LiveCycle ES 8.0.1 Service Pack 1b (SP1b) now available

When applied, this Service Pack will take LiveCycle ES 8.0.1 to

LiveCycle ES Server and Workbench SP 1b – (868 MB)
LiveCycle ES Designer SP 1b – (32 MB)

The J2EE server log will report the following versions (older 8.0.1 versions in parentheses). Depending on the LiveCycle components you have licensed and deployed, you may not see all of the components listed below.

DataManagerService: Version: 8.0.3303.1.165211.1 (8.0.3187.1.156868.1)
FormServer: Version: 8.0.3188.1.405432.9 (8.0.3188.1.405432.9)
Output: Version: 8.0.3188.1.405432.9 (8.0.3188.1.405432.9)
UMCacheService: Version: 8.0.3303.1.165211.1 (8.0.3187.1.156868.1)
IDPScheduler: Version: 8.0.3303.1.165211.1 (8.0.3187.1.156868.1)
Quartz scheduler version: 1.6.0 (1.6.0)
UMStartupService: Version: 8.0.3303.1.165211.1 (8.0.3187.1.156868.1)
ServicesNatives2: Version: 8.0.3187.1.156868.1 (8.0.3187.1.156868.1)
ConvertPdfService: Version: 8.0.3188.1.405432.9 (8.0.3188.1.405432.9)
Img2PDFSvc: Version: PDFGImg2PDF8.00 (PDFGImg2PDF8.00)
Native2PDFSvc: Version: PDFG8.00 (PDFG8.00)
OpenOffice2PDFSvc: Version: PDFG8.00 (PDFG8.00)
PDFMakerSvc: Version: PDFG8.00 (PDFG8.00)
PsToPdfSvc: Version: PS2PDF8.00 (PS2PDF8.00)
XMLFormService: Version: 8.0.70921.0.413567.6 (8.0.70707.0.403125.11)

You can also verify whether you are running SP1b by logging into the LIveCycle Administration Console and navigating to Home->About. For each of the ‘Installed Components’, you should see 8.0.1 under the ‘Version’ column and SP1b under the ‘Patch’ column.

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