LiveCycle ES 3 Release Now Available

We are pleased to announce the release of Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 3 (ES3). LiveCycle ES3 contains the document and data services capabilities, including electronic forms and business processes, which were formerly part of the Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform (ADEP), a brand that is being retired.

The new LiveCycle ES3 release incorporates:

  • Document services capabilities available with ADEP and the recent ADEP Document Services service pack 1
  • LiveCycle Data Services 4.6.1
  • Updates to LiveCycle Connectors for Microsoft® SharePoint® and IBM® FileNet

LiveCycle offers a number of components that help extend the value of existing back-end systems by better engaging users, streamlining processes, managing correspondence, and strengthening security. These components are:

  • Modules: Reader Extensions, Forms, Output, Digital Signatures, Rights Management, Process Management, PDF Generation
  • Tools: Workbench, Designer
  • Solutions: Correspondence Management
  • ECM Connectors: SharePoint, IBM Filenet, Documentum, IBM CM
  • Advanced Offerings: Data Services

LiveCycle ES3 will be priced and packaged using traditional LiveCycle metrics (per CPU, per Document, etc.) and will be available in all markets through Adobe directly or an Adobe Solution Reseller. For more information please see or contact your Adobe representative or reseller.

Please also see our FAQ for additional details on LiveCycle ES3 and ADEP. We look forward to staying in touch as we continue to drive the LiveCycle business forward along our investment and innovation themes for 2012 and beyond. We encourage you to stay in touch with us, as well.

Dave Welch
Senior Director LiveCycle

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19 Responses to LiveCycle ES 3 Release Now Available

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  2. That is great news. Where can we download this new release.

    regards Malcolm

    • Jeff Stanier says:


      We are a bit delayed on the trial download. I should have an update for you shortly.


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  4. Mossgeek says:

    Does it support Sharepoint 2010 ?

  5. Andrew says:

    What is the upgrade path if you already upgraded from LiveCycle ES2.5 to ADEP and now want to upgrade to ES3.

    • Jeff Stanier says:

      Hi Andrew,

      There is a knowledge base article describing the upgrade paths here –


      • Andrew says:

        Hi Jeff,

        I read through the article and it says there is no technical upgrade path but one will be made available for future releases of LiveCycle. So does that mean an article will be made available for upgrading from ADEP to ES3 and if so when will this be release, or do I just follow the steps in the upgrade documentation and do the upgrade as if I was upgrading from ES2.5 to ES3.

        • Jeff Stanier says:


          You can upgrade from ES2.5 to ADEP or ES2.5 to ES3. There is no technical upgrade path from ADEP to ES3 because they are the same major version (10.0.x). There is no functional reason to upgrade a production environment from ADEP to ES3. When we release 3.5 there will be a technical upgrade path from both ADEP and ES3.

          Hope that helps.


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  7. Chris Koukeas says:

    I’ve downloaded the latest files from the LWS, but doesnt seem to have an English version of the Designer Installation file… Only Japanese, German and French… Where can I get the English version>

  8. Salah says:

    Hello does the new livecycle support DRM for epub files for languages like Arabic?


  9. Garreth says:

    What are the benefits in upgrading from ES to ES3? I don’t see a document outlining them.