Raw Technology Preview for Lightroom for Android and Major Lightroom on the Web Improvements

Two major updates for Lightroom are now available: Lightroom for Android 2.2 and new updates for Lightroom on the web.

Lightroom for Android 2.2 — Raw Technology Preview

Lightroom has always been about helping you get the most out of your images, and with Lightroom for Android 2.2, you can now import raw files directly into your Android device. The Raw Technology Preview makes it possible for you to connect your camera to your Android device and import photos directly from your camera. With this Technology Preview now available for Android (released for iOS in July of this year), you can capture, edit, and share raw photos, in full resolution, and have access to them wherever you are in the world.

Lightroom for Android now supports all of the same raw files that Lightroom for desktop as well as Adobe Camera Raw support, with the full list available here.

To transfer photos to your mobile device, you’ll need a USB On-The-Go adapter, sometimes just referred to an OTG cable. An OTG cable enables you to connect your mobile device directly to your camera and transfer your images with the PTP transfer mode. We recommend getting an OTG cable that matches the ports on both your camera as well as your Android device. For example, if your camera uses a Micro USB port and your Android device has a USB-C port, you’d want a Micro USB to USB-C OTG cable. These cables, and nearly every other imaginable combination of ports and connectors can easily be found online and are quite inexpensive.

After installing the Lightroom for Android 2.2, plug your camera into your Android device, and change to the PTP transfer mode in the Android Notification Center. Then, tap on the notification that indicates “Connected to USB PTP Camera. Tap to view files.”

You’ll be presented with an importer to select from the photos found on your camera to import into Lightroom on your Android device. Select the photos you want to import, the collection you want to import the photos into, and tap transfer. Lightroom will transfer the photos and notify you once all of the photos have been imported.


You get all of the benefits of raw, such as the ability to change the white balance, being able to recover blown out highlights, access to the full range of color information, as well as editing an uncompressed file, all using the exact same technology that powers Lightroom on your desktop. An added benefit is that the raw file that you’ve imported into Lightroom for Android will be synced with Lightroom on your other devices, such as Lightroom for desktop or Lightroom on the web, along with any of the edits, star ratings, or flags that you’ve added.

Lightroom for Android 2.2 is available now from the Google Play Store.

Lightroom on the Web—November Updates

Significant improvements to Shares

New Shares created within Lightroom on the web have been made even more powerful. You can now add a header graphic, add sections within your Shares, and add text describing the sections. You can use this additional functionality to engage your audiences and tell richer photographic stories with Lightroom on the web.

Select Photos

First, select the photos to share.

Add text and sections

Next, add sections by clicking between two photos and then add titles and information about each section.


People viewing your share will see a well laid out story, that you’ve been able to craft with your images and text.

Adobe Portfolio Enhancements 

Adobe Portfolio helps you showcase your creativity with your own professional online portfolio. We’ve made it possible for you to quickly and easily send your images from Lightroom on the web to Portfolio so that you can create and maintain a special place on the web to show off your photos.


You can now create a new Project in Portfolio directly from within Lightroom on the web and copy your Lightroom photos into that new Project, saving time and making it even easier to maintain your online presence.

Download Original

A highly requested feature is the ability to download your originals from within Lightroom on the web – and now you can. Any image for which the original is available in the cloud (such as images uploaded from Lightroom iOS or Android, or from Lightroom on the web) will now have an option available to download the original. The ability to download the original is only available for the owner of the account and will not be visible to viewers of the share.


As of today, all of these features are now available at lightroom.adobe.com.

We would love to hear from you about these new features, as well as any other requests for new functionality.

Please drop us a line in the comments below with your thoughts!


99 Responses to Raw Technology Preview for Lightroom for Android and Major Lightroom on the Web Improvements

  1. Stephan Brzozowski says:

    Please don’t take this as negative, but it seems you don’t really get what Lightroom users actually NEED. Instead of adding more frills, please make the product faster/more responsive etc etc etc. I run an i7 4790K overclocked to 4.6GHz, 32GB RAM, GTX970 4GB, and I have to go away for the best part of an hour when importing D810 RAWs from a days shoot – my camera and LR CC 2015 have been out for the best part of two years now – surely Adobe can do better, if it REALLY wants to make a difference?

    • Erik says:

      I agree that a major performance update is required. I also want a better way to deal with RAW+JPEG. Aperture apparently did this well. And a brightness slider, and better clarity. And adjustment layers.

    • Josh Haftel says:

      Thanks for the feedback Stephan. The desktop team has heard this feedback and is working on improving it. The Android and Web teams are actually different teams and today’s release of new Android and Web does not have any impact (positive or negative) to the performance of the desktop application.

      Making speed and performance improvements is a primary goal of the desktop team. For example, in Lightroom Desktop 2015.6.1, a lot of effort went into improving the memory usage in the develop module, which considerably improved interaction speed. The team remains committed to improving the experience and focusing on speed and reliability.

      • James Kachan says:

        That’s great, but it’s nowhere near enough. Phase offers dramatically superior support and performance, tools and options than desktop Lightroom., such as Tethered Capture, batch output, and critical tools like as single pixel noise reduction, and more powerful colour targeting and adjustments etc. Photo Mechanic’s ability to review a giant folder of RAWs instantly blows away everything else for culling edits, and I still have to go into photoshop for things like liquify. I like LR – but it’s so slow performance wise, and underpowered for professional use. Please improve it. It’s great by design, it just needs to get much better. It’s nowhere nearly as professional as it should be.

  2. Simon W says:

    Hi, are you properly coping with Fuji RAW images in this release? Just trying to decide whether to cancel my subscription and move to Capture One, or hold off if you’ve fixed it yet?

  3. Bastiaan says:

    Great to see more features added to the Android and web versions of Lightroom, I really like that! Thank you very much!

    The only thing I don’t understand, is that it seems impossible to add more photos to an already shared group of images. Previously this would not have mattered less, but now that its possible to add text and dividers, its a cumbersome workflow.
    Image if you have taken the time to lay out your images nicely and put some text between then only to then notice that you have forgotten a few. The only way to get them in is to create a new share. This means to do the work again and you also have to distribute the new link again to everybody that already has the old link.

    It would be great if one could just add more images from different collections to the existing share.

    • Josh Haftel says:

      You can actually. If you go into the all photos view (or one of the collections) select a photo and then click on Copy To, you can select the shared collection from the list 🙂

      • Bastiaan says:

        Great, that works indeed (although not on the mobile version of the site for some reason).

        I expected the icon on the top right of the shared gallery to let me choose images from other collections instead of uploading new ones. I also looked for an option in the share menu to share to an existing gallery, but I didn’t think of the copy menu.

        Anyway, I’m really glad that it works 🙂

  4. Karl says:

    complete nonsense to focus on crappy mobile apps….

    • Josh Haftel says:

      Could you perhaps expand on what you’d like to get then? Something a bit more constructive maybe?

      • Karl says:

        what thousands mention on the lightroom feedback page from adobe…. maybe you have to read it!

        • Josh Haftel says:

          Well, we do (myself included) read those. I was asking what _YOU_ were looking for. I mean, you’ve got the attention of one of the product managers for the product 😉

          • Shane says:

            Why so snippy?

          • Joe says:

            Quicker RAW updates (I’ve had my new Sony for over 2 months and can’t use it to its full extent), performance improvements, performance improvements, performance improvements!

            I’m on an i7 6700k overclocked to 4.8ghz, GTX 1080, and 32gb ram and I constantly experience hangups and slower speeds in Lightroom. It’s unbelievable, really.

            So basically, as Karl said, what thousands mention on the lightroom feedback page that seems to be forgotten. Lightroom mobile is an interesting idea, maybe, for your average “phone as a camera” consumer, but in the meantime you’re losing professional customers because they can’t stand using your product.

          • Josh Haftel says:

            Hey Joe, definitely appreciate the feedback.

            I totally get where you are coming from and we really appreciate you taking the time to explain your perspective.

            The reality is that the team that’s building the Android and iOS products have absolutely nothing to do with the Desktop product. They’re separate teams of hard-working, able engineers that are very mobile-centric. It’s not possible to take these engineers and put them on the desktop team.

            Speed and stability improvements are a HUGE priority to the desktop team. It’s a constant point of discussion because we DO read all of these posts, blogs, comments, emails, etc.

            So while I don’t want to make empty promises about when you’ll see solutions to these issues, all I can say is that we do hear the points regarding speed improvements and take these comments very seriously. I wish I could offer more insight at this point…

  5. Chris S says:

    I actually rather like the “crappy mobile apps”. Of course I use LR and PS on my desktop but when I’m on the go and need to publish something quickly, Lightroom for iPhone is great. It would be to have custom presets like on desktop

  6. Aidan says:

    Still eagerly awaiting the day that tags can be applied to photos on mobile. I bought a keyboard for my iPad almost exclusively so I could use Photosmith which unfortunately was discontinued.

    Wonder if someone at Adobe has downloaded Photosmith and played with that to see how the tagging could work on mobile? Albeit with Adobe’s much better Lightroom mobile photo sync. Photosmith’s photo sync was always a bit flaky for me.

    Note I’m not a pro, just someone who has several cameras, likes taking photos and then finding them easily later. Also well aware of auto tagging functionality like Imagga but sees that there will always be a need for applying tags that aren’t auto, such as “jane’s 40th party” or “work drinks” or “sunday service” or “cleanup working bee”.

    • Josh Haftel says:

      Yes, you’re right. We understand that regardless of the amazing abilities of auto key wording (which we do have high hopes for) there will still be scenarios in which manual tags (of some sort) will be needed.

  7. I’m absolutely loving Lightroom mobile (iOS) so far but there are just 3 features that would allow me to switch to a 100% mobile workflow. 1. Healing brushes! The current feature of opening up the file in adobe fix works just fine, but when saving back to lightroom mobile it flattens all my settings to a dng file. Most the time that is ok but when I have to go back to an image to edit particular raw settings, I can’t. 2. The ability to import/sync with the desktop presets, or at least create and save custom presents in mobile. Ex. copy settings and save to a preset, etc. 3. The ability to “full screen” cull from the lightning to SD card camera kit. I can import to the camera roll with the kit using the photos app but I don’t have full screen previews to know exactly what I’m importing and most the time importing “all” is just too many pictures to manage on my iPad pro. I’m imagining a dialog coming up “in lightroom mobile” showing all the images on my SD card, possibly the option to swipe up and down to import or discard. Or a simple “tap” to include in the import. Just hoping for a few more features so I can move editing completely mobile! Thank you for this great software!

    • Josh Haftel says:

      Thanks for the really detailed feedback Jeff. To answer your points:

      1. Healing brushes: Yes, this is definitely on our radar and we’re exploring how to make this happen. Healing, and doing it right, is a very memory and CPU/GPU intensive action. Making it work stably, along side all of the other tools running in Lightroom Mobile, at full resolution, without becoming incredibly slow, is not easy, though it is something we are actively working on.

      2. Import / Sync desktop presets: This is another item on our radar and that is being worked on.

      3. Better import on iOS: We hear you, however we don’t have much control over this. We do not currently have access to importing directly from a camera or SD card on iOS; all import actions must first go through Apple Photos on iOS, and then we can import from there. This announcement for Android does enable us to import directly from the camera via PTP, however there too you cannot view at 100% until after the image has been imported. This is due to the speed (including overhead) of the USB + PTP connection. Fetching the thumbnails, then fetching a 1:1 version of a particular image is actually quite slow. Definitely understand the need to pixel peep and transfer over ONLY the files you want. It’s definitely something we want to and are exploring on our side, as well as discussing with the camera manufacturers to see if there is some possibility to improve this experience.

      We’re definitely dedicated to making mobile photography even better, regardless if that means acting as a culling, editing, and sharing extension of your camera, or acting also as the capture device.

  8. kgeo says:

    To be perfectly honest, I would like more versatility in keywords. Such as being able to pick a particular keyword and then narrow it down by choosing a couple more keywords without having to put keyword trees in.

    • Josh Haftel says:

      Great feedback, thanks! Definitely interested in making this work better for you and we are indeed working on ways of making keywords and other filters work better.

  9. Jorge M Morais says:

    Hi, when Android version will have the same tools as IOS? the only thing that stops me from sign on desktop version. Thanks

    • Josh Haftel says:

      Version 2.0 of Android reached feature parity with iOS. With version 2.1, we actually started implementing features on Android BEFORE they were implemented on iOS, based off of unique capabilities in Android (specifically, Android was able to capture in DNG before iOS was able to). Now, version 2.2 actually has slightly better support for importing raw files, as we have our own import experience that is faster and reduces space requirements compared to the iOS import experience.

      The point is, the Android and iOS apps are constantly evolving, and working to both stay in sync with each other while also working to take advantage of the unique offerings found on either platform. Android does in some situations take longer than iOS as there are roughly 10 devices that we need to support on iOS and literally over 10,000 devices that currently match our minimum requirements for Android. Call that opportunity or fragmentation, no matter which way you spin it, it’s a lot more complicated platform to develop for.

      We’re definitely committed to and continue to grow the Android team for Lightroom and hope you like the progress that the team has made in the past year 🙂

  10. Luc says:

    PTP doesn’t work for me (Nexus 6P, Nougat, all up to date) and Lumix GX85.
    It seems to try to initiate PTP and fails right away, goes back to try to charge.

    • Josh Haftel says:

      Are you using an OTG cable that is USB-C directly to your camera or are you using a USB-C connector to your OTG cable? We did notice that some phones in combination with some cameras didn’t work if you used a USB-C connector instead of a USB-C OTG cable.

  11. Warren says:

    I would love to see ChromeOS support, especially with the majority of new Chromebooks being able to fold into a tent formation, would be wonderful to work a picture while tethered.

  12. Craig Spence says:

    I have Lightroom 6.0.1 on mac, i have never been able to update this version.
    Yes i have followed instructions and directions from the Adobe site but i just cant get it to work.
    I am sure this is because you at Adobe are wanting people to use this product as the CC version as opposed to the standalone which i have.
    Regardless i am frustrated that i have spent alot of money on 2 standalone versions of lightroom and they are becoming outdated.
    I have tried many times to contact Adobe about this and have never had a response.
    Looks like im going to use Macphuns “Luminar” instead and delete Adobe, such a waste of money.

  13. Richard says:

    Could you first work to upgrade camera raw instead LR web ?
    We can’t import Sony RX 100 Mark V raws !
    RX 100 MK V is sold for 2 weeks now…

  14. Thomas Logan says:

    Good luck Aidan, I have been begging, pleading for Lightroom mobile or web to provide key wording ability since they were introduced, respectively. I couldn’t even get a person at Adobe to acknowledge the question. Then, something like two years later, they responded to same question from someone else in a different forum with “we’ll look into that.” So as another comment stated, they come out with all these frills and “crap” for the mass/wanna-bes and something as critical and simple as keywords they couldn’t act more apathetic and cavalier about.

  15. Cyril says:

    That sounds great. And I would have wished for the more direct connection to Portfolio before.

    But what I would really wish for is support for multiple catalogs.
    My main catalog is 1.6 Gigabyte in size (and compress and backup it each week as proposed by Lightroom).
    In addition to that I have other (smaller) catalogs which I use for ongoing projects.
    But I can’t use Lightroom mobile for those.

  16. Uli says:

    with the ability to use raw files and beeing able to tag and rate images it starts to become intresting for me. The question is – can I synchronize it with my LR catalog *without* the need to go via a cloud? Like connecting the device via USB and have LR synchronize with the mobile devices “catalog” ?

    • Uli says:

      Ok – I found out – it seems not to be possible to synch with LR without going via the cloud. Apart from not wanting a subscription (never!) – I will not upload my data to a cloud anyway. It would have been nice to be able to keyword, rate and do albums on the mobile device when travelling and then be able to synch at home with my catalog. It would be a dream to connect via USB or Network to LR on my PC and synch. On each synch loop I could then decide on which images I need as raw on my mobile and which ones I only need previews of.
      Anyway – when I tried the app I coudn’t even import any serious number of images. I tried with 3000 jpgs already residing on my SDcard as a first go and it simply crashes (Samsung S7). I could import 200 – but well … that’s a joke.
      Ok – and after all keywords are still missing. And as someone said above RAW editing seems only possible with a subscription … No thanks! Too bad I’ll uninstall the app again.

  17. Mirela says:

    The sharing is great but the comments are greater!

  18. Edouard Montfort says:

    Very very cool !!!

  19. Dean Fuller says:

    I don’t get any of the PTP options on my Galaxy Note 5. Just a notification that says USB drive. Tap here to transfer media files. When I do, an Android file explorer opens. That’s it.

    • Josh Haftel says:

      Some cameras require that you turn PTP on in the playback settings. Could you check there?

      • Pete K says:

        I dont think Canon 6D has such capability to do PTP. There is a work around—get a tiny card reader and hook it to the OTG cable. It will appear in your android’s device storage. Then select the raw files and COPY them to one of the folders on your device that Lightroom mobile normally uses. Lightroom mobil will import the raw files from there. It should be easier but I think Canon does not want to play.

  20. Dan Roeder says:

    Very nice.
    What I would like to see in Lr/Portfolio combo is for Portfolio to be able to access and use metadata in the images, specifically Title and Caption data added in Lightroom. Maybe this would require users to save the metadata to the image or its xmp file, I don’t know. Surely you guys/gals can figure that out.

  21. We really need local adjustments in Lightroom Mobile. We shouldn’t have to switch to Photoghop Fix. we need healing/clone brush, graduated filter, radial filter, and adjustment brush.

    Also when we send a public link to a client, the client a view the link without signing in to an adobe account, however he can’t comment back without an Adobe account. He should be able as most clients do not have Adobe Accounts.

    • Josh Haftel says:

      Thanks for this feedback!

      Totally understand and agree that you want to be able to accomplish local adjustments within Lightroom without having to switch to another app.

      Also understand your desire to not force your users to sign in.

      We’re working to improve these points.

  22. Ari says:

    Can somebody help to configure usb options for nexus 7+ Nikon D610 (usb OTG cable include). Nexus do not recognize the camera eater give notification to select ptp mode. In the card reader nexus notify the card but doesn’t give ptp selection => I can not import RAW files. I use marshmallow 6.0.1 and ligthtroom mobile 2.0.1

    • Josh Haftel says:

      Wasn’t sure if it’s a typo or not, but you need to be using Lightroom Mobile 2.2.x to use the OTG / raw functionality…

      • Ari says:

        There was typo. lightroom version 2.2.x and marshmallow in nexus7. I plug nexus to pc and changed transfer method to ptp but this doesn’t help. According to my understanding there are no ptp/mtp setting possibilities on Nikon D610

        • Josh Haftel says:

          The PTP mode would be on your camera and not something you would set by connected your phone to your PC, however it does seem from a quick google search that the D610 doesn’t need to be switched to PTP mode.

          As I don’t have a Nexus 7 and D610 combination, I can’t confirm if there’s a problem or not with that combination. I have connected other Nikon cameras to my Nexus devices running on Marshmallow and Nougat though, so it _should_ work…

  23. Sven Englund says:

    I really like the feature that makes it possible to transfer files via OTG cable. I normally shoot raw and there are situations where it would be very handy to be able to transfer pictures from camera to lightroom mobile, do some develop adjustments and forward the picture via email or share it in other ways. But I cannot make it work. I have a Nexus 6P, Lightroom Mobile 2.2 an a panasonic GX7. Trying to follow the instructions but when tapping notification to import only a standard Andoid file browser is opened, no lightroom import view. Seems like others above have the same or similar problems.

    • Josh Haftel says:

      Did you update to the latest first? Also, are you sure that your camera is set to PTP mode? Finally, are you using an OTG cable with a USB-C end?

      • Sven Englund says:

        Thanks, yes, my camera was not set PTP mode by default. Now I do get the lightroom import dialog/view 🙂

        It will however only list jpeg files from the camera, not raws. I will experiment more. Not to worried about that right now, I am about to buy a Nikon D500 and hope it works with that one, because this will be an awesome feature.

        • Josh Haftel says:

          Are you shooting raw + JPEG? Curious why you’re not seeing the raws on your camera, but I don’t have a GX7. The raw files show up fine for me on my three cameras.

  24. Karl says:

    will there be a new lightroom version for desktop or is adobe just focusing on the mobile apps now?

    are smartphone zombies really using a raw converter for their snapshots?

    • Josh Haftel says:

      Our desktop team has been and continues to release updates for the desktop. They are independent of the mobile team.

      And as a “smartphone zombie” (*BRAINZZZZZZ*) I do edit the vast majority of my images on my smart phone. I seem to be getting decent results 😉

  25. Richard says:

    Salut Josh,
    No answer to my question : what’s about raw support for SONY RX100 MK V ?

  26. James says:

    What OTG cable do I need for my Nikon D3300. I can’t find the correct cable. My camera does not have a micro input.

  27. Thomas says:

    Hi Adobe Team, the LRM Import Dialog tags my TIFF images as RAW, could you label them as TIFF instead?

  28. Chris Wicks says:

    First – Love lightroom mobile and use it daily – ( I use a wifi enabled canon 80 D to connect and download images.) the downside is canon’s software is limited. I have to download and then import into lightroom and then edit. is there anyway that tethering can be enabled on IOS so images can go straight into lightroom and edits be applied during import as on a PC? or am I asking for the moon?
    Also would add my request for more selective editing in lightroom to avoid the need to go into fix for healing brush etc.

    • Josh Haftel says:

      Thanks for the feedback!

      We’re definitely working on adding selective to Android, please stay tuned 🙂

      Wrt tethering, it’s something we’ve looked at though it is quite complicated due to the wide range of different tethering approaches that each manufacturer, and sometimes even each different camera uses. So it’s on the list, but I’m not sure how soon you’d see it…

  29. Aidan says:

    Just wanted to say thanks to Josh Haftel for chipping in with responses. One of the first times that I can remember seeing an Adobe PM giving such quick feedback, and also not just yes/no responses.

    Makes visiting this blog and being invested in the Adobe services encouraging 🙂

    I was in Europe for 5 weeks in August and for the first time used LR Mobile to import and modify my photos, through a OTG cable from Sony Z3C with a large microSD card to Olympus EM5 mk II, though I wished I could just sync over Wifi as I corrupted two microSD cards doing this. Retired Aviary and the other apps I was using. I didn’t even consider LR Mobile when I was in India the year before. It’s come far!


    • Josh Haftel says:

      You’re welcome! I love working for a company that has so many enthusiastic customers. Makes writing and responding to these blogs that much more fun (yes, even the few trolls that I can’t help but feed) =D

      Syncing over wifi would be great, and it’s something we’re pushing for in the industry since it’d be much easier (I already sync my JPEGs via wifi, I want raw and I want it yesterday =D).

  30. James says:

    What OTG cable do I need for my Nikon D3300. I can’t find the correct cable. My camera does not have a micro input. Is it even possible to use this new technology with my D3300? HELP!

  31. Thomas says:

    When i export my pictures and upload them to web service like facebook they suffer from artifacts (through recompression). I would very much appreciate if you could maybe add an option for PNG Export to LRM or maybe add an option to set the JPG compression Level.

    • Josh Haftel says:

      Facebook is doing the compression, that’s just one of the costs for a “free” service :/

      Hear you regarding the ability to set compression levels and / or PNG output.

      • Thomas says:

        Thanks for your comment Josh, i am looking forward and hope it can be integrated in an later update 🙂

  32. Reed Cavanagh says:

    Darn these CMAs (crappymobileapps) letting me view, edit and share my library wherever I go!

    Seriously though, nice work. I know that there are far more pressing issues for those more advanced than I, but I’d like to see multiple catalogs one day and the ability to share individual ones with others.

    Also on a purely aesthetic point, would it be possible to make the collection thumbnails larger by pinching (as per photos within the collection) although then the ‘options’ would have to move somewhere.

    I don’t want to make it into Revel, honest, but it did look quite nice, albeit with less ability.

    • Josh Haftel says:

      Thanks for the comments Reed. Multiple catalogs are a request that many people have asked for, across various skill levels and something that we’re constantly discussing to figure out how to make it possible.

      Agreed about the desire to pinch / zoom, another thing we’re discussing!

  33. Anssi says:

    Nice update to Web version of Lightroom sharing but it makes Lightroom more confusing to use as different platforms behave differently – those Web shares aren’t showing up on Lightroom desktop and iOS (I’m assuming).

    Together with the mistake you made with unsyncing of Collections (photos do not become unsynced anymore when unsyncing a Collection from desktop) Lightroom is soon becoming an inconsistent place.

    Adding photos to Adobe Portfolio is very welcome, and hoping it becomes available on Lightroom desktop as well.

  34. Des Dunne says:

    Hi. Can I use Lightroom 2.2 for Android without an adobe or cloud account? Are all features available to use
    without an account. I see various conflicting views expressed on this matter. Thanks

    • Josh Haftel says:

      While you can use most of the functionality of Lightroom for Android for free, there are some features that require a Creative Cloud license. Those features are:

      * Editing raw files imported from your phone (though you can import raw files and export JPEGs in the free version)
      * Synchronizing with Lightroom desktop

      • Des Dunne says:

        Thanks Josh, just to ensure I understand your answer correctly. If I shoot in RAW on my Samsung S7 I can process these images on my lightroom for android without a creative cloud license. If I use my Canon 760D I would need a license to process these. Is that correct.

        • Josh Haftel says:

          DNG files, the type of raw captured natively on Android and iOS devices, are fully supported for in the free version of Lightroom mobile.

          Native raw formats, such as Canon’s raw files, can be imported into Lightroom as a free user and can be exported into a JPEG file, however they cannot be edited except with a creative cloud membership.

  35. Thomas says:

    Hi Josh, since the latest updates we got lens correction profiles which is really a great feature, i am somehow wondering if we could get an option to import custom lens correction profiles?

  36. Mokus says:

    is lightroom for the desktop dead?

  37. Brett says:

    One issue I have is that these features aren’t mentioned within the app, so I have no idea when you add a new feature or not. You have some onboarding, but I really have no idea what is available to me outside of Library/Develop, which is where I spend 100% of my time. Maybe give hints and suggestions or an onboarding dialogue for each new version to explain and explore new features?

  38. James Warner says:

    I have a similar issue to an earlier post where I can only see the jpeg files from my camera and not my RAW images. I am using a Panasonic G80 and lightroom on the desktop sees the RAWs fine. I wonder if it’s something to do with the way panasonic deal with their files?

  39. Mokus says:

    wow look at that nice tethering module.. and what get we adobe users? more mobile stuff for the noobs.


    • Bastiaan says:

      I don’t understand the premise of your complaint. If you like another software better, then just use it. I for my part never missed features like focusing in the tethering module, for that I just use the tethering utility of my camera and let Lightroom watch the folder. It would make very little difference for me if Lightroom had a more powerful tethering module.

      Also I don’t understand why Lightroom mobile should only be for noobs. Client proofing on the web or on a tablet is not exactly noob stuff. Having the ability to structure the gallery you present to the client and to add some text certainly doesn’t hurt.

      Quite amusingly most people complaining here don’t seem to understand at all how the software is developed. Lightroom mobile and Lightroom desktop are two completely different software products. This means separate teams, separate releases and most importantly that it is quite unproductive to have the mobile developers working on the desktop software and vice versa. Still there are tons of people commenting below this Lightroom mobile announcement, saying that they should have improved the desktop software instead. I don’t see these people complaining about stuff in Photoshop when a new version of Premiere Pro comes out. So why here?

  40. Simon says:

    Loving the improvements to Lightroom Mobile for iOS – I recommend that app to anyone within earshot of me. I sometimes see some inconsistencies with the way color is handled when shooting DNG, though, particularly with low-light images on iPhone 7. The preview image looks rather muted, then when I tap to start editing, colors shift and are suddenly more saturated.

    Also, feature request: I’d love to see batch image download as an option on Lightroom for Web!

    • Josh Haftel says:

      Thanks for your support Simon!

      As far as the changing of color and tone in a DNG goes, it’s something we’re working on. DNGs, like all raw files, have a JPEG thumbnail that is embedded in them and provided by the camera, in this case the iPhone. The camera uses its own proprietary methods of rendering the file which we cannot match (and often don’t want to match). This happens in Lightroom Desktop as well as any other raw processor. The difference with mobile is that we’re dealing with a device with less system memory and processor resources, which means we can’t render the raw file in the background like we do in Lightroom desktop. On mobile, we wait until you present some clear explicit indication that you want to work on the file, since otherwise it’d chew through your battery, slow down interaction with the app (like if all you wanted to do is preview an image), as well as increase the likelihood of running out of memory and crashing.

      We are currently exploring how to improve the situation though, since it is rather jarring for the image to change so much after moving a slider.

  41. Stefan Kamer says:

    Hey Josh,

    Thanks for being so great with answering all these questions! Always awesome to see a PM active like this!

    I would like to see four main improvements to the Lightroom on Android app.

    1. Significant performance improvements in regards to the time it takes for a change on a slider to be seen on the image. (See Snapseed RAW editing performance being near real-time on Android.

    2. I’m not a fan of the User Interface of the Android app, but I’ve recently seen the new iOS app have a much better interface with sliders that resemble Lightroom on Desktop much more closely which makes things Far easier. Would really like to see either that interface on Android, or an improved version of it.

    3. More cloud storage to sync photos. Currently I use the Photography plan, as I don’t have much use for the rest of the Adobe creative cloud suite. As a result I’m limited by the amount of storage I can sync to the Adobe cloud. I’d like either an increase in storage available to the photography plan, or an option to pay for added storage separately so that I can sync reliably between my mobile device and desktop Lightroom, for improved workflow.

    4. Custom Presets, preferably synced between Desktop/Mobile. Really want my VSCO Film presets and others that I’ve made on my mobile device. I’m aware of the workaround with a collection and the whole copy and paste settings, but that’s super slow (takes time for the editing sliders to show up to even copy settings), and really unintuitive.

    Lightroom with these improvements will quickly be able to strongly compete with apps like VSCO Cam (which still doesn’t have RAW support on Android), and Snapseed (in many ways far too simplistic) on Android.

    Keep up the great work!



    • Josh Haftel says:

      Thanks for all of the great feedback, Stefan! I’ve shared your feedback with the team.

      1. We’re always focusing on improving speed, and have some great improvements in line that we hope to have available soon.

      2. The new interface is being worked on other surfaces, including Lr Android, with improvements.

      3. Currently, the online cloud sync is focused on smart previews, and as such doesn’t have any limits for those. The storage plan part of Creative Cloud is actually separate from Lightroom 🙂

      4. Totally hear you on the sync presets, and it’s being worked on.

      Thanks again!

  42. aracla says:

    how to download the this app?

  43. Chris Ramos says:

    Why are there features in the iOS version of the app that aren’t available in the Android version?

    Under that’s the brush/mask tool has been added to selective edits on the iOS version, and although the Android app recently had a big overhaul it wasn’t part of the additions.

    Selective edits is only available if I’m paying for a creative cloud membership, which I am, but I feel it’s unfair features are not distributed at the same time to both mobile operating systems.

    Can Android users of creative cloud get a discount on our fee as we are being given less features than Apple users.

  44. I have been using Capture One for along time