LiveCycle Business Update

On November 9th Adobe announced our focus on Digital Marketing and Digital Media.   In a recent blog post, our CEO Shantanu Narayen described Adobe’s transformation and plan to focus in these two areas.  I would like to provide some additional color to that message and what it means for LiveCycle, Adobe’s enterprise business and our customers.

The Adobe LiveCycle business will continue to pursue enhancements and new customers in select verticals such as government and financial services.  We will continue to support customers in all verticals.

We will maintain our investment in the product line in upcoming releases and we will continue to provide bug fixes, security updates, and support for new versions of operating systems, application servers, databases and browsers.

Over the years, we have built a large portfolio of LiveCycle customers and a large partner network.  The LiveCycle team looks forward to continuing to support our customers.

Dave Welch

Senior Director LiveCycle

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13 Responses to LiveCycle Business Update

  1. Steve Fletcher says:

    Why do I have to find the link to this information from a LinkedIn “Future of LiveCycle” thread? Can someone explain to me why all Adobe LiveCycle customers were not contacted when the initial announcement came out last week? This is not the way this should be handled. This makes Adobe look like they have no clue on what to do with LiveCycle and don’t understand what customer service is. It doesn’t give me a lot of confidence that LiveCycle will be around for the long term. This was handled very poorly by Adobe.

    Steve Fletcher

    • dwelch says:

      Steve, I appreciate your feedback and apologize that the appropriate messaging hasn’t been put out there to put you at ease. Before last week we made a decision that sending a proactive message to customers that we’re “continuing to support you” would be strange and cause unnecessary confusion for most customers. That was before the press and others misinterpreted our intentions on how we plan to go forward with supporting LiveCycle.

  2. Hi,
    we are LiveCycle Partners since Version 8 … and I really love that great Productline.
    I just have one big thing on my wishlist … Please Adobe give us back the old pricelist where we can sell the Adobe LiveCycle Modules separately like in the past … so we Partner still can deliver our Solutions and our Knowledge to our Customers and so we will help you to fullfill your business plan.
    And as I always say … better sell 10 x 50.000$ then 0 x 1.000.000 $

  3. LiveCycle Rightsmanagement is one of the best DRM Products in the market. Easy to use and you now even can consume DRM protected PDFs on an iPad or Android.
    So this definitvely should be a product which sould be sold alone without the complete platform.

  4. I’m pretty sure Adobe did a lot of wrong (very very very very very wrong) decisions during the last two weeks and all of these were communicated badly to partners and customers.

    From my point of view, this is the worst decision they made (ok, i’m little biased), but the one with the most clear and concise blog post. Not much consolation.

  5. We know LiveCycle like our own vest pocket since version 7 and love implementing great solutions based on LiveCycle. It is a unique and very smart product.


    I totally agree with Svens statement “better sell 10 x 50.000$ then 0 x 1.000.000 $”. Once the platform is installed the customer realizes the benefits of LiveCycle and creates new up selling business!

    GIVE US THE OLD PRICE LIST BACK! A price list which even fits SMB needs!

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  7. Sven Ramuschkat says:

    I just received the January 2012 Pricelist from our Distributor … and the old-pricelist with the ability to buy LiveCycle Modules like ProcessManagement, Output or Rightsmanagement is back.
    Thank you Adobe!!
    So please go ahead in that way and keep on going with this great product line!


  8. Sven Ramuschkat says:

    Product name …. after all the changes … which will be the name for the product … all people (customers and adobe employees) still use LiveCycle .. but installer and use adep document services ..
    Name changing usually requires a huge marketing budget … so does it still make sense to use a new name which NOBODY wants and uses .. so please just go back to LiveCycle ES3 and life is easier for customers, partners and adobe.