Template design 101 with Adobe CQ5

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Feike is an Adobe Marketing Cloud architect, working for Adobe Consulting in EMEA.
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3 Responses to Template design 101 with Adobe CQ5

  1. James says:

    Good simple intro to how the template and component system works to provide flexibility and re-use !

  2. Beth says:

    I agree – this is a very good example on how you should create templates and components to promote code re-use. It also shows that we don’t need to duplicate files within each template/component. I have a question: How do you use the designer to have a common look and feel for the templates? How do you use the clientlibs in the etc/designs to add custom css and js files needed for the layout of the website?

    • Reza says:

      Hi Beth,
      I appreciate you for sharing any response to your question for a complete integration of clientlib, component and template.
      Thanks, Reza