Running LCM for IPV6 environment

When installing a Livecycle environment, one might need to set it up to rely on the IPV6 protocol (such as when using Weblogic 10.3.1 onwards).

To configure the server, one need to launch the Livecycle Configuration Manager. When dealing with IPV6, there is a specific IPV6 LCM that can be found under live cycle_root_folder\configurationManager\bin\IPv6.

This LCM is built so it can communicate with the server over IPV6, however it does not configure the Application Server to use IPV6.

In order to do so, one needs to follow the step in the documentation: p46.

Basically, all the changes from IPV4 to IPV6 are about java arguments in either the run.bat(JBoss), server start page (Weblogic) or JAVA_OPTION (Webphere).

When relying on the LCM to configure the server, it is essential to keep in mind that the LCM will configure the server for IPV4 and will try to restart the target Application Server afterwards. This might fail, if you have not modified manually (according to the documentation) your server.

I’d recommend, the following steps:

  • Let the LCM configure the server in IPV4
  • The LCM will try to restart the target and might fail.
  • Go restart the Application Server manually (windows service, Admin Console, terminal, command prompt…).
  • Navigate back within the LCM to the Application Server Configuration Selection panel and unselect the server configuration so it skips that process and go straight to the datasource configuration if needed.


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