Adobe Max Livecycle Bootcamp materials

As promised here is a list of the discussed topics and where you can find more information on those.

1. Flex and Livecycle ES integration :

2. How to prefill a workspace form using data coming from a database or an ldap system. You can find a basic sample of this in the SDK (\LiveCycle_ES_SDK\samples\Forms\PrePopulateLDAPQuery). But we are working on a more complete technical paper we will post on the developer website. I will add the link from the moment it is available.

3. Building custom components. You can find a chapter on this in the SDK documentation. We are also working on a more compact technical paper that will be published on the developer website. You can find the component that uploads a file to Adobe Share here.

4. We also had a question on how you can influence print behaviour of the PFD on the client. You can configure a number of things in Adobe Designer for this. I link to a page in the Designer help explaining this.

5. We talked about how to assign a task to the manager of the form iniator. This would be done using the LDAP service. The LDAP service contains the “LDAP Query” operation that allows you to search for the manager attribute of the person who iniated the process (creator_id variable). A more complete tech paper will follow on developer website.

6. There was a question on where to find LC ES Java API code samples. You can find a full list of examples in the SDK Help in the API quick start section.

This is the list of what we can provide at the moment, we will post on the blog if other subjects become available. Don’t hesitate to comment this article with extra resources or topics you might be missing.

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  1. My AIR client for LiveCycle ES and the source code is here: free to clean the code.