6.14 now available – last perpetual update of Lightroom

The goal of this release is to provide perpetual customers additional camera raw support, lens profile support and address bugs that were introduced in previous releases of Lightroom.  You should only update to Lightroom 6.14 if you are currently holding a license to our perpetual product.

Please note, there will be no additional updates after 6.14 for the perpetual, standalone version of Lightroom.  You can check out this blog post for more information when this was announced earlier.

As always, new cameras are supported for legacy versions of Lightroom, Photoshop, Bridge, After Effects, and Photoshop Elements through the free Adobe DNG Converter.

For native camera raw support and ongoing updates with new features try out Lightroom Classic or Lightroom CC. These features include color and luminance range masking and the new auto.  This along with other future imaging and performance enhancements are automatically included with a membership.

Find the latest available downloads of Lightroom 6 here. If you have a Creative Cloud plan of any type, you do not need to purchase Lightroom 6.

You can also find the new cameras and lens profiles that are now supported with 6.14.



15 Responses to 6.14 now available – last perpetual update of Lightroom

  1. Dave says:

    too bad this is the last perpetual update to lightroom, sad.

  2. Tim L says:

    This release marks the end of our association. I’ve been using Ps and Pr since Randy Ubillos was working on Premiere 1.0 and the concept of layers was still being developed. I’d wish you good luck with your rental scheme but it’s pretty obvious that isn’t necessary. Enjoy all those billion$.

    • Davide Masi says:

      I totally agree with you, Adobe will lose my support thanks to the decision of forcing to rental scheme so many loyal users

    • Lartz says:

      they are a bunch of extremly greedy &%$%$%& at adobe.

      you would think with all the money they could at least create a good support…. but not even that.

  3. Theo says:

    Thank you for never providing a performance fix to LR 6 users, making it a new version with a new business model instead. How rotten can a company be? You dominated the marked, competitors were bought or left the market and there we are: Alone with you and your stupid business decisions.

    Will I upload my content to a platform that had serious security breaches in the past? No.
    Will I work with some “app like” “Lightroom”? No.
    Will I put the fate of my image collection into some subscription model with changing terms? No.
    Will I get some fancy broadband provider with upload speeds necessary to move terabyte of data onto a server? No.
    Will I trust anything Adobe communicates in the future? No.
    Is LR “Classic” here to stay? No.

    • Chris says:

      Totally agree. But I’m not sad about it. Not anymore. I have tested LR 7 Classic, just to decide if I wanna jump on the wagon of subscription … but no. LR 7 Classic isn’t faster then LR 6. And the “new features” of 7? Please, give me a break … a new Auto? Really? All the promises that they will work hard on speed for Classic – nothing. To say it with Clapton: “How could we know that promises end?”

      I think our ride ends here. LR will drop the Pros in favor of millions of smartphone and tablet ‘Photographers’.

  4. OldRacer says:

    This is the end of LR for me. I will not have my work held hostage inside a subscription model. Fortunately, there are several LR substitutes on the market, so I do not expect to miss LR.

    Interesting news from Adobe the other day: Profits exceeding analyst estimates and announcing price increases for CC next year. Have a nice ride, suckers!

  5. Paul Gardner says:

    I’ve been using PS since day one, and even used the subscription model the last couple of years, BUT when you went to all cloud you lost me. Screw me once, shame on you. Screw me twice, shame on me you greedy SOBs.

  6. Lartz says:

    what about the lie from adobe exces that there will be alwasy a standalone version?

    trumps america…nothing but lies.

    bye adobe!

  7. Doug Vann says:

    Lightroom 6.14 update is nowhere to be found….. any help?

  8. Denis de Gannes says:

    Is this the final announcement from “The Lightroom Journal”?????
    Nothing from Jan or Feb 2018???

  9. Denis de Gannes says:

    Is this the end of the Lightroom Journal Forum. ????????????

  10. Rikk Flohr says:

    All current and future Lightroom announcements are found at the new blog located here: https://theblog.adobe.com/