Single-Threaded Operations in LiveCycle ES2

There are a few operations in LiveCycle ES2 that are single-threaded due to various dependencies and limitations.

PDF Generator

1) Native2PDF for Microsoft Excel
Conversion of Excel spreadsheets to PDF using Microsoft Excel 2007

2) Native2PDF for Microsoft XPS
Conversion of Microsoft XPS documents to PDF

3) OCRing of PDFs
Converting PDFs containing bitmapped images to searchable text using Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

4) Optimize PDF
Optmizing PDFs to reduce file size, enable Web View etc.

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12 Responses to Single-Threaded Operations in LiveCycle ES2

  1. Stefano Maestri says:

    Does Native2PDF for Microsoft Word support multi thread?

  2. lc_guy says:

    Can you please tell me which services, components or modules in LiveCycle ES 2.5 supports multi-threading? And which not? I am looking at performance so I need to know how and what componenets to use in multi-threaded environment. Can you please suggest any best practices in multi-threading?
    And can ypu please also recommend some debugging, profiling, logging and reporting tools that will be required in Adobe LiveCylce ES 2.5 development using Forms and Outpuyt ES services?
    Thanks & Regards!

    • Jayan Kandathil says:

      Most LiveCycle components are multi-threaded. The exceptions are few and are all listed in this blog entry.

      Is your environment Windows, Linux, AIX or Solaris?

  3. Matt says:

    If you send word and excel files to the create PDF process can you have multi threading setup? Does it know when to use multi threading?

    • Matt:

      You achieve multi-threading by creating multiple OS users that you configure LiveCycle with. If, for example, you created 8 users, one of the users will be reserved for those operations that are single-threaded. The other 7 can perform those operations that are multi-threaded.

  4. chully says:

    In LC ES, I was told output service was single threaded. Can you tell me what services were singled threaded in ES that are now multi-threaded in ES2+..

    • Not true. The Output service has always been multi-threaded. PDF Generator conversions of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint native docs are now multi-threaded in ES2 while they were single-threaded in ES.