Managing Rights Management Event Data

By default, Rights Management logs data related to all events (Document, Policy, User, Policy Set and System events). You can customize that behavior in the AdminUI. See below:

In a heavily used system, these events can come to occupy a lot of storage on the database server. The table that will bloat is EDCAUDITENTITY. In the ADEP release, it is now possible to configure how long events data is kept.

You can configure Rights Management to export event data (BEFORE it is deleted) into a CSV or XML format. You also get to control how many records go into each of those files, what the filename prefix is, as well as the folder name. The CSV structure mimics the EDCAUDITENTITY table structure. These exports will go into a folder specified in the ‘Folder path on the server‘ field). If you do not specify a fully qualified folder path, the default will be the appserver’s /bin folder. See below:

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