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A topic that has come up several times in the recent past is about testing Adobe LiveCycle Workspace. I thought it will be useful to provide some information around this for the benefit of a larger LC community.

If the objective is Load testing, in-house Adobe uses a commercial tool call Silk Performer which can capture and replay the AMF3 interactions between Workspace and the server for scalable load generation. There are other tools that work with AMF3.Some people have asked if QTP can be used for load testing – It is unlikely that QTP is a good fit, since it is not suited to scalable load generation.

Adobe recommends using Silk Performer or Neotys Neload for load testing of Workspace. Check out the below links that may provide more insight into this topic –

If the objective is Functional testing then Workspace is configured for QTP testing out of the box.  If you install QTP, restart your computer, then install the Flex plug-in for QTP, restart your computer then you can start automating your Workspace tests.  However for QTP automation you should use the Workspace automation URL rather than the default URL.  So rather than http://server:port/Workspace/Main.html you would use http://server:port/Workspace/Main-auto.html.

In order to enable your Flex Application (custom Workspace) for automation testing with QTP you need to configure the application with certain custom automation swcs that Adobe provides.  Those swcs, along with the QTP plug-in, are provided with Flex/Flash Builder.
For info on how to do this see:

Workspace was compiled for QTP automation which is why QTP works when using the automation url for Workspace.  That was a decision that our internal teams made. However you do not need to create a separate wrapper for automation.  You can compile the application to just use the one url.

Hope this information helps you get started with testing your LiveCycle Workspace Application.

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Ameeth Palla is a Technical Account Manager for the Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform team. Previously he was in the role of a Technical Expert for LiveCycle for the the Technical Response Team (what is now the Sr.Support Architect role). In both roles, Ameeth handled several technical issues for various customers and worked closely to aid with Sales POC's, Development/Implementation and Manitenance of LiveCycle/ADEP Projects. In the current role he handles several high profile customer accounts and provides guidance in all aspects of LiveCycle/ADEP. Also he is a Certified LiveCycle ES2.5 Process Management Expert. He was nominated for the 'Adobe Founders Award' and the 'Excellence Matters' award for LiveCycle/ADEP BU.
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