ICR: Update the Campaign Portal SWF Without Redeploying the Package

If you’re working with just the Flex project that ships with Integrated Content Review, you may find it convenient to update the campaign portal SWF directly without redeploying the entire package (template-integratedcontentreview-pkg.zip).

You can generate the SWF in one of the following ways:

  • Clean the solution interface project from within Flash Builder: In Flash Builder, select Project > Clean. The contents of the default project output folder—ICR_SOURCE\integratedcontentreview[CampaignPortal]\bin-debug—are updated. Now, rename the ICR.swf file in this folder to campaign_portal.swf.
  • Run build.xml: Run the build.xml in the ICR_SOURCE\integratedcontentreview[CampaignPortal] folder. The contents of this folder, including campaign_portal.swf, are updated.

Once you have the campaign_portal.swf file available, follow these steps to update it in CRX:

  1. Navigate to http://localhost:4502/crx/index.jsp and log in using admin credentials.
  2. Click Content Loader.
  3. Click Browse and select /content/icr.
  4. Click Choose File and select the campaign_portal.swf file that you just generated.
  5. Click Import.

For background information about setting up the ICR development environment, refer to this blog post.

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