Configuring LiveCycle/ADEP for Profiling by YourKit

The YourKit Java Profiler has become the Java profiler of choice within many of Adobe’s ADEP engineering groups. Once it is downloaded, installed and configured, it is just a matter of editing the startup scripts of the J2EE appserver (Document Services) or the Quickstart (Experience Services) to report the location of the YourKit Java Profiling Agent (yjpagent.dll in Windows).

For JBoss run.conf.bat in Windows, the following will do it:

rem ------------------
rem YourKit Profiling
rem ------------------
set JAVA_OPTS=%JAVA_OPTS% -agentpath:C:\\Programs\\YourKit\\bin\\win64\\yjpagent.dll

For the Quickstart server.bat in Windows, the following will do it:

:: ------------------
:: YourKit Profiling
:: ------------------
set JVM_OPTS=%JVM_OPTS% -agentpath:C:\\Programs\\YourKit\\bin\\win64\\yjpagent.dll

Once the servers are re-started with the changes, the YourKit Welcome page will list those processes as “Ready for profiling”. Double-click the list item to start a profiling session.

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