Adobe Max Barcelona : Livecycle Bootcamp

Also at Max Barcelona we will host a Livecycle ES Bootcamp session. In the bootcamp session a number of product specialist and Livecycle developers can share experiences, code samples, best practices, etc … So it’s a great session for every Livecycle developer to get to share and learn together with the community.

The way it’s setup for Barcelona is that a number of Adobe LS ES product specialist will spend the first 1.5  hour presenting a number of topics we’ll prepare. The audience can choose 3 sessions out of a list of 6 sessions … You’ll be able to choose from :

  • Integrating Flex with Adobe Livecycle
  • Using Events in LC ES Process management
  • Customizing LC Workspace
  • Building custom components
  • End points in LC ES
  • Prepopulate a form in LC ES Workspace

The last hour we’ll go into an interactive mode which means we’ll have 2 options …

  • Have you guys present stuff you have build on top of LC ES.
  • Answering specific “how-to” questions from the audience.

I’m sure this will not only be a great knowledge share opportunity, but also a great way to get to know some of the LC ES specialist in EMEA.

We are looking forward to meet you guys !


** Liveycle Bootcamp is not an introduction session on Livecycle ES. Check out the "Hands on : Building a LC ES Application" if you are looking for an introduction to Livecycle ES **


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2 Responses to Adobe Max Barcelona : Livecycle Bootcamp

  1. You guys need to be very careful calling these “bootcamps” – they are not! Bootcamp means an immersive way to learn a new technology. The bootcamps at MAX were *not* introductory material and it sounds like the bootcamps planned for MAX Europe are *not* introductory material either. Given the possible language confusion, you could well confuse people as to the purpose of these sessions.

  2. Hi Sean,You certainly have got a point. Bootcamp isn’t the best name :( I got involved too late in the process to still change the name. Bootcamp is a more advanced session, where we exchange ideas on best practices on LC ES.For the people that are looking for an introduction to LC ES, I would suggest you go to the “Hands-on : Building a LC ES Application” session. I’ll also be hosting this session in Barcelona. Ofcourse you are still welcome to the Bootcamp later on, if you wanna go more in depth ;)