what are those SIB…tables in my database??

If you are a LiveCycle Administrator, you might wonder about the presence of some tables in your LiveCycle database whose names all start with SIB. SIB is an acronym for System Integration Bus.

This only applies if you are running LiveCycle 7.2.2 or 8.0.1 (on WebSphere 6.0 or 6.1 respectively) with WebSphere AS Embedded Messaging.

The tables will be called:

These are the tables used by the WebSphere AS Embedded JMS Engine as a datastore for persisting messaging data as well as its own configuration information. These are absolutely required for the proper functioning of LiveCycle.

Before backing up the LiveCycle database, you should shutdown the appserver instances hosting LiveCycle as well as any messaging server instances used by LiveCycle for JMS messaging. This is because the messaging engines maintain exclusive locks on these tables.

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