LiveCycle Data Services is now an “SAP Certified Integration with SAP NetWeaver”

I’m happy to announce that we finally certified Data Services for use with SAP(R) systems. More specifically we did a BOR-API certification for an integration with SAP ECC 6.0 using the SAP Connector which is a new Data Services 4.6 feature. The certification test is documented in SAP’s report no. 16413978 on April 5th 2012 and expires on April 4th 2015. Here are the details what we certified:

  • Access SAP Business Objects Repository (BOR) based on Application Components
  • Extract RFC/BAPI Meta Data
  • Exchange RFC/BAPI Calls Including SAP Return Parameters
  • Unicode Communication Enabled

This is a great step forward for all customers of Data Services and partners who are building projects for their customers using LiveCycle Data Services and need to connect to SAP systems.

Juergen Hauser
Sr. Product Manager – Adobe LiveCycle Data Services

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3 Responses to LiveCycle Data Services is now an “SAP Certified Integration with SAP NetWeaver”

  1. Dear Mr. Juergen Hauser,

    With your permission , I have some questions;

    1-) Is it “ADEP Data Services” or “LiveCycle Data Services”? Which one is right? or Are they the same?
    2-) I am writing from a country/region (Turkiye) where there is not any existing LiveCycle customer/client. So, could it be possible for such an SAP developer to join a long-term free test program for “LiveCycle Data Services” except the trial 90 days period and the subscription options at to understand/learn and experience the new SAP Connector features of LiveCycle Data Services?

    Thanks a lot in advance for the responses.


    • Juergen Hauser says:

      Dear Mustafa,

      1) The only difference is the branding. Technically they are the same. Adobe no longer uses “ADEP” so going forward this should be referred to as “LiveCycle Data Services” even if there are still areas in the software where “ADEP” is used (we will remove this).
      2) I’ll follow up on that with a private email.