Lightroom CC 2015.10 now available

The goal of this release is to provide additional camera raw support, lens profile support and address bugs that were introduced in previous releases of Lightroom.

Today, we also released versions of Lr for iOS and Android that provide updated camera support.  Check them out here.

New Camera Support in Lightroom CC 2015.10 / 6.10

  • Canon EOS M6
  • Canon EOS Digital Rebel T7i (EOS 800D, EOS Kiss X9i)
  • Canon EOS 77D (EOS 9000D)
  • Pentax KP

New Lens Profile Support in Lightroom CC 2015.10 / 6.10

Mount Name
Apple OOWA 15mm Wide-Angle Lens for iPhone 6 (JPEG only)
Apple OOWA 15mm Wide-Angle Lens for iPhone 6s (DNG+JPEG)
Apple OOWA 75mm Telephoto Lens for iPhone 6 (JPEG only)
Apple OOWA 75mm Telephoto Lens for iPhone 6s (DNG+JPEG)
Canon EF SIGMA 100-400mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM C017
Canon EF SIGMA 135mm F1.8 DG HSM A017
Canon EF Tokina AT-X 24-70mm F2.8 PRO FX (IF)
Canon EF-S Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II
Canon EF-S Tokina AT-X 14-20mm F2 PRO DX (IF)
Minolta SR Minolta MC ROKKOR-PF 85mm F1.7
Minolta SR Minolta MD ROKKOR-X 85mm F2
Nikon F Samyang 12mm f/2.8 ED AS NCS Fisheye
Nikon F SIGMA 135mm F1.8 DG HSM A017
Nikon F Tokina AT-X 14-20mm F2 PRO DX (IF)
Nikon F Tokina AT-X 24-70mm F2.8 PRO FX (IF)
Leica M Voigtlander VM HELIAR-HYPER WIDE 10mm F5.6
Leica M Voigtlander VM ULTRA WIDE-HELIAR 12mm F5.6 III
Leica M39 FED Industar-61 52mm f/2.8
M42 Helios MC 44-3 58mm F2
Sigma SIGMA 135mm F1.8 DG HSM A017
Sony FE Sony FE 85mm F1.8
Sony FE Sony FE 100mm F2.8 STF GM OSS

Customer reported issues resolved 

Known Issue

We have made progress in fixing the black panel issue as noted here and have reduced the chances that you will see the issue again.  Please do let us know if you see this issue in CC 2015.10 / 6.10.

Installation Instructions

Please select Help > Updates to use the update mechanism in the Creative Cloud app.

Give us feedback

Once you’ve updated to the latest version of Lightroom, don’t forget to leave us feedback about your experiences. Lightroom wouldn’t be what it is today without our passionate and loyal customers around the world. Giving us regular feedback helps us to find and fix issues that we may otherwise not know about. We are listening.

Here are a few ways that you can send us feedback:

Report bugs and suggest features

Discuss workflow and get help with how-to questions or basic troubleshooting 


52 Responses to Lightroom CC 2015.10 now available

  1. Jon Zich says:

    Awesome–thanks for fixing the audio slider issue in the Slideshow Module!

  2. Still hoping for an expanded curves panel with proper grab handles for white and black points (same as PS). I’d also LOVE a Smart ISO based NR that could be set to increase above a specific ISOs, graduating as ISO climbs.

  3. Telejohn says:

    Please… add narrow-navigation (up/down) in the development-protocol an go back to shift-v in fullscreen

  4. Thanks for fixing the Sample text bug on the Import window under Rename Files, which showed up blank when entering Custom Text. I’ve been using LR since V.1.0.

  5. Alberto Guglielmi says:

    Does this solve the speed/performance issues on windows10?
    So far my experience is that LR is barely usable on windows.

  6. Melanie says:

    Hola como estan? necesito hacer una consulta, la primera vez que utilice la prueba de Lr me gusto y por lo tanto compre el pack de adobe, hace mas de dos meses que lo estoy pagando pero sigo teniendo el 5 y no se me actualiza al 6 que es el que necesito, ya probe de todo y no encuentro la solucion. tengo windows 7. el Ps se me ctualiza sin dificultad, pero no sucede lo mismo con el Lr, por favor alguien que me ayude! gracias!!!!!

  7. Don Dement says:

    As a daily user of Lightroom and it’s teacher locally, I’m hoping to see lens support for Tamron and Canon lenses in the Canon M-mount series. I have an M5, which came out nearly six months ago, and there’s no Adobe profile yet. I rely on this because doing the corrections manually is time-consuming and possibly imperfect. Thanks for acting on this asap.

  8. Greg Parr says:

    Problem with lightroom mobile v2.73. Auto tone no longer works and if you adjust any sliders the picture does not update.

  9. Robin Page says:

    I am running LR6.9 on a Macbook Air. It took me until a couple of days ago to upgrade from LR6 to LR6.9. I tried a number of times and spent many many hours trying, and I only managed this after kind people on the forums showed me a workaround.
    The problem seems to be that since I took a trial of CC more than a year ago, which I did not proceed with my computer thinks I am CC.. I already had a standalone licence. and did not wish to become involved with the Cloud as I travel a great deal and often have poor wifi connections.
    My LR on this computer says it is LR6.9. When I select updates it takes me to CC2015 which is not what I want.
    Updating LR was once so simple and easy, for me it is now a nightmare. Please tell me how I can update LR6.9 to LR6.10. My Adobe login is my email address below.
    Apart from this incredibly frustrating issue I am an absolute fan of LightRoom and have helped several friends get involved with it. it is such a shame this issue has me totally disenchanted.
    Hope you can help.

  10. Darek says:

    Upload gallery to serwer – ERROR!
    Export is OK.

  11. Judy Goggin says:

    Updated today, now cannot open Lightroom (not CC). Upon opening LR I get an error “Server Busy” – This action cannot be completed because the other program is busy. Choose ‘Switch To” to activate the busy program and correct the problem.
    You can then either click “Switch To” or “Retry” ………… neither works and the only way to exit the program is to end the task in in Task Manager.
    This happened with my previous version of LR 5. No help from anywhere, had to bite the bullet and buy Lightroom 6 only late last year (2016)
    Obviously I shouldn’t have updated to LR 6.10, if only I’d known.
    Would appreciate any help in this area.

  12. Sterling says:

    So… Which decade is a Lens Profile for the DJI P4P coming?

  13. Mike Evangelist says:

    Update not showing up for me. Is there any way to force it?

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      Launch the Adobe Creative Cloud App. Click on the Apps tab. Press [Ctrl/Cmd]+[Alt/Opt]+[ R ] to refresh the app.
      If that doesn’t work you can sign out of the App and sign back in.

  14. Alexei Russak says:

    Unbelievable but true – I can use my Wacom again! Curves, sliders, all ok, no sticky points, no lags. You make me really happy! Seems that LR is a bit faster on my iMac now too. Thanks!

  15. Lukas says:

    waiting for LR7 and hoping for a core rewrite.

    this is just a sluggish as the other versions on a 6 core system with 64GB ram.

  16. dan connelly says:

    Please take your competitors seriously and at least try to keep up (On1 Photo Raw, Luminar, even Photo-Mech). Seriously Adobe, do any of your product people even use LR anymore? Why can’t you read the embedded JPEG and let us import and cull at even a reasonable speed? I so badly want to stay on this platform, but don’t know how much more I can take of just wasting time, moving from picture to picture. (I also have a 6 core system)

    Please — it’s 2017 already……

  17. The latest version crashes instantly when entering the Develop module with GPU acceleration enabled.

    Lightroom version: CC 2015.10 [ 1111918 ]
    Operating system: Windows 10 (Bulid 15063)
    System DPI setting: 192 DPI (high DPI mode)
    Displays: 1) 3840×2160
    GeForce GTX 960M/PCIe/SSE2

  18. Derek Bradfield says:

    Just updated to latest Lightroom CC via Creative Cloud including PS and CR 9.10. Now when I try to open a RAW file in PS I get a message stating that this version of Ligthroom may require a Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in 9.10 for full compatability, and it advises me to update using the update tool available in the Photoshop Help menu.
    However I have confirmed that CR 9.10 has been installed using the About option, it states that Version is running on the system.

  19. Alain Capgras says:

    Une lacune très gênante dans lightroom 6.10 version “acheté”: dans le module transformation il n’y a pas l’outil transformation avec repères, alors qu’il est présent dans la version “location”. Pourquoi? A corriger impérativement!!!!

  20. Rick says:

    So you fixed the auto import dialog window issue, that yo never really acknowledge, but still slow performance! That’s a hurdle I can’t leap so I made the switch to Capture One and frankly should have sooner.
    Much faster performance
    Better file organization
    More and better editing tools
    Images look better.
    customizable keyboard shortcuts
    The learning curve wasn’t as bad as I would have thought was up to speed in less than a day.

    Bye LR

  21. Tarun Bhushan says:

    There’s a real show stopper for me with this update. When trying to use “Merge to HDR Pro” from Lightroom, it aborts in Photoshop with “Camera Raw Filter is not available” after “Open anyway” was chosen in Lightroom. The same happens when “Camera Raw Filter” is chosen from the filter menu in Photoshop. Photoshop shows Camera Raw is so that’s the latest but there’s obviously a bug where this is not being recognised as the latest. How do I revert to the previous version of Lightroom and Camera Raw because the use of the Camera Raw filter is part of my normal workflow many times a day. And yes, I have already seen

  22. CC says:

    When using search filters, I would love to see options of searching on editing features. For example, search on: Cropped, radial “shadows, highlights, etc.” on exposure changes. As well as camera settings – ISO settings – filter by photos taken with 6400 vs 3200, or whatever.
    Love this whole program and mobile.

    • Rikk Flohr says:

      This “As well as camera settings – ISO settings – filter by photos taken with 6400 vs 3200, or whatever.” is already possible via the Library filter.

  23. filip says:

    I have bad quality during raw>jpeg from x-t20, problem is known.

  24. Howard Dickson says:

    When oh when are we going to get an update that resolves the long term issue, rendering Fujifilm Xtrans raw files. There’s a real opportunity to corner the market for this innovative brand, but users have to revert to lesser software, just to get better rendered images than Lightroom can provide. C’mon Adobe, this is long overdue!

    I really want to buy their excellent X-t2 camera, and leave my Nikon gear behind, but Lightroom’s shortcomings is stopping me from making the purchase. Is there work being done on this?

  25. Pjotre says:

    i have an 8 core ryzen and this version is slow.

    adobe is unable to coded something right.
    it all a mess of obsolet old code and unoptimized code i guess.

  26. Pjotre says:

    now i get a warning message that i need ACR 9.10 installed to edit in PS… of course i have ACR 9.10 installed.
    is there anyone betatesting at adobe?
    hell what a mess.. script kiddies coding at adobe. it´s a shame adobe has no moyen fo coders who actually know their job..

  27. Bronek says:

    Thanks for corecting this little problem from previous version: Presets listed under “Color Presets” were not available.
    Now it is OK in 2015.10.

  28. Sonja says:

    I have a Nikon D500 and ever since the update, it won’t read the files from the camera in any kind of decent timeframe (5+ minutes, though I haven’t timed it because I’ve become sick of waiting and given up). I have had to resort to copying via Windows and then importing from HDD. I don’t have an XQD card reader, so the camera is plugged in via USB to one of my USB2 ports.

  29. Claas says:

    this version is even slower than the one before.
    it feels like i am working on a pentium 4.

    capture one now has database functionality and it runs circles around lightroom.

    i don´t know why adobe can not get the speed issues under control.
    i have a new kaby lake system and two SSD.

  30. Michael says:

    how bout you fix the overall dog slowness and rendering engine that you always forget about

  31. Paul says:

    This update is one big mess.
    When will Adobe release updates that actually work? Do you guys even test stuff?
    I was working fine last couple of months.
    Now suddenly there are import issues. Exclamation marks i’ve never see before.
    After import all the pictures get this. Never seen this once before on my system.

    Good Job Adobe. Nothing will ever change with your company. I’m surprised people are still paying subscription money for all the shitty updates we get again and again.

    By the way. Does Lightroom use Multicore? Does it uses modern GPU technology like CUDA or OPENCL?
    No because Lightroom Development is stuck in 2001.

    It’s like one big parody of software development. You should do a tv show.

  32. A. Claus says:

    I have a problem with import of .mov files from iPhones for some while. It seems that the date is not recognized and therefore all videos are imported to completely wrong folders (day of import). This getting worse for live photos, because the picture and the corresponding video file will be separated.
    Workaround is to use a second preliminary LR catalog to import and then import from disk to the work catalog. A very complicated way and error prone. Importing such files via the Windows built in tool shows not such a behavior.
    I also googled for the issue and it was mentioned some time ago in conjunction with live photos.
    Please fix it, because this behavior is messing up the structure, workflow and usage.

  33. A. Claus says:

    The scrolling issue with Surface pro 4 via touchpad is now fixed.
    A great improvement for my workflow. Thank you guys, and esp. Rikk for initiating action. I still hope for a great version 7 as perpetual license 🙂 (and performance improvements).

    Keep up the motivation to improve and best regards.

  34. Adam Rybka says:

    I’ve updated Ps, Br, and Camera RAW through CC app, but Lr update failed, Retried few times, than used Help button. I’ve tried couple of solutions and got to reinstalling of Lr, but failed to install patches. Retried download few times, but it fails with different error code every time. So now I ended up with Lr V. 6.3, not sure what to do next.

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