How to Avoid Missing xfasubset.js Error in ADEP Forms

If you try to render an XFA form as HTML, chances are that you will encounter the following error:
ERROR [com.adobe.livecycle.formsservice.exception.FormServerException] (http- ALC-FRM-001-006: URI not found: /scripts/xfasubset.js Cause: \scripts\xfasubset.js (The system cannot find the path specified)

xfasubset.js is a BLOB of Javascript that implements XFA scripting support in HTML and will be referenced from the HTML form. The trick is in figuring out the HTTP-accessible repository URL for it.

If your application is an ADEP Document Services orchestration, and if you keep your form templates in ADEP’s RDBMS repository, you can determine that URL in Workbench from the REST “Programmatic Start Point”. Eg: if your “application” is called ‘MAX-PL1380’ and if the orchestration (process) is named ‘RenderHTMLFormWithSomeXMLData’, the REST endpoint will be

In Workbench, the ‘RenderHTMLForm’ operation should have the value for ‘Application Web Root‘ set as and the value for ‘Base URL‘ set as

/form_templates is the folder which holds the form template being rendered. If done properly, the HTML form will be able to help the browser resolve and find the Javascript files such as these:

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