10mm f/2.8 ED AS NCS CS
Sony E Samyang 8mm f/3.5 UMC Fish-Eye CS II
Sony E Samyang 10mm f/2.8 ED AS NCS CS
Sony FE Rokinon 100mm f/2.8 ED UMC MACRO
Sony FE Rokinon 135mm f/2 ED UMC
Sony FE Samyang 100mm f/2.8 ED UMC MACRO
Sony FE Samyang 135mm f/2 ED UMC
Sony FE Sony FE 50mm F1.8
Sony FE Sony FE 70-200mm F2.8 GM OSS
Sony FE Sony FE 70-200mm F2.8 GM OSS + 1.4X Teleconverter
Sony FE Sony FE 70-200mm F2.8 GM OSS + 2X Teleconverter
Sony FE Sony FE 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 G OSS
Sony FE Voigtlander SUPER WIDE-HELIAR 15mm F4.5 III
Sony FE Zeiss Batis 2.8/18

Customer reported issues resolved

Installation Instructions

Please select Help > Updates to use the update mechanism in the Creative Cloud app.

Give us feedback

Once you’ve updated to the latest version of Lightroom, don’t forget to leave us feedback about your experiences. Lightroom wouldn’t be what it is today without our passionate and loyal customers around the world. Giving us regular feedback helps us to find and fix issues that we may otherwise not know about. We are listening.

Here are a few ways that you can send us feedback:

Report bugs and suggest features

Discuss workflow and get help with how-to questions or basic troubleshooting 


179 Responses to Lightroom CC 2015.6 now available

  1. Ian Barton says:

    Looks like the link for “Removing face tags causes photos to get stuck in “To Be Republished” state when using Publish Service Plugins such as Smugmug” is pointing at the wrong place.

  2. Kai says:

    Please add support for Walimex Pro/Samyang 7.5mm 1:3,5 CSC Fisheye Panasonic/Olympus MFT. This is the only MFT Samyang lens I’m missing.

  3. Mike Jones says:

    I’m wondering if it will work for the samsung rugby I547c

  4. Norbert says:

    lets hope when they finally release v7 it will have an up to date demosaicing engine. the 2012 engine gets a bit long in the tooth.

    but as i know adobe we will get more mobile crap and that´s it….

    DXO is running circles around lightroom when it comes to noise reduction.
    photo ninja has a way better demosaicing engine.

    and i don´t even want to start with fuji x-trans support in adobe software… 🙁

    • Axel says:

      What exactly seems to be the problem with PV2010, only the rather complicated sharpening/nr in comparison to PS’ smart sharpen or DxO’s PRIME? Other than that, the current slider logic seems fine to me, no reason for a completely new PV version like 2010->2012.

      My long-time request would be to copy DxO’s prevention of saturated color edges when doing highlight pulldown, because that really shows in every other shot of mine. Heck, if they copy DxO’s perspective correction with LR6.6, why not copy this as well?

      My other current LR feature wishes wouldn’t depend on a completely new PV version, such as extending the canvas w/o a trip to PS so that nothing is cropped when rotating and you can clone-fill the whitespace.

      • Axel says:

        … typo, of course the question is “What exactly seems to be the problem with *PV2012*”…

      • MDE says:

        “extending the canvas w/o a trip to PS so that nothing is cropped when rotating and you can clone-fill the whitespace”
        I second that and would like a cloned layers palette or selection of cloned objects that underly others. Bezier drawing of clone shapes and erasing parts of clones , with the erase brush.

  5. Marc says:

    Under OS X the font in the menu bar still looks different from all other apps like Finder Mail or Photoshop. Is this by purpose or a bug? My system language is german. I can provide you with screenshots if you like.

  6. R Berrade says:

    I have a suggestion. You know what would be great? If Adobe posted an easy-to-find link, that all the people for whom the auto updates don’t work, can actually get the update.
    The CC update through the app works great on my laptop but something last year or so broke it on my desktop. And no amount of signing in and out, uninstalling/reinstalling, deleting files and whatever voodoo suggested seems to have any affect on that fact. And I know for a fact that I am not the only one that has this problem.
    PLEASE just give us a break and post the link for the manual update at time of release and end my ever-mounting frustration.

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      This has been the link since 2013: It is updated as soon as a new release is announced.

      • Thanks for this link!

      • R Berrade says:

        Thanks, Rikk. I do realized that there exists this repository of direct downloads but it is very difficult to find on the site itself. Also this link sends me to the LIghtroom update which is great but I still can’t find the PS and Bridge updates.
        My point being that if they posted the link for the direct installs along with the announcements I’d be super pleased. That way my laptop does its auto update in the manner that Creative Cloud is meant to and I can easily update my desktop when the Creative Cloud app fails on that machine.
        I really don’t care that it doesn’t work as intended, but that I have difficulty accessing the benefits of the subscription model when I need it..

        • Axel says:

          Adobe obviously cannot decide if to insist on in-app cc updates by semi-hiding the direct download links (and let 3rd party blogs like prodesigntools spread them) or publish the links themselves more openly.

  7. Charles Kurtzman says:

    Please add support for Ricoh Theta S 360 Camera.

  8. des hill says:

    Wonder why the voigtlander 10mm heliar has no profiles, yet the 15mm does, when both were introduced together. I currently use that for the 12mm profile, but don’t think it’s quite right.

  9. Darren says:

    Nice to have all the transform options in one panel. Too bad they removed the lens distortion slider. While it is not a transform tool, because Adobe profiles are far from perfect, this is one slider I need to use quite often.

    Adding the Level Tool would be a useful addition. Lightroom is just too sluggish for the guides to work well for me, and I have a fast computer. Also what is really missing is the option to clear the crop when the Constrain option is removed. That is a pain in the butt! At least put a reset crop option in the Transform section.

  10. Ryan P. says:

    Still angers me that LR 6.x is being treated unequally. “LR CC 2015.x” is just as much a version number of the same software package as “LR 6.x, sans Cloud Storage services (which I still don’t need, or want).

    I can only assume that a LR 7 – if there ever is one – will play catch up with LR CC2015.x. features, and possibly introduce a few more. Meaning that LR 7 & LR 2016 (or 2017, deepening when it debuts) will once again be identical twins at their birth.

  11. Pedro Puas says:

    Please do include support for the Ricoh GR or GRii lens.

  12. David Naylor says:

    Does that mean that Hdr and panoramas created with smart previews will become full res once the originals are available?

    • Axel says:

      Well you could try & tell us 🙂 … personally, I wonder if the detection logic will suffer if only the smart preview resolution is available. But if it works, it should be great with limited hardware b/c full-res stitching can take ages, compare that to AutoPano.

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      Sorry David,

      That won’t happen. You would need to remerge the HDR from its constituent parts to gain a full-resolution version.

  13. Sebastien says:

    After the installation, all my images are re-synchronizing to LR mobile, why??

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      If you review your Sync Activity panel in Preferences>Lightroom mobile, it will give you an indication of why each file is syncing. (i.e. Metadata, Rendition, etc)

      • Julie McLeod says:

        Rikk, it’s also unclear to me why this update would require re-synching all the synched images. My Preferences panel shows the reason as “Rendition” but I have no idea what that means or why it’s happening.

        • Rikk Flohr says:

          Resyncing isn’t necessarily required. It does happen on some systems but not all (mine for instance resynced 25K images at upgrade but the resync was very quick)

      • Ralf Schönekerl says:

        It seems to be a quite high percentage of the already synched photos (at least in my case). Nevertheless, it shows always “No pending sync activities”.

      • John Ashton says:

        My problem is very slow syncing of photos which have already been synced – over 3000 still to go and I’m on to my second day of doing this. Frustrating as it used to be almost instantaneous.

  14. Nolan Tifft says:

    How come I can’t enter full screen anymore in OS X?

  15. Jimcamel says:

    As regards Performance – both Laura Shoe and Victoria Brampton reported two big improvements – pre-loading of images in Develop to make transition to the next image faster, and faster Export (that’s great, I now have 6 cores almost all active during an Export on my MacPro) … but where is there mention of this in this Post ? Why do they have information that is NOT reported here (despite non-disclosure) and are there some other things you have NOT told us.

    • Sharad Mangalick says:

      Hi Jim,

      Thanks for your comment. We have a policy not to publicly list things in our release notes when we can’t clearly articulate the performance gains across a variety of systems and environments. The gains you mention are substantial, and I’m happy that you see them in action. They also don’t universally apply to all systems and thus we didn’t want to mislead people or make them feel like they were missing something.

      hope this helps.


  16. Graham says:

    Will content aware crop be coming to the latest versions of Lightroom like it was announced to be added to Photoshop please.

  17. Carlos Ibanez says:

    Update stuck at 99%..

  18. Patrick De Smet says:

    Photoshop CC and Bridge CC updated fine. But the CC app refuses to “see” the Lightroom update. Apple OS X 10.11.5

  19. Adonis says:

    The HDR on Adobe it is not still perfect. The lines are not perfect. It use maybe a linear algorithm to approximate.
    HDRMerge ( make a better job on HDR merge from Adobe.

    • Axel says:

      Well, that’s the darn GPL license for you, making poor ol’ Adobe clean-room reverse engineer and re-implement it step by step 🙂 … but thanks for the link, I see now downside of using hdrmerge instead of the in-LR hdr gadget?

  20. Yarrago says:

    I’ve been posting about a bug effecting the keyboard shortcuts in the map module since 6.1 and have not received a fix or at least the courtesy of reply from a staff member, I wonder if it will ever be fixed.

  21. Andreas says:

    does anybody know if tethered shooting with LAN and Nikon D4s is still working with this version?

  22. Benjamin Aldrich says:

    Did you change how full screen works? And if so how can I get it back to how it was?

  23. Pedro says:

    Has the native OS X fullscreen functionality been dropped on this last update? Lightroom used to go to its own workspace (desktop) when on fullscreen. Was this done intentionally?

  24. Brett says:

    Does this fix the flashing screen issue with processors on Mac?

  25. Markus says:

    Why will my already synced LR-mobile collections be synced again and again in every new update???

  26. HenryChow says:

    I was not able to start 6.6 after installation. Message says Adobe not working correctly, Windows will shut down. Tried restart system problem remains.

    I am on Windows 10 on Notebook with AMD graphics card.

  27. Walt says:

    Beware Fuji X-E2 users, the latest release of Lightroom has a bug that causes it to not be able to read dng files from the X-E2. Adobe is aware of the problem but does not have a solution yet.

  28. Ashok K says:

    Yes Kai. I agree. I too was hoping for the Samyang 7.5mm fisheye profile. I hope it will appear in the enxt update.

  29. Derek says:

    When will tethered support be added for sony mirrorless A7 & A6300 etc

  30. omar says:

    please add haze- dehaze slider to lightroom 6 stand alone version

  31. Andreas März says:

    Could you please give us a feedback concerning demosaicing Fuji XTrans files?
    Adobe stated they are working together with Fujifilm to improve detail rendering.
    Any progress so far?
    Kind regards,
    Andreas März

  32. Stefan says:

    I have a Canon EF 16-35 f/2.8 II USM. The profile is not detected automatically anymore, nor is it availabe for manual selecten. If I try another picture taken with a different lens, I manually can select the profile. Really strange.

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      If you select the Default from the Setup pulldown after selecting the correct lens, does it then stick?

      • Stefan says:

        If I have a picture taken with the Canon EF 16-35 f/2.8 II USM I cannot select the “Canon EF 16-35 f/2.8 II USM”-Profile from the “model”-selector. The lens ist simply not shown in the list! So I selecting “Default” whould make no sense, right?
        If I have an picture taken with another lens then the “Canon EF 16-35 f/2.8 II USM”-Profile is shown in the list.

    • Pete Green says:

      Hi Stefan,
      Would you be able to share a couple sample files so I can have the team investigate?
      Send samples to petgreen [at] adobe [dot] com

  33. Marcin says:

    I was updated Lightroom 6 to version 6.6 and I do not have a function Guided Upright.
    what is going on?

  34. Peter says:


    This version got an ugly bug when all drop-downs show up in a completely wrong spot on a hi-res display in Windows 10. See screenshot:

    In general, LR support of different resolution displays in Windows is very poor. You basically have to choose either to use only built-in laptop display or an external monitor if their resolution don’t match.


  35. Very unimpressed that the new guided transform is not available in version 6.6 standalone. This seems to be a trend after omitting the dehaze function last year WHY WHY WHY

  36. Michael says:

    what would be nice is if you supported Windows users and not just Mac users. The other nice thing would be to support 4k screens (the future). You are stuck in the past and stuck only making your apps work on the Mac platform. I have a $6500 pc laptop and your software just will not run smoothly. Its the 3rd windows based machine I have tried with your horrible software. I refuse to be forced into switching to Mac for editing. It is not fair.

  37. Michael says:

    the other problem.. pressing F for fullscreen preview in Lr on a 4k screen / windows 10 causes it to forever cycle Loading… until the program shuts itself down. What about bugs for Windows users? the world isn’t just about MAC~!!!!!!!!

  38. Maximilien Lincourt says:

    Will updating from the Adobe updater change my Lightroom standalone non CC (desktop) to Lightroom CC ?
    Is there a direct download for the update instead of using the updater ?



  39. B Fisher says:

    Please add the following to New Camera Support: Nikon COOLPIX P900, and it’s 24-2000mm lens.
    Thank you!

  40. Jeff Levine says:

    I am running LR CC 2015.4. When I go to Help>updates, it is not showing any updates for LR. It is for PS and Bridge. I tried signing out and back in, and quitting LR a couple of times without success. Thanks

  41. Stefan says:

    Please bring back Native full screen support on mac, makes everything so much cleaner, easier and better to use !

    Really hate they removed it in the update, any way to downgrade to latest version?

  42. Adobe is making it very hard for those of us who use the stand alone Lightroom and Photoshop to get updates with the “CLOUD” interfering…I am a long time user of both programs and feel very let down by Adobes almost Microsoft attitude about cramming Adobe Cloud down out throats..I do not live in America…I live In western Australia and in the country…So long time devoted users are left in the dark, and my I point out not everyone in the world has Americas super computer highway to depend on for the so called CLOUD….

    How about some consideration for stand alone users….DeHaze an example ..I purchased another company’s preset….boo to Adobe for not giving us this…

  43. After using this version for a couple days now, I’m finding it significantly slower (painfully so) than the previous version. Turning off “Use Graphics Processor” seems to help. Relevant system info below.

    Lightroom version: CC 2015.6 [ 1078672 ]
    License: Creative Cloud
    Operating system: Windows 7
    Application architecture: x64
    System architecture: x64
    Logical processor count: 8
    Processor speed: 3.5 GHz
    Built-in memory: 32719.2 MB
    Real memory available to Lightroom: 32719.2 MB
    Real memory used by Lightroom: 804.8 MB (2.4%)
    Virtual memory used by Lightroom: 786.2 MB
    Memory cache size: 330.7 MB
    Maximum thread count used by Camera Raw: 8
    Camera Raw SIMD optimization: SSE2,AVX,AVX2
    System DPI setting: 96 DPI
    Desktop composition enabled: Yes
    Displays: 1) 1920×1200, 2) 1920×1080
    Input types: Multitouch: No, Integrated touch: No, Integrated pen: No, External touch: No, External pen: No, Keyboard: No

    Graphics Processor Info:
    GeForce GTX 950/PCIe/SSE2

    Check OpenGL support: Passed
    Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Version: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 368.39
    Renderer: GeForce GTX 950/PCIe/SSE2
    LanguageVersion: 3.30 NVIDIA via Cg compiler

    • Tony Flores says:

      I will go ahead and echo this along with similar specs on my laptop and desktop. It’s so bad that I went ahead and reverted back to the last updated version of Lightroom 5 since my workflow tanked after upgrading to 6/CC 2015.

      Lightroom 6/CC 2015 is just not worth it in this state and no amount of “turning off graphics acceleration” made using it any better.

  44. E. Zandboer says:

    Was already very much pissed off at Adobe pushing CC so hard making it virtually impossible to buy the standalone LR6… In the end I did buy Lightroom 6 and not a CC subscription as I do not want to buy yet another monthly cost…

    And now it seems this “guided upright” feature is not made available to the standalone LR6.6 version??!

    W. T. F. !!!

    Come on Adobe… This feature has been MISSING from Lightroom for many years (I used to use Bibble Pro that featured it many years ago) and now it does not even get added to the standalone LR product??

    Think it is high time Adobe started listening to its customers and not blindly push for subscriptions like CC that many DO NOT WANT.

  45. Bug since installing this update 2015.6:
    When importing from catalog, it´s not possible to select images. If they already exist in the catalog.

    My workflow:
    1. Importing pics from cdcard to WIN10-PC
    2. Importing same pics from sdcard to iMac Pro
    3. Develop pics on iMac Pro
    4. Export developed files as catalog on USB_Stick (without copying the dngs)
    5. Import from catalog from USB_Stick to WIN10-PC
    6. Select all pics and overwrite

    With LR 2015.6. this is not possible anymore, because the files are not selectable. Up to 2015.5 this works fine.

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      I tested your workflow and find that I can select the files individually or as a group in the Import From Another Catalog dialog’s Preview Menu. Checking or unchecking the the box in the upper corner successfully selects or deselects the individual image and the [Check All] and [Check None] buttons seem to be performing as usual.

      Have you rebooted since installing?
      Reset your preferences?

      I would recommend posting detailed information at the support forum to see if we can unravel what you are seeing and propose a solution:

  46. iamjiere says:

    Really impressive with this update.

    By the way, when I’m trying to use Transform functionality with pictures I imported this morning. It turns out that all image I got notification saying “No upright correction found” while I apply those buttons (Same images imported to another computer with older LR version, the buttons do make changes to my image normally.).

    I use Nikon D7200 with 18-105mm lens. Is there anything to do with camera model support or?

  47. Joe Smereczansky says:

    min has crashed 3 x last night and it gets slow again not a happy chappy

  48. Jerry Syder says:

    I am not sure if this is the best place to post this but I am extremely frustrated! This version is extremely slower than the previous version, which in turn was slower than the one before it. Moving from one image to the next, takes at least 5seconds and adjusting any slider causes Lightroom to freeze, with the lovely “circle of death” reminding me that it’s thinking and I should not perform any actions, for 2 seconds or so. I am a very tolerant person but feel like I’ve had it now! It feels like I am falling out of love with a craft that I once was excited about because editing, which is a very important part of the process, doesn’t work. And instead of improving, Lightroom has quickly gotten worse over time! It has taken me 2 and a half days to edit 450 photos, and there’s a few more to do but Lightroom has now CRASHED hence my angst here! I have a couple jobs more to edit and I am in a position where I am not seeking after more work because of a backlog of jobs to edit. This is really costing me and I am very angry because I just want to get on with my work. Yes I have a decent system, yes I have plenty of RAM, yes I have a SSD installed. ADOBE, please please please, I just want to edit and enjoy it.

  49. Francesca Shearcroft says:

    Please can you include Olympus Cameras/lenses in the Lens correction. Conspicuously absent.

  50. sara says:

    I know it’s been said several times, but lightroom is so slow since the new update, I am finding it hard to get even 1/10th of the amount of work done in a day. GPU acceleration makes no difference when disabled. I am working on [max options available from apple] iMac retina 5k running OS10.10.5 (El Cap was even slower). The slower performance is especially noticeable when using adjustment brushes, but each photo takes approximately 10-50x longer to load full res or show adjustments. What can I do? PLEASE HELP US ADOBE or release an update that fixes whatever memory leak has been created.

  51. Sergey says:

    No buttons Transform -> Upright – “Guided”

  52. Dave Merrow says:

    When will the update for tethering the Nikon D5 to the desktop Lightroom version be forthcoming. Really hurting my portraiture business. I hope Adobe continues to support the non CC version of Lightroom and Photoshop. Paid a lot of money over the years for these programs and would be very perturbed to be pushed into CC without any consideration made to the past investment in Adobe products.

  53. Bibi says:

    Does anyone have problems with the crop & straighten tool since the latest update? I always use shift + alt on Mac for constrained center crop, but it does’t work that smoothly anymore. I have to try a few times and then eventually it unfreezes or I have to grab one corner and crop from there but it is more time consuming that way. Was just wondering how to solve this little bug. Cheers!

    • Rikk Flohr says:


      I just tested and it is performing normally and as in the past for me. First, restart your machine. If that doesn’t cure it, you might try a preference reset. Close Lightroom. Hold down [Opt]+[Shift] and relaunch Lightroom. Overwrite preferences when prompted.

      • Ant says:


        Could you suggest anything else to fix this problem? I’m also experiencing the same thing, where holding Opt (Alt) doesn’t allow me to grab a crop handle.
        I’ve tried restarting the Mac and resetting preferences via the method you mentioned above.


  54. Rob Sandeson says:

    Good to see more support for third party lenses being added

  55. Philippe says:

    As said by many others, this update really slows down the develop module beyond acceptable. v2015.5 was ‘ok’, v2016.6 makes processing large number of photos very cumbersome. I really hope you are quick with v7 and a very much speeded up develop module, as this is not usable and will make this summer wedding season a pain for me and many colleagues.

  56. Rashmideva says:

    Boycot Lightroom CC

    Dear people, Adobe is pushing te standalone LR user to buy a CC license.
    Adobe let this users ‘stand allone’ and doesn’t invest in them !!!
    Also for this time, the standalone versie 6 will missing beatifull options. Soon there will be a moment for me, that I leave Lightroom behind me – and with me my photoclub people to!
    At this moment we are orientating the On1 versions (Photo Suite and in the Fall the On1 Raw ).(use google to find). Its a very qiuck and all round program, with a lot of more options than LR has and wil have…

    I’m wondering of the Lightroom team wil publish my Reply ??

    greatings, Rashmideva , the Netherlands

    My first impression:

  57. Ed says:

    since this update my import speeds have slowed down dramatically.

    Took me almost 2 hours to import 300 pictures from my Olympus EM5 Mark II. Before It only took about 10 minutes.

  58. Thomas G says:

    In LR 6.6 I have no lens profiles at all for Canon EF-M lenses, also for EF and EF-S there are only 14 profiles altogether

  59. Simon Thomas says:

    I regularly visit this forum to check for up-to-date information on updates. I always find it really useful and on the whole always learn something.

    However, something which I’m starting to find a little tedious, to say the least, is the continuous griping about the perceived unfairness of perpetual license versus Creative Cloud user updates.

    To my mind here is the reality of the situation both now and in the future:
    Adobe took the decision some time ago now to change their business model to one of monthly subscription. The journey has commenced, the bus has left the station and as individuals we need to decide whether or not to get on board. Yes, they do offer a standalone perpetual license version but lets be honest, that really isn’t the future. Adobe have decided to go down the CC route and from everything I’ve read, their profits are up, it has paid off and it isn’t going to go back to the old days.

    The way I see it, the choice is simple: Join the Creative Cloud or move away from Adobe. From what I understand there are a number of alternative programs to LR (albeit I haven’t used them myself).

    I’m absolutely certain that complaining on these forums will achieve nothing as Adobe now have too many of us signed up to the CC and I strongly suspect the silent majority actually like the new CC model as for, lets face it, a very small monthly outlay, we now get almost instant updates/improvements/new features – OK I get that not all of us think they are improvements but you get my drift.

    I’m also pretty sure (but haven’t checked my facts on this so please do correct me if I am wrong) that Adobe make no claim on the perpetual license version stating that the purchaser will get any updates or certainly the same as you would if you purchase the CC version.

    So come on folks, whilst I’m absolutely all for free speech, can we please move away from complaining about something which, let’s be honest, isn’t going to change…………………

  60. Chris Allen says:

    There is still a bug with importing and converting to DNG into LR CC 2015 from the Fujifilm X-E2. I have tried to import two different sets of images from two different cards, including after uninstall and reinstall of LR CC 2015. The images come in with a black circled exclamation point, and clicking on it reveals the following message: “Lightroom has encountered problems reading this photo. You will not be able to make adjustments to the photo.” I know this problem has been reported and commented on several times over the past couple weeks, and I am surprised that Adobe has yet to provide a fix to the problem. Is this being worked on?

  61. Jim W says:

    My mac pro runs OSX 10.95 Mavericks. I tried to update from LR 6.5 to 6.6 but the CC updater says my 6.5 version is up to date. I have logged in and out of CC and see that my Adobe ID page has my purchase of LR 6 registered. So I downloaded the stand alone installer and upon starting it goes to about 2% then says the update fails because “Lightroom CC / 6 Update – June 2016
    Update is not applicable. Error Code: U44M2P28”
    I checked various places in Adobe support but could not find any info on this specific error. Nor doe3s the release notes say anything about not working with Mavericks. Any suggestions?

    • David W says:

      I have a similar issue, my version of Lightroom says its version 2015.5.1 but my Creative Cloud updater says its up to date. So where is version 2015.6.
      I note some people are reporting new file imports are taking ages, this has been happening to me for the last week or so. I wonder if I do have 2015.6 but its just reporting the wrong version number.

  62. Szilveszter says:

    In this new version of LR, the native OS X fullscreen mode has disappeared. Clicking the green maximize button does nothing. Using Windows/Screen Mode/Fullscreen menu is 4 clicks instead of one, and it maximizes the window to the current desktop, not in a separate space, making it harder to work simultaneously with other apps.

  63. Brian Jones says:

    When I ran the latest LR CC 2015.6 upgrade on a Windows 10 PC it all seemed OK until I opened LR from the CC manager and found all my previous import files and Collection and set had disappeared. It worked fine on my Mac. The LR functionality seems to work OK in Dev mode. Anyone else had a similar problem?

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      That sounds like you opened a catalog different than your primary catalog. Is it possible the catalog at which you are looking is a backup, or newly created catalog? If you go to your File>Open Recent, it should list those catalogs recently opened by Lightroom (even before the update). I suspect one of those is your primary working catalog.

  64. keith stephens says:

    Upgrading from 6.5 to 6.6 …perpetual…. all went well until the restart phase. When progress bar was about two thirds along the computer switched and now will not restart so what to do?

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      The computer will not restart or Lightroom will not restart?

      • keith stephens says:

        It is now impossible to get the computer a mac.. to start. The progress bar goes about half way during start up and then the computer switches off. Throghout the whole process the screen remains black.

        • keith stephens says:

          Problem resolved. A problem occurred with the Mac software at the precise moment the final stages of the LR installation was being finished. I have now sorted it and LR 6.6 is now installed.
          Sorry to have bthered you.

  65. David Martin says:

    Upright works great, However, Import fails 90% of the time. It is high time that Adobe stop tryng to position Lightroom to the iphone crowd—who will NEVER pay $9.99 a month when iPhoto is free, you idiots!—and focus on the working professionals who cannot afford make four (4) attempts to do an import when once should suffice.

    When onOne offers their catalog and photo editor this Octoer, I will cancel my $79,99 per month subscription and put you behind me, like the Hindmost.

  66. Steve Nicholson says:

    I have Lightroom 6.6 with Serial Number. System info says my License is Perpetual.
    I bought a new computer and moved the old hard drive to this new computer. When I start LR it seems OK. When in Library mode, I can see all my image files like normal. When I select Develop, I see a pink (melon) colored screen.
    I went to the help area and it seems that I should reinstall LR.
    Where can I find a copy of LR6 to download?
    I went to the Downloads area and LR5.7.1 is the newest version listed in updates for LR.

  67. Gerrit says:

    Why did you remove the “Automatically select projection” from the Panorama merge dialog?

  68. Jeff Kingsley says:

    LR 6.6 has a terrible memory leak and slows to a crawl. Shrinking and restoring main window improves things some – frees up memory. shutting down and restarting fixes things for a while. I notice that the number of HANDLES as viewed with Task Manager climbs into the millions!!

    PLEASE FIX THIS! I need software that works.

  69. Jon Best says:

    Really really bad memory leak on ‘import’. Running OS X El Capitan. Lightroom starts up ok (although it could be quicker) into ‘develop’ module. Selecting ‘import’ I don’t even get the opportunity to choose an import source before I get the ‘spinning beachball’ (Apple’s equivalent of the Microsoft hourglass).

    And if I track the process, OS X thinks Lightroom is ‘not responding’ while I can sit and watch the memory usage go up and up. I’ve let it get to about 12.5 GB (yes, gigabytes) before I kill off the Lightroom process – and the memory use then immediately drops to normal levels.

    This is completely unusable. Please sort it out before I cancel my subscription – and I won’t be paying for the remainder of the year if I’m cancelling because your software is not fit for purpose.

    • Kathy says:

      In support of Jeff’s and Jon’s posts…I am driven crazy by the same memory leak issue on import, and very frustrated to see no response to the posts that raise this issue. It has taken me hours to sleuth out the problem. Does Adobe expect to fix this very big issue? Please?! I, too, and considering other software…I can’t get the my photo processing/editing done because I am continually caught up in trying to find work-arounds.

    • Paul-Michael says:

      I get the exact same issue. During Import, I select a drive to expand the folders, but then the spinning beachball starts while Activity Monitor shows my memory going through the roof! If this doesn’t fix after rebooting LR, then I have to actually uninstall/reinstall to get it to work again…only a few days.
      This is quite frustrating and it really has killed my workflow…can’t be productive until this gets fixed somehow.

      • Jon Best says:

        C’mon, these comments have been posted for a while now – yet absolutely no response from the Lightroom team?

        Does the team recognise the symptoms (because – having looked online – a lot of people seem to be experiencing problems)? And does Adobe acknowledge a fault that needs to be rectified? This latter question is very relevant since, if Adobe considers the current version of Lightroom CC to be functioning correctly, there will be quite a lot of us looking for our money back.

        And an estimate of when a fix is planned to be issued would be helpful. Especially for the professionals who rely on this product as part of their commercial workflow.

        Come on Adobe: let’s have an official response because this silence isn’t good enough.

  70. Cindy says:

    Every time I use light room cc my system stops working I can not develop any pictures. I am also running on windows 10 could this be the problem??? So frustrated!!!

  71. Shirley Rawlings says:

    I have updated to the newest version of 6.6 perpetual on my Macbook Pro.
    1) I do not have the following under the adjustment brush which I did get on my pc windows computer.
    Dodge, Burn, Iris Enhance, Soften Skin, and Teeth Whitening.

    2) Erase does not work and neither does spot removing on portraits work.

    Can this be remedied with reinstalling this version? I need this fixed!!


    • Rikk Flohr says:

      That sometimes means you just have a wonky preferences file. Close Lightroom. Hold down [Opt]+[Shift] and relaunch Lightroom. Overwrite the preferences when prompted. Does that cure it?

  72. David Martin says:

    The Import operation is dodgy and unreliable, stalling and forcing a “Force Quit” more than 50% of the time as it seeks to produce a list of sources (drives) from which to import. When it does manage to offer a drive selection iist and begin the import, 10% of the time the import simply refuses to complete, but Lightroom remains responsive in that I can change the sort order. However, Lightroom never finishes the import in these cases and fails to even commence the building of previews.

    Also, as several others above have pointed out, the performance has gone from bad to worse to downright unusable. Hopefully, OnOne will offer a reasonable alternative this Fall. The very thought of moving to Lightroom 7 sneds chills up and down my spine.

  73. Jason Arney says:

    I have no idea how it got this way, but the Library module auto sorts in ways that it never has before. If I change the Color Label it changes the sort order. Also, there’s no way to selection sort by capture time… or at least how it was before (bottom left corner). Right now, with the Library doing whatever it wants in terms of sorting and being unable to force it back to capture time the software has become amazingly cumbersome and painful to use. Please restore the prior version or at least give us the means to.

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      Press T to gain access to the Toolbar while in Grid View. Then, set the sort order to what you want. You likely have it set to Edit Time or count

  74. Paul says:

    On OS X 10.10.5 the Creative Cloud updater is not working properly.

    Today is the first time it has offered me any of the updated PS components.

    But only Bridge 9.6.1 and Camera RAW 9.6.1 no PS 2015.6

    LR has updated okay to 2015.6 a week or two ago.

    This is the same on two different machines and my main computer is restarted every day.

  75. David Francis says:

    I am a Lightroom 6 heavy user, running Windows 10. I use the catalogues and huge keyword databases extensively.
    I need Lightroom running on my laptop. I travel constantly and do not have access to internet/cloud very often and can only connect via expensive WiFi occasionally Adobe seem to be ignoring mobile users with their Cloud and monthly rental focus for their software.

    I am keeping a close eye on .OnOne/Perfect Effects as I struggle with Adobe’s seemingly deliberate lack of focus on mobile users.


    This morning, Lightroom informed me of an Upgrade availability which I chose. It downloaded a 242MB (Significant size on prepaid WiFi file) and then ran the upgrade to 99% complete, where it has stopped for the last 2 hours!!!!!

    Now what do I do? Start again? What state is my older version of Lightroom in?

  76. Auto Perspective Correction is worse now than it was in previous releases. Everything I use it on ends up with a severe “lean.” I’m tempted to roll back.

  77. Joe says:

    When can you add a setting to disregard out of focus faces in your facial recognition add on. Also it would be nice if we could have LR disregard a whole directory.

  78. Ron C says:

    Please add tethered support for Nikon D5

  79. Thank you so much. I was waiting for that.

  80. TJ says:

    What can i say about this release besides slooooooooooww.

    Seriously Adobe, lets see some performance fixes, I’m better off going back to lightroom 4.x – another month of this and i’m cancelling my subscription.

  81. If I subscribe to the new platform (I am still using the Disc version, and I save a catalog and later decide to go back to prior version (drop monthly subscription) and use the disc version again, will it read the newer catalog?

  82. Karen Cunningham says:

    I am now having a problem importing into Lightroom from my SD card. When the card loads all the photos are scattered and not in order by file number so it is very hard to find the photos I want to import. I have to scan through (which takes a lot of time). I did not have this issue before. Is there a setting I can change or a fix for this?

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      In the bottom right of the Center Pane of the Import Dialog is a Sort: pulldown. There are several options there for sorting the images in the Import grid.

  83. oda says:

    This new version support the Camera raw for the Panasonic DMC-GH4?
    Thank you

  84. Arthur Wicher says:

    I purchased Lightroom CC a few days ago but I see the version just shows 2015, not 2015.6.1.
    After checking for updates, it shows that I am up to date.
    Where can go to get the latest version?

    Thanks for your help.

  85. Arthur Wicher says:


    Some how version 2015.6.1 updated itself.

  86. Grant Kaye says:

    2015.6.1 is painfully, workflow-ruiningly slow. I am on a custom-built PC with 64 GB of RAM, dual 3.4 Ghz Xeons, and dual Nvidia Titan X graphics cards, and it takes this most recent release of Light room 3-4x as long as version 5 took on a slower PC to render full-size JPEGs at 72 dpi. There is still a memory leak of some kind also, as after a few hours of using the software, it flashes a white screen and sliders are VERY laggy. Adobe shame on you, when are you going to re-write your software to take advantage of all the mutli-core processing power modern PCs and Macs have? This current version is terrible!

    • Rikk Flohr says:


      That is not typical behavior. So that I can test and we can compare: Which OS? What size original? (Pixel Dimensions as DPI is meaningless to this operation). How many files exported? How many seconds did the export take?

      I will try and duplicate your situation as closely as possible and see if we can isolate the issue.

      • Handsfullmom says:

        Grant and Rikk, I am having the same issue, ever since the update in June. Memory lags are getting worse, not better, on this current change. I too, have an awesome PC but Lightroom has become unusable almost. Constant messages about how my computer is out of memory, lags in using the Develop module, lags in even each new photo showing up, then even in cropping. I’m so frustrated with it. I’m a photographer who cannot afford to take three times as long as it should for editing!

        • Rikk Flohr says:

          First step: Go into Preferences>Performance and disable your GPU by unchecking the box. Does that speed up operations?

          If you interrogate your hard drives what is the percentage of free space available.

          It is possible you have several issues going on at once.

  87. Farhood says:

    Could please someone explain me why do I still have Lightroom 2015 and not the 2015.6? I have CC subscription photography plan. Oh, by the way, Dehaze tool is also missing?

  88. Mike says:

    I have the adobe cc with lightroom and the lightroom is version 5.7.1 How do I fix this so it has the latest version

  89. Mike says:

    I have also gone to the app and updated photoshop and lightroom. I also don’t have the dehaze tool. can anyone help Please.

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      Dehaze is available in the CC version of Lightroom only. Go to Lightroom’s Help>Sign In and make certain you have logged Lightroom in with your active Adobe ID on your subscription.

      If you still can’t see the Dehaze tool make certain that your image is updated to Process Version 2012 (You can check this in the Camera Calibration panel. PV2003 and PV 2010 will not have access to Dehaze.

  90. Susan Hanna says:

    Of course Adobe’s profits are up. With their subscription based program, cc users end up paying triple what a stand alone license costs. It is not the future Adobe is thinking about, It is pure greed that is behind creative cloud subscription. Not all of us can afford the added monthly expense especially those on a fixed income. Stand alone license holders should get the same perks in the program as cc holders. It is frustrating to be excluded from tools,such as dehaze, in an attempt at coercion so yes people will post here. You need to get off your high horse and try to understand our frustration.

  91. J Tso says:

    Hi my lightroom 6 I have updated 6 months ago . but in the transform section I can find off ,and auto but not guild in the same option area. Can anyone help me to get the guild icon in transform.Thanks!

  92. Torben says:

    Hej Lightroom
    Det er godt nok latterligt at når man endelig køber jeres produkt og betaler mange penge for det, at når der så kommer en update til det så er det kun for dem der betaler en bondegård hver måned. Hvad med at det koster lidt for at kunne opdatere sit program som jeg iøvrigt synes er godt, så man kan få alle de nye funktioner med.