Developer’s FAQ on CQ5.5

As you are aware the new cq5.5 has been released and below blog is reference to solutions of most frequently asked questions.

Upgrade Path

Paths for moving from an older version of CQ to CQ 5.5 is available at

API Differences Between CQ 5.4 and CQ 5.5

The API changes from CQ5.4 to CQ5.5 is detailed in the page below

ACL Changes

The ACLs were made more secure. Most notably, /apps & /libs were locked down in general. This was done to prevent read access to the jsp code. Additionally, the resource */install/* and */config/* is secured to only be read-able for admins.   Due to which you might encounter the below issue:

  • Components might not render properly while authoring the content:
    • Example:- With dialog having one of the node name as “config” will not render properly. In order to render properly please do not use the reserve words “install” and “config” as node names.
  • When accessing publish site via the anonymous user you will encounter 500 Internal server error:
    • If your rendering logic uses Page.getTemplate(), in publish instance for anonymous user throws NPE as it needs permission to read under apps folder.  It is not a good practice for rendering logic using Page.getTemplate() in publish instance, In case you have a use case that mandates , use  properties.get(“cq:template”, “”).
    • For use case where the constants are stored under apps and refereed in your render logic in publish instance,  Move that node outside apps OR As a alternative provide read access to everyone for that node.

Unable to compile code from crxde

You could use same crxde as in cq 5.4 However in CQ 5.5, there are a number of JAR files missing from CRXDE’s classpath. Please install the package attached (missing-crxde-libs).
If you are running CRXDE at the time you install the package in order to get these JARs into the classpath for your current session, you need to navigate to /etc/crxde/profiles/default/libs/ in the Navigator view, right-click and select Refresh, then right-click and select Build:Refresh Classpath.


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