Adobe® Digital Enterprise Platform Trial

The Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform trial download is now available directly from the ADEP Developer Center.

Here’s a quick explanation of all the moving parts on the download page:

  • Digital Enterprise Platform-Experience Services: this is the JAR file that provides the server, developer frameworks, SDKs, and some tooling (CRX) for ADEP. This is referred to as the “core” of the platform.
  • Digital Enterprise Platform-Document Services: the title of this installer provides a good high-level overview of exactly what it does; it provides all of the document-centric capabilities. These capabilities include the complex workflow and process management services of the ADEP.
  • Workbench: the IDE used to create and manage Document Services applications and assets. This is the tool that allows you create complex workflows and document processes.
  • Flash Builder 4.5.0: required to develop Flash-based RIA applications built on ADEP including the ability to work with the Client Component Framework bundles and other SDKs.
  • Flash Builder 4.0.1: may be required if you plan on evaluating the Interactive Statements solution. FB 4.0.1 (specifically) is used for the creation of Interactive Statements templates.
  • Reader Extensions Credential: this file allows you to use the Reader Extensions capability of ADEP enabling features in the free Adobe Reader such as save data locally, annotations, digital signatures, barcoded forms, and web services calls.
  • Acrobat X Pro: with Acrobat installed, the PDF Generator capability of ADEP enables you to automate the creation, assembly, distribution, and archival of PDF documents.
  • Photoshop CS5 Extended: required to evaluate the Integrated Content Review solution. You can easily publish digital assets for review and feedback directly within the context of Adobe Photoshop CS5.

To start, download the Experience Services server, the Digital Enterprise Platform-Document Services server, Workbench, and Flash Builder 4.5.0. This will provide you a good development base. Before you launch the installers, be certain you have the Java SE Development Kit 6 Update 26 or higher installed and watch this recording from Jayan Kandathil explaining what the components of ADEP are, and how to install them.

If you have any questions or comments about the trial, head over to the new dedicated ADEP forum space here:

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