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Lightroom 2 beta Available

Version 2 of Lightroom is now available as a public beta, allowing the the photographic community to provide feedback on new features and workflow enhancements. It’s hard to believe that Lightroom 1.0 was released just over a year ago and Lightroom 1.1 shortly thereafter.  It really feels like the beta process never stopped and we’ve received a ton of great feedback through the feature request submissions, customer conversations, forum discussions, tradeshows and targeted customer visits. We’re glad to continue the process by releasing this version before it’s final to get your opinions on our progress.  This is different from the previous Lightroom beta in that we’ll be targeting feedback on new enhancements and aiming to release the final version sooner than we did in the previous year-long beta.   I’ve provided a few key notes below but I strongly recommend reading the entire Release Notes document available on

Beta Eligibility

Q: Who is eligible for the  Lightroom 2.0 beta?
All Lightroom 1.0 customers.  Lightroom 1.0 customers can download and install Lightroom 2.0 beta for use throughout the beta program

Q: What about customers new to Lightroom?
Anyone can download the Lightroom 2.0 beta and try it for 30 days

Q: How can new customers try the beta for the entire program?
An invitation program  through allows Lightroom 1.0 customers to invite friends  to try the beta beyond  the 30 day trial until the beta expiration date

Q: When does the beta expire?
August 31, 2008



Primary Known Issues

  • Lightroom 2.0 beta will not upgrade Lightroom 1.x libraries.  The beta is intended to be used for testing and feedback purposes.  Lightroom 1.x and 2.0 beta libraries will be migrated to the finished version of Lightroom 2.0.
  • While data loss is not expected, this is a very early ‘beta’ quality build and you should always work on duplicates of files that are securely backed up. 
  • Lightroom 2 beta will not overwrite or interfere with a machine that currently has Lightroom 1.3.1 installed. 
  • Develop settings applied in Lightroom 2.0 beta are not guaranteed to transfer correctly to the final version of 2.0.  This is particularly true for localized corrections.
  • The new Photoshop integration functionality is only available with Photoshop CS3 (10.0.1) and should only be used for testing purposes.  Metadata associated with the original file may not carry over to the subsequent file saved from Photoshop
  • Additional known issues are listed in the release notes.

New Features

  • Streamlined Library Layout
  • Smart Collections
  • Powerful Filter Bar to search and refine images
  • Suggested Keywords for simplified keywording
  • 10k pixel size limit raised to 30k pixels
  • Output-based Collections

Multiple Monitors:

  • -Four flexible modes for an alternate window:  Grid, Loupe, Compare, Survey
    (Check out the Live Loupe mode!)

Photoshop CS3 Integration: 

  • Open files in Photoshop as a Smart Object
  • Select multiple images to merge as a Panorama
  • Merge multiple exposures into a single Photoshop HDR image
  • Load multiple files or virtual copies into Photoshop as separate layers in a single document.

Export Functionality:

  • Auto-add exported images to the Lightroom catalog
  • Auto Output Sharpening for images on export

Develop Module

  • Non-Destructive Localized Correction for dodging and burning specific areas of an image
  • Post Crop Vignette
  • Basic Panel Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Improved Auto Adjustment
  • Improved memory handling through 64-bit support on OS X 10.5 and Vista 64-bit.(Not limited to develop module)

Print Module

  • Picture Package for multi-page layouts
  • Print Module output directly to JPEG
  • Enhanced Print Sharpening based on PhotoKit Sharpener algorithms
  • 16-bit Printing for Mac OS X 10.5

Additional Resources

What about Lightroom 1.4?
Trust me, we haven’t forgotten about the photographers who are awaiting a replacement to the Lightroom 1.4 update that we released and subsequently pulled from
Lightroom 1.4.1 and Camera Raw 4.4.1 are currently undergoing additional testing before we release them in the first half of April. Thank you for your patience.

Printing on Leopard with Lightroom 1.3.1

There are several comments on this blog that describe printing issues with Lightroom 1.3.1 on Leopard.   For many these problems may not have existed before or perhaps the result is different from the current output of Photoshop CS3.  Before I dive into the details lets clear up a few definitions:

  • Application Managed Printing – this is when you set the printer profile in the application prior to printing.  Typically the profiles provided by printer manufacturers are designated by printer type and paper type.  You also have the ability to create custom profiles using a third party hardware device.  The most common error in Application Managed printing is forgetting to turn off the color management options in the settings available in the print dialog box.  I recommend this workflow to professional photographers.
  • Printer Managed Printing – this is when you tell Lightroom or Photoshop that the colors and conversion will be managed by the printer.  Adobe applications will send the printer a tagged file the printer will then convert to an internal specification.
  • Tioga – Legacy printer driver technology introduced with Mac OS X 10.0
  • CUPS – Leopard’s current printer driver technology introduced with Mac OS X 10.2

The root of the discrepancy between Pre-Leopard and Post-Leopard printing results is the behavior of the underlying printer driver technology.  Prior to Leopard, printer drivers could use either the Tioga printer driver technology or the CUPS technology.  With the introduction of Leopard, CUPS is required and Tioga is no longer a valid option.  There was a large ecosystem of Tioga-based printer drivers available prior to the Leopard release.  Leopard has been released with some CUPS-based printer drivers included and printer manufacturers are working to provide updated drivers based on the newer technology.(Epson has posted beta print drivers for its professional line here: Epson Beta Drivers)  But clearly, the support for the newer printer technology is nowhere near as widespread as the previous technology.  One point of frustration is that while older or partially compliant drivers can generate a print the results are less then stellar.  It may be fine for anyone printing out an invoice on their black and white laser printer but for photographers who have grown accustom to extracting the highest fidelity out of their software and printer, it’s unacceptable.  This is particularly true for those who use an Application Managed print workflow.  Printer Managed workflows may generate ‘ok’ results but I don’t know many photographers who are satisfied with ‘ok.’

My recommendation for those dependent on Lightroom’s print functionality is to seek out a fully Leopard compatible printer driver from the printer manufacturer.(Epson, Canon, HP)   This can be very frustrating for those using older printers that manufacturers may not choose to update.  As you can tell from Apple’s marketing, Leopard is a significant operating system(OS) upgrade and with OS upgrades come compatibility issues.  If you’re able to share your experiences through the comments section, perhaps it will provide workarounds until compatible printer drivers are available.  I will post updates on this issue as I receive new information.