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Quick Update – The Lightroom Journal was once the place to discover all things related to Lightroom and Camera Raw. Moving forward, the Lightroom Journal will be focused on technical deep dives. The new “Adobe Blog” will be your source for product announcements and inspirational content. Quick Links listed below:

Lightroom CC – Desktop, Mobile (iOS & Android), Web and Apple TV

Lightroom Classic CC

Lightroom in General

General Questions, Discussion & Troubleshooting

Feature Requests and Bug Reporting

Contact Support

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9 Responses to Lightroom Resources & Helpful Links

  1. Elias says:

    The “Product Announcements and Inspiration Blog” pages for both Lr CC and Lr Classic CC have feeds, but the “New Feature/Release Notes” pages seem to not. Will you be adding them? There is no point in launching a page that gets regularly updated without a way to follow it.

  2. Helpful resource links for Lightroom. Thanks for sharing useful information.

  3. Jason Nick says:

    Adobe’s own help pages feature plenty of short, useful Lightroom tutorials. From how to set up Lightroom to more advanced topics such as printing and creating web galleries, these video tutorial typically range from 3 to 12 minutes and are sourced from various experts around the web.

    Lightroom Classic CC tutorials:

  4. LeeryFox says:

    Thank you for sharing Lightroom Resources and Helpful Links. These links very very helpful for me.

  5. Thank you for the Quick Links, very helpful.

  6. Alan says:

    Using LR 6.14 with Windows 8, I recently had difficulty using the DNG profile editor for my second IR converted camera where the new DNG profile I created will not appear in the camera profile dropdown after following all the steps using a DNG image. Everything went well according to instructions but the modified camera won’t show up in the profile dropdown, thus making WB near impossible with the red shift from IR. I had no problem doing it in the past with my other IR converted camera. Any help would be much appreciated. I tried this on another desktop computer with Windows 10 and it won’t work either.

  7. I’ve got the full suite of creative cloud apps, and before that had each and every standalone version of Lightroom – now with CC I’m limited to using Lightroom on two computers, is it still possible to put one of the older standalone versions onto another machine?

  8. Really helpful links. Thank you!