Leica M10 support in Lightroom and Camera Raw

Lightroom CC 2015.8 / 6.8 and Camera Raw 9.8 have full raw support for the recently released Leica M10 camera.  If you’re already using Lightroom CC2015.8 / 6.8 and Camera Raw 9.8, there’s no further action required and your new Leica M10 camera will work with your software.

To update Lightroom or Camera Raw, please select the Help -> Update menu option to download the latest updates.


14 Responses to Leica M10 support in Lightroom and Camera Raw

  1. Régis says:

    That’s great, but are you planning to ignore the X-Key not working on different international versions of LR any longer than the already unbelievable almost 2 months ?

  2. Peter Braid says:

    will adobe ever release a state of the art raw process?
    i guess many people are waiting fro LR7.

    other raw converter are much better in noise reduction and demosaicing.
    the LR engine is now what… 5 years old?

    multiprocessing in LR sucks. my cores are barely 80% occupied.
    LR wastes performance on multicore systems.

    when i look an neural network and what is possible with image recognition today i can only laugh about adobes facial recognition. even 30 euro shareware programs do it better.

    location tagging? freeware offers better options than the LR map module.

    really LR6 is going long in the tooth.

    all adobe does is making more mobile stuff and feature for selfie shooter. 🙁
    no wonder professionals switch to other solutions.

    • I disagree.

      I’m a pro photo editor and retoucher. I also shoot, though not very often for money.

      I took about 4 years off of Lightroom. Just came back this past summer.

      You know what got my attention? The phone features you dismiss in your comment.

      Of course I don’t plan to spend lots of time editing iPhone photos, but when RAW DNG capture debuted on iOS in Lightroom on day 1 of the feature being available, it got my attention.

      While using Lightroom to edit my iPhone DNG files, mostly for novelty’s sake, I realized that Lightroom had come a long way since I had last used it.

      Being able to do rough edits on my 12″ iPad Pro, sync those back to the desktop and apply to high res DNG and refine from there is a great workflow. I can work spontaneously, as I am insperied, then clean up the rough edges with a proper big calibrated screen and Wacom tablet when the time is right.

      I’m not so into the technical performance aspects, as long as I can create the look I’m after, and Lightroom is doing the best job of that it ever has.

  3. Rebeka Sara says:

    Leica has in the past (M8, M9, etc) tended to leave tidying up the EXIF to the very last stage/lowest priority while they work out the operational glitches that the first customers are only too glad to complain about. So I am not surprised to find stuff that looks like it was left over from development in these early files. My concern is that the invocation of lens profile files might be a reference to stuff that only LR can supply from its subscription-updated version, thus locking out other software. And making it trickier for Leica to go back to opcodes that everyone can use.

  4. Luke says:

    will adobe release LR 7 or will it go on with minor updates forever?

  5. Walther Ingold says:

    Why is Lightroom so bad in using multicore systems?
    I hope Adobe rewrites this ancient Software and makes it fit for the year 2017.

    Also GPU support is pretty much useless.
    I have a 1070 GTX and a 6 core intel system and using the GPU makes performance WORSE.
    Who is coding that stuff at Adobe? Replace them!

  6. Walther Ingold says:

    lightroom can not access drive A:

    drive A is a good letter for USB cardreaders as most systems don´t have floppys anymore.
    yet adobe in it´s wisdom decided to not let users access drive letter A……

    • Futzy says:

      So now you see that drive letter A is NOT a good letter for USB.

      Just change it to whatever else (2 clicks) since you might run into problems with other software too.

  7. vincent kint says:

    I’m shooting with the new Leica M10 and lightroom is doing a great job! A minor problem is that i can’t see the aperture information in my metadata. I hope that they take care in a future update. Or has it something to do with my system. I use the latest version of lightroom and RAW.

  8. When I check for update of LR inside Lightroom 6.6, it says the Lightroom is updated to latest version.

    If I check Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, I get the same message.

    In other words, the Check for Updates doesn’t work. It’s still LR 6.6 (stand alone) and LR states this is the lates, updated version.

    I know I could probably uninstall and start a new installing. But I presume the Check for Updates was supposed to help staying updated.

  9. With Leica s choice of DNG instead of a proprietary RAW, isn t support a given?