ADEP/LiveCycle v10 SP1 Now Available

I’m pleased to announce that the first service pack for ADEP/LiveCycle v10 is now available. It is made up of two parts; Document Services SP1 for the LiveCycle Modules (Forms, Output, Reader Extensions, Process management …) and Experience Services SP1 (update to Experience Services Quick Start containing Mosaic and Experience Services based Data Services).

The service pack extends support to Flash Builder 4.6 which has been made available to all customers with ADEP/LiveCycle v10 in their Adobe License Web Site (LWS) accounts.

The Document Services SP1 is available at this link along with Readme for both Document Services and Experience Services parts – please read and follow for complete installation instructions for both parts. An Adobe ID is required to access the page. The Experience Services SP1 is now available on Package Share.

Neal Davies – Sr. Product Manager – LiveCycle

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2 Responses to ADEP/LiveCycle v10 SP1 Now Available

  1. Sven Ramuschkat says:

    +1 for this SP1 … it solved our LDAP Sync Problem which was broken …

  2. ndavies says:

    The Experience Services SP1 part of the service pack is now available.